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Reviewed: 04/21/03 | Updated: 04/21/03

Ultra-Violent, Ultra-Fun!

Postal 2 is a game all about violence. Well, no, not really. You see, this game is only as violent as you are. You are given mundane errands to accomplish throughout the week. You are not required to kill anyone or anything if you do not want to. On the other hand, you can kill anyone and everything that you see.

Postal 2 plays very well. The controls are easy, and includes a button for postal dude to yell ''Get Down!''. You can also pee over everything and watch the liquid physics at work. Pee becomes useful in several situations. If you are on fire pee up into the air and put yourself out. Pee on someone to make them throw up! Pee on fire to put it out. The possibilities of pee are endless. Postal 2 is very open ended, with different ways to accomplish errands. Tired of waiting in line at the bank to cash your paycheck? Rob the bank and run off. Or you could just wait in line to cash your check. Load times are medium, but might be long in some cases.

9/10 (1 point off for the load times)

The story is kind of weak. It goes like this: Postal dude is given errands from his wife and he must accomplish them. You can accomplish the errands different ways, and there is always some challenge to doing the errand. Buying milk for example. Sounds simple right? Wrong. First you must get money to buy milk or you could steal the milk. You can break into a house, mug a pedestrian and break into an ATM machine. Ok, now you have money. You walk into the store, get the milk and you decide to pay. There is a line. You wait and pay. Errand over. You keep doing errands. It is fun, but the story is weak.

5/10 (Weak story)

The graphics are not great, but are good. The people look good and are not blocky. Rag-doll corpse physics are in the game. Liquid physics go along with your pee. Audio is so so with postal dude not sounding sick enough.

8/10 (So so audio)

Once you've beaten it, go back and try to play without killing anyone. Do errands different ways. Go on a murderous killing spree with destruction and death in your wake.


To buy or to rent?:
Buy it.

Fun, but extremely violent. You can knock peoples heads off and kick the head around. Pour gas on someone and light them up, pee and kick their charred body around. Good to play and get if you are not bothered by the excessive violence.

Overall score:

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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