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    FAQ/Walkthrough by wayalla

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    "Document Copyright Aaron Baker 2003"
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     \____|_|  \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|   |_| |_| |_|\___|_|  \__|
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            /_/   \_\__,_|\__\___/  |____/
                 Game: Grand theft Auto 3
                 System: Playstation 2
                 By: Wayalla (Aaron Baker)
                 Email: Wayalla1@yahoo.com.au
                 Title: www.network-science.de
                 Version: 2.0
                      [00]FAQ Details
                      [01]Game Controls
                      [02]The Story so far
                      [04]Items and Effects
                      [06]Liberty City
                      [07]Wanted Level
                      [08]Gang Descriptions
                      [09]Vehicle Stuff
                      [10]Other Basic Stuff
                      [13]Frequently Asked Questions
                      [14]Portland Walkthrough ~ Career
                          [14.1]Luigi Gortelli
                          [14.2]Joey Leone
                          [14.3]Toni Cipriani
                          [14.4]Salvatore Leone
                      [15]Staunton Walkthrough ~ Career
                          [15.1]Asuka Kasen
                          [15.2]Kenji Kasen
                          [15.3]Ray Machowski
                          [15.4]Donald Love
                      [16]Shoreside Walkthrough ~ Career
                          [16.1]Donald Love
                          [16.2]Ray Machowski
                          [16.3]Asuka Kasen
                      [17]Portland Extra Missions Walkthrough
                      [18]Staunton Extra Missions Walkthrough
                      [19]Shoreside Extra Missions Walkthrough
                      [20]R3 Missions + Tips
                      [22]Hidden Packages
                      [23]Unique Jumps
                      [25]Cheat Codes
                      [26]Secret Places
                      [27]Flying the Dodo
                      [28]Import Export/Ev
                      [29]Bulletproof vehicles
                      [30]Secret/Special Vehicles
                      [31]Weapon/item locations
                      [35]Contributors and Credits
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                             This guide was created by:
                          Wayalla <Wayalla1@yahoo.com.au>
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright Aaron Baker aka. Wayalla, 2002.
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    This Document Copyright Wayalla, (C) 2002.
    That is my standard copyright, I haven't changed it for ages, and I
    don't intend to. But the main point is: all you scum sucking theives out
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    thats right, I don't think so. Also, if you change the copyright notice
    on ANYONES work, that is also against the law.
    Version 1.0 ~ First edition of our guide, lots of things have been done,
    only the rest of the Rampages, Hidden Packages and Unique Jumps are to
    go.                                                      12/5/02
    Version 1.1 ~ Added in the Miscellaneous section including: Fun stuff,
    Cool stuff, Securicar garage, camera and radio stations. Also started
    doing the Weapon/Item locations. Also added way more Frequently Asked
    Questions.                       		                      12/7/02
    Version 1.2 ~ Added the Staunton island Hidden packages to the strategy
    guide, it's not all complete though. Also added another Rampage and some
    more Frequently Asked Questions.                           12/8/02
    Version 1.3 ~ This Version I have put in some more Hidden Packages
    (Number 53 to 62), as well as adding afew more things about jacking gang
    cars and holding up gang members. Also added afew more tricks to do. To
    finish it off, I changed the T.O.C around.               12/9/02
    Version 1.4 ~ Got my Copy of vice City on the 10th, I have added in the
    glitch section which will add about 20K to the file size of this FAQ,
    fixed up some spelling errors, and thats about it.             12/14/02
    Version 1.5 ~ Added in the Car descriptions section, only has about 10
    cars done though, also added in a glitch section.              12/22/02
    Version 1.6 ~ This is know only my guide (Wayalla that is) I changed the
    FAQ around with my recognition things, and removed inferno and his
    email. Copyright notice was changed. Next version will probably contain
    the unique jums.                                               12/29/02
    Version 1.7 ~ Got the Vehicle stats from inferno, thanks! Added in afew
    more unique jumps, and yeah, thats about it. This FAQ is near it's final
    version. Happy New Year                                  12/31/02
    Version 1.8: - Pretty big update, I added the Content and Review to the
    Miscellaneous section as well as the GTA:VC improvements. Also added the
    Fire-Truck R3 mission as well as re-doing the controls. Also, the gangs,
    vigilante, car stats, weapons, items has been updated.    1/8/03
    Version 2.0: -  Meh, added stuff around the place, mainly just some
    extra notes to the walkthrough section. Actually also added the advanced
    fun stuff guide.                                       6/2/02
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    The basics, I have decided to add a description of the controls, just
    for the sake of completeness.
