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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nautica0963

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/06/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    |1.0 Me, Myself, and My conditions...|
    1.1: Here is me: My name is Adam Doedema and I am an 18-year-old
    attending UB.  I was first introduced to the world of Grand Theft
    Auto by my brother; a somewhat avid gamer.  He was playing GTA Vice
    City and I was immediately hooked.  Shortly thereafter I took a ride
    and bought GTA3 and decided to write a little walkthrough that is a
    proven modus operandi for beating this game.  Are you all ready?
    Here we go!
    1.2: Contact info: I prefer e-mail correspondences, and so my e-mail
    is Nautica0963@aol.com.  Just so you know, I will only look at
    e-mails that have an appropriate title in the line, preferably
    thus--> Subject: GTA3 walkthrough or the like.  You can also find me
    as "nautica" on the CheatPlanet forums for GTA series.  PS The text
    found in this document has been edited for content.
    1.3: Copyright information: This walkthrough and all information
    presented in it are hereby considered copyright by author Adam
    Doedema.  Any desires to reuse this information elsewhere must be
    requested formally through e-mail inquisitions, and I will usually
    allow it, just make sure you ask permission first.
    |2.0 For PC version and basics of game|
    2.1: Controls for game: ON FOOT
    		w     =  forward
    		s     =  backward
    		LMB   =  fire weapon
    		RMB   =  bring up scope
    		SPC   =  jump
    		Shift =  sprint
    		ENTER =  enter/exit vehicle
    		Mouse =  look around/turn character
    		wheel =  cycle through weapons
    		whl up=  zoom in with scope
    		whl dn=  zoom out with scope
    2.1.2: Controls for game: IN VEHICLE
    		w     =  forward
    		s     =  reverse/regular brake
    			**technique for quick stopping => s and SPC**
    		<-    =  turn left
    		->    =  turn right
    		q     =  look left
    		e     =  look right
    		q+e   =  look behind
    		LMB   =  fire weapon (drive-by) or water spray, or
    			 turret of Rhino
    		SPC   =  handbrake
    			**techinque for quick stopping => s and SPC**
    		num8  =  water spray/dodo down
    		num2  =  water spray/dodo up
    		num4  =  water spray/tank turret left
    			**technique for faster tank:
    			turn turret to face backward**
    		num6  =  water spray/tank turret right
    		r     =  turn radio on/off/change stations
    		Shift =  horn
    2.2: Weapons: This is a list of weapons and various grades I have
    		awarded each on a scale of 1-10.
    The Fist      = 1: delivers good hits, but you are also injured in a
    The Bat       = 2: it is better than the fist, but still is not good.
    Colt .45      = 4: it can be fired when walking, and is easy to come
    		by. 12 round capacity.
    Uzi           = 5: it can be fired when walking, and delivers more
    		bullets in one sitting.  25 round capacity.
    Shotgun	      = 4: it isn't my favorite, but it delivers a lot more
    		damage. 1 round capacity/reloads quickly.
    Molotovs      = 4: simply a weak flamethrower, but is fun all the
    Grenades      = 5: definitely better than a molotov, and delivers
    		more damage.
    AK-47         = 7: here is one mean gun that the Columbian Cartel
    		like to use.  30 round capacity.
    M-16          = 10: this one is a lot meaner than the AK-47 and has
    		much more destructive power.  60 round capacity.
    Sniper Rifle  = 8: a decent weapon, and the head-shot cinematic is
    		fun.  1 round capacity/reloads medium speed.
    Flamethrower  = 9: here is a fun weapon that will certainly burn you
    		alive, so don't walk into its flame.
    RPGs          = 9: really fun to use, recommended in some missions.
    2.3: The cheats I used during gameplay: NO CHEATS will affect your
    	save file.
    TURTOISE		For max armor
    GESUNDHEIT		For max health - on person and on car
    NOPOLICEPLEASE		For 0 wanted level
    ILIKEDRESSINGUP		For changing into Marty Chonks
    				**See Section 5.1**
    SKINCANCERFORME		For clearing any poor weather
    GUNSGUNSGUNS		For getting all weapons
    GIVEUSATANK		For getting the Rhino
    CHITTYCHITTYBB		For reducing car gravity level so it will
    			float with high speeds
    2.4: What do you need for 100%? Well let us be amused:
    All main story missions complete (all 65 of them)
    All RC missions (4 of them)
    All 4X4 missions (4 of them)
    All Hidden Packages found (100 of them)
    All Unique Stunt Jumps completed (20 of them)
    All Rampages completed (20 of them)
    All cars for Portland Import/Export Garage (16 of them)
    All cars for Shoreside Vale Import/Export Garage (16 of them)
    All Emergency Vehicle Crance cars - in Portland (7 of them)
    I'm not sure if this counts toward 100%, but after the "Van Heist"
    mission from Joey you can find 10 Securicars and bring them to the
    same garage and be rewarded after each delivery: starting at $5000
    decreasing by $500 after that.
    |3.0 The Walkthrough Revealed!| NOTE that all DIFFICULTY stats given
    |-----------------------------| on scale 1-10; lowest-highest.
    3.1 Intro Mission 1I1 "Give me Liberty".
    OBJECTIVE = Reach the safehouse/hideout, change, and meet Luigi for
    some work.
    REWARD = $0000
    Simply drive the Kuruma to the hideout.
    {3.2.0: Luigi Goterelli}
    3.2.1: 2L1 "Luigi's Girls".
    OBJECTIVE = Drive Misty back to her apartment in one piece.
    REWARD = $1500
    If the Kuruma is not badly damaged, just take that to the hospital
    and return Misty to her place in Hepburn Heights.
    3.2.2: 3L2 "Don't SPANK ma Woman Up".
    OBJECTIVE = Kill the SPANK pusher in Portland Harbor with a bat found
    across the street.
    REWARD = $2000
    You can still use the Kuruma if you so desire, but if not, that's OK.
    Simply drive to the Portland Harbor and run your tires over the guy
    pushing SPANK.  Yes, you have a bat, but you don't need to use it.
    After he is deceased, you must take his Stallion and respray it - for
    free this time.  Follow the map blip and then park the car in garage
    as designated by the blue marker.  Do not, under any circumstances
    cause the car to light aflame.
    3.2.3 4L3 "Drive Misty for Me".
    OBJECTIVE = Drive Misty to Joey Leone's garage.
    REWARD = $1000 and a new mission contact.
    You no longer have the Kuruma, so grab any car and pick up Misty back
    at Hepburn Heights.  Sound the horn, and after Misty hops in, take
    her to Joey's garage.
    3.2.4 5L4 "Pump Action Pimp".
    OBJECTIVE = Kill Diablo pimp that has been upsetting Luigi.
    REWARD = $4000 and the Colt .45 is available at AmmuNation for $250.
    You can use the BANGBANGBANG cheat if you want to beat this mission
    easily, but it's much more entertaining when you actually go after
    the Diablo Stallion, and if the pimp gets out of the car you can get
    shotgun rounds after you complete the objective.  I would also
    suggest the GUNSGUNSGUNS cheat so you have enough power to drive-by
    the Stallion and then cream the pimp.
    3.2.5 6L5 "The Fuzz Ball".
    OBJECTIVE = Deliver at least 4 of the 8 of Luigi's girls to the ball
    in under 5 minutes.
    REWARD = $500 per each girl successfully delivered, but a guaranteed
    $2000 because you must deliver at least 4.
    I will not tell you which order to pick these ladies up in, but do
    keep in mind the timer, and do NOT use a Bus or Coach to complete this
    mission.  You can easily use a 4-door car so you can take 3 girls and
    go back for more.
    |4.0 The Odd Jobs|
    {4.1: Various Car Garages to fill up}
    4.1.1: The cars you need to find for the Portland Import/Export
    Garage are: Blista, Bobcat, Bus, Coach, Dodo, Flatbed, Linerunner,
    Moonbeam, Mr. Whoopee, Mule, Patriot, Pony, Rumpo, Securicar,
    Trashmaster, Yankee.  The Blista can be found during the Fire Truck
    mission, the Mr. Whoopee can be found during 16EB2 "I Scream, You
    Scream" (addressed later), the Trashmaster does appear in Portland,
    but rarely.  If you're having trouble with this one you can always
    drive the one rigged with a bomb in "Blow Fish" before it explodes
    (also addressed later), and the Dodo can be found in the Shoreside
    Vale airport.  The art of getting this back to Portland is tedious
    and addressed later in this guide.  After finishing up here you can
    also order 10 Securicars from the garage after "Van Heist" to get
    extra monies.
    DIFFICULTY = 6 overall - the fact that you need to bring a Dodo ups
    this difficulty by 2 at least.
    REWARD = $1000 for each vehicle, and a $200.000 bonus after all are
    delivered, plus 16 GTA pickups (The Export part).
    4.1.2: The cars you neeed to find for the Emergency Vehicle Crane 
    are: Ambulance, Barracks OL, Enforcer, FBI, Fire Truck, Police, and
    Rhino.  You can find all but the Barracks OL in Portland.  Simply use
    GIVEUSATANK for the Rhino.  Check out the local firehouses, police
    stations, and hospitals.  After formally entering Staunton Island,
    you can bring the Barracks OL and the Enforcer across the bridge.
    The FBI car is different - you must get a Wanted Level 4 and steal an
    FBI from the FBI people, which is quite easy to obtain when in
    Portland.  Also obtain a Wanted Level 2 and steal an Enforcer. Use
    TURTOISE and GESUNDHEIT if and when needed.
    DIFFICULTY = 6 overall - you are forced to wait until Staunton is
    formally opened to finish...
