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Reviewed: 04/21/03 | Updated: 04/21/03

Pretty decent if you can deal with the loadi...zzzzzzzz

Postal 2. Wow. I went and got this game because I heard it had the extreme violence like no other. There's something inherently different about killing not enemies, but just random people. On to the review!

Graphics 7

Well My machine isn't exactly a beast, but it has never had a problem running any other game before, and certainly not one with the unreal engine. My 3d card is a measly Radeon 8500 with 64meg of DDR ram. Not exactly groundbreaking. I also have an Athlon 1.33 and 512megs of ram.
I had to turn the settings down considerably to run this thing in a smooth manner. I'm talking minimal view distance, 16-bit colors and toning down the ''default'' character stuff an awful lot.
Having said that, most of it is pretty awesome. Especially the faces on people. This is the future of faces in gaming- they are starting to look much more realistic. Having said that, sometimes they look a little weird because the faces are so detailed and the bodies just kind of look fake.

Sound 9

I give it a high score because I thought the screams and cries of people sound real, and your character sounds like a lunatic. Just the way it should be in the game.

Gameplay 6

I would normally say about a 4 for this, except it has some incredible novelty to it. Running around and doing whatever you want is just outstanding. However there are only so many ways to kill someone. Having said that, nothing is cooler than chopping off someone's head, smashing out a window and then smacking the head out the window with a shovel like you're golfing, and watching it fly out of the building and roll down the street. That is amazing.

Big problem- damage

Like everyone else said, there is no difference in damage on people. You can shoot them point blank in the face with a gun and it does as much damage as shooting them in the leg from a distance. I'm sure this will be fixed in a patch though.

Coolest moment-
I think the coolest moment was when I went into the donught shop. I had just broken out of jail and was armed to the teeth, including a gas can. The lady behind the counter (in a small little room) said ''Hello! Will this be all for you?'' and I'm like ''Yes ma'am!'' and then I dumped gasoline on her and threw a match. She started on fire and was trapped in the little room screaming and fell to the ground as a corpse. I went behind the counter and nabbed all 36 donughts on the wall. Then I threw a grenade at the guy playing a video arcade game and I realized the game was just suberbly cool.

Bottom line-
If you can get this game for, say $24.99, then it would be worth every penny. As it stands, it's a great idea, with a fairly cool story, but insanely long loading times (I counted 1:20 at one point)and it gets old very quickly.

Having said that, it's a pretty good time for a while. Nothing like starting someone on fire and then peeing on them. Gotta love American programming.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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