Review by Black_King945

Reviewed: 08/01/05

Possibly one of the best FPS's ive played

Postal 2

Wow, never have I played a game that is violent, offensive, chock full of bad language, filled with killing, AND picking up milk! When I first purchased this game I thought it was going to be a bad game, boy was I wrong.

Very good for a low-budget shooter. The best fighting system i have seen in a long time. you can go through almost the entire game without resorting to violence, this is the first game ever to establish waiting in line as a feasible way to complete an errand. You can either wait in line with the other schmoes or decapitate everyone in line with your shovel and get into the front of the line. The choice of weapons is amazing, shotguns, desert eagle, napalm gun, rocket launcher among others. The gameplay is pretty good, nice controls, and a good interface. The only things that break up the gameplay are the totally abysmal loading times. walk a few yards go through tunnel, loading time. the loading times are pretty long too, usually 10-30 seconds. another thing that is extremely annoying is that location based damage is almost non-existent. It takes two to three head shots to kill someone, in real life a shot to the chest with a shotgun would blow a hole in you, but in this game, it takes up to 3 shots to the chest with a shotgun to kill someone. But, it's a videogame so we can let it slide.

Sadly, the story in this game is almost non-existent. The entire game consists of picking up things, and buying stuff. But, with all the bloodshed and meaningless violence you really won't notice the story at all. The errands do get kind of repetitive after a while. It's like a set schedule, go pick something up, get ambushed by a group of crazy's. But, like i said, its barely noticeable with all the killing. Sometimes the errands have to be completed in unorthodox ways and that adds more to the story.


The graphics in this game can't compete with games like Call of Duty or Morrowind but they are still very good. You don't need a very good system to run this game on the lower graphic settings, but ts nice to crank up the quality with a very good machine and watch the bloodshed in a very high quality. The graphics can be set manually but a wizard is included to set the graphics for optimal performance. The look of the bloodshed is amazing! realistic blood spatters mixed with rag-doll physics really add a level of gore that is unparalleled by most games. The decapitation looks so real, if you cut someones head off the blood squirts every where and if the corpse is on an incline the blood runs down the hill. The character models are very well done. every face looks real and things like wrinkles and mouths are very nice. The environments look very good. This game really wasnt made to look real but it still looks good. The models and environments are all designed with a cartoonish look which I really enjoyed.


The sound in this game is much better than I expected, the guns sound real and the voice acting is better than some of the cutting edge games out now a days. Every thing the Postal dude (main character) says is hilarious, such things include "You gotta be ****ing kidding me!" "Sign the damn petition" and my favorite "I bet you didn't think you were gonna die today, surprised?" The npc's also have good voice acting, if one of the fanatics (arab people) sees you and gets ready to attack they make the funniest sound I have ever heard, I cant really describe it but if you play the game you won't miss it.


This game is cut into days, each day you get a list of errands you have to complete before you can end the day. There are only five days in the game but if you install the expansion Apocalypse Weekend you can play through the weekend. That is the problem, only five days, I finished the entire game in 3 hours. The multiplayer adds to the gameplay but i haven't played that. It's a fun game but it is extremely short. It would have been alot better if it was two weeks but after doing those errands for 3+ hours it gets very boring.


One word, Dont. this game is short and repetitive so once is definately enough. The best thing is to buy the expansions as they come out because playing this game again is almost not possible, don’t get me wrong, I love this game but once is really enough. After you play it once get Apocalypse weekend and wait for Postal 3. You won’t be sorry.

Final Recommendation

This game won't appeal to everyone but it is very fun, if you could rent pc games I would give this a rent but at $9.99 U.S. at most videogame stores its a steal. Great graphics, sound, and gameplay. One of the funnest and funniest games I've played in a long time.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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