    REWARD = $1500 for each vehicle, and a $200.000 bonus after all are
    delivered, plus 7 GTA pickups.
    {4.2: Hidden Packages Part 1 denoted by HP}
    4.2.1: Following, one can find the first 33 Hidden Pax all around
    Portland.  Please also note that each package recovered nets you
    $1000 and you are rewarded with a $1.000.000 bonus after all are
    HP1. At the end of the path that leads to the water.
    HP2. On roof of Head Radio; jump from El Train tracks.
    Hepburn Heights:
    HP3. Behind tower buildings as far as possible.
    HP4. In island of parking lot with El Burro phone.
    HP5. Between trees to east of HP4.
    Red Light District:
    HP6. In alley of Luigi's club, take stairs to roof.
    HP7. Jump to the next roof west after HP6.
    HP8. In alley across street from Luigi's club, take stairs to roof.
    HP9. Will be recovered after getting to Staunton.
    HP10. Smash the glass of the Rush Constrution Company and take
    	package inside.
    HP11. In alley behind Hong Hung Incorporated.
    HP12. On roof of southernmost block in Chinatown, stairs are nearby.
    HP13. In alley behind the Roast Peking Duck.
    Callahan Point:
    HP14. Behind the concrete fence facing the sawmill.
    HP15. Behind Turtle Head Fish Company - need a BellyUp or Trashmaster
    	to enter and then acquire the Package.
    HP16. Will be recovered after getting to Staunton.
    Atlantic Quays:
    HP17. At the end of the east-facing pier.
    HP18. Inside gates and behind the Bark'n'Dogs Food Factory.
    HP19. On roof of Liberty Pharmaceuticals; jump from El Train tracks.
    HP20. In backyard accessible by a small ramp and police bribe.
    HP21. In front of Joey's garage, behind fence, enterance nearby.
    HP22. Jump the dirt mound in the back of the sawmill to get the
    	package on the roof.
    Portland Harbor:
    HP23. Use stairs near Les Cargo ship and jump across awning to next
    Portland View:
    HP24. On roof of the SupaSave; jump from El Train tracks.
    St. Marks:
    HP25. In long sloping alley in backyard.
    HP26. In the small park, against back wall (you may need to use q or
    	e to see the package).
    HP27. In top floor of building under construction; climb dirt mound
    	in back.
    HP28. One block south of AMco building; driveway in back.
    HP29. On AMco building; walk the wall at the enterance, take it to
    	the SE roof, jump down and then to the package.
    HP30. Inside Easy Credit Autos by Banshee; break the glass with
    	another car and take the Banshee while there.
    HP31. In tramp tunnel guarded by 4 men with Molotovs; enter tunnel by
    Portland Beach:
    HP32. Salvatore's mansion on the north ledge.
    HP33. Jump from Salvatore's mansion to the grassy area below and find
    	the package in an indented grassy area.
    {4.3: Rampages Part 1 denoted by X}
    4.3.1: Following, one can find the first 6 Rampages all around
    Portland.  Please note that each rampage passed nets you an
    increasing amount by $5000, starting with $5000 (5K, 10K, 15K, etc.)
    and that a $1.000.000 bonus is rewarded after all rampages are
    completed.  Difficulty is a consistent 4-6 for each rampage, all have
    time limit of 2 minutes.  Can periodically use TURTOISE and/or
    GESUNDHEIT when needed.  N-S is north-south, and E-W is east-west.
    Also note that when holding a heavier weapon than you can sprint
    with, jump continuously to go about as fast.
    Red Light District:
    X1A. On the ground near the area where you found HP8.
    X1B. (Chinatown) At the southernmost area of Chinatown before the
    	Callahan Bridge.
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 30 Diablos with an M-16.  Make sure to move as fast
    as you can to avoid enemy bullets!
    X2A. In alley where stairs for HP12 are located.
    X2B. (Portland View) Near the SupaSave store parking lot.
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 25 Triads with an Uzi.  You can sprint while holding
    	this weapon so do just that.
    X3A. On walk next in corner of two intersecting roads.
    X3B. (Callahan Point) North of southernmost road in Portland area.
    OBJECIVE = Destroy 12 vehicles with the Rocket Launcher.  Stay far
    	enough away to avoid kickback from explosions.
    X4A. Between Bark'n' Dogs Food Factory road and road to enter the
    X4B. (Portland View) Between the two main N-S roads that lead to the
    	same E-W road.
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 20 Triads with a Shotgun.
    St. Marks:
    X5A. From El Train platform by SupaSave, head West.
    X5B. (Trenton) From El Train platform by SupaSave, head south.
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy 10 vehicles with Grenades.  Jump down from
    	platform and gently toss Grenades to intersection.
    X6A. Between middle roads of the long ) curve.
    X6B. Just south of previous location across south road of long 
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 20 Mafia with an AK-47.  Constantly move to avoid
    	being hit by enemy bullets.
    {4.4: Unique Stunt Jumps Part 1 denoted by ^}
    4.4.1: Following, one can find the first 8 USJs all around Portland.
    Please note that each USJ completed nets you an increasing amount
    $5000, starting with $5000 (5K, 10K, 15K, etc.) and that a $1.000.000
    bonus is rewarded after all USJs are completed.  Difficulty noted for
    each USJ.  Recommended use of GESUNDHEIT after each or if your car is
    Red Light District:
    ^1. Jump from ramp near subway enterance and land on top of El Train
    DIFFICULY = 3.
    ^2. Jump hill along shore and over the El Train tracks.
    Callahan Bridge:
    ^3. Jump center caution ramp actually on the bridge and land on
    	ground between the opposite lanes.
    ^4. Jump from north side of this hill and land in the street beyond
    	the bridge.
    Atlantic Quays:
    ^5. Jump from as far west as you can go from this dirt mound and
    	clear the water between the two docks.
    ^6. Jump all the way from HP17 spot heading west, clear the first
    	building and land on second.
    DIFFICULTY = 7. Must be timed perfectly - use a Cheetah or Infernus
    	to complete.
    ^7. Jump ramp from as far east as you can go to land on sawmill roof.
    DIFFICULTY = 5. Must be perfectly timed so no traffic will hinder
    	this attempt.
    Portland Harbor:
    ^8. Start as far south as possible, and jump from the ramp to clear
    	the many trailers in your way.
    {4.5: 100 Taxi Fares}
    Simple enough, steal a taxi **note the cool $25 you make for taking
    it** and deliver the 100 passengers to their destinations as
    designated by the colorful blips on the radar.  I was able to
    complete 82 before having to replace my Taxi (not the Cabbie;
    terrible handling) because I flipped it on its roof...  This mission
    should give you no trouble at all, and you make some incremental
    amounts for each 5 passengers dropped off (5-in-a-row bonus).
    {4.6: The first 20 Fire missions}
    Somewhat more difficult than the Taxi Driver missions, but still
    easy.  You must extinguish 20 fires in each district to unlock the
    Flamethrower powerup at your hideouts.  Steal a Fire Truck from the
    station in St. Marks and follow the various blips that appear on the
    radar.  After number 31 I was able to recover a Blista for the
    Portland Import/Export Garage (the reason for doing 30 is because I
    thought it was 30 in each district, but it is NOT - I learned this in
    Shoreside Vale).
    {4.7: The first 20 Vigilante missions} WL = Wanted Level
    If you really have had enough with the aforementioned missions, there
    is a trick that will complete this mission relatively quickly: use
    GIVEUSATANK and BANGBANGBANG to knock out all 20 real fast.  If you
    want to do it the hard way, steal an FBI car after giving yourself a
    WL4 and take it to your hideout.  Pull it into the garage and leave
    the garage.  The door will close and you have a brand-new FBI car to
    use.  Also preserve this, for you need it at the Emergency Vehicle
    Crane.  It is suggested that you give yourself another WL4 and steal
    a second FBI to deliver to the Emergency Vehicle Crane.  Go around
    Portland and kill the criminals that are designated by the radar
    {4.8: The pain-in-the-rump Paramedic missions to level 12}
    I really hated this mission, but was able to complete it on the 10th
    attempt or so.  The key to this mission is to get used to the
    Ambulance.  You can do this on the first 3 levels.  Only 3 injured
    persons can fit comfortably into the Ambulance, so plan accordingly
    as you increase to the levels after 3.  Make sure you have plenty of
    time on the last run to the hospital on Level 12, because if you blow
    it, you get to start all over again.  Also, be careful when driving
    the injured persons to the hospital because they are injured and
    cannot sustain heavy damage.  After Level 8 you get a page saying
    that Health powerups generate at the hideout, and after Level 12, you
    get two pages.  The first states that Adrenaline powerups generate at
    the hideout, and the second states that you will never get tired
    while running for lengthy periods of time - Infinite Sprint is yours,
    and you beat the toughest of all emergency vehicle side missions.
    |5.0: Staunton Island, anyone?|  The answer is: YES please!
    To get to Staunton Island you need to take the Banshee from Easy
    Credit Autos (you should know this place very well by now, with the
    Taxi missions destinations) and type in CHITTYCHITTYBB on the
    Callahan Bridge.  Start all the way from the poorly setup blockade
    (did they want you to get to Staunton early?) and rev that engine,
    baby.  As soon as you touch down on the other side, CHITTYCHITTYBB
    again to cancel the cheat so you can drive better.
