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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Crystal Castles / A.K.A

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           ####################################################     ##
           #          ##         ##          ##         ##          ##
           #          ##         ##          ##         ##          ##
           #    ##    ##    #    ########    ##   ##    ##    #     ##
           #    ##    ##        ####         ##   ##    ##    #     ##
           #    ##    ##         ##          ##   ##    ##    #     ##
           #    ##    ##    #    ##    ##    ##   ##    ##    #     ##
           #    ##    ##    #    ##    ##    ##   ##    ##    #     ##
           #          ##    #    ##          ##   ##    ##          ##
           #          ##    #    ##          ##   ##    ###         ##
           ######     #######    #####################################
           #          #######          #
           ########################    ###########################################
                      ###    ######          ##############        ####     ######
                      #           #          ##         ##         ##           ##
                      ##    #######    ##    ##   ###   ##    ########     #######
                      ##    ##    #    ##    ##   ###   ##         ###    ##    ##
                      ##    ##    #    ##    ##   ###   ##         ###    ##    ##
                      ##    ##    #    ##    ##         ##    ########    ##    ##
                      ##    ##    #    ##    ##    #######    ########    ##    ##
                      ##          #    ##    ##         ##    ########          ##
                      ###        ##    ##    ##         ##    #########        ###
     ##         ##    ##    #      #    ###       ######                   ##
     ##         ##    ##    #           ##         #####                   ##
     ##    #    ##    ##    #           ##   ###   #####                   ##
     #######    ##    ##    ##    ########   ###   #######    #     #    ####
     ##         ##    ##    ##    ##    ##   ###   #######    #     #    ####
     ##    #    ##    ##    ##    ##    ##   ###   #######    #     #    ####
     ##    #    ##    ##    ##    ##    ##   ###   #######    #     #    ####
     ##         ##          ##          ##         #####                   ##
     ##         ###       # ##          ###       ######                   ##
                       Grand Theft Auto III FAQ/Walkthrough
                                 Playstation 2
                                 nm14 and A.K.A
                           (c)2005 All Rights Reserved
                                  Last Update:
                               Version 1.5 [176KB]
                                 (July 24, 2005)
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    |<>|                         Table of Contents                             |<>|
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     |               Section Title                  |            Code            |
     |1.0 Introduction                              |       GTA[01]              |
     |2.0 E-mail Policy                             |       GTA[02]              |
     |3.0 Legal Information                         |       GTA[03]              |
     |4.0 Version History                           |       GTA[04]              |
     |5.0 Basics                                    |       GTA[05]              |
     |  5.1 Characters                              |       GTA[051]             |
     |  5.2 Controls                                |       GTA[052]             |
     |  5.3 Tips                                    |       GTA[053]             |
     |  5.4 Weapons                                 |       GTA[054]             |
     |  5.5 Items                                   |       GTA[055]             |
     |  5.6 Vehicles/Stats                          |       GTA[056]             |
     |  5.7 Shops                                   |       GTA[057]             |
     |  5.8 Gangs                                   |       GTA[058]             |
     |6.0 Walkthrough                               |       GTA[06]              |
     |  6.1 Portland Island                         |       GTA[061]             |
     |  6.2 Staunton Island                         |       GTA[062]             |
     |  6.3 Shoreside Vale                          |       GTA[063]             |
     |7.0 Extras                                    |       GTA[07]              |
     |  7.1 "R3" Missions                           |       GTA[071]             |
     |  7.2 Telephone Missions                      |       GTA[072]             |
     |  7.3 Other Missions                          |       GTA[073]             |
     |8.0 Hidden Packages                           |       GTA[08]              |
     |  8.1 Portland Island Hidden Packages         |       GTA[081]             |
     |  8.2 Staunton Island Hidden Packages         |       GTA[082]             |
     |  8.3 Shoreside Vale Hidden Packages          |       GTA[083]             |
     |9.0 Rampages                                  |       GTA[09]              |
     |  9.1 Portland Island Rampages                |       GTA[091]             |
     |  9.2 Staunton Island Rampages                |       GTA[092]             |
     |  9.3 Shoreside Vale Rampages                 |       GTA[093]             |
     |10.0 Unique Jumps                             |       GTA[10]              |
     |  10.1 Portland Island Jumps                  |       GTA[101]             |
     |  10.2 Staunton Island Jumps                  |       GTA[102]             |
     |  10.3 Shoreside Vale Jumps                   |       GTA[103]             |
     |11.0 Cheat Codes                              |       GTA[11]              |
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    |<>|                                                                       |<>|
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    |<>|                           1.0 Introduction                            |<>|
    \__/                              GTA[01]                                  \__/
                                 nm14's Introduction
    Hello and welcome to another FAQ written by nm14 and A.K.A. This
    time, I am writing for Grand Theft Auto III for the Playstation 2. As I looked
    into the FAQs for Grand Theft Auto III I noticed that there needed a bit of
    expanding, so I decided to team up with A.K.A and create an in-depth
    FAQ that covers all of the aspects of the game. This FAQ will cover a complete
    in-depth walkthrough through the entire story part of the game. There will also
    be coverage on Extra missions as well as Hidden Packages. If you look at the
    Table of Contents above, you will see that each and every aspect of the game
    will be covered in this FAQ. I hope you enjoy the FAQ, and hope that it helps
    you through this game. Good luck and have fun!
                                 A.K.A's Introduction
    Welcome to our FAQ about Grand Theft Auto 3. This FAQ is written to cover all
    aspects of this wonderful game, and I hope you have as much fun reading it as I
    did writing it. There will be information on every section. This game is great
    because of the wide variety of missions and extra things you can do in the
    game. If you ever have any questions for me personally, you can e-mail me
    within the conditions stated below.  I hope this FAQ helps you succeed in the
    game and good luck!
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    |<>|                           2.0 E-Mail Policy                           |<>|
    \__/                              GTA[02]                                  \__/
    Hey everyone. This is the e-mail policy portion of this FAQ. We are going to
    list what we believe to be "acceptable" or "unacceptable" e-mails. Of course,
    it would be very wise of you to correctly e-mail us if you are hoping for a
    response. Also, if you have made a mistake when e-mailing us, it is very likely
    we will block you so that you cannot send us any more messages. So, now that
    you all know what will happen if you incorrectly e-mail us, you have to find
    out what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Please read below.
    Do you have information that we have not covered in this FAQ? Well, read below.
    If you happen to know something in the FAQ please e-mail us. We are always
    interested in adding information from readers, but there are a few exceptions.
    If this FAQ is NOT labeled "Final" as its version, your added information may
    not neccessarily be used. We could possibly already know your information, but
    have not gotten to that section yet. So, do not guarantee that we will post your
    comments just because you were nice enough to e-mail us.
    Now, for a little more about an "acceptable" e-mail, let's talk about the
    subject of the e-mail. We get a lot of e-mails about other FAQs that we have
    written, so we can easily miss your e-mail unless you identify it. So, in the
    subject line, please include the words "Grand Theft Auto III" in your subject
    line. This makes it a lot easier to sort things out in our e-mail. If you do
    not refer to what game you are commenting/asking for help on, we will most
    likely ignore the entire e-mail.
    The last aspect that we would like to talk about is reading the FAQ. If you are
    in doubt, check around the entire FAQ before coming to us for direct help. It
    is likely that information is in other parts of the FAQ, and not neccessarily
    the part that you are looking at during that very moment. Any comments that are
    already answered in this FAQ will simply be ignored and blocked, as we have
    taken a lot of time to write this guide for you, you can do a little something
    for us as well.
    If any of the above guidelines are not followed correctly your e-mails will be
    considered "unacceptable" and I am sure you know what that means. We personally
    think that it will be simple to follow the guidelines, and you will not have to
    worry very much about the process. Thanks you, again, for your cooperation.
    nm14 - nm14.faqs[at]gmail[dot]com
    A.K.A - arminjewell@yahoo.com
    -----   arminjewell(at)yahoo(dot)com
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    |<>|                           3.0 Legal Information                       |<>|
    \__/                              GTA[03]                                  \__/
    nm14's Legal Information
    This document is (c) copyright 2003-2004 to nm14 for use only on the
    internet at the following sites. Failure to follow the copyright laws will
    result in a law suit. If you wish to obtain the FAQ on a site/magazine etc. you
    must consult with me through electronic mail. I must give clear instructions
    and you must follow those instructions.
    If permission is given to you, please do not change the content of format of
    the FAQ. It is meant to stay in this state until I say otherwise. So, again,
    if you wish to use this FAQ in any way, pleace consult with me. Thanks you,
    and the following sites may use this FAQ at the present date.
    A.K.A's Legal Information
    Unpublished work Copyright 2002-2004 Armin Jewell
    This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
    Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot be
    reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form (written
    or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used in any sort of
    commercial transaction, including selling it or giving it away as a gift.  This
    FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by anybody (including webmasters,
    publishers, and magazine staff) without my expressed written permission.  This
    FAQ was created and is owned by me, Armin Jewell <arminjewell (at) yahoo (dot)
    com>.  It can be found exclusively at www.GameFAQs.com, www.IGN.com, and at
    www.neoseeker.com.  All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and
    respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.
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    |<>|                           4.0 Version History                         |<>|
    \__/                              GTA[04]                                  \__/
    Version 1.4 - Added Rampages and offroad missions. Added Unique Jumps. Finished
    -----------   all the Hidden Packages.
    Version 1.3 - Finished the Shops section and we added more to the Character
    -----------   section. Also started the Gangs section.
    Version 1.2 - Finished the Weapons section of the FAQ. Started the Character
    -----------   and Vehicle section of the FAQ. We are Making a lot of progress.
    Version 1.1 - Walkthrough is finished. Hidden Packages are 2/3 done. Controls
    -----------   and some extra missions are complete. Weapons updated as well.
    Version 1.0 - First Submission to GameFAQs.
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    |<>|                           5.0 Basics                                  |<>|
    \__/                              GTA[05]                                  \__/
                                   5.1 Characters                          GTA[051]
    1. Tommy Vercetti
    This is the main character in the game. You know, the one that you control
    virtually every second of you time with Grand Theft Auto III? Anyway, he is a
    newbie criminal who is proving himself by doing certain missions for different
    bosses with different work. He has good driving skills (of course that really
    depends on you) and he knows how to hijack cars. He has mastered his skills
    with almost every type of weapon. He is basically the most carefree and
    entertaining character in the entire game.
    2. 8-Ball
    This is your accomplice so to speak. He basically helps you with a few missions
    and is also a criminal. Both you (Tommy Vercetti) and 8-Ball escaped from jail
    and have business to take care of in Liberty City. Unfortunately 8-Ball is
    crippled with his hands being useless, so he is going to be a pain in a lot of
    the game. Oh well, he is pretty cool and he works at a bomb shop, so come and
    collect your car bombs from this gangster criminal.
    3. Joey Leone
    This is one of the bosses that you will have throughout the course of the game.
    His family is really big with criminalization, having his father has Salvatore.
    This guys works as a mechanic and builds some of the fastest cars in Liberty
    City. He also has little to say, and doesn't like to waist much time, however
    he is a rather nice boss compared to others. Overall he is an enjoyable person
    throughout the game.
    4. Salvatore Leone
    This is the uncle of Joey Leone, your boss as stated above. He is a very rich
    man, and is the leader of the Mafia gang. He basically controls the gangs and
    crimes in Portland of Liberty City, and will ask you to do some missions. As
    you will figure out soon enough, he is one of those people that really get on
    your nerves. He is a "promising" man, but then again he, like everyone else,
    likes to break promises.
    5. Luigi
    This is another, in fact your first, boss. He owns a Club and is absolutely
    obsessed with girls working at his club. He has tons of bodyguards, and he
    usually does not even speak to you. His guards to his simple jobs. Again,
    another criminal and boss in Grand Theft Auto III.
    6. Toni
    Here is a friend of just about every criminal. He is also one of your bosses
    in this game. His biggest pet peeve, as you will easily find out, is the Triad
    gang. He absolutely cannot stand this gang, and basically wants to kill every
    member of the gang. He will constantly make deals and try to get revenge with
    this gang. You will be portray as an "angry" man.
                                   5.2 Controls                            GTA[052]
    ~-On Foot-~
    Triangle Button – Enter Vehicle
    Circle Button – Shoot Weapon
    X Button – Sprint
    Square Button – Jump
    L1 Button – Center Camera
    L2 Button – Select Weapon (Backwards)
    L3 Button - Nothing
    R1 Button – Lock on to the nearest target
    R2 Button – Select Weapon (Forwards)
    R3 Button – Look Behind
    Directional Pad – Move Around
    Select – Toggle Camera View
    Start - Pause
    *** For sprinting, if you hold X you will eventually run out of breath and have
    to jog again.  If you repeatedly tap X, you will never run out of stamina.
    ~-In Vehicle-~
    Triangle Button – Exit Vehicle
    Circle Button – Shoot Weapon (Only when L2 or R2 is held down)
    X Button – Accelerate
    Square Button – Reverse
    L1 Button – Change Radio Stations
    L2 Button – Look to the Left/Ready to Shoot
    L3 Button – Honk the Horn
    R1 Button – Handbrake
    R2 Button – Look to the Right/Ready to Shoot
    R3 Button - Toggle Vehicle Mission On/Off (Where it applies)
    Directional Pad – Steer
    Select – Toggle Camera View
    Start - Pause
                                   5.3 Tips                                GTA[053]
    1. Continually press the X button if you are willing to tire you hands out so
       that your speed burst goes on forever. Of course, you will not go quite as
       fast as the maximum speed, but you will go faster overall since you are not
       going to stay.
    2. If you have a One Star wanted level you are still pretty safe. If you just
       continue to go in the direction of your destination you will most likely get
       to your destination and the one star wanted level will be gone. A two in one
    3. Don't worry about traffic rules, or in other words, don't stop at red lights
       or if people are in front of you. This rule does have some exceptions though
       because if a police car is around you might want to stop and follow the
       rules or else your wanted level will skyrocket.
    4. If you have a Two Star wanted level you are in a little bit of trouble. The
       police actually start to attack you with their cars. So, your main priority
       is to find a police badge item which will lower your wanted level by one
       star. This will make it much easier to get your last star off by running
    5. Quickly drive away once you have Hijacked a car. Why? Well, the driver might
       come back and attack you. They will try to throw you out of the car and get
       their car back. So, right when you get into a car, hold the X button down to
       accelerate. If the open door on the driver's side is still open, slow down
       and Vercetti will automatically close the door.
                                   5.4 Weapons                             GTA[054]
    -Able to Sprint
    Obviously this is simply attacking with punches with your fists. This is not
    recommended when you want to try to kill someone, as it takes much longer to
    kill a civilian/criminal using fists rather than using a regular weapon. If you
    have an UZI, you will most likely never use your fists.
    ~-Police Bat-~
    -Able to Sprint
    You can find these when you kill a police officer, but they are not really
    worth it. They are, on the other hand, better than your bear hands, as they can
    kill civilians/criminals relatively fast. You can usually find one near your
    hideout as well. Another advantage of these bats is that police officers
    usually do not see you kill the civilians with the bats, and therefore you
    wanted level harldly ever goes up. Of course, if you kill an insane amount of
    people, you wanted level will probably go up.
    ~-Baseball Bat-~
    -Able to Sprint
    These bats are also very good for killing civilians/criminals, especially when
    you are in close range. Another advantage of these bats is that police officers
    usually do not see you kill the civilians with the bats, and therefore you
    wanted level harldly ever goes up. Of course, if you kill an insane amount of
    people, you wanted level will probably go up.
