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  • Grand Theft Auto III is the first game in the famous series to have been rendered with 3D graphics.

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  • Set to be released in September or early October 2001, the original release date was pushed back toward the end of October due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This led to speculation from many players that some of the games content as been removed or altered as the game has been set in inspired New York City.

    Rockstar did confirmed that 1% of the games content had been removed or changed because of the events. These were cosmetic details changes on a few vehicles, pedestrian comments and lines from the radio dialogue were changed. One mission was removed as it referenced terrorists. The biggest change was the packaging they thought was extreme after 9/11. The original intended packaging however was released in Europe.

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  • In Grand Theft Auto III, the main character's real name is never revealed. It is not until Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in which the main character (or someone looking very suspiciously like him) is met alongside another GTAIII character, Catalina, as her boyfriend. It is there that you learn that the main character of GTAIII is named Claude.

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