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Reviewed: 06/25/07

Bloody brilliant

They say that games have become too violent these days, what with the graphic potential meaning a game can look like real-life situations. If they were looking for an example, Postal 2 would probably be their choice.

Not that I care. This simply makes this game more delicious. Postal 2 is one of those games which you can only really criticise for it’s minor problems, because the bulk of the game is simply so… bloody.

Lets start with the basics. Postal 2 is a game where you go about doing daily chores, such as “Get Milk” or “Piss on Dad’s grave”. Sounds fairly simple, what really makes the game is how you can do these things. You are able to interact with a whole city full of people and places. This means going about as an ordinary citizen, or going postal, causing general panic within the city. There is nothing funnier than kicking a crowd of people and watching them run. There are a wide range of weapons to play with too, from the basic working-class shovel to the fancy Napalm Launcher. The rest is up to you. You can barge into someone’s house, scare them off and pick up their goodies, set fire to the local marching band, urinate on a fat woman because she wouldn’t sign your petition. The possibilities really are endless. This also goes for the way you complete the tasks too. You could just buy that milk, or you could steal it (although this will anger the shopkeeper).

Obviously, in the real world, this would get you into a heap of trouble with the police. No different here. If the police see you committing a crime, they will be after you. Don’t worry though, this won’t mean a mass murder investigation, simply a bar that will run down after a few minutes if you hide away from them. Unrealistic, but I’d rather have that than being locked up for the whole game.

Although, you can get arrested. This only adds another dimension to the game, as the police station can bring a whole source of fun (If you can work out how to get out, it took me a while)

What really is great though, is that other citizens can go mental and cause a shoot-out. This means you can watch police take down a man because he had his shotgun in his hand.

This all adds up to a game that is just the right difficulty. But there are a real range of difficulty levels to appeal to everyone who wants to play.

The storyline of the game is good enough to keep with the general havoc you cause. The events link up nicely, and unexpected things happen to make sure it isn’t all basic. However, it doesn’t interfere with your general enjoyment of the game.

The graphics are OK, I can’t be too sure how good they could be, because I have to play the game on a low screen resolution, but as long as you can see the people, graphics don’t really matter. With this sort of game though, you can get stuck in the scenery. Thankfully, the game will magic you safely out of that spot.

The sounds are just fine for this game. Your character may make slightly amusing comments at times, but the sounds are pretty much satisfactory. There is no annoying music following you through the game. Interestingly, you can listen into people’s conversations. These can be quite funny, as they usually have absolutely no meaning whatsoever.

Un fortunately, the game is quite quickly completed. This isn’t too much of a problem though, because the whole idea of the game is to experiment. One of my favourite things is to see how many different ways I can ruin the elephant parade. It’s enjoyable enough that completing the game will not be an issue.

So overall, this is a great game for those who don’t like boundaries, or have anger to vent out on innocent virtual people. I think it’s brilliant, and is certainly worth buying.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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