    WALKING AROUND  (On foot)
    D-Pad:         - Move around
    Left Analog:   - Move around
    Cross:         - Sprint
    Circle:        - Shoot/Use Weapon
    Square:        - Jump
    Triangle:      - Enter vehicle
    L1:            - Centre camera
    L2:            - Last weapon
    R1:            - Aim
    R2:            - Next Weapon
    Select:        - Change Camera
    Right Analog:  - First person view
    R3:            - Look behind
    DRIVING AROUND (In vehicle)
    D-Pad:         - Steer
    Analog:        - Steer
    Cross:         - Accelerate
    Circle:        - Use car weapon
    Square:        - Brake/Reverse
    Triangle:      - Exit vehicle
    L1:            - Change radio stations
    L2:            - Look left ---|
    R1:            - Handbrake    |-- Look behind (Together)
    R2:            - Look right---|
    To perfom a drive by, first you must be in a car, and at least have some
    uzi ammo in hand. To do a drive by to the ;eft, press and hold down L2,
    and then press O, and bullets wil come out of your gun onto that side.
    If you want to do one to the right, press and hold R2 and then gold down
    O. When you kill your first person with a drive by, you will get a star.
    This is a really rare move. While a car is coming at you fast, you can
    press Square and you will dive out the way like the pedestrians do if
    you try and run them over while they are looking at you. This is more
    easily done in GTA:VC, but can still be done here. Really, it is of no
    use against something like the FBI, they will just come back and run you
    Ever had a problem where your car/Dodo can't stop in enough time to go
    off into the ocean? well press and hold down R1 + SQUARE to come to a
    quick stop. This trick is used on many games, and this one is no
    2: STORY
    Basically the opening movie:
    Then the rest of the game.
    While robbing a bank, you are betrayed by Catatlina, your Girlfriend
    because she wants to keep all the money she collected from the bank. So
    she shoots you along with her other friends and leaves you near dead in
    the gutter. You are found and arrested and taken to Staunton Jail. While
    you and afew other people were being transported to Portland, but the
    Colombian Cartel show up, to rescue one of their own friends, being held
    in jail (Not you!). They stop the Convoy and put a timer to blow up the
    bridge. You and 8-ball are also kind-of-rescued. So you escape.
    8-Ball directs you to a hideout, where you can save you game and then
    leads you to a Mafia boss, Luigi. He helps you get your career back on
    track, by doing legal and illegal stuff. Then you meet Joey Leone, a
    crime boss for the mafia. You meet him theough driving Misty. You then
    meet Toni Cipriani who hates the Triads, then Salvatore calls a metting,
    and wants to meet all the Mafia bosses, and because you are so good, you
    are appointed driver.
    You then get to meet Salvatore leone, the king of the Leone Family
    Mafia. he gives you tough missions that will test if you are really
    good. You take maria out on a mission, and she tells Salvatore that you
    two are like an Item, which gets Salvaotre mad. Salvatore is going to
    set you up because of this and also because he wants to make a deal with
    the Cartel. Maria pages you and you take a boat to Staunton with her,
    Maria and you in it.
    You meet your first crime boss for the Yakuza. Her name is Azuka. You
    kill the boss of the Mafia and several spies as well. You then meet
    Kenji, Asuka's brother. Then you start to work for him as well as Asuka.
    Asuka then gives you a mission to give payment to a crooked cop, then
    you meet him and start working for him as well as Asuka and Kenji.
    Through Ray you meet another character, Donald Love. He wants you
    eliminate Kenji of the Yakuza, so you do that, thus killing Asuka's
    Shoreside finally becomes unlocked, and you do a mission for Donald with
    some package that he needs to get. The trail leeds to Fort Stunton
    construction site. You take the lift up there, and you find Catalina and
    Miguel. They have the package. Miguel wants to give you the package but
    Catalina doesn't want that. Instead she shoots Miguel and then jumps
    down into Cardboard boxes. Suddenly Asuka appears, and says that Miguel
    killed her Brother (Because you killed Kenji with a Cartel car, but we
    all know the truth:). Asuka gets information from Miguel by torturing
    him. Then Maria shows up.
