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FAQ by Naranek Angmar

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/19/2010

====================== Icewind Dale II Reference Guide =======================
======================     Revision 1.00 (19-03-10)    =======================

                      by Duncan Clay  duncanclay@msn.com

                              Table of Contents


    (0.01) Targos Docks
    (0.02) Targos
    (0.03) Targos Palisade
    (1.01) Targos
    (1.02) Targos Palisade
    (1.03) Shaengarne River
    (1.04) Shaengarne Woods
    (1.05) Shaengarne Pass
    (1.06) Shaengarne Ford
    (1.07) Shaengarne Bridge
    (1.08) Fortress Approach
    (1.09) Fortress Courtyard
    (2.01) Western Pass
    (2.02) Ice Wall
    (3.01) Wandering Village
    (3.02) The Fell Wood
    (3.03) Cold Marshes
    (3.04) River Caves
    (4.01) Black Raven Monastery
    (4.02) The Underdark
    (4.03) Exit from The Underdark
    (5.01) Kuldahar Pass
    (5.02) Hrothgar's Glen
    (5.03) Kuldahar
    (5.04) Chult
    (5.05) Dragon's Eye
    (5.06) Dragon's Eye Exit
    (5.07) Ice Temple Lower Level
    (5.08) Fields of Slaughter
    (5.09) Fields of Slaughter Exit
    (6.01) Severed Hand
    (6.02) Severed Hand Wizard Tower
    (6.03) Severed Hand War Tower
    (6.04) Severed Hand Officer Tower
    (6.05) Severed Hand Cleric Tower
    (6.06) Severed Hand Final Battle

  (A) Character Creation
    (A.01) Gender
    (A.02) Portrait
    (A.03) Race
    (A.04) Class
    (A.05) Alignment
    (A.06) Ability Scores
    (A.07) Skills
    (A.08) Feats
  (B) Custom Items
  (C) Businesses
  (D) Items
    (D.01) Simple Weapon, Small Blade
    (D.02) Simple Weapon, Mace
    (D.03) Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff
    (D.04) Simple Weapon, Missile
    (D.05) Simple Weapon, Crossbow
    (D.06) Martial Weapon, Large Sword
    (D.07) Martial Weapon, Great Sword
    (D.08) Martial Weapon, Axe
    (D.09) Martial Weapon, Hammer
    (D.10) Martial Weapon, Polearm
    (D.11) Martial Weapon, Flail
    (D.12) Martial Weapon, Bow
    (D.13) Exotic Weapon, Bastard Sword
    (D.14) Robes
    (D.15) Light Armor
    (D.16) Medium Armor
    (D.17) Heavy Armor
    (D.18) Shields
    (D.19) Helmets, Hats
    (D.20) Gauntlets, Bracers, Gloves
    (D.21) Belts
    (D.22) Boots
    (D.23) Cloaks
    (D.24) Amulets, Scarves
    (D.25) Rings
    (D.26) Magical Items
    (D.27) Miscellaneous Items
    (D.28) Grenadelike
    (D.29) Wands
    (D.30) Scrolls
    (D.31) Scrolls Innate Level 1
    (D.32) Scrolls Innate Level 2
    (D.33) Scrolls Innate Level 3
    (D.34) Scrolls Innate Level 4
    (D.35) Scrolls Innate Level 5
    (D.36) Scrolls Innate Level 6
    (D.37) Scrolls Innate Level 7
    (D.38) Scrolls Innate Level 8
    (D.39) Scrolls Innate Level 9
    (D.40) Potions
    (D.41) Gems
    (D.42) Jewelery
  (E) Addendum
  (F) Unanswered Questions, Tips and Cheats
  (G) Credits and Revision History
  (H) Contact Information

= Introduction ===============================================================

This FAQ covers
  Icewind Dale 2 (IWD2)
  Icewind Dale 2 - Heart of Fury mode (HOF)

Note: The FAQ was written with patch 2.01 (101615) installed

This guide is not a linear walkthrough although you can use it to work out
how to complete quests or the game.  To get the most out of it, open this file
in a program with a good find facility, I prefer using Firefox for this.

Some treasure is random and the items listed below may not be the ones you

  XP  - Experience Point      STR  - Strength
  HP  - Hit Point             DEX  - Dexterity
  SP  - Skill Point           CON  - Constitution
  AC  - Armor Class           INT  - Intelligence
  GP  - Gold Piece            WIS  - Wisdom
  DC  - Difficulty Class      CHA  - Charisma
  SR  - Spell Resistance      BAB  - Base Attack Bonus
  Atk - Attack                Fort - Fortitude
  Dmg - Damage                Ref  - Reflex
  Enc - Enchantment           Will - Will

  #   - Heart of Fury mode     %   - Collector's Edition/Preorder Bonus

Shortcut Keys
  SPACE - Pause                ALT - Highlight interactive objects
  X     - Location             H   - Hide interface

= Area Guide =================================================================

Introduction by Maralie Fiddlebender who tells of her journey from Kuldahar to
Miribar in Deepingdale near the Inner Sea, the birthplace of Iselore.  The
year was 1310 DR when scouts from Bryn Shander, the largest of the Ten-Towns
of Icewind Dale, first reported sighting goblin warbands.

Icewind Dale II takes place 30 years after Icewind Dale.


Icewind Dale, Sword Coast North in The North region

The Sword Coast North contains the cities of Neverwinter, Port Llast and
Luskan.  Icewind Dale is the northernmost human land below the great glaciers
and the sea of ice.  To the south is Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate.

Icewind Dale is a collection of ten towns and villages populated by former
nomads, tundra barbarians, rangers, hardy craftspeople, ice fishers, dwarves
who live beneath the ice and merchants willing to brave its harsh climate to
purchase ivory and gems unavailable in the south.


Targos is one of the Ten-Towns.  It is a modest fishing settlement situated on
the southernmost shore of Maer Dualdon.  High cliff walls form a protective
cove that shelter the town’s fishing vessels from the savage winter storms
that plague the region.

The year is 1312 DR and a grave new threat has arisen in the North, a threat
that seeks to seal off the Ten-Towns from the rest of Faerûn in a bitter power
struggle.  The town of Bremen has fallen, and a vicious horde of goblins,
orcs and bugbears have gathered beneath the mysterious banner of the Chimera
and are marching on the port town of Targos.  You have just arrived from
Luskan aboard the Wicked Wench.

(0.01) Targos Docks (AR1000)
  Surprisingly enough for a port town of Targos' size, the docks don't look
  like they're seen much foot traffic, although it looks like there has been a
  number of crates and loads of lumber unloaded from ships and dragged across
  the ground toward the crane in the northern section of the docks.  Several
  vessels from the harbor have been drawn up on the beach, and the husks of
  houses are scattered around the docks - some of them look like they've been
  torn apart for wood, others look like they were torched and abandoned.  You
  can see goblin prints in the snow. The largest clumps of tracks seen to come
  from the northeast section of the docks, curving along the docks in a
  southeast direction towards the Targos lighthouse.
  (Wicked Wench)
    Hedron Kerdos (Captain)
      Task: Speak to Firtha Kerdos and make sure she is safe
      Reward: 300XP, 173GP, Lynx Eye Gem
      Task: Speak to Ulbrec Dinnsmore
    Eldgull, Screed (Crew) 
    Reig Redwaters (Soldier)
      Gives You: Short Sword
      Task: Ask for some armor
      Reward: Leather Armor
      Task: Ask for equipment form Brohn
      Reward: Dagger, Handaxe, Leather Armor, Helmet 
      Task: Use healing or rest for several days and Reigs wound will heal
      Reward: 300XP
      Task: Speak to Magdar Shenlen and get Potion of Healing
      Reward: 400XP
    Honest Jon (Soldier)
      Task: Ask for an extra blade
      Reward: Dagger
    Brohn's body (Soldier)
  (Targos Docks)
    Task: Clear the Targos Docks of goblins
    Reward: 1350XP
    Jorun Tamewater (Dwarf Shipbuilder)
      Task: Disarm trap on chest in his house 
    (after speaking to Olap Tamewater at the Palisade)
      Task: asked him to help fix the crane
      Gives You: Wooden Crane Wheel to repair the crane
      Reward: 300XP
      Task: Return to Shawford Crale
    Crandall (Soldier)
    Brogan (Soldier)
      Convince Brogan to let you drive the goblins out - 300XP
      Task: Clear out the goblins in the caves beneath the warehouse
      Reward: 400XP
      Task: Take Charred Vellum Scroll to Lady Dinnsmore
  Gallaway Warehouse (Gallaway Trading Coster from Caer-Dinival) (AR1001)
    Magdar Shenlen (Harbor Master)
      Task: Take Potion of Healing to Reig Redwaters
    Chest - Potion of Healing x2
  Targos Warehouse (AR1002)
    Barrel - Dead Cat (Loki)
      Task: Speak to Anson
    Chest - Longsword, Leather Armor, Small Shield
  Caves (AR1007)
    Rukwurm (Goblin) - Expended Teleportation Scroll
      Task: Take Expended Teleportation Scroll to Elytharra
    Ulek The Burrower (Goblin)
    Keg - Minor Mirror Image
  The Salty Dog (AR1003)
    Gohar (from Luskan) TAVERN
      Task: Ask Gohar the name of Donovan's ship
      Reward: Ship Prow of Veira's Gaze
      Task: Speak to Veira
    Guthewulfe Henghelm (river trader) STORE
      Buy him a drink for 3GP
      Task: Drink four rounds of Braehg paying 5GP each round
      Reward: 300XP, Howling Wolf Charm
    Pickpocket: Flask of Braehg
    Black Geoffrey, Blanchard Pike (Iron Collar Band from Cormyr)
      Task: Speak to Koluhm Bonecutter and Phaen of the Rags
      Pickpocket: Potion of Luck
  (after speaking to Shawford Crale at the Palisade)
    Black Geoffrey - Splint Mail, Bastard Sword
    Blanchard Pike - Studded Leather Armor, Spear, Helmet
    Kickshaw - Leather Armor, Short Sword, Dagger
      Task: Get them to report to the Palisade
      Reward: 600XP
      Or kill them
      Reward: 450XP
  Firtha Kerdos' Home (AR1004)
    Firtha Kerdos (Hedron's mother)
      Task: Solve mystery of Loki's disappearance
      Reward: 300XP
  Shipbuilder's House (AR1006)
    Bookcase - Potion of Evil Protection
    Crate - Warhammer, Leather Armor
    Chest - Studded Leather Armor, Heavy Crossbow, Warhammer, Helmet
  House (AR1005)
    Chest - Fire Agate Gem

(0.02) Targos (AR1100)
    Lumbar Grundwall
      Task: Ask him about the crane
    Ghille-Laider (Gate Guard)
      Task: Ask Ulbrec to open the gate once all Goblins have been killed
    Oswald Fiddlebender (Gnome) STORE
      If you tell him he owes you money he gives you a Potion of Freedom
      Pickpocket: Potion of Explosions, Oil of Fiery Burning
    Floorboard - 19GP, Lynx Eye Gem x2, Cat's Grace Potion
  Carpenter's House (AR1107)
    Koluhm Bonecutter (Priest of Myrkul)
      Task: Ask Cahl-Hyred about Weeping Widow
      Task: Show him Ghost-Touched Bottle
      Reward: 450XP
      Task: Take Ghost-Touched Bottle to Elytharra
      Ask why the townsperson for location of hidden gold
      Also mentions treasure in the ruined building under the floor board
    (after speaking to Shawford Crale at the Palisade)
      Task: Write down what he has learned from the goblin's corpse
      Reward: 450XP
      Or a Dwarf or Drow can translate the message
      Reward: 900XP
      Task: Return to Shawford Crale
    Secret niche by the fireplace - Iol Gem
  The Weeping Widow (AR1104)
    Cahl-Hyred **INN
      Gives You: Weeping Widow Key, Ghost-Touched Bottle
      Task: Identify Ghost-Touched Bottle
      Reward: 400XP
      Task: Take Ghost-Touched Bottle to Koluhm Bonecutter
      Threaten to hide the Ghost-Touched Bottle - 150GP
      Task: Speak to Veira
      Task: Ask Gohar the name of Donovan's ship
      Task: Set Veira's weeping to rest
      Reward: 600XP, 50GP, Aquamarine Gem, Garnet Gem
      Pickpocket: Horn Coral Gem
    Crate - Lamp Oil x2, Iron Rations x3
  The Weeping Widow Upstairs (AR1105)
    Cabinet - Masterwork Dagger
    Veira (at night)
      Task: Ask Cahl-Hyred about Donovan
      Task: Give her Ship Prow of Veira's Gaze
      Or an evil Cleric can break her will
      Reward: 400XP
      And if INT 14 can demand her service
      Reward: 400XP, Water Opal, Letto's Scar or Letto's End #
      Task: Ask her to shed a tear in the Ghost-Touched Bottle
      Reward: 400XP, Veira's Bottle
      Task: Return to Elytharra
  Town Hall (AR1101)
    Lord Ulbrec Dinnsmore
      Task: Speak to Shawford Crale
      Pickpocket: Gold Ring, Ring of Protection +1
    (after defending Targos Palisade)
      Reward: 500XP
      Task: Travel to Shaengarne Ford to start Chapter 1
    Lady Elytharra Dinnsmore (Elf Enchanter) STORE (Identifies items for 50GP)
      Task: Ask about Expended Teleportation Scroll then speak to Phaen
      Task: Tell her that Phaen was the traitor and the name of his master
      Reward: 600XP, 500GP, Waterstar Gem, Gold Necklace
      Task: Ask about Ghost-Touched Bottle then speak to Veira
      Task: Offer her Veira's Bottle
      Reward: 700GP or Sorrow's Tear or Veira's Sorrow #
      Or if tear was demanded
      Reward: Grievance Tear or Veira's Grievance #
      Task: Ask about Valin Geldencross and cure him
      Reward: 300XP, 250GP, Iol Gem, Jade Ring
      Pickpocket: Gold Ring, Mage Armor, Sunstone Gem, Masterwork Dagger
    Cabinet - Sunstone Gem
    Desk - Traveler's Guide to Icewind Dale
    Bookcase - Legends of Icewind Dale
    Bookcase - Heart of Winter
    Bookcase - Protection from Evil
  Temple Pavilion (AR1103)
    Valin Geldencross (Diviner from Bryn Shander) 
      Pickpocket: Valin's Scroll, Andar Gem, Tchazar Gem
      Task: Give him Flask of Braehg, just a sip if you read Valin's Scroll
      Reward: 300XP, 181GP, Tchazar Gem
      Task: Return to Elytharra
    Garradun Tanner (Scout, Doppelganger)
      Mentions Raina, his beloved
      Gives You: Garradun's Letter
      Task: Speak to Denham Fisher
      Task: Expose him as a Doppelganger
      Reward: 300XP
    Denham Fisher (Red Knight Priest) TEMPLE STORE
      Give Him: Garradun's Letter
      Reward: 300XP, Denham's Letters
      Task: Take Denham's Letters to Ingrath Mariner and Rahm Dammel
      Pickpocket: Cure Serious Wounds
    Ragni Bellows (Swordmaster, Cleric of Tempus) TEMPLE STORE
      Pickpocket: Prayer, Holy Smite
    Maxiel of Silverymoon
    Urbek Stonefoe (Dwarf from Citadel Adbar)
    Deagle Elmwood
    Cabinet - Book of the Deserving or Tome of the Lord of Battles #,
      Cure Moderate Wounds
  Teamster's House (AR1106)
    Phaen of the Rags (Wizard) - Magic Missile,
        Phaen's Robe of Rags or Phaen's Tattered Robes #
      Task: Expose him as a traitor
      Reward: 300XP
      Task: Warn him not to attack and ask who his master is
      Reward: 400XP, his master is Harshom the Beastlord
      Task: Return to Elytharra
    Rhaekbog (Goblin)
    Chest - Sunstone Gem
    Bookcase - The Ten-Towns: Easthaven
  Gallaway Trade Depot (AR1102)
    Deirdre Gallaway (Ilmus Gallaway's granddaughter)
      Pickpocket: Turquoise Gem, Moonstone Gem
    (after speaking to Isherwood at Targos Palisade)
      Task: Ask her for 300 Arrows
      Reward: 600XP
      Task: Return to Isherwood
      Pickpocket: Lucky Knucky

(0.03) Targos Palisade (AR1200)
    Swift Thomas (Messenger Boy)
      Task: Refuse him alcohol to maintain discipline
      Reward: 600XP
      Task: Or sell him a bottle of wine
      Reward: 450XP, 20GP
    Caulder (Soldier)
      Task: Convince him that he needs help
      Reward: 450XP
      Task: Let him borrow a Warhammer
      Reward: 450XP
    Weapon Instructor
      Task (Ftr, Pal, Rgr): Split the Keg
      Reward: 450XP
    Drill Sergent (either of them)
      Task (Pal): Inspire the recruits
      Task (Rog CE): Instill terror in the recruits
      Reward: 450XP
    Tabard Mooncalf
      Task: Trick him into leaving the rack unattended
      Reward: 450XP
    Weapon Rack - Tabard's Shield or Mooncalf's Shield #
    Anson, Tarran, Illigmar (Crossed Spears mercenary company from Luskan)
      Task: Ask about Dead Cat and return to Firtha Kerdos
    Gable (Soldier)
      Task: Destroy Smug-Looking Barrel
      Reward: Longbow
    Kadence (Archer)
      Task: Win wager with Gable
      Reward: 4GP, Bottle of Wine
      Pickpocket: Bottle of Wine
    Smug-Looking Barrel
    Olap Tamewater (Jorun's son)
      Task: Ask Swift Thomas to take you to Jorun Tamewater
    Isherwood (Archer)
      Task: Speak to Deirdre Gallaway
      Reward: Flaming Oil x2
      Task: Return to Shawford Crale
    Harlesford (Soldier)
    Menon (Soldier)
  (when the goblins attack)
    Task: Drive the goblins from Targos
    Reward: 900XP
    Vghotan (Goblin) - Houndstooth Collar or Vghotan's Band #
    Ghotrag (Goblin) - Longsword +1 #
    Caballus (Goblin Sorcerer) - Chromatic Orb, Larloch's Minor Drain,
        Whispering Staff or Caballus' Whispering Staff #
    Black Geoffrey, Blanchard Pike (if persuaded them to fight)
    Olap Tamewater
    Niles (if you didn't give him a drink)
    Anson, Kadence
  Meeting House (AR1201)
    Shawford Crale (Watch Commander)
      Gives You: 250GP
      Task: Speak to Olap Tamewater
      Reward: 600XP
      Task: Speak to Isherwood
      Reward: 600XP
      Task: Speak to Koluhm Bonecutter
      Reward: 450XP if you sent a message or 900XP if you translated it
      Task: Speak to Black Geoffrey
      Reward: 900XP for bringing them here or 600XP if you killed them
      Task: Defend Targos Palisade
      Reward: 1000GP
      Task: Speak to Ulbrec Dinnsmore
      Pickpocket: Potion of Healing
    Nolan the Healer (Priest of Waukeen, sent by Quinn Silverfinger)
      Heals your party when asked
    Create - Flaming Oil x3, Potion of Healing



(1.01) Targos (AR1100)
    Oswald Fiddlebender
      Task: Ask him to take you to the Western Pass to start Chapter 2
  Town Hall (AR1101)
    Ulbrec Dinnsmore
      Task: Go to Shaengarne Ford and retake Shaengarne Bridge
      Reward: 1575XP
      Task: Speak to Shawford Crale for your reward
      Task: Speak to Ennelia at the Horde Fortress and kill Guthma
      Reward: 2100XP
      Task: Speak to Shawford Crale for your reward
      Task: Speak to Oswald Fiddlebender 

(1.02) Targos Palisade (AR1200)
  Meeting House (AR1201)
    Shawford Crale
      Task: Ask for payment for battle at the Shaengarne
      Reward: 3000GP
      Task: Ask for payment for battle at the fortress
      Reward: 5000GP

Shaengarne Ford

The Shaengarne River has been blocked with lumber from Lonelywood.

(1.03) Shaengarne River (AR2000)
    Torak Skullsplitter (Orc, Broken Tusk Clan chieftain)
    Dereth Springsong (Druid of Shaengarne) TEMPLE STORE
      Task: Kill orcs to free Dereth Springsong
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Kill orcs near Dereth Springsong's home
      Reward: 500XP
      Task: Ask him to open path to Shaengarne Ford
      Reward: 500XP
      Task: Find Sabrina Fairwynd
      Reward: 375XP, Scimitar +1
    Sabrina Fairwynd (Druid, Dereth Springsong's wife) TEMPLE STORE
      Task: Rescue Sabrina Fairwynd
      Reward: 500XP
      Task: Ask about orc ambush and lookout
      Reward: 375XP
      Task: Offer to escort her home
      Reward: 375XP
      Pickpocket: Wizard Robe of Electrical Resistance
    Dagger +1

(1.04) Shaengarne Woods (AR2001)
    Emma Moonblade (Priestess of Selune) TEMPLE
      Task: Get Moonblade of Selune
      Agrees to heal you for 1GP
      Gives You: Flaming Oil x3
      Give Her: Moonblade of Selune
      Reward: 750XP, 2000GP
      If you say no reward is necessary
      Reward: 1050XP, Moonblade of Selune
      Pickpocket: Gold Ring
    Kaitlin Silvertongue
      Task: Sneak past orcs and open gate, kill the orcs holding the peasants
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Kill Torak
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Ask the way to Shaengarne Ford
      Reward: 375XP
      Task: Ask the way to the dam
      Reward: 375XP
    Sack - Potion of Invisibility
    Barrel - Clenched Fist or Iron Hand of Ohanion #
    Peasent x11
      Pickpocket: GP
    Arte (Artemus) STORE
    Torak Skullsplitter - Leather Armor +1, Battleaxe +1, Highland Gate Key,
        Masterwork Greataxe
    Barrel - Final Word or Dagger of Closing Arguments #
  Cave (AR2002)
    Haft Over Head or Dullcobble's Axe #
    Vrek Vileclaw (Troll)
      Task: Ask why he is doing this
      Reward: 375XP
    Crate - Moonblade of Selune

(1.05) Shaengarne Pass (AR2100)
    Gaernat Sharptooth (Wererat) - Masterwork Battleaxe
    Werebadger, Wererat
    Verbeeg - Masterwork Scimitar
    Verbeeg - Masterwork Longsword
    Verbeeg - Masterwork Shortbow
    Hut - Masterwork Quarterstaff
    Spider Queen

(1.06) Shaengarne Ford (AR2101)
    Task: Remove Support Beam x3 to destroy the dam
    Reward: 750XP
    Support Beam - Bash
    Crate - Thy-Dunag Blade or Shame of Thy-Dunag #
      Task: Repair bridge with Wood Planks
    Support Beam - Bash using ranged attacks
    Support Beam - Wood Planks

(1.07) Shaengarne Bridge (AR2102)
    Task: Prevent destruction of the Caravan Bridge
    Reward: 1575XP
    Task: Return to Ulbrec Dinnsmore
    Xuki (Mage of Legion of the Chimera) - Witherbranch Boots, Bag of Holding
      Task: Don't get delayed
      Reward: 525XP
      Task: Recognize the ruse with a character with high wisdom
      Reward: 1050XP
      Task: Try and negotiate
      Reward: 700XP, Bridge is destroyed
    Barrel - Footman's Folly or Footman's Incredibly Ridiculous Folly #

Horde Fortress

(1.08) Fortress Approach (AR3000)
    Ennelia (Ranger scout, follower of Mielikki)
      Task: Give her a Potion of Healing or heal her
      Reward: 525XP
      Task: Destroy War Drums
      Reward: 400XP
      Task: Rescue Braston
    Half-Goblin - Chainmail
    Winter Wolf - Winter Wolf Pelt
    Tent - Spellward Staff
    Goblin Overseer
    Orc Witch Doctor
    Goblin Worg Rider Captain
    Trugnuk - Warren Key, Potion Bag
    Tent - The Merry Shorthorn or Prophia's Merry Shorthorn #
    Gark (Ogre) - get key from Trugnuk
    Gate - use Warren Key
  Goblin Warrens Level 1 (AR3001)
    Task: Sneak past tribes without alerting any of the camps
    Reward: 1575XP
    If you alert one camp
    Reward: 1050XP
    If you alert three camps
    Reward: 525XP
    Mokrul (Goblin Cheiftain, first camp leader)
     Goblin, Goblin Elite, Goblin Archer, Goblin Archer Elite, Goblin Sorcerer
     Goblin Shaman, Half-Goblin Hordling, Worg
    Sack - Fireball, Vampiric Touch, Skull Trap
    Gothog Zorgar (Orc, second camp leader)
     Orc Warrior, Orc Archer, Orc Shaman, Orc Witch Doctor
    Ogrok (Goblin Cheiftain, third camp leader)
     Goblin Worg Rider Captain, Goblin Worg Rider, Worg, Half-Goblin Hordling
     Goblin Archer, Goblin Sorcerer, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Hordling
    Sack - Melf's Minute Meteors, Dispel Magic
    Pondmuk (Goblin)
      Task: Get Wooly Spider Body
      Reward: 700XP, Password is Chimera
      If you give him Wooly Spider Body x2
      Reward: 1050XP
      Give Him: Wooly Spider Queen Body
      Reward: 1575XP
      Give Him: another Wooly Spider Body
      Reward: 525XP
      Tip: Do not rest there
    Door - open to allow spiders to attack 
    Wooly Spider - Wooly Spider Body
    Wooly Spider Queen - Wooly Spider Queen Body
      Task: Open using password from Pondmuk
      Reward: 525XP
    Door Guard (Hobgoblin) - Door Guard's Key
    Hardened Fire Troll, Troll, Goblin, Goblin Elite
    Vunarg (Goblin Cheiftain)
      Task: Tell him to walk out of here now
      Reward: 1050XP
      Or get him to lead his people home
      Reward: 700XP
     Goblin, Goblin Elite, Goblin Archer Elite, Goblin Sorcerer
     Goblin Hordling, Half-Goblin Hordling
    Yquog (Barghest Whelp demon) - Tamjan's Bracers, Buckler of Dexterity,
        Shadowed Leather Armor
      Task: Speak to Tequog or Ilquog and tell him the password is Xvim
      Task: Ask for Krunbar's bracers to take to Kruntur
      Gives You: Tamjan's Bracers
      Task: Get Message to Yquog
      Reward: 1400XP, random weapon
     Goblin Whelp
    Orog, Orog Chief
  Goblin Warrens Level 2 (AR3002)
    Pusmug (Orog)
    Orc Archer, Orc Shaman, Orog, Ogre
    Sack - Dire Charm, Summon Monster III
    Bugbear x3
    Goblin Hordling, Half-Goblin Hordling, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Sorcerer
    Taskmaster (Orog) - Black Ward Stone (bypass trap on exit)
    Orog, Orc Warrior, Orc Shaman
    Table - Flame Arrow, Lance of Disruption
    Tequog (Goblin Whelp)
      Task: Speak to Kruntur
    Young Barghest Whelp, Hardened Fire Troll
    Kruntur (Dekanter Goblin Cheiftain) - Tamjan's Bracers Debris
      Task: Get his brothers bracers from Yquog
      Give Him: Tamjan's Bracers
      Reward: 3150XP, random shield, Message to Yquog
      Task: Ask if he has read it
      Reward: 1400XP
      Tip: Killing Kruntur, Ilquog or Tequog will upset Yquog
    Dekanter Goblin
    Chest - Protection from Arrows
      Tip: Kruntur and the Dekanter Goblins will attack when you open it
    Chest - Gem Bag
    Ilquog (Goblin Whelp)
      Task: Speak to Kruntur
    Young Barghest Whelp, Hardened Fire Troll
    Gumph (Hobgoblin) - Iron Ward Stone (bypass trap on exit)
    Orc, Orc Warrior
    Ogre Chieftain, Ogre, Goblin Shaman, Orc Witch Doctor, Troll
    Gate - open to allow creatures to attack
    Fire Beetle Queen, Fire Beetle
    Rock - Sophias Flight or Sophia's Arc #

(1.09) Fortress Courtyard (AR3100)
    Verbeeg, Orog Commander, Orog
    Orc Elite, Orc Elite Archer, Orc High Shaman, Orc Shaman, Orc Witch Doctor
    Hobgoblin Sergeant, Hobgoblin Elite, Hobgoblin Archer, Half-Goblin
    Goblin Overseer, Goblin Hordling, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Sorcerer
    Crate - Hold Person, Lightning Bolt
    Bugbear, Troll, Hardened Ice Troll
  Horde Fortress (AR3101)
    Old Orc - Key
    Door - use Key
    Bugbear, Goblin Sorcerer, Orc Witch Doctor, Hobgoblin Chief
    Orog Chief, Orog
    Cabinet - Icelance
    Guthma (Bugbear, Horde leader) - Mountains of Selune
    Goblin High Chieftain, Orc High Chieftain
    Orc High Shaman - Greatsword of the Defender
    Goblin Sorcerer, Orc Witch Doctor
    Orc High Shaman - Greatsword of the Defender
    Goblin Sorcerer, Orc Witch Doctor
    Table - Ghost Armor, Non-Detection
    Goblin Sorcerer
    Table - Haste, Invisibility Sphere, Slow
    Bugbear Jailkeeper
    Braston (Ranger)
      Task: Escort him to Ennelia
      Reward: 2100XP, random bow
      Task: Return to Ulbrec Dinnsmore
    Ogre Cook



Spine of the World, The Savage Frontier in The North region

The Savage Frontier is home to rough-and-tumble free cities, armed mining
camps, trading outposts, fiercely independent freesteads and wandering tribes
of barbarians.

To Faerûnians, the Spine of the World is simply an endless, nigh impassable
wall of tall, frozen mountains that marks the end of the world.  Beyond it
lies the Endless Ice Sea.  Icewind Dale and other sites collectively known as
the Frozenfar lie beyond the western wall.  Few of the ways across involve
climbing or flying: Hill giants roam the mountain slopes and the peaks and
frozen high valleys are home to frost giants, white dragons and yeti.
Instead, those determined to reach the Frozenfar endure perilous underground
scrambles through abandoned dwarfholds, some of which lead into mines that
pierce through the massive range.  Countless tribes of orcs, hibgoblins,
bugbears, goblins and giants call the dwarfholds and mountain caverns home and
darker things lurk in the lightless levels of the mines.