    -Able to Sprint
    These weapons are not my favorite. In fact, I never use these weapons, but they
    are obtainable, so I will tell you a bit about them. You can usually only find
    these weapons at your hideout or after killing police officers (because this is
    the very weapon that police officers always use, and is probably the reason why
    they can never kill you). It is a gun, which makes a stronger than bats, but
    does not really take much damage away from your adversary.
    -Able to Sprint
    Uzi guns are really good for starters. They fire rapidly, and usually kill
    opponents much faster than the Handgun. You can find them in secret areas over
    islands, and eventually at your hideout (if you get a certain amount of
    packages). Another neat feature about the Uzi gun is that you can carry them
    while driving, and therefore you may do a driveby shooting with the Uzi. To do
    this, press the R2 or L2 button to see a side view. Then press the O button to
    fire you weapon at people on the sidewalk. This is a pretty "fun" feature of
    this lovely game.
    -Not Able to Sprint
    This is very similar to the Uzi, but has two major differences. First of all,
    this weapon cannot be used inside a car, and therefore can not be used for
    killing people using the driveby method. The other difference is that you hold
    this gun with two hands instead of one, and therefore you cannot run while
    holding it. The advantage to this gun is that it takes a lot more life out of
    enemies that you are shooting.
    -Not Able to Sprint
    This is going to be one of your favorite weapons early on the game. Why? Simply
    because it is VERY rare to receive ammunition, as you cannot purchase ammo in
    the beginning of the game. You will, however, get some ammo in various missions
    that you come across. To get more descriptive towards the actual weapon, this
    shotgun is extremely powerful and can kill anyone in one simple hit. The only
    small disadvantage to this weapon is that you must reload after each shot that
    you take with this weapon.
    -Not Able to Sprint
    This is the most powerful machine gun in the game. There are two positive
    aspects of this weapon. First of all, you can use a scope to have much more
    accurate aim. But more importantly, this gun has some of the strongest bullets,
    and they come out rapidly. They are useful for destroying cars, helicopters
    etc. The only disadvtage of this gun is close range. If you want to kill people
    fast, this will be hard to aim quickly at different people. Overall, this is a
    good weapon.
    ~-Sniper Rifle-~
    -Not Able to Sprint
    The name says it all. This is what I would consider a "secondary" weapon, but
    don't think of it sterotypically. This is a very powerful weapon from long
    range, just as every sniper rifle is. You can go into scope mode (much like the
    M16 but a larger view) and even zoom in to get a close picture of your target.
    Of course, this is not what you want to use for close range or when you have to
    kill many people in a row. Once again, this is a "secondary" weapon.
    ~-Rocket Launcher-~
    -Not Able to Sprint
    This weapon is the cream of the crop. It is the one that everyone begs for, but
    can be worse than you hoped for. I personally don't like to use this weapon
    when I am serious. If I am joking around, that is a different story. This
    reason behind my actions is that this weapon has a larger blast radius than you
    may expect. It can kill you just when you think you are about to blow a nearby
    car up, or a group of people. Don't get me wrong, this weapon is the best for
    blowing up vehicles as well as large masses of people. Hey, use it to your
    -Able to Sprint
    We all know what grenades are. Basically use them when you don't have any
    better weapons. Hehe. Anyway, you can throw grenades at different lengths based
    on how long you hold the throw button down. They can destroy massive amounts of
    people, and can easily put vehicles on a roast. I personally never use these,
    but hey, they are part of the game so why not give them a chance.
    ~-Flame Thrower-~
    -Not Able to Sprint
    This weapon is considered a heavy weapon, so don't even think about running
    away with it out. You will move slower than a snail, but this weapon can kill
    so many people so quickly it could be the most entertaining weapon in the
    entire game. They can easily take out vehicles of all sizes, and can burn
    people out of their misery. (Hey, I want to make it sound like you are doing
    the people in Liberty City a favor)
                                   5.5 Items                               GTA[055]
                                   5.6 Vehicles/Stats                      GTA[056]
    Vehicles are a major portion of this game. All throughout Liberty City there
    are fast, slow, crappy, and pimpin' cars. You will want to get around the city
    very quickly, so automobile transportation is very conveniant for Tommy
    Vercetti. Overall, this will be the most entertaining and conveniant feature on
    this game, Grand Theft Auto III.
    ~-Hijack Vehicles-~
    If you are going to want to get around Liberty City as fast as possible you are
    going to have to use automobile transportation. So, to hijack a car simply head
    up the car door and press the Triangle button. This will open the door, knock
    the person who is driving out, let you in, and place your foot on the gas
    pedal. Now, the best way to get into cars is to look for red lights. Although
    you do not follow the traffic lights, other cars in Liberty City just happen to
    follow the rules. So, look for red lights and you will find tons of cars that
    are waiting for a green light. This means they are FROZEN! So, head up to the
    door and press Triangle to get into the car and start going.
                                   5.7 Shops                               GTA[057]
    Shops are a huge part of this game.  Included in shops are 8-Ball's Bomb Shop,
    Pay N' Spray, AmmuNation.  I will give you information about each shop and then
    give you the location for each of them.  Here it goes!
    ~-8-Ball's Bomb Shop-~
    8-Ball's Bomb Shop is used sparingly throughout the game but it is important in
    the missions required for it.  The general idea is that you would pay $1000
    dollars it get your car rigged with a bomb.  You go into the 8-Ball garage, it
    closes, and you come out with it rigged.  You can arm the bomb by pressing
    Circle, and the different bombs will do different things.  Ignition bombs
    explode when you ignite the engine, time bombs explode after a certain amount
    of time, and remote control bombs explode when you press the button.  It isn't
    really that useful unless it's in a mission.
    *** Portland Location *** (Ignition Bomb)
    This is located in the outskirts of the town.  From your base, head towards the
    gas station.  Coming out of your base, turn right, and follow that road until
    you get to where the car crusher is and continue forward to get to an
    intersection going right, and straight ahead is a dirt road.  Follow the dirt
    road to get to his bomb shop.
    *** Staunton Island Location *** (Time Bomb)
    This is located right behind the big car garage. From your hideout, go right
    and pass the big, multi-story car garage.  Turn left on the street right after
    it, and then turn into the alley right behind it. Follow it along then go up
    the ramp, follow that and one of the garages will house 8-Ball's Bomb Shop.
    *** Shoreside Vale Location *** (Remote Control Bomb)
    This is right by the police station.  From your base, go up the winding roads
    and cross the bridge, and get to the police station. From the back, jump with
    your car down to the lot.  Here you will find many things, including an
    8-Ball's Bomb Shop.
    This is your main source of weapons, and there is one in Portland and Staunton
    Island.  They are not really useful in my opinion, as the game itself provides
    many weapons, along with Hidden Package rewards, you are really fine without
    spending money for them.  Anyway, here are those locations.
    *** Portland Location ***
    This is located in the Red Light District. Coming from your base, turn left and
    go along that main highway. Turn at the second left to get on the main road,
    and the subway should be on your left soon. After you pass the subway, turn
    left onto the road and follow it a little ways to get to the AmmuNation, which
    is on your right in the strip.
    Weapons in Portland include an Uzi and a Pistol.
    *** Staunton Island Location ***
    This is located in Newport.  From your base turn right and follow the road.
    Turn at the first left and you should see the highway right in front of you
    with strips of shops on your right.  One of those shops is the one you are
    looking for, the AmmuNation.
    Weapons in Staunton Island include an Uzi, Pistol, Shotgun, AK47, and a Police
    ~-Pay N' Spray-~
    These are by far the most useful of all shops. For $1000, you will fully repair
    your car and get your wanted level completely taken away. It is well worth it,
    and doing it many times if needed is recommended. There is one in each of the
    three islands.
    *** Portland Location ***
    This is located right by your hideout.  From your hideout, turn right and then
    turn right right away onto the next road.  Turn right again, and at the next
    intersection off to the left you will see the big shiny garage to the big shiny
    Pay N' Spray.
    *** Staunton Island Location ***
    This is located right behind the big car garage.  From your hideout, go right
    and pass the big, multi-story car garage.  Turn left on the street right after
    it, and then turn into the alley right behind it.  Follow it along then go up
    the ramp, follow that and one of the garages will house the Pay N' Spray.
    *** Shoreside Vale Location ***
    This is right by the police station.  From your base, go up the winding roads
    and cross the bridge, and get to the police station.  From the back, jump with
    your car down to the lot.  Here you will find many things, including a Pay N'
                                   5.8 Gangs                               GTA[058]
    Here is some information on the gangs in this game. Each gang is very important
    throughout the game, and it is interesting to know a bit of facts about each of
    the gangs. Also, some of this information was taken out of the manual for Grand
    Theft Auto III.
    1. Leone Family
      a. Location: St. Marks
      b. Business: Protection, Extortion, Robbery
      c. Workplace: Restaurants and Clubs
      d. Cars: Limozine
      e. Favorite Radio Station: Double Cleff FM
    2. Triads
      a. Location: Chinatown
      b. Business: Protection, Laundry, Bullying the Mafia
      c. Workplace: Fish Factory
      d. Cars: Laundry Vans
      e. Favorite Radio Station: Chatterbox FM
    3. Yakuza
      a. Location: Central Business District
      b. Business: Gambling, Protection, Conterfeiting
      c. Workplace: Casinos
      d. Cars: None
      e. Favorite Radio Station: Lips 106
    4. Diablos
      a. Location: Hepburn Heights
      b. Business: None
      c. Workplace: None
      d. Cars: Stallions
      e. Favorite Radio Station: Head Radio
    5. South Side Hoods
      a. Location: The projects (suburbia)
      b. Business: None
      c. Workplace: None
      d. Cars: Rumpo XL
      e. Favorite Radio Station: Game Radio, MSX
    6. Colombian Cartel
      a. Location: Airport, Construction Site
      b. Business: None
      c. Workplace: None
      d. Cars: 4X4 chrome buckets
      e. Favorite Radio Station: Flashback FM, Rise FM
    7. Yardies
      a. Location: Up town
      b. Business: None
      c. Workplace: None
      d. Cars: Lobo
      e. Favorite Radio Station: K-Jah
     __                                                                         __
    /  \                                                                       /  \
    |<>|                           6.0 Walkthrough                             |<>|
    \__/                              GTA[06]                                  \__/
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                           Portland Island                                 <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                           ---------------                                 <>
    <>                               GTA[061]                                    <>
    <>                              ----------                                   <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    Mission 1: "GIVE ME LIBERTY"
    Welcome to your first ability to move the main character. 8-ball will claim
    that he cannot drive due to problems with his hands. This means you will have
    to take him to the hideout to get a change of clothes. Look at your map and
    notice that your destination is marked with a small pink square. Head in that
    direction using the car controls. It should not be hard to find your way.
    Once you reach the hideout, you and 8-ball will change clothes. The small door
    is your save area. Head back here to save at any time. There is also a garage
    to the right. You can store one car, but don't try to squeeze two. It won't
    happen. Placing a car in here will fix the car so that all of its damages are
    gone. It will stay there until you take it out. Remember, you can place any car
    in the garage.
    Now head over to Luigi's, marked on the map, to get your next mission.
    Mission 1: "LUIGI'S GIRL"
    Reward: $1,500
    Your main goal is to pick up Misty and take her to Luigi's Sex Club. I would
    suggest you get a new car if your car seems to be broken up. If you do not need
    to steal a car, simply head to the pink square, which resembles Misty. Stop in
    front of her and she will enter your car. Now, take her back to Luigi's Club to
    gain you first reward, $1,500!
    You can save you game back at the hideout if you want, or you can enter
    Luigi's second mission to continue in the game. Of course, I would recommend
    you save your game in case you mess up during the next mission.
    Mission 2: "DON'T SPANK MA BITCH UP"
    Reward: $4,000
    You will obtain a letter from Luigi informing you of a new drug, Spank, which
    is being sold to Luigi's girls. Your goal is to kill the drug dealer, steal his
    car and paint it, and finally lock it up in Luigi's storage.
    Outside of the save area and garage is a bat. Run into the icon to claim it.
    Now that you have the bat, head to the location marked on your map. You will
    see the dealer talking to a few girls. As you move closer, he will charge you.
    Simply take him out by using the bat with the O button. You can punch him or
    run him over with a car as well. Just make sure that you kill him.
    Now, take his Stallion (his car) and drive it to the Pay and Spray to get a new
    paint job on the car. It should be close to Luigi's club. Enter the garage to
    get a free deal, but usually it will cost you $1,000. Now take the car to the
    garage marked on the map. Place the car into the garage and walk out.
    Congrats! You completed the mission.
    Mission 3: "DRIVE MISTY FOR ME"
    Reward: $1,000 and Joey Missions
    This is an easy mission again. You are to find Misty and take her to someone
    named Joey Leone. Head to the desired location and stop in the blue marker.
    You will be told to honk you horn. Simply press the control stick down to beep
    the horn, and Misty will come out. Now, take her to Joey's place located on the
    Joey will tell you to come back later for some missions from him. You are
    proving to be a worthy criminal, and are gaining a notorious reputation. For
    now, we will stick with some more Luigi missions.
    Mission 4: "PUMP-ACTION PIMP"
    Reward: $4,000 and Handgun
    This mission proves to be on the harder side. You are to kill the Diablos, who
    have been messing with Luigi's girls. Yeah, Luigi is really obsessed with his
    girls! Anyway, you are to kill the Diablos, and you can obtain a free Handgun
    at the Ammu-Nation Store. It is marked on your map, and the clerk explains that
    your gun is waiting in the backyard, so pick it up.
    Now, get a car and look for the dot that is moving. That is the car in which
    you must find. Once you see it, smash into it has hard as possible. Once you
    get out of the car, they will come out and attack you. Try to stay to the side
    that is opposite the Diablo with a shotgun because he can be deadly. He will
    just keep hitting his car if you are opposite him. Now, take the first one out
    and quickly kill the shotgun one. Nice work if you completed the mission.
    Mission 5: "THE FUZZ BALL"
    Reward: $2,000
    Luigi is interested in making some money by placing girls in the police party
    at the old school. You are supposed to pick up at least 4 girls, and then take
    them to the location marked on the map. Get a car that can hold four people
    including you.
    Now, pick up three girls and take them to the school. Go find three more (if
    you want, as the minimum is four but for each extra girl you will make an extra
    $500 bonus.) girls and take them back. Try to get as many as possible to make
    the most cash possible. This is the last Luigi mission, so get ready to head to
    Joey's place and get some orders.
    Mission 1: "MIKE LIPS LAST LUNCH"
    Reward: $10,000
    The Forelli brothers owe Joey money, and have not paid him back in a long time.
    It is your job to equip Mike's car with a bomb and place back in the exact spot
    it began with. So, head to where the marker is on the map and take the car to
    the bomb shop. You will have enough time, so don't rush. You cannot damage the
    car, so take it back and forth extremely slowly.
    Once you bring the car back to the location, make sure it is parked perfectly.
    You will have to arm the bomb by pressing the circle button. Now, head out of
    the car and watch fat Mike come out and get blown to pieces. You will get a
    nice reward, the largest out of all your crimes yet.
    Reward: $10,000
    There are more problems with the selling of Spank, the drug. Lee Chong is
    selling Spank at his noodle shop in China Town. It is your job to take him out
    without being wasted. So, head over to Ammu-Nation for a little ammo or a gun
    if you do not have one. Before you consider this, Lee Chong can be killed very
    easily without using weapons.
    Anyway, head to Chinatown. Once you approach Chunky Lee Chong's noodle stand, a
    gang of Triads will come out and attack you. This gives Chong an opportunity to
    flee from the situation. Do NOT chase him, as you will not catch him when he
    enters his car. Instead, head back to your own car and escape from the Triads.
