Review by Emazy

Reviewed: 04/28/03 | Updated: 04/28/03

Slightly below average...

Graphics: 6
Charater textures/poly numbers are acceptable yet alot of the background seems unpolished and bland and unfinished. What did make me laugh was the recycled use of charater models in the game, at one point I saw 4 women under the same model with different clothing textures. I ran the game on a P4 1.4GHz/ Radeon 9100 128MB DDR/ 512 PC800 RDRAM, all med-high settings and got around 30-50 fps on average.

Gameplay: 5
99% of people who play this game will some time or another kill every single by standard on their screen. I can understand that though mainly cause there's not much else to do. You basically have a list of chores you need to do through out the week and along the way you happen to come across many strange and very violent weapons. Actually you can go through out the game without killing anyone, but then you might as well get ''chores'' done in real life rather then waste away at this game, lol.

Sound: 2
Horrible, absolutely horrible. Basically each NPC has 4 random things to say if you don't attack them. Totally random sayings, like one person saying ''omg hes gone crazy'' to another person replying ''do you know what time it is''. Theres no music in the game with the occasional cricket sounds and cats running around.

Control: 7
It's got the universal PC fps-style control scheme, nothing new or inovative. Unless you count having the kick button at Q, or unzipping your pants with R as ''inovative''. What really came to surprise me was how there was no reload button, basically if you had 999 rounds of pistol ammo you would fire 999 times non-stop, lol. After coming from a long game of Counter Strike and then playing this I found myself contantly pressing R thinking I needed to reload, when I notice that it was the unzip pants button.

Overall: 4(not average)
Welp, I got this game for $5 from a pawnshop without the box and a good thing it was only $5. Really, this game is unpolished maybe if they made more interesting tasks to do or more NPC interaction other then them flipping you the bird or selling you drugs then it might have scored a 5 or a 6. On the plus side, if you need to releave some stress turn on the codes and ''GO NUTS'' hehe. But this will kill 2 hours of your time, and 10IQ points for mindless violent rampage.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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