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    FAQ/Walkthrough by vals_evil_twin

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    		           Version 1.3  22AUG2008
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                                PART 1   WALKTHROUGH
    Our mission is to help Saul Myers find his daughter Lisa, kidnapped from
    Peurto Sombra somewhere in Realia, South America. The "Find Lisa Missions"
    are fairly linear, and that is the subject of this walkthrough. As well a
    selection of side missions are covered, where they advance the main mission
    by avoiding payment of bribes. You might like to check the GUIDE SECTION
    below before you get too far. OK Let's go...
    You are left standing all alone at the bus stop in Puerto Sombra. Your 
    daughter is missing somewhere in 625square kilometres of South American
    jungle.  You have a .50 cal pistol, a knife, 4000 pesos, a cellphone and 
    a camera. 
    You might like to try out a few other keys before you step out.  
    E(right mouse) is interact, talk, open door, enter car, etc. 
    M brings up the big map.  I is your inventory. O is mission objectives. 
    P is Profile/Stats. TAB swaps between mini map and compass. 
    Number keys select weapons and zero holsters them.  
    ESC calls/exits the main menu.  F7/F8 is the QUICK SAVE/QUICK LOAD.
    Don't press K when the phone rings, it's always your wife. Nag nag nag. =)
    So...  You are facing south. Turn around and there is a bus company guy who 
    will offer you a bus driving job. The pay is bad, but you get to see the 
    countryside. Forget it for now, and go into the park to the north. 
    Press E to talk to the passers by. If you give the kid 2 pesos, your 
    Civilian rating will go up. You can ask him about all the action 
    in town: the mayor, hospital, car repairs, motel, bar, police, car dealer,
    arms dealer and CIA. 
    Each one you enquire about will appear in your missions list with a map 
    location. Note: you must highlight missions in your missions menu to
    activate them and they will then appear on your map.
    Now...to find Lisa.  Ask the editor about Lisa's newspaper assignment.
    Head south to the red "X" on your mini map, or follow the compass. Look 
    before you cross the road, you don't want to get run down and killed in the 
    first minute!  If using the compass, follow the red arrow for 0.4 km. 
    When you get to the Verdad Newspaper Building, a little red up-arrow means 
    you go to the first floor. Once in the editor's office you will notice that 
    you cannot draw a weapon. All essential NPCs are protected in this way so 
    you don't break the script.
    Talk to the editor. He would like a little bribe before he helps you.  
    Don't pay; intimidate him! OK.He will point you in the right direction to
    find Lisa. He'll also give you some useful items: the keys to the starter 
    car; the boat manual; a directional microphone; a Xenus fragment; and 
    Lisa's diary. Collecting the 6 Xenus pieces is covered below in the GUIDE 
    section. The best option is to see the drug dealers. 
    Select Lisa’s car in your Missions screen and find it in the courtyard. 
    Press E and jump in. Pressing F9/10/11 gives choice of camera view.
    I prefer F11 view, you can see all around using the mouse.(If you didn’t 
    install the v2 patch, driving will be very unpleasant!) You have enough 
    money for a boat licence, and you have the theoretical knowledge (the Boat
    Handling Manual).
    The starter car is pretty terrible, but don’t go buying cars as you will get
    a Melarud and a Pirahnia free before much longer. In the car, you can press
    J to sleep.  This also restores your health at no cost! 
    Switch off the ignition (Z) when you exit the car or it will be out of gas
    when you return. Press SPC for the handbrake.
    Spoiler: to conserve petrol, drive with your little finger  on the Z key.
    On the way to earn your boat licence, you will have to drive off-road.  
    Hitting trees damages your car but it can be repaired at any gas station 
    for ~300 pesos. Driving the boat is pretty easy. Press E to enter.  After 
    you pass all the waypoints, park to the left of the pier and collect your
    licence from Augusto. NOTE: I suggest getting your boat licence much later 
    in the game. Then you can steal Augusto’s boat for a mission and save 
    yourself 7,500 pesos.
    Check your missions screen. You could get information from the barman at 
    the Black Jaguar Bar, but he demands a bribe. Don't pay him, but while you 
    are there you can mug a donut from the dead guy in the washroom. Donuts are
    one of the best foods for restoring health, just drag them across the 
    inventory screen and drop them on the bodypart that is injured.) 
    Take the cheapest option and see the drug dealer. This turns out to be 
    Don Esteban. Drive east out of Puerto Sombra to the roadblock. As your 
    relations with Government are OK, you can go through the roadblock but it 
    is quicker just to drive around them. On your way to Don Esteban, stop at 
    the roadside battles and collect rifles, ammo, grenades. Stow everything 
    in the trunk of the car (F2). Rifles are your chief source of income at this
    stage. You can sell them to the arms dealer below the gas station.  