    Then track Chong's car down and crash into him so that he cannot move.
    Basically, block him into a building. Then, kick him out of his car and run him
    over. Simple as that, you have passed the mission.
    Mission 3: "VAN HEIST"
    Reward: $20,000
    Your object in this mission is to steal the Security car by damaging it to the
    point where the Security guards will have to bail out. Try to obtain a large
    vehicle, such as a truck or fire engine. They can hit well, and do not damage
    as quickly as the smaller cars.
    Head to the moving van. You will have to hit this car as hard as possible, but
    each time you hit it you will obtain one star on your wanted level. I simply
    hit the vehicle as many times as possible until the first star appeared. I then
    left the scene to shake my star off, and repeated the process.  Eventually they
    guards will head out of their car and flee. Get into the van and take it to the
    desired location. Be careful, as the cops will be on you. Drive the van into
    the garage and get out. Mission passed!
    Mission 4: "CIPRIANI'S CHAUFFER"
    Reward: $3,000 and a Toni Missions
    This is a relatively easy mission. You are to take Toni Cipriani to a laundry
    service to conduct some business with the Chinese Triad gang. Then you are to
    take him to his Ma's restaurant. You will be given a Mafia Sentinel, which
    happens to be a nice car. Take him to the laundry service first. The Triads
    will start shooting Cipriani and he will yell for you to get out of here, and
    over to the restaurant.
    Once you get out of Chinatown, you can relax a bit. No one will attack you.
    Just head to the desired location on the map, and drop Toni off. He will be
    pretty mad with the Triads and will tell you to come to him to get some jobs
    that involve getting revenge with the Triads. We will save these missions for
    later though.
    Mission 5: "DEAD SKUNK IN THE TRUNK"
    Reward: $10,000
    You are to crush a car that carries a dead Forelli brother in the trunk.  This
    mission is rather difficult, but can become easy if you know how to drive.
    Anyway, head to where the car is parked. It will be indicated with a blue
    arrow.  Once you head into the car, the Forelli brothers, who are EXTREMELY
    pissed, will attack you with all their might.
    You have to NOT worry about them, and simply concentrate on getting to the
    crusher near the bomb shop. Head through China town to get difficult traffic
    that will slow the Forelli's down. Once you are close to the crusher, they
    will be nowhere in sight. Simply head into the blue circle and get out of
    car. Watch the car being placed in the crusher. You have just destroyed the
    evidence and passed the mission. Congratulations!
    Mission 6: "THE GETAWAY"
    Reward: $30,000
    The mission is REALLY EASY if you know exactly where to go. And, I am going to
    tell you exactly where to head. Your goal is to drive some of Joey's friends
    over to the local bank so that they can gain some cash. So, head to the mark on
    your map, and pick the three robbers up.
    Now, drive them to the local bank by going through the alley ahead. There will
    be a police icon in the alley (this takes one star off of you wanted level at
    any time, and will come in handy very soon). Now, head to the bank area, and
    stop so you are facing in the direction in which you came. This will allow you
    to get a faster start to where you have to go. Let the three robbers out so
    that they can take care of business. Once them come back out, an alarm will go
    off. This means MAJOR cop car chase. There are three stars on you, so you are
    going to have to act quick.
    First, head over to the alley with the police icon. This will lower your three
    star wanted level to only two stars. Now, head forward a bit and turn left.
    Head just north of the save garage to get to a Pay N Spray on the corner.  This
    will take all of your wanted stars off for only $1,000. Definitely worth it.
    Now, drive safely to the place in which you picked the robbers up. You will
    have passed the mission, and you are done with Joey's work. Let's head over to
    Toni for some Triad action.
    Reward: $20,000
    Your objective is to destroy three Triad vans, as Toni simply hates the Triad
    gang. So, get into a car. First, head to 8-Ball's bomb shop to collect a
    package of grenades. Now, head for the vans located on the map. The easiest way
    to win in this mission is to use a car to block the road. The Triads will
    simply stop and honk. But, make sure that you DO NOT touch the vans or they
    will run away like mad causing police to come after you, and a terrible
    Once you have the van at a halt, head back and throw a grenade. That takes care
    of the first one, but make sure you quicly run away with a car in case a police
    wanted star is created. Repeat this for the other three. Now, if you do happen
    to hit a Triad van, you can still beat this mission, but it will be harder to
    an extent. First, ram the car into the side of a building to get it stuck.
    Hastily, get out and either throw a grenade in their direction, or simply pull
    the driver out, run him over and blow the car up yourself. Either way will work
    but it will be much harder to halt the cars than simply blocking the road.
    Mission 2: "THE PICK-UP"
    Reward: $10,000
    You are to pick up the money from the Laundry after they have owed money for
    such a long time. Of course, this is a very suspicious proposal. Ok, the best
    way to do this is to follow my directions closely. First, head into Chinatown
    and pick up the money that they promised. Of course, this is a trap and the
    Triads will attack you until you die.
    So, make sure you have a car ready, and do not park it too close to
    Chinatown.  Get away from all of the Triads as quickly as possible. Hop into
    your car and get going before the Triads can knock you out. Then, run over
    every one. You have to kill the Triads, so do it the easy way. Once they are
    all dead, bring the money back to where Toni is, at Mama's restaurant.
    Alternate Strategy by Little_Jewell
    Use the shotgun to blast a hole to get into the alley with the Triad car.
    Then, scramble to the car avoiding the Triads as best as you can. Get into the
    car and run the rest of the Triads over.
    Reward: $15,000
    Salvatore is the leader of the Mafia, and wants to hold a meeting in his
    mansion. All bosses are invited, so you are to head to Joey's and use the Limo
    to escort Joey, Luigi, and Toni to Salvatore's mansion. You will have to use
    the honker to get Luigi and Toni out of their lovely little places.
    The Triads, of course, are ready to kill all the major bosses and will attack
    you with vigor. Just get up the large road as fast as possible and knock the
    large fish trucks out of your way. The Triads will block the entrance to the
    mansion, but will leave a passage which leads to a safe Mafia place. Simply
    drive into the garage to beat the mission.
    |Note| You must complete the first Salvatore mission before you can continue  |
    |----| with Toni's other missions. The next mission is down to Salvatore.     |
    Reward: $30,000
    Time for a gang war. Triads vs. Mafia. You are ordered to take some of Toni's
    friends to take out the Triads. First, collect/steal a car that has at least
    four seats, one being for you, the driver. Then, allow the other three
    accomplices to join you. The first of the main Trids is near the fish factory.
    Simply run him over to easily take him out. Let's go for the second.
    Head into Chinatown near Lee Chong's noodle stand. Of course, you cannot bring
    your car in, but you have some nice shooters with you, so take the second one
    out using yourself and partners to kill all in your way. Now, head for the
    The third is in Callahan Point near the other fish factory. To get past the
    gate, steal a Triad fish van. Then head through the gates and take the final
    Triad out. Congrats, you have completed this mission.
    Mission 5: "BLOW FISH"
    Reward: $3,000
    Ok, Toni is tired of the battle with the Triads, and wants to destroy their
    money source. 8-Ball has a car full of explosives and you need to take it to
    fish factory and park the car between two gas tanks. Make sure you do not take
    a lot of damage on the way to the tanks or else the car will explode, ending
    your game. You will have two and a half minutes to beat this mission. So, be
    quick with your actions, but be careful you do not crash.
    Once you park the car, run out of the blast radius. After that you are done
    with Toni's work. Time to go to Salvatore, but remember, the first mission is
    already complete because it was mandatory a while ago.
    Mission 1: "CHAPERONE"
    Reward: $10,000
    You have to baby sit Maria for the entire night, but she has requests, or
    course. She wants to see her friend Chico the chinese dude from Chinatown.  So,
    drive her and she will inform you about a party at the warehouse. Of course,
    you are going to have to take her there, and this means trouble. Park the car
    so it faces the road and wait as Maria enters the party. Notice a SWAT car
    pulling in.
    Now, the police will not JUST go for you, but they go for the entire crowd.
    Your job is to simply wait a while until Maria enters the car. Then, make a
    getaway (I am sure you are getting good at these by now). Head back to the
    mansion and park the car into the garage to complete the mission. Nice job.
    Mission 2: "CUTTING THE GRASS"
    Reward: $15,000
    There is a suspicion that Curly Bob from Luigi's club is exchanging information
    to other gangs. He seems to be spending more money than taking in, so it is
    your job, or course, to clear anything that needs to be cleared up. So, you
    have to follow Bob's taxi.
    Once at Luigi's club, wait for Curly Bob to head out and into a taxi. A meter
    will appear that will tell you how close you can be to Bob's taxi without him
    seeing you, or suspecting anything that he does not like. Don't get to far
    behind though because you will loose site of the car. Head to the docks.
    Once at the docks, listen to the conversation to understand that Salvatore was
    actually right! This means you have to take care of Bob. Run him over as soon
    as possible or he might just use his handy shotgun which can take your life
    away like a fat person eating the last piece of cake. You win!
    Mission 3: "BOMB DA BASE: ACT 1"
    Reward: None
    This the first of the bombing of the Cartel's boat. You are to see 8-ball to
    get some explosives to blow the boat away. Head over to 8-ball's bomb shop to
    get the explosives. Once there, 8-ball has his ideas, but will need some cold
    hard cash to pay for the explosives. Yep, and he needs $100,000. Not your
    ordinary pocket change. You are going to have to come back later to get the
    Mission 4: "BOMB DA BASE: ACT 2"
    Reward: $150,000
    Ok, once you have the $100,000 for 8-Ball, head to his bomb shop to pay for the
    explosives. If you are worried that you will loose your money if you die, this
    is not true. You have two options: load your game to get your money back, or
    just continue because you get all the money back. Also, you will even GAIN
    money if you complete the mission, as you can see there is a large $150,000
    Now for the mission. You get a sniper rifle, and are to head down to the docks
    in Trenton (Portland docks). Head to the top of the warehouse to get your best
    sniping point. There are guys all over, near oil explosives which would be a
    really easy way of defeating these guys. Just shoot the oil cans to blow up all
    the men around it. Continue to snipe until 8-Ball runs in and plants the
                                  IMPORTANT NOTE
    Thanks to Minesweeper, as I noticed this when using his faq to help me through
    this game. You are really going to have to take a break from these Salvatore
    missions because this is your last chance to find ALL of the Hidden Packages
    (only if you want to) or basically set foot into Portland. It will be really
    hard to complete other missions as well if you have the Mafia chasing you all
    around town all the time. Try to skip the last mission of Salvatore and save it
    for the last thing you do in Portland. It will come in handy, trust me.  Again,
    thank you Minesweeper for the notice. You really saved me.
    Mission 4: "LAST REQUESTS"
    Reward: $20,000, a new boss, and access to Staunton Island.
    Ok, you are to destroy a car that has killings inside. Access the car and once
    you are driving you will be paged by Maria. She claims that the car is a trap
    that is endangering you, and that you should meet her at Callahan Point.  Head
    to her and find out that the Mafia did have the intentions of killing you.  She
    has a leader named Asuka who can give you missions. This is in a new island by
    the name of Staunton Island.
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                           Staunton Island                                 <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                           ---------------                                 <>
    <>                               GTA[062]                                    <>
    <>                              ----------                                   <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    Welcome to the second island of the game.  Just when you thought you could get
    used to being in Portland, the game throws a whole new island for you to
    discover and get to know.  As always you end up living and sleeping in an ally,
    but that's normal.  The garage now holds two cars so you can store more cars.
    Now that you are situated with your surroundings and you have tried out some of
    the new cars around here, head to the big A on the map and start Asuka's first
    You can find Asuka in a condo overlooking the water right by where you come in
    from the docks.
    Reward: $25,000 and King Courtney as a boss
    This is the beginning of the second island missions, and it involves finishing
    some business back in Portland.  Asuka still isn't sure of your allegiance to
    the Yakuzas, so she wants you to prove it.  She wants you to kill off Salvatore
    to prove you are no longer a part of the Mafia.  Should be easy enough,
    shouldn't it?  You have three hours until he is leaving his home business, Sex
    Club 7, so you have that much time to get prepared.  Of course, three hours in
    this game is exactly like 3 minutes.  There are some things you should do to
    prepare for this mission.
    First of all, make sure you have the necessary equipment, mainly the right
    weapons.  Before you head over to Portland you need a sniper rifle, so make
    sure you either still have a shot from the Bomb Da Base mission, or you go buy
    some from AmmuNation.  Either way, have a sniper rifle.  Next you should get in
    the right position to ambush Salvatore, obviously with your sniper rifle.
    Across the street from Sex Club 7, around the back into the alleyway are some
    stairs, go up the stairs and onto the roof.  Go to the edge of the roof so you
    can see where the entrance of Sex Club 7 is and the spot Salvatore will come
    Once you are all set, wait until three hours has passed, and he will appear for
    a quick second or two, while moving much less.  This can be a hard shot to
    take, and if you are unsure you can use a rocket launcher, if you have one, to
    make sure he dies.  Either way, you only get one shot, because if you shoot
    once and miss, he will quickly run in the car and bodyguards will surround it
    making sure that he lives.  Once you eventually kill him with your one shot,
    you will have completed the mission, earned the Yakuzas' trust, earned some
    cash, and earned some new work.
    Reward: $15,000 and Kenji as a boss
    Your next mission from Asuka is with more trust and is a little closer to you
    in Staunton Island.  During the cutscene with Asuka, you meet Kenji, and if you
    complete this mission you will be able to do some jobs with him later.  Anyway,
    she will tell you that there are Mafia in Staunton Island trying to figure out
    who would have killed their Don and are looking into the Yakuza's affairs.  She
    is asking you to make quick work of them, and you know what that means.  During
    this mission, you need a sniper rifle, as there are some places where you have
    to shoot some Mafia and they are high up in a building so you must have a
    sniper rifle.  Also, just to make you even happier, there is a 6:30 time limit
    on this mission, so don't doddle.
    Once you are finished with Asuka, head out and look for the dots on the radar
    for the groups of Mafia members.  There are three clumps of them in different
    places.  The first clump is located in a van in Bedford Point.  They will be
    just sitting in the van until you do something about them, so either park far
    away enough and throw a grenade at the van, or you can draw them out of the van
    and run the all over.
    The second clump of Mafia are in the park on the mini-island in the park.  They
    are pretty good about seeing you in this part, so try to find a spot to shoot
    them without them having easy access to shooting you.  Shoot them all down and
    there will be only one group left.
    Follow the last dots to Kenji's casino, where Mafia are stationed in hotel
    rooms' balconies across the street from the casino.  Head to the front of the
    casino and climb the stairs all the way to the top and onto the roof.  If you
    are in the right place you can head to the edge facing the building with all
    the Mafia and not get hit because they wont be able to hit you through the
    railing.  From there, look around on the hotel balconies with your sniper rifle
    and kill all of the members and once they are all dead, you will get your
    reward of 15,000 bucks.
    Mission 3: "PAPARAZZI PURGE"
    Reward: $10,000
    This mission is actually quite easy in my opinion, because there isn't any time
    limit and you can continue on this mission for a long time if you need to.  The
    mission is to get rid of a reporter who has been getting to know Asuka and her
    businesses a little too well.  So she wants him whacked, and that is where you
    come in.  He is leaving from a boat on the Staunton docks and you must steal a
    police boat and blow up his boat.  Although his boat is faster, he takes many
    curves and turns, and if you keep generally straight you can stay with him very
    The idea of this one is to use your machine gun bullets and chip away at his
    boat's health until it is full and his boat will light on fire.  This might be
    a little difficulty considering he moves so much and his boat is faster, but
    again you don't have a time limit so you can go as long as you need to so that
    you can blow him up.  Once he lights on fire, you can ignore him and head back
    to the Staunton Island docks, because he is a goner.  Once you hear the
    explosion, you will get your cash.