    {5.1: Look for sports cars while here}
    The reason for doing this is simple, you can store two cars at your
    hideout now, and you will be informed where the cars for the
    Shoreside Vale Import/Export Garage are located.  If you missed the
    Blista, it can be found here more frequently, so save it in your
    garage to bring back after you formally unlock Staunton Island.  You
    can store vehicles in this hideout's garage without saving the
    actual game - same for Shoreside Vale.  Also, now would be a very
    appropriate time to change into Marty Chonks' skin: ILIKEDRESSINGUP.
    He is wearing a dark brown trench coat, has white hair (remember thi
    feature so you don't get the guy with brown hair), and is wearing a
    tophat.  It may take you a while, but it is well-worth the trouble!
    By dressing up as this man, no gangs will shoot at you!  Please also
    note that you must not die, get wasted, or get busted while dressed
    up as this guy.  If you should do any of the above, the next time you
    try this trick, it won't work.  You have to reload the entire game,
    and also note that that means reload not reinstall after you restart
    the computer...
    {5.2: Hidden Packages Part 2 denoted by HP}
    5.2.1: Following, one can find the next 36 Hidden Pax all around
    Staunton Island.  Please also note that each package recovered nets
    you $1000 and you are rewarded with a $1.000.000 bonus after all are
    Back to Portland:
    HP9 again: Drive carefully into the subway station in Bedford Point
    	and head toward Portland again.  It is in the lowest level of
    	the subway station in Chinatwon.
    HP16 again: Take boats stored at the docks in Newport to Portland and
    	dock on rocks to get package.
    HP34. Behind billboards east of the stadium.
    HP35. Climb the stairs (via car or walking) of the stadium.
    HP36. Steal a Cartel Cruiser (see why you change?) and drive to the
    	garage in southeasternmost block of Aspatria.
    Liberty Campus:
    HP37. On a sidewalk on the east side of the southern block.
    Belleville Park:
    HP38. At Uncle BJ's Deli & Grocery.
    HP39. On westernmost road, in a parking garage under the
    	Staunton-Shoreside Bridge.
    HP40. Jump off of curve in bridge to north roof.
    HP41. From HP40 roof, jump onto road and HP41 is in one of the
    	basketball courts.
    HP42. In the actual park area, under the bridge close to middle of
    Bedford Point:
    HP43. Behind the church.
    HP44. At end of alley southeast of HP43.
    HP45. In a doorway facing the intersection.
    HP46. On the roof in the projects, use a car to gain access to roof.
    HP47. Behind a building in the projects.
    HP48. In the underground carpark.
    HP49. Mount the pedestrian walkway and the package is on top.
    HP50. In smashable-glass building just west of the Torringotn area.
    Staunton Island:
    HP51. Before entering the pier area, in the rocks down the ramp.
    HP52. On the lift section of the Staunton-Shoreside Bridge
    	(unavailable temporarily).
    HP53. Behind the statues in the depressed area of the southernmost
    HP54. On helipad of Kenji's Casino (sorry, you can't take the
    	Rockstar helicopter).
    HP55. In underground parking garage by AMco building.
    HP56. Take the stairs to the AMco roof.
    HP57. Lowest path by police station, in a multi-car parking garage.
    HP58. Behind police station, in the parking lot accessible only by a
    	police car.
    HP59. In the far back of the L-shaped alley.
    HP60. Ascend stairs of museum to find package.
    HP61. 56FF3 "Multi-Storey" carpark, second floor.
    HP62. Alley connecting 8-Ball's and Pay 'n' Spray.
    HP63. Take road past Asuka's, and continue south.  Package is on the
    	second-southern pier.
    HP64. Keep walking along heading south.  Package is on southernmost
    	pier.  About-face, and go north.
    Fort Staunton:
    HP65. In construction site, in a corner on the ground.
    HP66. Same construction site, second level of small building, in a
    HP67. On bridge girders, jump on and walk to middle girder, and find
    HP68. On top of hospital overhang, park your car to jump onto
    	Ambulance, to jump onto roof.
    HP69. In Phil's Army Surplus, sneak in through opening between
    	building and back wall.  Note the Barracks OL!
    {5.3: Rampages Part 2 denoted by X}
    5.3.1: Following, one can find the next 7 Rampages all around
    Staunton Island.  Please note that each rampage passed nets you an
    increasing amount by $5000, starting with $35.000 (35K, 40K, 45K,
    etc.) and that a $1.000.000 bonus is rewarded after all rampages are
    completed.  Difficulty is a consistent 4-6 for each rampage, all have
    time limit of 2 minutes.  Can periodically use TURTOISE and/or
    GESUNDHEIT when needed.  N-S is north-south,and E-W is east-west.
    Also note that when holding a weapon that is too heavy to sprint 
    with, jump and move forward to go about as quickly.
    Liberty Campus:
    X7A. Near area where you found HP37.
    X7B. (Fort Staunton) On sidewalk by the triangular turn from east to
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy 15 Cars with an M-16.  This one should be one of
    	the easiest, just keep spraying the vehicles!
    Belleville Park:
    X8A. Just south of the border to Aspartria.
    X8B. (Liberty Campus) Just across the street of the border to
    	Belleville Park/Newport.
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 25 Yardies with Grenades.  Launch the Grenades into
    	the Yardies' paths and this should work.
    X9A. Just inside the south wall of the park.
    X9B. Just inside the north wall of the park.
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy 8 vehicles with a Shotgun.  It take up to 5
    	bullets to accomplish this, so note that.
    Bedford Point:
    X10A. Southeast of the westernmost road where it divides into 3
    	separate roads.
    X10B. Just south of the last E-W road in Bedford Point.
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 30 Yardies with an RPG.  This should prove easy,
    	just make sure you don't hit yourself!
    X11A. Near the same area where X10B was found; just southeast of it.
    X11B. Near the same area where X10A was found; just south of it.
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 25 Yakuza with a Flamethrower.  Beware of your shots
    	you wouldn't want to catch fire yourself!
    X12A. Just east of the border to Bedford Point; around the area where
    	HP57, HP58 were found.
    X12B. Near Kenji's Casino, on southernmost E-W road in Torrington.
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 17 Yardies with a Sniper; HEAD-SHOTS ONLY.  Make
    	sure to aim for the head, really...
    X13A. By the bridge that goes NE-SW close to ^10.
    X13B. In alley that connects 8-Ball's and the Pay 'n' Spray.
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 16 Yakuza with Molotovs.  It is a good idea to throw
    	them farther than next to you.
    {5.4: Unique Stunt Jumps Part 2 denoted by ^}
    5.4.1: Following, one can find the next 4 USJs all around Staunton
    Island.  Please note that each USJ completed nets you an increasing
    amount by $5000, starting with $45.000 (45K, 50K, 55K, etc.) and that
    a $1.000.000 bonus is rewarded after all USJs are completed.
    Difficulty noted for each USJ.  Recommended use of GESUNDHEIT after
    each or if your car is smoking.
    Bedford Point:
    ^9. Start far east, smash glass, climb stairs, and smash glass on
    	other side of building to complete.
    ^10. Start from north of bridge and jump through launch ramp in the
    	island of the bridge.
    ^11. Jump from ramp of "Multi-Storey Mayhem" challenge and land on
    	the ground beyond.  Start as far back as you can.
    ^12. Jump from northern dock to southern dock and land on ground
    DIFFICULTY = 8.  This is a great example of when not to die, if you
    	play as Marty Chonks. 
    {5.5: The next 20 Fire Missions}
    Use the same ideas as in Portland's 20, but be careful when the fire
    is in Fort Staunton, unless you are Marty Chonks, in which case, hope
    for fires all the way in Rockford.  Steal the Fire Truck from the
    station on the westernmost N-S road on the side facing the rest of
    Staunton Island.
    {5.6: The next 20 Vigilante missions}
    The same ideas described in Portland are still available here, just
    make sure you kill 20 criminals.
    |6.0: Moving on to Shoreside Vale| Let's finish this up!
    To get to Shoreside Vale, you can use any car.  Go south and drive
    down to the subway station in Bedford Point.  Drive to the right when
    you get onto the first set of tracks and get out at the Francis
    International Airport exit of the subway.  Alternative route = Head
    north and take the road that borders the east side of the coliseum.
    Turn right at the very end of this road and follow this road.  The
    next right should take you to the Porter Tunnel.  Once again, exit
    the tunnel at Francis International Airport.
    {6.1: A new Import/Export Garage to fill up!}
    These are the 16 cars needed to fill this one up: Banshee, BF
    Injection (the only one unattainable until formally entering Staunton
    Island), Cabbie, Cheetah, Esperanto, Idaho, Infernus, Kuruma,
    Landstalker, Manana, Perennial, Sentinel, Stallion, Stinger, Stretch,
    and Taxi.  You can find most of these vehicles right outside the
    garage located on the west side of Shoreside Vale and at the
    northeastern corner of the northernmost road.  You will have to
    travel around Shoreside Vale a little bit, and go back to Staunton
    Island for some of the rarer sportscars.  The BF Injection is only
    available after Asuka's first mission.  Also note that by entering
    via Francis International Airport was beneficial because you can
    drive right up to the Dodo in the southwest corner of the tarmacs at
    the airport and take it to Staunton Island through which ever route
    you came from, and then CHITTYCHITTYBB to get it across the Callahan
    Bridge, then CHITTYCHITTYBB again to drive it to the Import/Export
    Garage in Portland.  Take a fast car and return to shoreside Vale for
    the next sections.
    {6.2: Hidden Packages Part 3 denoted by HP}
    6.2.1: Following, one can find the last 31 Hidden Pax all around
    Staunton Island.  Please also note that each package recovered nets
    you $1000 and you are rewarded with a $1.000.000 bonus after all are
    Cochrane Dam:
    HP70. Top level of dam, behind west tower.