    Check all rifles before you sell in case you get one with 0% wear. Don't buy
    new rifles. They cost too much.  You will get a good free one soon enough.
    Save ALL the bullets, for reasons I'll tell you about later.
    So...Don Pedro knows all about Lisa. Don Esteban will introduce you to 
    Don Pedro if you agree to do missions for the Mafia. This is where you make
    a critical choice: do you want to work for the Mafia?  For this walkthrough,
    we will start off working for the Guerrillas. So decline his offer and head
    off to Don Pedro's villa. 
    Without a letter of introduction, you'll have to fight your way past his 
    goons. Park at the front gate and make your way along the creek on the
    western side to the small dock. Load the pistol, hold C for stealthy crouch,
    and put in some headshots on the henchmen. There's a cut scene inside Don
    Pedro's office.Take his advice to dig more info out of the editor. 
    On your way out, chat up the girls, have a swim if you like =) 
    Ooh! Don Pedro gave a plane handling manual!  
    Let's get our plane licence next, and then see the editor.
    Select the plane licence in the Missions screen and head off to Augusto's
    airfield. Stop at the Car Dealership and steal four or five spare wheels on
    the way. Carrying weight will boost your strength stat. 
    After a chat to Augusto, drive down to the plane. Press E to enter, and
    F10 for 3rd person view. Q=poweron/Z=poweroff. Set the throttle to ~50,
    so you can admire the scenery. W = UP and S = DOWN. Learn to fly straight 
    and level, with gentle banking turns. Keeping low, make a clockwise turn to
    the south, and cruise over Peurto Sombra. Fly over the lighthouse and head
    south for a bit. Press M to get your bearings. Clockwise again, line up a 
    straight and level run under the bridge. Weeee! Back over the lighthouse and
    head north, to line up your landing. Press Z low over the airfield, hold the
    nose up and make a nice soft landing beside your car.
    Select the editor on your Missions page.
    Unfortunately when you see the editor, he is rather messily assassinated
    right before your eyes. And he was your only lead! The next few missions
    involve finding the assassin. Buy some donuts from the vendor outside the
    motel and he advises talking to the captain at the roadblock east of town.
    The captain tells you that a soldier called Edgardo hitched a ride with a
    tattooed one-eyed guy nick-named "Bellybutton", who fits the assassin's
    description. You can find Edgardo drinking at a roadside stall.
    Have a few drinks with him, pay a 3000 peso bribe (you might have to sell
    some rifles to make the 3000, but don't worry, you'll soon make some real
    money.) Edgardo will direct you to Umberto,a cigarette vendor near the
    statue in Puerto Sombra. Before you leave, look on the editor's desk and
    pick up the Gunboat Handling Manual.
    Umberto is only there during business hours, so have a sleep in your car, or
    sleep a few hours in the motel. Press H to check the time. Umberto is not
    there, but the relief salesdude sends you to his apartment above
    the Puerto Sombra arms dealer's shop. Head to the third floor. Umberto's
    brother meets you on the balcony, and says Umberto is at his jungle hideout.
    When you get there Umberto is already dead. The killer is "Belly Button",
    whose real name is Alberto Banco. Banco is now your only lead to Lisa's
    Approach the jungle hideout through a gap in the rear fence. Take a few
    donuts with you, you are going to lose mucho health! Use crouch (C) to get
    up the stairs then blast your way in with headshots. The more headshots you
    make, the quicker your weapon stat will increase. Kill Alberto Banco. Beware
    the dude behind the door! You get Banco's sniper rifle.  Cool!
    But if you are ever going to find Lisa, your only lead is now dead. Maybe
    you can find out who employed Banco to assassinate the editor!
    Your options are to see the police chief (bribe),see Don Pedro (bribe),or
    visit Jaime in the Black Jaguar Bar.
    Jaime is your contact with the Guerrillas. If you ever get bad relations
    with the Guerrillas you can bribe Jaime, but for now we have good relations.
    Jaime will give you some nice weaponry and two missions: steal Don Esteban's
    helicopter; and attack a government convoy. He gives the Chopper Manual.
    Kiss goodbye to your good relations with Government and Mafia. From here on
    they will shoot you on sight. You must also avoid road blocks and ambushes.
    But first you need a chopper licence.
    See Augusto with your manual and 500 pesos. The helicopter is easiest with
    3rd person view (F10). Press Q=up/Z=down. A/D turn left/right.