    Mission 4: "PAYDAY FOR RAY"
    Reward: $11,000 and Ray as a new boss
    This mission is one of the more annoying ones in the game.  This time you have
    a very strict time limit and rules for what should be a simple task.  Asuka
    explains to you that there is an undercover cop working for the Yakuzas, and he
    wants his payoff.  He wants you to go through a bunch of different pay phones
    with directions on each phone to find where he is.  One thing that is very
    important is that you cannot have a police rating when answering the phone
    because you answering will not register because Ray is so paranoid.  Take it
    fast but watch out for cops.  I also suggest you have a fast car on hand for
    this mission because you will need it.  Your time limit for this mission is one
    minute and thirty seconds.
    Once you start the mission, you will first need to go to a phone that is
    located in Torrington that's right next to the edge of the water.  The crooked
    cop will be on the other end ready to give you directions.  He will tell you to
    go to the phone is West Belleville Park.  There aren't any pay phones actually
    inside of the park, but there are right outside.  It would be trouble if you
    actually had to go inside the park.  This phone is located on the side of the
    park closest to the water and closest to the end of the park closest to your
    After you answer the phone, he will direct you to another phone in Liberty
    Campus, so go and answer that phone.  Once you do that you will be directed
    back to West Belleville Park for another phone, and this is the final phone you
    have to answer.  The time limit might be running low, so step on it so you can
    reach the phone on time.  Once you do, he will tell you he is inside the park
    in the bathrooms.  The time limit will be off now, and you can stroll into the
    bathrooms.  He will appear for his money and ask for you to work for him
    eventually.  Continue on to Asuka's final mission.
    Mission 5: "TWO-FACED TANNER"
    Reward: $20,000
    Welcome to the final mission for Asuka, and it is definitely one of the hardest
    ones in the game.  Asuka asks this one last thing of you, and it is to take
    care of one more sneak in her business.  There is a man working for the Yakuzas
    who has been found out to be a cop.  The Yakuzas want him killed as fast as
    possible, so they tell you to go kill him.  Unfortunately, he is alerted of
    your attempting to kill him so he alerts the police of this.  The mission will
    then start.
    Head to Kenji's casino where you will find a blue circle for you to go into
    where you will wait for the cop's car to come out so you can destroy it.  The
    problem with this mission, is that as soon as you touch him, you will not get a
    one or two star warning, but a whopping three-star warning and you will be
    plastered.  The hard way to complete this mission is to tough it out, and keep
    doing drive-by shooting until he dies.  The easiest and most practical way is
    to not even bother chasing him down by car.  Drive around and catch him on a
    long straight away.  If you can time it well enough set down a grenade so that
    it will explode when his car passes over it.  This will not explode the car
    right away, but if you did it right it will set the car on fire and you will
    have beat the mission.  The third and least practical way is to get a rocket
    launcher in a later mission and as soon as the mission starts just blast him to
    his death.  Either way, do the job and complete all of Asuka's missions.
    You can find Kenji at his big casino in the downtown part of the island.
    Mission 1: "KANBU BUST-OUT"
    Reward: $30,000
    Kenji also isn't quite sure of your alliance quite yet, but he trusts you
    enough because of the things you have done for Asuka.  He gives you the job of
    freeing a very important member to the Yakuza family that is in jail at the
    moment.  You need to get him out and get him back to the casino without any
    police trail on him.
    Head to the police station in Torrington and pick up one of the police cars
    sitting outside of the station.  Take it to 8-Ball's bomb shop and rig it with
    a bomb, and the radar should tell you where the shop is.  Next head back to the
    police station and drive up to the fence by the police station and it will open
    up for the police car you are in.  Head inside and park your car inside the
    blue circle, activate the bomb, and get out of the car.  Watch it explode and
    blow a hole inside the wall.  Behind you against the barriers of the police
    station are armored trucks that you should steal to get him out of there.  Oh
    by the way, did I mention the three-star warning?  You have one right about
    Take the exit out of the police station to the right of where the wall is that
    you blew up and you will get a police bribe and reduce the rating to a much
    more manageable two-star rating.  Next, head to the pay and spray that is right
    across from the big car parking lot in Newport.  There is a van in a garage
    nearby that will give off an alarm, but you already have a two-star rating so
    it doesn't matter.  Use that car to get yourself removed off the police and
    take the armored truck with your buddy back to the Hyaku Dojo in Bedford Point
    to finish the mission for what I think is a ridiculous amount of money, but the
    more the merrier.  You will also now have an armored truck so you can get the
    money for it in the import/export garage.
    Mission 2: "GRAND THEFT AUTO"
    Reward: $25,000
    This mission also involves a time limit, but you must do many things in the
    time given of 6 minutes.  Kenji apparently loves cars, so he wants you to steal
    certain cars from their parked locations and deliver them to the garage in
    Newport without a scratch on them.  Thankfully, there is a Pay N' Spray right
    next to the garage you put the cars in, so it won't be that big of a deal to
    use it.  The three cars he wants are a Stinger, an Infernus, and a Cheetah.
    Let's go get some cars.
    The first car we can go get is the Stinger.  It is located in Bedford Point in
    an enclosed parking lot, so you need to use an alley to get out of the parking
    lot without getting it damaged.  Take it back to the garage and now let's
    search for the Infernus.  This car is located right by the stadium in a parking
    lot in Aspatria.  Once you deliver this car, you can get the final car, which
    is a Cheetah, located in the hospital parking in Rockford.  Once you have
    delivered all cars and they have all been accepted within the time limit, you
    will get your reward.
    Mission 3: "DEAL STEAL"
    Reward: $25,000
    Man, Kenji is definitely a high roller with all the money he is giving you.
    Anyway, he wants to mess with some more gangs, and he is mad at the Colombian
    Cartel.  They are now refusing to leave and are trying to gain an alliance with
    the Yardies.  Your job is to pose as a Yardie and then kill off all the
    Colombians, blow up all their trucks, and steal their briefcase to get the
    Colombians mad at the Yardies.
    First of all, you must find and steal a Yardie Lobo.  These cars are always
    around Bedford Point, so look around for them and eventually you will find the
    car that looks like an Esperanto with leopard seats in it.  Once you steal one
    of their cars, head to Aspatria to your contact so you know that you need to go
    to the hospital in Rockford to meet the Colombians.
    When you arrive at the hospital, park your car in the blue circle and get ready
    to let all hell break loose.  Once they figure out it is a Yardie, go ahead and
    shoot them once and then you can either keep shooting them to death or you can
    run them all over.  Either way, kill off all of the Colombians, and blow up all
    of their trucks.  In one of the trucks or on one of the guys will be a
    briefcase, which you should pick up.  Mission complete.
    Mission 4: "SHIMA"
    Reward: $10,000
    Kenji is giving you a small-time task to go collect some money that people have
    owed them.  Go collect the first briefcase in Torrington, then head to Bedford
    Point and collect the second briefcase.  This seems like an easy mission
    doesn't it?  Well the problem arises when you head to Belleville Point to
    collect the third briefcase in which the owner says some gang robbed him and
    that's where his money went.  To get the money, you need to track down this
    gang and get the briefcase back.
    It just so happens that the dot on the radar appear in Portland, and more
    specifically, in Hepburn Heights.  That is the home of the Diablos, and they
    are the gang that you need to kill to get the briefcase.  Follow the dot and
    basically go to where the group of Diablos are.  They, again, only have
    baseball bats so you can just run them all over.  If things get too hectic you
    can always speed off and come back.  Once they are all dead, or most of them at
    least, you can pick up the final briefcase.  Zip out of there and head back to
    Kenji's casino.  Head to the parking lot in back and enter the blue circle to
    complete the mission.
    Mission 5: "SMACK DOWN"
    Reward: $10,000 and an extra $1,000 for every Yardie killed after 8 are killed
    Kenji is pissed to say the least.  He is furious because you apparently weren't
    successful enough in preventing the alliance of the two gangs.  Now he is mad
    at the Yardies in general, so he wants you to slow them down a bit.  There are
    many Yardies on the street, selling SPANK, and he wants you to kill eight of
    There isn't exactly a time limit, but there is a problem.  The Yardies will
    stay out on the street for as long as they have SPANK, and after a while they
    will disappear.  So you must be quick enough to kill off 8 of them before they
    all leave the streets.  Find them and search for big clumps of dots on the map
    to go to and kill off as many as you can.  Once you finish killing 8 or even
    more, you will be done with Kenji, and you can now start working for Ray.
    You can find Ray in the bathroom of the park.
    Mission 1: "SILENCE THE SNEAK"
    Reward: $30,000
    He definitely does not start off going easy on you for the mission.  There is a
    witness named McAffrey who is about to appear in trial for some businesses of
    the goings on of the Yakuzas and other gangs.  Ray asks you to find him in his
    apartment, draw him out, then kill him.  Should be simple enough, shouldn't it?
    Head to the dot on the map showing where he would be.  You will find him in the
    alley with the Pay N' Spray and 8-Ball's bomb shop.  Once you get close enough
    to his window a cutscene will play showing you exactly what window is the
    sneak's apartment.  You now are supposed to throw a grenade inside of his
    apartment so that it will draw him out.
    Before you do that however, you want to either get a car or use the van sitting
    there that is big.  Then, place it not by the exit to the alley but right in
    front of where he is about to come out.  When you blow up his apartment, he
    will come storming out of his apartment in a car.  You should see some garages
    below that he comes out of.  Put your heavy and big vehicle there, and it will
    stop him long enough for you to throw some grenades and finish the job.
    Another way is to block the exit of the alley and trap him long enough to get a
    grenade underneath his car, but this is a little more difficult as you are
    guessing a little bit more.  Either way that's how it works.
    The throwing of the grenade into the apartment, however, can get a little bit
    tricky, as the throws that your character makes are never quite the same
    distance or as accurate.  One good trik is to aim a little bit left of the
    apartment since your character is right-handed it should even out.  The only
    other piece of advice for getting it into the apartment is to always throw the
    longest you can, and watch where the grenade goes after you throw it.  If it
    misses and happens to land right next to you, you might not notice it, so make
    sure you are paying attention.  Find the right spot, I think its about where
    the ramp from the can's garage ends, and chuck it in there.  Once his apartment
    blows up you will get a temporary 3-star warning level, but if you followed the
    other precautions you won't even have to deal with any cops.  Once you blow his
    car up or kill him somehow, the mission will be over and the rating will
    immediately disappear.
    Mission 2: "ARMS SHORTAGE"
    Reward: $10,000, and the Grand Opening of the Army Surplus Store
    The next mission can be either really easy or really difficult.  I'm here to
    tell you the former way.  Ray tells you of his friend named Phil who runs an
    Army Surplus Store, and he has been threatened by the Cartel to rip him off
    today.  Phil needs some help in protecting his store and wants you to help him
    out.  There are several ways you can go about doing this mission.
    One way you can do this mission, is to use a trick or a bug in the game.  But
    you must be quick.  Head over to the store where Phil is, and talk to him.
    Right after he talks to you, you won't have much time to set up.  Get your car
    parked right in front of the main gate that you came into, and move the
    Barracks OL or another car to the alley on the opposite side of the lot from
    Phil.  The trick is that if you are behind the car, the Colombians will not
    star shooting at you, so you have an open shot at them.  There are two guys
    that appear out of the alley you were supposed to block, so take care of them
    as well.
    Another way and a much easier way to do this is to bring a tall car to the
    store, but make sure that you can climb on top of it.  When you come into the
    fenced in area, look straight ahead at the stacks of green packages.  On top of
    one of those mounds of packages is a rocket launcher.  Park the large vehicle
    and jump on it so you can reach the rocket launcher.  Make sure you do this
    after you talk to Phil so you don't have to jump down and chat.
    Once you have the rocket launcher and are on top of the mound, you can see
    everything and you can even blow their cars up before they exit from them.
    Make sure you take care of the alley guys as well, and you have an easy mission
    Once the Colombians are all dead you will see a message to go check on Phil.
    Don't do it yet.  If you want free weapons, grab the free weapons sitting
    around the place right now, because after you check on Phil, they will cost
    money, and lots of it.  Once you have collected all the weapons, check on Phil
    to complete the mission.
    Mission 3: "EVIDENCE DASH"
    Reward: $10,000 and Donald Love as a new boss
    Ray explains to you that a good friend of his has had some embarrassing photos
    taken of him and they are being used as evidence against his friend, who is a
    very important man in the town.  Your job is to ram the truck carrying the
    evidence so you can pick up all the evidence and eventually blow it all up.
    Once the mission starts, follow the dot on the map until you find the truck
    carrying all of the evidence.  You need quite a hard smash into it, and keep
    doing it several times so you get all of the evidence.  When you get it all, it
    will tell you to dispose of the car you are in.  When you are trying to smash
    the truck, it won't be free and clear, you will get a rating most likely and
    the police will be on you, but try and ignore them.
    Once all the evidence is received, you need to get rid of any police trail that
    you have.  Do this by going to the Pay N' Spray, or getting police bribes, or
    even just running away for a while, until you don't have a rating.  Then, you
    can find a nice dark alley to blow the car up in, by throwing a grenade next to
    it and running away for the mission complete.
    Mission 4: "GONE FISHING"
    Reward: $15,000
    Another boat mission, but this boat mission is much, much easier as his boat is
    much slower.  Ray suspects one of the men working for him to be a rat, and he
    wants you to get rid of him.  He usually fishes by the Portland docks, so he
    wants you to steal a police boat, catch him while fishing and blow up his boat.
    So go ahead and steal the police boat marked on the map, and then head over to
    the other dot on the map to find him fishing.  When he sees you a cutscene will
    show him aware of you and trying to run away.  Of course your boat is faster,
    but this time he drops bombs in the water, so you need to watch out for them.
    Eventually, you will be able to find a system to avoiding the bombs (he isn't
    that good at placing them) and he will be destroyed.  Once he is destroyed the
    mission is over that quickly for an easy cash gain and a mission completed.
    Mission 5: "PLASTER BLASTER"
    Reward: $15,000
    The final mission for Ray is finishing up some old business.  Somehow, crazily,
    McAffrey is still alive.  I don't know how he survived you supposedly killing
    him before, but he is still in very bad shape.  Also, he is finally being
    transported in an ambulance to the hospital, where he is supposed to get some
    medical treatment.  You don't want that to happen.
    Your job is to smash up the back of the ambulance so that the back doors open
    enough for him to fall out.  This is the hardest part of the mission, because
    you must do it before they reach the hospital.  Once they reach the hospital it
    would be a mission failed.
    When you are first spotted by the ambulance you will get a 2-star warning,
    which is nothing to worry about, just focus on breaking the back open and
    getting McAffrey to pop out of the ambulance.  Once you do that, you can scram
    and get rid of your police rating, because McAffrey wouldn't be going anywhere
    fast since he is in a full body cast.
    Once you are free to go without any rating, you can now start going to work on
    McAffrey.  For some reason he has superhuman strength, probably from the cast.
    But you can run him over and he will still be just fine.  You need to either
    run him over several times at high speeds, or you can just get out of the car
    and shoot him up.  I find it easier to run him over, it conserves ammo and
    attracts less attention.  Once he is dead, you will have completed all of Ray's
    You will find Donald in his nice condo in a large building in the downtown of
    the city.