    HP71. Top level of dam, behind east tower.
    HP72. Lower level of dam, on top of the easternmost tower.
    HP73. Lower level of dam, on the helipad.
    HP74. Take the dam around to the other side; behind a rock by
    Pike Creek:
    HP75. Park a tall car, walk the walls, and jump into enclosed area.
    HP76. On roof behind police station; use any size car.
    HP77. Behind the building with the oil drums. GIVEUSATANK to knock
    	down the fence and then grab the package.
    HP78. On the blue container by the hospital; park a tall car and jump
    	once again.
    HP79. Behind the hospital.
    HP80. On awning; climb stairs and jump onto next awning over.
    HP81. Behind east wall of block behind the Turtle Head Fish Company.
    Witchita Gardens:
    HP82. Under the twisted wooden bridge found by taking the dirt road 
    	from the double highway.
    Francis International Airport:
    HP83. Near the fire truck as you enter the airport grounds.
    HP84. On the ground next to the big dome.
    HP85. Under the wing of a plane in a far-west hangar.
    HP86. Under plane parked in the open SE of HP85.
    HP87. On southwest helipad at airport tarmac.
    HP88. Lower edge of the runway that heads SE.
    HP89. At the end of the runway that heads directly east.
    HP90. In front of the airport, near the billboards.
    HP91. In the lowest level of the subway.
    Wichita Gardens (Take tunnel to get there quickly):
    HP92. In between the apartment buildings south of the small bridge.
    HP93. In entrance to apartments in same complex as HP92; north of
    	small bridge.
    HP94. Behind the hideout, and behind the "Rumpo Rampage" van.
    Shoreside Vale:
    HP95. Take the dirt road to the very end, passed the "Gripped!"
    	Patriot amongst picnic tables.
    Cedar Grove:
    HP96. Under the overpass before the entrance to the tunnel.
    HP97. On the front porch of the fancy house one east of the exit from
    	the curving road.
    HP98. On the front porch of the fancy house one west of the exit from
    	the curving road.
    HP99. In the backyard of the fancy house two west of the exit from
    	the curving road.
    HP100. In the Cartel's mansion swimming pool; need a Cartel Cruiser
    	to open the automated gates.
    {6.3: Rampages Part 3 denoted by X}
    6.3.1: Following, one can find the last 7 Rampages all around
    Shoreside Vale.  Please note that each rampage passed nets you an
    increasing amount by $5000, starting with $70.000 (70K, 75K, 80K,
    etc.) and that a $1.000.000 bonus is rewarded after all rampages are
    completed.  Difficulty is a consistent 4-6 for each rampage, all have
    time limit of 2 minutes.  Can periodically use TURTOISE and/or
    GESUNDHEIT when needed.  N-S is north-south,and E-W is east-west.
    Also note that when holding a weapon that is too heavy to sprint 
    with, jump and move forward to go about as quickly.
    Pike Creek:
    X14A. One block north of the trapezoid block on roof.
    X14B. Inside the trapezoid block on roof.
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 20 Cartel with a Sniper; HEAD-SHOTS ONLY.  Make sure
    	to aim for the head.
    X15A. In middle block of southernmost E-W road.
    X15B. (Cochrane Dam) Before turnaround south of the dam.
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy 7 vehicles drive-by style.  Do try to finish this
    	one first - the "A" is easier.
    X16A. In easternmost block of southermost road, but to the north
    X16B. On south side of the double highway road.
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy 15 vehicles with RPGs.  Make sure you don't blow
    	yourself up!
    Francis International Airport:
    X17A. Near enter entrance to the tunnel.
    X17B. (Pike Creek) Just south of the southernmost road.
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 20 Cartel by running them over.  This one is so easy
    you should not need the second location.
    Cedar Grove:
    X18A. Hidden in the yard east of HP97.
    X18B. (Pike Creek) North of X14A. in same vicinity, but not on a
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 20 Cartel with a Flamethrower.
    X19A. Take the road you took to get HP95, and come back around.  It
    	is behind a billboard and rock.
    X19B. On opposite side of the road where HP96 was recovered.
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 20 Hoods with a Shotgun.  Can't say much here, just
    	keep jumping and moving.
    Wichita Gardens:
    X20A. In apartment complex where HP92 and HP93 were located.
    X20B. Near exit entrance to the tunnel - on the other side of the
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 20 Hoods with an M-16.  HEAD-SHOTS ONLY.  Definitely
    	easier in primary location!
    {6.4: Unique Stunt Jumps Part 3 denoted by ^}
    6.4.1: Following, one can find the last 8 USJs all around Shoreside
    Vale.  Please note that each USJ completed nets you an increasing
    amount by $5000, starting with $65.000 (65K, 70K, 75K, etc.) and that
    a $1.000.000 bonus is rewarded after all USJs are completed.
    Difficulty noted for each USJ.  Recommended use of GESUNDHEIT after
    each or if your car is smoking.
    Pike Creek:
    ^13. Start as north as you can in this lot, and fly across the Pike
    	Creek-Cedar Grove bridge.
    ^14. Start as west as you can in the same area as ^13 and land in
    	side alley by Pay 'n' Spray.
    DIFFICULTY = 6.  This one has to have a start from the road, I would
    Francis International Airport:
    ^15. Start west and jump over the northeasternmost plane.
    ^16. Start near the helicopters and Dodo and jump one of the
    	tri-ramps to the north; land past two hangars.
    DIFFICULTY = 8.  This takes much practice, because the timing has to
    	be perfect when to angle the car in.
    ^17. Start somewhat west and jump the tri-ramp to the east.
    ^18. Stop as soon as you hit ground from ^17.  Start up again and do
    	the same thing.
    DIFFICULTY = 5.  Make sure to stop as soon as you finish ^17.
    Wichita Gardens:
    ^19. Jump off the bridge where HP82 was found and clear the water.
    DIFFICULTY = 6.  The slowmo shot is really cool if you time it
    	correctly and land on land.
    Cochrane Dam:
    ^20. Start as far east as possible and clear the water to land on the
    	other side of the channel from the slanted rocky wall.
    {5.6: The last 20 Fire Truck missions}
    BE MARTY CHONKS while attempting these missions.  Steal the Fire
    Truck from the Airport and have fun!
    {5.7: The last 20 Vigilante missions}
    Do these however you please, but make sure they get done!
    |3.0.2 The Walkthrough Revealed!| NOTE that all DIFFICULTY stats
    |-------------------------------| given on scale 1-10; lowest-highest.
    {3.3.0: RC Missions}
    3.3.1: 7RC1 "Diablo Destruction".
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy as many Diablo Stallions as you can in 2 minutes.
    	Press LMB to detonate.
    REWARD = $1000 per car destroyed.
    Hop into this van and drive the RC car around Hepburn Heights;
    controls are the same as if you were in a standard vehicle.  The van
    can be found near Misty's place around the northern edge near an El
    Train station.
    3.3.2: 8RC2 "Mafia Massacre".
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy as many Mafia Sentinels as you can in 2 minutes.
    	Press LMB to detonate.
    REWARD = $1000 per car destroyed.
    Hop into this van and drive the RC car around St. Marks;
    controls are the same as if you were in a standard vehicle.  The van
    can be found in western block from the middle of the large |) road.
    {3.4.0: 4X4 missions}
    3.4.1: 9FF1 "Patriot Playground".
    OBJECTIVE = collect 15 checkpoints in 5 minutes with the provided
    DIFFICULTY = 8. This is a really tough mission - to say the least.
    REWARD = $30.000
    Take the Patriot parked at the SupaSave near Portland Docks.  The
    timer will start after you hit the first checkpoint, but you can't
    really drive around to get a feel for the course.  Look through the
    respective guide to get through this mission.  Each checkpoint gives
    you 20 seconds.
    {3.3.0: RC missions}
    3.3.3: 10RC3 "Casino Calamity".
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy as many Yakuza Stingers as you can in 2 minutes.
    	Press LMB to detonate.
    REWARD = $1000 per car destroyed.
    Hop into this van and drive the RC car around Torrington; controls
    are the same as if you were in a standard vehicle.  The van can be
    found one block west from the actual casino on the southernmost part
    of Staunton.
    {3.4.0: 4X4 missions}
    3.4.2: 11FF1 "Multi-Storey Mayhem".
    OBJECTIVE = Collect 20 checkpoints in 2 minutes with a Stallion you
    find that is not in the carpark.
    REWARD = $30.000
    Take a Stallion to the carpark in Newport and park it just outside.
    Exit then reenter the car to start the challenge.  The timer starts
    right away and you better get moving quick.  There are 5 stories to
    this carpark and 4 checkpoints are found on each level.  Look at the
    respective guide to get through this mission.
    3.4.3: 12FF2 "A Ride in the Park".
    OBJECTIVE = Collect 12 checkpoints in 2 minutes with the provided
    DIFFICULTY = 7.  The Landstalker likes to roll over a lot.
    REWARD = $30.000
    Take the Landstalker parked in Belleville Park near the
    Staunton-Shoreside bridge.  The timer will start after you hit the
    first checkpoint, so feel free to drive around the park to get a feel
    where the checkpoints are.  When you are ready, go through the course
    and be careful!  Look at the respective guide to get through this
    one.  Each checkpoint gives you 10 seconds.
    3.4.4: 13FF3 "Gripped!"
    OBJECTIVE = Collect 20 checkpoints in 5 minutes with the provided
    DIFFICULTY = 8.  There are far too many places to fall off-balance.