    Press W/S to select a  speed between -100 and +100. Obviously, dial in zero
    to hover and land.
    Park your old starter car well outside the Don Esteban's airfield, walk in
    and steal his chopper. Deliver it to the Guerrillas. You can land on the
    roof or if you prefer, in the front garden. Your Guerrilla contact there says
    "Thanks for stealing the chopper, now hijack the weapons truck from the Gov.
    NOTE: There are two Pirahnias here. You must drive BOTH Pirahnias, however
    briefly, otherwise one will disappear and you'll have a long walk at the end
    of this mission!. Find the Gov arms convoy parked on a bridge. If you see
    an old Granny beside the dirt track, stop and help her across the road. This
    will increase your Civilian rating. Drive through the jungle as well as on
    the roads, and you might come across random boxes of weapons/upgrades.
    The water reflections are quite pretty, and there's some interesting fish in
    the waterways...no pirahnas around here if you decide to have a swim.
    There's a dude parked near the bridge with a flat tire. Give him the spare
    from the Pirahnia for more Civilian points. Grab the weapons truck from the
    middle of the convoy and hightail it back to the Guerrilla Base.
    Your relations with the Guerrillas are now ~21. Press P to see that some of
    your other stats are improving as well.  You can now carry more weight.
    Unfortunately your Government relations are now negative. Choppers will
    attack you, rocket your vehicle, Gov. troops will fire on you, and you will
    have to bypass all Gov. road blocks. More bad news, Mafia relations are now
    negative. They will also shoot you on sight, and fell trees across the track
    to ambush you. Sigh!
    Tell Jaime back in Peurto Sombra you hijacked the helicopter and the weapons
    convoy. He will repay you with a information on the editor's assassination:
    "A dude named Aztec gave Alberto Banco the contract on the editor. This
    Aztec is presently at his mountain hideout, way over in the North East."
    Nurse the poor little starter car all the way over to the mountain hideout.
    Watch the gauges!  It's a long walk to a gas station if you run out of
    petrol. If you run damage down to zero, your car will crash and burn, and 
    you are screwed. All your bullets, donuts, spare wheels & rifles are gone!
    If your own health is pretty low don't worry. While you're driving around
    stop frequently to sleep and your health will recover. Soon you will be
    filthy rich, have a new rifle and a new car. =)
    When you arrive at the hideout, there is a cut scene. Bad men arrive to hurt
    Aztec. Help Aztec's brother fight off an attack until Aztec can whisk you
    away to safety in his chopper. Aztec is now your ally, as well as your only
    lead to finding Lisa. Their safe house is on a rat infested island connected
    to the mainland by a couple of bridges. Aztec and his brother are going to
    flee. "We won't survive long - We're planning to leave the country."
    Before they leave they offer to sell you their weaponry real cheap.
    First off it's not all that cheap, and second you have no money. They don't
    leave immediately so you can come back later to buy stuff, but do it before
    completing the next mission.
    Anyway...Aztec tells you he was paid by persons unknown to steal documents
    from the editor's safe. He gave the job to his best assassin, Alberto Banco
    (aka Bellybutton).  Banco stuffed up!  But Aztec gives Saul the combination
    to the editor's safe. 
    Weeee! There is a nice pink Melarud parked outside just for you.
    Before following the main mission to the editor's office, let's make some 
    money. Drive back to the Aztec's mountain hideout via Pueblo Faro. Transfer
    all your goodies from the starter car to the Melarud.
    Amazingly the bombed out shack is rebuilt. Go down the cellar to find a new
    Sniper Rifle and 600 pesos. These will respawn if you drive away and return.
    The door to the shack will now be shut. If it's open  you didn't drive far
    enough away.  The game allows you to repeat this as many times as you like.
    You can sell your sniper rifles to Gladis, the Guerrilla's supplyman in
    Peublo Faro. SPOILER: You can improve your trade skill  buying/reselling
    bullets in huge quantities, and then get a better price for your rifles.
    Park in front of Geurrilla Headquarters,opposite the cathedral.
    If you mug the bodies on the lawn you might be lucky enough to score the
    bullhorn. This is very handy for chasing away choppers before they rocket
    your car and all your loot. It also knocks parrots right out of the air,lol.
    Drive back to Peurto Sombra to the Verdad building. You are a step closer to
    finding Lisa.  I hope you can make headshots because five hoons are waiting
    inside to ambush you. Look in the safe and find a note from your daughter.
    "Dear Editor, Please find out the owner of bank account no. 2380531."
    You now have three options. See Don Pedro (20 000 peso bribe),
    the Bank Director (18 000 peso bribe), or try the Bank Employees.