(2.01) Western Pass (AR4000)
  Oswald's Airship (AR4001)
    Oswald Fiddlebender
      Task: Awaken Oswald
      Reward: 1900XP
      Task: Put Thyrm Extract, Diamond x2, Belladonna, Fresh Spider Silk,
        Wood Pile and a normal weapon in Table
      Reward: 4275XP
    Boring Beetle - Boring Beetle Shell
    Table - Oswald's Spellbook
    Bookcase - Emotion: Hope, Spider Spawn, Mordenkainen's Force Missiles,
      Otiluke's Resilient Sphere
    Thrym Extract
    Crate - Diamond
  Foothills (AR4000)
    Boring Beetle Nest
      Task: Destroy nest to stop boring beetles from attacking
      Reward: 1900XP
      Task: Found equipment stolen by boring beetles
      Reward: 1425XP
    Boring Beetle - Boring Beetle Shell
    Wood Pile x3
    Captain Yurst (Luskan relief forces) - Protection From Cold,
        Fire Shield (Red)
      Task: Kill Fomorian Giants
      Reward: 4275XP
      Task: Give him Potion of Healing
      Reward: 525XP
      Task: Get Periapt of Wound Closure
      Reward: 1900XP
    Frost Spider
    Goublika (Verbeeg), Fomorian Giant
    Tundra Yeti - Yeti Pelt
    Crate - Periapt of Wound Closure, Tending Ivy, Potion of Healing
    Beodaewn (follower of Zamok the Destroyer) STORE - Resurrection
      Task: Expose him as a Werewolf
      Reward: 1900XP
    Beodaewn Follower (Werewolf)
    Wolves Den
    Odea Winterthaw (Aurilite Druid) - Nature's Vengeance or Nature's Fury #,
        Masterwork Sling
    Aurilite Ranger, Aurilite Druid, Wolf
    Aurilite Ranger Commander
    Illium Ar'Ghrenoir (Aurilite Leader) - Belladonna,
        Hagnen's Folly or Folly of Hagnen Odestone
    Hole - Potion of Clear Purpose
    Hole - Stoneskin
    Hole - Diamond
  (after defeating Lysara, Cathin, Oria and Aeij-Kllenzr't)
    Oswald's Goodbye Note, Potion of Greater Resistance

(2.02) Ice Wall (AR4100)
    Phuzalon (Barbarian Warrior), Ougamya of Uthgardt (Barbarian Warrior)
    The Master Of Locks
    Aurilite Postulant - Aurilian Ice Axe
    Remorhaz (Polar Worm) - Thrym Extract
    Vrassillus (Doom Guard) - Flaming Star +1
      Searching for Aurilite Holy Symbol and will attack if you have it
    Doom Guard
    Zack BoosenBurry's Note
    Thagro's body (Aurilite) - Oria's Note
    Shrine to Auril - Everlast Arrow
    Crystal Golem
    Aurilite Frosttouch
    Lever x3 - activates deadfall traps to smash forzen Neverwinter soldier
    Aurilite Holy Symbol (from Smashed frozen Neverwinter soldier)
      Task: Open Ice Door
      Reward: 2100XP
    Rock Pile x2 - can be used to rearm traps
    Aocha (Spider, Zack Boosenburry's mount)
    Aurilite Frosttouch x2 - Throwing Hammer +1
    Queen Remorhaz - Thrym Extract x2
      Task: Lead a male Remorhaz to her to melt the blockade of ice and snow
      Reward: 4725XP, Queen Remorhaz and Remorhaz turn neutral
      Task: Or kill it to destroy the blockade
      Reward: 3150XP
    Lord Rengar - Longsword +2, Shout
    Snow Troll
    Zack Boosenburry (Cleric/Illusionist of Baervan Wildwanderer) STORE
      Task: Kill Remorhaz to free Zack Boosenburry
      Reward: 3150XP
      Give Him: Zack Boosenburry's Note
      Task: Ask if he has and Belladonna
      Reward: Belladonna
      Task: Can ask him to open the Door with small hole
      Task: Find Aocha
      Reward: 4725XP, Gauntlets of Weapon Skill, Chameleon Ring of Dexterity,
      Task: Learn an exceptional amount about the Ice Temple
      Reward: 4725XP
      If you only learn a large amount about the Ice Temple
      Reward: 3150XP
      If you only learn some information about the Ice Temple
      Reward: 1575XP
    Cult of the Dragon Necromancer - Dart +1
    Spit Roast
    Chest - Emotion: Despair
    Wood Pile
    Door - open by turning Spit Roast
    Door with a small hole - open with a Gnome, Dwarf, Halfling or ask Zack
    Sherincal (Half-Dragon, Legion of the Chimera) - Chromatic Orb Wand,
       Potion of Arcane Absorption, Winged Blight or Thunder's Shock #
    Soarsmen, Aurilite Stormsister, Aurilite Postulant, Aurilite Frosttouch
    Barbarian Warrior, Barbarian Shaman
  (after defeating Lysara, Cathin, Oria and Aeij-Kllenzr't)
    Ingrath Mariner (Neverwinter Captain, Doppelganger)
      Give Him: Denham's Letters
      Reward: 525XP
    Neverwinter Soldier (Doppelganger)
    Rahm Dammel (Luskan Sergeant) - Winter Wolf Cloak, Large Shield +1
      Task: Exit north to start Chapter 3
  Ice Temple (AR4101)
    Lord Brisbaine's body (Talisman party leader) - Note To Lord Brisbaine
    Ice Golem Champion, Aurilite Postulant
    Winter Wolf - Winter Wolf Pelt
    Hidden Door
    Pit - Rogue Stone, Everlast Arrow
    Pit - Emotion: Rage
    Pit - Diamond
    Aurilite Frosttouch
    Barbarian Warrior, Polar Bear
    Nathaniel (Little Nate, Iselore's assistant from Kuldahar) TEMPLE
      Task: Free Nathaniel
      Reward: 2100XP
      Task: Ask High Priestess Lysara about the Glacier
      Reward: 1575XP
      Task: Lift antimagic shroud
      Reward: Nathaniel provides healing
      Task: Get Nathaniel's Bag Of Holding
      Reward: 3150
      Task: Defeat Lysara, Cathin, Oria and Aeij-Kllenzr't
      Reward: 4725
      Task: Get Nathaniel's Ring of the Ram
      Reward: 2300
      Task: Speak to Ingrath Mariner
    Bench - Note From The Master Of Locks
    Prisoner x5
      Task: Free them
      Reward: 7875XP
    Barbarian Warrior, Winter Wolf
    High Priestess Lysara - High Priestess Lysara's Temple Key, 
        Leather Armor +2, Aurilian Ice Axe
      Mentions Lysan
      Task: Learn that Aurilite congregation created glacier
      Reward: 1425XP
      Task: Learn that Aurilite priests created the storm
      Reward: 1425XP
    Ice Golem Champion, Aurilite Postulant, Aurilite Stormsister
    Dais - Turn east then west to lift antimagic shroud
      Turn anticlockwise to north then clockwise to north to open doors
      Turn southwest then northwest to unlock Oria's study
    Xhaan (White Abishai, Baatezu)
      Task: Banish Aeij-Kllenzr't to free them from Caged Fury's mind control
      Reward: 3150XP
    Lesser White Abishai - attack if you are injured
    High Priestess Cathin - High Priestess Cathin's Temple Key, Ice Axe +1
    Aurilite Frosttouch, Aurilite Stormsister
    Bookcase - Protection from Lightning, Dominate Person
    Table - History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness
    Bookcase - History of the Dead Three, History of the Drow, 
      History of the North I, The Folly of Fury, Secret Societies
    Ondabo (Marid, Ocean Genie) - Ruby Ring, Scimitar of the Defender +1
      Mentions Nym and asks you not to kill Aurilite Postulants
    Ice Troll
    Aurilite Stormbrother, Barbarian Shaman
    Kuldahar Painting - can take you to Nickademus (Bedroom), Xhaan (Chimera),
      Oria's Game Room (Strength), Shadow Room (Lysan), Random (Interesting),
      Lower Level (Death to Kuldahar), Treasure Vault (In Auril's name) and
    Winter Wolf
    Crate - Confusion
  Ice Temple Lower Level (AR4102)
    Aurilite Frosttouch, Aurilite Stormsister
    Cult of the Dragon Necromancer, Soarsmen
    Ice Golem Champion
    Aurilite Postulant, Barbarian Warrior, Polar Bear
    Mirror - rotate west
    Crystal Golem
    Bookcase - High Priestess Lysara's Journal
    Table - Masterwork Halberd, Masterwork Spear, Masterwork Flail,
      Masterwork Mace, Masterwork Morningstar
    Winter Wolf
    Prism Rotate switch
    Prism Activate switch
      Task: Rotate Prism south then activate to unlock Treasury door
      Task: Rotate Prism north and Mirror to the west to unlock Shadow Door
    Male Body, Female Body
    Table - Vitriolic Sphere
    Bookcase - Cursed Scroll of Ugliness
    Bookcase - Cursed Scroll of Petrification
    Bookcase - Protection from Poison
    Bookcase - Cursed Scroll of Ailment
    Bookcase - Cursed Scroll of Stupidity
    Nickademus (Wizard, Ice Temple creator, Halaster's apprentice)
      Task: Ask for help defeating Aeij-Kllenzr't
      Reward: Casts Hope and Protection From The Elements on your party
      Or ask him to share his wisdom
      Reward: 5175XP, will call upon your services later
      Or ask for items he has collected
      Reward: Protection from Evil Ring, Protection from Electricity x5,
        Delay Poison Potion
    Wardrobe - Summon Monster IV, Rogue Stone, Returning Frost Dart
    Coffin - hidden door
    Crystal Mirror (Mirror of Life Trapping)
      Task: break it to free Talisman Henchman then speak to Nickademus
    Talisman Warrior - Bastard's Son or Know Thy Family #
    Talisman Bishop - Flail of the Defender +1
    Talisman Assassin - Ring of Regeneration
    Talisman Mystic - Adventurer's Robe, Shroud of Flame
    Talisman Henchman
    Door - use High Priestess Oria's Temple Key
    High Priestess Oria
      Task: Fight until she disappears then travel to Oria's ethereal realm
    Winter Wolf
    Oria's Essence - Traveler's Robe, Wand of Magic Missiles, Ice Storm,
    Wardrobe - Dead Cat, Skull, Emotion: Fear, Ice Dagger
    Crate - Nathaniel's Bag Of Holding
    Crate - Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness, Ring of Clumsiness
    Crate - Cursed Scroll of Foolishness
    Crate - Cursed Scroll of Weakness
    Crate - Gauntlets of Fumbling
    Crate - Fire Shield (Blue)
    Crate - Minor Globe of Invulnerability
  (Treasure Vault)
    Ice Golem Champion
    Chest - Nathaniel's Ring of the Ram
    Chest - Everlast Arrow
    Chest - Animate Dead
  (Oria's Game Room)
    Mode Selector 1, Mode Selector 2 switches
      1-1 Battle Square
      0-1 Temple Maintenance - repair Prism
      1-0 Inner Sanctum - portal to Oria's ethereal realm
    Mode Activator switch - start game with character that pulled the switch
    Obtain 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 squares at time of victory to achive levels 1-5
      Any level - High Priestess Oria's Temple Key
    To obtain 7 squares you need to start with these six squares
      | X | X |   |
      | X |   | X |
      |   | X | X |
    Achive all levels to complete rank
    Rank Selector 1 to Rank Selector 10 switches
      Rank 1 - Dragon's Belt or Warded Dragon's Belt #
      Rank 2 - Potion of Holy Transference
      Rank 3 - Abishai Hide Armor or Cornugan Hide Armor #
      Rank 4 - Boots of Grounding
      Rank 5 - Throwing Axe of Shocking Burst
      Rank 6 - Club of Disruption
      Rank 7 - Ice Spear +4
      Rank 8 - Composite Longbow of Empowerment
      Rank 9 - Wand of the Dead
      Rank 10 - Brilliant Short Sword +5
    Ice Golem Champion
      Task: Complete all ranks to become Battle Square Master
      Reward: 7425XP, Bracers of Icelandic Pearl
  (Shadow Room)
    Shadow Door - attempt to open to unlock Hidden Door
    Hidden Door
    Auril's Altar
      Task: Invoke true name of Aeij-Kllenzr't (Tempest Spirit of Talos)
      Reward: 4725XP



(3.01) Wandering Village (AR5000)
  This area sees much traffic, both humanoid and animal - the animal tracks
  are primarily those of small game and large wolves, while the humanoid
  tracks are largely from human-sized feet in hide-wrapped boots.  The
  scattered remains of simple but well-crafted arrows mark the west as hunting
  grounds.  The smoke and smell of small cooking fires rises from a small
  village in the east.  There are also some large, misshapen humanoid
  footprints about, as if from a deformed giant.
    Thvara Baelm (Cleric of Auril) - Thvara's Journal, Wand of Fear
    Barbarian Warrior (Black Raven tribe), Barbarian Shaman
    Brogrob (Goublika's brother) - Quarterstaff +2
      Task: Tell him to leave
      Reward: 287XP
    Dire Wolf, Ferocious Dire Wolf
    Sordirsin the Tusked (Barrow Wight)
      Task: Get Drinking Horn
      Note: A Bard with Diplomacy can honor him with a song instead 
    Barrow - Chainmail Armor, Wight's Blade or Hammer of Utter Darkness #
  (Wandering Village)
    Pairi (Villager)
      Task: In the Fell Wood go northeast to reach clearing with a stump then
        north, east, east to find Carynara the Dryad
      Task: L9 Sorcerer can train her
      Reward: 1575XP
    Nym (Drow) STORE - mentions Underdark
      Pickpocket: Short Sword +2
    Jari (Hunter) - Leather Armor, Spear, Longbow
      Task: Give Winter Wolf Pelt for betrothal gift for Anja
      Reward: 1575XP, Bloodstone Amulet
      Task: Or sell him Winter Wolf Pelt
      Reward: 1575XP, 200GP
      Pickpocket: Yeti Pelt
    Suoma the Elder STORE
      Task: Speak to Venla the Healer and save the children
      Task: Speak to Tahvo the Huntmaster and remove Sordirsin the Tusked
      Note: Nym leaves once you have completed this task
      Task: Speak to Kurttu and uncover the mystery of Kyosti's disappearance
      Reward: 3150XP
      Task: Get Fell Wood Remains
      Reward: 1575XP
      Task: Destroy Dark Treants to clear the path to Cold Marshes
      Reward: 2100XP
      Pickpocket: Potion of Aid
    Venla the Healer TEMPLE STORE
      Gives You: Potion of Extra Healing x3
      Task: Defeat Limha to save the children
      Reward: 2100XP
      Task: In the Fell Wood from Carynara the Dryad go southeast then
        northeast, southeast, northwest, southeast to find Standing Stones
      Task: Get Frostrose from Cold Marshes
      Reward: 1575XP, Venla's Medicine x3
      Pickpocket: Potion of Frost Giant Strength
    Tahvo the Huntmaster STORE
      Gives You: Arrows +3
      Suggests you make notes on you map when navigating Fell Wood
      Task: Get Drinking Horn for Sordirsin the Tusked
      Reward: 2100XP
      Pickpocket: Hemp Rope, Lynx Eye Gem
    Kurttu (Carita's stepmother)
      Task: Speak to Hunter's Ghost and put Kyosti's spirit to rest
      Reward: 2100XP
      Pickpocket: Masterwork Dagger
    Leevi (Hunter) - Leather Armor, Spear, Longbow
      Pickpocket: Hunting Arrows
%   Bashshar al Rachid (Djinni) TEMPLE STORE
%     Task: Set him free
%     Reward: Brazen Bands, Cloak of Protection +1, Star Sapphire
%     Or use his services, after the third use you are attacked
%   Arif ab'd Bashshar - Chainmail +1, Scimitar +3, Masterwork Arrows
%   Hadya ab'd Bashshar - Leather Armor +2, Arrow +2, Buckler
%   Nur ab'd Bashshar - Wizard Robe of Fire Resistance, Masterwork Dart
%   Jabir ab'd Bashshar - Wizard Robe of Fire Resistance, Masterwork Dart
%   Mercenary x2 - Chainmail Armor, Masterwork Scimitar, Masterwork Arrows
%   Rogue x2 - Masterwork Arrows, Buckler
  (after completing Suoma the Elder's three tasks)
    Isair (Demon-elf Cambion Sorcerer, Legion of the Chimera commander)
    Madae (Isair's sister, Cambion Priestess of Iyachtu Xvim)
    Possessed Corpse x5
      Task: Destroy Possesed Corpses
      Reward: 3000XP

(3.02) The Fell Wood (AR5001)
  This area sees a good deal of traffic.  Most are hide-wrapped human-sized
  boot-prints, and the tracks of heavy clawed humanoids - perhaps trolls? -
  and large wolves.  There are also some large leather boot-prints, as if from
  a humanoid weighing at least four hundred pounds, small moccasin tracks - a
  woman's? - and what appear to be the footprints of young children. The sweet
  smell of cloves drifts along the breeze from the east.
    Snow Troll, Greater Snow Troll, Snow Troll Shaman
    Wroth (Barbarian Warrior) - Wroth or Bloody Wroth #
    Barbarian Warrior, Barbarian Shaman
  (after exposing Limha)
    Limha - Greatsword +3, Limha's Scroll Case - Greater Shadow Conjuration,
      Lesser Planar Binding: Fire Elemental, Protection From Evil, Mage Armor,
      Lesser Planar Binding: Water Elemental, Summon Monster IV, Hold Monster,
      Lesser Planar Binding: Air Elemental, Summon Monster V, Dominate Person,
      Lesser Planar Binding: Earth Elemental, Animate Dead, Melf's Acid Arrow,
      Spider Spawn, Emotion: Rage, Summon Shadow, Summon Monster III, Grease,
       Chaos, Dismissal
    Snow Troll
    Werewolf, Sword Spider, Umber Hulk, Lemure, Frost Salamander, Salamander
    Yeti, Otyugh, Will o'wisp
  (after freeing Restless Dead of Fell Wood)
    Dire Wolf, Ferocious Dire Wolf
    Will o'wisp
    Kyosti's Ghost
      Task: Return to Kurttu
      Gives You: Kyosti's Spear or Kyosti's Hunting Spear #
  Limha's Home (AR5002)
    Limha (Witch) STORE
      Note: A Paladin can sense she is evil and will attack her outside
    Agog (Limha's child)
    Little Hannu (Child)
  AR5010 (Entrance)
    Hunter's Ghost
      Suggests going west or southwest to exit the Fell Wood if you get lost
      Ask Pairi and Venla the Healer if the know a way through
    Go northwest to AR5024
  (after speaking to Kurttu)
    Hunter's Ghost
      Task: Destroy Ghost-Lights to give peace to Restless Dead of Fell Wood
      Reward: 1575XP, Fell Wood Remains
      Task: Speak to Kyosti's Ghost
    Go northeast to AR5017
  (after completing Suoma the Elder's three tasks)
    Dark Treant
    Go southeast to AR5015
  AR5024 (Wolves Lair)
    Winter Wolf, Greater Winter Wolf - Winter Wolf Pelt
    Go southeast to AR5017
    Restless Dead
    Stump - Elixir of Health x3
    Go north to AR5018
    Go east to AR5019
    Go east to AR5016
    Reward: 1575XP
    Restless Dead
    Carynara the Dryad (Sprite) TEMPLE
      Task: From Standing Stones go southeast then southeast, northeast,
        northwest to small creek, then northwest, northeast, southeast.
    Go southeast to AR5026
    Or go northwest to AR5020
    Or go northeast to AR5025
    Go northwest to AR5026
    Go northeast to AR5026
    Go northeast to AR5027
    Go southeast to AR5028
    Go northwest to AR5029
    Go southeast to AR5011
  AR5011 (Standing Stones)
    Reward: 2100XP
    Restless Dead
    Thief's Corpse - Drinking Horn, Sulo's Hook or "Baron" Sulo's Hook
    Go southwest to exit
  (after speaking to Kurttu and Hunter's Ghost)
    Go southeast to AR5012
  AR5012 (Pond)
    Restless Dead
    Go southeast to AR5013
    Go northeast to AR5014
    Go northwest to AR5021
  AR5021 (Creek)
    Restless Dead
    Go northwest to AR5022
  AR5022 (Creek)
    Go northeast to AR5023
  AR5023 (Creek)
    Go southeast to AR5030
  AR5030 (Heart of the Forest)
    Reward: 3150XP
    Witch Light (Ghost-Light)
    Death's Candle (Ghost-Light)
    Go northwest to return to AR5010
  (after completing Suoma the Elder's three tasks)
    Dark Treant, Greater Dark Treant, Elder Dark Treant
    Go northeast to Cold Marshes

(3.03) Cold Marshes (AR5004)
  The sound of a wide river grows strong here.  The pockmark prints of large
  arachnids are evident in this area, as are the tracks of large clawed
  humanoids - probably trolls - and heavy human-sized hide-wrapped boots.
  Strands of nearly invisible webbing can be seen undulating in the breeze
  amoungst some of the tree branches.  There is the occasional great splotch
  of dark, watery dung - large flying reptiles may be about.
    Frost Spider
    Snow Troll, Greater Snow Troll, Snow Troll Shaman
    Frostrose (x=3275, y=2175)
    Hadbruki (Barbarian Shaman, Uthgardt Black Raven tribe) - Azure Rod or
        Glowing Azure Rod #
      Task: Open the Gate-of-Stone
      Reward: 2100XP
    Barbarian Warrior, Barbarian Shaman

(3.04) River Caves (AR5005)
  The cave in this area is, without a doubt, the lair of a dragon - possibly
  two.  Based on the climate and judging from the damage to the surrounding
  terrain, the creature or creatures are of the species Draco Rigidus Frigidus
  the white chromatic dragon.
    White Dragon, White Wyrm

  Dragon Cave (AR5010)
  This cave is clearly the lair of a mated pair of dragons. There are no other
  tracks save those of tiny insects that must feed on whatever carrion the
  dragons deem too small to eat. A faint, eerie clicking sound echoes from the
  great pit at the lair's eastern end.
    White Dragon, White Wyrm
    Studded Leather Armor +2
    Nest - Wyrm's Maw or Great White Wyrm's Maw #
    Deep Pit - use Hemp Rope

  River Caves (AR5101)
  These well-traveled caves seem to house a number of different inhabitants.
  Most tracks are strangely splayed scratches made by heavy, bipedalm shelled
  creatures.  There are also wide steel-shod boot-prints of the sort commonly
  seen around dwarves, clawed humanoid feet like those of small trolls, and
  patches of "scoured" stone where plant matter has been lifted away or
  something acidic has eaten at the stone surface.  
    Hook Horror, Hook Horror Guardian
    Fire Beetle
    Hook Horror Matriarch
    Cave-in - use Mining Tools
    Ice Troll
    Corpses - Masterwork Warhammer, Chainmail Armor
    Shambler - The Black Lamia's Tongue
    Ochre Jelly (use Cold and Fire weapons and spells)
    Duergar's Body - Duergar Key
    Door - use Duergar Key
  (Duergar Outpost)
    Dargab the Slave-Master (Duergar) - Valorfoe or The Dire-Hammer Valorfoe #
      Mentions Kolom's band if you are a Duergar
      Task: Ask Barud Barzam about Mining Tools
    Orc Slave-Soldier (Nargo) - mentions Oti was killed by Hook Horror
    Orc Slave-Soldier - Battleaxe
    Duergar Bolter - Masterwork Bolt
    Duergar Warrior, Duergar Cleric of Laduguer
    Barud Barzam (Duergar commander) - The Skirling Skull or
        Skirling Svirfneblin Skull #
      Task: Clear the caves of monsters
      Reward: 1725XP, Shield of Fortitude or Shield of Duergar Fortitude #,
        Duergar-Forged Axe or Duergar-Forged Doom Axe #, Garnet Gem x3
      Task: Slay the Black Raven monks
      Reward: 2300XP, Armor of Warding or Duergar-Forged Armor of Warding #,
        Hammer of Darkness or Barrow Wight's Blade
      Note: To get the most experience slay the monks then slay the Duergar
    Harhord Dorm (Barud Barzam's bodyguard) - Battleaxe +2, Black Urchin or 
        Spiny Black Urchin #
      Will only speak to other Duergar
    Crate - Mining Tools
    Crate - Masterwork Warhammer
    Crate - Masterwork Heavy Crossbow
    Dragu Ironbreaker (Duergar Artisan) STORE - Masterwork Bolt,
        Hell Bolter or Dragu's Hell Bolter #
      Task: Figure out Hell Bolter then help design Doom Bolter
      Reward: 1725XP, 7000GP or Doom Bolter or Dragu's Doom Bolter #
  (Shrine of Laduguer)
    Zama Rogadimne (Bishop of Laduguer) TEMPLE - Warhammer +1
      Gives You: Potion of Extra Healing x3
      Pickpocket: Potion of Extra Healing, Potion of Remove Curse
  (Torture Chamber)
      Task: Use Turn Undead then persude the spirit to leave
      Reward: 3000XP
      Or suggest it attacks the duergar

  River Caves Exit (AR5102)
  This area has recently seen much activity - several sets of human-sized boot
  tracks traverse the entire area. Large animal prints can also be seen in the
  dust - bears, perhaps, though the claws appear unusually sharp, as if they
  were tipped with steel.  The stone here seems to be partially natural,
  partially worked, and in some places simply burrowed through by a large
  stone-going creature or creatures.
    Umber Hulk
    The Beastlord Harshom (Hosttower Mage from Luskan) - Shield Ring,
      Bracers of Defense +2, Raven Gate Key
    Hosttower Mage
    Huntsman - Arrows of Piercing
    War Bear, Battle Cat
    Gate - use Raven Gate Key and enter to start Chapter 4



(4.01) Black Raven Monastery (AR5200)
  This area sees a fair amount of foot traffic from large, bare, humanoid feet
  - the makers are probably seven to nine feet tall and weigh in excess of
  four hundred pounds.  There are also the occasional huge splotches of
  watery dung, indicators of sizeable flying creatures. Based on their texture
  and color the creatures are probably reptilian rather than avian.  Several
  plumes of smoke rise from numerous chimneys on a large keep-like structure
  in the east, though there are few if any human tracks about.
    White Wyrm
    Nest - White Wyrm Egg, Ruby Ring
    Tundra Yeti, Ferocious Yeti

  Black Raven Monastery (AR5201)
  This area is well swept and cleaned with great care. The halls smell faintly
  of baking bread.
    Salisam Harbash - Masterwork Dart
      Mentions Archimandrite Ormis Dohor
      Task: Speak to Aruma Blane
      Task: Get Dolon's Letters
      Task: Show Aruma Blane Dolon's Letters and she leaves with Dolon Daemba
      Reward: 2925XP
      Task: Master the Eight Chambers
      Reward: 3900XP, Associate of the Black Raven Monastery
    Aruma Blane (Standing Archimandrite) - Raven Tomb Key
      Task: Return to Salisam Harbash
      Task: Reveal Salisam Harbash's offer and he will wait outside Monastery
      Reward: 2925XP
      Task: Master the Eight Chambers
      Reward: 3900XP, Associate of the Black Raven Monastery
    Dolon Daemba (Legion of the Chimera envoy from Sigil) - Longsword +2,
        Short Sword +3, Bracers of Defense +3, Cloak of Protection +1
      Pickpocket: Dolon's Chamber Key, Ring of Charm, Potion of Healing x4,
        Wand of Melf's Acid Arrow, Potion of Extra Healing x2
    Bookcase - History of Durpar and Var the Golden
    Chest - Bracers of Defense +2
    Chest - The Hammer of Lucerne or Holy Swizarnian Hammer of Lucerne #
  (Monastery Library)
    Bered STORE
      Mentions Valas Belaem Del Pharm, half-drow from Rilauven
    Bookcase - Philosophy of Kara-Tur
    Bookcase - Valas - The Black Raven
    Bookcase - On Non-Violence
  (Monk Quarters)
    Sersa (Quartermaster) *INN
      Task: Ask Svaltid Hanarsen to train her
      Reward: 2925XP, rest for free
      Or a Monk can train her
    Chest - Valas - The Black Raven
  (Training Hall)
    Svaltid Hanarsen (Master Trainer)
    Ven (Thief)
      Task: Refuse to help him and accept his bribe
      Reward: Nonin's Ring
      Pickpocket: Flamedance Ring
    Chest - Ryomaru's Harmless Staff or Ryomaru's Harmless Tanuki Staff #
    Barrel - Lamp Oil x9
    Crate - Potion of Healing x3, Potion of Extra Healing
  (Monastery Kitchens)
    Nonin (Steward) STORE, TEMPLE
      Task: Get Nonin's Ring
      Reward: 3900XP, Potion of Extra Healing x3
      Or give him a Ruby Ring
      Reward: Storeroom Key
  (Dolon's Chamber)
    Chest - Dolon's Letters
    Bookcase - Secret Societies
    Bookcase - History of the North I

  The Eight Chambers (AR5202)
  This area is regularly swept and cleaned with great care.  A myriad of
  bizarre smells floats throughout: wet stone, sulfur, hot metal, and lamp oil
  to name just a few.  An assortment of sounds no less strange echoes about as
    Morohem (Master of Chambers)
      Task: Master each chamber with one unarmed party member
      Task: Ask Nonin for Storeroom Key
      Pickpocket: Flamedance Ring
  (Chamber of Stone)
    Order shown by the dice along the wall
    Task: Pull switch I and kill Stone Monk
    Task: Pull switch V and kill Stone Monk x2
    Task: Pull switch III and kill Stone Monk x3
    Task: Pull switch II and kill Stone Monk x4
    Task: Pull switch IV
    Reward: 2300XP
  (Chamber of Shadows)
    Dark Portals, 1, 2, 3 along north east wall and 4, 5, 6 on south west wall
    Task: Use Dark Portal 1, 3, 4, 6
    Reward: 2300XP
  (Chamber of Sorcery)
    Raised floor panel gives Protection from Electricity
    Task: Defeat Crystalline Monk x2
    Reward: 2300XP
  (Chamber of Clockwork)
    Task: Defeat Clockwork Monk x3
    Reward: 2300XP
  (Chamber of Sand)
    Switch - activate Aganazzar's Scorcher
    Task: Defeat Sand Monk x2
    Reward: 2300XP
  (Chamber of Silk)
    Task: Defeat Poisonweb Spiders
    Reward: 2300XP
  (Chamber of Battle)
    Task: Knock out Iron Monk over blue circle and pull right hand lever then
      knock out both Iron Monks over blue circles and pull left hand lever
    Reward: 2300XP
  (Chamber of Immolation)
    Task: Defeat Brass Monk x2
    Reward: 2300XP

  Raven Tomb (AR5203)
  This enormous, high-ceiling cavern echoes with the roar of an underground
  river and waterfall - the headwaters of the Black Raven River.  There are a
  few tracks here: those of the soft-soled shoes of the monks, and some wide
  steel-shod boot-prints of the sort commonly seen around dwarves.
    Door - use Raven Tomb Key or become Associate of the Black Raven Monastery
    Iron Golem x4
    Valas' Tomb - The Shackles of Roa or Chains of Righteous Strength #,
      Bracers of Defense +4
    Duergar Commander - Battleaxe +1
    Duergar Warrior, Duergar Bolter