    REWARD = $30.000
    Take the Patriot found in the lot where HP95 was recovered.  The
    timer will start after you hit the first checkpoint and you
    absolutely cannot look around to get a feel for the course.  Look at
    the respective guide to get through this mission.  Each checkpoint
    gives you 15 seconds.
    {3.3.0: RC missions}
    3.3.4: 14RC4 "Rumpo Rampage".
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy as many Hoods Rumpo XLs as you can in 2 minutes.
    	Press LMB to detonate.
    DIFFICULTY = 2.  The Rumpos were tough to find in this one for me.  I
    only destroyed 1...
    REWARD = $1000 per car destroyed.
    Hop into this van and drive the RC car around Wichita Gardens;
    controls are the same as if you were in a standard vehicle.  The van
    can be found in the same apartment complex as your hideout - head
    {3.5.0: Marty Chonks}
    3.5.1: 15MC1 "The Crook".
    OBJECTIVE = Pick up the crook, bring him to Marty's, and take the
    provided Perennial to the crusher.
    DIFFICULTY = 3.  You must not destroy Marty's car.
    REWARD = $1000
    Follow the blips on the radar and complete the objectives.
    3.5.2: 16MC2 "The Thieves".
    OBJECTIVE = Pick up the thieves, bring them to Marty's, and respray
    the provided Sentinel.
    DIFFICULTY  = 3.  You must not destroy Marty's car.
    REWARD = $2000
    Follow the blips on the radar and complete the objectives.
    3.5.3: 17MC3 "The Wife".
    OBJECTIVE = Pick up the wife, bring her to Marty's, and dump the
    provided Esperanto into the ocean.
    DIFFICULTY = 3.  You must not destroy Marty's car.
    REWARD = $2000
    Follow the blips on the radar and complete the objectives.
    3.5.4: 18MC4 "Her Lover".
    OBJECTIVE = Pick the wife's lover, bring him to Marty's, and kill the
    lover after he kills Marty to get some rounds.
    DIFFICULTY = 1.  You can destroy the car after you deliver the wife's
    REWARD = $4000
    Follow the blips on the radar and complete the objectives.  Marty
    Chonks was boring...
    {3.6.0: Joey Leone}
    3.6.1: 19J1 "Mike Lips' Last Lunch"
    OBJECTIVE = Take Mike's car from Marco's Bistro, fit it with a bomb,
    bring it back, arm it, and leave.
    DIFFICULTY = 4.  The car can suffer no damage and you have only 5
    minutes to complete the objectives.
    REWARD = $10.000
    Take the Banshee from Easy Credit Autos to Joey's garage.  As soon as
    you are briefed, fly toward the blip on the map, making sure to park
    away from the enterance to the Bistro, steal Mike's car, fly
    carefully to 8-Ball's, and fly carefully back to the Bistro without
    damaging the car.  Arm the bomb, leave the car, and watch the
    3.6.2: 20J2 "Farewell Chunky Lee Chong"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill Lee Chong, found in Chinatown.
    REWARD = $10.000
    Take any car you want, head to AmmuNation and pick up the Colt in the
    yard, or GUNSGUNSGUNS to get more of a variety.  Drive to the area
    where Lee Chong is, and take out the Colt or even a Sniper Rifle and
    blast Chong.  Some Triads will come to help him out, but they are
    easily dispatched.  If he escapes, find a decent car and give chase.
    Eventually he will come back out of the car and you can take care of
    him there - just drive-by with the Uzi.
    3.6.3: 21J3 "Van Heist"
    OBJECTIVE = Steal the Securicar and take it to the unnumbered garage
    in Portland Docks.
    REWARD = $20.000
    Once again, take any car you want and follow that blip on the map to
    locate the Securicar.  Continuously ram it or drive-by it and
    NOPOLICEPLEASE to lose the WL.  After sufficient damage is dealt,
    take the Securicar to the garage in Portland Docks that has no
    number.  Note that from here on out, you can deliver 10 Securicars to
    this same garage.  It is easy to do this, because you can just order
    all 10 from the I/E Garage.
    3.6.4: 22J4 "Cipriani's Chauffeur"
    OBJECTIVE = Drive Toni Cipriani to his mum's restaurant after
    visiting the Chinatown laundrette.
    REWARD = $3000 and a new mission contact.
    Drive the provided Mafia Sentinel with Toni inside to Mr. Wong's
    Laundrette in Chinatown.  When Toni hops out to collect protection
    money, he realizes that it is a Triad ambush.  Quickly drive away
    toward St. Marks where the restaurant is located trying to avoid the
    few bullets from the Triad Colt .45s.
    3.6.5: 23J5 "Dead Skunk in the Trunk"
    OBJECTIVE = Take the Manana in the parking lot near the Callahan
    Bridge to the car crusher.
    REWARD = $10.000
    Approach this cafe from the south side and stop inside the parking
    lot.  Destroy the cars sharing the lot that do not have a blue arrow
    overhead.  This is a Forelli ambush, and you want no problems when
    driving to the crusher.  Also take out the car that approaches from
    the north when it is far away from the Manana you need.  With these
    cars destroyed, you can drive leisurely to the crusher.
    3.6.6: 24J6 "The Getaway"
    OBJECTIVE = Pick up some of Joey's buddies and rob the bank on the
    REWARD = $20.000 if 2 of Joey's guys survive, and $30.000 if all 3
    Take any car to the garage designated by the blip, head to the bank
    on the strip, drive back to the garage, and collect your money.
    NOPOLICEPLEASE as soon as the cinematic ends to cancel your WL2.
    {3.7.0: El Burro; Diablos}
    3.7.1: 25B1 "Turismo"
    OBJECTIVE = Come in 1st place in a lengthy race around Portland.
    REWARD = $10.000
    Snag the Banshee from Easy Credit Autos and head to the start line to
    begin the race.  Let the Diablo Stallions go ahead of you a little so
    you don't end up having to switch out of the Banshee.  You will take
    2nd place pretty quickly, and you will take 1st place close to the
    end of the race, but don't worry if you are a little behind, because
    all the Diablo Stallions want to do is cause each others' deaths.
    3.7.2: 26B2 "I Scream, You Scream"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill the group of Forellis easily enticed by ice cream.
    REWARD = $6000
    Find the bomb detonator in Harwood, hijack the Mr. Whoopee truck on
    its regular route, and park it in a specific spot while the chime is
    going.  Do not arm the bomb in the truck, but get out, and shoot the
    group of Forellis that approach from a back alley.  Take the truck to
    the Import/Export Garage and collect $1000 plus an additional $6000.
    {3.8.0: Toni Cipriani}
    3.8.1: 27T1 "Taking out the Laundry"
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy the 3 laundry vans by any means necessary.
    REWARD = $20.000
    If you prefer the easy way; BANGBANGBANG, and if you prefer the way
    that is much more enjoyable; take a car and an Uzi.  Perform
    drive-bys on the vans all the while waiting anxiously for them to
    catch fire.
    {3.7.0: El Burro; Diablos}
    3.7.3: 28B3 "Trial by Fire"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 30 Triads using a Flamethrower in 3 minutes.
    REWARD = $10.000 and the Triad gang gunning for you.
    Use the techniques learned from completing the Rampages.  Jump to
    move faster and to dodge bullets.
    3.7.4: 29B4 "Big'n' Veiny"
    OBJECTIVE = Take the provided Rumpo, recover the strewn magazines,
    kill the thief, and return the mags to the store.
    REWARD = $20.000
    If you continuously play the course and often lose the trail, push
    the van all the way to the road that turns into Portland Docks (the
    enterance should be to your left).   Enter the van and you should be
    able to kill the guy that stole El Burro's van within the time limit.
    Don't panic when you see you have only 25 seconds to finish the
    course. After the thief is dead, return the van you are in back to
    XXX Mags - the blip on the radar.
    {3.8.0: Toni Cipriani}
    3.8.2: 30T2 "The Pick Up"
    OBJECTIVE = Collect a briefcase full of protection money and return
    it to him.
    REWARD = $10.000 and the Triad gang gunning for you.
    Park the car of your choice facing one of the three exits from this
    alley.  When you pick up the briefcase you will suddenly be
    approached from all sides by Triads.  Some have guns, others have
    bats.  You must kill all of them, and then return the money to Toni.
    It shouldn't be too difficult and you can always refill Health and
    3.8.3: 31T3 "Salvatore Called a Meeting"
    OBJECTIVE = Pick up Joey and his limo from the garage, then Luigi
    from his club, then Toni at the restaurant, then head for Salvatore's
    mansion in St. Marks.
    REWARD = $15.000 and a new mission contact.
    Drive whatever you want to Joey's garage, take the Stretch to Luigi's
    place, and then head to Toni's.  When you get to Toni's place, you
    must face the limo toward the alley holding the RC van.  As soon as
    you are given control of the Stretch after the cinematic shows that
    the Triads are not finished with you yet, speed through this alley.
    Turn right and follow this road to the enterance to Salvatore's
    mansion.  When you get close you will notice that two Triad Fish Vans
    have blocked off the enterance.  Simply barrel through them and park
    in the garage to complete.
    {3.9.0: Salvatore Leone}
    3.9.1: 32S1 "Chaperone"
    OBJECTIVE = Take Maria, the don's girl, wherever she wants to go, and
    bring her back.
    REWARD = $10.000
    Drive the Stretch to the beach in Chinatown so Maria can meet up with
    Chico.  Chico will inform Maria of a party at Atlantic Quays, so head
    there afterward.  Make sure the Stretch is facing north toward the
    road.  After a while, the party will be disrupted by cops, and you
    have to get Maria back to the mansion.  NOPOLICEPLEASE and go!
