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Reviewed: 08/08/03

Lots of possibilites and only as brutal as YOU make it, I love it !

This is it: the craziest game ever created, until Postal 3 will be released. There\'s no game that is as brutal, hilarious, crazy, insane, gross, all at the same time! Remember, the game is only as brutal or crazy as YOU make it.

My computer is a really good one, 2.8 GHz, 1024 RAM, 120 HD etc. So I had the resolution on 1024x768 and sometimes a little higher. The graphics are great, peoples heads are round and they look really great. Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, nothing on their faces looks weird or distorted in any way. The bodies aren\'t as good as the faces but it doesn\'t really bother me, they have the rag-doll effect which means that their arms and legs are bendable when they\'re dead or flying in the air because of an explosion or something - or if they\'re dying when standing on a couple of stairs their bodies won\'t lie straight out, looking all weird and not especially realistic. That\'s what I love about the rag-doll effect, it\'s much more realistic when shooting people and kicking them when they\'re on the ground or something since all arms, legs, neck etc is once again bendable. If you\'ve ever played Hitman 47 you know exactly what I mean with the rag-doll effect. All right enough about the rag-doll. The trees looks very good actually and the sky is beautiful, very very realistic, especially the mixture of the clouds and how they\'re shaped. The cars have lots of details and you can blow them up by shooting at them and afterwards climb on top after the fire is out. Speaking of fire... It looks awesome, I love the fire a lot. You can sit and stare for hours when you\'ve used your gasoline on something. I never get tired of using it. Explosions could\'ve been made better but they\'re all right.


This game has without a doubt one of the best screaming people and realistic sounds when using your shovel, pouring gasoline, or using your sniper rifle and other guns. The main character\'s voice suits the game perfectly, some of his comments are hilarious and it\'s just perfect. The music is more of an ambient score, which means that there\'s not much music except a few sounds in the background along with some wind or something. In dance clubs and some stores, along with the huge mall the music is really funny and enjoyable. Especially the tune when you\'re in the menu over your objectives and the map, I love that one.


The possibilities in this game are endless. There are tons of way to kill someone and even afterwards when they\'re dead, you can chop off their head and play soccer with it or take out your shovel and act like you\'re golfing. You can also unzip your pants and pee on everything and everyone, if you manages to pee someone in their mouth they\'ll start to feel really sick and vomit right outside on the street even. A funny thing is that if you make someone vomit, immediately pour gasoline over them and throw a match, they\'ll run around the room vomiting on the walls and floor while trying to scream, sometimes they\'ll run through glass doors if there are any and collapse a few feet later. If you want a silencer for your gun then just find a cat and shove the gun up the rear and you\'ll have a silencer for about 5 shots. There are some stuff that were annoying though, and that\'s the damage that you inflict on people. You can have a perfect aim on their head and sometimes they\'ll survive a shot, also I wish the people would limb if you shot them in the leg or drop their weapon if you shot their arm or something. The grenades are hard to use as well since the explosion is fairly big but it\'s a small damage \'\'area\'\' which is kind of stupid. But! Don\'t think that there\'s no way to fix this. There\'s a patch which will cut down the insane loading times, add more weapons, more areas such as a sewer system in the town, easier to use the grenades, and lots of other stuff so what you must do is to download the Postal 2 1337 patch, yes that is the version number actually. I miss a map in the upper right corner or something though when wandering around the huge town. Speaking of the town, it\'s really huge and the layout is brilliant, there are stores, garages, car parks, sewers, construction areas, junkyard, and much more, even a zoo! There are various of stuff that will test your patience, such as: when visiting the bank there\'s this long line where you have to stand and wait... unless you have a clever/crazy mind ^_~.

Simple, very simple. You do errands for your wife, some of them being very out of the ordinary. It\'s fun and a perfect example of that a game doesn\'t have to have a huge story to be fun and big.

Since the possibilities of killing people, doing missions, walking around the huge town and much more are almost endless you\'ll have tons of fun. There is no need to kill anyone except for maybe a few, but I don\'t think there is actually since you can escape most of your \'\'enemies\'\', I\'m not going to reveal what I mean with that, you\'ll understand for sure when you play the game though.

Final Recommendation
If you think it would be fun to go postal then this game is without a doubt for you! Do you want to act like someone in The Sims? Well, you can almost do that since there is no need to kill everyone you see and most missions aren\'t violent in any way. The game is only as crazy as you make it. Absolutely not recommended for young teens and such though since they\'ll most likely find out
the brutal and nasty stuff and there isn\'t a parental lock that\'ll take away blood and other features.

Presentation 9/10
The style is really cool. Menus, maps, and everything is nicely done.

Graphics 9/10
Huge town, many weapons, characters looking nice, lights, all looks almost top notch.

Audio 10/10
Incredibly realistic sounds, voices are perfect for all characters, hilarious comments and the ambient music suits this game perfectly.

Gameplay 10/10
Lots of missions, weapons, people, animals, ways of doing missions. I\'m overwhelmed by the massive amount of stuff that you can do.

Value 9/10
After completing it you\'ll get a little bonus which will make the 2nd time through more funnier/enjoyable since you worked hard beating it once. Stuff like that is something I miss in today\'s games. Also if you killed lots of people your first time through you can always try and not kill anyone, make up your own fun challenges. This game doesn\'t get old quickly. Not for me at least.

Final grade 9/10
There are a few minor problems, but these are fixed with the awesome patch.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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