(4.02) The Underdark (AR5300)
  The hard stone floor of this area makes tracking difficult.  However you
  manage to find silver and white hairs scattered about.  The healthy sheen of
  the strands and occasional perfume leads you to believe the hairs are from
  dark elves.  The smell of sulfur floats in the air and the smell of stale
  sweat wafts over the center of the cavern.
  (Ahk Kyorl Kulgg compound)
    Malavon Despana (Drow Diviner, Patron of House Despana,
        Archmage of Rilauven's Sorcere Academy of Magic) STORE - Dagger +3,
        Malavon's Journal, Robe of the Evil Archmagi, Ring of Protection +2,
        Ring of Spell Resistance
      Task: Destroy Viciscamera Heart
      Reward: 5850XP
      Task: Convince Ginafae Despana to leave the Drider Caves
      Reward: 3900XP
    Kadresh Olonrae (of Vhaeraun) TEMPLE, STORE - Studded Leather Armor +2,
        Vampiric Dagger +1, Lightning Longsword +2, Amulet of Protection +1,
        Sling +2, Corrosive Bullets +1, Cure Critical Wounds, Moonbar Gem x3,
        Flame Strike, Rogue Stone
    Viizra Arabani (First Daughter of House Arabani) TEMPLE, STORE - Flail +3,
        Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise, Ring of Frost Resistance, Black Opal x2
        Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Symbol of Pain
    Sorcere Apprentice - Dart +2, Potion of Extra Healing
    House Despana Guard - Corrosive Bolts +1, Potion of Extra Healing
  (after destroying Viciscamera Heart)
    Ginafae Despana (Drow)
      Gives You: House of Despana Insignia, House of Despana Piwafwi
    Goblin Fodder
    Drow Priestess (Lolthian Assassin) - Chainmail +2, Buckler of Denial,
      Cloak of Displacement, Flail +3
    Drow Deathsinger, Drow Assassin
    Blue Myconid, Red Myconid
    Heggr Splitsteel (Dwarf, Priest of Abbathor) STORE - Sparking Bullets +1,
        Sling +1, Warhammer +3, Small Shield +1
      Can get 20% off his goods and 20% more for your goods
      Pickpocket: Bloodstone Gem x2, Cure Serious Wounds
    Myrvek of Gracklstugh (Derro) STORE - Quarterstaff +2, Acid Tipped Darts,
        Knave's Robe, Ring of Fire Resistance, Water Opal x2, Tchazar Gem x4,
        Andar Gem x6, Diamond, Lightning Bolt, Lower Resistance
    Wode the Guileful (Drow from Ched Nasad) STORE - Leather Armor +2,
        Battleaxe +2
      Pickpocket: Amulet of Protection +1, Ring of Knowing, Iol Gem x4, 186GP
    Valas Rrostarr (Wode's bodyguard) - Light Crossbow +2, Spear +3, Bolt +2,
        Potion of Extra Healing
      Pickpocket: Potion of Extra Healing, 189GP
    Barrel - Short Sword +1, Morningstar +1, Masterwork Morningstar
    Chest - Studded Leather Armor +1, Leather Armor +2, Chainmail +1,
      Buckler +1
    Chest - Light Crossbow +2, Bolt +1, Arrows +1
    Chest - Minor Mirror Image Potion, Potion of Evil Protection
    Chest - Wand of Bull's Strength, Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds,
      Wand of Alicorn Lance
    Box - Skydrop Gem x2, Lynx Eye Gem x13, Star Diopside Gem,
      Andar Gem x4
    Box - Flamedance Ring, Onyx Ring, Gold Necklace, Bluestone Necklace
    Sword Spider
    Shadow Drake
    Oinchack'olp (Mind Flayer) - Mercykiller's Belt
      Task: Get Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone
      Reward: 3900XP, Mercykiller's Belt
      Or refuse to give him Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone
      Reward: 3900XP
    Derro Savant Thrall, Minotaur Thrall
    Sorn (Drider Fighter), Nadal (Drider Wizard)
  (after destroying Viciscamera Heart)
    Drider Wizard, Drider Priestess, Drider Fighter, Viciscamera Drider Wizard
    Viciscamera Drider Priestess, Viciscamera Drider Fighter
  (after speaking to Malavon Despana)
    Beelthot (Mind Flayer)
    Drow Wizard Thrall - Dart +2
    Fomorian Thrall, Duergar Fighter Thrall

  Drider Caves (AR5301)
  The strands of webbing and coarse hairs are easily spotted in these caves.
  Silver and white hairs are also common.  From their location, you suspect
  that dark elves have been dragged through the area, towards the northeast.
  In the air, you occasionally detect a faint, musty smell, like spores.
    Drider Priestess, Drider Wizard
    Drider Fighter - Potion of Minor Elemental Barrier
    Blue Myconid, Red Myconid
    Viciscamera Drider Priestess, Viciscamera Drider Wizard
    Viciscamera Drider Fighter
    Ginafae Despana (Drider, Malavon's sister) - Morningstar of the Eternal +3
      Task: Convince Ginafae Despana to leave the Drider Caves
    Ginafae's Spider
    Hole (near Myconids) - Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone (Strange Blue Sphere)
    Imphraili Asserbai of Tyranturos (Red Wizard of Thay Transmuter,
         Legion of the Chimera) - Ring of Protection +2, Ring of Regeneration,
         Dagger +2, Robe of Absorption or Imbued Robe of Absorption #,
    Books - Progress Journal: Viciscamera, A Treatise Upon Flesh Golems,
      Imphraili's Transfusion Notes
    Table - Wand of Enfeeblement, Wand of Bull's Strength
    Table - Vial of Silvery Fluid, Vial of Spores x3
    Imphraili's Lab
      Use Progress Journal: Viciscamera, Vial of Silvery Fluid,
        and Vial of Spores to create Conversion Poison
      Use A Treatise Upon Flesh Golems and Vial of Spores to create
        Sanguis Anima
      Use White Wyrm Egg to create Potion of Frost Giant Strength x2
      Transmute Potion of Healing into Potion of Extra Healing
      A Transmuter can use White Wyrm Egg to increase their Cold resistance by
        5 and decrease their Fire resistance by 5
      A Transmuter can use Imphraili's Transfusion Notes and Sanguis Anima to
        increase their HP by 5
      Note: There is a limited number of reagents
    Inanimate Enhanced Flesh Golem
      Task: Use Sanguis Anima and awaken with an electrical blast
      Reward: Enhanced Flesh Golem serves the character who cast the spell
    Enhanced Flesh Golem
    Celeridrider (increased Speed)
    Spithdrider (casts Web)
    Cradoldrider (produces Cradoldrider Spawn)
    Viciscamera Cocoon
    Viciscamera Heart
      Task: Use Conversion Poison
      Reward: Viciscamera Drider's destroyed

  Z'hinda Citadel (AR5302)
  The area has been kept very clean, the floor is almost spotless.  Careful
  examination unearths a variety of hairs, ranging from Underdark races to
  minotaurs.  Despite the lack of tracks, the stench of unwashed bodies is
  thick in the air.  Whatever lives here must not have a very good sense of
    Abdoshanheth (Mind Flayer)
    Flesh Golem, Minotaur Thrall
    Drow Fighter Thrall - Corrosive Bolts +1
    Lightning Generator - Diamond
      Unlock it with a Rogue to turn it off
    Mind Golem x4
    Barrel - Iron Rations x20
    Svirfneblin Thrall
    Derro Savant Thrall, Drow Wizard Thrall
    Weapon Rack - Masterwork Battleaxe
    Weapon Rack - Masterwork Greataxe
    Weapon Rack - Greataxe +1
    Weapon Rack - Masterwork Spear
    Anvil - Battleaxe
      Can create Masterwork Battleaxe
      Fighter can create Battleaxe +1
      Duergar can create Duergar-Forged Doom Axe
    Duergar Fighter Thrall
    Galoombethshe, Ecktarr'ilsen'ularr, Oolay, Zeph'ulp-Maress (Mind Flayers)
    Elder Brain
      Task: Ask it for passage
      Reward: Unseal exit
      Or destroy it
    Morhizulosh (Mind Flayer)
    Fomorian Thrall, Minotaur Thrall, Drow Wizard Thrall

(4.03) Exit from The Underdark (AR5303)
    Mirabel (Red Wizard Diviner) - Adventurer's Robe, Bracers of Defense +3,
        Mirabel's Pendant or Mirabel's Maleficent Pendant #,
        Staff of the Defender +1
    Majrash (Red Wizard) - Ring of Acid Resistance, Bracers of Defense +4,
        Ice Pick +1, Cloak of Mystra or Mystra's Embrace #
    Oswald Fiddlebender
      Task: Ask him to take you to Kuldahar to start Chapter 5
      Pickpocket: Lynx Eye Gem, Iron Rations
    Maralie Fiddlebender (Oswald's Niece)



Spine of the World

(5.01) Kuldahar Pass (AR6000)
  Thick, healthy grass and wildflowers grow throughout this area.  No snow
  stands in this unnaturally warm section of the pass.  Tracks are abundant,
  mostly leading from the east to the west.  A large group of human men, women
  and children made an exodus towards where Oswald's airship now sits. Uneven,
  erratic footprints scattered in the mud lead you to believe that some sort
  of deformed or undead creatures have recently passed through the region.
    Hiepherus (Half-Orc Neo-Orog Priest of Bane, Legion of the Chimera)
      Task: Trick him into revealing his plans
      Reward: 1200XP
      Task: Trick him into retreating
      Reward: 1200XP
    Wight, Wight Lord, Wraith, Black Archer, 
    Khavros the Black (Wight Lord)
    Hand of Khavros (Wight Lord)
  (At night, after defeating Hiepherus)
    Mother Egenia's Spirit (Priestess of Ilmater, Isair and Madae's guardian)
      Task: Ask about your future
      Reward: 1600XP
      Task: Ask about Isair and Madae's weakness
      Reward: 1600XP
      Task: Speak to Iselore then tell her what happened to Isair and Madae
      Reward: 1600XP, spirit at rest
  Oswald's Airship (AR6007)
    Oswald Fiddlebender
      Pickpocket: Potion of Explosions, Oil of Fiery Burning
    Maralie Fiddlebender
    Table - Potion of Extra Healing, Potion of Explosions
  Watchtower (AR6008)
    Jermsy (Ranger, Town Watch Captain) - Longbow +2, Club +2
      Task: Defeat Hiepherus and his army
      Reward: 2400XP, 174GP, Eye of the Hunter or Swift Eye of the Hunter #,
        Pearl Necklace, Farmer's Cloak or Blessed Farmer's Cloak #
      Task: Get Key from Gerbash
      Reward: 1200XP
      Pickpocket: Chameleon Ring of Dexterity, Potion of Hill Giant Strength,
        Arrows +3
    Nathaniel STORE, TEMPLE
      Task: Set Mother Egenia's spirit to rest
      Reward: 1200XP, Ring of Protection +3, Wand of Entanglement, Sunbeam
      Pickpocket: Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Extra Healing,

(5.02) Hrothgar's Glen (AR6002)
  The stench of musty long-dead corpses lingers on the otherwise refreshing
  air.  Judging by the open graves in the southeast, you presume that the
  undead are nearby,  A distinctly different set of large, broad footprints
  lead from the glen entrance towards the cavern doors in the northeast.  They
  might belong to armored orcs or ogres.
    Wraith, Wight Lord, Black Archer
    Statue of Ilmater
      Task: Lay to rest the undead to sanctify the Ilmater graveyard
      Reward: 1200XP
    Old Kholsa's grave (x=1330, y=850) 
      Examine the grave when you have Medallion of the Lost Followers
    Atalaclys the Lost, Jaiger of the Fanged Seasons, Kaervas Death's Hand,
      Inhein-Who-Was-Taken, Broken Khree, Veddion Kairne (Lost Followers)
      Task: Send the Lost Followers to their second death
      Reward: 5850XP, Paladins gain STR+1, WIS+1, HP+5
    "Cera Sumat," Holy Avenger or Light of Cera Sumat #
  Crypt (AR6003)
    Hiepherus - Poisoned Blood Flail +2, Tower Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles,
        Half-Plate Armor, Amulet of Protection +1, Potion of Extra Healing x5,
        Holy Power, Circle of Blades, Visions of Hierpherus
      Task: Kill Hiepherus to cleanse the Kuldahar Valley of evil
      Reward: 2400XP
    Neo-Orog Marauder, Wraith
    Altar - Undead Ward, Restoration

(5.03) Kuldahar (AR6001)
    Yuan-ti Archer (from Chult) - Arrow +2
    Yuan-ti Abomination
    Iselore (Archdruid of Silvanus from Highmoon) TEMPLE
      Replaced Arundel, mentions demon Yxunomei amd Hosttower member Edgeel.
      Mother Egenia resurrected the elf Ilmadia Bariel who gave birth to 
      cambion twins Isair and Madae, children of the devil Belhifet.
      Task: Defeat Chahopek the Guardian and seal the Crossroads
      Reward: 2400XP
      Task: Defeat Cedra's forces
      Reward: 2400XP
    Heartstone Gem
    Crossroads (Portal to Chult)
  (after sealing Crossroads)
    Cedra (Yuan-ti Half-Breed) - Ring of Protection +3, Scimitar of Acid +2
    Harpy, Yuan-ti Half-Breed Priestess, Yuan-ti Half-Breed Sorceress
    Neo-Orog Scout, Neo-Orog General, Yuan-ti Archer, Yuan-ti Abomination
    Neo-Orog Maraider, Neo-Orog Priest of Bane
  (if you return from Dragon's Eye)
    Nathaniel, Jermsy, Sheemish, Conlan
      Reward: Heavy Crossbow +4, Bolt +5, 753GP
  Conlan's Smithy (AR6004) (was Gerth's Equipment Shoppe)
    Conlan STORE
      Task: Find Conlan's son Sheemish
      Reward: 1200XP, store discount
  Iselore's House (AR6005) (was Arundel's House)
  Iselore's House Upstairs (AR6006)
    Table - Servered Ties Servered Hand
  Orrick's Tower (AR6009)
    Open Book - Yemnit Progales K'apahcs
    Sheemish (Blacksmith, Conlan's son) STORE
      Task: Ask if the words Yemnit Progales K'apahcs mean anything
      Pickpocket: Wand of Fire, Amulet of Protection +1
    Strange Apparition (Orrick's elemental servant) STORE
      Task: Set it free
      Reward: 1200XP, transfers store items to Sheemish 
    Bookcase - Legends of Icewind Dale
  Temple of Ilmater (AR6010)
    Gerbash (Dwarf, Evening Shade Innkeeper)
      Gives You: Key
      Task: Heal him or give him healing potion
      Reward: 1200XP
      Pickpocket: Diamond, Emerald, Potion of Explosions

Chult in the Chultan Peninsula region

Located at the westernmost end of the Chultan peninsula, Chult is a
mountainous jungle of savage beasts, hulking dinosaurs and disease-ridden
swamps.  Reclusive human tribes, fierce goblins and strange monstrous folk
haunt this dangerous land.  Other than the humans, intelligent creatures
living in large numbers include the Batiri (green-skinned goblins), yuan-ti
and lizardfolk.

(5.04) Chult (AR6050)
  Tracking should be easy in this humid climate, but the frequency of rain and
  the sheer abundance of life makes the process difficult.  Slithering tracks
  slide alongside the myriad vines with human footsteps frequently alongside
  them.  Animal tracks in the region are common, but their spacing and depth
  indicate that the creatures bolt through this section of the jungle as
  quickly as possible.
    Crossroads (Portal to Kuldahar)
    Yuan-ti Priest, Yuan-ti Abomination
    Religious Stele x4
    Altar of Sseth - Emerald x2
    Katchmat (Mezro Warrior)
    Pureblood Sorcerer
    Ssethsar Sashkta (Yuan-ti)
      Listen to four challenge rituals
    Initiate - Initiates Robes (cannot be worn by Paladin)
    Altar x5
      Task: Use Religious Stele x4 and broken Religious Stele
      Reward: 2400XP, summon guardian
    Chahopek the Guardian (Black Serpent)
      Reward: Acid 5/-, HP+12, seal Crossroads
  Serpent's Lair Temple (AR6051)
    Task: Break the strength of the yuan-ti in Chult
    Reward: 1600XP
    Yuan-ti Archer (Temple Guard)
      What approaches at dusssk - The growing darkness
      What drowns Selune's gleaming - The obscuring moon of our faith
      Where does Sseth embrace unbelievers - In his cradle of scales
      Who keeps the ancient venom of Sseth potent - His faithful followers
      What is the black flower of the world - Night fed by the dead of day
    Yuan-ti Priest
      Task: Ask about Guardian
    Jeszrael (Yuan-ti Half-Breed emissary from Dragon's Eye) -
        Scimitar of Acid +2, Studded Leather Armor +2, Ring of the Warrior,
        Potion of Magic Dispelling
    Yuan-ti Cook - Ring of Acid Resistance, Dead Cat
      Task: Ask about treasury combination - 6th, 9th (Viper's Fangs), 2nd
      Task: Ask about the Black Flower ritual
    Pureblood Sorcerer
      Task: Ask about fifth challenge ritual
    Pureblood Fighter, Yuan-ti Abomination
    Switch - release Heartless Dead
    Heartless Dead x4
    Religious Stele 
    Table - Snakebite
    Table - Protection from Fire
    Bookcase - Chain Lightning
  (Inner Coils)
    Ashra (Leader of Viper's Fangs) - Studded Leather Armor +2, Short Sword +4
        Potion of Extra Healing x3, Light Crossbow +3, Bolt +3, Chameleon Ring
        Sparking Bolts +1, Dagger +4
    Viper's Fangs Assassin x9 (Pureblood) - Arrow +2
      Task: Trick into revealing part of treasury combination - 10th, 3rd, 5th
      Reward: 1200XP
    Inhatri (Head of Coiled Cabal) - Bracers of Defense +4, 
        Ring of Shock Resistance
    Coiled Cabal Disciple (Yuan-ti Sorcerer)
      Task: Trick into revealing how to seal the portal
      Reward: 1200XP
    Table - Vampiric Short Sword, Protection from Acid, Vitriolic Sphere,
        Poisonfang or Ysha's Sting #
  (Northern Chamber Treasury)
    Stones along the floor from left to right 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11
                           and along the wall 3, 6, 9
      Task: Depress stones in the order 10, 3, 5, 6, 9, 2
    Histachii (Brood Guard)
    Table - Scimitar +3
    Table - Milton Sixtoes' Armor of Absolute Self
    Table - Black Adder
    Table - Ring of Protection +2
    Table - Finger of Death, Summon Monster VII, Mordenkainen's Sword,
      Power Sword: Stun
    Table - Wand of Lightning
  (Ritual Chamber)
    Winged Serpent Statue - Desiccated Heart x4
    Switch - raise and lower bridge
  (Ojaiha's Private Chambers) 
    Ojaiha of the Gleaming Scales (Yuan-ti High Priest)
      Task: Attempt to resolve the yuan-ti threat peacefully
      Reward: 2400XP
    Viper, Viper's Fangs Assassin, Coiled Cabal Disciple
    Chest - Thunder Clap or Force of Lightning #

Spine of the World

(5.05) Dragon's Eye (AR6100)
  The air at this high elevation is thin and frigid, but you feel a pleasant
  warmth emanating from the entrance to Dragon's Eye.  The well-worn path
  leading to the entrance contains a large assortment of footprints; curiously
  several small patches along the path contain little or no footprints at all,
  like the were avoided intentionally.
    Frost Salamander
    High Sorceress Izbelah (Yuan-ti Half-Breed) - Suffocate, Fire Agate Gem
    Skull on pole - disable traps

  Dragon's Eye First Level (AR6101)
  The ground here is dominated by a variety of tracks, both coming and going.
  Evident are patrol formations and a high concentration of trails traveling
  from the entrance to a large room in the north.  The frigid temperature felt
  outside is completely gone.
    Yuan-ti Pureblood Thief - Bolt +2
    Yuan-ti Pureblood Warrior
    Lizard Man Warrior, Lizard Man Shaman
    Elite Lizardman Warrior - Fire Agate Gem
    Bridge - Hemp Rope
    High Commander Grishum (Yuan-ti Pureblood) - Cloudkiss or Stormshifter #,
      Shortbow of Life +2, Dart of Stunning, Chainmail +1
    Switch - stop Circle of Blades
    Brazier x5
      Task: Place Fire Agate Gem in brazier to open Statue of Sseth
      Task: Use handle
      Reward: 1200XP, opens gate to the prison
    Yuan-ti Pureblood Thief
    Nheero Fhutma (Yuan-ti Sage)
      Task: Find remains of his traveling companion Mandal Graye
      Reward: 1600XP
      Task: Get The Sword of Myrloch Vale and take it to Mandal Graye's spirit
      Task: Get Sabotaged Histachii Brew
      Reward: Neehro changes into a Histachii.  You can find him in the egg
        chamber and ask about Feyrs then you can find him in the Library and 
        ask why Feyrs are being created then you can find him in the Study.
        You can also ask about Thorasskus.
    Prisoner (in west section)
      Ask him to get a weapon from the armory and fight
    Prisoner (in east section)
      Let him rest and he will cast healing spells on your party
    Prisoner (wearing robes in east section) - Returning Poison Tipped Dart,
        Ring of Regeneration, Dagger +4, Malavon's Rage, Fire Agate Gem
      When you return he casts protection spells then attacks
    Prisoner (Troll) - Fire Agate Gem
    Prisoner (Drow)
      Ask him to get a weapon from the armory and fight
    Wyvern - Wyvern Stinger
    Chest - Greatsword of Flame +1, Bracers of Defense +3, Throwing Daggers +2
        Sling of Spell Resistance, Bullets of Corrosive Burst
    Chest - Hemp Rope, Tower Shield of Charm Protection +1, Warhammer +2,
        1/4 Weight Field Plate, Icy Bastard Sword +1
    Chest - Reflective Short Sword +1, Small Shield of Increased Fortitude,
        Iron Arbalest or Mithril Arbalest #, Studded Leather Armor of Horror
    Nest - Acid Storm, Dart +4, Antidote x6, Fire Agate Gem

  Dragon's Eye Second Level (AR6102)
  Several footprints, mostly humanoid, can be seen throughout, with large sets
  towards the east. The air feels naturally warm and contains a subtle hum, as
  if it's filled with residual magic.
    Yuan-ti Half-Breed Sorceress, Yuan-ti Half-Breed Priestess
    Chest - Hemp Rope, Owain's Lullabye or Sweet Auril's Kiss #,
        Zuvembie or Zuvembie's Impunity #
    Mandal Graye's body (Aasimar) (x=3550, y=1275)
    Mandal Graye (Armored Skeleton)
      Give Him: The Sword of Myrloch Vale
      Reward: Shows you where he put the Modified Mandrake Root
      Task: Get Modified Mandrake Root and return to Nheero Fhutma
    Giant Spider - Spider Body
    Wand of the Spider's Web
    Nathaniel (Rakshasa Maharajah) STORE - 175GP, Stone to Flesh Scroll,
        Mass Invisibility, Potion of Extra Healing x4
      Task: Catch him out talking about Andoran Druids or speak to the real
        Nathaniel in Kuldahar then return
    Ferocious Jaguar
  (Ziggurat Chamber)
    Broken Lever (north) - rest here and it will be repaired
      Pull the lever at night with a Cleric then stand on the Ziggurat to
        receive Protection from Evil and summon a Glabrezu
    Worn Lever (south)
    Table - Mandrake Root or Mandrake Root #
      Task: Put Mandrake Root on table then pull Worn Lever
      Reward: Histachii Brew
      Task: Put Modified Mandrake Root on table then pull Worn Lever
      Reward: 3600XP, Sabotaged Histachii Brew
      Note: If your Alchemy skill isn't high enough ask D'hey-jazerrion
    Table - Antidote x4, Flask of Braehg
      Task: Put Wyvern Stinger on table then pull Worn Lever
      Reward: Wyvern Poison
    Bookcase - Seven Eyes, Elemental Barrier, D'hey-jazerrion's Notes
    Table - Bullet +4, Cat-tail or Nimble Cat-tail #
    Bookcase - History of the Dead Three, Symbol of Pain,Protection from Magic
    Bookcase - History of the Chosen of Mystra, Protection from Fire,
    Bookcase - History of the Bell in the Depths, Protection from Electricity,
    Bookcase - History of Tethyr, Protection from Cold, Fire Storm
    Bookcase - History of Sembia, Protection from Acid, Creeping Doom
    Bookcase - History of the Moonsea, Protection from Poison, Destructon
    Bookcase - History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness, Blasphemy,
        Protection from Petrification
  (after getting Modified Mandrake Root and speaking to Nheero Fhutma)
    D'hey-jazerrion (Alchemist) - fixes Worn Lever
  (from Cave Level 1)
    Ancient Wyvern
  (after returning The Sword of Myrloch Vale to Mandal Graye)
    Modified Mandrake Root or Modified Mandrake Root #

  Dragon's Eye Third Level (AR6103)
    Armored Skeleton
    Yuan-ti Chamption, Yuan-ti Priest, Yuan-ti Archer
    Iron Golem
    Table - Male Body, Female Body, Child's Body
    Mechanical Door
      Task: Use Wyvern Poison on Fountain x4 and kill High Priest Thorasskus
      Reward: Door opens
    Monstrous Snake
    The Sword of Myrloch Vale (x=2390, y=1590)
    Snake Statue
    Large Metal Door - use Rogue to search for hidden switch
    Table - Spirit Essence x5
      Ask Nheero Fhutma for Sabotaged Histachii Brew to get past Sseth's Eye
    Shelf - lower drawbridge
    Efreeti (sent by King Lothar to kill Thorasskus)
    Thorasskus (High Priest, One-Of-Many) - Ring of Freedom of Movement,
        Bracers of Defense +4, Ring of Protection +3
      Flees to Snake Statue, opening passage to Treasure Chamber
    Table - Histachii Brew x5, Unenchanted Histachii Brew x5, Mummy's Tea x5,
        Potion of Healing x5, Elixir of Health x5, Potion of Extra Healing x5,
        Spirit Essence x5, Elven Healing Wine x5, Philter of Purification x5,
        Antidote x10
    Bookcase - Philosophy of Kara-Tur, Identify, Inflict Light Wounds
    Bookcase - The Folly of Fury, Find Traps, Blur
    Bookcase - Banishment, Protection from Fire, Haste
    Bookcase - Engineering Manual, Stoneskin, Neutralize Poison
    Bookcase - Yago's Book of Curses, Summon Shadow, Raise Dead
  (Treasure Chamber) - use passage
    Pots - Ring of Invisibility
    Pots - Medallion of the Lost Followers
      Task: Belonged to Duke Kholsa Ehld, take it to Old Kholsa's grave
    Pots - Vipergout, Stone to Flesh Scroll, Protection from Poison x5,
      Protection from Magic
    Gold Pile - Hemp Rope
    Gold Pile - random shield

(5.06) Dragon's Eye Exit (AR6104)
  This is the magma chamber of the volcano. The air is extremely hot and heavy
  - almost unbearable - but you manage by placing a damp cloth over your nose
  and mouth.  Though the magma sea would incinerate any organic material it
  came in contact with, the islands within it are traversable.  The footprints
  here however, are quite peculiar; they seem to come and go, shift positions,
  and change form constantly with no apparent pattern or consistency.
  (Day 5)
    Cornugon, Wight Lemure Slave
    Bridge - use Hemp Rope x4
    Inquisitor Venomin (Pureblood Yuan-ti) - killed Lord Pyros
    Archon (Undead Boatman) TEMPLE, STORE
  (Lord Pyros' domain)
    Ambassador Jasper (Fire Salamander)
    Greater Feyr
  (Ambassador Jasper's embassy)
    Bookcase (Izbelah's equipment) - Hold Person Wand, Spirit Essence x2,
  (Fields of Slaughter exit)
    Master Zil-t'yor (Beholder) - killed King Lothar
      Task: Kill it to exit
    Hell Hound, Flamewalker, Troll, Lava Mephit, Efreeti
  (Day 4)
  (Ambassador Jasper's embassy)
    Ambassador Jasper
  (Lord Pyros' domain)
    Inquisitor Venomin - kills Lord Pyros
  (Ambassador Jasper's embassy)
    Inquisitor Venomin - kills himself
    Elite Lizardman Warrior, Frost Salamander
    Yuan-ti Champion, Yuan-ti Archer
  (Upper Levels)
    King Lothar (Fire Giant)
    Yuan-ti Half-Breed Priestess
  (Fields of Slaughter exit)
    Yuan-ti Pureblood Warrior, Yuan-ti Pureblood Thief, Lizard Man Shaman
  (Day 3)
  (Lord Pyros' domain)
    Lord Pyros (Fire Elemental created by Kossuth)
      Give Him: Antidote
      Reward: 1000GP or random item with fire damage or resistance
    Inquisitor Venomin
    High Sorceress Izbelah
    Flamewalker - Ask to watch Eternal Flame play
      King Lothar kills High Sorceress Izbelah
    Ambassador Jasper
  (King Lothar's Citadel)
    King Lothar - Potion of Explosions
    Efreeti, Hell Hound, Troll
  (Fields of Slaughter exit)
  (Day 2)
  (Lava Mephit Lair)
    Chest - Dykhast Longsword or Sword of Gleaming Dykhast #
    Lord Pyros
    King Lothar
  (Fields of Slaughter exit)
  (Day 1)
    Task: Prevent Izbelah from casting Temporal Stasis spell
  (Ambassador Jasper's embassy)
    High Sorceress Izbelah - Suffocate, Fire Agate Gem x5, Hold Person Wand,
     Scimitar +4, Spirit Essence x2
    Frost Giant
  (Fields of Slaughter exit)

If you asked Nickademus for assistance you must now return the favor

(5.07) Ice Temple Lower Level (AR4103)
      Task: Kill all the Outsiders on the level
    Gelugon, Glabrezu, Cornugon, Red Abishai, Lesser White Abishai, Lemure
    Crate - Potion of Magical Resistance
    Crate - Spirit Essence
    Chest - Potion of Extra Healing
    Bookcase - Potion of Extra Healing

(5.08) Fields of Slaughter (AR6200)
  Despite hearing tales that the Fields of Slaughter was the site of an
  ancient battle between elves and orcs carried out centuries ago, the path
  into the fields seems very well traveled.  In fact, upon closer inspection,
  you find traces of blood that could not be more than a few days old.  In
  addition, many of the fresher tracks seem to be made from orcs and elves.
    Saablic Tan (Red Wizard of Thay, Imphraili Asserbai's master)
    Neo-Orog Priest, Elite Neo Orog, Red Neo Orog, Guard, Red Wizard, Feyr,
    Fallen Bladesinger, Slayer Knight of Xvim, Half-Dragon, Yuan-ti Halfbreed,
    Elite Half Goblin - Half-plate Armor
    Blahg'mah (Dread Orc) - Orc Encampment Bone Key, Axe of the Souls or
        Soul Stealer #
      Ask to be taken to Kratuuk
    Rib Bones (Prison Bars) - use Orc Encampment Bone Key
    Tsol Silverblade (Elf)
      Task: Free the imprisoned elves
      Reward: 2600XP
    Kratuuk (Shaman Dread Orc) - Staff of Greater Spell Resistance +5,
        Black Goat Girdle or Blessed Black Goat Girdle #
      Task: Kill M'darfein
      Gives You: Orc Encampment Bone Key
      Reward: 3900XP
    Altar - Control Undead, Geloise or Beloved Geloise #
    Orc Tent - Hold Monster
    Orc Tent - Summon Efreeti
    Rock Pile (Hidden Door) - use Orc Encampment Bone Key
    Festering Drowned Dead, Ice Zombie
    Cold Bones - Frost Arrows +1
    Elven Dread Warrior, Orc Dread Warrior
    Gorg (Orc Dread Warrior) - Backblighter or Cowards Flight #
      Task: Secure the help of dread orc scout group
      Reward: 2600XP
    Body - Viol of the Hollow Men or Tallow's Violin #
    Saralon D'frayn (Elf Cleric) - Vial of Elven Holy Water, Boots of Speed,
        Chainmail +1, Warhammer +2, Large Shield
      Task: Discover plan to use holy water to sanctify Fields of Slaughter
      Reward: 1950XP
    M'darfein (Elf Lich) - Disintegrate, Acid Fog, Scroll Case
    Elven Dread Warrior, Elven Dread Archer
    Fallen Bladesinger
    Elven Scout Tent - Delayed Blast Fireball, Delnar's Delight or
        Delnar's Lightning Stave #
    Neo-Orog Priest, Red Neo Orog, Elite Neo Orog, Yuan-ti Halfbreed
    Elite Half Goblin - Half-plate Armor, Half Orc - Half-plate Armor
      Task: Use Vial of Elven Holy Water
      Reward: 3900XP, destroys all Dread creatures