    Mission 1: "LIBERATOR"
    Reward: $40,000
    Your friend Donald is grateful to you that you destroyed the evidence of those
    pictures, and he wants to give you some high quality work.  The Colombian
    Cartel have stolen a very good friend of Donald, and he is upset and he wants
    you to get him back for you.  This involves infiltrating a base full of
    Colombians, but don't worry, I'll make it as simple as possible.
    Their bas is located in Aspatria, and you will need a Cartel Cruiser to get
    inside.  But before you go inside of the fence, stop across the street.  Take
    out a sniper rifle and look through the fence, and you should be able to pick
    off 4 or 5 guys just doing that.  Once it is all clear from you standpoint,
    enter the base.
    When you enter the base, run over any guys still alive, and get ready for more.
    See all of the garages around the base?  The Oriental Gentleman is hiding in
    one of those garages, so you must open up each one to find where he is.  To
    open the garage, you must be on foot, so you can park your car close, then get
    out to open the door, the get back in the car to run them over.  Once you find
    the friend of Donald, get out of the base, go back to Donald's apartment to
    complete the mission.
    Reward: $30,000
    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  To get 100% you must follow these directions.  This
    mission will kill a very important member of the Yakuzas, namely Kenji.  If you
    haven't completed all his missions you will not be able to get 100%, so make
    sure Kenji's missions are all completed before attempting this mission.
    *********************************END OF WARNING********************************
    This mission can be a tough one.  You will again need a Cartel Cruiser for this
    mission.  Donald explains to you that he wants the gangs to go to war by
    stirring up some havoc.  He wants you to use a Cartel Cruiser to kill Kenji,
    which will in turn lead the Yakuzas to believe that the Cartel attacked them.
    Once you are free to go, get in your Cartel Cruiser or find one, and get to the
    huge car park in Newport.  Climb all the way up to the top, and when you get
    there you should see Kenji with many bodyguards around.  Quickly run over Kenji
    and jump out of the car park before the bodyguards can blow up your car.  This
    can be tough, and they can place the limos in a tough spot to get at Kenji.  It
    is all a matter of luck.  If you can kill him, great, then get out of there.
    Another way to help you out is to get a rocket launcher from the Ray mission.
    Go across the street from the car park and aim towards the top level of the car
    park.  Firing a few random shots around there can sometimes help kill off some
    of the bodyguards.  You can even try firing the shots inside the car park if it
    Whatever way you decide to do it, once Kenji is dead, you will have a three-
    star police rating.  But don't waste your time going to the Pay N' Spray, head
    right out of Newport, and as soon as you are out of Newport and you have
    ditched your car, you will have completed the mission and lost the police
    Mission 3: "A DROP IN THE OCEAN"
    Reward: $10,000 and access to Shoreside Vale and its missions
    The last mission for Donald is kind of a tough one, but also not that bad.
    Donald's last request is for you to help him get some packages.  A carrier
    plane is supposed to drop several packages in the water filled with
    some...legal...stuff of course and you are supposed to retrieve it.  Once the
    mission starts, you will have a time limit of two minutes (two hours in the
    game) to get a boat and be following the plane and ready to pick up packages.
    The best place to get a boat and eventually to dock is by Asuka's condo.  Head
    there, pick up a boat, and head to the yellow dot on the map to find the plane.
    Once the countdown is done, the plane will start dropping the packages.  Pick
    up the packages, but you should notice something.  Every time you pick up a
    package, your wanted level will increase by 1.  So after all six packages you
    will have a FIVE STAR WARNING LEVEL (5 stars is the maximum in Staunton
    Island).  This is not good.
    Fortunately, as I said before, Asuka's condo is a great place to dock.  The Pay
    N' Spray is practically next-door to Asuka, so you won't have too much trouble
    getting there.  Get out from the boat and get a car and follow the road.  Take
    the first alley to the right, and make a U-turn up the ramp and head into the
    Pay N' Spray.  Now you can just head back nicely to Donald to finish off the
    missions in Staunton Island.
    After the mission is over, once you get in a car, the announcer will say that
    bridge is fixed, so you can now travel to Shoreside Vale.  I would recommend
    checking out some of the other extra missions on this island, then continue on
    and explore Shoreside Vale.
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                            Shoreside Vale                                 <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    <>                           ---------------                                 <>
    <>                               GTA[063]                                    <>
    <>                              ----------                                   <>
    <>                                                                           <>
    This next island is a very small one, and there are only two new bosses
    operating out of the place.  Most missions for this island will start in
    Stanton Island, the move over into Shoreside Vale for part of the mission.  At
    the beginning, you will be able to work for Ray and Donald.  Since Ray has only
    one mission left, let's finish him off.
    Mission 1: "MARKED MAN"
    Reward: $20,000, lots of ammo for many rare guns, and a Bulletproof Patriot
    This mission is definitely a pain in the ass to complete.  You have a very
    strict time limit, and if you make one snag you will not be able to complete
    the mission.  I highly recommend a save before this mission.  This is Ray's
    last mission, so you won't see him anymore.
    The mission entails that finally the CIA and the FBI have caught on to the
    whole thing with SPANK, and they are cracking down on it.  Ray, being a huge
    part in it, is a marked man, hence the mission name.  You have to get him to
    Francis International Airport very quickly, so he can leave.  There are several
    snags however.  First, you cannot use the bridge, as the CIA has taken it over
    and unless you have a bulletproof car you will get torn to shreds.  Also, you
    are given a time limit of three minutes, so you must go as fast as possible to
    get there on time.
    When starting this mission out, you must be prepared.  You must have a fast
    car, either a Cheetah, Infernus, or Banshee.  Park it right outside the steps
    and in the right way, because every second counts.  The main idea is to use the
    tunnel by the hospital.  This is the easiest way I have found, and the most
    effective one.  Get over there as fast as possible, and follow the signs so it
    will lead you to Francis International Airport.
    The main thing with the tunnels is to be in control.  Of course time is of the
    essense, but it is much better to slow down a bit so you don't hit a car and
    you will save yourself time.  The best thing is to get as much speed as you
    can; don't push your luck at anytime.  Stay under control and you should be
    Once you exit the tunnel going to the airport, you should come out looking at a
    stop sign.  The airport should be on your left, so you are very, very close.
    Get to that blue circle in time to drop Ray off.  After a nice goodbye, you
    will get a set of keys to his secret stash back in Staunton Island, as well as
    your money.  The mission isn't actually over until you get your goodies.  Go
    back through the tunnel as the CIA are still up there, and follow the dot to
    get to the stash.  Once you get the stash, make sure you save the Patriot, and
    you will have completed all of Ray's missions!  Let's continue now with Donald.
    Mission 1: "GRAND THEFT AERO"
    Reward: $50,000, and Asuka re-opens as a boss
    You get to go back to Donald for some more missions.  This first mission is
    tying up some old ends.  Earlier you picked up some packages from an airplane,
    but those were just fake.  Donald has found out that the real ones are located
    at Francis International Airport, and the authorities have seized it.  Donald
    bribed them to get access to it, so it is sitting there waiting in the hangar
    in the airport.  Go check it out.
    Once you get to the airport, it will be in a hangar right by where you enter.
    Once you get close, you will realize the Colombian Cartel has beaten you there
    and they are guarding it with their life.  If you have a sniper rifle, this is
    very easy.  Thy have a pretty short range compared to your rifle, so get as
    close or as far as you need to so that you can kill all of the cartel.
    Once are the Cartel are dead, go up to the van that they used to get here, and
    it will say "Panlantic Construction Site."  The game will make a big deal
    enough out of showing you, so take a hint.  Go back to the construction site in
    Staunton to finish up this mission.
    Once you are back in Stanton Island and in the construction area, look for he
    main building that is supposed to be being made.  Right next to it is a maze of
    walls.  This is where the Colombians are located, and if you do this right, you
    can snipe every single one of them and not have to kill them face-to-face.
    There are a couple good spots for this.
    One good spot to do this is to use the halfway-made building and get to the top
    floor to snipe as many as you can.  Another good sniper spot is to get to the
    highest level in the construction area, and jump up on top of the Cartel
    Cruiser to get another perspective.  You will know when you are finished when
    it says go to the central elevator and ride it up.  This means that all of the
    Colombians are dead in the maze.
    Go to the central part of the maze and ride the elevator up.  You will come
    upon Miguel and Catalina, the leaders of the Colombian Cartel, and you will get
    pissed off.  You hold Miguel at gunpoint to get your package, but Catalina
    shoots Miguel before he can say anything and escapes.  Then Asuka comes up the
    elevator and says that she is going to use Miguel as a resource to get inside
    information about the Cartel.  She tells you she'll need your help eventually
    with the new information she gets.  Mission complete!
    Mission 2: "ESCORT SERVICE"
    Reward: $40,000
    This mission can either be the easiest mission ever, or a pretty hard mission.
    Donald tells you that the Old Oriental Gentleman is marked by the Cartel, and
    he wants you to escort him to Pike Creek.  Pike Creek, by the way, is in
    Shoreside Vale.  When Donald is finished, head to the dot on the map to begin
    your escort.  There are two ways to do this mission, so read on and pick the
    way you like the best.
    The way that you are supposed to do it is actually escort him, and follow him
    carefully.  Throughout the trip, the Cartel will come and attack him, so you
    must defend him by way of drive-bys since their car will most likely be
    stronger than yours.  You must just basically keep it up until you get to Pike
    Creek.  You will have to navigate through the tunnels and through Shoreside
    Vale to get him to the finish.  It isn't easy, but it can be done.  If you did
    it this way, then you will have a Mission Complete!
    The easier way is to use a glitch.  I've tried this and it works most of the
    time.  What you are supposed to do, is completely ignore the guy once you go in
    the red dot, actually completely go the opposite direction.  The glitch in this
    case is that the Cartel won't trigger and the Old Oriental Gentleman will have
    a free ride over.  The only thing you would have to do, is always in this
    mission you need to check the other side of the tunnel after he comes out, so
    you must do that, stay somewhere in Shoreside Vale, and eventually get your
    money.  If you decided to do it this way, Mission Complete!
    Mission 3: "DECOY"
    Reward: $45,000
    This is another fairly easy mission if you know what you are doing.  Donald
    needs you to pose as the Old Oriental Gentleman, as a decoy, to throw off the
    authorities.  You will be sent to Shoreside Vale where a Securicar will be
    waiting for you.
    Once you get inside the Securicar, all hell will break loose.  You will have a
    four star warning level.  Police bribes and a Pay N' Spray will not help you
    hear, you just need to tough it out, for three minutes to be exact.  I have a
    way that is absolutely foolproof.
    As soon as you enter, start moving and turn left out of the lot and try to
    avoid as many police cars as you can.  Head up the hill and turn right on to
    the bridge.  Cross the bridge, and after it is over take the first right.
    Follow this right all the way down, and now just find a way into your hideout.
    A place where no one can get you but you can still waste time is in your
    garage. Hopefully you have one empty slot, so you can fit it in, and once you
    do, you will be completely safe for the rest of the three minutes.  Once the
    time runs out, it is mission complete, and there is only one
    more...mission...for Donald.
    Reward: Completion of Donald Love's missions
    This isn't really a mission, but as the title of it states, Donald just
    disappears once you go into his apartment.  Therefore you are now done with his
    missions, congratulations.  Now, we can move onto the harder ones, and go on to
    Mission 1: "BAIT"
    Reward: $35,000
    Well, you have basically found out that three squads have the desire to come
    and kill you. So, we are going to have to do something about that. Asuka, THE
    CLEVER, has laid out some traps. It is your responsibility to lure the squads
    into the traps.
    First you must know the locations of the cars that you must lure into the trap.
    The first car is right near Pike Creek (near the trap). Just head to the start
    of Pike creek. To find the second, head to the blocked tunnel near Chochrane
    Dam. The final squad is located at a house in Cedar Grove. Now, it is your job
    to lure them. This is how you should do it.
    Drive up to them to get their attention. Then head up the hill in Pike Creek to
    a parking lot. This is where the trap is set. Make sure you do not get out of
    your car, or the car may never come. Hide in the desired location, and watch
    Askua's men kill them off. You really have no need of helping them since if you
    kill one of them the mission is over. Hehe, so just watch them all die. This
    will get you a mission complete.
    Mission 2: "ESPRESSO-2-GO!"
    Reward: $40,000
    Well, I hate to say it but there is MORE Spank trouble. There are Espresso-2-
    go stands selling this SPANK, and you have to destroy each stand by running
    them over with a car. One thing though, you have a good chance of getting
    your car blown up if you don't have a bullet proof car, so you might want to
    get one (if you don't have one).
    There are several stand in each city. To be exact, there are two stands in
    Portland, five stand in Staunton Island, and two stands in Shoreside Vale.
    This is a timed mission, so watch out. But, the time does not start until
    you have destroyed the first stand. Let's head to Portland. Head to the
    Portland docks in Trenton to find the first SPANK seller. Destroy him. Now,
    head to the Mafia area near Salvatore's mansion to find the second. Now,
    head to Staunton Island.
    At Staunton, head to Belleville park. Look inside there to find a stand and
    destroy it. Then, head over to Newport to see another stand. Quickly destroy
    it. There are two in Bedford Point near the church. The final one is Staunton
    Island is in Torrington near Kenji's casino. Now, quickly head to Shoreside
    Vale to destroy the last two stands.
    In Shoreside, head to the top of the hill in Pike Creek to find the first
    stand. Then, head over to the International Airport, near the subway. You
    should destroy both of the stands located here. This should complete the
    mission. Good luck!
    Mission 3: "S.A.M."
    Reward: $45,000
    More S..P..A..N..K! There is a plane loaded with it, and it is going to land
    Francis International Airport! Your goal is to shoot the plane down with a
    rocket launcher before they can smuggle the SPANK. Let us get started so we
    can make some moola.
    Guess what? This is a timed mission! Yep, that's right. You have exactly three
    and a half minutes to get in range to blow the sucker to pieces. Head to the
    location marked on your mini-map. This will lead you to a boat, and a FREE
    Rocket Launcher. You know what that means... Now take the boat to the runway
    which will be the landing site for the plane. This means drive the boat, of
    Now it is time to take the plane out, but it is best to head to the land, and
    don't simply stand on the boat, as it rocks back and forth. This creates a
    very hard aiming procedure. So, wait for the plane and fire some rockets in
    that direction. You should see the SPANK cartradges fall out. Well, that was
    not that bad, but it gets harder NOW! You have a for star wanted level, and
    helicopters are everywhere. But, you gotta kill the Columbians, and you need
    to collect the SPANK that is lieing in the runway. So, head over to the
    runway and collect all of the items. Also, take the truck. You have a lot of
    options at his point.
    [Use your boat to get out of the airport] Let's just say this way will simply
    piss you off, because there is an extremely good chance that the Helocopters
    will smoke you. So, if you don't want to play this mission a heck of a lot of
    times, try not to use this method.
    [Use cars to get out of the airport] Let's just say this way will simply
    piss you off, because there is an extremely good chance that the Helocopters
    will smoke you. So, if you don't want to play this mission a heck of a lot of
    times, try not to use this method. (yea, don't use either of the first two
    [Use the Subway!] Yes, this is certainly the way you are going to want to go
    as it really is the easiest. Now, this does not mean the mission is easy, but
    this will save you a lot of mission restarts. Just watch out for some Police
    on foot. Then head to the construction site to finish the mission off.
    Mission 4: "RANSOM"
    Reward: Pay $500,000 and your weapons
    Well here is some bad news. Catalina has killed both Miguel and Asuka. She is
    also holding Maria, and wants $500,000 and your weapons. If you do not have
    the money yet, you are going to have to get the money buddy! Well, the easiest
    ways to get money (excluding optional missions) would be doing Taxi/Police/Med
    Missions. You can also kill Civilians, but that takes time. It's up to you,
    but you are going to need the money bud. Head to the Cartel Mansion.
