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Non-Unique Jumps FAQ by scrubking

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 05/10/03

            _   _                   _   _       _
           | \ | | ___  _ __       | | | |_ __ (_) __ _ _   _  ___
           |  \| |/ _ \| '_ \ _____| | | | '_ \| |/ _` | | | |/ _ \
           | |\  | (_) | | | |_____| |_| | | | | | (_| | |_| |  __/
           |_| \_|\___/|_| |_|      \___/|_| |_|_|\__, |\__,_|\___|
                           | |_   _ _ __ ___  _ __  _|_|
                        _  | | | | | '_ ` _ \| '_ \/ __|
                       | |_| | |_| | | | | | | |_) \__ \
                        \___/ \__,_|_| |_| |_| .__/|___/
                               |  ___|__  _ _|_|
                               | |_ / _ \| '__|
                               |  _| (_) | |
                               |_|  \___/|_|

                           ____                     _
                          / ___|_ __ __ _ _ __   __| |
                         | |  _| '__/ _` | '_ \ / _` |
                         | |_| | | | (_| | | | | (_| |
              _____ _     \____|_| _\__,_|_| |_|\__,_|      _____
             |_   _| |__   ___ / _| |_   / \  _   _| |_ ___|___ /
               | | | '_ \ / _ \ |_| __| / _ \| | | | __/ _ \ |_ \
               | | | | | |  __/  _| |_ / ___ \ |_| | || (_) |__) |
               |_| |_| |_|\___|_|  \__/_/   \_\__,_|\__\___/____/

Faq version 1.3
by Scrubking

As so many others I love GTA3 and I especially love driving around in the rich
and expansive enviornment. I don't know when it came to me, but suddenly I 
wanted to find unintended places that I could use as a ramp and maybe get an 
insane stunt bonus. My curiosity has led me to create this Faq so that others 
could share in my findings. If you want to know my definition of a non-unique
jump scroll down to the faqs.

Table of Contents
1. Legal stuff
2. Jumps in Portland
3. Jumps in Staunton
4. Jumps in Shoreside Vale
5. F.A.Q.
6. Version history

Legal Stuff
Non one can use my faqs in any way, shape or form without my permission. Using
any information in my faqs without my permission is punishable by law. All 
information in this document was written by me and all contributed information
will be credited. The only sites the guide is available on is 
www.GameFAQs.com and my own sites. If you would like this guide on you're site,
please Email me requesting permission, and I will probably allow you to do so,
However, this guide must not be changed in any way. Placing my email in this 
faqs in no way gives anyone permission to put me on a mailing list, sign me up
for a newsletter or distribute my email address to a third party. 

Non-Unique Jumps
Below are the jumps I have selected for my faq. They are grouped by island 
,and they are in no particular order. Keep in mind that when you hit these 
jumps will not always land perfectly and you will find yourself losing a lot 
of vehicles. So I suggest not using vehicles that you don't want to lose such 
as bullet proof cars. I have include my best insane stunt off of each jump, 
and it is self explanitory. I have also included a challenge rating. There 
will only be three difficulties: easy, medium and hard. The challenge rating 
measures how hard it is to get a quality jump. I would suggest that you not 
judge a jump by my best insane stunt. The rating does not always correlate 
with how crazy a jump can get. Finally, and most of all, Have fun!

				* Jumps in Portland *

1. Raffles Fish Factory

Directions: At the fish factory next to the chinatown stop for the L is a 
ridge that borders the parking lot. That ridge is the jump and you can hit it
at many angles. The best is to come from the west heading east under or next
to the L-train stairs. There isn't a lot of room cause of the building right
across the street, but you can do some fun things like try to leave the car 
laying against the wall vertically if you land that way. 

Best Insane Stunt: Double
Challenge: Easy

2. Portland Docks Entrance

Directions: At the entrance to the portland docks you will see a large sign
saying just that. As you enter it will be on your left. If you notice the 
sign is on a piece of ground that sticks out; that is your jump. You want to
hit it squarely going west. See if you can catch enough speed to jump higher
than or over the sign. 

