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Reviewed: 05/13/10

Disgusting? Yes. Anti political? Yes. Fun as hell? YES!

Postal 2 is, simply the single most disturbing game ever. And yet, I still find myself installing it on my computer from time to time to relive the insanity of this game. The warning that comes up every time you launch the game is enough to tell you that this is going to be one messed up game. So, here we go, my review of Postal 2 starts here.

Graphics: 9/10 The graphics on Postal 2 are nice for its time. The city is highly detailed with nice textures, and the modeling is good, although at where the neck and head connect on the models are kind of weird. Flame and smoke effects are very very nice. The modeling on the cars however, are a bit boxy, and don’t seem to look as good as other textures in the game look. But still, very nice graphics for a game at its time.

Story: 2/10 Yeah, not much of a story. The game takes place in a city called Paradise (not exactly what you would call paradise, as you discover all the screwed up people that live in the city), and you are the Dude. Or Postal Dude. Whatever it is, he’s a dude. While the story may not be good, it certainly is funny, and at the same time, outrageous.

Gameplay: 8/10 This is where Postal 2 delivers a memorable experience, mostly because of how insane and stupid it is. The game plays like a sandbox game, you can do whatever the game allows you to do, which ends up actually being quite well done. Postal 2 also is oddly convenient. If you get stuck on some physic props, the game will unstuck you, so you can be on your way without reloading a save. The coolest part about Postal 2, is that you can be as violent as you want to be, there is no requirement to kill everyone, (although going through the game without killing people isn’t recommended for a first playthrough, nor is going around killing everyone). If someone starts attacking you, nearby police officers will go in and try to keep him/her occupied, while you can run away without taking too much damage. Now reading this, may make you think that the AI is good in Postal 2, but when you’re taking them down yourself, half the time they just stand there and go down pretty fast. Oh and on that note, YOU NEVER HAVE TO RELOAD YOUR WEAPONS. Come on, we’re like, far ahead of those days. And also, headshots don’t apply that well. Anyways, now for the part of the gameplay that you will probably be scarred with for the rest of your life, how nasty, bloody, tasteless the content of the game is. People swear A LOT in this game. More than Grand theft Auto probably (but not San Andreas). But if there’s something that the GTA series can’t match, is how nasty this game is. You can mount cats as silencers on the M16 rifle, and the shotgun. And the barrel of the gun goes up their ass. Yeah, you’d have to play the game to see exactly what I’m talking about. You can smoke cat nip and presto, you’re in bullet time, and also really high. Basically, you can do anything that your parents wouldn’t want you to do in real life. Basically, this game is not for the faint of hearts.

Sound: 8/10 I gave Postal 2 an 8/10 for sound simply because how funny and anti political some of the dialogue in this game is. You will laugh out loud at the Dude’s comments. But, like Duke Nukem’s smart ass remarks, they do get old after awhile, and after the second time through the game, it isn’t funny anymore, but that’s not to say that there is little replay value in this game. Sounds from weapons are decent, but could have been a little better for some of them.

Final: 8/10 The only problem that I had with Postal 2 that prevented it from getting an 9/10, is how short it is. If Saturday and Sunday were in the original game, then I’d be happy to give Postal 2 a 9/10. RWS did release 2 expansion packs and they’re all bundled with the Fudge pack (which I’d recommend getting). I didn’t mind the bad story (most of the time, I don’t grade hard on games for their story), or how stupid the game was, I just simply enjoyed it. If you’re looking for an escape from serious titles, or just need to shove a boot up society’s ass, then Postal 2 may just be worth your money. If you don’t like games that are incredibly violent, and tasteless, then I suggest that you should look elsewhere, because THIS GAME ISN’T FOR EVERYONE. Postal 2 gets an 8/10.

NOTE: I reviewed Postal 2: Share the Pain, but there is no difference between Postal 2 and Postal 2: Share the Pain. If you got the original Postal 2, go grab a patch for it, then defrag the files, this will make load times much faster. Also, Share the Pain will not work with the expansion packs as far as I know. Postal 2: Share The Pain is the version of Postal 2 that includes multiplayer. Yes, RWS released the multiplayer portion for free, so just search it up on google.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Postal 2 (US, 04/14/03)

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