    Mission 1: "EXCHANGE"
    Reward: $1,000,000
    Well, as you enter the guards will easily take away all of your weapons. They
    will also collect the money :( Yea, no more money for you. Just as ANYONE
    would have expected, Catalina lies and orders to kill you. Well, you will
    notice that your have punched a guard out. Grab his gun when you take control.
    Then, you can either run out of the gates, or simply head into the garage to
    the right to get a car and body armour. Your choice there, but I like to get
    the extra health ;). Now, you are on a timer with 7 minutes to kill Caralina.
    You will see a white helicopter fly by with Maria and Catalina in it. Time to
    chase 'em down. Use your car to head towards the dam. Once at the bottom, the
    Cartels will have a blockade. Run them all over and collect their guns. Also,
    take one of their cruisers and head down the road to the bext blockade. Before
    the actual blockade, look to the right and notice a sneaky sniper rifle. Get
    it. Then, snipe the guys that are high. You can use the AK-47 to knock out
    the lower level guys, as it has farther range than their eyes.
    Now, a cutscene with the helicopter will hit your screen. Hide away from the
    dam, as the helicopter smokes the dam area. Also, wait for the Barracks OL
    to be destroyed before coming out. Try to stay behind a large box. Then,
    dash to the stairs and kill the guards. Try to use all your weapons (and
    hopefully you have good ones). Do not kill Maria, so be really careful.
    Once you knock all the guards out, you can get he Rocket Launcher and can
    blow the helicoptor away. You only have three shots, so good luck! After
    the massive attacks, head towards Maria and speak with her. This will end
    the Story Mode of GTA III.
     __                                                                         __
    /  \                                                                       /  \
    |<>|                           7.0 Extras                                  |<>|
    \__/                              GTA[07]                                  \__/
                                   7.1   "R3" Missions                     GTA[071]
                                   7.2 Telephone Missions                  GTA[072]
    This section will cover the telephone missions in Grand Theft Auto III.
                                   King Courtney
    Reward: $1,000 per Checkpoint
    This is kind of like your initiation into the world of the Yardies.  King
    Courtney has set up a race for you and three other guys to go and win.  There
    are 15 checkpoints spread out throughout the entire town, and whoever gets the
    most checkpoints of out the 4 of you wins.  So technically, you can win with
    just 5, but you are more likely to win with more.
    In case you were wondering you automatically win with 8 checkpoints.  The
    checkpoints are located on the map with dots.  Your opposition includes a
    Cheetah and two Bobcats, so your main concern is the Cheetah.  Sadly, these guys
    are horrible drivers, and if you are efficient you should beat this race with
    ease.  After you complete all of King Courtney's missions you can try this
    mission again to improve your stat.  Good luck!
    Mission 2: "UZI RIDER"
    Reward: $10,000
    Now that you have proved yourself worthy of King Courtney apparently, you get to
    stir up some trouble in the land of gang wars.  He will tell you that you need
    to go over to Hepburn Heights in Portland and kill 10 Diablos.  When he is done
    talking, a Perennial shows up with three other Yardies.  Apparently Courtney
    doesn't trust you enough, because they are there to make sure you don't chicken
    out.  When you are ready head over to Hepburn Heights.
    Once you are there, simply kill 10 Diablos.  The way the game tells you to do it
    is use the Uzi that the Yardies gave you, but that creates a lot of unwanted cop
    and Diablo attention.  The easiest way in my book is to just run 10 of them over
    and it will still count.  Once you kill 10, get rid of your wanted level if
    needed and drop the Yardies off where they request to end the mission.
    Mission 3: "GANGCAR ROUND-UP"
    Reward: $10,000
    Now for sure Courtney has your trust and he assigns you a big task.  You must go
    collect cars from three other gangs, the Yakuzas, the Diablos, and the Mafia.
    Their respective cars are the Yakuza Stinger, the Diablo Stallion, and the Mafia
    Sentinel.  You must steal these cars and deliver them to the garage located in
    Newport.  The cars don't have to be in perfect condition, but not bad condition
    either.  Thankfully, there is a Pay N' Spray very close by so you are fine.
    First I would go after the Mafia Sentinel.  They have the most menacing weapons
    (shotgun) and if you die there and you have gotten the other two it will be a
    waste of time.  The easiest way to get a Mafia Sentinel is to head to the
    Portland docks and then get onto the beach.  From the beach, you can climb up to
    the Mafia Sentinel base and steal a perfect Sentinel from the two that pare
    parked.  The best way to get out now, is to go back the way you came.  It might
    screw up your car, but its much, much safer then going onto the roads.  Deliver
    this car to the garage and go on to the next one.
    Next, go after the Diablo Stallion.  This is so much easier, because their
    biggest weapon is a baseball bat.  As long as you don't let them drag out
    outside of the car you will be fine.  Again, you will find these driving around
    everywhere in Hepburn Heights.  Deliver this car and move on to the final one.
    A Yakuza Stinger is located parked at Asuka's condo, so take it can deliver,
    nice and simple.
    Now there have been some trouble about putting the car in the garage and getting
    it to close.  First of all, make sure its in good enough shape.  Then, make sure
    all the doors are closed.  There have been some troubles and I think that should
    solve them.  Once you deliver all the cars the mission will be completed.
    Mission 4: "KINGDOM COME"
    Reward: $10,000
    The final mission for King Courtney is definitely a tough one.  King Courtney
    tells you that you pick up a car in a parking lot, and it has a stash in it for
    you to pick up.  When you get into the car, you will find a note and it says now
    you will see the real power of SPANK.  Then, vans will drive up and kamikaze
    madmen will come out of them trying to blow you up.  King Courtney, it seems,
    has double-crossed you.
    First of all, get out of there as fast as you can, in any way possible.  Then
    stop across the street and shoot any madman that chases you.  Once you do that,
    you will need to find a vantage point.  The objective is to blow up the vans.
    The easiest way is to use grenades, or even a rocket launcher if you have it.
    The best vantage point is right by the exit.  The ramp going up to the roof
    overlooking the parking lot is a great place to blow up some vans.  You should
    be able to blow up several.  Once you blow up all that you can, sneak around
    each entrance and blow up the rest of the vans to complete the mission.  A very
    tough and annoying mission, but you did it!
                                    El Durro
                                   7.3 Other Missions                      GTA[073]
                                    Offroad Missions
    These missions are some of the toughest in the entire game.  The reason they
    are tough is because your driving skills in the car you use are going to have
    to be absolutely perfect.  You will have a specific time limit and amount of
    checkpoints for each one.
    Reward: $30,000
    This mission takes great driving skills and is not for the average newbie. So,
    the goal in this mission is to get past a total of 15 checkpoints. Once each of
    the checkpoints are passed (in the 5 minute alloted time) you will have beat
    the mission. So, one thing that you should realize is that you get a total of
    20 seconds each time you pass a checkpoint. Also, you can go to any checkpoint
    you want, but it is fairly obvious as to what checkpoint you chould go to. The
    first checkpoint should be on the beach.
    Follow this checkpoint procedure using the Patriot car and you will beat the
    mission. Remember that this is not the easiest mission that you will come to,
    so do not get all over yourself if you cannot beat it on your first of second
    try. Nothing much else to say about this mission except for good luck.
    Mission 2: "A RIDE IN THE PARK"
    Reward: $30,000
    For this first one in Staunton Island, you will have 2 minutes to get 12
    checkpoints in any order.  The checkpoints will add 10 seconds to your time.
    As you can tell by the time, it isn't the easiest one, but it is much easier
    than the one in Portland.  All of the checkpoints are located in Belleville
    Park.  To find the car, find the building inside the park and it is parked in
    front of it, it is a Landstalker.
    When you get into the car, the first checkpoint you get will start the timer.
    From where you start, jump forward into the moat to get the first checkpoint,
    and then get up on to the island in the middle to get the second checkpoint.
    Continue forward off the island and follow the wall to get two checkpoints
    along the wall and one slightly off the wall.  The next three are located all
    around the small bridge in the middle (where there is a hidden package
    underneath).  Two more are located right by the statue, one on the steps, and
    the other one by the railing next to it.  The ninth one is located where Ray
    gives you his missions, and then the final one is located at the very north end
    of the park.
    Mission 3: "MULTI-STORY MAYHEM"
    Reward: $30,000
    This one seems easy at first, but this last offroad mission will test your
    driving skills greatly.  For this one, you will find the car, anywhere.  You
    must find a Stallion, and steal it.  Then, take it to the entrance of the
    multi-story car garage and enter to start the mission.  As soon as you enter
    the timer of 2 minutes with 20 checkpoints, and there is 5 seconds gained per
    Basically, there are 4 checkpoints on every level.  Just keep going up and
    getting the checkpoints, and when you get to the top, you need to use the jump
    at the top to get the final checkpoint sitting in midair.
    Mission 3: "GRIPPED!"
    Reward: $40,000
                                     Toyz Missions
    These are all missions that have to do with using RC cars.  To start the
    mission, it is as simple as finding the van with a big TOYZ on the side of it.
    Granted, they are not in the middle of the street, but you shouldn't have too
    much trouble finding them.  Once you do, all you have to do is get into the can
    and the mission will start.  The main objective is to blow up as many of a
    certain type of gang car in 2 minutes.
    Reward: $1,000 per Diablo Stallion
    Head near the subway and over by the stairs that head there in Hepburn Heights.
    Like all missions, you will have a total of two minutes to destroy as many of
    the Diablo Stallions that come across you. The more you kill, the more cash
    you get, so take this mission to your advantage. Also, try not to stand out in
    the open so you do not get run over by a car. This can be a fatal error and one
    that you do not want to get yourself into.
    Mission 2: "MAFIA MASSACRE"
    Reward: $1,000 per Mafia Sentinel
    Head to where Toni gives you missions, also known as his very own restaurant.
    There will be an alleyway right be there in Portland. Take the alleyway to find
    the car which will give you the mission. Your goal is to destory as many Mafia
    Sentenels as possible and you will gain a total of one thousand dollers for
    each Mafia Sentinel that you blow up. I like to stand on the steps of the
    restaurant to get the best aim with some cover.
    Make sure, however, that you do not simply head out in the open unless you want
    to be smashed by a Mafia, because they will go out at you very hard. Also,
    avoid their gun shots, because those will be coming at you fast as well. This
    is a good way to make a load of cash, so use it to your complete advantage.
    Again, you will have a total of two minutes to destroy as many cars as you
    possibly can.
    Mission 3: "CASINO CALAMITY"
    Reward: $1,000 per Yakuza Stinger
    The Toyz van for this mission is located very close to Kenji's casino.  From
    Kenji's casino on the western most road go south, and right away after the
    building on the left you will find a planter.  Go around the planter into the
    alley east of it and you will find the van.
    For this mission, your gang car is the Yakuza Stingers.  The best place to find
    them is right around the casino, as that would make the most sense anyway.  The
    tricky part about this is that when the RC car starts out it will be facing the
    van that you are in, so if you drive forward you will blow yourself up.  Get as
    many cars as you can to pass this mission.
    Mission 4: "RUMPO WRECKER"
    Reward: $1,000 per Hoods Rumpo XL
    This TOYZ van is located right by your hideout.  Go around in the grassy area
    around the huge building that includes your hideout and behind a billboard you
    will find the TOYZ van.  As you can guess, you have 2 minutes to blow up as
    many Hoods Rump XLs as possible.
    The best place to find them is the three-way intersection by your hideout, or
    on the road leading up to it, coming from the main land of Shoreside Vale.  You
    should find the speedy vans cruising along around there.
     __                                                                         __
    /  \                                                                       /  \
    |<>|                           8.0 Hidden Packages                         |<>|
    \__/                              GTA[08]                                  \__/
    Welcome to the Hidden Packages Section. I will list the location of each of the
    Hidden Packages. Also, there are prizes for gaining a certain amount of Hidden
    Packages in one game. I will list those prizes below.
    |10 Packages|
    |Location: Hideout
    |Prize: Handgun
    |20 Packages|
    |Location: Hideout
    |Prize: Uzi
    |30 Packages|
    |Location: Hideout
    |Prize: Grenades
    |40 Packages|
    |Location: Hideout
    |Prize: Shotgun
    |50 Packages|
    |Location: Hideout
    |Prize: Body Armor
    |60 Packages|
    |Location: Hideout
    |Prize: Molotov Cocktail
    |70 Packages|
    |Location: Hideout
    |Prize: AK-47
    |80 Packages|
    |Location: Hideout
    |Prize: Sniper Rifle
    |90 Packages|
    |Location: Hideout
    |Prize: M16
    |100 Packages|
    |Location: Hideout
    |Prize: Rocket Launcher
                                   8.1 Portland Hidden Packages            GTA[081]
    ~-Total 33 Packages-~
                                  ~-Atlantic Quays-~
    1. Head to the Southeast of Portland Island. Head down the paved pier all the
       way to the most eastern point you can reach. The Package is at the end of
       that pier.
                                  ~-Callahan Point-~
    2. Head to the Triad Fish Factory where you planted the explosives in one of
       the missions. Once again, you are going to have to have a Triad Fish Truck
       or a Garbage truck to enter the area. The hidden package should be behind
       the central building.
    3. Head on the road that leads to the Callahan bridge. Off the road there
       should be a large building surrounded by fencing area. Head inside the fence
       to collect the next hidden package.
    4. To start off, you may only get this Hidden Package if you have unlocked
       Staunton Island. Head to the southwest of the entire island, and usse a
       boat to get to Rocky Island. This should be far in the southwest region
       of the map. The hidden package is on the Rocky Island.
    5. In chinatown, head to the park with the basketball courts and basketball
       hoops. There should be a large building near by. You have to climb the
       staircase to the roof of the building to get this Hidden Package.
    6. Head a bit to the southeast from the last hidden package (the one at the
       roof of the building) and head behind the Roast Peking Duck shop to find
       the Hidden Package in the alley. This is the "center" of the chinatown.
    7. From the last Hidden Package, head north through Chinatown to find Hong
       Hung Inc. There is another alley behind this building, so head into the
       alley to claim the Hidden Package.
    8. To start off, you may only get this Hidden Package if you have unlocked
       Staunton Island. Head towards the subway in Chinatown, and ride down the
       stairs. The Hidden Package is in the bathroom area.
    9. Head north to a long bending curve that leads to Porter tunnel. This tunnel
       is of course blocked off, but there is a hidden package in the street that
       leads to the tunnel. This is the most northern package in Portland Island.
    10. This Hidden Package is located just south of the first hidden package in
        this area. You must head onto the El Train tracks high above, and then
        jump to the Head Radio Station's rooftop. The Hidden Package should be on
        the roof the Head Radio Station.
                                 ~-Hepburn Heights-~
    11. This Hidden Package is right in the area of the El Burro phone, which is
        just east of your hideout. Head around the bend, and jump over the small
        ledge to find the El Burro phone, health, and a Hidden Package.
    12. This Hidden Package is directly to the west of the fist Hidden Package in
        this area. Head behind the building that is across the street from El
        Burro's phone. The building is located on the corner of the street.
    13. Head directly east of the first hidden package in this area. This means,
        east of the El Burro phone. There is a hidden package that is across the
        street in between two trees.
                                  ~-Portland Beach-~
    14. Head near the Mafia area and into Salvatore's mansion area. Head down the
        steep slope and into the rocky area. This leads to a beach. Head all the
        way down the beach and you will find a Hidden Package near the archway.
    15. Head near the Mafia area and into Salvatore's mansion area. Head around the
        area using the walkway, and find the Hidden Package hidden in the walkway
        near the mansion.