    SPOILER: No, Saul doesn't score!
    Buy a bouquet of flowers from the granny on the bank steps. Inside the bank,
    give it to Frida. She will suggest a date in the Black Jaguar Bar that
    night. Rest up in your car or at the motel until ~8.00 pm.
    If Frida says, "I want to be alone tonight," try again in 24 hours. You
    share a couple of glasses of champagne. Saul notices she looks a bit anxious
    because the bank is letting go some of its employees. They even fired their
    computer guy! Maybe he can help you find out the owner of bank account
    #2380531. Frida wants an early night =[ so you may as well visit the hacker
    right now.
    He  will give you the account name if you can 'discourage' a bandit that has
    taken a fancy to his g/f. The bandits, 6 of them, can be taken out with two
    grenades. Easy.  
    When you return to the hacker,his video card has fried! The nearest computer
    parts are in Peublo Faro! If you are rich, you can make a quick return trip
    to Camillio the Mechanic by taxi for around 800 pesos. Otherwise drive down
    and pay 1,000 pesos for a new card. The hacker tells you the  owner of the
    account is Nelson Ardlia, the Director of Experiential Electronics.
    He is using the old sewing machine factory as a warehouse.
    If you didn't make it with Frida, you'll have to pay Don Pedro 20,000 pesos.
    If you want his piece of the Xenus, now is a good time to buy it from him.
    Once he leaves his villa, you can no longer complete the set of six Xenus
    Make sure you are stocked with fruit, donuts, whatever, because you have a
    battle ahead. Black soldiers appear in the game for the first time. Park
    well outside the factory/warehouse. Beware snakes and attacks by Gov troops
    and helicopters. Take out a few black soldiers with the sniper rifle.
    Pick off the rest one at a time from cover. There is a driveable Pirahnia
    here if you want it, and a tank. With his dying breath, the director tells
    you the black soldiers are Don Diego's (aka Don Pedro's) people. He babbles
    about "Lightning in the head" (Mind Control), and seeing Miguel Rodriguez
    about the equipment stored in the warehouse.  
    To find Miguel, you could ask Don Pedro (20 000 peso bribe), ask at the
    Peublo Faro roadblock (10 000 peso bribe) or ask Commandante Ricardo, the
    Peublo Faro Guerrilla leader. The Commandante only requires three missions
    of you.
    NOTE: Before you leave, pick up the tank manual from the floor, probably the
    most overlooked item in all of Realia! If you want, now get your tank
    licence from Augusto.
    Ask Commandante Ricardo at Geurrilla HQ about Miguel. He will try and locate
    Miguel for you. While he looks, fill in the time doing some missions for the
    The first mission is to collect a
    package from Peurto Sombra. Take a taxi if you are rich and impatient.
    Or you can just drive there.
    SPOILER: If you are poor, you can do the respawning treasure mission. Get a
    bottle of Tequila from the Azteco barman, and go talk to the old guy inside
    a walled courtyard in the NE edge of town. He tells you about the landslide
    and the buried treasure. Walk up the hillside with an RPG and blow away the
    rocks. RPGs are half the price of TNT and do the job just fine. Inside are
    3000 pesos worth of treasure and a Xenus piece. As long as you never see the
    old man to complete the mission, the treasure will respawn. The Antique
    dealership in Peurto Sombra is the only place you can cash in your treasure.
    The Commandante's second mission is to negotiate a prisoner exchange with a
    Gov. agent. He warns you to be careful, it could be a trap. Guess what...
    It's a trap!  
    You are ambushed as soon as you speak to the agent. Duck into a side room
    for cover, and pick the Gov. troops off one at a time. Collect everything
    and sell to the Guerrilla arms dealer. 
    SPOILER: You can increase the selling price by improving your trading skill.
    The quick way to do this is by trading a large quantity of bullets (eg 2000)
    back and forth, back and forth.
    Ricardo's third mission is to clear Gov.troops that overran an outpost where
    the Guerrillas keep their pamphlets.
    When you complete these three missions, Commandante Ricardo tells you that
    Miguel Rodriguez is hiding in the Green Tears Emerald Mine, which is now
    the scene of a fracas between his Guerrillas and Don Carlos's men.
    If you have followed this walkthrough you will have excellent relations with
    both the Guerrillas and the Mafia, so you don't even need to pack your guns
    and donuts. But make sure you have a hand grenade! If you don't, you can mug
    one of the corpses around the main mine entrance. DON"T enter the mine here.
    Instead, walk west a short distance and find a hidden entrance, covered with
    a few boards. Blow the entrance with a hand grenade and head into the mine.