Best Insane Stunt: Single
Challenge: Easy

3. Chinatown Park Building

Directions: East of the park in Chinatown and directly north of the Callahan 
bridge is a building where you have to transport hookers to early on in the 
game. Around the parking lot of that building is a small wall. That wall is 
the jump. There are so many ways to approach this jump, but I like coming from 
the east starting at the back of joey's garage. 

Best Insane Stunt: Double
Challenge: Medium

4. Chinatown Park Hedge

Directions: Just west of the basketball courts in the Chinatown park, the 
hedge wall begins to curve with the road. The curving hedge is the jump by the 
way. There is a long road that intersects that curve so you just come at the 
hedge from the north. 

Best Insane Stunt: Double
Challenge: Medium

5. Capital Autos

Directions: Go over to Capital autos. It is the car dealership right next to 8-
balls bomb shop. As you enter the lot you should see the main building of the 
dealership to your right where there is a banshee parked inside. If you look 
straight ahead you will see a small building with a sign above it that says 
"eightballs autoyard". Just in front of that building there is a wall that 
gets bigger going left and smaller to the right, and it ends a little past the 
end of the building I just mentioned. That small piece of wall that sticks out 
past the building to the right is the jump. There is not a lot of room for 
accleration so a fast car is recommended. Come at this jump from the gas 
station wall to the west. This jump is cool because of the pinball action you 
can get with the busses and buildings in close proximity. 

Best Insane Stunt: None so far
Challenge: Hard

6. Hospital Rear

Directions: Behind the hospital and directly southwest of the stairs that lead 
down into the SupaSave, on the west side is a small grassy incline; which is 
the jump. If you count the small signs next to the video camera on the 
backside of the hospital the incline starts at about the third one from the 
north. It is clearly noticable coming from the south. You also want to hit 
this jump from the south and you will have to turn into it. Since it is right 
on the wall of the hospital you are mainly going to get backflips, but 
at different angles you can get other cool effects. 

Best Insane Stunt: Perfect Single
Challenge: Easy

7. Saint Mark's Alleyways

Directions: Just north of Marco's Bistro there is a brownish building with a 
small entrance into a long alleway that runs east/west. If you follow the 
alley west you will see that it ends at a road with a small grassy incline on 
the other side of the street. On top of the incline is a small ridge which is 
the jump. For best results go to the aforementioned alleyway entrance and head 
west. When you hit the jump you will end up hitting the wall just west of the 
jump, but there is a space in between the buildings towards the south part of 
the jump that you can go through if you aim it just right. 

Best Insane Stunt: Single
Challenge: Hard

				* Jumps in Staunton *

1.North FBI Building

Directions: Follow the northern side of the Callahan bridge all the way west. 
You will notice that it will end and a small wall with some hedges will begin 
that continues around the corner. That wall with the hedges is the jump. What 
you want to do is come at it from the road directly south of it and aim 
towards the road on the other side. 
- Thanks to Zell1059

Best Insane Stunt: Perfect Triple
Challenge: Easy

2. Ammunation

Directions: Go to the Ammunation in Staunton and directly east of it there is 
a small ridge that runs parallel to the sidewalk. That ridge is the jump. You 
want to start at the park and head down the road just right of the double 
yellow lines and you will land right next to the condo below. 
- Thanks to Peeps

Best Insane Stunt: Perfect Triple
Challenge: Easy

3. Building 366

Directions: Directly south of the police station is building 366. Just east of 
it is an entrance that takes you around the back where an rc mission is. To 
the left of the entrance when you face south is a ridge with grass and plants 
on top. When you face south you will notice that the ridge makes a right in 
font of the wall of another building. The part of the ridge in front of the 
wall is the jump. Come at the ridge from the north where the stairs lead down 
to the police station alley. It is not a straight path so you will have to 
make adjustments. If you hit it right you will fly up the wall as if you were 
driving on it.