    {3.8.0: Toni Cipriani}
    3.8.4: 33T4 "Triads and Tribulations"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill the 3 Triad warlords.
    REWARD = $30.000
    Take any car you want, take Toni's guys to Chinatown and wreak havoc
    on the blue-clad people.  This is really a fun mission, and you can
    participate in the total war between the Triads and the Mafia if you
    want.  Just remember that your goal is to kill the 3 warlords
    throughout Chinatown.  Two of them are in the Chinatown area.  For
    the third you need to take a Belly-Up truck that is parked or driving
    and go to the Triad Fish Factory.
    3.8.5: 34T5 "Blow Fish"
    OBJECTIVE = Take the Trashmaster to the Triad Fish Factory and blow
    that place up!
    REWARD = $30.000
    Go to 8-Ball's bomb shop to retrieve the Trashmaster and drive
    carefully to the factory.  Run over any and all Triads that get in
    your way.  Arm the bomb when it is parked between the huge drums, and
    get out of the way!
    {3.9.0: Salvatore Leone}
    3.9.2: 35S2 "Cutting the Grass"
    OBJECTIVE = Tail one Curly Bob to see if he has been talking, and if
    he has, kill him.
    REWARD = $15.000
    Take one of the Mafia Sentinels parked out front and wait near
    Luigi's club for Curly Bob to hail a taxi.  Once inside you see a
    SPOOKOMETER.  This meter cannot fill up or you will fail the mission
    for getting too close to Curly.  If you should lose his Taxi he heads
    to Portland Docks so you can wait near there, but not too close.
    After the cinematic shows him telling all about Salvatore's plans,
    you are instructed to kill him.  Run him over with your Mafia
    Sentinel, and pick up the money and Shotgun rounds he drops.
    3.9.3: 36S3 "Bomb da Base ACT I"
    OBJECTIVE = Go to 8-Ball's house with $100.000 in hand to get the
    goods needed for this expedition.
    REWARD = -$100.000
    Take a Mafia Sentinel to 8-Ball's place.
    3.9.4: 37S4 "Bomb da Base ACT II"
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy the Columbian Cartel's ship for creating SPANK.
    REWARD = $150.000
    Take the Mafia Sentinel to the ship at Portland Docks and pull it up
    the ramp to the ship so it covers any passage to board it.  Start
    shooting at the guards on the ground and on the ship.  8-Ball moves
    after you fire the first shot, but he can't go very far if a car is
    in his way.  After killing all the guards you can, board the ship and
    fire away at any moving object to kill off the remaining guards.  If
    8-Ball didn't make it aboard, you can move the car and let him do his
    work without being shot at.
    3.9.5: 38S5 "Last Requests"
    OBJECTIVE = Take the Cheetah in an alley to the crusher.
    REWARD = $20.000 and a new mission contact.
    Do not take that Cheetah because you will die quick if you do.  As
    you come near the Cheetah you will get a page saying to meet Maria at
    a dock by the Callahan Bridge -DO IT!  The Cheetah will explode with
    you in it if you enter it.  You can blow up the car with grenades if
    you want an extra $150 or so, but it is not required.  When you
    arrive at the dock, Maria will introduce you to Asuka - your next
    mission contact - of Staunton Island.  You are put in control of the
    Reefer and are instructed to dock at a Staunton Island dock.  You
    have already been here, so you can continue right on with Asuka if
    you would like.
    |6.0: The Walkthrough: Staunton Island|
    {6.1.0: Asuka Kasen}
    6.1.1: 39A1 "Sayanora Salvatore"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill Salvatore Leone while on his way home from Luigi's
    REWARD = $25.000, a new mission contact, and the Mafia gang gunning
    	for you.
    Go north out of Asuka's place and head toward the Callahan Bridge.
    Make a left and then another left as you approach the road that leads
    to the Callahan Bridge.  The catch is you have 3 hours of game time
    to get to Portland before Salvatore leaves the club.  When you get to
    Portland, there will eventually be a cinematic that shows the don
    leaving Luigi's club.  It is at this point that you must plan a way
    to eliminate Salvatore.  Do whatever you want to kill him and you
    will make some more money!  You'll get paged by King Courtney at this
    time, but do not complete his missions until after you finish most
    missions in Staunton because when you finish his, the Yardies will
    start going after you - and I have no idea why this is.
    6.1.2: 40A2 "Under Surveillance"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill the Mafia spies scattered throughout Staunton.
    REWARD = $15.000 and a new mission contact.
    The first thing you must realize is that although you have only 6
    minutes, you should not panic, because you can finish this mission
    quite easily.  First, go to Belleville Park and take out the two
    Mafia people with your sniper rifle courtesy of GUNSGUNSGUNS.  Next
    head to Bedford Point and use the M-16 to destroy the black van that
    will drive away if you get too close.  Finally, head to Kenji's
    Casino way south in Torrington.  Go to the top where the helicopter
    is, and start sniping the Mafia perched on all levels of the building
    across the way.
    6.1.3: 41A2 "Paparazzi Purge"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill the reporter in the water behind Asuka's condo.
    REWARD = $10.000
    You don't have to even enter the boat that is indicated by the blip
    on the radar.  Take out your Rocket Launcher and shoot toward the
    reporter's boat.  If it hits, congrats, but then you must quickly
    type in BANGBANGBANG to blow up the boat without having to try a
    difficult boat chase.  The resulting explosion will beat the mission.
    6.1.4: 42A3 "Payday for Ray"
    OBJECTIVE = Reach the four phones around Staunton Island within 3:30,
    then talk to Ray.
    REWARD = $11.000 and a new mission contact.
    Park one of Asuka's Yakuza Stingers right in front of the stairs you
    enter to take her missions facing the street.  As soon as you are
    briefed press "ENTER" to hop into the car right away.  This probably
    saves you only 5 seconds, but it is 5 more than you had.  Follow the
    first blip, ultimately south, and powerslide the car so it faces
    north when you arrive.  Answer the phone and head to Belleville Park.
    This phone is down the road you would normally take to reach the
    Staunton-Shoreside Lift Bridge.  After you answer this phone,
    continue heading north and take the grass near the pillars that brace
    the Lift Bridge to Liberty Campus.  After you answer this phone, head
    east to the end of the block and turn right.  Take this road all the
    way to the last phone.  When you reach this phone the time stops and
    you can take a leisurely ride to Belleville Park and the bathrooms.
    Talk to Ray to end this mission.
    6.1.5: 43A4 "Two-Faced Tanner"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill Tanner, a driver for Asuka.
    REWARD = $20.000
    Drive to Kenji's Casino to find out where Tanner is, but first, make
    sure you have a durable car for this mission because as soon as you
    start banging up Tanner's vehicle, the cops will be all over you
    before too long.  NOPOLICEPLEASE is beneficial in this mission as is
    GESUNDHEIT.  Chase Tanner in his Esperanto and eventually you can
    kill him.  Shoot him up, ram him, or do whatever you feel like really.
    To make this mission somewhat easier you can spawn a Rhino
    GIVEUSATANK and shoot his Esperanto or ram him, which ever works in
    the best way.
    {6.2.0: Kenji Kasen}
    6.2.1: 44K1 "Kanbu Bust-Out"
    OBJECTIVE = Bust Kanbu, a personal friend of Kenji, out of prison to
    his dojo.
    REWARD = $30.000
    Steal a Police Car and drive to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop to rig it with a
    bomb.  After the bomb is set drive the car to the Police Station and
    park the car where designated by the blip.  Exit the vehicle, and,
    when far enough away, blow the wall to give Kanbu a clear escape.
    After the WL goes to 3, NOPOLICEPLEASE will cancel that right away.
    Drive to the dojo to complete the mission.
    6.2.2: 45K2 "Grand Theft Auto"
    OBJECTIVE = Steal the designated three sports-cars and deliver them
    to a garage in MINT CONDITION.
    REWARD = $25.000
    The difficulty is drastically enhanced because you have only 6
    minutes to get all three cars without a scratch to the garage.  As
    soon as you want to attempt this mission, park a Yakuza Stinger or a
    Banshee in front of the casino where you first get your missions
    facing out of the compound.  When you get details for the mission,
    speed directly toward the first sports-car, a Stinger.  Steal it,
    then head to the garage.  You will most likely bang up the car on the
    way to the garage, but that doesn't matter because the Pay 'n' Spray
    is directly next to the delivery garage.  As soon as the Stinger is
    delivered grab the Blista and head to either the Infernus or the
    Cheetah.  Grab which ever you choose, deliver it, and then grab the
    Blista that respawns to drive to the last car.  Drive the last car
    back to the garage and the mission ends.  I had to respray all cars
    to cancel out the dents, but still had 15 or so seconds left, so if
    you see the time dwindling do not worry - too much.  You can also
    fail this mission once and keep the Cheetah for future use
    **see Section 6.5.1**
    6.2.3: 46K3 "Deal Steal"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill all the Colombians at the hospital meeting disguised
    as a Yardie posse.
    REWARD = $25.000
    Take a Yardie Lobo from any part of Newport.  Drive to the location
    designated by the radar blip and pick up the Yakuza member who will
    help you in this mission.  When you have him, drive to the hospital.
    As soon as you drive around, or exit the car, the Colombians will
    open fire with their AK-47s.  These are decent guns and will quickly
    disintegrate your Lobo.  You can try GESUNDHEIT but is much more
    easier to hop out of your Lobo and blast all the Colombians and their
    Cartel Cruisers with your M-16.  When all indications of Colombian
    presence disappears, you win.