    There are six or so emeralds here, but don't worry if you miss them. The
    strategy in the mine so you don't get lost is to keep hard against the left
    wall. Beware a couple of holes in the floor! When you come the a shelf
    overlooking a big cavern, take a running jump into the lake to conserve
    health. There are two planks for a bridge here, just so you know where we
    are. Follow the left wall as you go clockwise around the cave. Take a ramp
    back up the wall and find Miguel. He promises to tell you everything if you
    get him an American passport. So exit, keeping touch with the left wall, and
    take a long walk.  When you come to a low room with 4 electric cables
    running along each wall, head straight for the southern exit and up the
    ladder to the surface.
    Your options to get Miguel's passport are to see Camillio the Peublo Faro
    mechanic for a forgery that will fool no one; Don Pedro (20 000 peso bribe);
    or Peurto Sombra CIA chief Agent Johnson.  We have positive relations with
    the CIA, should be easy!
    Agent Johnson wants you to assassinate Commandante Ricardo in exchange for a
    US passport. This will lower your Guerrilla relations, but they will still
    be positive. Only when you return to Agent Johnson to complete the mission,
    will they turn negative. Return to the secret entrance to the Emerald Mine
    with another grenade. This time round Mafia soldiers will be friendly, but
    you have to shoot your way past the Guerrillas. Give Miguel his passport,
    and he will explain about the "Mind Control", Don Diego (Don Pedro), and how
    the director warned him to escape with his life. Your next lead in finding
    Lisa is to see Antonio, one of Miguel's dock workers. 
    Look for Antonio in the San Salvadore Indian village. 
    There's a cut scene showing the Black Soldiers kidnapping Antonio from his
    village, and taking him to a base in some nearby ruins. The Indian Chief
    gives you directions. Fight your way into the underground prison and release
    Antonio. Saul learns from Antonio that Don Diego is really Don Pedro.
    "Hhmm, I think I know what is going on!"
    In a  cut scene, Saul intercepts Don Pedro on the radio:
    "Yes, Don Pedro, I know everything.
    "Are you at the villa? Stay there.
    "I need to have a little chat."
    Take a long drive to Don Pedro's villa,just in time to see him escape to his
    island hideout by helicopter. If you haven't already bought his piece of the
    Xenus, bad luck, it's now too late.  
    The island hideout can only be reached by boat or helicopter. We'll take one
    of Augusto's boats. You will need to buy a can of petrol along the way! Ask
    to do your boat handling test, steal the boat and head to the island. If you
    already got your boat handling licence, never fear. There's an army guy at a
    dock on the southern side of Peurto Sombra. He'll sell you a boat for 7,500.
    Land at a small inlet high on the east coast, a bit below the lighthouse.
    There are stone walls above for cover, just so you know you're in the right
    place. You find Don Pedro in a cute little cottage with leadlight windows.
    In a cut scene, Don Pedro tells you Lisa is allright, she has just lost a
    little weight. She is being held for study by Alberto Caruzzo in the tunnels
    beneath the Tolbachico Volcano. The Black Tower here is emitting radiation
    for mind control. They are trying to figure out why Lisa is immune to the
    radiation. After a few steps back towards your boat, a helicopter lands and
    another cut scene: Luigi, Dr Watslav's lab assistant, gives you a chip which
    will protect you from mind control.  Cool. He confirms what Don pedro told
    you. Lisa is held at the Black Tower, the code name for Caruzzo's research
    lab in the tunnels below Tolbachico.
    Now to find a way into the Black Tower. Maybe there's a secret entrance?
    Get to your boat, and back to the Melarud parked at Peurto Sombra. Press M
    for the main map, and right click on the Melarud. This will mark a blue
    flagged waypoint for your mini-map/compass. Drive way back to the NE corner
    of the map. Just beyond Aztec's Mountain Hideout you will encounter weird
    exploding balls of white light. Something to do with Electro Magnetic Pulses
    that will eventually disable the ignition on your Melarud. Make sure you are
    stocked with weapons, bullets, fruit, you are fully rested and at full
    health, and pack some syringes and heavy armour for the final battle.
    Run down any fools you see standing in the road. Splat!! Open the gate and
    drive through to the Volcano area. Say goodbye to your faithful Melarud
    for the last time.
    NOTE: Once the "Find Lisa Mission" is complete you are unable do side
    There are two ways to enter the underground complex. There's a shaft hidden
    in bushes on the slope of the volcano. Or you can raise a crate at the back
    of the warehouse.
    The first sector key is just inside the door. The lab tunnels are not linear,
    but are easily navigated.
    The next sector key is in an office safe.
