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Reviewed: 10/04/04

I would definitely consider this as a stress relief treatment.

As if you haven't already know, Postal 2 is a very controversial game that incorporates mass violence and vulgar language, much like Grand Theft Auto. However, you have to realize that it is a game and you shouldn't recreate anything in that game. Running With Scissors (the developers) obviously understands that; You should too.

The entire plot is this: You're a guy and you've been given chores to do for 5 days. You have to pick up milk at the store, get your paycheck at where you work, and cash it in at the bank. Obviously, it lacks a storyline, but stories don't always make the game fun.

I'd like to add something though: This game is very laid-back. The staff of Running With Scissors is actually in the game! In fact, that's where you work! They'll describe the cars as useless exploding props (which they are). One of the chores is to get a petition to "make whiny congressmen play violent video games". It doesn't get any more humorous than that.

Although the objective is to complete your chores, that doesn't mean it's the only thing to do in the game. Most of the gameplay is decided on choice. You can choose to kill everybody you see, or you can choose to be a pacifist. You COULD pay for the milk, but why do that when you can just grab it and run out the store? You COULD wait in line, but why not just kill them all to save time? Choices are a very big factor in this game and this is what causes replayability.

You're going to meet all sorts of people in this game. You will more than likely to find: police officers, protesters, mailmen, priests, butchers, rednecks, and fanatics. The variety of people is insane.

Most of the environment is explorable, and at some locations you can even find weapons there. Many objects are moveable, such as boxes, and even the corpses (aka ragdoll effect). Whack their heads off with the shovel and you'll realize that it bounces like a ball. Up for a game of soccer?

The music is alright; You're not going to hear much of music except from the main menu, looking at the map, and the boomboxes in-game.

The sounds from guns are, however, are great. They just fit real comfortably with the weapon you're using. The fire from a shotgun, a pistol, the lighting of a match, pouring of gasoline, you urinating... it's perfect.

The voice acting, however is amazing. The Postal Dude (the player) says the most outrageous comments and swears all the time, literally. Other than him talking, most of the things you will hear is people screaming and the police telling you to drop your weapons or pull up your pants.

The graphics aren't really amazing to talk about, but it is realistic. The graphics are pleasing to the eyes, and well enough to satisfy the gamer who's concerned with graphics and renderings. Also, most of the time, you will see civilians looking exactly the same. You can't blame Running With Scissors for it, though, considering you're killing everybody all the time.

I use this for stress relief, believe it or not. When you feel like you hate somebody so much that you want to kill them, this is the game you need to play so you keep yourself from getting arrested. However, you must keep one thing in mind: IT IS A GAME. Once you accept that fact, you will enjoy it with no complaints regarding violence.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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