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Reviewed: 04/17/03 | Updated: 04/17/03

Postal 2 - Ultra Violence at it's best

Now first of all, I'm not going to whine about lack of plot. The game doesn't have a plot, or any compelling storyline to speak of. That is not what Postal 2 is about, and to be quite frank I'm sick of people complaining about it. I'm almost sick of people comparing this game to Vice City. Although also violent in its own right, is nothing compared to Postal 2.

Gameplay: 8
Brief Opinion: An 8, it is what it's intended to be, nothing but an ultra violent video game.

Postal 2 is much like your run of the mill FPS's with a few minor differences. First of all, your not shooting/killing terrorists/mobsters/enemies. In this game you go out and kill whomever you please. Priests, women, dogs, cats, librarians, Gary Coleman. That's what this game is about, doing whatever you please. In this sense it is successful. However if just going around killing all sorts of people for some milk, or playing soccer with Gary Coleman's severed head does not appeal to you, avoid this game, 'cause quite frankly that's all their is to do.

Graphics: 7
Brief Opinion: Average, the base graphics aren't anything spectacular. Many of the same character animations are used. Fire Effects = Awesome

The graphics aren't anything outstanding, they're decent however. You'll often find yourself meeting people that look exactly the same (Then blowing them away). This is something that this game needs, more NPC skins. The fire effects I thought were great. I also loved how gasoline pooled up the more you poured, resulting in a gigantic explosion when you threw a match.

Storyline: N/A

Short and sweet, this game doesn't have one, and was never meant to.

Sound: 9
Brief Opinion: I thought this game was absolutely hilarious, and I loved how The Postal Dude delivered his jokes.

The explosions were good, the voice acting is alright, the humor in my personal opinion is grade a. I was laughing since the opening movie. The Postal Dude has one of the coolest/sarcastic voices ever.


If your looking for a compelling game, with an outstanding storyline. Go play Deus Ex, this game isn't for you. If you want outstanding graphics, wait for GTA III: Vice City, Doom 3, or Deus Ex 2. If you want an extremely violent game where you can take out some aggression, grab this one now.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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