    The last sector key is in the lab director's safe.
    Cut Scene: Wow, you finally found Lisa. She's on a slab in the lab.
    Clear the enemies up the stairs until you come to the room 'No Entrar'.  
    Enter. The RPGs are used to blow up the compressors, so you need eight.
    The enemies respawn so shooting them is a Waste of time. 
    Travel light so you can sprint. Drop all weapons, food, everything except
    8 RPGs and your syringes.(Or use the console cheats if you have no shame.)
    Quicksave often and replenish health. Jump, run and gun through the four
    doors and blow the compressors.
    Once the compressors are blown, you get the final cut scene, and fly away
                          with your daughter. 
                             "Yes, Pa." 
                            "Sure, Pa.."  
                          Who'd be a father?  
                           END OF PART 1: WALKTHROUGH.
                             PART 2: GENERAL GUIDE
                            2.01  Overview.
                            2.02  Faction Relations
                            2.03  Character Attributes
                            2.04  System Requirements
                            2.05  The Patch
                            2.06  Don't do this
                            2.07  Useful Information
                            2.08  Respawning
                            2.09  Health
                            2.10  Vehicles
                            2.11  Weapons
                            2.12  Manuals
                            2.13  Xenus pieces
                            2.14  Console
                            2.15  Cheats
    2.01   OVERVIEW:
    Boiling Point is a classic RPG/FPS hybrid for the PC from Ukrainian 
    developer DeepShadows. Released prematurely, it had poor reviews due to an 
    incredible range of bugs. These are mostly addressed in the v2.0 patch, but 
    many of the sound files are still missing. 
    Set in South America, it captures the Banana Republic ambience perfectly.
    Saul Myers is searching for his kidnapped daughter.
    He can earn money, weapons and vehicles by performing missions for the 
    various factions, as he searches for Lisa. 
    Or he can get all the information he needs from Mafia boss Don Pedro, 
    for a price. 
    As well as searching for Lisa, and performing missions for the factions,
    there are six fragments of an Indian treasure (the Xenus) to find.
    With 625 square kilometres of jungle seething with activity, BP is a huge
    non-linear free roaming game. 
    Compared to other modern games, the graphics aren't that flash, 
    but I do love the early morning drives with the pink sunrise. 
    The bugs have even become a lovable and endearing feature.
    Emphasis is on FPS more than RPG.
    Stealth doesn't really work. As soon as a mission is completed, your Faction
    Relations change whether you were stealthy or not. 
    BP is so varied, it never plays the same way twice. 
    No matter how often you play, you can always do it with more style, 
    economy and efficiency. 
    Driving, weapons, navigation......... you can always improve your skills.
    After I finished Liam Howell's Beginner's Guide, I went along the usual
    'Road to Hell' with Boiling Point. Everything was a problem: I didn't know
    what to do, stumbled around, ran out of petrol, had no money, all the
    factions hated me, etc. 
    Next came Little Fluffy Clouds' Mission Guides, found here:
    There are many paths to follow. You can just fly the helis and enjoy the
    scenery. You can do all the side missions and progress slowly through the 
    "Find Lisa Missions". You can make a lot of money, bribe and steal, 
    get drunk and drugged, enjoy the pole dancing, loll around the pool with
    the models, find true love in a bank, or play at upgrading your weapons,
    strength, trade and technical skills. It's a very replayable game.
    The Faction Relationship Function is complex and sometimes arbitrary.
    Basically, you do not work FOR one faction. 
    You work AGAINST one and FOR all the others.
    If you have bad relations with a faction, you can find someone in the Black
    Jaguar Bar to bribe. (CIA can't be bribed.)
    2.03  Character ATTRIBUTES:
    Improve weapons skills with headshots/economical use of ammo.
    Improve trading skills buying and reselling large quantities of ammo 
    to the arms dealers.
    Improve strength by carrying near maximum load.
    Improve stamina by sleeping in the best room of the motel, 
    and generally not getting too sleepy.
    Improve health by sleeping, or eating donuts. 
    Runs fine for me with 3.2GHz P4, nVidia 6600GT and 2GB of RAM. 
    Some jerkiness is unavoidable as the scenery updates. 
    Sound problems persist, even with the patch. 
    A variety of game crashes can be worked around with lateral thinking. 
    Tweak XP to consume as few resources as possible.
    ***The game MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1.5GB of RAM to run smoothly.***
    2.05 THE PATCH:
    The game was shipped early, and is infested with bugs. 
    You need the Euro v2.0 retail patch, a free 197Mb download.
