Review by DrachPrime

Reviewed: 04/18/06

Descent 3: 360 Degrees of freedom

Don't listen to the other Reviews. This game is well ahead of its time even for being a 7 year old game... And is still ahead of its time...

No walking. You Fly. If you cant get used to being able to turn your ship any which way you want, buy Halo, or Half life. This game is not for the weak of heart. Its a roller coaster that YOU control. You can go up, down, left and right. You can turn yourself upside down if you want.

Graphics: 7 of 10
A bit dated compared to some of the other games on the market now. But this is made up with INTENSE gameplay and a great control scheme. You can bind the controls how you want.

Controls: 10 of 10
Bind them how YOU want. Use a flight stick combined with a keyboard.. or just a keyboard and mouse.. You can even use a Game pad if you are so inclined. And the controls are VERY responsive. One of the few games I've played where it actually felt like the spaceship and I were in sync on a constant basis

Game play: 9 of 10
Zero Gravity. No walking. All Flying. Its smooth transitions from level to level, and you even get to pick your Spaceship on some missions. (if I was just grading the Multi player part of this game it would get a 10 of 10) Very Addictive. Very Intense.

Replay Value: 10 of 10
After finishing the Single player mode there's a new challenge that awaits you: Human Opponents. Human players are uncanny, and much smarter than the bots you encounter in single player. This game sat on my shelf for about 2 years before I reinstalled and tried to play online. (Finally got a cable connection ^_^) This opened a BIG can of worms. There's dimension a that's not covered in any tutorial in game.. Tri chording. NO other game has this. and you would be a fool to not try it out.. It made me want to play for years after buying it... and I STILL play.

Overall: 10 of 10
The Descent Series has seen better games, Descent 1 and 2 were VERY good games.. However dated. This brings us up to speed on the Graphics portion. There's a few Multi player bugs present, but the sheer power of Great Game play combined with AWESOME multi player makes me give this game the best score there can be.

Pick it up if you want to learn to fight in zero gravity.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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