                                   ~-Portland View-~
    16. Head a bit north from Joey's garage and get on the El Train tracks. You
        will see a Hidden Package on the top of the roof of Supa Save. Jump over to
        the roof from the train tracks and collect the Hidden Package.
                                 ~-Red Light District-~
    17. To obtain this Hidden Package, head south of your hideout towards Luigi's
        Club. Climb the stairs that lead to the roof of the club and you will see
        the hidden package on the rooftop.
    18. To obtain this Hidden Package, head south of your hideout towards Luigi's
        Club. Climb the stairs that lead to the roof of the club. Once on the top
        of the roof, head to the west by jumping to the next building. There is
        another hidden package on this rooftop.
    19. Head inside the alley that is across the street from Luigi's Club. There
        is a stairway that leads up to the roof of a building in the alleyway.
        Head up the stairs to the roof and collect the hidden package up here.
    20. Head a bit north of the Chinatown subway, to find a Construction building
        with odd looking glass. Use a car to break through the glass and head in
        the building. The Hidden Package is in the center of the building.
                                     ~-St. Mark's-~
    21. Head to the northern section of the map, and in the middle. The hidden
        package is on the roof of the AMCO Gas Station. To get there, use a car to
        jump over the walls and land on the top of a building. Then, jump from the
        building you landed on to the AMCO Gas Station to find the Hidden Package
        waiting for you.
    22. Head near 8-Ball's bomb shop. Behind the garage is the Easy Credit Auto
        showroom. Not only are there some nice cars there, but there is a Hidden
        Package as well! Grab it and move on.
    23. Head one block south of the AMCO Gas station to find a driveway that leads
        behind the large building. Drive on the driveway to reach a hidden package
        in the back of the building.
    24. Head down the large alleyway (you can't possibly miss the alley) to find
        several dark places on each side. On the right side (if you are going up
        the alley) there is a Hidden Package in the back.
    25. Look for the building that faces the street that is under construction. I
        am sure you have passed here many times. There is a building that is
        completely wrecked. Head behind the building to get the Hidden Package.
    26. Head near 8-ball's bomb shop. There is a tunnel right behind it which
        contains a Hidden Package.
    27. Head across from the Mafia area (also know as Salvatore's mansion). There
        should be a building right up here. Head to the roof and jump across to
        the next building to find a Hidden Package in the middle of the rooftop.
    28. Inside the ******' Dog Food Factory fence. This is located in the center of
        the square that is near Joey's garage. It is right in the center of that
        rectangular road.
    29. This hidden package is on the roof the Libery Pharmaceuticals. This is also
        near Joey's garage, but you must jump from the El Train tracks onto the
        roof with the icon.
    30. The Saw Mill Hidden Package is also right by the Joey's Garage. Use the
        ramp right near there with a car and head over the fence. Then claim the
        Hidden Package at the top of the roof.
    31. Head across from Callahan Bridge to the grassy alleyway. The Hidden Package
        is in the alley.
    32. This Hidden Package is on the rooftop of the Warehouse. Head up the stairs
        of the building next to the warehouse, and then jump across to the roof of
        the warehouse. The Hidden Package awaits you here.
    33. This Hidden Package is in the rectangle area of Trenton near Joey's garage.
        Head behind the fence near Joey's garage to claim this Hidden Package.
                              8.2 Staunton Island Hidden Packages          GTA[082]
    ~-Total 36 Packages-~
    34. This first Hidden Package is located by the Stadium. Once you get to the
    stadium circle around until you find the big steps up to a gate. There you
    will find the package.
    35. The second hidden package is located by the Stadium also. Look behind a
    Rockstar sign across the street from the Stadium to find it.
    36. This next hidden package is located right by the fire station.  It is over
    by the bridge over to Shoreside Vale.  To get there, head along the main road
    that goes underneath the bridge, then look on your right to see the fire
    station.  It is in an alley right by there.
    37. This hidden package is located in the Colombian base.  The base is the same
    place where you rescued the Old Oriental Gentleman for Donald, or where you will
    do that.  Once inside the base, it is located inside one of the garages.
    38. This hidden package can be annoying to get.  You must head onto the bridge
    to Shoreside Vale, and when it starts curving, you must jump off the bridge onto
    a mini-roof that is right underneath the bridge.  There you will find the
    39. The last hidden package for Aspatria is located right underneath the
    Shoreside Vale tunnel.  It is down into the tunnel right by it, and in a corner
    in the place right next to the ramp.
                                 ~-Bedford Point-~
    40. In the northeastern part of Staunton Island on the main highway is a church.
    If you follow the paths around the church you will find this hidden package
    waiting for you behind the church.
    41.  From the church, go one block east into an alley on that block, where you
    will find this very easy hidden package.  The alley is kind of obscure, but it
    is there, so look in that block to find it.
    42. For the next two hidden packages, head to the AMCO bulding in downtown
    Bedford Point.  Once you are there, head into the parking garage that is right
    by it, and in the parking lot, by the elevator you will find it.
    43. For this hidden package, you must get to the roof of the AMCO building.
    Climb up the pathways and stairs and you will eventually get there.
    44. Across the street west and slightly south of the AMCO building is a building
    with another hidden package in it.  It is on the second floor, and you must
    climb up there to get it, or you can break through the glass to get it.
    45. For this hidden package, go all the way southwest and go to the intersection
    where the highway to the Shoreside Bridge starts and the lower highway meet.
    Looking north at their meeting point, turn around and look at all the doorways
    on the block to find this hidden package.
    46. Go all the way southwest for this hidden package, and go on the only dock
    there, and you will find this hidden package by the dock behind some rocks.
    47. From the intersection stated in Hidden Package #45, turn east and you will
    soon see an entrance to a parking lot on your right.  Inside the parking lot,
    towards the back in the alley out, you will find the hidden package.
    48. From the intersection stated in Hidden Package #45, turn east and you will
    soon see an entrance to a parking lot on your right.  Head a little past it
    until you see a ramp going down and a ramp going up on your right as well.  Head
    up the ramp and jump out of your car and up onto the ledge to find this Hidden
    49. From the intersection stated in Hidden Package #45, turn east and you will
    soon see an entrance to a parking lot on your right.  Head a little past it
    until you see a ramp going down and a ramp going up on your right as well.  This
    time go down the ramp and you will find it in this underground parking garage.
    50. Head to the southernmost part of this level, and you should be by a subway
    entrance/exit.  Right by there you will see a pedestrian walkway, and right in
    the middle of that is a Hidden Package.
    51. The last one in Bedford Point is located towards the southeast side, west of
    Kenji's casino is a statue on a corner of the highway and behind/underneath the
    statue is this Hidden Package.
                                ~-Belleville Park-~
    52. Both of these hidden packages are located inside of the park.  The first one
    is located inside the basketball courts.  The basketball courts are in the
    farthest north part of the park.  Look inside all of them and in the middle of
    one is where you will find this Hidden Package.
    53. Again in the park for the final Hidden Package in the park, head through it
    and towards the middle/southern part of the park and you will see a small
    pedestrian bridge.  Underneath the bridge is a walkway, and that's where you
    will find this Hidden Package.
                                 ~-Fort Staunton-~
    54. This first Hidden Package is actually located outside of the construction
    site.  Head east from the construction site to the eastern most road.  At the
    intersection of the bridge and the highway and this eastern road, look north.
    There you will see a beam going across the road.  Head up the side beams and go
    across the top of the beam to find this Hidden Package.
    55. These next two Hidden Packages are both in the construction site.  This
    first one is in the main building of the biggest construction job there is.  Go
    up the stairs to the second level of the building to find it.
    56. This second Hidden Package is located in the southeast part of the site by a
    small-uncompleted building.  It is right underneath it, for the last Hidden
    Package in Fort Staunton.
                                 ~-Liberty Campus-~
    57. This package is actually the first I got in Staunton Island.  It is located
    across the street from the construction site and it is by the hospital.  Look a
    block up from the hospital so you see the liberty campus sign, and the Hidden
    Package is right behind that.
    58. For the first hidden package, head to the huge car garage, but for now head
    behind it in the alleys.  Here you will find 8-Ball, and a Pay n' Spray.  If you
    are in the right place, then look in the garages on the lower level.  One will
    have a van, and inside is a hidden package.
    59. For this hidden package, head inside of the huge car garage.  Head up two
    floors and you will find this hidden package right next to one of the ramps up
    to the next floor.
    60. These next two are located on docks.  The first one is fairly easy to get
    to, just head over to Asuka's condo.  Don't go onto these docks, but go south to
    the next dock to find this hidden package.
    61. For the second dock package, head over to the south most dock possible, and
    on the end of one of the docks on that one is where you will find that hidden
    62. From the huge car garage head south a bit and go until you get to the
    intersection for the Portland bridge.  Take the farthest left road and stop as
    soon as you get on it.  You should be right where you got the goodies from Phil
    (bulletproof Patriot, rocket launcher, etc.)  Head to the alley around that
    garage and at the end you will find the hidden package.
    63. Now, head to the police station.  It is located on the eastern part of
    Staunton, right off the main highway to the west.  For this hidden package,
    steal one of the police cars in the parking lot and head through the westernmost
    gate, and in the back lot you will find this package.
    64. Continue from the back lot through the gate on the other side and continue
    forward past the Police Bribe and continue until you get to an alley.  In one of
    the indents of the alley you will find this package.
    65. From the police station, head north a little ways to find the City Hall.  It
    looks like a Greek Parthenon with the large pillars and the steps going up.  Go
    up the steps and at the top by the entrance is the Hidden Package.
    66. This first Hidden Package is located on the roof of the "entrance" to the
    hospital.  By entrance I mean the main door that actual people would go, not
    you.  Anyway, you will need to get a tall vehicle that you can jump on, and
    Ambulances should be around there somewhere.  Climb on top and jump to the roof
    to get the package.
    67. This next package is located in the area of Phil's Army Surplus Store.  If
    you haven't unlocked that place yet it is fine, you just need to get there.  It
    is generally by the stadium or its surroundings.  Once you are inside his store
    area, look behind one of the big warehouses to find this hidden package.
    68. You must have unlocked the Shoreside Bridge to get this package.  Once you
    do that, head onto the bridge, and stop in the middle.  When the bridge rises
    up, you should be going with it upwards. In the exact middle on the median of
    the bridge will be where the Hidden Package touches down.
    69. This is located on Kenji's casino.  Head into the main entrance and climb
    up the many flights of stairs.  When you get to the roof, head over to the
    helicopter landing and it will be in the corner of the landing.
    Congratulations, two cities of Hidden Packages completed, one left to go!
                              8.3 Shoreside Vale Hidden Packages           GTA[083]
    ~-Total 31 Packages-~
                                    ~-Cedar Grove-~
    70. For these first few hidden packages, head across the river bridge to the
    side of Shoreside Vale that has the houses on the left and the steep drop off
    to the right which would lead to your hideout.  This first hidden packages is
    located behind the first house you come to, or the westernmost house.  Go
    behind it to find the hidden package.
    71. The next house over from the last package has this package located it
    behind it as well, so go get this package.
    72. This package is located on the front porch of the the next house over from
    the last package.
    73. The last one in Cedar Grove is located in the next "house" over.  This is
    really the Colombian Cartel's base, so you will need to use a Carte Cruiser to
    get in and then you will need to look in the swimming pool to find this
                                   ~-Cochrane Dam-~
    74. For the first two, go to the top of the dam where people can go.  Towards
    the middle there are two branches that lead to small domes on the dam.  For the
    first package, go to one of the towers and look behind it for the first package.
    75. For this second package, as you might have already guessed, go to the other
    tower and look behind it for the next package.
    76. Go south of the dam, but still in view of it and you will find a park, and
    you will find this hidden package there.  Look by a utility building to find
    this one.
    77. This package is located on the little pathway going along the dam.  This
    is also where the final mission takes place, if that helps at all.  It is on
    the eastern side of the dam also.  Anyway, head inside, and you will come up
    to a tower on the right.  Go up the stairs and you will find the hidden
    78. Continue from the tower on the pathway mentioned in the last hidden
    packages and you will get to a building.  CLimb up the stairs and on the roof
    of the tower by the big pipes on the side will be this hidden package.
                             ~-Francis International Airport-~
    79. These first couple will deal with the packages around the airport.  This
    first one is located right behind a billboard.  As you get off the SHoreside
    bridge or the tunnels, you will see a billboard on the left side if you follow
    the road left, and behind one of them is the package.
    80. From the end of the lift bridge, stay to the right side of the road and you
    will eventually see a dirt path.  SLOW DOWN when you get to it, and stop when
    you get to the jump part.  This is a Unique jump by the way...anyway right
    underneath the jump itself is this package.
    81. From the lift bridge, turn left at the first raod and follow it by the
    front of the airport.  Keep going and go up the stairs to the subway.  Follow
    it down and in the lobby area by where you can see the subway you will find
    this hidden package.
    82. Head forward from the lift bridge and follow the road.  Eventually you
    will see the fire station on the left, so go into it.  Behind the fire truck
    in the garage you will find the hidden package.
    83. Now we will head into the airport.  This first one isn't quite into the
    airport, but it is close.  Turn left into the road and go into the entrance.
    When you see the parking lot on your right stop, and enter through the hole
    in the wall on the left.  From there, head all the way to the right side of
    this huge building to find the hidden package.
    84. Now go all the way into the airport, and go towards the second hangar.
    From the second hangar, look at the planes around it and underneath one of
    the wings is one of the hidden packages.
    85. Go towards the southwestern part of the airport, and you will see a
    helipad.  Go up the stairs to get on the helipad and find this next hidden
    86. Right by those hangars listed above, there are some planes, and underneath
    one of the wings is another hidden package.
    87. Head from the above spot to the ocean, and you should see if you go all
    the way to the corner a small pathway going down and back up by the ocean.  Go
    down it and along that path you will find a hidden package.
    88. Head towards the part where the runways split to a pathway down the middle
    of them going to the ocean.  Down there you will find the last hidden package
    in the airport!
                                   ~-Pike Creek-~
    89. This is basically the downtown of Shoreside Vale.  Go to the hospital,
    which is located right by the police station, and go behind it to find the
    90. Go along the main uphill road and turn in on the road to the left.  You
    should eventually see after a block a warehouse on the right.  Stop by it, and
    you will see a crate that is about street level, and on the crate is a hidden
    package.  Now you can jump from here or go into the warehouse area and use a
    tall vehicle to get it from there.
    91. Go to the police station, and head behind it.  On the roof of the bulding
    in the area below it you will find this hidden package.
    92. Go to the Turtle Head Fishing Company building for the next two packages.
    For the first one, climb up the stairs of the bulding next to it and jump over
    to the awning to get this package.
    93. Again at the Turtle Head Fishing Company, head to that bulding and go to
    the garages that have numbers on them.  Inside some of them are items and
    such and in one of them is a hidden package.
    94. These next two are located in fenced off areas.  This first one you can
    find by going to the import/export garage.  To get there, go up the main hill
    road next to the woods and such and follow it up and to the left, and it should
    be right off to the left.  Go into the area, and stick to the left to see the
    fence.  There are two ways to do this.  One, you can get a car to get yourself
    up on the ledge/wall and carefully walk across the wall into the fenced area.
    The easier way is to just blow up the fence and get the hidden package among
    the rubble.
    95. This fenced off area is easier to get into, as it has an opening. This is
    located in the fenced off area by the Liberty Pharmaceuticals building, and
    there is an opening for you to go in and get the package.