Best Insane Stunt: None so far
Challenge: Hard

4. Road Divisions

Directions: On the road directly west of the 366 building are large road 
divisions with grass and trees on them. The sloped ends of these divisions are 
the jumps. You can use any one of them to jump off of, but I believe that the 
best one is the farthest one south that ends on the road that leads to Kenji's 
casino. It is the least obstucted one of them all. You want to come at it from 
the south on the road that goes around the large glass sculpture. Try not to 
hit the tree head on. 

Best Insane Stunt: Triple
Challenge: Medium

5. Punk Noodle Army

Directions: On the west side of Staunton is a building with a Punk Noodle and 
Army billboard. The buildings stairs just south of the billboards is the jump. 
You want to come at this jump from the road just west of the building coming 
north. I like this jump cause it is tricky. You have to aim just right or else 
you will hit the wall or the billboards. Try completing the jump without 
hitting anything. Also, driving on the sidewalk instead of the road will make 
it easier to hit, but usually there are a lot of peds.   

Best Insane Stunt: Perfect Single
Challenge: Hard

6. Liberty Campus North

Directions: Just north of the Liberty campus dropoff point for the taxi 
missions is a small strip of concrete that runs east/west that is the 
foundation of the next building. On the east side of that strip, heading 
towards the construction site, is a steep grassy incline. That incline is the 
jump. Just drive along the strip going east at the incline and if you hit it 
right you can fly over the street light. 

Best Insane Stunt: Perfect Single
Challenge: Easy

7. Coliseum Parking Lot

Directions: Go to the coliseum parking lot just north of the fire station. 
From the outside coming in you will notice that the parking lot is perimitered 
by a small wall and inside of the wall is a grassy area and inside of the 
grassy area is a small ridge that borders it. That small ridge is the jump. 
You can jump it going in any direction, but I have gotten the best results 
jumping south towards the alley behind the fire station. Just line yourself up 
with the alley and punch it. If you hit it right you will land inside the 

Best Insane Stunt: Perfect Triple
Challenge: Easy

8. AMco Building

Directions: Go to the AMco building and right next to the dropoff point for 
the taxi missions, to the east, is an area of the AMco building that goes all 
the way to the back of it. The grass surrounding the AMco area has a ridge 
that borders it just like the coliseum paking lot. That ridge is the jump. 
Once again you can jump it from any direction you want, but I like going south 
down the strip on the east. 

Best Insane Stunt: Double
Challenge: Easy

9. See you in Miami

Directions: As soon as you cross the callahan bridge into Staunton you will 
notice that the road continues all the way to the west side of the island and 
ends in an intersection. On the west side of the intersection is a billboard 
that says "see you in Miami", and just below it is a sloped ridge that runs 
parallel with the road North/South. That sloped ridge is the jump. You can 
jump the ridge anywhere along the road, but in most cases you will end up dead 
in the water. Just come from the east and head right at the billboard. You can 
also jump the supa save billboard right next to it. I have gotten my car half 
way over the billboard and also done an awesome backflip with a lot of hang 

Best Insane Stunt: Double
Challenge: Easy

10. Head Radio, Liberty Soul

Directions: Just north of jump no.9 there are two more billboards. You can 
also jump these going east to west, but you don't have a lot of acceleration 
room. I recommend jumping these going north/south. The trick is to turn into 
them at an angle as you pass them. Different angles will give you different 
results, but you can get some cool in air rolls with this jump.

Best Insane Stunt: Perfect Single
Challenge: Hard

11. Road to Asuka's condo

Directions: This should be easy since there is only one road that leads down 
to asuka's condo. It is the road directly south of the parking garage. As you 
go east you will see the road curves right; at the end of that curve is a 
large sloped ridge with grass and trees on it. That ridge is the jump, but 
there is a catch. On the other side of the ridge is a light post and you need 
to hit that post in some way to get the full effect. I will warn you that it 
is very likely that you will end up in the ocean and die, and I have died many 
times attempting this jump. I am against difficult jumps, but the crazy 
effects you can get from this jump are worth the trouble in my opinion. I have 
gone so high that I have hit the road directly above, and also made it to 
about the fifth floor window of the condo right across.

