1. Chris Borders Additional Editing
  2. Scott Purvis Additional Editing
  3. Jacob Devore Additional Programming by
  4. Jim Gardner Additional Programming by
  5. Aaron Brown Artists
  6. Eric Campanella Artists
  7. John Dickenson Artists
  8. Hector Espinoza Artists
  9. Derek Johnson Artists
  10. Jason Manley Artists
  11. Brian Menze Artists
  12. Aaron Meyers Artists
  13. Dennis Presnell Artists
  14. Justin Sweet Artists
  15. Douglas W. Avery Associate Producer
  16. Albert Perez Jr. Associate Product Manager
  17. Fred Hatch Audio and Localization Producer
  18. Gloria Soto Audio Operations Manager
  19. Frank Szick Audio Scripting
  20. J.P. Walton Audio Scripting
  21. John Dickenson Cinematic Illustrations
  22. Justin Sweet Cinematic Illustrations
  23. Aaron Meyers Cinematics
  24. Derek Gibbs Compatibility Technician
  25. Joshua Walters Compatibility Technician
  26. Scott Everts Compressionists
  27. Aaron Meyers Compressionists
  28. Chris Avellone Designers
  29. Stephen Bokkes Designers
  30. John Deiley Designers
  31. Damien Foletto Designers
  32. Rob Holloway Designers
  33. David Maldonado Designers
  34. Benson Russell Division Operations Manager
  35. Timothy Donley Lead Artists
  36. Pete Meihuizen Lead Artists
  37. J.E. Sawyer Lead Designer
  38. Bernie Weir Lead Programmer
  39. Kevin Osburn Line Producer
  40. Frank Szick Mastering
  41. J.P. Walton Mastering
  42. Jeff Husges Multiplayer Lead
  43. Inon Zur Music
  44. Dori Amarillio Music Recorded & Mixed
  45. Feargus Urquhart President
  46. Dave Boulanger Programmers
  47. Danien Chee Programmers
  48. Rich Finegan Programmers
  49. Thomas French Programmers
  50. Rob Holloway Programmers
  51. Darren L. Monahan Programmers
  52. Chad Nicholas Programmers
  53. Shanna Lynne Takayama QA Operations Manager
  54. Joshua Grant QA Product Manager
  55. Eric Fong QA Special Projects Manager
  56. David Cravens Senior Media Producer/Editor
  57. Dan L. Williams Senior Video Manager
  58. Adam Levenson Sound & Music Supervision
  59. Adam Levenson Sound Design & Editing
  60. Frank Szick Sound Design & Editing
  61. J.P. Walton Sound Design & Editing
  62. Ronald E. Austin Technical Designers
  63. Scott Everts Technical Designers
  64. David Hendee Technical Designers
  65. Primo Pulanco Technical Designers
  66. Jason G. Suinn Technical Designers
  67. Lisa Carlon VO Recording Assistant (SMS)
  68. Eric Lewis VO Recording Assistant (SMS)
  69. Ernie Sheesley VO Recording Engineering (SMS)
  70. Earl Boen VO Talent
  71. Carlos Carrasco VO Talent
  72. T.C. Carson VO Talent
  73. Gabrielle Carteris VO Talent
  74. Moe Daniels VO Talent
  75. Grey Delisle VO Talent
  76. Charles Dennis VO Talent
  77. Greg Eagles VO Talent
  78. Brian George VO Talent
  79. J. D. Hall VO Talent
  80. Vanessa Marshall VO Talent
  81. Iona Morris VO Talent
  82. Joe Nipote VO Talent
  83. Kathleen Noone VO Talent
  84. Jack Roth VO Talent
  85. Kath E. Soucie VO Talent
  86. Peter Stormare VO Talent
  87. Mari Weis VO Talent
  88. Jessica Urquhart Webmaster


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, ccurcillo, Craigboy0, Guard Master, ironyisntdead, odino, and oliist.

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