    This is the ONLY patch needed. If you don't have the patch, vehicle
    handling is very unpleasant! The fixes in the patch make interesting
    On top of some new fixes and upgrades, this new patch contains all the fixes
    contained in Patch 1. Therefore, if you have never patched your game before,
    Patch 2 is all you need. If you have already patched your game with Patch 1,
    Patch 2 can also be installed in order to benefit from the new features.
    -Game stability, reduces the unexpected crashes when playing, loading a 
    -Car dynamics / helicopter dynamics Cars : better realism when a car hits
    the player or the -Non Playable Character, better behaviour of IA in trucks
    or cars.
    -General improvement of NPC AI. Characters move when shooting, adapt their
    behaviour according to the situation
    -Weapon balance, weapon upgrades correct,and at the Arms dealer, all weapons
    are available for purchase according to the design of the game.
    -Cars disappearing
    -Collision : grenades do not remain stuck in walls when launched, prisoners
    do not remain stuck in walls when delivered, trees have collisions.
    -Position of dead bodies has been reworked, animation of the jaguar is more
    -Player and Non Playable Player positions in the environment have been
    checked and no character appears in mid-air or stuck in one of the scenery
    objects. Clipping issues have been solved as well.
    -Missions : fixing some bugs. Bus drive missions : the money earned after
    completing missions now corresponds to the expected amount which is promised
    before starting the mission. Whimpy mission: the objective is now complete
    only when Whimpy is rescued at night as stated in the objective. Missions
    which have been completed are cleared from the Missions Objectives Screen.
    -Hints are now appearing opportunely
    -Sounds which were missing (e.g. splash water) are now implemented
    -Camera control when firing from Pirania
    -Rendering landscape when flying on plane
    -Some situations where user car gets lost
    -NPC name which sometimes appeared in the list of vehicles
    -In the list of vehicles, now the last car you were using is N1
    -Snakes which were able to bite you when crawling
    -Size of the moon has been readjusted
    -Corrupted frames between AVI movies
    -Windows look like dark squares when it rains
    -Some doors disappear under some view angles on indoor levels
    -Boat which appeared to be filled with water / Boat trace disappears and
    flickers under some viewing angles
    -Some flickering carpets on federal base, flickering posters in city,
    flickering triangles when lit by flashlights on small river bridge
    -Shadows of dogs
    -Water and landswell now animated in 6th cutscene
    -White square from car lights are no more visible on GeForce cards, white
    square is no more visible around moon
    -Grenades explode before NPC die
    -Flowers in Granny's hands
    -Tail of the plane touches the ground
    -Music sudden volume change fixed
    -Some localisation issues, mistranslations, missing speeches, text
    overlappings have been fixed
    -Grass rendering and fixed flickering on hill tops
    -Added cans to fuel different kind of vehicles
    -Upgrades to repair weapons
    -Support of non 4:3 video modes
                          *********END QUOTE*********
    2.06 DON'T DO THIS:
    -don't run over/shoot civilians, you will get negative relations.
    -don't buy weapons, ammo, vehicles or fruit. Find them or mug bodies.
    -don't walk in the jungle. Cobras, killer bees or jaguars will get you.
    -don't swim. Pirahnas will get you.
    -don't collect spare wheels obsessively. You only need a couple.
    -don't answer the cellphone, it's only your nagging wife.
    -don't drink alcohol or take drugs.
    -don't own too many vehicles, they can randomly disappear.
    2.07 USEFUL Information:
    -Frame rates may improve on higher video settings! Strange but true.
    -Press PAUSE if you need a coffee break.
    -ESC cuts out the load screens and movie when starting.
    -Backspace ends cut scenes.
    -ESC speeds you through the dialogue.
    -Press Z to stop the motor whenever you exit a vehicle.
    -Learn to walk with one finger on C, for stealth.
    -Learn to drive with one finger on Z, to save fuel.
    -Saving Games: Create a major save point at the beginning of each 
    step in the mission.  
    Do a quick save with F7 before each conversation or battle.
    -When you die, press F8 for quick reload, don't go to hospital.
    -Travel light. Stow unnecessary items in the vehicle trunk.
    -Keep moving after you shoot, or the AI will target you.
    -Printscreen key works, press it and paste into your graphics program.
    2.08 RESPAWNING:
    The game allows this, so it is not cheating.
    Emeralds in the Emerald Mine
    Peublo Faro Treasure
    Prisoner's weapons in Peurto Sombra gaol
    Donut in Black Jaguar washroom
    Dead guys' weapons out front of Peublo Faro Guerrilla HQ
    Sniper rifle and 600 pesos in Aztec's Mountain Hideout
    Xenus Emerald Necklace.