    6.2.4: 47K4 "Shima"
    OBJECTIVE = Retrieve 3 briefcases of money for Kenji's casino.
    REWARD = $10.000
    Drive any car you wish to the first pick-up location which is on a
    sidewalk in Torrington.  Hop out and take the case.  Drive to the
    next location in Bedford Point and run over the lone guard over it.
    When he is done, hop out, take his weapon, and the briefcase.  Drive
    to Belleville Park and find out that the money there was stolen!  You
    find out that the last briefcase is in Portland - Hepburn Heights, to
    be exact.  Run over the 10 Diablos strategically placed throughout
    the park near the El Burro phone, take the briefcase, and head back
    to Kenji's.
    6.2.5: 48K5 "Smack Down"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill the SPANK pushers around Staunton Island.
    REWARD = $10.000
    Take a fast car - the Banshee if you want - and drive around town
    searching for SPANK pushers.  They will appear as blips on the radar.
    You must kill 8 dealers to accomplish the mission.  Use the KILLS
    number to help out found under the WL.  When you kill 2 or 3 pushers
    the remaining will be found throughout Staunton Island.  The issue is
    that as you kill more the number of pushers not killed decreases
    because they hear about your massacre and want to save themselves so
    they leave the streets.  There is no time limit, but you must be
    reasonable.  Killing 8 is not terribly difficult but plan a wise
    {6.3.0: Ray Machowski}
    6.3.1: 49R1 "Silence the Sneak"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill McAffrey after torching his apartment.
    REWARD = $30.000
    Head to the apartment complex, hop out, watch the cinematic, get back
    into your car and park it in the alley enterance to block it off.
    You can also take the Blista found near there and park it next to the
    car you drove up in.  Throw some Molotovs or Grenades into the
    window, watch the cinematic once again, and take out a gun or the
    grenades and shoot or blow McAffrey's car.  If the blockade doesn't
    work, BANGBANGBANG will do the trick.
    6.3.2: 50R2 "Arms Shortage"
    OBJECTIVE = Protect Phil's Army Surplus store from an invasion by
    REWARD = $10.000 and cheaper rates on the weapons available at Phil's
    Go all the way north in any car you want, enter the small store, and
    park your car in the northwest corner of the lot, where the gated
    enterance is small.  Head for Phil and when you are ready take out
    the M-16.  Head for the enterance you came in and send a few rounds
    into the two Cartel Cruisers that come through here.  After you are
    sure the Colombians in this area are no longer around, head back to
    where you parked your car and take out the few Colombians you come
    across, or just blow up the Cruiser to take them out easily.  When
    you do, you are instructed to go and check on Phil.  He should be
    alright because you did all the shooting really.  That's all there is
    to it.
    6.3.3: 51R3 "Evidence Dash"
    OBJECTIVE = Bang up the truck that is carrying incriminating photos
    of Donald Love's actions.
    REWARD = $10.000 and a new mission contact.
    Take any fast car and follow the Bobcat with the photos in it.  There
    are 5 photos in all and you have to collect all 5 to pass the
    mission.  You have no time limit, so have fun with this mission.
    After all 5 packages are collected, destroy the car you were using
    throughout the mission.
    6.3.4: 52R4 "Gone Fishing"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill Ray's police partner while he is enjoying a cruise
    on the sea.
    REWARD = $15.000
    Take the Predator designated to you on the radar near Asuka's condo
    and follow the next blip to Portland Rock, where you can find Ray's
    partner's boat.  As soon as you near his boat you will see that his
    partner likes to throw grenades into the water and catch the fish
    with much more ease.  As you come nearer the boat sails away.  You
    now have to chase the boat while spraying it with bullets from your
    Predator.  As you make hits the damage meter grows.  Be careful to
    not follow directly behind his boat because every once in a while he
    tosses out some explosive barrels and you don't need to be stranded
    on the sea minus one boat.  He will eventually land near the land
    that is the "Patriot Playground" challenge.  He has a shotgun, so
    watch out.
    6.3.5: 53R5 "Plaster Blaster"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill the full-body-encasted witness on the way to his
    REWARD = $10.000
    Take a vehicle and knock out the witness from the Ambulance getting
    WL3.  As soon as he is ejected, park any car on top of him and blow
    up that car to finish the witness.  If that doesn't work try running
    him over a couple of times and then blow up another car when parked
    on him.
    {6.4.0: Donald Love}
    6.4.1: 54D1 "Liberator"
    OBJECTIVE = Rescue the Old Oriental Gentleman from the hands of the
    REWARD = $40.000
    Take a Cartel Cruiser and enter the parking lot where the OOG is
    being held.  If you can, run over some of the guarding Colombian
    Cartel members before your Cruiser is annihilated.  When you see fire
    it is time to leave the Cruiser.  Start taking out the Colombians
    scattered throughout the area, and when the garages open, prepare for
    more gunfire.  Be careful when the garage with the OOG is being held
    opens because you wouldn't want to shoot him or anything.  After all
    Colombians are killed nab a Cruiser and deliver the OOG back to the
    Love Media building.
    6.4.2: 55D2 "Waka-Gashira Wipeout"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill Kenji Kasen disguised as a Colombian Cartel member.
    REWARD = $30.000
    Take the Cartel Cruiser you drove to return the OOG and head to the
    top of the "Multistorey Mayhem" parking garage.  A cinematic will
    show you where Kenji is located, and after you regain control, a blip
    will show you.  Run over Kenji and quickly take the ramp off the top
    of the garage to escape the massive firepower from Kenji's Yakuza
    pals.  You only get credit for completing this mission when you leave
    6.4.3: 56D3 "A Drop in the Ocean"
    OBJECTIVE = Recover 8 packages dropped from a Cessna and return them
    to the Love Media Building.
    REWARD = $10.000
    Since you immediately have a time limit to get to Portland and the
    Speeder you will use to retrieve the packages.  Head quickly toward
    the Callahan Bridge, and cut into the tunnel you used to originally
    get to Staunton with Asuka and Maria.  If the weather looks bad,
    SKINCANCERFORME would be helpful.  Trail the Cessna and a message
    will appear every time it drops another package.  Get all 8 and bring
    them back to Donald Love.
    {6.5.0: King Courtney; Yardies}
    6.5.1: 57KC1 "Bling Bling Scramble"
    OBJECTIVE = Get more checkpoints than any of the other 3 drivers in
    the race.
    REWARD = $1000 per checkpoint reached, but at least $8000 because you
    	need more than half of 15.
    Find a really fast car, like a Cheetah or Infernus.  These can be
    found around the southern side of Staunton.  If that fails, take a
    Yakuza Stinger.  You find out that the race takes place near the
    Coliseum.  When you get to the Coliseum, park toward the south so you
    can reach the first checkpoint before anyone else.  This mission is
    really an all-out race that doesn't follow a specific course, but is
    great fun!
    6.5.2: 58KC2 "Uzi Rider"
    OBJECTIVE = Drive-by 5 to 10 Diablos in Hepburn Heights with two
    REWARD = $10.000 and the Diablos gang gunning for you.
    After you finish listening to the King two Yardies will come up to
    you in a Perennial.  You are to drive the Perennial to Portland and
    shoot up 5 to 10 Diablos.  You CANNOT exit the Perennial at any time
    and you also CANNOT run over any Diablos.  If you do any of these
    things, the Yardies will kill you - makes sense, no?
    6.5.3: 59KC3 "Gangcar Roundup"
    OBJECTIVE = Steal a Yakuza Stinger, a Mafia Sentinel, and a Diablo
    Stallion and deliver them mint.
    REWARD = $10.000
    Of course you have to steal the Diablo Stallions right after they
    will shoot you if you enter their territory, but anyway, start with
    the Yakuza Stinger at Asuka's, deliver, then head to Salvatore's
    mansion and deliver a Mafia Sentinel.  Go to Hepburn Heights once
    again, and steal any Diablo Stallion roaming the roads and deliver.
    6.5.4: 60KC4 "Kingdom Come"
    OBJECTIVE = Take a vehicle with some goods from a parking lot in
    Bedford Point.
    REWARD = $10.000 and the Yardies gang gunning for you - traitor...
    You have 1:30 to get to the lot and enter the car with the arrow
    overhead.  Take a fast car to the lot and as soon as you enter it,
    you realize there is much more than a simple retrieval operation.
    Catalina has sent some suicide bombers to take you out.  Speed out of
    the lot in the new car, and park it on the street.  Climb the stairs
    that overlook the lot and shoot up the vans that hold the bombers.
    When the vans are done, take out any remaining bombers and you finish
    King Courtney's missions.
    |7.0: The Walkthrough: Shoreside Vale|
    {7.1.0: Donald Love}
    7.1.1: 61D4 "Grand Theft Aero"
    OBJECTIVE = Recover a package for Donald Love from the airport in
    Shoreside Vale.
    REWARD = $50.000 and a new mission contact.
    Drive to the airport via the tunnel, which is now complete, or the
    Staunton-Shoreside Lift Bridge, which is now fixed.  When you arrive
    stop a little ways before the garage that is supposed to hold Love's
    package.  You can see many arrows with Colombians under them.  Snipe
    as many as you can, move a little to get a better view, and then
    snipe some more.  When all Colombians are down, head to the Dodo and
    find Love's package...is missing!  Check out the PanLantic
    Construction Van parked near the package and remember seeing it back
    in Staunton where the Colombians have set up a cover.  Go to that
    very place, taking out the Colombians as you proceed.  Take the
    elevator to the top and see that Catalina and Miguel, your
    ex-partners-in-crime, have the package.  Catalina turns around and
    shoots Miguel and jumps to the ground.  Suddenly Asuka shows up and
    starts beating Miguel, thinking that he was the one that killed
    Kenji.  As you leave you see numerous Yakuza guards around a Stinger.