(5.09) Fields of Slaughter Exit (AR6201)
  This area seems unusually quiet.  Foot traffic is light, encompassing prints
  from humanoid sized creatures.  This might be a safe place to rest, but you
  conclude that a watch will definitely be necessary.
    Saablic Tan - Cacofiend, Xvimian Fang or Xvimian Fang of Despair #,
        The Shroud of Bankao or Death Shroud of Bankao #
    Wanmok - Cold Fire
    Slayer Knight of Xvim, Red Neo Orog, Neo Orog Priest, Elite Half Goblin
    Red Wizard
    Guard - Corrosive Bolts +1
    Barbarian's body - Gem Bag, Throwing Hammer of Thunder +2
    Half-Dragon, Elite Half Goblin
    Barbarian's body - Flail of Veranon or Demon Breath Flail #
    Task: Exit area to start Chapter 6


(6.01) Severed Hand (AR6300) "Hand of the Seldarine"
    Guard Commander
      Task: Bluff your way past and learn of the delegate pass
      Reward: 1500XP
      Or discover there is a Minister of Foreign Affairs
      Reward: 750XP
    Guard, Chimera, Apocalyptic Boneguard
    Crack - Impaler or Life's Blood Drinker #
  Servered Hand First Floor (AR6301)
  You see many tracks made by humans.  They travel in every direction and
  crisscross many times.  Any other tracks have been obscured.
    Zigma - Note to Guards
    Guard, Slayer Knight of Xvim
    Glabrezu Guard (Immortal Demon)
    Jerre Stoh (Slave Foreman, follower of Ilmater)
      Task: Ask about Glabrezu Guard
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Ask about Ilmater after speaking to Toral Sorn
      Reward: 750XP, Tears of Suffering
      Task: Destroy Globe of Essence and Glabrezu Guard to free the slaves
      Reward: 1500XP
    Xavier Torsend (Minister of Foreign Affairs)
      Mentions Isair and Madae are away on business
      Task: Find out that Betran Weaver and Cardaf are responsible for the war
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Ask to see the imprisoned envoy, Puddy Talltale
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Ask for a delegate pass (required beyond second floor)
      Reward: 750XP, Severed Hand Oelegate Pass
      Task: Tell him the conscripted workers are slaves so he resigns
      Reward: 750XP
    Cabinet - Fiery Cloud, Death's Bane or Delnar's Healing Blade #
    Cabinet - Summon Monster VIII, Hippogriff Riders of the Hand
    Urn - Bolt+5, Cure Critical Wounds, Neutralize Poison, Rage of Chaos or
        Order's Nemesis #
    Ysha (Slave)
      Task: Get Altered Severed Hand Plans from Kav Lathram
      Gives You: Severed Hand Plans
      Reward: 1000XP
    Table - Spiritcaller or Death's Ally #
    Vashti Zerran (Assistant Slave Foreman)
      Task: Speak to Miram
      Task: Watch Kitchen Servant give out food then follow Zaem
      Task: Secure the slaves food supply through peaceful means
      Reward: 1500XP
    Zaem (Zaem's Creation, invisible creature, food thief)
      Task: Tell it that Cedrin Zil killed Zaem Astyr
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Get Ring of Nourishment
      Reward: 1000XP
      Task: Return to Vashti Zerran
  Servered Hand Second Floor (AR6302)
    Roga Thulc (Assistant Slave Foreman)
      Task: Speak to Vylu Prehv
      Task: Speak to Ruinlord Eradru and cure Vylu Prehv
      Reward: 1500XP
    Vylu Prehv
      Task: Return to Roga Thulc
      Task: Ask her to drink Potion of Mental Clarity
      Reward: 1000XP
      Task: Return to Roga Thulc
    Earth Elemental
    Dracein (Half-Dragon, Saablic Tan's mistress) - Greatsword +4
    Precious (Chimera)
    Potion Lab
      Task: Use Demon's Blood, Bonding Agent, Virulent Agent
      Tip: Do this under improved invisibiliy to avoid a fight
      Reward: Lethal Virulent Poison
      Task: Put Lethal Virulent Poison in Sack in kitchen
    Pillow - Chimandrae's Slippers or Chimandrae's Warded Slippers #
    Cabinet - Robe of Enfusing, Mass Dominate, Summon Fiend
    Vese Nejj (Thayvian Mage) - Robe of the Evil Archmagi, Boots of Grounding,
        Golden Girdle, Cloak of Displacement, Quarterstaff +5
      Task: Solve portal puzzle to get to Wizard Tower First Floor
      Reward: 1000XP
      Task: Get Orrick the Grey's Spellbook, Orrick's Book of the Mythal,
        Larrel's Bones but don't speak to Orrick the Grey
      Reward: 1000XP, Greater Fortitude or Lightning Reflexes or Iron Will
      Task: Confess what you have done to Orrick the Grey
    Thayvian Mage - Quarterstaff +3
    Fynne (Thayvian Mage)
      Task: Destroy Demonic Construct as a pawn in their test
      Reward: 750XP
    Tasha (Fynne's apprentice)
    Demonic Construct - Tainted Demon's Blood
    Bookcase - Stone to Flesh Scroll
    Table - Mind Blank, Gate, Diary of Garuk Katah
    Cabinet - Meteor Swarm, Master's Robe or High Master's Robe #
    Bookcase - Diary of Zaem Astyr (Saablic Tan's apprentice)
    Bookcase - The Last Alliance I: The Elves, Horrid Wilting
    Bookcase - The Last Alliance II: The Dwarves
    Bookcase - The Last Alliance III: The Darkest Hour
    Bookcase - The Last Alliance IV: The Dwarf Alliance
    Bookcase - The Last Alliance V: Echoes of the Fall
    Bookcase - The Last Alliance VI: The Fall
    Cedrin Zil (Librarian) - Bracers of Defense +4, Cloak of Protection +2,
        Dagger +5, Shield Amulet
      Task: Ask about Diary of Zaem Astyr then speak to Kav Lathram
      Task: Expose him as Zaem Astyr's murderer
      Reward: 1500XP
      Task: Speak to Vese Nejj then return to Kav Lathram
    Kav Lathram (Zaem Astyr's apprentice)
      Task: Give him Severed Hand Plans and ask him to alter them
      Reward: Altered Severed Hand Plans
      Task: Ask about death of Zaem Astyr then speak to Jaebrilla
      Task: Return when Cedrin has been delt with
      Reward: 750XP
    Pipe - Virulent Agent, Ring of Nourishment, Power Word: Kill
    Ruinlord Garuk Katah - Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol, Plate Mail +1
      Task: Read Diary of Garuk Katah then speak to Hatemaster Drothan
    Globe of Essence (from Iyachtu Xvim)
      Task: Destroy it after completing Ilmater Sanctification Ritual
      Reward: 1500XP
      Task: Destroy Glabrezu Guard
    Ruinlord - Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol
    Slayer Knight of Xvim x2 - Greatsword of the Soulless +5
  Servered Hand Third Floor (AR6303)
  You find the tracks of humans wearing heavy boots.  There is some evidence
  that a large creature with taloned feet passed this way recently.
    Neo-Orog Priest, Slayer Knight of Xvim
    Shelf - Ilmater Holy Symbol (belonged to Madae)
    Bookcase - Iron Body, Black Blade of Disaster, Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol
    Yxbudur'zmutkimdu (Gelugon baatezu)
      Task: Impress him with your knowledge
      Reward: 1500XP, Yxbudur'zmutkimdu, Pfinik'millillin, Tutup'limbobo leave
    Pfinik'millillin (Cornugon), Tutup'limbobo (Red Abishai)
    Lemure Slave, Wight Lemure Slave
    Bookcase - Bonding Agent
    Radiant Pool
      Task: Use Holy Water of Corellon Larethian
      Reward: Prevent Isair and Madae from healing
  Servered Hand Forth Floor (AR6304)
  You find the track of humans in soft soled shoes and heavy boots.  There is
  also evidence of creatures with taloned feet.
    Riki (Drow Matriarch) STORE - Short Sword +4 x2, Amulet of Protection +1,
        Shadowed Studded Leather +1, Boots of Stealth, Cloak of Non-Detection
      Task: Use Potion Lab to create Lethal Virulent Poison
      Reward: 1500XP
      Task: Speak to Toral Sorn and perform Ilmater Sanctification Ritual
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Speak to Stubnok
    Miram (Cook)
      Task: Ask for more food then return to Kav Lathram
      Task: Put Lethal Virulent Poison in the Sack
      Reward: 1500XP, kills Ruinlord Gadu Crum and the guards in the barracks
      Task: Return to Riki
    Bookshelf - Demon's Blood
    Ruinlord Gadu Crum (Legion of the Chimera guard)
    Thayvian Mage - Quarterstaff +3
    Guard - Corrosive Bolts +1
    Half-Goblin, Yuan-ti Halfbreed, Bugbear
    Chest - Aegis, Great Shout
    Chest - Chain of Drakkas or Chain of Drakkas' Fury #
    Chest - Power Word: Blind, Wail of the Banshee
    Instructor (Pit Fiend)
    Ruinlord, Red Abishai, Glabrezu Guard
    Jaebrilla (Serving Wench, Zaem Astyr's fiancee)
      Task: Ask about death of Zaem Astyr then return to Cedrin Zil
      Task: Return when Cedrin has been delt with
      Reward: 750XP
    Urn - Summon Monster IX, Executioner's Eyes, The Black Hands of Shelgoth
        or Horrific Black Hands of Shelgoth #
    Hatemaster Drothan (Priest of Iyachtu Xvim)
      Task: Ask about Garuk Katah's holy symbol
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Ask about Globe of Essence to find out about demon's immortality
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Ask how to destroy Globe of Essence
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Speak to Toral Sorn
    Ruinlord Eradru (Highpriest of Iyachtu Xvim) TEMPLE
      Task: Ask about a cure for Vylu Prehv
      Reward: 1000XP, Potion of Mental Clarity
      Task: Return to Vylu Prehv

(6.02) Severed Hand Wizard Tower (AR6400) "Labelas Tower"
  There are few tracks here, but they are distinct. You find traces of humans,
  goblins and gnolls.  There is some evidence of a giant wearing metal shod
    Portals numbered 1-5 clockwise from the top
    Task: Use portals in the order 1, 3, 5, 2, 4, 1 to form a star
    Reward: Teleported to First Floor
    Task: Return to Vese Nejj
  Wizard Tower First Floor (AR6401)
    Iron Golem
    Weenagoo (Goblin, Orrick the Grey's Apprentice, Weenog's descendant)
  (Bed Chamber)
    Globe - Orrick the Grey's Spellbook
    Globe - Headknocker or Club of Confusion #
    Apprentice (Gnoll)
  Wizard Tower Second Floor (AR6402) - Library
    Daku (Gnoll Librarian)
    Table - The Unstrung Harp or Sephica's Prayer #
    Bookcase - Orrick's Book of the Mythal
    Bookcase - Tome of Ilmater
  Wizard Tower Third Floor (AR6403) - Workroom
    Orrick the Grey
      Task: Confess if you have helped Vese Nejj
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Ask about radiant pool
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Ask about mythal and the collapse of the Severed Hand
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Ask for help sending Puddy Talltale home
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Return to Vese Nejj
    Iron Golem
    Globe - Larrel's Bones

(6.03) Severed Hand War Tower (AR6700) "Sheverash Tower"
    Elite Half Goblin, Elite Neo Orog
    Cabinet - War Tower Prison Key, Dead Cat, History of the North
    Greater Feyr
    Iron Cell Gate - use War Tower Prison Key
    Toral Sorn (High Cleric of Ilmater)
      Task: Take Tome of Ilmater, Ilmater Holy Symbol, Bonds of the Faithful
        and Tears of Suffering to Ilmater Statue in the Cleric Tower and
        complete the Ilmater Sanctification Ritual
      Reward: 750XP
      Task: Purify Radiant Pool with Holy Water of Corellon Larethian
      Reward: 750XP
    Ormis Dohor (Lemure, Half-Drow Black Raven Monastry Archimandrite)
      Task: Get Monk's Antidote
      Reward: 1500XP, will fight with you against Isair and Madae
    Puddy Talltale (Gnome envoy from Bryn Shander)
      Task: Kill Greater Feyr and free him
      Reward: 3300XP
      Task: Speak to Orrick the Grey and ask for safe passage
      Reward: 4950XP
    Carl (thinks he's a rock)
  War Tower First Floor (AR6701)
  Blood splatters nearly every square foot of the floor.  However, you can
  make out the delicate footprints of an elf near the stretch rack.
    Harcourt Rustblade (Torturer) - Viper's Fang +2, Dead Cat
    Pustule the Sick (Half-Orc, Torturer) - Pustule's Flail or
        Pustule's Flail of Boils #
    Wight Lemure Slave, Lemure Slave
    Iron Maiden - Male Body, Female Body
    Stretch Table - Bonds of the Faithful
  War Tower Second Floor (AR6702)
  Dust is very prevalent in this chamber, probably due to the winds that come
  barreling in from the western gate.  Any outstanding tracks are soon covered
  up, making any kind of tracking nearly impossible.
    Obbak (Red Neo Orog)
    Weapon Rack - Masterwork Spear, Masterwork Quarterstaff
    Weapon Rack - Masterwork Throwing Axe, Masterwork Halberd
    Weapon Rack - Masterwork Greataxe, Masterwork Halberd
    Weapon Rack - Masterwork Greataxe, Masterwork Halberd
  (after performing Ilmater Sanctification Ritual)
    Stubnok - Delnar's Dart of Dispelling or Delnar's Eye Gouger #,
        Stubnok's Note
      Task: Speak to Captain Pudu
      Task: Tell him you borrowed Captain Pudu's Key
      Reward: Stubnok quits (if you killed Captain Pudu, Stubnok attacks)
    Gate - Use Captain Pudu's Key
  (after killing T'rsosl Malign)
    Buvai de'Naly (Thayvian Mage Liaison)
      Reward: 2250XP, taken to Isair and Madae for the final battle
  Broken Sky Bridge to Mage Tower (AR6800)
  War Tower Aerie (AR6703)
    Nalakora (Half-Dragon)
    T'rsosl Malign - School Cap or Intriguing School Cap #, 
        Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise, Scimitar +3, Scimitar of Acid +2
    Slayer Knight of Xvim x2 - Greatsword of the Soulless +5
    Neo Orog Priest, Half-Dragon

(6.04) Severed Hand Officer Tower (AR6600) "Corellon Tower"
    Chimera x2
    Sprawg (Neo-Orog combat instructor) - Monkey Paw of Discipline or
        Monkey Paw of Extreme Prejudice #
    Red Half Dragon, Bugbear Captain, Half-Orc, Half-Goblin, Yuan-ti Halfbreed
    Table - History of the Dales and the Elven Court
  Officer Tower First Floor (AR6601)
    Greater Boneguard x2 or Apocalyptic Boneguard x2 #
    Morvyn (High Xvimian Monk, martial arts instructor) - Gohoin's Charm or
        Gohoin's Secret Charm #
    Eltob - Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
    Chest - Robe of Enfusing, Cloak of Protection +2
    Training Dummy - Glass Darts +1, Darts of Infatuation +1
  Officer Tower Second Floor (AR6602)
    Barrel - Male Body, Resurrection
  Officer Tower Arboretum (AR6603)
    Bisbe (Custodian) - Delnar's Dart of Dispelling or Delnar's Eye Gouger #
    Bushes - Male Body, Full Plate Mail +1
  (after speaking to Stubnok)
    Captain Pudu (Half-Goblin Captain of the Guard) - Captain Pudu's Key,
        Half-plate Armor, Spell Resistance, Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise,
        Pudu's Blight or Pudu's Fiery Blight #
      Task: Say you are from Church of Iyachtu Xvim and ask to borrow his keys
      Reward: 1500XP, Captain Pudu's Key
    Vyxein (Half-Dragon)

(6.05) Severed Hand Cleric Tower (AR6500) "Solonor Tower"
    Yquog (if you didn't kill him in the Goblin Warrens)
    Sune Statue
    Ilmater Statue
      Task: Use Tome of Ilmater, Bonds of the Faithful, Ilmater Holy Symbol
        and Tears of Suffering
      Reward: 4950XP
      Task: Refuse Iyachtu Xvim and perform Ilmater Sanctification Ritual
      Reward: 7425XP, Holy Water of Corellon Larethian
    Iyachtu Xvim Statue
      Task: Slay ten slaves
      Reward: 2475XP, Demons leave and cannot be summoned
    Silvanas Statue
    Corellon Statue
  (if you refuse Iyachtu Xvim)
    Iyachtu Xvim - Scimitar of Souls or Scimitar of the Soulless +5 #, 
        Mace of Goblin Slaying or Walloping Club +5 #
    Glabrezu, Cornugon, Wight Lemure, Lemure
  Cleric Tower First Floor (AR6501)
  The air has a slight burnt, electrical smell to it.  The smell gets stronger
  as you approach the horrific floor art with the glowing eyes.  In fact,
  static discharge is more prevalent when you stand next to the floor art.
  However, the most unusual thing you find is that footprints that lead to the
  center of the floor art do not have a trail that leads away.  It is almost
  as if the individual who made the prints simply disappeared.
    Ruinlord x2 - Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol, Hammer of Bludgeoning +2
    Ruinlord - Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol
    Demon Knight - Club +5
    Hatemaster x3 - Staff of Corrosion
    Table - Dead Cat
    Portal (to Tyrannar Brutai Mar's Lair)
      Task: Get a Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol for everyone then use Portal
      Reward: 1500XP
  Cleric Tower Second Floor (AR6502)
    Skinny Rottentooth, Jezabel Quice, Grossey Foulair, Ryscia Nightstep
    Ruinlord Mayzom Col - Aramite Ring or Aramite Cult Leader Ring #,
        Stormcaller or Hammer of Lightning #, Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol
    Ruinlord - Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol
    Hatemaster x4 - Staff of Corrosion
    Half-Dragon, Half-Orc, Elven Dread Warrior
    Altar - Returning Poison Tipped Dart
  Tyrannar Brutai Mar's Lair (AR6503)
  The same static electrical smell that surrounded the floor art two floors
  down lightly textures the air around you.  Scuffs on the floor seem
  indicative of plate mail covered boots, similar to the ones worn by the
  Xvimian clerics.
    Tyrannar Brutai Mar (High Cleric) - Brilliant Flail of Wounding,
        Brutal Impact or Xvim's Brutal Impact #, Mithral Field Plate Armor +2,
        Tyrannar's Band or High Tyrannar's Band #, Monk's Antidote
    Ruinlord x3 - Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol, Hammer of Bludgeoning +2
    Sherincal, The Beastlord Harshom, Guthma, Gaernat Sharptooth
    Chest - Dire Charm
    Chest - Stone to Flesh Scroll, Protection from Cold Scroll, Restoration,
        Gem Bag
    Table - Creeping Doom, History of the Last March of the Giants
    Shelf - Potion Bag, History of the Drow, History of the Drow II

(6.06) Servered Hand Final Battle (AR6303)
    Isair and Madae
      Task: Hurt one of them and they retreat to the Radiant Pool
      Task: Badly wound one of them and Orrick the Grey appears
    Zilvar T'orgh - Full Plate Mail +1, Warhammer +4, Ring of the Wise
    Mourn T'orgh - Robe of the Evil Archmagi, Dagger +4, Ring of Regeneration,
        Ring of Protection +3
    Serak - Mithral Field Plate Armor +2, Bastard Sword +4, Boots of Grounding
        Ring of Protection +3
    Phaen Xyltin - Bracers of Defense +4, Boots of Speed, Ring of the Warrior,
        Chameleon Ring
    Tilzen Ghaun - Leather Armor of Dexterity, Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise,
        Short Sword +4
    Buvai de'Naly
    Orrick the Grey
      Reward: 7425XP

                                -- THE END --

= Appendix ===================================================================

(A) Character Creation

IWD2 is based on the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition rules.  I highly recommend
the official Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition Player's Handbook and especially
the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.  The rules were modified a little for
IWD2 but they are great books.

The details given in this section are taken from the actual behavior in the
game and not from the manual or in game descriptions as they contain errors
and omissions.

Your character can reach a maximum of level 30 (435,000XP).

(A.01) Gender

Your gender choice has no affect in the game.

(A.02) Portrait


Create a folder called Portraits in the folder where you installed IWD2.
Create the following two .BMP (Windows Bitmap) images and save them in the
Portraits folder.  They can be 8 bit or 24 bit color. 

  xxxxxxxS.bmp = 42x42 (small portrait)
  xxxxxxxL.bmp = 210x330 (large portrait)


When playing online, other players will not be able to see your custom
portrait unless they have saved a copy in their Portraits folder.

(A.03) Race

Your race will affect certain dialogue choices in the game and the ability to
perform a few tasks.

Human (Any)
  Bonus feat at first level
  Two extra skill points at first level, +1 skill point every level

Aasimar (Planetouched Human) (Paladin)
  Level Adjustment +1 (2000XP)
  WIS+2, CHA+2
  Acid 5/-, Cold 5/-, Electrical 5/-
  Sunscorch 1/day

Tiefling (Planetouched Human) (Rogue)
  Level Adjustment +1 (2000XP)
  DEX+2, INT+2, CHA-2
  Bluff+2, Hide+2
  Fire 5/-, Cold  5/-, Electrical 5/-
  Blindness 1/day

Shield Dwarf (Fighter)
  CON+2, CHA-2
  +2 vs Poison, +2 vs Spells
  AC Generic+4 vs Giants
  Atk+1 vs Orcs, Goblins, Bugbears

Gold Dwarf (Fighter)
  CON+2, DEX-2
  +2 vs Poison, +2 vs Spells
  AC Generic+4 vs Giants
  Atk+1 vs Drow, Mind Flayers, Driders

Gray Dwarf (Duergar) (Fighter)
  Level Adjustment +2 (5000XP)
  CON+2, CHA-4
  Immunity to Paralysis
  Search+2, Move Silently+4
  +2 vs Poison, +2 vs Spells
  AC Generic+4 vs Giants
  Invisibility 1/day
  Atk-2, Dmg-2, Saves-2 during the day

Moon Elf (Wizard)
  DEX+2, CON-2
  Weapon Proficiency Large Sword, Bow
  Immunity to Sleep
  +2 vs Enchantments

Wild Elf (Green Elf) (Sorcerer)
  DEX+2, INT-2
  Weapon Proficiency Large Sword, Bow
  Immunity to Sleep

Dark Elf (Drow) (Male: Wizard, Female: Cleric)
  Level Adjustment +2 (5000XP)
  DEX+2, INT+2, CHA+2, CON-2
  Weapon Proficiency Large Sword, Bow
  Immunity to Sleep
  +2 vs Will, +2 vs Enchantments
  Spell Resistance 11+Level
  Faerie Fire 3/day
  Day Blindness (-1 penalty to attack, skills and saves during the day)

Rock Gnome (Illusionist)
  CON+2, STR-2
  AC Generic+4 vs Giants, Ogres
  Atk+1 vs Kobolds, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears

Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin) (Illusionist)
  Level Adjustment +3 (5000XP)
  DEX+2, WIS+2, STR-2, CHA-4
  Search+2, Hide+2 (+4 in interior areas)
  Spell Resistance 11+Level
  AC Generic+4
  Mirror Image 1/day, Blur 1/day, Invisibility 1/day
  Atk+1 vs Kobolds, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears

Half-Elf (Any)
  Immunity to Sleep
  +2 vs Enchantments

Half-Orc (Barbarian)
  STR+2, INT-2, CHA-2

Lightfoot Halfling (Rogue)
  DEX+2, STR-2
  Move Silently+2
  +1 vs Saves
  +2 vs Fear
  Atk+1 with Thrown Weapons

Strongheart Halfling (Rogue)
  DEX+2, STR-2
  Bonus feat at first level
  Move Silently+2
  +2 vs Fear
  Atk+1 with Thrown Weapons

Ghostwise Halfling (Barbarian)
  DEX+2, STR-2
  Move Silently+2
  +2 vs Fear
  Atk+1 with Thrown Weapons
  Set Natural Snares 3/day

(A.04) Class

Your class determines your starting GP and the ability to perform some tasks.
For example Paladins will not be given chaotic or evil dialogue choices but
can sense if a person is evil.  Several items are restricted to certain

Barbarian (Bbn) - 1d12, 2SP, High BAB, High Fortitude Saves
  REQ: Non-lawful
  Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields, Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
  L1: Rage (STR+4, CON+4, Will+2, AC-2 for 5 rounds, 1/day,
        L4 2/day +1 use every 4 levels)
  L1: Fast Movement
  L2: Uncanny Dodge (retain AC DEX bonus against invisible foes)
  L5: Uncanny Dodge (can only be sneak attacked by a Rogue 4 levels higher)
  L11: Damage Reduction (1/- every 3 levels)
  L15: Greater Rage (STR+6, CON+6, Will+3, AC-2 for 5 rounds)
  L20: Tireless Rage (no longer fatigued after rage)

Bard (Brd) - 1d6, 2SP, Medium BAB, High Reflex & Will Saves
  REQ: Non-Lawful
  Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields, Simple Weapons, Large Swords
  Bard Song (one active)
    L1: The Ballard of Three Heros (Atk+1, Dmg+1, Saves+1)
    L3: The Tale of Curran Strongheart (Remove Fear, Immunity Fear)
    L5: Tymora's Melody (Luck+1, Saves+3, Alchemy+2, Knowledge+2)
    L7: The Song of Kaudies (+50% vs Command, Silence, Shout, Great Shout)
    L9: The Siren's Yearning (Enthrall Enemies for 10 rounds)
    L11: The War Chant of Sith (AC+2, DR 2/-, HP+3/round)
  L1: Bardic Knowlegde (Alchemy+1, Knowledge+1, Spellcraft+1)
  L2: Arcane Spells (CHA)

Cleric (Clr) - 1d8, 2SP, Medium BAB, High Fortitude & Will Saves
  Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Shields, Simple Weapons
  Spontaneous Conversion (covert spell to Cure:Non-Evil or Inflict:Evil)
  L1: Divine Spells (WIS)
  L1: Domain Spell (Bonus spell chosen from two spells per caster level)
  L1: Turn Undead:Non-Evil or Control Undead:Evil (3 + CHA bonus/day)
Painbearer of Ilmater
  REQ: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Good
  L1: Ilmater's Endurance (CON+6 for 1 round/level, 1/day)
  L1: Pain Touch (STR-2, DEX-2 for 10 rounds, 1/day)
Morninglord of Lathander
  REQ: Good, True Neutral
  L1: Lathander's Renewal (Cure Level x 2, 1/day)
  L1: Improved Turning
Watcher of Helm
  REQ: Lawful, True Neutral
  L1: Helm's Shield (Saves + 2 for 1 round/level, 1/day)
  L1: Helm's Watch (AC+2, +2 vs Missiles for 1 round/level, 1/day)
Silverstar of Selune
  REQ: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good
  L1: Selune's Freedom (Freedom for 1 round/level, 1/day)
  L1: Moon Shield (SR+3 for 1 round/level, 1/day)
Lorekeeper of Oghma
  REQ: Neutral
  L1: Oghma's Knowledge (Alchemy+1, Knowledge+1)
  L1: Identify (1/day)
Dreadmaster of Bane
  REQ: Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Evil
  L1: Bane's Manipulation (Bluff+1, Diplomacy+1, Intimidate+1)
  L1: Tyrant's Dictum (DC+1 vs Will Spell Save)
Battleguard of Tempus
  REQ: Chaotic, True Neutral
  L1: Tempus' Strength (STR+6 for 1 round/level, 1/day)
  L1: Martial Weapon, Axe and Weapon Focus, Axe
Demarch of Mask
  REQ: Evil, True Neutral
  L1: Mask's Thievery (Hide+1, Move Silently+1, Pick Pockets+1)
  L1: Blind Fight
Stormlord of Talos
  REQ: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil
  L1: Talo's Grounding (Electrical 5/-)
  L1: Destructive Blow (Atk+2, Dmg+2 for 1 round/level, 1/day)

Druid (Drd) - 1d8, 2SP, Medium BAB, High Fortitude & Will Saves
  REQ: Neutral
  Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields, Small Blade, Large Sword, Mace, Polearm,
    Quarterstaff, Missile
  L5: Wild Shape Boar (L6 2/day, L7 3/day, L10 4/day +1/day every 4 levels)
  L7: Wild Shape Winter Wolf
  L9: Wild Shape Polar Bear
  L9: Immunity Poison
  L12: Wild Shape Dire Bear
  L14: Wild Shape Dire Panther
  L16: Elemental Shape Fire Elemental
  L18: Elemental Shape Earth Elemental
  L20: Elemental Shape Water Elemental
  L22: Elemental Shape Air Elemental

Fighter (Ftr) - 1d10, 2SP, High BAB, High Fortitude Saves
  Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Shields, Simple & Martial Weapons
  L1: Bonus Feat (L2 Bonus Feat every 2 levels)

Monk (Mnk) - 1d8, 2SP, Medium BAB, High Fortitude, Reflex & Will Saves
  Simple Weapons, Axe
  Cannot advance if they multiclasses to a non-favoured class
  When wearing no armor
  L1: Monk AC Bonus (AC Generic+WIS bonus, AC Generic+1,
        L5 AC Generic+1 every 5 levels)
  L1: Unarmed (Dmg 1d6, L4 1d8, L8 1d10, L12 1d12, L16 1d20, L21 1d20+1d6,
        L26 1d20+1d10)
  L1: Stunning Attack (Stun, Level/day)
  L1: Evasion (Save vs Reflex for no damage)
  L2: Deflect Arrows (AC Generic+1 vs Missiles)
  L3: Still Mind (+2 vs Enchantment)
  L3: Movement Speed (increases every 3 levels up to L18)
  L5: Purity of Body (Immunity Disease)
  L7: Wholeness of Body (Heal 2xLevel HP 1/day)
  L9: Improved Evasion (Save vs Reflex for half damage on fail)
  L10: Ki Strike (Unarmed Enc+1, L13 Enc+2, L16 Enc+3, L21 Enc+4)
  L11: Diamond Body (Immunity Poison)
  L13: Diamond Soul (Spell Resistance 10+Level)
  L15: Quivering Palm (DC 10+Level/2+WIS bonus vs Fort or die, 1/day)
  L19: Empty Body (Ethereal for 2 rounds, Half of Level/day)
  L20: Perfect Self (Outsider, DR 20/+1)
Monk of the Broken Ones (Painbearer of Ilmater)
  REQ: Lawful Good
Monk of the Old Order (Rogue)
  REQ: Lawful Good
Monk of the Dark Moon (Sorcerer)
  REQ: Lawful Evil

Paladin (Pal) - 1d10, 2SP, High BAB, High Fortitude Saves
  REQ: Lawful Good
  Cannot advance if they multiclasses to a non-favoured class
  Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Shields, Simple & Martial Weapons
  L1: Divine Grace (Saves + CHA bonus)
  L1: Lay on Hands (Cure Level x CHA bonus, 1/day)
  L1: Protection From Evil (1/day)
  L1: Divine Health (Immunity Disease)
  L2: Smite Evil (Atk+CHA bonus, Dmg+Level, 1/day)
  L2: Aura of Courage (Immunity Fear, allies +4 vs Fear)
  L3: Remove Disease (Third of Level/day)
  L3: Turn Undead (3 + CHA bonus/day)
  L4: Divine Spells (WIS)
Paladin of Ilmater (Painbearer of Ilmater)
Paladin of Helm (Fighter)
Paladin of Mystra (Wizard)

Ranger (Rgr) - 1d10, 2SP, High BAB, High Fortitude Saves
  Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields, Simple & Martial Weapons
  L1: Dual-Wield (Atk+2 Main Hand, Atk+6 Off Hand when wearing light armor)
  L1: Favored Enemy (Dmg+1, additional enemy at L5 and every 5 levels,
      Dmg+1 to previous enemy)
    Giants - Frost Giant
    Hook Horrors
    Lizard Men - Lizardman
    Salamanders - Salamander, Frost Salamander
    Shapeshifters - Werewolf, Wererat, Doppelganger
    Umber Hulks
    Undead - Drowned Dead, Zombie, Skeleton
  L4: Divine Spells (WIS)

Rogue (Rog) - 1d6, 4SP, Medium BAB, High Reflex Saves
  Light Armor, Simple Weapons, Bow
  L1: Sneak Attack (Dmg+1d6 every 2 levels)
  L2: Evasion (Save vs Reflex for no damage)
  L3: Uncanny Dodge (retain AC DEX bonus against invisible foes)
  L6: Uncanny Dodge (can only be sneak attacked by a Rogue 4 levels higher)

Sorcerer/Sorceress (Sor) - 1d4, 2SP, Low BAB, High Will Saves
  Simple Weapons
  L1: Arcane Spells (CHA)

Wizard (Wiz) - 1d4, 2SP, Low BAB, High Will Saves
  Small Blade, Mace, Quarterstaff, Crossbow
  L1: Arcane Spells (INT)
  L1: Bonus Feat (Bonus Feat at L1, L5 and every 5 levels)
Specialist Wizard (Abj, Cjr, Div, Enc, Evo, Ill, Nec, Tra)
  Cannot learn or cast spells from prohibited school
  Bonus Spell for each casting level

  School of Magic   | Prohibited School
  Abjurer (Abj)     | Illusion, Transmutation
  Conjurer (Cjr)    | Evocation
  Diviner (Div)     | Conjuration
  Enchanter (Enc)   | Evocation
  Evoker (Evo)      | Conjuration, Divination
  Illusionist (Ill) | Abjuration, Necromancy
  Necromancer (Nec) | Illusion, Enchantment
  Transmuter (Tra)  | Abjuration, Necromancy


For each class, base attack bonus progresses at either a high, medium or low

  Level     |  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15
  High      |  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15
  Medium    |  -  1  2  3  3  4  5  6  6  7  8  9  9 10 11
  Low       |  -  1  1  2  2  3  3  4  4  5  5  6  6  7  7

  Level     | 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
  High      | 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
  Medium    | 12 12 13 14 15 15 16 17 18 18 19 20 21 21 22
  Low       |  8  8  9  9 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 15

When a character reaches a BAB of 6 they can make another attack with a
penalty of 5.  A character gains another attack for every BAB increase of 5,
up to a maxium of 5 attacks.  A level 21 Fighter can make 5 attacks per round
with base attack bonuses of 21/16/11/6/1.  Unarmed Monks gain their extra
attacks earlier than a normal medium BAB class, at L6, L10, L14 and L18.


