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Reviewed: 05/04/03 | Updated: 05/04/03

Story of its life: hype. hype. hype. release. death.

When GTA3 and games of such violent caliber were released, they were bought because they were violent -- maybe TOO violent -- maybe enough violence we needed to relieve all the stress from day to day life. We didn't like these games for their storylines, especially not GTA 3 which in my opinion lacked a developing storyline at all. Now some people may wonder in a few years, ''What games are there that take the violence to the next level... and 10 levels above?'' Some hardcore FPS shooters might remember, ''Hmmmm... I think there was this game that had something to do with sendng mail... no... oh yeah! Postal 2!''

Graphics (8/10)

Let's start with some good points. Using a powerful gaming engine, Postal 2 looks and feels great. The people looks incredibly realistic, the homes and buildings too. The weapons look very very very very very cheap and unrealistic, as do the less important graphics, such as billboards and items in homes. The game utilizes its engine to create the degree of violence seen here. When a person is lit on fire, they run around screaming, then later drop to the ground, crawl around, and adopt a burnt muscle-exposed skin... enough to make you sick. To further the violence, you can knock off the person's head as they crawl around on fire gasping for air.

Sound (7/10)

Hilarious... to a point. The comments made by the citizens of Paradise, Arizona are great. They insult you, laugh at you, single out minorities... wait, single out minorities? Wow the game just lost thousands of customers. The people talk trash about blacks, mexicans, Canadians, women, and so on. Though I must admit, I find these funny, I am not a minority, so I can't see it from their point of view. The music? What music?

Gameplay (10/10) then in 20 minutes (3/10)

Pick up newspaper. Read funny articles. Pick up shovel. Whack many heads off. Kick the dog around. Shoot people. Throw head back in laughter. Start on the mission. Go through first loading sequence. URGE TO KILL RISING. HATE. MUST THROW GAME. Go through the next loading sequence (15 seconds away from the first). Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Here is a description of every single feature the game has to offer, and a brief description of someone playing the game for the first time. It doesn't get any better than that, plus mutilating people gets very very old.

I wouldn't suggest buying this game, though it will entertain you for an hour or so. The loading times were just plain sick, even on my 2ghz dual athalon. The game received a Mature rating from the ESRB, though I don't see anything ''Mature'' about it. It should have an ''Immature'' rating for all the senseless violence.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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