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    Mission Select Code Guide by prudoff

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/26/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    * GAME: Grand Theft Auto III
    * SYSTEM: Playstation 2
    * TITLE: Mission Select Code Guide
    * VERSION: 1.2 (7/26/2008)
    * AUTHOR: Paul Rudoff
    * E-MAIL: http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/email.htm
    * WEBSITE: http://www.spookcentral.tk
    ################################## ATTENTION ##################################
    In order to FULLY play test the game with the code, and cover all possible
    scenarios, I need a working "All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions" code in raw
    hex format for the NTSC *original* (not double pack) version of the game.
    If someone could provide me with a code, I would greatly appreciate it.
    ################################## ATTENTION ##################################
    You will need a CodeBreaker or Game Shark cheat device in order to use these
    codes.  I recommend the CodeBreaker.
    1. Introduction
    2. Codes
    3. Mission Digits & Notes
    4. Other CodeBreaker Codes
    5. Codes Wanted
    6. Revision History
    7. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer
    The GFCC (www.thegfcc.com) have hacked the Grand Theft Auto games to pieces and
    have come up with many fantastic codes for the game.  One of those codes allows
    you to play any mission any time you want: the Mission Select Mod.
    It works like this: Grab any kind of Taxi vehicle and press R3 to trigger the
    mission (as you normally would to start the Taxi mission).  The game will appear
    frozen, but after 10-15 seconds the cutscene for your selected mission will play
    (though you won't see the mission title before the cutscene).  When it's done,
    you're on the mission.  It's as simple as that.  If you use the code in
    conjunction with the "All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions" code, you can trigger
    your selected mission in any vehicle in the game (except for the Ambulance,
    Fire Truck, and Police vehicles).
    I highly suggest that you don't use these codes on a saved game that you
    wish to play "for real" with the intent of eventually getting 100%.  If
    you use this code to "skip" a mission, by playing the one after it, you
    probably won't reach 100% completion because you never played and
    completed the other mission.
    These codes will (most likely) only work with the original NTSC version of the
    game, not with the Double Pack or PAL versions.  Also, there are currently no
    versions of the Mission Select Mod code for the Action Replay Max or Game Shark
    Codes With Media Player.
    The digits for the ?? spaces in the Mission Select Mod codes are in the
    next section.  The All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions code is for all vehicles
    except those that have other R3 missions, such as the ambulance.
    The Game Shark v1&2/Action Replay codes and digits are the originals done
    by The GFCC.  The CodeBreaker and Game Shark v3&4 codes and digits were
    converted from the originals by Blue Zircon (www.zircon-conversions.tk).
    [alternate url for Blue Zircon's site: www.gtacodes.tk]
    The All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions code works on all vehicles except:
    [I'll fill in the list when I've had a chance to completely play test it]
    The CodeBreaker codes were tested by me.  I have not and can not test the
    other codes, but they should work.
    FA7A006E 32C67C41     Enable Code (Must Be On)
    [no working code]     All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions
    004AA18F 000000?? +   Mission Select Mod (Taxi)
    004AA1F8 000000??
    ECB26E48 1445B464 +   Enable Code (Must Be On)
    [no working code]     All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions
    3CDD22B3 1456E7?? +   Mission Select Mod (Taxi)
    3CDD2220 1456E7??
    F4013070 D43C9A0E     Enable Code (Must Be On)
    [no working code]     All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions
    004AA18F 000000?? +   Mission Select Mod (Taxi)
    004AA1F8 000000??
    1st column: digits for CodeBreaker and Game Shark v3&4.
                (use the same value for both sets of ??'s)
    2nd column: digits for Game Shark v1&2/Action Replay.
                (use the same value for both sets of ??'s)
    3rd column: mission status, based on this legend:
                * Mission can be completely played and completed.
                X Code works, but mission can't be played and/or completed.
                ? This is a mission that I normally have trouble passing, so I
                  can't yet verify whether it can be completed with the code
                  (but the code does work).
    4th column: mission title (as if you couldn't figure that out already)
    Some of these will put your vehicle in an awkward spot - like stuck in
    something.  Get out of the vehicle and find something else to drive.  In
    other words, don't trigger a mission in a vehicle you want to drive during
    the mission.  Try to trigger the missions in a small car.
    A QUICK TIP: If the mission places your guy at a specific place after the
    cutscene, he will be warped there inside the taxi. For some missions, like
    the Marty Chonks phone missions, the mission does not move your guy after the
    cutscene, so you appear in the taxi exactly where you pressed R3.
    Luigi Goterelli
    00  A5  -  Game Intro/Give Me Liberty/Luigi's Girl
                 (locks after intro movie?)