Fortitude saves against disease, poison, paralysis or death spells
Reflex saves against damage from traps or magical attacks
Will saves against mind-affecting and magical effects

For each class, saving throw bonuses in each of the above progress at either a
high or low rate.

  Level   |  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15
  High    |  2  3  3  4  4  5  5  6  6  7  7  8  8  9  9
  Low     |  -  -  1  1  1  2  2  2  3  3  3  4  4  4  5

  Level   | 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
  High    | 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 15 15 16 16 17
  Low     |  5  5  6  6  6  7  7  7  8  8  8  9  9  9 10

(A.05) Alignment

Alignment will affect dialogue choices in the game.  Several weapons are
restricted to certain alignments.

Each of the nine alignments has an associated title:

      Lawful Good   |  Neutral Good  |  Chaotic Good
        Crusader    |   Benefactor   |     Rebel
     Lawful Neutral |  True Neutral  | Chaotic Neutral
         Judge      |   Reconciler   |   Free Spirit
      Lawful Evil   |  Neutral Evil  |  Chaotic Evil
       Dominator    |   Malefactor   |    Destroyer

(A.06) Ability Scores

Abilities usually start at 3 with 58 ability points to allocate and can be
raised to a maxmium of 18.  A racial bonus offsets the minimum and maximum.

STR - Melee Attack, Melee and Thrown Damage, Force Lock, Weight Limit
DEX - AC, Missile and Thrown Attack, Reflex Saves
      Hide, Move Silently, Open Locks, Pick Pocket
CON - HP per level, Fortitude Saves
INT - SP per level, Wizard Spell DC, Maximum Spell Level, Bonus Spells
      Alchemy, Appraise, Disable Device, Knowledge, Search, Spellcraft
WIS - Monk AC, Will Saves, Divine Spell DC, Maximum Spell Level, Bonus Spells
      Wilderness Lore
CHA - Store Price Modifier, Turn Undead
      Paladin Lay On Hands, Smite Evil & Saves
      Bard & Sorcerer Spell DC, Maximum Spell Level, Bonus Spells
      Animal Empathy, Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Use Magic Device

Ability Score   1   2   4   6   8  10  12  14  16  18  20  22  24  26  28  30
Ability Bonus  -5  -4  -3  -2  -1   0  +1  +2  +3  +4  +5  +6  +7  +8  +9 +10
Weight Limit    1   5  15  30  50  70  90 120 160 215 285 375 500 650 875 1000
Price Adjust% +15 +12  +9  +6  +3   0  -3  -6  -9 -12 -15 -18 -21 -24 -27 -30
Maximum Spell                         2nd 4th 6th 8th 9th 9th 9th 9th 9th 9th
Bonus L1 Spell                          1   1   1   1   2   2   2   2   3   3
Bonus L2 Spell                              1   1   1   1   2   2   2   2   3
Bonus L3 Spell                                  1   1   1   1   2   2   2   2
Bonus L4 Spell                                      1   1   1   1   2   2   2
Bonus L5 Spell                                          1   1   1   1   2   2
Bonus L6 Spell                                              1   1   1   1   2
Bonus L7 Spell                                                  1   1   1   1
Bonus L8 Spell                                                      1   1   1
Bonus L9 Spell                                                          1   1

(A.07) Skills

You can raise class skills to a maximum of Level+3, half that for cross class
skills.  Exclusive skills can only be raised to Class Level+3.

         \ Class | B B C D F M P R R S W
          \      | b r l r t n a g o o i Key Req Pen
 Skills    \     | n d r d r k l r g r z
 Alchemy         | - * - - - - - - - * * INT Yes No
 Animal Empathy  | x x x * x x x * x x x CHA Yes No
 Bluff           | - * - - - - - - * * - CHA No  No
 Concentration   | - * * * - * * * - * * CON No  No
 Diplomacy       | - * * * - * * - * * - CHA No  No
 Disable Device  | - - - - - - - - * - - INT No  No
 Hide            | - * - - - * - * * - - DEX No  Yes
 Intimidate      | * - - - * - - - * - - CHA No  No
 Knowledge       | - * * - - * - - - * * INT Yes No
 Move Silently   | - * - - - * - * * - - DEX No  Yes
 Open Lock       | - - - - - - - - * - - DEX Yes No
 Pick Pocket     | - * - - - - - - * - - DEX Yes Yes
 Search          | - - - - - - - * * - - INT No  No
 Spellcraft      | - * * * - - - - - * * INT Yes No
 Use Magic Device| x * x x x x x x * x x CHA Yes No
 Wilderness Lore | * - - * - - - * - - - WIS No  No

   x   Exclusive Skill                Key  Key Attribute
   *   Class Skill (1 point)          Req  Requires Training
   -   Cross Class Skill (2 points)   Pen  Armor Check Penalty

(A.08) Feats

BACKGROUND TRAITS (can only take one at 1st level)
  Snake Blood (Human: Ref+1, +2 vs Poison)
  Resist Poison (Gray Dwarf, Half-Orc: +4 vs Poison)


  Dodge (DEX 13: AC Generic+1)
  Deflect Arrows (DEX 13: AC Generic+1 vs Missiles)
  Dash (Movement+15%)
  Mercantile Background (Human, Duergar, Svirfneblin: Buying-5%, Selling+5%)
  Strong Back (Weight Limit+50%)
  Toughness (HP+3)
    Toughness (HP+6)
      Toughness (HP+9)
        Toughness (HP+12)
          Toughness (HP+15)

GENERAL (Combat-Oriented)

  Weapon Finesse (Small Blade, BAB 1: Atk+DEX bonus-Shield penalty)
  Blind-Fight (Reroll if you miss because of concealment, no Atk+2 for
      invisible attackers and you retain AC DEX bonus)
  Power Attack (STR 13: Atk-, Dmg+)
    Cleave (Extra Attack after a kill)
      Great Cleave (BAB 4: extra attack against every enemy after a kill)
  Precise Shot (Point Blank Atk+4) (Atk-8 with ranged weapon in close combat)
  Rapid Shot (Extra Attack, Atk-2)
  Dirty Fighting (DEX 13, BAB 2: Critical Hit 50% Blindness, 50% Slow)
  Improved Critical (BAB 8: Critial Hit range+1)
  Expertise (INT 13: Attack penalty up to 5 added to AC Generic)
  Improved Initiative (Does nothing)
  Stunning Attack (DEX 13, WIS 13, BAB 8: Stun for 1 round 1/day per 4 levels)

TWO WEAPONS (Extra Attack, Atk-6 Main Hand, Atk-10 Off Hand, 
    if Off Hand weapon is a Small Blade Atk+2 Main Hand, Atk+2 Off Hand,
    with Ambidexterity, Two-Weapon Fighting and Small Blade: Atk-2 each hand)

  Ambidexterity (DEX 15: Atk+4 Off Hand)
  Two-Weapon Fighting (Atk+2 Main Hand, Atk+2 Off Hand)

ARMOR PROFICIENCY (Armor Check penalty to attack and skills unless proficient)

  Armor Proficiency Light
    Armor Proficiency Medium
      Armor Proficiency Heavy
  Shield Proficiency

WEAPON PROFICIENCY (Atk-4 unless proficient)

  Weapon Proficiency (in Simple, Martial or Exotic weapon listed below)
    Weapon Focus (Atk+1)
      Weapon Specialization (L4 Ftr: Dmg+2)
        Maximized Attacks (Concentration+4, Weapon Specialization 2 Weapons,
            all attacks do maximum damage for 10 seconds 1/day)
  Simple Weapon, Small Blade (Dagger, Short Sword)
  Simple Weapon, Mace (Club, Morningstar, Mace)
  Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff (Quarterstaff)
  Simple Weapon, Missile (Dart, Sling)
  Simple Weapon, Crossbow (Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow)
  Martial Weapon, Large Sword (Scimitar, Longsword)
  Martial Weapon, Great Sword (Greatsword)
  Martial Weapon, Axe (Handaxe, Battleaxe, Greataxe, Throwing Axe)
  Martial Weapon, Flail (Flail)
  Martial Weapon, Hammer (Warhammer, Throwing Hammer)
  Martial Weapon, Polearm (Spear, Halberd)
  Martial Weapon, Bow (Shortbow, Longbow)
  Exotic Weapon, Bastard Sword (Bastard Sword)


  Spell Focus, Enchantment (DC+2 vs Spell Save)
    Greater Spell Focus, Enchantment (DC+4 vs Spell Save)
  Spell Focus, Evocation (DC+2 vs Spell Save)
    Greater Spell Focus, Evocation (DC+4 vs Spell Save)
  Spell Focus, Necromancy (DC+2 vs Spell Save)
    Greater Spell Focus, Necromancy (DC+4 vs Spell Save)
  Spell Focus, Transmutation (DC+2 vs Spell Save)
    Greater Spell Focus, Transmutation (DC+4 vs Spell Save)
  Spell Penetration (Caster Level+2 vs SR, Caster Level+4 vs SR)
  Subvocal Casting (Caster: Cast when silenced)
  Armored Arcana (Spell Failure -5%)
    Armored Arcana (Spell Failure -10%)
      Armored Arcana (Spell Failure -15%)
  Aegis of Rime (Caster L4, Spellcraft 10: Acid+20%, Acid 5/-)
  Aqua Mortis (Caster L4, Spellcraft 10: Cold+20%, Cold 5/-)
  Scion of Storms (Caster L4, Spellcraft 10: Electrical+20%, Electrical 5/-)
  Spirit of Flame (Caster L4, Spellcraft 10: Fire+20%, Fire 5/-)


  Luck of Heroes (Human: Saves+1)
  Great Fortitude (Fort+2)
  Lightning Reflexes (Ref+2)
  Iron Will (Will+2)
  Bullheaded (Human, Dwarf: Will+1, Intimidate+2)
  Discipline (Will+1, Concentration+2)
  Combat Casting (Concentration+4)
  Courteous Magocracy (Diplomacy+2, Spellcraft+2)
  Forester (Wilderness Lore+2)


  Extra Rage (Bbn: Rage +1/day)
    Extra Rage (Bbn: Rage +2/day)
      Extra Rage (Bbn: Rage +3/day)
  Heroic Inspiration (Bbn, Brd, Pal: Atk+1, Dmg+1, Saves+1 when below 50% HP)
  Lingering Song
  Extra Wild Shape (Drd L3: Wild Shape +1/day)
    Extra Wild Shape (Drd L3: Wild Shape +2/day)
      Extra Wild Shape (Drd L3: Wild Shape +3/day)
  Wild Shape, Boring Beetle (Drd L5)
  Wild Shape, Panther (Drd L5)
  Wild Shape, Shambling Mound (Drd L8)
  Extra Smiting (Pal L2: Smite Evil +1/day)
    Extra Smiting (Pal L2: Smite Evil +2/day)
      Extra Smiting (Pal L2: Smite Evil +3/day)
  Extra Turning (Pal L3, Clr: Turn Undead +1/day)
    Extra Turning (Pal L3, Clr: Turn Undead +2/day)
      Extra Turning (Pal L3, Clr: Turn Undead +3/day)
  Improved Turning (Pal L3, Clr: Turn 2 extra Hit Dice of undead)
  Heretic's Bane (Clr, Drd, Pal, Rgr, BAB 4: Atk+1 & Dmg+1 vs Clr & Drd)
  Fiendslayer (Pal L8, Weapon Focus Large Sword or Great Sword:
      Atk+2 Dmg+2 vs Chimera, Dragon, Half-Dragon, Demon)
  Envenom Weapon (Rog, Alchemy 8: Poison CON-1d6 for 10 rounds, 1/day)
  Arterial Strike (Rog, BAB 4: Bleeding Wound, Sneak Attack Dmg-1d6)
  Hamstring (Rog L3: Movement-50%, Sneak Attack Dmg-2d6)
  Crippling Strike (Rog L10: Sneak Attack STR-1)
  Improved Evasion (Rog L10: Save vs Reflex for half damage on fail)
  Slippery Mind (Rog L10: Reroll Save vs Charm or Command)


(B) Custom Items

This sections covers the items you can create from components.

Oswald Fiddlebender (Western Pass)

Oswald can create items for gold and the following components

  1/4 Weight Half-plate Mail    600GP, Boring Beetle Shell
  1/4 Weight Field Plate       1200GP, Boring Beetle Shell
  1/4 Weight Full Plate Mail   1800GP, Boring Beetle Shell
  Yeti Skin Boots               700GP, Yeti Pelt
  Yeti Skin Cloak               700GP, Yeti Pelt
  Yeti Skin Scarf               700GP, Yeti Pelt
  Yeti Skin Hat                 700GP, Yeti Pelt
  Yeti Skin Gloves              700GP, Yeti Pelt
  Winter Wolf Boots            1000GP, Winter Wolf Pelt
  Winter Wolf Cloak            1000GP, Winter Wolf Pelt
  Winter Wolf Scarf            1000GP, Winter Wolf Pelt
  Winter Wolf Hat              1000GP, Winter Wolf Pelt
  Winter Wolf Gloves           1000GP, Winter Wolf Pelt


(C) Businesses

There are four types of business (or "shop")

  TAVERN (Drink)
  **INN (Peasant and Merchant rooms)
  TEMPLE (Healing, Identify items for 100GP)
  STORE (Buy and Sell, Identify items for 100GP)
  Not all store owners and temple priests identify items.


Targos Docks, The Salty Dog - Guthewulfe Henghelm (Henghelm's Goods)
Targos - Oswald Fiddlebender (Oswald's Laboratory)
  Potion Bag
Targos, Gallaway Trade Depot - Deirdre Gallaway
  The Left Hand of Darkness           Rol-Sayid's Left Hand of Darkness #
  Kegsplitter                         Kegsplitter of Shaengarne Ford #
  The Executioner's Wife              Tale of the Executioner's Wife #
  Memories of Kuldahar                Branching Paths of Kuldahar #
  Black Chimes                        Black Chimes of the Bell Warden #
  Heart of "Character Name"           Golden Heart of "Character Name" #
  Flank of the Virgin                 Blessed Flank of the Virgin #
  Nine Paces                          Twelve Paces #
  Wandering Sky                       Saga of Wandering Sky #
  Dredging Claw                       Hand of the Buccaneer #
  Craftsman's Hammer                  Slow and Steady #
  Leather Armor +1                    Studded Leather Armor +1
  Chainmail +1                        Returning Throwing Hammer
  Mace +1                             Masterwork Greatsword
  Masterwork Battleaxe                Masterwork Morningstar
  Masterwork Throwing Hammer          Masterwork Warhammer
  Masterwork Spear                    Masterwork Bastard Sword
  Masterwork Short Sword              Masterwork Longsword
  Masterwork Arrow                    Masterwork Bolt
  Bullet +1                           Gem Bag
Targos, Town Hall - Elytharra Dinnsmore (Elytharra's Enchantments)
  Goblin Hunter                       Goblin Slayer #
  Sash of the Black Raven             Binding Sash of the Black Raven #
  Pipes of the Wheezing Dragon        Craum Straug's Pipes #
  Treadlightly Boots                  Boots of Hushed Whispers #
  Book of Leaves                      Book of Leaves #
  Staff of Corrosion                  Masterwork Quarterstaff
  Dagger +1                           Masterwork Dagger
  Traveler's Robe                     Boots of the North
  Bracers of Defense +2               Elven Sewn Gloves
  Girdle of Beatification             Amulet of Protection +1
  Shield Amulet                       Ring of Protection +1
  Ring of Animal Friendship           Chameleon Ring of Dexterity
  Ring of Mage Armor                  Wand of Horror
  Wand of Grease                      Protection from Fire scroll
  Protection from Cold scroll         Scroll Case
  Scrolls: Protection from Evil, Eagle's Splendor, Hold Person, Burning Hands,
    Shocking Grasp, Mirror Image, Charm Person, Chill Touch, Deafness, Shield,
    Chromatic Orb, Color Spray, Ice Dagger, Mage Armor, Cat's Grace, Identify,
    Minor Mirror Image, Magic Missile, Flame Arrow, Lightning Bolt, Blindness,
    Dispel Magic, Dire Charm, Melf's Acid Arrow, See Invisibility, Blur, Luck,
    Sleep, Grease, Haste, Protection From Petrification
Targos, Temple Pavilion - Ragni Bellows and Denham Fisher
  Cleansing Medallion                 Medallion of Dawn
  Ring of the Wise                    Protection From Evil Ring

Shaengarne River - Dereth Springsong
  Potions: Antidote, Potion of Healing, Mummy's Tea
  Scrolls: Hold Person
Shaengarne River - Sabrina Fairwynd
  Scrolls: See Invisibility, Melf's Acid Arrow, Bull's Strength, Invisibility,
    Snilloc's Snowball Swarm, Agannazar's Scorcher, Stinking Cloud, Blindness,
    Ray of Enfeeblement, Power Word: Sleep, Mirror Image, Web, Blur, Vocalize,
    Knock, Horror, Luck, Ghoul Touch, Cat's Grace, Deafness
Shaengarne Woods - Arte (Artemus)
  Sure Striking Short Sword +1        Flail +1
  Throwing Hammer +1                  Gem Bag
  Potion Bag                          Scroll Case

Western Pass - Beodaewn (Beodaewn's Caravan)
  Bardic Horn of Valhalla             Raging Winds #
  Necklace of Missiles                Ring of Knowledge
  Boots of Stealth                    Spear +2
  Bolt +1                             Bolt +2
  Scroll Case
  Scrolls: Malison, Beltyn's Burning Blood, Contagion, Blood Rage

Ice Wall - Zack Boosenburry (Zack's Collectibles)
  Boots of Avoidance                  Ring of Protection +2
  Sling of Spell Resistance           Morningstar of Thorns +1
  Warhammer +2                        Throwing Hammer +2
  Masterwork Arrows                   Masterwork Bolt
  Arrows +1                           Arrow +2
  Bolt +1                             Bolt +2
  Shield Amulet                       Wand of Sleep
  Gem Bag
  Other: Diamond
  Potions: Potion of Evil Protection, Trym Extract, Lesser Restoration Potion,
    Greater Restoration Potion
  Scrolls: Snilloc's Snowball Swarm, Blindness, Identify, Horror, Shield, Web,
    Protection From Evil, Larloch's Minor Drain, Gedlee's Electric Loop, Blur,
    Agannazar's Scorcher, Ray of Enfeeblement, Minor Mirror Image, Ice Dagger,
    Protection From Arrows, Melf's Minute Meteors, Invisibility Sphere, Haste,
    Eagle's Splendor, Melf's Acid Arrow, See Invisibility, Summon Monster III,
    Power Word: Sleep, Lance of Disruption, Lightning Bolt, Cat's Grace, Luck,
    Mage Armor, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Color Spray,  Grease, Skull Trap,
    Chill Touch, Shocking Grasp, Bull's Strength, Chromatic Orb, Invisibility,
    Magic Missile, Mirrow Image, Stinking Cloud, Ghoul Touch, Vocalize, Blink,
    Deafness, Death Armor, Flame Arrow, Hold Person, Fireball, Vampiric Touch,
    Non-Detection, Dispel Magic, Ghost Armor, Dire Charm, Decastave, Icelance,
    Sleep, Knock, Slow, Protection From Petrification

Wandering Village - Tahvo the Huntmaster
  Widow-Through                       Grim Widow-Through #
  Wandering Hunter's Armor            Wandering Hunter's Boots
  Wandering Hunter's Cloak            Bracers of Archery
  Shortbow +1                         Masterwork Dart
  Longbow +2                          Masterwork Longbow
  Heavy Crossbow +1                   Light Crossbow +2
  Masterwork Sling                    Sling +2
  Dagger +2                           Masterwork Dagger
  Spear +1                            Spear +2
  Spear +3                            Masterwork Spear
  Arrows +1                           Arrow +2
  Arrow of Flame +1                   Masterwork Arrows
  Bolt +1                             Masterwork Bolt
  Bullet +1                           Bullet +2
  Dart +1                             Dart +2
  Gem Bag                             Hemp Rope
Wandering Village - Suoma the Elder
  Scrolls: Protection from Electricity, Larloch's Minor Drain, Shocking Grasp,
    Protection From Petrification, Protection from Acid, Protection From Evil,
    Minor Mirror Image, Mage Armor, Burning Hands, Magic Missile, Color Spray,
    Melf's Acid Arrow, Charm Person, Eagle's Splendor, Chill Touch, Cloudkill,
    Chromatic Orb, Ice Dagger, See Invisibility, Mirror Image, Stinking Cloud,
    Bull's Strength, Lower Resistance, Shroud of Flame, Ball Lightning, Knock,
    Phantom Blade, Cone of Cold, Feeblemind, Dismissal, Identify, Sleep, Luck,
    Sunfire, Shield, Grease, Blur
Wandering Village - Venla the Healer
Wandering Village - Nym (Nym's Exotic Goods)
  Armor of the Clerics of Myrkul      Blessed Armor of the Clerics of Myrkul #
  Air Genesi Armor                    Air Genesi Gail Armor #
  Lolth's Sting                       Lolth's Cruel Sting #
  Belib's Everlasting Torch           Belib's Amazing Everlasting Torch #
  Myo-Myo's Gong                      Myo-Myo's Holy Gong #
  The Dire Old Lute of Pellon Kay     Strings of Discord #
  Boots of the North                  Bracers of Defense +3
  Ring of Animal Friendship           Ring of Protection +1
  Wand of Evil Protection             Wand of Mage Armor
  Cat's Grace Wand                    Bane Wand
  Traveler's Robe                     Protection from Magic scroll
  Protection from Acid scroll         Protection from Cold scroll
  Protection from Electricity scroll  Protection from Fire scroll
  Protection from Poison scroll       Protection from Petrification scroll
  Avarine Decanter %
  Scrolls: Animate Dead, Dominate Person, Chaos, Lich Touch, Darts of Bone
Avarine Decanter - Bashshar al Rachid (Bashshar's Decanter) %
  Dragon Sight                        Serpent's Stomach #
  Girdle of Beatification             Girdle of Bluntness #
  Bracers of Defense +4               Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise #
  Boots of Grounding                  Boots of Speed #
  Ring of Animal Friendship           Ring of Freedom of Movement #
  Ring of Energy                      Ring of Invisibility #
  Wizard Robe of Cold Resistance      Wizard Robe of Fire Resistance #
  Wand of Trap Detection              Color Spray Wand #
  Wand of Bull's Strength             Wand of Fire #
  Wand of Aid                         Wand of Remove Paralysis #

The Fell Wood, Limha's Home - Limha
  Ring of the Warrior                 Axe of Wounding
  Longsword +1
  Scrolls: Lesser Planar Binding: Water Elemental, Greater Shadow Conjuration,
    Lesser Planar Binding: Earth Elemental, Emotion: Rage, Summon Monster III,
    Lesser Planar Binding: Fire Elemental, Protection From Evil, Hold Monster,
    Lesser Planar Binding: Air Elemental, Summon Monster IV, Summon Monster V,
    Dominate Person, Melf's Acid Arrow, Spider Spawn, Dismissal, Animate Dead, 
    Summon Shadow, Mage Armor, Grease, Chaos

Cold Marshes, River Cave - Dragu Ironbreaker (Dragu's Workshop)
  Heavy Crossbow +1                   Heavy Crossbow +2
  Masterwork Heavy Crossbow           Masterwork Bolt
  Bolt +1                             Bolt +2

Black Raven Monastery - Bered (Monastery Library)
  Tome of Deeds Valorous              Masterwork Tome of Deeds Valorous #
  Tome of Glorious Exaltation         Masterwork Tome of Glorious Exaltation #
  Tome of the Supplicant              Masterwork Tome of the Supplicant #
  Tome of Sacred Verse                Masterwork Tome of Sacred Verse #
  How To Be An Adventurer             How To Be An Adventurer (2nd Ed.) #
  Mensel's Obscene Grimoire           Mensel's Vile Grimoire Pervertere #
  Scroll Case
  Scrolls: Otiluke's Freezing Sphere, Globe of Invulnerability, Non-Detection,
    Summon Invisible Stalker, Snilloc's Snowball Swarm, Melf's Minute Meteors,
    Tensor's Transformation, Gedlee's Electric Loop, Cat's Grace, Ghoul Touch,
    Protection From Arrows, Agannazar's Scorcher, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shades,
    Lance of Disruption, Power Word: Silence, Summon Monster III, Ghost Armor,
    Power Word: Sleep, Disintgrate, Halt Undead, Lightning Bolt, Haste, Knock,
    Summon Monster VI, Antimagic Field, Chain Lightning, Dire Charm, Vocalize,
    Circle of Death, Blindness, Deafness, Flame Arrow, Fireball, Dispel Magic,
    Skull Trap, Vampiric Touch, Hold Person, Icelance, Death Armor, Decastave,
    Lich Touch, Acid Fog, Flesh to Stone, Darts of Bone, Stone to Flesh, Slow,
    Invisibility Sphere, Blink, Web
Black Raven Monastery - Nonin (Monastery Kitchens)
  Iron Rations
  Potions: Potion of Extra Healing, Potion of Healing, Mummy's Tea, Antidote,
    Philter of Purification, Elixir of Health

Underdark, Ahk Kyorl Kulgg - Malavon Despana
  Bruiser Staff                       Ring of Freedom of Movement
  Sanctuary Wand                      Cat's Grace Wand
  Wand of Magic Missiles              Wand of Evil Protection
  Wand of Lightning
  Scrolls: Planar Binding: Air Elemental, Carrion Summons, Trollish Fortitude,
    Hold Person, Agannazar's Scorcher, Power Word: Sleep, Fireball, Ice Storm,
    Improved Haste, Malison, Ghost Armor, Soul Eater
Underdark, Ahk Kyorl Kulgg - Kadresh Olonrae
  Lyre of Progression                 Lyre of Inner Focus #
  Swing from the Masts                Crow's Nest #
  Shifter's Boots                     Shifter's Nimble Boots #
  Ring of Hearty Strength             Incendiary Staff +2
Underdark, Ahk Kyorl Kulgg - Viizra Arabani

Underdark - Heggr Splitsteel
  Armor of Turak Mauler               Armor of Turak Mauler the Fierce #
  Diamond Cut                         Diamond Cutter #
  Plate of the Pit Fiend              Plate of the Balor #
  Balance                             Scales of Balance #
  Makavail's Bane                     Makavail's Swift Bane #
  Studded Leather Armor +2            Chainmail +1                        
  Buckler +1                          Small Shield +1
  Large Shield +1                     Tower Shield +1
  Mage Staff +1                       Dagger +3
  Short Sword +3                      Longsword +3
  Bastard Sword +3                    Greatsword +3
  Scimitar +3                         Battleaxe +3
  Greataxe +3                         Mace +3
  Flail +3                            Club +2
  Warhammer +3                        Spear +3
  Longbow +3                          Shortbow +3
  Light Crossbow +3                   Heavy Crossbow +3
  Sling +3                            Throwing Hammer of Thunder +2
Underdark - Myrvek of Gracklstugh
  Rakavik's Bracers                   Rakavik's Imbued Bracers #
  Amulet of Protection +1             Bracers of Defense +3
  Ring of Frost Resistance            Greater Chameleon Ring
  Ring of Energy                      Wand of Horror
  Protection from Acid                Protection from Fire
  Gem Bag                             Potion Bag
Underdark - Wode the Guileful
  Masterwork Throwing Hammer          Throwing Hammer +3
  Glass Darts +1                      Darts of Infatuation +1
  Dart +1                             Dart +3
  Arrows +3                           Impact Arrows +1
  Sparking Arrows +1                  Sparking Bolts +1
  Frost Bolts +1                      Flaming Bolts +1
  Corrosive Bolts +1                  Bolt +3
  Sparking Bullets +1                 Bullet +3
  Scrolls: Planar Binding: Water Elemental, Planar Binding: Earth Elemental,
    Planar Binding: Fire Elemental, Wyvern Call

