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Reviewed: 04/08/03 | Updated: 04/08/03

Its Good Fun, Thats All That Matters.

Sequel to Postal, Postal 2 will easily be the most controversial game this year. The game doesn't really have a plot, but it doesn't need one either. You're a miserable redneck who lives an unhappy life with his wife, dog and trailer. Everyday the wife sends you out to do errands, of course nothing ever goes as smoothly as it should.

Graphics: Overall graphics are good, my comp isn't a powerhouse (P3 1.2 384 ram GF 2 64mb) but things look good and run well. The character skins look ok, but the faces of the characters are amazing! The way their jaws move when they talk, their facial expressions change as they talk and their eyes look spookingly life like. Some of the backgrounds could've been more clearer though.

Graphics: 7

Gameplay: I like the gameplay, theres multiple ways to do the things you need to do on the list. I for instance robbed a bank by dropping through a roof, but I stood in line to buy milk...things went wrong though and got into a huge shootout with jihad female guards. The load times are long, not 2.5 minutes long but about 30 seconds to 50 seconds at the most.

The thing I hate most about the gameplay is that theres no head shots...a game in this day and age with no headshots! An FPS at that! Sometimes it takes 7 shots in the face to take someone out sometimes 3...shotgun to the head is usually a one hit deal.

The physics engine is also amazing, if not a little over exaggerated. I kicked a comp monitor that was on a desk, the monitor toppled over the desk into a swivel chair sitting at the desk, the chair then flips over backwards and the monitor rolls out. Simply awesome.

Gameplay: 7.2

Humor: I was actually surprised at the humor, its not all low brow like you think. I haven't seen a toilet covered in turds, I haven't even seen an area thats covered in turds unless it should be ( area dogs are kept in). You won't find random turds I promise, IGN must've found that one toilet...

On the first day of the game you read off the list ''pick up paycheck'', the postal dude then says '' I was pretty hungover yesterday, but I think I remember where I work''. After reading off ''Get Gary Coleman's autograph he says ''Gary's in town! I loved 'Whats Happenin'!''. I pissed on the ceiling, it comes back down in the Postal Dude's face and he starts to gag. I went into a bathroom, unzipped my fly and had a glance in the mirror...theres a big black oval that says ''censored'' in the middle. Oh can smoke crack too.

Humor: 8

Random: To be honest I haven't seen to much random stuff yet, although I got held up by a gay priest with a tazer (I think he was gay) thats the most random thing thats happened to me. The cop didn't even do anything when he zapped me right in front of his eyes...thanks a lot copper!

Randomness: 4

Other Crap: IGN lied about the load times (not completely) and lied about the humor. I'm playing on the easiest mode and thats more like average...hard enough to kinda challenge me but not so much that I can't get out of peril. You really can go postal without the cops coming down on you...just don't kill a cop or shoot some fat chick when a the cops are around.

Oh yeah! Theres also plenty of health, theres medkits in just about every house, theres food you can buy and smoking a rock also raises your health (to 125, just like GTA 3 with the hoes).

Overall rating: I give this about a 7, don't pay full price for this. Maybe ''demo'' it or wait for it to drop in price, the game isn't very big (one cd) and I'm not sure exactly how much replay value there really is...but its fun and thats all that matters.

*Overall score not an average*

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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