    14  B1  -  Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up
    15  B2  -  Drive Misty For Me
    16  B3  -  Pump-Action Pimp
    17  B4  -  The Fuzz Ball
    Joey Leone
    18  AD  -  Mike Lips' Last Lunch
    19  AE  -  Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong
    1A  AF  -  Van Heist
    1B  B0  -  Cipriani's Chauffeur
    1C  A9  -  Dead Skunk in the Trunk
    1D  AA  -  The Getaway
    Toni Cipriani
    1E  AB  -  Taking Out The Laundry
    1F  AC  -  The Pick Up
    20  C5  -  Salvatore's Called a Meeting
    21  C6  -  Triads and Tribulations
    22  C7  -  Blow Fish
    Salvatore Leone
    23  C8  -  Chaperone
    24  C1  -  Cutting the Grass
    25  C2  -  Bomb Da Base: Act I
    26  C3  -  Bomb Da Base: Act II
    27  C4  -  Last Requests
    Note: Some of Asuka's missions may occasionally spawn your taxi underground and
    into the water. Pressing Triangle as the cutscene ends may help you to survive.
    2C  B9  -  Sayanora Salvatore
    2D  BA  -  Under Surveillance
    2E  BB  -  Paparazzi Purge
    2F  BC  -  Payday for Ray
    30  D5  -  Two Faced Tanner
    C7  E4  -  Bait
                 (locks up?)
    C8  DD  -  Espresso-2-Go
    C9  DE  -  S.A.M.
    31  D6  -  Kanbu Bust Out
    32  D7  -  Grand Theft Auto
    33  D8  -  Deal Steal
    34  D1  -  Shima
    35  D2  -  Smack Down
    Ray Machowski
    36  D3  -  Silence the Sneak
    37  D4  -  Arms Shortage
    38  CD  -  Evidence Dash
    39  CE  -  Gone Fishing
    3A  CF  -  Plaster Blaster
    3B  D0  -  Marked Man
    Donald Love
    3C  C9  -  Liberator
    3D  CA  -  Waka-Gashira Wipeout
    3E  CB  -  A Drop in the Ocean
    C3  E8  -  Grand Theft Aero
    C4  E1  -  Escort Service
    C5  E2  -  Decoy
    C6  E3  -  Love's Disappearance
    CF  DC  -  The Exchange
                 (locks up?)
    Marty Chonks
    0F  9C  -  The Crook
    10  B5  -  The Thieves
    11  B6  -  The Wife
    12  B7  -  Her Lover
    El Burro
    28  BD  -  Turismo
    29  BE  -  I Scream, You Scream
    2A  BF  -  Trial By Fire
    2B  C0  -  Big 'N' Veiny
    King Courtney
    3F  CC  -  Bling-Bling Scramble
    C0  E5  -  Uzi Rider
                 (locks up?)
    C1  E6  -  Gang Car Round-Up
                 (locks up?)
    C2  E7  -  Kingdom Come
    CA  DF  -  Uzi Money
    CB  E0  -  Toyminator
                 (locks up?)
    CC  D9  -  Rigged to Blow
    CD  DA  -  Bullion Run
    CE  DB  -  Rumble
    TOYZ Missions
    Note: RC car spawns relative to your taxi's position, not in the area where the
    real TOYZ van is.
    03  A8  -  Diablo Destruction
    04  A1  -  Mafia Massacre
    05  A2  -  Casino Calamity
    06  A3  -  Rumpo Rampage
    Offroad Missions
    07  A4  -  Patriot Playground
                 (ends immediately?)
    08  9D  -  A Ride in the Park
                 (ends immediately?)
    09  9E  -  Griped!
                 (ends immediately?)
    0A  9F  -  Multi-Story Mayhem
                 (ends immediately?)
    Miscellaneous Missions
    01  A6  -  Health Info
    02  A7  -  Wanted Info
    13  B8  -  8-Ball Walking Out of Hideout
                 (cutscene never goes back to game mode?)
    0B  A0  -  Paramedic
                 (ends immediately?)
    0C  99  -  Firefighter
                 (no firehose even if it did work?)
    0D  9A  -  Vigilante
                 (ends immediately?)
    0E  9B  -  Taxi Driver
                 Pointless since you need to be in a taxi anyway to trigger it.
    These are all of the codes that I personally use.  I'm listing them all here
    because I probably made reference to a few of them in the mission select mod
    sections above.  If I reference something that's not listed below, then I'm
    probably referring to a button cheat.  You can find all of them here:
    I'm only including CodeBreaker codes in this section because that's the cheat
    device I own.  Since these codes are not necessary for the mission select mod,
    I'm not going to convert them into other cheat device formats.