    Travelling about 400m from many objects causes them to respawn.  
    The soldiers in the final mission respawn ad infinitum, 
    so don't even try to kill them.
    2.09 HEALTH:
    Don't use syringes to restore health, until the very last mission. 
    You don't want to become addicted! 
    Donuts and fruit are really good for health. 
    2.10 VEHICLES:
    The pink ute, (Melarud) is the best,imo. But don't waste money buying one.  
    F11 gives the best view, you can use the mouse to look around. 
    When damage gets below 10, see the grease monkey at a service station, 
    he'll fix it for ~300 pesos. 
    Disable headlights. It's hard looking around those cones of light. 
    Collect a few spare wheels, that's all you'll need.  
    Press J to sleep in the car. 
    For the handbrake press SPC.
    Driving off road is cool. You often find weapons upgrades.
    It's possible to drive over cliffs and survive.
    It's quicker to drive AROUND roadblocks, even friendly ones.
    Stow most of your valuables in one vehicle.
    Do not have too many vehicles, they may unexpectedly disappear.
    2.11  WEAPONS:
    Two basic firearms will do, an assault rifle and the Sniper (Dragunov). 
    Find ones with 0% wear.
    Get  ammo (and grenades) by mugging bodies.
    Use RPGs instead of TNT. Cheaper. 
    The silenced pistol is my favourite.
    The crossbow is more of a novelty if you like stealth.
    50% wear on a rifle means it will misfire every second bullet.  Not good!
    Often the side missions reward you with cool weapons.
    2.12  MANUALS:
    Motorboat Manual from the editor at the start.
    The Plane Manual is from Don Pedro when you first visit him.
    The Navy Boat Manual is on the editor's desk after he is assassinated.
    The Helicopter Manual is from Jaime when you ask him who killed the editor.
    After you save Aztec in the main mission, you get another one.
    The Tank Manual is on the floor of the Experiential Electronics factory 
    after the Director dies.
    2.13  XENUS PIECES:
    The editor gives you the first piece at the start.
    Don Pedro will sell you a piece for 10,000 pesos. You MUST buy it
    BEFORE you find Antonio in the Salvatore village.
    The Antique Dealer in Puerto Sombra sells you a piece for 7,500 pesos.
    There's a piece in with the Peublo Faro treasure. You need a bottle of
    Tequila and an RPG.
    Isaiah at the gas station in the centre of the map will swap his piece
    for a new Sniper rifle with M4, R4, FR4, & D4 upgrades. Let him install the
    upgrades himself!
    The Indian Chief Yahontotonhatasat gives you a piece when you complete his
    missions. (Along with some very bad faction ratings.) 
    Gather them in no particular order and take them all to the Antique
    Collector in Peurto Sombra. He tells you the location of a cave near the
    volcano and an Emerald Necklace.
    2.14  CONSOLE:
    Access the console by pressing ~.  That's the key below ESC. 
    If the console doesn't appear, make sure you have 
    'Console enabled = 1'in the game.ini file.
    2.15  CHEATS:
    Hold Z while driving to save petrol.
    For the no-clipping/fly mode cheat, Set clip 0 in game.ini.
    Console commands:
    addarmor ## - Add More Armor
    addhealth ## - Add More Health
    Press the tilde key ~ to enter the console. To repeat a command, press
    for ## you can enter numbers ranging from 01 to 99.
                            END OF PART2: GENERAL GUIDE.
    Version History:
    v1.3 22AUG2008
    Added Patch details.
    Added location of Xenus pieces.
    v1.2  09MAY 2008
    Updated links
    Added location of manuals.
    v1.1 15JAN2008   
    Added Contents List.
    Added links.
    V1.0 16MAR 2007  
    Original Walkthrough and Guide.
    http://borntobefreeform.com/phpBB3/index.php  Fansite, forum.
    http://board.deep-shadows.com/index.php?act=idx Devs forum.
    Thanks to the community at www.xenus-hq.net, the old 
    Boiling Point Forum, now renamed "Born to be Freeform."
    Special thanks to peetz and Little Fluffy Clouds.
    Thanks to DeepShadows for a classic game.
    ASCII Art courtesy of http://www.network-science.de/ascii/
    Copyright and Permissions:
    This Walkthrough and Guide is for:
    Born to Be Freeform
    It may be not be reproduced except for personal use. It may not be placed
    on any web site or otherwise distributed without permission. 
    SEQUEL?  Look out for "White Gold: War in Paradise", spiritual successor to 
    Boiling Point. Due out Q42008/Q12009.
    Thanks for reading =)
    Val's Evil Twin

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