Best Insane Stunt: Double
Challenge: Hard

				* Jumps in Shoreside Vale *

1. Airport Sumo

Directions: As soon as you turn into the airport you will go down a small hill 
and at the bottom of the hill against the parking lot wall is a billboard that 
says "sumo" on it. To the right of the billboard is a grass incline. That is 
the jump. The road to the south is very long so you have plenty of 
acceleration room, but watch out for spawning vehicles. Also don't worry about 
the trees too much cause most of them are not solid. 

Best Insane Stunt: Perfect Single
Challenge: Medium

2. Airport Stairs

Directions: Once you go down the small hill and make a left into the airport 
you will notice that there are sets of stairs that lead up to the terminal. 
The rail on each side of the stair cases is the jump. The only stair cases 
that you can use as a jump are the first, second, fourth and fifth because 
they have a sloped area that you can drive up onto so that you can hit the 
jump squarely. To hit these jumps just gain some speed going north or south 
and drive up the slope, or you can back up to a stair case while on the 
slope(you won't gain that much speed though). Actually the best staircase to 
jump off of is the last one because you have a lot of landing room. You just 
have to aim so that you don't hit the billboard or the terminal. 

Best Insane Stunt: Perfect Triple
Challenge: Medium

3. Hideout Road

Directions: Just behind your hideout to the north is the windy road that leads 
up to Cedar Grove. When you exit your hideout and drive opposite the street 
light you will end up in a parking lot. At the curve where the road turns into 
the parking lot you will see a grassy incline that goes up to the windy road 
above it. That grassy incline is the jump. Just hit this jump from the south. 

Best Insane Stunt: Perfect Double
Challenge: Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a non-unique jump?
Answer: My interpretation of a non-unique jump is a jump that is obviously not 
one of the 20 unique jumps in gta3. However, I also include all of the jumps 
that are blatantly set up like the ramps at the airport and throughout the 
city. If you look at it and it looks like a jump I am not going to include it 
in my faq. It is also a jump that is not overly difficult to accomplish, and 
it does not have to be an insane stunt. 

2. How come jump abc isn't in your faq?
Answer: Either I didn't know about it, it didn't meet the criteria of a non-
unique jump or I didn't think it was spectacular enough.

3. If I know of a jump can I submit it to your faq?
Answer: Yes you can.

4. What should I include in my submission?
Answer: A detailed yet brief description of where the jump is and how to jump 
it. Make sure I can understand it on my first try. I will not kill myself to 
try to understand your directions. All directions should be given using north, 
south, east and west. As soon as I see go right or go left I will disregard 
your submission. If your jump is in a place with no easy to identify landmarks 
make sure you give enough details so I can find it. 

5. What shouldn't I include in my submission?
Answer: Any jump that does not meet the qualifications of my definition of a 
non-unique jump. That means no glitches either. 

6. I can't find jump abc in your faq. Where is it?
Answer: I have been extra careful to make sure the jumps can be easily 
identified. If you still cannot find it keep reading and maybe you will get 
your bearings, but don't email me asking to tell you where it is. Use the maps 
provided with the game for help. Don't blame me if you don't know where 
chinatown park is or any other landmark.

7. Where do I send my submissions for your faq?
Answer: Scrubking@cwazy.co.uk

Version Histroy

Version 1.0
- First Draft

Version 1.1
- Added 3 more jumps in Staunton

Version 1.2
- Added a challenge ratings for each jump. 
- Added a legend for the jumps section
- Added 2 jumps
- Edited jump info

Version 1.3
- Added 1 jump
- edited Faq section

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