    None of these codes were created by me.  All of the
    codes above the ~~~~ line are from the official CodeBreaker website
    (http://www.cmgsccc.com).  All of the codes below that line are from The GFCC
    and/or users of their message boards (converted from the originals by Blue
    FA7A006E 32C67C41     Enable Code (Must Be On)
    2AACC91F 3C0142C8 +   Infinite Health
    2AA8C91F AC410300 +
    2A94C91F 03E00008 +
    2A90C91F 44020000 +
    2A9F281E 0C030088
    2A9CC91F 3C0142C8 +   Infinite Armor
    2A98C91F AC410304 +
    2A84C91F 03E00008 +
    2A80C91F 46000836 +
    2A932818 0C03008C
    NOTE: Infinite Armor is better than Infinite Health because it doesn't cause
    the game to "freeze" when you drown.
    2A5B2AF5 03E00008 +   No Helicopters After You
    2A472AF5 24020000
    2AFB2AF0 03E00008 +   Never Wanted
    2AE72AF0 00000000
    2A073ACC 00000000 +   Infinite Ammo-All Weapons (Inside Car)
    2AE73ACC 00000000
    2AD33AC9 00000000 +   Infinite Ammo-All Weapons
    2AB33ACA 00000000
    2ACB390B 03E00008 +   All Cars Are Immune To Weapons
    2AB7390B 00000000
    2A9B3904 100000B0     Makes Cars Bullet Proof
    2A3B3867 03E00008 +   Cops Get Out And Walk Away
    2A273867 00000000
    2ADB3862 03E00008 +   Idiot AI-Cops
    2AC73862 00000000
    2A7B3813 03E00008 +   No One Is A Gang Member (Not Visually)
    2A673813 24020000
    2A3B113B 03E00008 +   Infinite Health & Armor (Everyone)
    2A27113B 00000000
    2A2B39CF 03E00008 +   No Car Damage From Collisions - All Cars
    2A1739CF 00000000
    2A390C19 00000064     Infinite Run
    2ABB3869 03E00008 +   Can Not Be Arrested
    2ABB3869 00000000 +
    2A0B386A 03E00008 +
    2AF7386A 00000000
    0AD34B6F 00000001     Gore Code Always On
    0ABF4A9E 00000001     Free Bombs
    0AB34A9E 00000001     Free Resprays
    2A6339CA 00000000     No Car Damage From Collisions - Your Car Only
    2A7B3EFD 03E00008     Never Drown - On Foot
    WARNING: As a human, you will lose health when you respawn on land.
    Also, you may land in a bad spot and end up falling in the water again.
    2A5B39E7 03E00008     Never Drown - In Car
    2A5B39E7 03E00008 +   Disable Water For Cars (Boats Work)
    2A4739E7 00000000
    DA66388B B24E6F46 +   Turn Mission Timer On & Off (L1+Left=Off, L1+Right=On)
    2A33292B 00000000 +
    DA66388B B24E60A6 +
    2A33292B 0C0AE23C
    2A732687 0C09702C     Sniper Rocket Launcher (lets you zoom in and out)
    2AA7390A 00000000 +   Cars Explode Like Rockets
    2A9B3904 00000000
    NOTE: Since you get money every time a car explodes, your money total will
    continually rise for a considerable amount of time.  So, if you don't want
    to mess around with your money, don't use this code.  Of course, if you use
    it with the "No Money For Blowing Up Cars" code, you shouldn't have a problem.
    2A0B2410 03E00008 +   No Money For Blowing Up Cars
    2AF72410 00000000
    2ABB3DD9 03E00008 +   All Law Enforcement Vehicles Can't Move
    2AA73DD9 24020000
    NOTE: With this code, when they get very close to you, they can swerve a
    little and hit you, but they can't move very fast at all, if any.
    0AEF6091 0000000F +   Everything Proof Garage Cars
    0ADF6090 0000000F +
    0AF76090 0000000F +
    0ACF6097 0000000F +
    0AE76097 0000000F +
    0A1F6097 0000000F
    1AC12D6C 00000000     Always Clear Weather
    2A0B252F 03E00008 +   Hide Between-Island Load Screen
    2AF7252F 00000000
    NOTE: The screen will freeze at some of the loading spots.  This is normal.
    2A272D5E 10000015     Emergency Vehicle Crane Accepts All Cars
    NOTE: It will continually give you money for any car you bring to it.
    [may affect 100% completion???]
    0A4B4A9F 0000007F     Emergency Vehicle Crane Completed
    NOTE: It will automatically be completed and the car icons will be there.
    [may affect 100% completion???]
    1AC97764 0000FFFF +   Both Import/Export Garages Completed
    1ACD7764 0000FFFF
    NOTE: It will automatically be completed and the car icons will be there.
    [may affect 100% completion???]