    One of the missions you get from Asuka is one where poison is being
    transported in by plane. You have to destroy the plane. So you do that.
    Then you take the posion, and you have to take it back to the
    construction site. When you take the tower up, you notice Miguel and
    Asuka dead, and Maria missing. there is a note that says bring 1/2
    million dollars to the big mansion.
    When you do that, Catalina betrays you and orders her guards to kill
    you. You punch out the guard, take his weapon then you escape. You
    follow Catalina's helecopter to the dam, then you shoot it down once
    Maria is out. Catalina dies. You then shoot the guards by Maria and you
    finish the game. But in a twist at the end, Maria starts complaining
    about her hair and nails, so your character really doesn't take that
    crap and turns around and shoots Maria.
    3: WEAPONS
    Hand and Foot
    Ahh, the good old fist. You will always have this on you, and is used
    face to face to beat people up. Of course it takes alot of hits to
    actually kill the person. When people are on the ground, you can boot
    bash them by using your leg until they die. If you die, the very first
    weapon you will have is this, your first.
    Baseball Bat
    Much more powerful than the fist, this weapon is also used up close and
    kills in about 2 hits. This is also a very popular weapon with the gangs
    as well, especially the Yardie's and Diablos. This can be used to swing
    a hit, of someones head. You can knock someone down with this weapon and
    then pound the person that is one the ground with the baseball bat for a
    quick kill.
    the first gun of the game, this is a basic handgun that takes 3 bullets
    to kill the someone, for rapid fire, hold down O. Pistol is a one handed
    weapon which means that you can sprint with this in your hand. Overall,
    ammo can be easily found, so yeah, it's good enough. This is also a
    weapon that is popualr with the gangs, such as the Mafia and mainly the
    Triads. So ammo is easy to find, and cops have this weapon as well.
    A machine gun. It is used by the mafia and yakuza at the start and it
    can be held with while running, to aim, hold down O and it will lock
    onto the closest target to where you are. This weapon can also perform
    drive bys and takes a little amount of bullets to kill someone. Overall
    a handy weapon to have. It can kill quick enough, and the main bonus of
    having it is that you can run while firing.
    Everyone should knows what these things are, they are used for blowing
    something up or killing a whole group of people. To throw, hold down O
    and the longer you tap it for, the farther it goes. The explosion kills
    everyone in a certain distance. For fun, throw a grenade in a pack, and
    watch the mayhem explode. MWHAHAHAHAH!
    ohh yes, a very powerful weapon. Kills most people in just 1 bullet.
    Once the bullet is fired, it turns into little bullets and spreads over
    the place, being very harmful to anyone. It can't be used for running
    and is slow at reloading. Sometimes 1 hit will not kill if you aint
    close enough to the target. If you want to see the target go flying
    back, well then aim at someone close to you and then shoot.
    Molotiv Cocktails
    These are bottles with gas inside them, and once they hit the ground,
    they explode causing gas to go everywhere and burning everyone in a
    certain distance, even you in some cases. Aiming is the same as
    grenades. The explosion has a pretty big range, and the main concern
    about using this weapon is that you will probably bur yourself and this
    will take off 2/3 of your armour or health when you get burnt. So, avoid
    using if possible. There are better weapons.
    A popular weapon, it is a machine gun that is capable of good things. To
    aim, hold down R1, you have to be dead still when aiming, so you can't
    sprint with it as well. This cna kill quitew quickly, and also I have
    noticed that this weapon has excellent range of accuracy. I locked on a
    guy from ages away, and really, he couldn't even see the gun.
    Sniper Rifle
    I think everyone knows what this baby is. Used for being sneaky if you
    don't want to be seen. To aim, hold down R1 and press O to fire when the
    target is in the position. You have to be dead still when aiming and
    takes time to reload. Use it to pick people off who you either don't
    like, don't intead liking, or anyone else.
