Review by JamarH8sU

Reviewed: 04/29/03 | Updated: 04/29/03

Funny and fun... for awhile...

Graphics: 7 (good, not great)
Sound: Not terrible
Story: None (not really needed)
Gameplay: 4 (lousy loadtimes!)
AI: 2 (Never-miss shooting at you)

This game aims to be funny, and in all fairness is very funny, but doesn't have much else to offer past the first 10 minutes. Running around killing people usually doesn't get old this fast, but Postal2 has a few faults that get pretty irritating.

Graphics are pretty good. But it's annoying that there are only like 15 faces total in the entire game. This just makes the games repetitiveness that much more obvious.

Ok, the load times. Terrible. The city (town?) is divided up into several sections. And if you cross between any of them you're presented with a very long load time. Even on a top-notch system, you'll probably have time to head to the kitchen and make yourself a snack while you wait.

Saving your game presents you with another agonizing wait, so you may find yourself skipping saves and ending up restarting the level when you die(with all those lovely load times ahead of you as you re-trace your steps through the town).

The AI is just sad. The citizens of whatever town you're in wander around in and out of houses. Sometimes they buy things from stores, with a clipped and not-so-impressive dialogue...

Store Guy: Is that all?
Citizen: (pause) Yup
Store Guy: (pause) that'll be 100 dollars
Citizen: (pause, hands over money) there you go
Store guy: Thanks

You'll probably kill them before it gets that far. But that's not really the bad part...

Whenever a cop/citizen or any NPC with a gun decides to shoot you they


Not once! Every bullet they shoot is dead on you, no matter how you strafe and dodge. Combat in this game just degenerates into a exchange of bullets til one of you dies. Boring and frustrating.

Killing sprees can be difficult once the cops come around because on normal it takes 4+ bullets (even to the head) to kill a cop.

Another annoying thing about fighting is that if you light someone on fire (fun!) they run around flailing their arms (fun!) but they almost always run towards you (uh-oh). Anyway, if they touch you then you lite up like a gas-soaked rag. Seriously, I had a guy I set ablaze chase me down a very long hallway and through two doorways until he collapsed.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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