    2A5B3882 03E00008 +   No Gangs Hate You
    2A473882 00000000
    2ACB2E84 03E00008 +   Gangs Never Feel Threatened
    2AB72E84 00000000
    2A2B3ACB 03E00008 +   Gangs Don't Have Weapons
    2A173ACB 00000000
    1A772D6E 000000FF     Rampage Time Is 279:25 (4 hours 39 minutes 25 seconds)
    1A712D6E 00000000     Rampages Instantly Passed
    DA66388B B24E6FC6 +   Pay N Spray Your Car Anywhere
    2ADF2C0C 00000000 +      (L1+L2 spray, R1+R2 stop spray)
    DA66388B B24E6AC6 +      (also flips upside down cars back over)
    2ADF2C0C 0C0C3AE8
    NOTE: You still need to pay for the Pay N Spray job, unless you use the
    "Free Resprays" code.
    DA66388B B24E00C6 +   Kick Everyone Out Of Their Vehicles
    2AB73933 00000000 +      (L1+O to activate, Triangle to revert to normal)
    DA66388B B24E74C6 +
    2AB73933 46000836
    NOTE: At the press of a button(s), people will get out of their cars and walk
    away. This could be useful on missions when you have to chase someone in a car.
    These are codes that I'd like to have (for my own personal use) and to add to
    this document.  A few of these are floating around, but they don't work - at
    least not on my version of the game.  If you can provide me with working codes,
    they will be added to this document and you will be credited.  Codes that I
    can't get to work will not be posted.
    -- All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions (except vehicles with other R3 missions)
    -- Pay N' Spray Accepts Any Vehicle
    -- Your Car Only Is Immune To Weapons
    -- Never Lose Your Weapons When Wasted Or Busted
    -- Press Select+Left To Blow Up All Cars (triggers the in-game cheat)
    -- Always Daytime/Daylight
    (so even at 1 AM it would be bright and sunny out)
    ("Freeze Daily Time" and "Always Clear Weather" don't achieve this effect)
    -- A better "Hide Between-Island Load Screen" code (if it's possible)
    (when it freezes the screen it'll pop up the transparent grey box that says
    "loading" like what usually comes up when using the Mission Select Mod code,
    which would look better than just a frozen screen)
    Below are codes that I found online back in 2004.  I did the CB conversions
    (as that's the cheat device I have) from the AR/GS originals.
    -- GRAND THEFT AUTO 3 --
    All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions (except vehicles with other R3 missions)
    CodeBreaker: 2A4317D8 00000000
    Orig AR/GS: 1CA4C4A0 1456E7A5
    -- GRAND THEFT AUTO 3 --
    Pay N' Spray Accepts Any Vehicle
    CodeBreaker: 2AFF2C01 00000000
    Orig AR/GS: 1CA77FF4 1456E7A5
    However, they do not work for me.  I think this is because I have the NTSC
    version of the games and these codes might be for the PAL version (there was
    no indication at the original source which version they were).  I'm also making
    the huge assumption that these codes are for the original versions of the games
    (which I have), and not for any of the subsequent re-releases.
    Assuming these are PAL (and for the original versions of the games), could
    someone please give me NTSC conversions?  I'd really appreciate it.
    Working codes will become a permanent addition to this guide
    Ver. 1.0 (12/23/2005)
    The very first version of this guide. PLEASE NOTE: Although all of the codes and
    digits are present, this guide is a work in progress. I have only started to
    play test this code, which is why there are practically no notes for any of the
    missions, and the status column for all missions is a blank dash.  To FULLY play
    test the game with the code I need a working "All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions"
    code in rax hex format for the NTSC *original* (not double pack) version of the
    game.  If someone could provide me with a code, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Ver. 1.1 (6/17/2006)
    Added some non-working codes to the "Codes Wanted" section.  Maybe someone
    can get these to work for me.
    Ver. 1.2 (7/26/2008)
    Officially changed the name of the guide to "Mission Select Code Guide" as I
    hope that will stop people from thinking this guide is about game modding. Also
    added the note at the very top to make it perfectly clear that you need a cheat
    device (CodeBreaker or Game Shark) in order to use these codes.
    This document is copyright 2005 by Paul Rudoff.  Grand Theft Auto III is
    copyright 2001 by Rockstar Games Inc., a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive
    Software.  This document is not associated with or endorsed by Rockstar Games
    Inc., Take-Two Interactive Software, or anyone else involved in the making of
    the game.
    This document may NOT be reproduced, redistributed, sold (in any way,
    shape, or form), published in a magazine, or put anywhere on the Internet
    EXCEPT at GameFaqs.com.
    This copyright notice and disclaimer may be updated by me from time to
    time without notice to you.
    Any rights expressly and not expressly granted herein are reserved.

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