                                 ~-Wichita Gardens-~
    96. These are all located in the lower section by your hideout.  In fact, this
    first hidden package is located by the apartment block that includes your
    hideout, go around it to find the TOYZ van, and around there will be the
    97. If you come down from the curvy part, turn left at the T- and go down the
    hill and take another left.  Take a right onto the dirt path and follow it all
    the way to the picnic tables, and that's where you will find the hidden
    98. From the curvy part, as soon as it starts to straighten look off to the
    right to see a Cartel Cruiser parked in a lot, and you should go there
    inbewteen the two apartment buildings to find the hidden package.
    99. This hidden package is in the doorway of the only another apartment
    building on the upper level of Wichita Gardens, and just circle around it to
    find it.
    100. This final hidden package of the entire game is located in the short
    tunnel right by the entrance to the big tunnel. The small tunnel has a bunch of
    graffiti on it and it is barely a car length long.  Search around there to find
    the last hidden package!
     __                                                                         __
    /  \                                                                       /  \
    |<>|                              9.0 Rampages                             |<>|
    \__/                                 GTA[09]                               \__/
                              9.1 Portland Island Rampages                 GTA[091]
    In Portland Island, there are 6 rampages for you to do. Check the Rampage Maps
    on GameFAQs if you can't find where I am talking about.  Here we go!  BTW, all
    of the time limits are 120 seconds, or 2 minutes for those bad at math.
    Rampage: Destroy 13 Vehicles
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    Location 1: Trenton
    Location 2: Callahan Point
    Best Location: Location 2
    Strategies: Near the freeway, you will be free of any pedestrians that might
    get in your way during this mission. Also, many cars are obviously using the
    freeway. So, head to Callahan Point to complete this mission and fire your
    Rocket Launcher at 13 vehicles to complete the entire mission.
    Rampage: Kill 30 Diablos
    Weapon: M-16
    Location 1: Red-Light
    Location 2: Chinatown
    Best Location: Location 1
    Strategies: Assuming you are using the Red-Light District location, you will
    want to shoot a few Diablos as you see the groups mingling around. Once they
    start rushing you with their pathetic baseball bats, head for the basketball
    courts. Since there is limited entrance to these courts, you will have a good
    shot at all of these guys as they come through. The M16 is powerful enough to
    easily take care of this rampage.
    Rampage: Kill 25 Triads
    Weapon: Uzi
    Location 1: Chinatown
    Location 2: Trenton
    Best Location: Location 2
    Strategies: You MUST choose the second location because the first is near
    impossible. The triads value Chinatown, and those damn fish trucks will be all
    over you if you try to kill some of them in Chinatown. So, pick option two and
    you will have to kill a bunch of them in groups. Hijack a vehicle and quickly
    do driveby shots. The Uzi is only powerful when driving by, so make use of the
    Rampage: Kill 20 Triads
    Weapon: Shotgun
    Location 1: Trenton
    Location 2: Portland View
    Best Location: Either
    Strategies: I noticed no difference between either location, so pick your own
    choice. Now, the shotgun is going to kick the crap out of any of these Triads,
    and you only have to take down 20 Triads, so this should be a piece of cake.
    Kill them as they approach you. Easiest rampage thus far.
    Rampage: Kill 20 Mafia
    Weapon: AK-47
    Location 1: Saint Mark's (see map)
    Location 2: Saint Mark's (see map)
    Best Location: Location 1
    Strategies: This mission is really hard, so watch out and pay careful attention
    to what you have to do. I noticed that Mafia armed with Shotguns sporadically 
    come at you and shoot. So, kill as many as possible before they come, then run
    or get a car and get out of there. Than, return a few moments later and take
    the rest out. The shotgunners only come after you have killed some of their
    clan. Keep doing this until 20 of the Mafia men are dead. Should be easy if you
    follow this strategy.
    Rampage: Destroy 10 Vehicles
    Weapon: Grenades
    Location 1: Saint Mark's
    Location 2: Trenton
    Best Location: Location 1
    Strategies: I chose a location based on parked cars, but there is a very easy
    way of doing this rampage. All you have to do is block traffic with a car of
    your choice. Once the traffic jam begins, blow up cars that are lined up. If
    you can get 4-5, that is good. All you have to do is find some stores with
    parked cars and blow them up. The Police Station works wonders in this rampage
    if you are getting lost and can't find parked cars. However, use the jamming
    method, it works!
                              9.2 Staunton Island Rampages                 GTA[092]
    In Staunton Island, there are 7 rampages for you to do.  For each one, just
    like in Portland, there are two locations for each.  Check the Rampage Maps on
    GameFAQs if you can't find where I am talking about.  Here we go!  BTW, all of
    the time limits are 120 seconds, or 2 minutes for those bad at math.
    Rampage: Kill 25 Yardies
    Weapon: Grenades
    Location 1: In the alley that is right behind the Fire Station
    Location 2: In the alley that is right by the Cartel base
    Best Location: Location 2
    Strategies: Considering the alley behind the fire station is tiny, the best
    place to go is the alley by the base.  It is pretty wide, which is important
    when fighting the Yardies with grenades.  The best way is to lay grenades down
    and have them follow you so that it blows up on them.  If you can't do that,
    then you'll just have to time it right, cause there is no other way.  Good
    Rampage: Blow Up 15 Vehicles
    Weapon: M-16
    Location 1: Right behind the big wall that is by the big sign that says
                "Liberty Campus"
    Location 2: In the northeastern most corner of the construction site.
    Best Location: Location 1
    Strategies: The reason the first location is better is because it is much
    closer to the road, making it easier to find cars to blow up.  The easiest way
    to do the car missions are to make a road block with a couple of cars, then
    just start a chain reaction by blowing up the first and the rest will follow.
    If you can't get enough, look around in some parking lots to get the cars you
    Rampage: Blow Up 8 Vehicles
    Weapon: Shotgun
    Location 1: In the southwestern most corner of Belleville Park
    Location 2: In the northeastern most corner of Belleville Park
    Best Location: Location 1
    Strategies: This is a very easy rampage, and basically all you have to do is
    make a roadblock with cars and blow one up to start the chain reaction.
    Location 1 is slightly easier because it is easier to get to the road from that
    location.  If you have trouble blowing up the cars or even finding them, steal
    a car to help with the roadblocking.
    Rampage: Kill 30 Yardies
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    Location 1: In an alley by a graveyard that is behind the church
    Location 2: Behind a planter in the northeast part of Staunton where the block
                is very pointy.
    Best Location: Location 1
    Strategies: This is definitely the hardest rampage yet, but it is probably the
    most fun cause you get a rocket launcher.  Location 1 is only easier because it
    takes less time to get to the only place where it is remotely possible to do
    this rampage.  You need to get to the glass building across from the AMCO
    building, so steal a car and drive over to it.  Here is the only place where
    you can fire your rocket launcher and not get hit from the blast.  If you find
    yourself running out of targets, turn around and then look back, as the game
    should regenerate more guys.
    Rampage: Kill 17 Yardies
    Weapon: Sniper Rifle
    Location 1: On the roof of the AMCO building
    Location 2: On one of the sublevels or catwalks of Kenji's casino
    Best Location: Location 2
    Strategies: I think the second location is better because it is closer to the
    ground making it much easier to hit the Yardies and go to the next one quickly.
    This can be kind of tough, but if you can't hit their head every time, then
    just hit a major part of their body.  This shouldn't be too tough, just keep
    trying and it will work.
    Rampage: Kill 16 Yakuzas
    Weapon: Molotov Cocktails
    Location 1: Right by the highway in the block, going right underneath the
                Newport bridge.
    Location 2: Right next to 8-Ball's bomb shop near the Pay N' Spray
    Best Location: Location 1
    Strategies: I think Location 1 is better because you can find Yakuzas a lot
    more quickly.  The Yakuzas will not fight back; so just let the Molotovs go.
    Keep a good distance from the flames and you should do this rampage with a lot
    of ease.
    Rampage: Kill 25 Yakuzas
    Weapon: Flamethrower
    Location 1: Right across from Donald Love's apartment in a parking lot against
                a wall
    Location 2: Right behind the church
    Best Location: Location 1
    Strategies: Location 1 makes much more sense because you are in an area where
    there are a lot more Yakuzas in general.  This is easy, just like the mission
    in Portland where you had to torch the Triads.  Don't hold down the
    flamethrower too long cause you tend to burn yourself.  Make sure you have full
    health in case you hit some flames, otherwise this is very easy.
     __                                                                         __
    /  \                                                                       /  \
    |<>|                           10.0 Unique Jumps                           |<>|
    \__/                               GTA[010]                                \__/
                              10.1 Portland Island Unique Jumps            GTA[101]
    1. The first unique jump in Portland is located in Chinatown. This one is one
    of the neat jumps in the game, and I am sure you will enjoy it just as I did.
    Head along the grassy area and you will notice the jump is right next to the
    bridge overhead. Just drive down towards the trees way far back. Then, get a
    large headstart and drive towards the block. If you make it all the way across
    the bridge you will get an extra bonus. This concludes the first unique jump.
    2. The second unique jump is on the Callahan bridge. Head towards the black and
    yellow construction like object. Jump off of the bridge and you will land on
    the bottom in between two lanes. If you make it onto the grass, which happens
    to be in between the two lanes, you will get the unique jump bonus.
    3. The third unique jump is pretty fun and really easy to do. Head underneath
    the Callahan bridge this time. There should be a large dirt mound good for a
    large car jump. I have notices that this insane jump only can be done if you
    actually go away from the bridge, so if you jump towards the bridge you will
    not complete the jump. If you clear both structures you will get this unique
    4. This unique jump is rather interesting because it allows you to get onto the
    train tracks that run throughout the island. The location of the jump is right
    near the subway entrance. If you look on your mini-map, you will probably
    notice that the jump is right near the central sector of the entire Portland
    island. It will be pretty obvious once you get to it, and when you clear the
    jump you must land on the train tracks to receive the unique jump.
    5. This unique is one of the easiest jumps for this island at least. Head north
    west of the Callahan bridge to come across the water area. If you look to the
    left you will see a large dirt mound. You are to collect as much speed as
    possible and blow past the large dirt mound. You must make it all the way to
    the other side of the dock to actually complete the Unique Jump. You cannot
    land anywhere before the end dock. You must clear the water.
    6. This unique jump is right next to the one above. Simply head to where the
    water is, but instead of going left, head right to meet more roading. Head for
    the contruction site and you will see a large ramp with some cones around it.
    You have the opportunity of clearing two total buildings on this jump, but for
    some odd reason you only have to clear the first jump to gain the Unique Jump.
    7. This unique jump is rather hard to find for a lot of people, but it is
    really easy to clear. All you have to do is go on the road leading west to the
    Callahan Bridge. On the left side you will see a small ramp which will lead to
    a car. You must clear the car to actually get the credit for the Unique Jump.
    Again, make sure you find the ramp, because the rest is very very easy.
    8. This unique jump is way out there near the dock area. If you head to the
    right section of the dock you will see a jump with a bunch of trailers lined
    up throughout the dock. Make sure you clear every single one of the trailers in
    order to get credit for this one. If you cannot clear all the trailers, get a
    faster car because this one involves speed.
                              10.2 Staunton Island Unique Jumps            GTA[102]
    9. This first unique jump is located right by the Callahan Bridge.  From the
    Callahan bridge coming from Portland, turn left at the first left turn and stop
    right away when you see Ray's garage.  Across the street from it is a cyber
    café that you need to drive through.  If you look at it, you should see stairs
    going up and out the other side, and what you need to do is drive through the
    glass, up the stairs and land on the other side of the street for it to
    10. This unique jump is my favorite.  From your hideout, turn left and then a
    right so the construction site is on your left.  Pass it and go until you get
    to a T-intersection.  Turn right and you will be on a bridge.  When a divider
    appears, go on it and follow it in-between the roads and go off the jump.  To
    make this successful, you need to land on the far lanes of the bridge that you
    land on.
    11. Head to the multi-story parking garage right by your hideout.  Go all the
    way up to the top, and on the top floor you should see a ramp leading north if
    you were to go off it.  Back up and floor it to get enough speed, and when you
    land, you must land at, on, or after the second planter on your landing.
    12. From your hideout, turn right and follow the road.  Turn left after the
    huge parking garage, and stay on the road as it goes down and turns right.
    Follow it all the way into the cargo area, and you should see, right next to
    the edge, a big mound of dirt facing into the dock across the ocean.  Back up,
    floor it and hit the jump and get all the way over the ocean onto the other
    side to trigger the jump.
                               10.3 Shoreside Vale Unique Jumps            GTA[103]
    13. Near the airport, going on the four-laned road, you will find a small dirt
    path that will lead you to this bridge. You have to get passed the large gap,
    landing on all four wheels to complete this Unique Jump.
    14. A rather easy Unique jump. All you have to do is head onto the four laned
    road, and then head into the airport. You will see the ramp that leads to
    several helicopters, lined up together. Jump as many as you can, and you will
    complete this Unique Jump. It is hard to jump all of them, so don't worry,
    you do not have to.
    15. This Unique jump is right next to the last one. With a similar ramp, clear
    the small area/building to get the credit.
    16. Head all the way to the back of the airport. This Unique jump is right next
    to the last one. With a similar ramp, clear the small area/building to get the
    17. Head to Pike Creek. Find the large hill, and bring a car to the top of it.
    A nonobscure ramp will be seen, use it to jump ahead. Eventually, you will land
    in a parking lot.
    18. Head to Pike Creek. Find the large hill, and bring a car to the top of it.
    Just to the right of the last jump, find the narrow path and clear the ramp.
    19. Head towards the large dam. You will notice a huge cliff ahead of you.
    Normally you would turn right here, but head straight, off the cliff and you
    will clear a large area, landing in another parking area. Only one more Unique
    Jump to go!
    20. The last unique jump, ahh, it feels good. Head for the runway area in the
    airport and then find the plane with an open stairs leading into it. Use the
    ramp here to get over the plane and clear the last unique jump! Congratulations
    on your tough accomplishment!
     __                                                                         __
    /  \                                                                       /  \
    |<>|                            11.0 Cheat Codes                           |<>|
    \__/                               GTA[011]                                \__/
    Cheat codes are always a problem in the Grand Theft Auto series because of the
    screwy things the codes can do. For example, the cheat codes can corrupt the
    file, prevent a player from getting 100%, and sometimes can not be reversed.
    Below are codes authorized and not authorized by Rockstar. Credit GameFAQs
    codes for the codes :)
    Authorized Codes
    Wanted Level Down
    Normal Weather
    Change Costumes
    Improve Your Driving Skills
    Raise Wanted Level  
    Make It Foggy
    Make It Rain
    Speed Things Up
    Unauthorized Codes
    Pedestrians Riot
    All Weapons
    Crazy Pedestrians
    Full Health
    Destoy All Cars
    Extra Money   
    Pedestrians Attack 
    Pedestrains Fight Each Other
    Full Armor
    --- Exhaustive List -----------------------------------------------------------
    Rainy - L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Circle
    Cloudy - L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Square
    Foggy - L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, X
    Sunny - L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Triangle
    All Weapons/Ammo - R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
    Full Health - R2, R2, L1, R1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
    Full Armor - R2, R2, L1, L2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
    250K - R2, R2, L1, L1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
    Full Car Health - R2, R2, L1, R1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up  
    Better Car Handling - R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle
    Flying Car - Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1
    Car Destruction - L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle, 
    Triangle, L2, L1
    Tank - Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, 
    Circle, Triangle
    Invisible Cars - L1, L1, Square, R2, Triangle, L1, Triangle
    Slow Down Gameplay - Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R1, R2
    Speed Up Gameplay - Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, L1, L2
    Different Character Model - Right, Down, Left, Up, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, 
    Speed Up Time - Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Square, 
    Square, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
    - End of Document -

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