Review by Diamond Dragon

Reviewed: 08/19/03

Hmmm...wreak havoc in city with shovel or pick up milk...

First things first, do not get this game if you're easily offended or don't know the difference between reality and a game.

I have played the first Postal game and was quite disappointed (points to my Postal review), but this game makes up for the wasted time I spent on the first game in the series. I now can't wait for a Postal 3 ^_^ Now, about Postal 2. Quite bluntly, this game can be the most disgusting, most gruesome, most ethically wrong game in the world. Or it could be the most peaceful, loving, and fluffy game. This game is just for times when you've had a bad day and feel like knocking some poor guy's (or girl's) head off with a shovel.


This game basically consists of a normal man, going through a normal week (or maybe the total opposite). You play through five days of the week doing normal errands like picking up milk and cashing in paychecks. I must say, there's not another game that has such a normal storyline, but it is simply because it is not exciting. This game does have some cool little cameos and roadblocks in the story, just to make things interesting. But I simply cannot rate the storyline because it simply isn't there to emphasize on anything.



Now, this is one of the few most open ended games out there. There are not many games out there that let you choose to do pretty much anything. You can beat this game without killing ANYTHING, or go through this game killing everything. Of course, there are parts in the game where you simply should kill something to make it much easier on yourself. Well, as I said, this game is very open ended. You can choose to just pick up a shovel, go to your neighbour's house and beat the living crap outta them and pee (yes, pee as in urinate) on their corpse, or get on with your errand and get that autograph from Gary Coleman like you always wanted. The choice is up to you. There are also some little funny (and possible sick) little features such as picking up a cat and using it as a silencer for your gun. Some of the weapons are just normal things you may use everyday, such as a shovel, gasoline, or matches. And there are also some not so common things you may use, like a cow's head...with anthrax (yeah, it's a bit sick...). One of the most high points on this game that I have not seen in many other games (coughcough Grand Theft Auto coughcough) is that the police actually try to take down other people besides you. If someone's attacking you and you feel like not putting the law in your own hands, just run over to your nearest friendly cop and let him proceed to beat the crap out of your attacker. It's good to finally see some cops pick on someone else besides you. Overall, this game is only as sick as you are. You can be a serial killer or a pacifist, it's all up to you.



The graphics aren't anything to drool over, it's pretty much like every other game out now. The deaths aren't as gruesomely detailed as Soldier of Fortune, but enough to satisfy your sick needs. The graphics are good, nothing revolutionairy.



Again, sounds aren't anything exceedingly good, although your character's voice is awesome as he makes his checklist of errands for the day and swears at people. The voices are the only thing about the audio that are worth talking about. The music isn't all that great and the gunfire and screams are average.



This game was meant for replayability. You'll be looking for secret areas and other ways to kill people in this game. You wanna see if you can rob the convenience store of it's milk instead of paying for it. All in all, there are many different things you can try each time you play this game, and the different rankings at the end of the game are fun to read.


Buy, Rent, Trash?

I'd say buy, although the demo features quite a bit, it just doesn't feel complete without fighting the rocket launcher wielding toy known as Krotchy (I think you can guess what he looks like...) But again, I must emphasize how violent this game can be, if you do not know that beating people's heads off with a shovel in real life is not funny, do your community a favour and stay away from this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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