Kuldahar Pass, Watchtower - Nathaniel (Nathaniel's Temple)
  Morning Glory                       Lathander's Gift #
  Druids Stone                        Druid's Stone of Thorns #
  Every God Ring                      Bard's Ring
  Ring of Animal Friendship           Wizards Ring
  Girdle of Bluntness                 Necklace of Missiles
  Wand of Lightning                   Wand of the Heavens
  Potion Bag                          Scroll Case
  History of Kuldahar                 Legends of Icewind Dale
Kuldahar, Conlan's Smithy - Conlan (Conlan's Smithy)
  Mercenary's Lot                     Mercenary's End #
  Aasimar's Aura                      Celestial Aura #
  Rabbit Slayer                       Furious Rabbit Slayer #
  Sun-Reacher                         Great Sun-Reacher #
  Iron Mary's Reply                   Iron Mary's Bold Reply #
  Sparrow                             Sun-kissed Sparrow #
  Screamer                            Screaming Axe #
  Big Death                           Big Black Flying-Death #
  Silentkiller                        Assassin's Blade #
  Caernach's Sickle                   Caernach's Silver Sickle #
  Cleaver                             Dwelnar's Folly #
  Little Giant                        Dwarven Ogre #
  The Cittern of War                  Masterwork Cittern of War #
  Leather Armor +2                    Studded Leather Armor +2
  Plate Mail +1                       Full Plate Mail +1
  Chainmail +2                        Large Shield +2
  Tower Shield +2                     Adventurer's Robe                 
  Robe of Enfusing                    Girdle of Piercing
  Cloak of Protection +2              Cloak of Displacement
  Boots of Speed                      Boots of the North
  Bracers of Defense +4               Ring of Freedom of Movement
  Ring of Protection +2               Ring of Fire Resistance
  Dagger of Warding                   Cat's Paw Dagger +3
  Halberd of the North                Massive Halberd of Hate +4
  Corrosive Club +2                   Short Sword of Stealth +3
  Dagger +3                           Dagger +4
  Short Sword +3                      Short Sword +4
  Scimitar +3                         Scimitar +4
  Longsword +3                        Longsword +4
  Greatsword +3                       Greatsword +4
  Bastard Sword +3                    Bastard Sword +4
  Battleaxe +3                        Battleaxe +4
  Greataxe +3                         Greataxe +4
  Mace +3                             Mace +4
  Flail +3                            Flail +4
  Morningstar +3                      Morningstar +4
  Quarterstaff +3                     Quarterstaff +4
  Spear +3                            Spear +4
  Halberd +3                          Halberd +4
  Warhammer +2                        Warhammer +3
  Warhammer +4                        Sling +2
  Light Crossbow +2                   Heavy Crossbow +2
  Composite Longbow +2                Composite Longbow of Spell Resistance
  Shortbow +2                         Longbow +2
  Throwing Dagger +1                  Throwing Daggers +2
  Dart +2                             Dart +4
  Returning Throwing Axe +2           Throwing Hammer +3
  Arrow +2                            Arrows +4
  Bolt +2                             Bolt +4
  Bullet +2                           Bullet +4
  Mercenary's Sack                    Gem Bag
Kuldahar, Orrick's Tower - Sheemish (Sheemish's Spell Library)
  Scroll Case
  Scrolls: Beltyn's Burning Blood, Improved Invisibility, Power Word: Silence,
    Lesser Planar Binding: Water Elemental, Stinking Cloud, Power Word: Sleep,
    Lesser Planar Binding: Earth Elemental, Melf's Acid Arrow, Vampiric Touch,
    Lesser Planar Binding: Fire Elemental, Summon Monster VI, Dominate Person,
    Lesser Planar Binding: Air Elemental, Summon Monster IV, Emotion: Despair,
    Planar Binding: Earth Elemental, Gedlee's Electric Loop, See Invisibility,
    Planar Binding: Water Elemental, Bull's Strength, Tenser's Transformation,
    Planar Binding: Fire Elemental, Melf's Minute Meteors, Ray of Eneeblement,
    Planar Binding: Air Elemental, Protection from Electricity, Burning Hands,
    Otiluke's Freezing Sphere, Globe of Invulnerability, Protection from Acid,
    Mordenkainen's Force Missiles, Protection From Evil, Agannazar's Scorcher,
    Greater Shadow Conjuration, Snilloc's Snowball Swarm, Lance of Disruption,
    Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, Summon Invisible Stalker, Invisibility Sphere,
    Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Protection From Petrification, Ice Dagger,
    Shadow Conjuration, Trollish Fortitude, Fire Shield (Blue), Chromatic Orb,
    Icelance, Blindness, Color Spray, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Death Armor,
    Hold Person, Cat's Grace, Deafness, Skull Trap, Dispel Magic, Flame Arrow,
    Emotion: Fear, Charm Person, Magic Missile, Lightning Bolt, Non-Detection,
    Shroud of Flame, Summon Monster V, Vitriolic Sphere, Ice Storm, Stoneskin,
    Fire Shield (Red), Hold Monster, Dire Charm, Feeblemind, Lower Resistance,
    Emotion: Hope, Spirit Armor, Animate Dead, Phantom Blade, Chain Lightning,
    Antimagic Field, Summon Shadow, Ghost Armor, Cone of Cold, Ball Lightning,
    Confusion, Remove Curse, Circle of Death, Carrion Summons, Stone to Flesh,
    Darts of Bone, Disintegrate, Flesh to Stone, Lich Touch, Sunfire, Malison,
    Soul Eater, Cloudkill, Dismissal, Acid Fog, Horror, Grease, Shield, Haste,
    Chaos, Shout, Fireball, Identify, Shades, Knock, Sleep, Luck, Blur, Slow,
Kuldahar, Orrick's Tower - Strange Apparition (Orrick's Keepsakes)
  Belib's Multiple Tool               Belib's Multiple Tool of Fortune #
  Blood of the Innocent               Bile of the Damned #
  Snow Leopard Charm                  Heart of the Snow Leopard Charm #
  Flame Dance Talisman                Sunfire Talisman #
  Bands of Focus                      Bands of the Master #
  Cold Reflection                     Cold Steel Reflection #
  Eye of the Storm                    Calm Before the Storm #
  Sash of Shadows                     Sash of Hidden Shadows #
  Mossy Poultice                      Moldy Poultice #

Dragon's Eye, Cave Level 2 - Nathaniel (Nathaniel's Bag of Holding)
  Mailripper                          Shielded Mailripper #
  Arcs of Disredain                   Insulated Arcs of Disredain #
  Dart of Stunning                    Darts of Infatuation +1
  Dart +4                             Throwing Hammer +4
  Arrow of Biting                     Arrows of Dispelling
  Arrows of Piercing                  Holdfast Arrows
  Arrows +4                           Bolt +4
  Bullet +4                           Wand of Trap Detection
  Protection from Poison Scroll       Stone to Flesh Scroll
  Scrolls: Mass Invisibility, Prismatic Spray
Dragon's Eye Exit - Archon (Archon's Boat)

Servered Hand Forth Floor - Riki
  Arc of Gold                         Mithril Arc #
  Acid Tipped Throwing Dagger         Throwing Daggers +2
  Heavy Crossbow +4                   Light Crossbow of Accuracy
  Sling +4                            Shortbow +4
  Studded Leather Armor +2            Studded Leather Armor of Fortitude
  Cloak of Displacement               Cloak of Non-Detection
  Arrows +3                           Arrows +4
  Arrows +5                           Bolt +3
  Bolt +4                             Bolt +5
  Bullet +3                           Bullet +4
  Bullet +5                           Dart +3
  Dart +4                             Dart +5
  Boots of Stealth                    Scroll Case
  Gem Bag                             Potion Bag


(D) Items

Notes on Items
 - CURSED items require a spell to remove them.

(D.01) Simple Weapon, Small Blade
  Dagger (1d4 19-20/x2, Piercing, 1 Handed)
    Sulo's Hook (Atk-2, AC Deflection 3)
    "Baron" Sulo's Hook (Enc+1, Atk-1, Dmg+1, AC Deflection 3, Saves+1,
        Magic 5/-)
    Dagger of Warding (Enc+5, Keen, AC Deflection 3)
    Masterwork Dagger (Atk+1)
    Goblin Hunter (Atk+2 vs Goblins, Dmg+2 vs Goblins)
    Sorrow's Tear (Non-Evil: Atk+1, Dmg+1, Atk+2 Dmg+2 vs Spectral Undead,
        5% Magic+1, 0lb)
    Grievance Tear (Evil: Atk+1, Dmg+1, Atk+2 Dmg+2 vs Spectral Undead,
        5% Magic+1, 5lb) CURSED
    Wyvern Stinger (20% Poison+2/s for 6s)
   Dagger +1
    Vampires Fang (+1, 50% Vampiric+1d4)
    Vampiric Dagger +1 (Vampiric+1d4)
    Ice Pick +1 (50% Cold+1d6)
   Dagger +2
    Viper's Fang +2 (Poison+2/s for 6s)
   Dagger +3
    Cat's Paw Dagger +3 (Hide+8)
    Xvimian Fang (Non-Good: +3, INT+2, 5% Flesh to Stone)
#   Goblin Slayer (+3, Slay Goblin)
#   Veira's Sorrow (Non-Evil: +3, Enc+4, Atk+4 Dmg+4 vs Spectral Undead,
        25% Magic+10, 0lb)
#   Veira's Grievance (Evil: +3, Enc+4, Atk+4 Dmg+4 vs Spectral Undead,
        25% Magic+10, 5lb) CURSED
   Dagger +4
   Dagger +5
#   Xvimian Fang of Despair (Non-Good: +5, INT+4, 5% Flesh to Stone,
        20% Emotion: Despair)
  Throwing Dagger (1d4 19-20/x2, Piercing, 1 Handed)
    Acid Tipped Throwing Dagger (Acid+1d6)
    Sure Strike Trowing Dagger (Enc+5)
   Throwing Dagger +1
    Final Word (+1, 10% Silence)
   Throwing Daggers +2
    Poisonfang (+2, 50% Poison+2/s for 6s, Returns)
#   The Black Lamia's Tongue (+2, Slashing+1d6, Dmg+1/round for 10 rounds,
#   Dagger of Closing Arguments (+3, 25% Silence)
#   Ysha's Sting (+5, Poison+2/s for 6s, Returns)
  Short Sword (1d6 19-20/x2, Piercing, 1 Handed)
    Vampiric Short Sword (Vampiric+1d4)
    Masterwork Short Sword (Atk+1)
   Short Sword +1
    Sure Striking Short Sword +1 (Enc+5)
    Letto's Scar (Evil: +1, Atk+2 Dmg+2 vs Good, 10% Poison, Fort-1)
    Lolth's Sting (+1, Immunity Web, 33% Web)
    Thy-Dunag Blade (+1, Atk+2)
    Reflective Short Sword +1 (Minor Mirror Image 1/day)
   Short Sword +2
    Silentkiller (+2, Hide+2, Move Silently+2)
   Short Sword +3
    Short Sword of Stealth +3 (Hide+4)
#   Lolth's Cruel Sting (+3, Immunity Web, 33% Web, 33% Poison)
#   Shame of Thy-Dunag (+3, Atk+5)
#   Letto's End (Evil: +3, Enc+5, Atk+5 Dmg+5 vs Good, 25% Poison,
        Immunity Poison)
   Short Sword +4
#   Bleeding Short Sword +4 (Dmg+2/round for 10 rounds)
   Short Sword +5
    Brilliant Short Sword +5 (Ignore Shield and Armor)
#   Assassin's Blade (+5, Hide+4, Move Silently+4)

(D.02) Simple Weapon, Mace
  Rod (1d4+1 20/x2, Bludeoning, 1 Handed)
    Azure Rod (+1, Dmg+1d6 vs Evil, HP+5)
#   Glowing Azure Rod (+3, Dmg+2d6 vs Evil, 33% Cure Light Wounds when hit)
  Club (1d6 20/x2, Bludgeoning, 1 Handed)
    Memories of Kuldahar (Atk+1, Dmg+1, Cold 2/-)
    Belib's Everlasting Torch (Fire+2d6, 10% Fire+1d10)
   Club +2
    Corrosive Club +2 (Acid+1d6)
#   Belib's Amazing Everlasting Torch (+2, Fire+1d6,
        50% Beltyn's Burning Blood)
    Club of Disruption (+3, Enc+5, Slay Undead, Slay Outsider)
    Monkey Paw of Discipline (+3, Extra Attack, 15% Emotion: Fear,
        5% Confusion)
    Headknocker (+3, 33% Bludgeoning+1d6, 20% Confusion)
#   Branching Paths of Kuldahar (+4, Cold 5/-, Bludgeoning 2/-, Piercing 1/-)
   Club +5
#   Club of Confusion (+5, 99% Bludgeoning+2d6, 50% Confusion, Keen)
#   Monkey Paw of Extreme Prejudice (+5, Two Extra Attacks, 15% Emotion: Fear,
        5% Confusion)
#   Walloping Club +5 (Keen)
  Mace (1d8 20/x2, Bludgeoning, 1 Handed)
    Masterwork Mace (Atk+1)
#   Flaming Burst Mace of Disruption (Enc+5, Fire+1d6, 10% Fire+1d10,
        Slay Undead, Slay Outsider)
   Mace +1
    Clenched Fist (+1, Create 1GP 1/day)
#   Iron Hand of Ohanion (+1, Enc+3, Create Gem 1/day)
    Mace of Goblin Slaying (+1, Atk+2 Dmg+2d6+2 vs Goblins)
    Morning Glory (Good: +2, Cure Light Wounds 3/day,
        Cure Critical Wounds 1/day)
   Mace +3
   Mace +4
   Mace +5
#   Lathander's Gift (Good: +5, Cure Moderate Wounds 3/day, Heal 1/day)
  Morningstar (1d8 20/x2, Bludgeoning, 1 Handed)
    Masterwork Morningstar (Atk+1)
   Morningstar +1
    Lightning Star +1 (50% Electrical+1d6)
    Flaming Star +1 (Fire+1d6)
    Morningstar of Warding +1 (AC Deflection 1)
    Morningstar of Thorns +1 (Piercing+1d6)
    Mountains of Selune (+1, Immunity Blindness)
   Morningstar +3
    Morningstar of the Eternal +3 (25% Vampiric 2d4)
   Morningstar +4
   Morningstar +5

(D.03) Simple Weapon, Quarterstaff
  Quarterstaff (1d6 20/x2, Bludgeoning, 2 Handed)
    Spellward Staff (Immunity Sleep)
    Staff of Corrosion (50% Acid+1d6)
    Ryomaru's Harmless Staff (15% Poison, 5% Piercing+1d4, 5% Bludgeoning+1d8,
        1% Slay Living, 10% Piercing+1d6, 10% Bludgeoning+1d6, 5% Acid+1d4,
        5% Stun, Wielder: 1% Poison, Bludgeoning+1d6, Piercing+1d4, Acid+1d4)
    Masterwork Quarterstaff (Atk+1)
   Quarterstaff +1
    Staff of the Defender +1 (AC Deflection 1)
    Whispering Staff (+1, Move Silently+1, 1% Silence, 1 Handed)
    Mage Staff +1 (Sor, Wiz: INT+1, Magic 1/-)
    Bruiser Staff (+1, Enc+5, 25% Stun for 1/2 round, Dmg+1 for 10 rounds)
   Quarterstaff +2
    Incendiary Staff +2 (Fire+1d6)
    Delnar's Delight (+2, Dmg 1d8, Protection From Missiles 2/day)
#   Ryomaru's Harmless Tanuki Staff (+2, 10% Piercing+1d4, 15% Piercing+1d6,
        10% Bludgeoning+1d6, 10% Bludgeoning+1d8, 20% Poison, 10% Slay Living,
        10% Acid+1d4, 10% Stun, 10% Blindness, 5% AC+1, Wielder: 1% Acid+1d4,
        1% Piercing+1d4, 1% Bludgeoning+1d6, 1% Poison, 1% Blindness)
   Quarterstaff +3
#   Caballus' Whispering Staff (+3, Dmg+4, Move Silently+5, Silence,
        Invisibility Sphere 1/day, 1 Handed)
#   Resilient Quarterstaff +3 (HP+15)
   Quarterstaff +4
   Quarterstaff +5
    Staff of Greater Spell Resistance +5 (Poison+2/s for 6s, Magic 3/-)
#   Phantom Staff +5 (Range 15')
#   Delnar's Lightning Stave (+5, Dmg 1d8, Ball Lightning 2/day)

(D.04) Simple Weapon, Missile
  Dart (1d4, Piercing, 1 Handed)
    Dart of Wounding (Dmg+1/round for 10 rounds)
    Dart of Stunning (Stun for 1 round)
    Shock Darts (25% Electrical+1d6)
    Returning Frost Dart (25% Cold+1d6, Returns)
    Returning Poison Tipped Dart (Poison+2/s for 6s, Returns)
    Acid Tipped Darts (Acid+1d6)
    Keen Flaming Burst Darts (Keen, Fire+1d6, 10% Fire+1d10)
    Masterwork Dart (Atk+1)
    Sure Strike Darts (Enc+5)
   Dart +1
    Flaming Dart +1 (50% Fire+1d6)
    Glass Darts +1 (Slashing+3d4)
    Darts of Infatuation +1 (Charm)
   Dart +2
    Delnar's Dart of Dispelling (Sor, Wiz: +2, 50% Dispel Magic, Returns,
        Wielder: 10% Blindness)
   Dart +3
   Dart +4
    Glacial Darts +4 (Cold+1d6)
   Dart +5
    Darts of Flame +5 (Fire+2d6)
#   Delnar's Eye Gouger (Sor, Wiz: +5, 90% Dispel Magic, Returns,
        Wielder: 5% Blindness)
  Sling (1 Handed)
    Sling of Spell Resistance (Magic 1/-)
    Masterwork Sling (Atk+1)
   Sling +1 (Atk+1, Dmg+1)
    The Left Hand of Darkness (Atk+1, Dmg+1, Immunity Disease)
    Cat-tail (Atk+1, Dmg+1, DEX+1)
   Sling +2 (Atk+2, Dmg+2)
   Sling +3 (Atk+3, Dmg+3)
    Sparrow (Atk+3, Dmg+3)
#   Nimble Cat-tail (Atk+3, Dmg+3, DEX+3)
   Sling +4 (Atk+4, Dmg+4)
   Sling +5 (Atk+5, Dmg+5)
#   Sun-kissed Sparrow (Atk+5, Dmg+5, Cure Moderate Wounds 1/day)
#   Rol-Sayid's Left Hand of Darkness (Atk+5, Dmg+5, Immunity Disease,
        Remove Disease 6/day, Symbol of Hopelessness 1/day)
#   Sling of Accuracy +5 (Atk+7, Dmg+5)
  Bullet (1d4, Bludgeoning)
    Bullets of Wounding (Dmg+1/round for 10 rounds)
    Bullets of Corrosive Burst (Acid+1d6, 10% Acid+1d10)
    Sure Strike Bullets (Enc+5)
    Force Bullet +2 (Enc+2, Dmg+2, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere)
   Bullet +1
    Bullets of Disruption +1 (Slay Undead, Slay Outsider)
    Stun Bullets +1 (25% Stun for 1/2 round)
    Stunning Bullets +1 (Stun for 2 rounds)
    Corrosive Bullets +1 (Acid+1d6)
    Flaming Bullets +1 (Fire+1d6)
    Sparking Bullets +1 (Shock+1d6)
   Bullet +2
   Bullet +3
   Bullet +4
   Bullet +5

(D.05) Simple Weapon, Crossbow
  Light Crossbow (Atk+2, 2 Handed)
    Masterwork Light Crossbow (Atk+3)
    Light Crossbow of Accuracy (Atk+4)
   Light Crossbow +2 (Atk+4, Dmg+2)
   Light Crossbow +3 (Atk+5, Dmg+3)
   Light Crossbow +4 (Atk+6, Dmg+4)
  Heavy Crossbow (Atk+2, Dmg+2, 2 Handed)
    Mailripper (Atk+2, Dmg+2)
    Makavail's Bane (Atk+2, Dmg+2)
#   Makavail's Swift Bane (Atk+2, Dmg+2, Extra Attack)
    Masterwork Heavy Crossbow (Atk+3, Dmg+2)
    Doom Bolter (Atk+3, Dmg+2, Extra Attack)
    Hell Bolter (Atk+3, Dmg+2, Two Extra Attacks)
    Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy (Atk+7, Dmg+2)
   Heavy Crossbow +1 (Atk+3, Dmg+3)
    Geloise (Atk+3, Dmg+3)
#   Beloved Geloise (Atk+3, Dmg+3, Freedom of Movement effect)
    Hagnen's Folly (Atk+3, Dmg+3)
    Iron Mary's Reply (Atk+3, Dmg+3)
#   Iron Mary's Bold Reply (Atk+3, Dmg+3, Immunity Snilloc's Snowball Swarm,
        Immunity Ice Storm, Immunity Agannazar's Scorcher)
#   Dragu's Doom Bolter (Atk+4, Dmg+3, Two Extra Attacks)
#   Dragu's Hell Bolter (Atk+4, Dmg+3, Three Extra Attacks)
   Heavy Crossbow +2 (Atk+4, Dmg+4)
#   Shielded Mailripper (Atk+4, Dmg+4, AC Deflection 2)
   Heavy Crossbow +3 (Atk+5, Dmg+5)
#   Folly of Hagnen Odestone (Atk+5, Dmg+5)
   Heavy Crossbow +4 (Atk+6, Dmg+6)
    Iron Arbalest (Rog: Atk+6, Dmg+6)
   Heavy Crossbow +5 (Atk+7, Dmg+7)
#   Mithril Arbalest (Rog: Atk+7, Dmg+7, Hide+3)
  Bolt (1d8, Piercing)
    Masterwork Bolt (Atk+1)
   Bolt +1
    Corrosive Bolts +1 (Acid+1d6)
    Flaming Bolts +1 (Fire+1d6)
    Frost Bolts +1 (Cold+1d6)
    Sparking Bolts +1 (Electrical+1d6)
    Stunning Bolts +1 (Stun for 2 rounds)
   Bolt +2
   Bolt +3
   Bolt +4
   Bolt +5

(D.06) Martial Weapon, Large Sword
  Scimitar (1d6 18-20/x2, Slashing, 1 Handed)
    Masterwork Scimitar (Atk+1)
   Scimitar +1
    Scimitar of the Defender +1 (AC Deflection 1)
   Scimitar +2
    Scimitar of Acid +2 (50% Acid+1d6)
   Scimitar +3
    Scimitar of Souls (+3, Dispel Magic, Energy Drain: Atk-2 Dmg-2 HP-10)
   Scimitar +4
#   Scimitar +4: Ichor (Poison+2/s for 6s)
   Scimitar +5
#   Scimitar of the Soulless +5 (Dispel Magic, 25% Acid+2d6,
        Energy Drain: Atk-2 Dmg-2 HP-10)
  Sickle (1d6 18-20/x2, Slashing, 1 Handed)
    Caernach's Sickle (+1, Goodberry 1/day)
    Caernach's Silver Sickle (+3, Goodberry 1/day)
  Longsword (1d8 19-20/x2, Slashing, 1 Handed)
    Death's Bane (Atk-4, Dmg 0, Heal 1d4 on hit)
    Masterwork Longsword (Atk+1)
    Heart of "Character Name" (Atk+1, Cold 1/-)
    Moonblade of Selune (Good: Atk+2, Dmg+2, Undead Dmgx2)
    Venomous Longsword (Poison+2/s for 6s)
   Longsword +1
    Wight's Blade (+1, 66% Bane)
#   Delnar's Healing Blade (Enc+5, Atk+1, Dmg 0, Heal 2d4 on hit)
   Longsword +2 (Cold+1)
    Lightning Longsword +2 (50% Electrical+1d6)
    Dykhast Longsword (+2, Dmg+4, 1% Blindness)
#   Moonblade of Selune (Good: +2, Enc+4, Undead Dmgx2)
   Longsword +3
    The Sword of Myrloch Vale (Non-Evil: +3, Knowledge+20)
#   Sword of Gleaming Dykhast (+3, Dmg+6, 5% Blindness)
#   Barrow Wight's Blade (+3, Bane)
   Longsword +4
    Vampiric Longsword +4 (Vampiric+1d4)
   Longsword +5
    "Cera Sumat," Holy Avenger (Pal: +5, Holy+2d6 vs Evil, SR+15,
        Dispel Magic unlimited/day)
#   Light of Cera Sumat (Pal: +5, Atk+10, Dmg+10, Holy+2d6 vs Evil, SR+30,
        Dispel Magic unlimited/day)
#   Golden Heart of "Character Name" (+5, STR+2, DEX+2, HP+25, Haste effect,
        Freedom of Movement effect)

(D.07) Martial Weapon, Great Sword
  Greatsword (2d6 19-20/x2, Slashing, 2 Handed)
    Masterwork Greatsword (Atk+1)
    Greatsword of the Defender (AC Deflection 1)
    Wandering Sky (Atk+1, Dmg+1, Doom 1 use)
    Winged Blight (+1, Atk+3 vs Human, Dmg+2d6+3 vs Human)
#   Thunder's Shock (+1, Enc+3, Atk+3 vs Human, Dmg+2d6+3 vs Human,
        Electrical+1d6, 10% Electrical+1d10)
    Cleaver (Lawful: +1, Ignore Shield and Armor, Undead & Constructs immune)
    Greatsword of Flame +1 (50% Fire+1d6)
   Greatsword +2
   Greatsword +3
   Greatsword +4
   Greatsword +5
    Greatsword of the Soulless +5 (Not Pal: Vampiric+2d4)
#   Greatsword of Rage +5 (Slashing+1d6)
#   Dwelnar's Folly (Lawful: +5, Ignore Shield and Armor,
        Undead & Constructs immune)
#   Saga of Wandering Sky (+5, Doom, Immunity Slay Living, Immunity Harm,
        Immunity Finger of Death)

(D.08) Martial Weapon, Axe
  Handaxe (1d6 20/x3, Slashing, 1 Handed)
  Battleaxe (1d8 20/x3, Slashing, 1 Handed)
    Masterwork Battleaxe (Atk+1)
    Duergar-Forged Axe (Atk+1, Keen)
    Kegsplitter (Dmg+1, +2 vs Constructs, Slay Keg)
    Axe of Wounding (Dmg+1/round for 10 rounds)
   Battleaxe +1
    Ice Axe +1 (50% Cold+1d6)
    Corrosive Axe +1 (50% Acid+1d6)
#   Battleaxe of Burning (Enc+5, 50% Fire+1d6, 30% Fire+2d6, 15% Fire+3d6,
        5% Fire+5d6)
   Battleaxe +2
    Spiritcaller (Non-Good: +2, Inflict Critical Wounds 3/day,
        Shadow Conjuration 1/day)
   Battleaxe +3
    Duergar-Forged Doom Axe (+3, Keen)
    Balance (+3, Accuracy: Atk+6 Dmg+0, Power: Atk+0 Dmg+6)
    Axe of the Souls (+3, Vampiric+1d4, Will+1, 15% STR+2 HP+10) CURSED
#   Kegsplitter of Shaengarne Ford (+3, STR+1, Slay Construct, Slay Keg)
   Battleaxe +4
   Battleaxe +5
#   Death's Ally (Non-Good: +5, Inflict Critical Wounds 3/day,
        Shadow Conjuration 1/day)
#   Soul Stealer (+5, Vampiric+1d4, Will+3, Extra Attack, 15% STR+5 HP+20)
#   Scales of Balance (+5, 25% Dispel Magic, Accuracy: Atk+10, Dmg+0, Keen,
        Power: Atk+0, Dmg+10, Dmg+1/round for 10 rounds)
  Greataxe (1d12 20/x3, Slashing, 2 Handed)
    Masterwork Greataxe (Atk+1)
    The Executioner's Wife (Atk+1, Dmg+1)
    Widow-Through (+1, Keen)
    Backblighter (+2, Dmg 1d10, 50% Fear, 50% Slow)
   Greataxe +3
#   Grim Widow-Through (+3, Keen, Lawful+2d6)
#   Tale of the Executioner's Wife (+3, Dmg 1d12)
   Greataxe +4
   Greataxe +5
#   Greataxe of Might +5 (STR+1)
#   Cowards Flight (+5, Dmg 1d10, 50% Fear, 50% Slow, Keen)
  Throwing Axe (1d6 20/x3, Piercing-Thrown/Slashing-Melee, 1 Handed)
    Mystical Throwing Axe (Enc+5, Electrical+1d6 10% Electrical+1d10, Returns)
    Throwing Axe of Shocking Burst (Enc+5, Electrical+1d6,
        10% Electrical+1d10, Returns)
    Masterwork Throwing Axe (Atk+1)
   Haft Over Head (+1, Returns)
    Screamer (+1, 50% Slashing+1d6, Immunity Silence, Returns)
    Big Death (+1, Dmg 1d10, Slashing+1d6, 2 Handed, Returns)
    Returning Throwing Axe +2 (Returns)
#  Dullcobble's Axe (+3, Returns)
#   Big Black Flying-Death (+3, Dmg 1d10, Slashing+1d10, 2 Handed, Returns)
    Cloudkiss (+3, Thrown: Lightning Bolt, Returns)
#   Stormshifter (+5, Thrown: Dmg 2d6, Ball Lightning, Returns)
#   Screaming Axe (+5, Slashing+3d6, Immunity Silence, Returns)

(D.09) Martial Weapon, Hammer
  Warhammer (1d8 20/x3, Bludgeoning, 1 Handed)
    Hammer of Darkness (50% Blindness)
    Masterwork Warhammer (Atk+1)
    Craftsman's Hammer (Atk+1, Dmg+1)
   Warhammer +1 (Electrical+1d4)
    Hammer of Dispelling +1 (25% Dispel Magic)
    Flaming Hammer +1 (50% Fire+1d6)
   Warhammer +2 (Electrical+1d4)
    Valorfoe (+2, Dmg 1d10, 33% Fear)
#   The Dire-Hammer Valorfoe (+3, Dmg 1d10
#   Hammer of Utter Darkness (+2, 66% Blindness)
    Hammer of Bludgeoning +2 (Dmg+1/round for 10 rounds)
    Stormcaller (+2, Shocking Grasp 2/day, Lightning Bolt 1/day)
   Warhammer +3
    Brutal Impact (+3, STR+2, Keen, 33% Acid+2d6, 10% Acid+2d10)
   Warhammer +4
#   Slow and Steady (+4, STR+3)
   Warhammer +5
#   Xvim's Brutal Impact (+5, STR+5, Keen, 33% Acid+2d6, 10% Acid+2d10)
#   Hammer of Lightning (+5, Gedlee's Electric Loop 2/day,
        Chain Lightning 1/day)
  Dire-Hammer (1d10 20/x3, Bludgeoning, 1 Handed)
    Valorfoe (+2, 33% Fear)
#   The Dire-Hammer Valorfoe (+3, Fear)
  Throwing Hammer (1d4 20/x3, Bludgeoning, 1 Handed)
    Returning Throwing Hammer (Returns)
    Masterwork Throwing Hammer (Atk+1)
   Throwing Hammer +1
   Throwing Hammer +2
    Throwing Hammer of Thunder +2 (Electrical+1d6, Returns)
   Throwing Hammer +3
   Throwing Hammer +4

(D.10) Martial Weapon, Polearm
  Spear (1d6 20/x3, Piercing, 2 Handed)
    Masterwork Spear (Atk+1)
    Nine Paces (Atk+1, Reach+50%)
    Kyosti's Spear (Atk+1, Piercing+1d6, 10% Piercing+1d10)
   Spear +1
    Spear of Perpetual Beeding +1 (Dmg+1/round for 10 rounds)
   Spear +2
    Impaler (+2, Vampiric+1d4, Dmg+1/round for 10 rounds)
    Fiery Spear +2 (Fire+2d6, Keen)
#   Kyosti's Hunting Spear (+2, Piercing+1d8, 33% Piercing+1d10)
   Spear +3
   Spear +4
    Ice Spear +4 (Icelance 1/day)
#   Twelve Paces (+4, Reach+150%, Lance of Disruption 3/day,
        Lower Resistance 3/day)
   Spear +5
#   Life's Blood Drinker (+5, Vampiric+1d4+2, Dmg+1/round for 10 rounds)
  Halberd (1d10 20/x3, Piercing, 2 Handed)
    Halberd of the North (Enc+5, Cold+3d6, 10% Cold+1d10)
    Masterwork Halberd (Atk+1)
    Dredging Claw (Atk+1, Dmg+1)
   Halberd +1
    The Hammer of Lucerne (+1, Slay Undead, Slay Outsider)
   Halberd +3
#   Hand of the Buccaneer (+3)
#   Holy Swizarnian Hammer of Lucerne (+3, Slay Undead, Slay Outsider,
        25% Holy Smite)
    Pudu's Blight (+3, 50% Fire+2d6, 10% Fire+2d10, 25% Stun for 1/2 round)
   Halberd +4
    Massive Halberd of Hate +4 (Non-Good, STR 18: Dmg 2d8, Vampiric+1d4,
#   Halberd of Horror +4 (50% Horror)
#   Pudu's Fiery Blight (+5, Fire+2d6, 10% Fire+2d10, 25% Stun for 1/2 round,
        5% Lower Resistance)