    Take this Stinger, and deliver Love's package back to his building.
    7.1.2: 62D5 "Escort Service"
    OBJECTIVE = Guard Love's associate on the way to Pike Creek to
    deliver forging plates.
    REWARD = $40.000
    This is a very simple mission.  Take a vehicle to the blip to meet up
    with the Securicar before the great move.  When the Securicar leaves,
    stay right at the same spot you were when you first met the
    Securicar.  By doing this, the Securicar will sustain little to no
    damage as it approaches the tunnel and Shoreside Vale.  The only time
    you actually have to move is when a message appears that says to
    check at the other end of the tunnel so the Securicar can continue. 
    After you do, head back until the tunnel until you get your "Mission
    Passed! 40.000".
    7.1.3: 63D6 "Decoy"
    OBJECTIVE = Survive a WL6 pursuit for 3:00 while the real Securicar
    makes its escape.
    REWARD = $35.000
    Once you enter the Securicar head to the tunnel and exit at the
    Francis Int'l exit.  Follow this road to and make a quick left when
    the main road veers right.  You will be at the airport and while here
    you can simply drive around the airport avoiding the many planes and
    the helicopters that circle overhead.  If anything you may get stuck
    with one or two police cars, just ram them away from you.  After the
    3:00 is up you win the money.  Also, NOPOLICEPLEASE does not work
    here, but GESUNDHEIT certainly does if you get too much filled up in
    the damage bar meter.
    {7.2.0: Asuka Kasen}
    7.2.1: 64A6 "Bait"
    OBJECTIVE = Lead three Colombian death squads to their death in a
    Yakuza trap.
    REWARD = $35.000
    Take any car you want and go to any of the three blips on the map.
    When you arrive at a location a lone car will follow you, but you
    also must repeatedly check your rearview mirror to make sure they are
    still there, otherwise they will turn back and you have to start all
    over again.  After all three squads are suckered into the Yakuza
    trap, you have passed the mission.
    7.2.2: 65A7 "Espresso-2-Go!"
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy all 9 stands that are selling SPANK to the unwary
    populace in 8 minutes.
    REWARD = $40.000
    Take a very fast car like a Yakuza Stinger and head toward the
    Shoreside Vale hospital.  Knock out this Kappa Coffee House and the
    8:00 begins.  The second one is located near the subway enterance
    from Francis International.  Speed up the steps, knock it out, and
    speed back down.  Take the bridge to Staunton for the third one,
    located near the carpark in Newport.  Head south and knock out the
    fourth stand in the commons area of the bank.  Go west and then north
    to the fifth stand in Bedford Point on a sidewalk penetratable by
    speeding down the walk before you get to the fenced-in stand.  Head
    north to the front of the cathedral where the sixth stand is, knock
    it out, then continue north to the seventh stand in Belleville Park;
    and that means IN the park.  Since this is the last one in Staunton,
    take the Callahan Bridge to Portland and follow the road east to the
    Portland Docks.  The eighth stand is across from the enterance to the
    Docks.  Knock out 8 and head down the same road and make the first
    right.  Take this road to the last stand across from Salvatore's
    mansion.  Knock it out and finish the mission.
    7.2.3: 66A8 "S.A.M."
    OBJECTIVE = Shoot down the plane carrying a bunch of SPANK and hide
    REWARD = $45.000
    Grab the Yakuza Stinger at the enterance to the towers and drive to
    the west coast of Staunton Island.  Take the Rocket Launcher next to
    the boat and enter the boat.  Drive the Reefer to the marker buoy.
    Shoot down the plane when it comes into view with the RPGs and
    collect the packages near the Shoreside runway.  Some are in the 
    water and some are on land.  As you come down the runway you will
    face many Cartel Cruiser blockades with 2-4 Cartel near them.  Shoot
    the Cruisers if you want, but do try to save one because it is a long
    haul if you run all the way to the towers again.  The WL is easily
    cancelled with NOPOLICEPLEASE.
    {7.3.0: D-Ice; Jacks}
    7.3.1: 67I1 "Uzi Money"
    OBJECTIVE = Kill 20 Nines in 2:30.
    REWARD = $10.000
    Take a car and quickly look for purple jackets.  Pepper the masses
    with Uzi bullets until all 20 Jacks are iced.  The biggest issue here
    is that the gangs wearing red jackets will also fire back at you, and
    so will the ones in purple.  The ones you want are in purple, but to
    keep yourself alive, shoot red jacketed gang members too.
    7.3.2: 68I2 "Toyminator"
    OBJECTIVE = Destroy the 3 armored cars in the streets of Shoreside
    REWARD = $10.000
    Use the RC cars as you would in any RC car mission.  Blow up the cars
    under the tires of the vans.  For two of these vans you will have to
    cross the dam, so don't worry about losing an RC car for going out of
    7.3.3: 69I3 "Rigged to Blow"
    OBJECTIVE = Have D-Ice's Infernus defused at a garage in Portland in
    6 minutes.
    REWARD = $20.000
    Sprint to the blue Infernus with the arrow overhead and drive almost
    to the end of the road before it curves left.  Take the hill down to
    the enterance of the tunnel.  It is more time-saving to take the
    tunnel all the way to St. Marks in Portland than navigating bridges,
    especially if you get caught when the Staunton-Shoreside Lift Bridge
    is raised.  Drive carefully to St. Marks making sure to not fill up
    the damage meter - GESUNDHEIT is good.  After it is defused take it
    back to the parking lot you found it in without a scratch.
    7.3.4: 70I4 "Bullion Run"
    OBJECTIVE = Collect at least 30 packages dropped from a crashed plane
    in 6:00.
    REWARD = $25.000
    Take a decent car, the Colombian Cruiser right next to you would
    help, and collect 20 or so packages before heading to the designated
    garage.  The bullion pieces are close to each other so snagging 20
    should be no problem.  After delivering them to the garage head back
    for the remaining 10 or whatever is left.  Deposit this number to the
    garage and make more money.
    7.3.5: 71I5 "Rumble"
    OBJECTIVE = Pick up D-Ice's brother and battle 9 nines.
    REWARD = $10.000 and a lack of purple jackets wandering the streets.
    Take a car and pick up his brother.  Head to the "Gripped!" parking
    lot and whip out your bat.  Let the nines approach you and start
    whacking away.  After all nines have fell to the ground keep beating
    until the mission ends.
    {7.4.0: Ray Machowski}
    7.4.1: 72R6 "Marked Man"
    OBJECTIVE = Drop off Ray at the airport in time to catch his flight
    (about 3 minutes).
    REWARD = $20.000 upon completion, and $20.000, Flamethrower, RPGs,
    	Sniper Rifle and Bulletproof Patriot.
    Pick up Ray from the usual place, drive him into the tunnel, get out
    at Francis Int'l Airport, and stop in the blue marker next to the
    airport enterance. After he is dropped off you get a page that sends
    you to his lockup.  Go there and find some real good goodies.  Park
    this Patriot in the Hideout garage when you are ready.
    {7.5: Catalina; "Exchange"}
    OBJECTIVE = Rescue Maria and destroy Catalina' helicopter.
    DIFFICULTY = 3 if you are Marty Chonks.
    REWARD = $1.000.000 (-$500.000 for the actual exchange)
    Take a car to the Villa at Cedar Grove as instructed and head into
    the compound.  When you give Catalina the money she doublecrosses
    you once again.  You knock out the guards in the compound and are
    instructed to follow Catalina and her helicopter to rescue Maria.
    Turn east down the road and north, then west, taking the back way to
    the dam.  When the lower dam enterance comes into view spin your car
    around and barrel through the double-Cruiser roadblock.  Drive all
    the way to the base of the helipad and take out the Colombians if you
    want, but definitely the Barracks OLs lying around the compound.
    Head to the top of the helipad and kill all the Colombians here (they
    actually shoot at you).  After all of them are toast, look for the
    helicopter and send a few RPGs into it.  After the heli goes down you
    make $500.000 and 100% completion of GTA3!
    |8.0: Thank you's, and credits|
    {8.1: Thank you's}
    A BIG thanks to Rockstar Games and Rockstar North, simply because
    without these groups, there would be no GTA3, and thus no reason to
    write this walkthrough!  Another big thanks to Tim Bogenn for writing
    the GTA3 guide for PS2.  This guide helped give me an idea of how to
    approach the missions and covered everything to reach 100%.
    {8.2: Credits}
    Firstly, I would like to credit the PS2 guide, once again, because
    this covered everything needed and I used some information from this
    guide.  Secondly, a credit to the guide that was referred to here;
    the 4X4 mission guide of GTA3.  I hope that people will consult this
    guide for further details about completing these missions.  Credit
    goes to this FAQ because it was the FAQ I used to complete mine.
    Thirdly, I would like to credit Steve "Riot" Rusher for his Regional
    Map of each of the three districts.  These were used to base my order
    of HP's, X's, ^'s found above.  The different regions in each
    district were also used as a base to make my order.  I have tweaked
    the maps a tiny bit so as to accomodate my guide, but very few
    changes were made.
    PLEASE NOTE that anyone with advice or questions are more than
    welcome to E-mail me at Nautica0963@aol.com.  I will post any and all
    advice into the guide and credit each person with a separate heading
    (8.2.1: Credit to $&!&%!**])

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