(D.11) Martial Weapon, Flail
  Flail (1d8 19-20/x2, Bludgeoning, 1 Handed)
    Brilliant Flail of Wounding (Enc+5, Ignore Shield and Armor,
        Dmg+1/round for 10 rounds)
    Flail of the Elements (Enc+5, Fire+1d6, Cold+1d6, Electrical+1d6)
    Masterwork Flail (Atk+1)
    Black Chimes (Atk+1, 25% Deafness, Move Silently-1)
    The Skirling Skull (Atk+1, Dmg+1, 25% Dispel Magic, 33% Deafness)
   Flail +1
    Flail of the Defender +1 (AC Deflection 1)
    The Shackles of Roa (+1, 33% STR+2 when hit)
    Poisoned Blood Flail +2 (Poison+2/s for 6s, Dmg+1/round for 10 rounds)
   Flail +3
    Flail of Veranon (Evil: +3, Fire+1d6, 10% Fire+1d10, 10% Fire+1d10)
    Pustule's Flail (+3, CHA-5, 15% Contagion, Poison+2/s for 6s) CURSED
#   Chains o Righteous Strength (+3, 50% STR+4 when hit)
#   Skirling Svirfneblin Skull (+3, 50% Dispel Magic, 66% Deafness,
        Wielder: 25% Deafness)
   Flail +4
#   Pustule's Flail of Boils (+5, CHA-5, 15% Contagion, 5% Delorous Decay,
        Poison+2/s for 6s) CURSED
#   Black Chimes of the Bell Warden (+5, 50% Deafness, Immunity Silence,
        Immunity Power Word: Silence)
#   Demon Breath Flail (Evil: +5, Fire+1d6, 10% Fire+1d10, 10% Fire+1d10,
        Fire 10/-)

(D.12) Martial Weapon, Bow
  Shortbow (2 Handed)
    Composite Shortbow of Resistance (Dmg+1, Cold 2/-, Fire 3/-)
    Masterwork Shortbow (Atk +1)
   Shortbow +1 (Atk+1, Dmg+1)
    Shortbow of Spell Resistance +1 (Magic 1/-)
   Shortbow +2 (Atk+2, Dmg+2)
#   Composite Shortbow of Endurance +2 (Atk+2, Dmg+3, CON+4)
   Shortbow +3 (Atk+2, Dmg+2)
    Eye of the Hunter (Atk+2, Dmg+2)
#   Swift Eye of the Hunter (Atk+2, Dmg+2, STR+1, DEX+3)
    Shortbow of Life +2 (HP+10)
   Shortbow +3 (Atk+3, Dmg+3)
    Rabbit Slayer (Atk+3, Dmg+3)
#   Furious Rabbit Slayer (Atk+3, Dmg+3, Hide+2, Luck 1/day)
   Shortbow +4 (Atk+4, Dmg+4)
   Shortbow +5 (Atk+5, Dmg+5)
    Arc of Gold (Brd, Ftr, Rgr, Rog: Atk+6, Dmg+6)
#   Mithril Arc (Brd, Ftr, Rgr, Rog: Atk+7, Dmg+7)
  Longbow (Atk+1, 2 Handed)
    Composite Longbow of Empowerment (Atk+1, Dmg+2, 
        STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIS/CON+4 for 5 rounds when hit)
    Composite Longbow of Spell Resistance (Atk+1, Dmg+2, Magic 3/-)
    Longbow of Fire Resistance +1 (Atk+2, Dmg+1, Fire 1/-)
    Sophias Flight (Atk+2, Dmg+1, Range x1.5)
   Longbow +2 (Atk+3, Dmg+2)
    Sun-Reacher (Atk+3, Dmg+3)
    Composite Longbow +2 (Atk+3, Dmg+4)
   Longbow +3 (Atk+4, Dmg+3)
#   Sophia's Arc (Atk+4, Dmg+3, Range x1.5) 
#   Great Sun-Reacher (Atk+4, Dmg+4, Protection from Missiles 1/day)
   Longbow +5 (Atk+6, Dmg+5)
  Arrow (1d6 20/x3, Piercing)
    Holdfast Arrows (Atk-1, Dmg-1, Entangle for 4 rounds)
    Everlast Arrow (Returns)
    Keen Arrows (19-20/x3)
    Hunting Arrows (Dmg+1/round for 10 rounds)
    Arrow of Biting (Poison+2/s for 24s)
    Arrows of Lesser Dispelling (25% Dispel Magic)
    Arrows of Dispelling (Dispel Magic)
    Masterwork Arrows (Atk+1)
    Target Arrows (Atk+2, Dmg 1d4)
    Frost Arrows +1 (Enc+1, Atk+1, Cold+1d6)
    Arrow of Flame +1 (Enc+1, Atk+1, Fire+1d6)
    Sparking Arrows +1 (Enc+1, Atk+1, Electrical+1d6)
    Corrosive Arrows +1 (Enc+1, Atk+1, Acid+1d6)
    Impact Arrows +1 (Enc+1, Atk+1, Bludgeoning+1d6)
    Stunning Arrows +1 (Enc+1, Atk+1, 50% Stun for 1/2 round)
    Stunning Arrows +1 (Enc+1, Atk+1, Stun for 2 rounds)
    Sure Strike Arrows (Enc+5)
   Arrows +1
   Arrow +2
   Arrows +3
    Arrows of Piercing (Enc+3, Atk+4, Dmg+6)
   Arrows +4
   Arrows +5

(D.13) Exotic Weapon, Bastard Sword
  Bastard Sword (1d10 19-20/x2 Slashing, 1 Handed)
    Masterwork Bastard Sword (Atk+1)
    Icy Bastard Sword +1 (Cold+1d6)
    Wroth (Non-Lawful: +1, 25% Blood Rage when hit) CURSED
    Bastard's Son (+2)
    Black Adder (+2, Keen, Poison+2/s for 6s)
   Bastard Sword +3
#   Know Thy Family (+3)
#   Bloody Wroth (Non-Lawful: +3, 66% Blood Rage when hit) CURSED
    Cold Fire (+3, Cold+1d6, Fire+1d6)
    Rage of Chaos (Chaotic: +3, Lawful+2d6) CURSED
#   Bastard Sword of Heroism (+3, Enc+5, Keen, Slashing+3d6)
   Bastard Sword +4
#   Order's Nemesis (Chaotic: +5, Lawful+2d6, Berserk, Immunity Cloak of Fear,
       Sleep, Power Word: Sleep, Hold Person, Dire Charm) CURSED

(D.14) Robes
  Traveler's Robe (+1 vs Missile, Fort+1)
  Knave's Robe (+1 vs Slashing, Fort+1)
  Adventurer's Robe (+1 vs Bludgeoning, Fort+1)
  Phaen's Robe of Rags (AC Deflection 2, Cold 3/-)
# Phaen's Tattered Robes (AC Deflection 4, Cold 5/-, Bludgeoning 1/-,
      Piercing 1/-)
  Robe of Enfusing (AC Deflection 2, INT+1, Magic 1/-, Knowledge+5)
  Master's Robe (Brd, Sor, Wiz: INT+2, CHA+3)
# High Master's Robe (Brd, Sor, Wiz: INT+3, CHA+3, Alchemy+6, Knowledge+6)
  Robe of the Evil Archmagi (Evil: Deflection 5, Magic 1/-, Saves+1)
  Robe of Absorption (Slashing 1/-, Piercing 1/-, Bludgeoning 1/-)
# Imbued Robe of Absorption (Slashing 1/-, Piercing 1/-, Bludgeoning 1/-,
      Stoneskin 1/day)
% Wizard Robe of Cold Resistance (Cold 4/-)
% Wizard Robe of Fire Resistance (Fire 4/-)
  Wizard Robe of Electrical Resistance (Electrical 4/-)

Armor (Armor Bonus, Max Dex Bonus, Armor Check Penalty, Spell Failure, Weight)
Armor Check Penalty applies to Hide, Move Silently and Pick Pocket skills
(D.15) Light Armor
  Leather Armor (Armor 2, +6, -0, 10%, 15lb)
    Shadowed Leather Armor (Armor 2, +6, -0, 10%, 10lb, Hide+2)
    Leather Armor of Dexterity (Armor 2, +6, -0, 10%, 10lb, DEX+1)
    Leather Armor of Fire Resistance (Armor 2, +6, -0, 10%, 10lb, Fire 2/-)
   Leather Armor +1 (Armor 3, +6, -0, 10%, 10lb)
   Leather Armor +2 (Armor 4, +6, -0, 10%, 10lb)
  Studded Leather Armor (Armor 3, +5, -1, 15%, 20lb)
   Studded Leather Armor of Horror (Armor 3, +5, -1, 15%, 20lb,
       Immunity Horror)
   Studded Leather Armor of Fortitude (Armor 3, +5, -0, 15%, 15lb, HP+10)
   Studded Leather Armor +1 (Armor 4, +5, -0, 15%, 15lb)
    Milton Sixtoes' Armor of Absolute Self (Armor 4, +5, -0, 15%, 20lb,
       Immunity Charm)
    Shadowed Studded Leather +1 (Armor 4, +5, -0, 15%, 15lb, Hide+2)
   Studded Leather Armor +2 (Armor 5, +5, -0, 15%, 15lb)
#   Milton Sixtoes' Armor of Absolute Self (Armor 5, +5, -0, 15%, 20lb,
       Mind Blank effect)
    Zuvembie (Armor 6, +5, -0, 15%, 20lb, CHA-2, Death Ward effect) CURSED
#   Zuvembie's Impunity (Armor 6, +5, -0, 15%, 20lb, CHA-3, Death Ward effect,
       Freedom of Movement effect) CURSED

(D.16) Medium Armor
  Hide Armor (Armor 3, +4, -3, 20%, 25lb)
    Abishai Hide Armor (Armor 3, +4, -2, 20%, 15lb, DR 5/+1)
#   Cornugan Hide Armor (Armor 4, +4, -2, 20%, 15lb, DR 10/+2,
        Regenerate 1HP every 10 rounds)
    Wandering Hunter's Armor (Armor 4, +4, -2, 10%, 30lb, Cold 2/-)
  Chainmail Armor (Armor 5, +2, -5, 30%, 40lb)
   Chainmail +1 (Armor 6, +2, -4, 30%, 35lb)
   Chainmail +2 (Armor 7, +2, -4, 30%, 35lb)
    Mercenary's Lot (Armor 7, +2, -4, 30%, 20lb, Cold 5/-)
    Chain of Drakkas (Armor 7, None, -0, 0%, 30lb)
#   Chain of Drakkas' Fury (Armor 8, None, -0, 0%, 30lb, Atk+3, Extra Attack)
#   Mercenary's End (Armor 9, +2, -4, 30%, 10lb, Dispel Party Fatigue 1/day,
        Cold 10/-)
    Mithral Field Plate Armor (Armor 10, +2, -4, 30%, 25lb)

(D.17) Heavy Armor
  Splint Mail (Armor 6, +0, -7, 40%, 45lb)
    1/4 Weight Half-plate Mail (Armor 6, +0, -7, 40%, 12lb)
  Half-plate Armor (Armor 7, +0, -7, 40%, 50lb)
  Plate Mail (Armor 7)
    Armor of Warding (Armor 7, +0, -6, 40%, 20lb, Magic 2/-)
   Plate Mail +1 (Armor 8, +0, -6, 40%, 40lb)
    Armor of the Clerics of Myrkul (Armor 8, +0, -6, 40%, 50lb, Fortitude+1)
#   Duergar-Forged Armor of Warding (Armor 8, +0, -6, 40%, 20lb, Magic 5/-)
    Armor of Turak Mauler (Armor 8, +0, -6, 40%, 40lb, HP+5)
#   Armor of Turak Mauler the Fierce (Armor 10, +0, -6, 40%, 40lb, HP+15,
        Death Ward effect)
    Plate of the Pit Fiend (Armor 10, +0, -6, 40%, 50lb, 10% Sunfire when hit)
#   Plate of the Balor (Armor 10, +0, -6, 40%, 50lb, 10% Sunfire when hit,
        10% Cloak of Fear when hit, Immunity Horror, Confusion, Charm Person,
        Dire Charm, Cloak of Fear)
  Field Plate (Armor 7)
    1/4 Weight Field Plate (Armor 7, +1, -6, 35%, 17lb)
  Full Plate Mail (Armor 8)
    1/4 Weight Full Plate Mail (Armor 8, +1, -6, 35%, 17lb)
    Air Genesi Armor (Armor 8, +1, -5, 35%, 50lb, Reflex+2)
   Full Plate Mail +1 (Armor 9, +1, -5, 35%, 45lb)
    Diamond Cut (Armor 9, +1, -5, 35%, 50lb, Bludgeoning 1/-)
#   Diamond Cutter (Armor 10, +1, -5, 35%, 50lb, CON+2, Bludgeoning 1/-,
        Slashing 1/-, Piercing 1/-)
    Aasimar's Aura (Armor 10, +1, -5, 35%, 50lb, Protection from Evil)
#   Celestial Aura (Armor 10, +1, -5, 35%, 50lb, Protection from Evil,
        Fortitude+5, Fire 20/-)
#   Blessed Armor of the Clerics of Myrkul (Armor 10, +1, -5, 35%, 50lb,
        Fortitude+1, Raise Dead 1/day)
#   Air Genesi Gail Armor (Armor 11, +1, -5, 35%, 70lb, DEX+2,
        Immunity Stinking Cloud, Cloudkill, Cloud of Pestilence, Suffocate,
        Acid Fog, Whirlwind)

(D.18) Shields (Shield Bonus, Armor Check Penalty, Spell Failure, Weight)
  Buckler (Shield 1, -1, 5%, 5lb)
    Buckler of Dexterity (Shield 1, -0, 5%, 5lb, DEX+1)
    Buckler of Denial (Shield 1, -0, 5%, 5lb, Immunity Circle of Death)
   Buckler +1 (Shield 2, -0, 5%, 5lb)
  Small Shield (Shield 1, +1 vs Missile, -1, 5%, 6lb)
    Small Shield of Fortitude (Shield 1, +1 vs Missile, -0, 5%, 6lb, HP+5)
    Small Shield of Increased Fortitude (Shield 1, +1 vs Missile, -0, 5%, 6lb,
    Black Urchin (Shield 1, +1 vs Missile, -0, 15%, 6lb, 25% Poison)
   Small Shield +1 (Shield 2, +1 vs Missile, -1, 5%, 3lb)
    Footman's Folly (Shield 2, +1 vs Missile, -0, 15%, 6lb)
#   Footman's Incredibly Ridiculous Folly (Shield 2, +1 vs Missile, -0, 5%,
        6lb, DEX+2, Magic 2/-)
    Small Shield of Invisibility +1 (Shield 2, +1 vs Missile, -0, 5%, 6lb,
        Invisibility 1/day)
    Tabard's Shield (Shield 2, +1 vs Missile, -2, 15%, 10lb)
#   Mooncalf's Shield (Shield 3, +1 vs Missile, -0, 15%, 10lb,
        Protection From Arrows effect)
#   Spiny Black Urchin (Shield 3, +1 vs Missile, -0, 5%, 6lb, 50% Poison)
  Large Shield (Shield 2, -2, 15%, 15lb) 
    Barbarian Shield (Shield 2, -1, 15%, 15lb, CON+1) 
    Flank of the Virgin (Shield 2, -0, 15%, 15lb, DEX+1)
    Shield of Fortitude (Shield 2, -0, 15%, 15lb, HP+10)
    Myo-Myo's Gong (Shield 2, -0, 15%, 15lb, Holy Smite 1/day)
   Large Shield +1 (Shield 3, -2, 15%, 15lb)
#   Shield of Duergar Fortitude (Shield 3, -0, 15%, 15lb, HP+15)
#   Myo-Myo's Holy Gong (Shield 3, -1, 15%, 15lb, Holy Smite 1/day)
   Large Shield +2 (Shield 4, -1, 15%, 15lb)
#   Blessed Flank of the Virgin (Shield 4, -1, 15%, 15lb, DEX+3)
  Tower Shield (Shield 2, +1 vs Missile, -10, 50%, 25lb)
   Tower Shield +1 (Shield 3, +1 vs Missile, -9, 50%, 25lb)
    Tower Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles (Shield 3, +4 vs Missile, -9, 50%, 20lb)
    Tower Shield of Charm Protection +1 (Shield 3, +1 vs Missile, -9, 50%,
        25lb, Immunity Charm Person, Immunity Charm Person or Animal)
    Tower Shield of Spell Resistance +1 (Shield 3, +1 vs Missile, -9, 50%,
        25lb, Magic 2/-)
    Red Fang's Tomb (Shield 3, +1 vs Missile, -9, 50%, 30lb,
        Agannazar's Scorcher 1/day)
   Tower Shield +2 (Shield 4, +1 vs Missile, -9, 50%, 25lb)
    Lyre of Progression (Brd: STR+3)
#   Lyre of Inner Focus (Brd: STR+3, CON+2)
#   Masterwork Tome of Glorious Exaltation (Exaltation effect)

(D.19) Helmets, Hats
% Dragon Sight (CHA-1, See Invisibility 1/day)
  Wyrm's Maw (White Wyrm's Breath: Cone of Cold 6d4 1/day)
# Great White Wyrm's Maw (AC Deflection+1, Cone of Cold 15d4+15 1/day,
      Cold 5/-)
  Yeti Skin Hat (Cold 1/-)
  Winter Wolf Hat (CHA+1, Cold 1/-)
  Swing from the Masts (Rog: AC Generic+1, CHA+2)
# Crow's Nest (Rog: AC Generic+3, CHA+3, Charm Person 2/day)
  The Black Hands of Shelgoth (Death Ward effect,
      Inflict Moderate Wounds 1/day)
# Horrific Black Hands of Shelgoth (Death Ward effect,
      Inflict Moderate Wounds 1/day, Cloud of Pestilence 1/day)
  School Cap (INT+1)
# Intriguing School Cap (INT+3, Knowledge+2)

(D.20) Gauntlets, Bracers, Gloves
  Bracers of Defense +2 (AC Armor 2)
  Bracers of Defense +3 (AC Armor 3)
  Bracers of Defense +4 (AC Armor 4)
  Bracers of Archery "The Dale's Protector" (Atk+2 with Missile Weapons)
  Bracers of Icelandic Pearl (Sor, Wiz: AC+4, DEX-3, Horrid Wilting 1/day,
      Lesser Planar Binding: Water Elemental 1/day, Cone of Cold 1/day)
  Rakavik's Bracers (Magic Missile 2/day, Ice Dagger 1/day)
# Rakavik's Imbued Bracers (Magic Missile 1/day, Lance of Disruption 1/day,
      Mordenkainen's Force Missiles 1/day)
  Tamjan's Bracers (AC Deflection 1)
% Brazen Bands (AC Generic+5)
% Indomitable Bands (AC Generic+5, DR 10/+2)
  Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (Atk+1)
  Gauntlets of Fumbling (Atk-10, DEX-2) CURSED
  Elven Sewn Gloves (Cold 1/-)
  Yeti Skin Gloves (Cold 1/-)
  Winter Wolf Gloves (CHA+1, Cold 1/-)
  Bands of Focus (DR 5/+1)
# Bands of the Master (DR 15/+3)
  Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise (Atk+1, Dmg+2)
  Thunder Clap (Mnk: Extra Attack)
# Force of Lightning (Mnk: Two Extra Attacks)
  Arcs of Disredain (Electrical 1/-, Gedlee's Electric Loop 1/day)
# Insulated Arcs of Disredain (Electrical 2/-, Gedlee's Electric Loop 1/day,
      Lightning Bolt 1/day)
  Periapt of Wound Closure (Immunity Wounding, Regenerate 1HP every 4 rounds)

(D.21) Belts
  Sash of the Black Raven (Mnk: Atk+1, Immunity Confusion and Feeblemind)
# Binding Sash of the Black Raven (Mnk: Atk+2, Immunity Confusion, Feeblemind,
      Sleep, Charm Person and Cloak of Fear)
  Girdle of Beatification (Bless effect)
  Sash of Shadows (Non-detection effect)
# Sash of Hidden Shadows (Non-detection effect, Freedom of Movement effect,
  Dragon's Belt (Ref+3)
# Warded Dragon's Belt (Ref+3, Cold 6/-)
  Girdle of Piercing (+3 vs Piercing)
  Girdle of Bluntness (+4 vs Bludgeoning)
  Golden Girdle (+3 vs Slashing)
  Black Goat Girdle (Regenerate 1HP every 3 rounds)
# Blessed Black Goat Girdle (Saves+2, Regenerate 1HP every 3 rounds)
  Mercykiller's Belt (STR+2)
  Little Giant (Bbn, Ftr, Rgr: STR+4)
# Dwarven Ogre (Bbn, Ftr, Rgr: STR+6, Blur effect)

(D.22) Boots
  Yeti Skin Boots (Cold 1/-)
  Winter Wolf Boots (CHA+1, Cold 1/-)
  Boots of the North (Cold 6/-)
  Boots of Grounding (Electrical 6/-)
  Chimandrae's Slippers (DEX+5)
# Chimandrae's Warded Slippers (DEX+5, SR+2, Immunity Web, Entangle, Command)
  Boots of Avoidance (+5 vs Missile)
  Treadlightly Boots (Move Silently+1)
# Boots of Hushed Whispers (Move Silently+5)
  Boots of Stealth (Hide+2)
  Wandering Hunter's Boots (Hide +3)
  Boots of Speed (Increased Movement Speed)
  Shifter's Boots (Blink 1/day)
# Shifter's Nimble Boots (Freedom of Movement effect, Blink 1/day)
  Witherbranch Boots (Not Drd, Rgr: Immunity Entangle)

(D.23) Cloaks
  Cloak of Protection +1 (AC Deflection 1, Saves+1)
  Cloak of Protection +2 (AC Deflection 2, Saves+2)
  Farmer's Cloak (AC Deflection 3)
# Blessed Farmer's Cloak (AC Deflection 3, Entangle 1/day, Sunscorch 1/day,
      Aid 1/day)
  Yeti Skin Cloak (Cold 1/-)
  Winter Wolf Cloak (CHA+1, Cold 1/-)
  Wandering Hunter's Cloak (Hide +2)
  Cloak of Displacement (+4 vs Missile, Fort+2, Ref+2)
  House of Despana Piwafwi (Fire 2/-, Hide+2)
  Cloak of Non-Detection (Non-detection effect)
  The Shroud of Bankao (Immunity Skull Trap, Immunity Glyph of Warding,
      Ghoul Touch 1/day)
# Death Shroud of Bankao (Immunity Skull Trap, Immunity Glyph of Warding,
      CON+3, Ghoul Touch 1/day, Bull's Strength 1/day)
  Nature's Vengeance (Drd: 10% Bane when hit)
  Nature's Fury (Drd: 20% Bane when hit, 10% Call Lightning when hit)
  Cloak of Mystra (Wiz: DR 5/+1)
# Mystra's Embrace (Wiz: DR 10/+2, Stoneskin 1/day)

(D.24) Amulets, Scarves
  Lucky Knucky (Saves+1)
  Amulet of Protection +1 (AC Deflection 1, Saves+1)
  Gohoin's Charm (Non-Dwarf: Regenerate 1HP every 10 rounds, AC Deflection 3)
# Gohoin's Secret Charm (Non-Dwarf: Regenerate 1HP every 10 rounds,
      AC Deflection 3, Improved Invisibilty 1/day)
# Medallion of Dawn (Good, Clr, Pal: Regenerate 1HP every 3 rounds,
      Heal 1/day)
  Flame Dance Talisman (AC Generic+1, Fireball 1/day)
# Sunfire Talisman (AC Generic+3, Fire 15/-, Sunfire 1/day)
  Pipes of the Wheezing Dragon (Pick Pocket-3, Hide-3, Move Silently-3,
      Burning Hands 3/day, Agannazar's Scorcher 1/day)
# Craum Straug's Pipes (Pick Pocket-3, Hide-3, Move Silently-3,
      Fireball 3/day, Delayed Blast Fireball 1/day)
  Houndstooth Collar (Immunity Panic, Immunity Fear, Beast Claw 1/day)
# Vghotan's Band (STR+1, Immunity Panic, Immunity Fear, Beast Claw 1/day,
      Freedom of Movement effect)
  Yeti Skin Scarf (Cold 1/-)
  Winter Wolf Scarf (CHA+1, Cold 1/-)
  Blood of the Innocent (Non-Good: STR+2)
# Bile of the Damned (Non-Good: STR+4, WIS+4)
  Snow Leopard Charm (DEX+2)
# Heart of the Snow Leopard Charm (DEX+4, Cold 4/-)
  Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone (WIS+2)
  Mirabel's Pendant (Knowledge+3)
# Mirabel's Maleficent Pendant (Knowledge+3, Malison 1/day) 
  Belib's Multiple Tool (Open Lock+1, Search+1)
# Belib's Multiple Tool of Fortune (Open Lock+2, Search+2, Saves+1)
  Howling Wolf Charm (Summon Wolf 3 uses)
  Shield Amulet (Shield)
  House of Despana Insignia (Otiluke's Resilient Sphere 1/day, Blur 1/day,
      Melf's Acid Arrow 1/day)
  Necklace of Missiles (Fire 6d6 30ft radius)
  Eye of the Storm (Sanctuary 2/day)
# Calm Before the Storm (Sanctuary 2/day, Mind Blank effect)
  Cleansing Medallion (Good, Clr, Pal: Cure Light Wounds 1/day)
  Druids Stone (Drd: Stoneskin 1/day)
# Druid's Stone of Thorns (Drd: Stoneskin 1/day, Spike Stones 1/day,
      Spike Growth 1/day)

(D.25) Rings
  Aramite Ring (AC Deflection 1)
# Aramite Cult Leader Ring (Brd, Sor, Wiz: AC Deflection 3, Magic 2/-)
  Ring of Protection +1 (AC Deflection 1)
  Ring of Protection +2 (AC Deflection 2)
  Ring of Hearty Strength (STR+1, CON+1)
  Chameleon Ring of Dexterity (DEX+1, Hide+1)
  Bard's Ring (DEX+1, Knowledge+2)
  Wizards Ring (Brd, Sor, Wiz: INT+1)
  Ring of the Wise (WIS+1)
  Every God Ring (Clr, Drd, Pal, Rgr: WIS+5)
  Tyrannar's Band (Clr, Drd, Pal, Rgr: WIS+2, CHA+2)
# High Tyrannar's Band (Clr, Drd, Pal, Rgr: WIS+4, CHA+4)
  Ring of Charm (CHA+2, Charm Person 1/day)
  Ring of the Warrior (Atk+1)
  Tymora's Loop (Luck+3)
  Chameleon Ring (Hide+2)
  Greater Chameleon Ring (Hide+3)
  Ring of Knowing (Knowledge+1)
  Ring of Knowledge (Alchemy+1, Knowledge+1)
  Ring of Mage Armor (Mage Armor 1/day)
  Ring of Animal Friendship "Druid's Ring" (Charm Animal 1/day)
  Shield Ring (Shield 2/day)
  Ring of Invisibility (Invisibility 1/day)
% Ring of Energy (Dmg 2d6 1/day)
  Protection From Evil Ring (Protection From Evil 2/day)
  Charm Immunity Ring (Immunity Charm)
  Nathaniel's Ring of the Ram (Knock, Bull's Strength, Alicorn Lance 1/day)
  Ring of Regeneration (Regenerate 1HP every 10 rounds)
  Ring of Freedom of Movement (Freedom of Movement effect)
  Ring of Spell Resistance (Magic 2/-)
  Cold Reflection (Magic 4/-)
# Cold Steel Reflection (Magic 5/-, Globe of Invulnerability)
  Ring of Acid Resistance (Acid 3/-)
  Ring of Fire Resistance (Fire 3/-)
  Ring of Shock Resistance (Electrical 3/-)
  Ring of Frost Resistance (Cold 3/-)
  Winter Ring (Cold 7/-)
  Ring of Clumsiness (DEX-50%, Spell Failure 75%) CURSED

(D.26) Magical Items
  Iron Rations (Heal 3HP)
  Mossy Poultice (Cure Critical Wounds 1/day)
# Moldy Poultice (Cure Critical Wounds 1/day, Resurrection 1/day)
  Book of the Deserving (Clr: Bless 1/day)
# Tome of the Lord of Battles (Clr: Champion's Strength 1/day)
  Book of Leaves (Drd: Barkskin)
# Book of Leaves (Drd: Barkskin, Summon Shambling Mound)
# Legends of Icewind Dale (Not Bbn: Planar Binding: Air Elemental 3/day,
      Whirlwind 3/day)
# Heart of Winter (Not Bbn: Otiluke's Freezing Sphere 3/day,
      Power Word: Blindness 3/day)
  The Merry Shorthorn (Brd: Bless 1/day)
# Prophia's Merry Shorthorn (Brd: Prayer 1/day)
  The Dire Old Lute of Pellon Kay (Brd: Dire Charm 1/day)
# Strings of Discord (Brd: Dire Charm 1/day, Dominate Person 1/day)
% Serpent's Stomach (Brd: Acid Fog 2/day)
  Bardic Horn of Valhalla (Brd: Summon 2-4 Berserkers)
# Raging Winds (Brd: Summon 3-6 Berserkers)
  The Cittern of War (Brd: Emotion: Hope)
# Masterwork Cittern of War (Brd: Emotion: Hope, Chaos)
  Owain's Lullabye (Brd: Cone of Cold)
# Sweet Auril's Kiss (Brd: Cone of Cold + Elemental Barrier)
  The Unstrung Harp (Brd, Non-Evil, WIS 13: Heal 1/day)
# Sephica's Prayer (Brd, Non-Evil, WIS 13: Heal 1/day, Resurrection 1/day)
  Viol of the Hollow Men (Summon Shadow 1/day)
# Tallow's Violin (Soul Eater 1/day)
  Mandrake Root (Slashing 1/-, Bludgeoning 1/-, Piercing 1/-, Missile 1/-,
      Poison 1/- for 1 turn)
# Mandrake Root (Slashing 2/-, Bludgeoning 2/-, Piercing 2/-, Missile 2/-,
      Poison 2/-, Acid 2/-, Fire 2/-, Electrical 2/-, Magic 2/- for 1 turn)
  Modified Mandrake Root (Slashing 1/-, Bludgeoning 1/-, Piercing 1/-,
      Missile 1/-, Poison 1/- for 1 turn)
# Modified Mandrake Root (Slashing 2/-, Bludgeoning 2/-, Poison 2/-, Acid 2/-,
    Piercing 2/-, Missile 2/-, Fire 2/-, Electrical 2/-, Magic 2/- for 1 turn)
  Tome of Deeds Valorous (Remove Fear 3/day)
# Masterwork Tome of Deeds Valorous
      (Clr, Pal: Remove Fear + Emotion: Rage + Armor of Faith 3/day)
  Tome of Glorious Exaltation (Clr, Mnk, Pal: Exaltation 1/day)
  Tome of the Supplicant (Clr, Pal: Prayer 1/day)
# Masterwork Tome of the Supplicant (Clr, Pal: Prayer + Holy Smite 1/day)
  Tome of Sacred Verse (Clr, Pal: Chant 2/day)
# Masterwork Tome of Sacred Verse (Clr, Pal: Chant + Emotion: Despair 2/day)
  How To Be An Adventurer (10,000XP)
# How To Be An Adventurer (2nd Ed.) (20,000XP)
  Mensel's Obscene Grimoire (Non-Good: Protection From Evil + Cacofiend 1 use)
# Mensel's Vile Grimoire Pervertere
      (Non-Good: Protection From Evil + Cacofiend 1/day)
% Avarine Decanter (Summon Bashshar al Rachid 3 uses)

(D.27) Miscellaneous Items
  Scroll Case (Hold 20 different scrolls)
  Gem Bag (Hold 20 different gems, rings and amulets, Weight-100%)
  Potion Bag (Hold 20 different potions, Weight-100%)
  Bag of Holding (Weight-100%)
  Mercenary's Sack (Weight-100%)

(D.28) Grenadelike
  Lamp Oil (Fire 2d8)
  Flaming Oil (Fire 2d8 5ft radius)
  Oil of Fiery Burning (Fire 5d6 20ft radius)
  Potion of Explosions (Fire 6d6 20ft radius)

(D.29) Wands
  Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (Brd, Clr, Drd, Pal, Rgr: Cure Moderate Wounds)
  Wand of Bull's Strength (Brd, Clr, Pal, Sor, Wiz: Bull's Strength)
  Wand of Evil Protection (Brd, Clr, Pal, Sor, Wiz: Protection from Evil)
  Wand of Fear (Brd, Clr, Drd, Sor, Wiz: Fear)
  Wand of Sleep (Brd, Rgr, Sor, Wiz: Sleep)
  Wand of the Dead (Clr, Sor, Wiz: Animate Dead)
  Wand of Grease (Brd, Sor, Wiz: Grease)
  Wand of Horror (Brd, Sor, Wiz: Horror)
  Cat's Grace Wand (Brd, Sor, Wiz: Cat's Grace)
  Wand of Mage Armor (Brd, Sor, Wiz: Mage Armor)
% Color Spray Wand (Brd, Sor, Wiz: Color Spray)
  Wand of Magic Missiles (Sor, Wiz: Magic Missile)
  Wand of Lightning (Sor, Wiz: Lightning Bolt)
  Wand of the Spider's Web (Sor, Wiz: Web)
  Wand of Fire (Sor, Wiz: Fireball, Agannazar's Scorcher)
  Wand of Alicorn Lance (Clr, Drd, Rgr: Alicorn Lance)
  Wand of the Heavens (Clr, Drd, Rgr: Flamestrike)
  Wand of Entanglement (Drd, Rgr: Entangle)
% Wand of Remove Paralysis (Clr, Pal: Remove Paralysis)
  Bane Wand (Clr: Bane)
% Wand of Aid (Clr: Aid)
  Sanctuary Wand (Clr: Sanctuary)
  Wand of Trap Detection (Clr: Find Traps for 10 rounds)

(D.30) Scrolls
  Protection from Acid scroll (Acid 3/- for 12 hours)
  Protection from Cold scroll (Cold 3/- for 12 hours)
  Protection from Electricity scroll (Electrical 3/- for 12 hours)
  Protection from Fire scroll (Fire 3/- for 12 hours)
  Protection from Petrification scroll (Immunity Petrification for 12 hours)
  Protection from Poison scroll (Remove Poison, Immunity Poison for 6 hours)
  Protection from Magic scroll (Dispel Magic, Immunity Magic for 10 turns)

(D.31) Scrolls Innate Level 1
  A - Abjuration, C - Conjuration, D - Divination, E - Enchantment
  I - Illusion, N - Necromancy, T - Transmutation, V - Evocation
  1 to 9 is the class casting level                            Sor
                                           Brd Clr Drd Pal Rgr Wiz
  Armor of Faith (A)                        -   1   -   -   -   -  Helm 1
  Bane (E)                                  -   1   -   -   -   -  Bane 1
  Bless (C)                                 -   1   -   1   -   -  Tempus 1
  Burning Hands (T)                         -   -   -   -   -   1
  Charm Person (E)                          1   -   -   -   -   1  Oghma 2
  Chill Touch (N)                           -   -   -   -   -   1
  Chromatic Orb (V)                         1   -   -   -   -   1
  Color Spray (I)                           1   -   -   -   -   1
  Command (E)                               -   1   -   -   -   -  Bane 1
  Cure Light Wounds (C)                     1   1   1   1   2   -
  Doom (E)                                  -   1   -   -   -   -  Talos
  Entangle (T)                              -   -   1   -   1   -
  Faerie Fire (V)                           -   -   1   -   -   -  Lath/Sel 1
  Frost Fingers (T)                         -   -   1   -   -   -
  Goodberry (T)                             -   -   1   -   -   -
  Grease (C)                                1   -   -   -   -   1
  Ice Dagger (V)                            -   -   -   -   -   1
  Identify (D)                              1   -   -   -   -   1  Oghma 1
  Inflict Light Wounds (N)                  -   1   -   -   -   -
  Larloch's Minor Drain (N)                 -   -   -   -   -   1
  Mage Armor (C) (AC Armor 4)               1   -   -   -   -   1
  Magic Missile (V)                         -   -   -   -   -   1
  Magic Stone (T)                           -   1   -   -   -   -  Tempus 1
  Minor Mirror Image (I)                    1   -   -   -   -   1  Mask 1
  Protection from Evil (A)                  1   1   -   1   -   1  Ilma/Helm 1
  Protection from Petrification (A)         -   -   -   -   -   1
  Ray of Enfeeblement (N)                   -   -   -   -   -   1
  Remove Fear (A)                           -   1   -   -   -   -
  Sanctuary (A)                             -   1   -   -   -   -  Selune 1
  Shield (A) (AC Armor 7)                   -   -   -   -   -   1
  Shillelagh (T)                            -   -   1   -   -   -
  Shocking Grasp (T)                        -   -   -   -   -   1  Talos 1
  Sleep (E)                                 1   -   -   -   2   1  Mask 1
  Summon Monster I (C)                      1   1   -   -   -   1
  Summon Nature's Ally I (C)                -   -   1   -   1   -
  Sunscorch (V)                             -   -   1   -   1   -  Lath/Sel 1

(D.32) Scrolls Innate Level 2
  Aganazzar's Scorcher (V)                  -   -   -   -   -   2  Lathander 3
  Aid (E)                                   -   2   -   -   -   -  Ilmater 2
  Alicorn Lance (V)                         -   -   2   -   2   -  Ilma/Sel 2
  Barkskin (T) (AC Generic+3/4/5)           -   -   2   -   -   -
  Beast Claw (T)                            -   -   2   -   2   -
  Blindness (T)                             2   3   -   -   -   2  Mask 2
  Blur (I)                                  2   -   -   -   -   2  Mask 2
  Bull's Strength (T)                       2   2   -   2   -   2  Lathander 2
  Cat's Grace (T)                           2   -   -   -   -   2
  Chant (C)                                 -   2   -   -   -   -  Tempus 2
  Charm Person or Animal (E)                -   -   2   -   -   -
  Cure Moderate Wounds (C)                  2   2   3   3   3   -
  Deafness (T)                              2   -   -   -   -   2
  Death Armor (N)                           -   -   -   -   -   2  Talos 2
  Decastave (V)                             -   -   -   -   -   2
  Delay Poison (C)                          2   2   2   2   1   -
  Draw Upon Holy Might (V)                  -   2   -   2   -   -
  Eagle's Splendor (T)                      2   -   -   -   -   2
  Find Traps (D)                            -   2   -   -   -   -
  Flame Blade (V)                           -   -   2   -   -   -
  Gedlee's Electric Loop (V)                -   -   -   -   -   2
  Ghoul Touch (N)                           -   -   -   -   -   2
  Hold Animal (E)                           -   -   2   -   2   -
  Hold Person (E)                           2   2   -   -   -   3
  Horror (N)                                2   -   -   -   -   2
  Ice Blade (V)                             -   3   2   -   -   -
  Inflict Moderate Wounds (N)               -   2   -   -   -   -
  Invisibility (I)                          2   -   -   -   -   2
  Knock (T)                                 -   -   -   -   -   2
  Luck (E)                                  2   -   -   -   -   2
  Melf's Acid Arrow (C)                     -   -   -   -   -   2
  Minor Elemental Barrier (A)               -   2   2   2   1   2  Ilmater 1
  Mirror Image (I)                          2   -   -   -   -   2  Mask 3
  Moon Motes (I)                            -   -   -   -   -   -  Selune 2
  Power Word: Sleep (C)                     2   -   -   -   -   2
  Protection From Arrows (A)                -   -   -   -   -   2
  Rainstorm (V)                             -   -   2   -   3   -
  Remove Fatigue (T)                        -   2   -   -   -   -  Ilmater 2
  Remove Paralysis (A)                      -   2   -   2   -   -
  See Invisibility (D)                      2   -   -   -   -   2
  Silence (I)                               2   2   -   -   -   -
  Snilloc's Snowball Swarm (V)              -   -   -   -   -   2
  Spell Shield (A)                          -   2   -   -   -   -
  Spiritual Weapon (V)                      -   2   -   -   -   -
  Summon Monster II (C)                     2   2   -   -   -   2
  Summon Nature's Ally II (C)               -   -   2   -   2   -
  Vocalize (T)                              2   -   -   -   -   2
  Web (C)                                   -   -   -   -   -   2

(D.33) Scrolls Innate Level 3
  Animate Dead (N)                          -   3   -   -   -   5  Tempus 3
  Blink (T)                                 3   -   -   -   -   3
  Call Lightning (T)                        -   -   3   -   4   -
  Circle of Bones (N)                       -   3   -   -   -   -
  Contagion (N)                             -   3   3   -   -   4
  Cure Serious Wounds (C)                   3   3   4   4   4   -  Ilmater 3
  Dire Charm (E)                            2   -   -   -   -   3  Bane 3
  Dispel Magic (A)                          3   3   4   3   -   3
  Exaltation (A)                            -   3   -   -   -   -
  Fireball (V)                              -   -   -   -   -   3
  Flame Arrow (C)                           -   -   -   -   -   3
  Ghost Armor (C) (AC Deflection 5)         3   -   -   -   -   3
  Glyph of Warding (A)                      -   3   -   -   -   -
  Halt Undead (N)                           -   3   -   -   -   -
  Haste (T) (AC Generic+4)                  3   -   -   -   -   3
  Icelance (V)                              -   -   -   -   -   3
  Inflict Serious Wounds (N)                -   3   -   -   -   -
  Invisibility Purge (D)                    -   3   -   -   -   -
  Invisibility Sphere (I)                   3   -   -   -   -   3  Mask 3
  Lance of Disruption (V)                   -   -   -   -   -   3
  Lightning Bolt (V)                        -   -   -   -   -   3
  Magic Circle Against Evil (A)             3   3   -   3   -   3  Ilmater 3
  Melf's Minute Meteors (V)                 -   -   -   -   -   3
  Miscast Magic (E)                         -   3   -   -   -   -
  Mold Touch (T)                            -   -   3   -   -   -
  Moonblade (V)                             -   -   3   -   -   -
  Negative Energy Protection (A)            -   3   -   -   -   -
  Neutralize Poison (C)                     4   4   3   4   3   -
  Non-Detection / Nondetection (A)          -   -   -   -   4   3
  Poison (N)                                -   4   3   -   -   -
  Prayer (C)                                -   3   -   3   -   -
  Protection From Fire (A)                  -   3   3   -   2   3
  Remove Curse (A)                          3   3   -   -   -   4
  Remove Disease (A)                        3   3   3   -   3   -
  Rigid Thinking (E)                        -   3   -   -   -   -
  Skull Trap (N)                            -   -   -   -   -   3
  Slow (T)                                  3   -   -   -   -   3
  Snakebite (T)                             -   -   3   -   4   -
  Spike Growth (T)                          -   -   3   -   -   -
  Star Metal Cudgel (C)                     -   -   3   -   4   -
  Stinking Cloud (C)                        -   -   -   -   -   3
  Storm Shell (A)                           -   -   3   -   3   -
  Strength of One (T)                       -   3   -   3   -   -
  Summon Monster III (C)                    3   3   -   -   -   3
  Summon Nature's Ally III (C)              -   -   3   -   3   -
  Tortoise Shell (A)                        -   -   3   -   -   -
  Vampiric Touch (N)                        -   -   -   -   -   3

(D.34) Scrolls Innate Level 4
  Animal Rage (E)                           -   -   4   -   5   -
  Beltyn's Burning Blood (N)                -   -   -   -   -   4
  Blood Rage (T)                            -   -   -   -   -   4  Tempus 4
  Cloak of Fear (C)                         -   4   -   -   -   -  Bane 4
  Cloud of Pestilence (T) EVIL              -   4   -   -   -   -
  Confusion (E)                             3   -   -   -   -   4
  Cure Critical Wounds (C)                  4   4   5   -   -   -
  Death Ward (N)                            -   4   5   4   -   -  Helm 4
  Defensive Harmony (E)                     -   4   -   4   -   -  Helm 4
  Dismissal (A)                             4   4   -   -   -   5
  Emotion: Despair (E)                      3   -   -   -   -   4  Mask 4
  Emotion: Fear (E)                         3   -   -   -   -   4
  Emotion: Hope (E)                         3   -   -   -   -   4  Ilmater 4
  Emotion: Rage (E)                         3   -   -   -   -   4
  Fire Shield (Blue) (V)                    -   -   -   -   -   4
  Fire Shield (Red) (V)                     -   -   -   -   -   4  Lathander 4
  Flame Strike (V)                          -   5   4   -   4   -
  Freedom of Movement (A)                   -   4   4   4   4   -
  Giant Vermin (T)                          -   4   4   -   4   -
  Holy Power (V)                            -   4   -   4   -   -  Ilmater 5
  Holy Smite (N)                            -   -   -   -   -   -  Ilma/Lath 4
  Ice Storm (V)                             -   -   5   -   -   4
  Improved Invisibility (I)                 4   -   -   -   -   4  Mask 4
  Inflict Critical Wounds (N)               -   4   -   -   -   -
  Malison (E)                               -   -   -   -   -   4
  Minor Globe of Invulnerability (A)        -   -   -   -   -   4
  Mordenkainen's Force Missiles (V)         -   -   -   -   -   4
  Otiluke's Resilient Sphere (V)            -   -   -   -   -   4
  Protection from Lightning (A)             -   4   4   -   3   4
  Recitation (C)                            -   4   -   4   -   - Tempus 4
  Restoration (C)                           -   4   -   -   -   -
  Shadow Conjuration (I)                    5   -   -   -   -   4  Mask 5
  Shout (V)                                 4   -   -   -   -   4
  Spider Spawn (C)                          -   -   -   -   -   4
  Spike Stones (T)                          -   -   4   -   -   -
  Spirit Armor (N)                          4   -   -   -   -   4
  Stoneskin (A)                             -   -   -   -   -   4  Ilmater 6
  Summon Monster IV (C)                     4   4   -   -   -   4
  Summon Nature's Ally IV (C)               -   -   4   -   -   -
  Thorn Spray (T)                           -   -   4   -   -   -
  Unholy Blight (V) EVIL                    -   4   -   -   -   -  Mask 5
  Vitriolic Sphere (C)                      -   -   -   -   -   4
  Wall of Fire (V)                          -   -   5   -   -   4
  Wall of Moonlight (V)                     -   -   4   -   -   -

(D.35) Scrolls Innate Level 5
  Ball Lightning (V)                        -   -   -   -   -   5  Talos 5
  Champion's Strength (T)                   -   5   -   5   -   -  Tempus 5
  Chaos (E)                                 -   -   -   -   -   5
  Chaotic Commands (E)                      -   5   -   -   -   -  Tempus 5
  Cloudkill (C)                             -   -   -   -   -   5
  Cone of Cold (V)                          -   -   -   -   -   5
  Conjure Animals (C)                       -   -   5   -   6   -
  Dominate Person (E)                       4   -   -   -   -   5
  Feeblemind (E)                            -   -   -   -   -   5  Ilm 5/Ban 6
  Greater Command (E)                       -   5   -   -   -   -
  Greater Shadow Conjuration (I)            6   -   -   -   -   5  Mask 6
  Healing Circle (C)                        5   5   6   -   -   -
  Hold Monster (E)                          4   -   -   -   -   5
  Insect Plague (C)                         -   5   5   -   5   -
  Iron Skins (T)                            -   5   -   -   5   -
  Lesser Planar Binding: Air Elemental (C)  -   -   -   -   -   5
  Lesser Planar Binding: Earth Elemental (C)-   -   -   -   -   5
  Lesser Planar Binding: Fire Elemental (C) -   -   -   -   -   5
  Lesser Planar Binding: Water Elemental (C)-   -   -   -   -   5
  Lower Resistance (T)                      -   -   -   5   -   5
  Phantom Blade (V)                         5   -   -   -   -   5  Mask 6
  Protection from Acid (A)                  -   -   -   -   -   5
  Protection from Electricity (A)           -   -   -   -   -   5
  Raise Dead (N)                            -   5   -   -   -   -
  Shield of Lathander (C)                   -   5   -   -   -   -  Lathander 4
  Shroud of Flame (V)                       -   -   -   -   -   5
  Slay Living (N)                           -   5   -   -   -   -
  Smashing Wave (V)                         -   -   5   -   5   -
  Spell Resistance (T)                      -   5   -   5   -   -
  Static Charge (T)                         -   -   5   -   6   -
  Summon Monster V (C)                      5   5   -   -   -   5
  Summon Nature's Ally V (C)                -   -   5   -   5   -
  Summon Shadow (N)                         5   -   -   -   -   5
  Sunfire (V)                               -   -   -   -   -   5
  Undead Ward (N)                           -   5   -   5   -   -
(D.36) Scrolls Innate Level 6
  Acid Fog (C)                              -   -   -   -   -   6
  Acid Storm (V)                            -   -   -   -   -   6  Talos 8
  Antimagic Field (A)                       -   8   -   -   -   6  Selune 6
  Banishment (A)                            -   6   -   -   -   7  Helm 9
  Carrion Summons (C)                       -   -   -   -   -   6
  Chain Lightning (V)                       -   -   -   -   -   6  Talos 6
  Circle of Blades (V)                      -   6   -   6   -   -  Hel 6/Tem 6
  Circle of Death (N)                       -   -   -   -   -   6
  Darts of Bone (N)                         -   -   -   -   -   6
  Dolorous Decay (N)                        -   6   -   -   -   -
  Disintegrate (T)                          -   -   -   -   -   6
  Divine Shell (A)                          -   6   -   6   -   -
  Fire Seeds (C)                            -   -   6   -   -   -
  Flesh to Stone (T)                        -   -   -   -   -   6
  Globe of Invulnerability (A)              -   -   -   -   -   6
  Harm (N)                                  -   6   7   -   -   -  Ilmater 6
  Heal (N)                                  -   6   7   -   -   -
  Improved Haste (Mass Haste) (T)           6   -   -   -   -   6
  Lich Touch (N)                            -   -   -   -   -   6
  Otiluke's Freezing Sphere (V)             -   -   -   -   -   6
  Planar Ally: Earth Elemental              -   6   -   -   -   -  Selune 8
  Planar Ally: Fire Elemental               -   6   -   -   6   -  Selune 8
  Planar Binding: Air Elemental (C)         -   -   -   -   -   6  Selune 7
  Planar Binding: Earth Elemental (C)       -   -   -   -   -   6
  Planar Binding: Fire Elemental (C)        -   -   -   -   -   6
  Planar Binding: Water Elemental (C)       -   -   -   -   -   6  Selune 7
  Power Word: Silence (C)                   5   -   -   -   -   6
  Shades (I)                                6   -   -   -   -   6  Mask 7
  Sol's Searing Orb (V)                     -   6   6   -   6   -
  Soul Eater (N)                            -   -   -   -   -   6  Mask 7
  Spiritual Wrath (V)                       -   -   6   6   -   -
  Stone to Flesh (T)                        -   -   -   -   -   6
  Summon Invisible Stalker (C)              6   -   -   -   -   6
  Summon Monster VI (C)                     6   6   -   -   -   6
  Summon Nature's Ally VI (C)               -   -   6   -   6   -
  Tenser's Transformation (T)               -   -   -   -   -   6
  Trollish Fortitude (N)                    -   -   -   -   -   6
  Wyvern Call (C)                           -   -   -   -   -   6

(D.37) Scrolls Innate Level 7
  Aura of Vitality (T)                      -   -   7   -   -   -  Lathander 8
  Blasphemy (C) EVIL                        -   7   -   -   -   -  Mask 8
  Cacofiend (C)                             -   -   -   -   -   7
  Control Undead (N)                        -   -   -   -   -   7
  Creeping Doom (C)                         -   -   7   -   -   -
  Delayed Blast Fireball (V)                -   -   -   -   -   7
  Destruction (N)                           -   7   -   -   -   -  Talos 7
  Elemental Barrier (A)                     -   7   7   -   6   7
  Finger of Death (N)                       -   -   8   -   -   7
  Fire Storm (V)                            -   8   7   -   -   -
  Greater Restoration (N)                   -   7   -   -   -   -
  Greater Shield of Lathander (C)           -   7   -   -   -   -
  Holy Word (C) GOOD                        -   7   -   -   -   -
  Impervious Sanctity of Mind (A)           -   7   -   -   -   -
  Malavon's Rage (V)                        -   -   -   -   -   7
  Mass Invisibility (I)                     7   -   -   -   -   7  Mask 8
  Mist of Eldath (V)                        -   -   7   -   -   -
  Mordenkainen's Sword (V)                  -   -   -   -   -   7
  Power Word: Stun (C)                      -   -   -   -   -   7
  Prismatic Spray (V)                       7   -   -   -   -   7
  Resurrection (N)                          -   7   -   -   -   -
  Seven Eyes (A)                            -   -   -   -   -   7
  Suffocate (T)                             -   -   -   -   -   7
  Summon Djinni (C)                         7   -   -   -   -   7
  Summon Efreeti (C)                        7   -   -   -   -   7
  Summon Monster VII (C)                    -   7   -   -   -   7
  Summon Nature's Ally VII (C)              -   -   7   -   -   -
  Sunbeam (V)                               -   -   7   -   -   -
  Vipergout (C)                             -   -   -   -   -   7

(D.38) Scrolls Innate Level 8
  Fiery Cloud (C)                           -   -   -   -   -   8
  Flaying (N)                               -   -   -   -   -   8
  Great Shout (V)                           6   -   -   -   -   8
  Holy Aura (A)                             -   8   -   -   -   -  Ilmater 8
  Horrid Wilting (N)                        -   -   -   -   -   8  Ilm 9/Tal 9
  Iron Body (T)                             -   -   -   -   -   8
  Mass Heal (C)                             -   8   9   -   -   -  Lathander 9
  Mind Blank (A)                            -   -   -   -   -   8
  Power Word: Blind (C)                     8   -   -   -   -   8
  Summon Fiend (C)                          -   -   -   -   -   8
  Summon Monster VIII (C)                   -   8   -   -   -   8
  Summon Nature's Ally VIII (C)             -   -   8   -   -   -
  Symbol of Death                           -   8   -   -   -   8
  Symbol of Fear                            -   8   -   -   -   8
  Symbol of Hopelessness                    -   8   -   -   -   8
  Symbol of Pain                            8   8   -   -   -   8  Ilmater 8
  Symbol of Stunning                        -   8   -   -   -   8
  Tremor (T)                                -   8   9   -   -   -
  Whirlwind (V)                             -   -   8   -   -   -

(D.39) Scrolls Innate Level 9
  Aegis (A)                                 -   -   -   -   -   9  Helm 9
  Black Blade of Disaster (C)               -   -   -   -   -   9  Mask 9
  Elemental Legion (C)                      -   -   9   -   -   -
  Executioner's Eyes (D)                    -   -   -   -   -   9  Mask 9
  Gate (C)                                  -   9   -   -   -   9
  Mass Dominate (E)                         8   -   -   -   -   9
  Meteor Swarm (V)                          -   -   -   -   -   9
  Power Word: Kill (C)                      -   -   -   -   -   9
  Shambler (C)                              -   -   9   -   -   -
  Summon Monster IX (C)                     -   9   -   -   -   9  Ilmater 9
  Summon Nature's Ally IX (C)               -   -   9   -   -   -
  Wail of the Banshee (N)                   8   -   -   -   -   9

(D.40) Potions
  Potion of Healing (Heal 9HP)
  Elixir of Health (Heal 10HP)
  Elven Healing Wine (Heal 2d8HP)
  Potion of Extra Healing (Heal 18HP)
  Spirit Essence (Heal 25HP)
  Delay Poison Potion (Delay Poison)
  Antidote (Neutralize Poison)
  Antidote CURSED
  Mummy's Tea (Remove Disease)
  Philter of Purification (Remove Disease)
  Venla's Medicine (Remove Disease, Neutralize Poison)
  Potion of Absorption (+10 vs Bludgeoning, Electrical 2/- for 10 turns)
  Potion of Agility (DEX+1 for 15 turns)
  Potion of Aid
  Potion of Evil Protection (Protection from Evil)
  Potion of Freedom (Freedom of Movement for 10 turns)
  Potion of Ghost Armor
  Potion of Heroism (Atk+2, HP+10 for 10 turns)
  Potion of Master Thievery (Open Lock+8, Pick Pocket+8 for 3 hours)
  Potion of Invisibility (Invisibility for 12 hours)
  Potion of Invulnerability (Flesh to Stone) CURSED
  Potion of Luck
  Potion of Magic Dispelling (Dispel Magic)
  Potion of Minor Elemental Barrier
  Potion of Remove Curse
  Potion of Shield
  Flask of Braehg (STR+2, Slow Poison for 3 hours)
  Bottle of Braehg (STR+4, Slow Poison for 3 hours)
  Potion of Hill Giant Strength (STR+2 for 10 turns)
  Potion of Frost Giant Strength (STR+4 for 10 turns)
  Potion of Fire Giant Strength (STR+5 for 10 turns)
  Potion of Storm Giant Strength (STR+7 for 10 turns)
  Armor of Faith Potion
  Cat's Grace Potion
  Bark Skin Potion
  Ghoul Touch Potion
  Holy Might Potion (Draw Upon Holy Might)
  Minor Mirror Image Potion
  Protection from Petrification Potion
  Sanctuary Potion
  Lesser Restoration Potion
  Greater Restoration Potion
  Thrym Extract (Cold 20/- for 4 rounds, Fire 8d6 to user)
  Vampiric Touch Potion
  Vocalize Potion
  Histachii Brew
  Unenchanted Histachii Brew
  Sabotaged Histachii Brew (Transform into Yuan-ti Histachii for 4 hours)
  Potion of Clear Purpose (Clr, Pal: Permanent CON-2, WIS+1)
  Potion of Holy Transference (Permanent WIS+2, DEX-1)
  Potion of Greater Resistance (Permanent Slashing 1/-, Piercing 1/-)
  Potion of Magical Resistance (Permanent SR+1)
  Potion of Arcane Absorption (Permanent SR+2)

(D.41) Gems
  Fire Agate Gem
  Turquoise Gem
  Lynx Eye Gem
  Sunstone Gem
  Andar Gem
  Jasper Gem
  Tchazar Gem
  Iol Gem
  Skydrop Gem
  Ziron Gem
  Moonstone Gem
  Bloodstone Gem
  Ziose Gem
  Chrysoberyl Gem
  Waterstar Gem
  Shandon Gem
  Star Diopside Gem
  Horn Coral Gem
  Aquamarine Gem
  Garnet Gem
  Sphene Gem
  Black Opal
  Water Opal
  Moonbar Gem
  Star Saphire
  King's Tears
  Rogue Stone

(D.42) Jewelery
  Onyx Ring
  Gold Ring
  Bloodstone Ring
  Jade Ring
  Angel Skin Ring
  Flamedance Ring
  Ruby Ring
  Silver Necklace
  Bluestone Necklace
  Agni Mani Necklace
  Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace
  Gold Necklace
  Studded Necklace with Zios Gems
  Bloodstone Amulet


(E) Addendum


Icewind Dale II Adventure Pack
  Bonus CD
    Avarine Decanter
    Trailer, four MP3 files, eight character art images
  Character Trading Cards
  Poster with creature list

Icewind Dale II Collector's Edition
  Bonus CD
  Character Trading Cards
  Poster with creature list
  Cloth Map
  Icewind Dale stickers
  Black Isle Studios notepad
  Set of Dice

Icewind Dale II (2.01.091311)


2.01.101615 (18-10-02)


- Improved Initiative does nothing
- The statistics for the axe Death's Ally are wrong, they should be
  Damage: 1d8+5, Attack Bonus: +5, Enchantment: +5
- Club of Confusion requires Simple Weapon, Mace not Martial Weapon, Flail


(F) Unanswered Questions, Tips and Cheats


Where can I find Ubchug Babblemug

Where can I find the following scrolls
  L1 Summon Monster I           SPWI124Z
  L2 Minor Elemental Barrier    SPPR210Z
  L2 Summon Monster II          SPWI230Z
  L3 Magic Circle Against Evil  SPPR408Z
  L7 Summon Djinni              SPWI716Z
  L8 Flaying                    SPWI810Z
  L8 Symbol of Hopelessness     SPPR715Z
  L8 Symbol of Death            SPPR726Z
  L8 Symbol of Fear             SPPR727Z
  L8 Symbol of Stunning         SPPR728Z
You can add the missing scrolls using the cheat console
- Enable the cheat console from the configuration program
- While playing press CTRL-TAB to open the console
- Type ctrlaltdelete:createitem("SPxxxxxZ")


- 1 round = 6 seconds
- 1 turn = 10 rounds = 1 minute
- Items left on the ground vanish over time so store items in containers.
- Your adventure takes place in the The North when many creatures have cold
  attacks and are vulnerable to fire, so invest in cold resistance items and
  feats and in fire based attacks.
- If you haven't rested for 24 hours you suffer a -1 penalty to all rolls for
  every 4 hours that passes.
- There are six types of Armor Class modifiers that are combined to make your
  total Armor Class.  They are Base (which is always 10), Dexterity, Armor,
  Shield, Deflection and Generic.  The highest modifier of each type is added
  to your total except Generic modifiers which stack.  Examples of Generic
  modifiers are Size, Dodge, Expertise, Monk, Missile, Haste and Barkskin.
- If you don't have the printed U.S. Manual, make sure you refer to the Book
  of Spells and Tables PDF on the DVD.


Iyachtu Xvim, Lord of Darkness is the Godson of Bane
Orc Slave-Soldier says Zug-Zug which is what the Warcraft orcs say


To add Avarine Decanter
- Enable the cheat console from the configuration program
- While playing press CTRL-TAB to open the console
- Type ctrlaltdelete:setglobal("IWD2_BONUS_PACK","GLOBAL",1) and press enter

This scroll was removed from the game and cannot be learned
SPWI230Z Lutzaen's Frequent Jaunt (T) - Sor/Wiz L5

Widescreen Mod


(G) Credits and Revision History

I would like to thank http://www.gamefaqs.com for hosting my FAQs.

Some location desciptions are partly quoted from Wizards of the Coast

1.00 (19-03-10)
  First Public Release


(H) Contact Information

If you see any mistakes or know of something I have missed you can email me at
duncanclay@msn.com (please mention the revision number in your message).

I have also written guides for Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights available
from http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/6889.html

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Duncan Clay


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