    The second most powerful weapon in the game, this is capable of good
    things. It has nearly the power of the bazooka, but not quite. You can
    auto aim with this weapon, and it can fire out many bullets at a time,
    thus killing people very quick. The recoil could be trouble though.
    Overall, this is one of my favourite weapons. Aim it at a car, then fire
    away, soon enough, the car will explode and fly into the air. That's
    what type of power I'm talking about here. Also, 2 body-shots kill
    someone. Running out of ammo is the main problem though.
    The big mamma. This is used to create ABSOLUTE chaos. Aim using R1 and
    fire on the target. It can destroy anything in 1 shot that is possible
    to be killed. The most powerful weapon in the game, and also the best.
    You would be no-where without it. Cars can be destroyed just with the
    click of your fingers, and boom, it's gone. Fire this into a group of
    people.... and well, yeah.
    4: ITEMS
    This is a heart icon; it refills your health back up to 100. This can
    usually be found at any hospital and all around the city, but this isn't
    the only way to boost your health.
    This looks like a shield, it restores your armour back up to 100. Armour
    once again can be found all over the city.
    Looks like a star, reduces your wanted level by 1.
    Adrenaline pill
    Looks like a pill, slows you down for a while, and then returns you to
    your normal speed.
    Your character has no name, many people give him names such as things
    just like "Kid" and "Fido", but your character never talks and has no
    name. Even rock* says that!
    Your friend- He is a demolition expert and owns his own bomb shops. You
    meet him in the start of the game.
    Luigi Gortelli
    Your first boss, he owns a Sex club, so most of his missions will be
    about his girls.
    Joey Leone
    Your next boss, he always wants you to help do something to the Liberty
    Bank and wants to kill the Forelli Brothers.
    Toni Cipriani
    You have gained more reputaion, and your not just a driver now! Toni
    hates the Triads, so you will be screwing with them. He owns a
    restaurant with his mamma in St Marks.
    Salvatore Leone
    The Don of the family, he is the leader of the leone family gang and is
    stinkin' rich. he pays good and cares about his family and hates the
    Cartel, or does he?
    Salavatore's girlfriend. She likes you though as well, and helps you
    escape Salavatore's trap. She becomes vital to the storyline farther on
    in the game.
    Azuka Kasen
    The first boss on Staunton Island. She hates the Mafia as well and likes
    you to kill them. She also hates people snooping around her condo.
    Kenji Kasen
    Asuka's brother, he owns a Casino as a front, and hates spank along with
    the Cartel and the Yardies.
    Ray Machowski
    ray is a bent cop, and he always wants you to silence people that know
    too much about him. Also he likes to help friends out as well.
    Donald Love
    He owns Love media, and he always wants you to collect pacakges that you
    have no idea what is in it.
    Part of the leader of the Colombian Cartel. He isn't brave and wets his
    pants in horror every time a gun is pointed at him.
    The leader of the Colombian Cartel, she betrayed 'You' and is never to
    be trusted.
    El Burro
    the leader of the Diablos, he offers you afew juobs and you never get to
    meet him in person.
    King Cournty
    This guy the half leader of the hip-hop gang the yardies. He offers you
    jobs and speaks like him and his gang is real cool.
    Leader of the Hoods, he also offers you missions and they are fun as
    well. he wants to get rid of the Purple nines, that are invading his
    Marty Chonks
    Owner of the Bitchin' dog food factory. he has money problems and pays
    poor money. He likes to kill people to save money for making them into
    dog food.
    the people
    In Liberty, there are just basically different people walking the
    streets, like:
    and so many more. Some will act on you if you do something wrong, and
    can try to be a hero and kill you because you did something wrong.
    Those people are called Viglante Civillians, they will try and stop you
    because you did something wrong. They will just try and punch you and
    kill you, but being you, you have excellent health and armour, so it
    would take roughly about 25 hits will full health and full armour for
    the guy to actually kill you. If I have my calculations right. They can
    be a pain on rampages with something like a greande or rocket launcher,
    becaus they get in your face. To kill the then, you will probably have
    to outrun him, but it's hard with the bazooka, because of it's extreme
    Hookers can be found all of the city, and mainly in the red light
    distrcit, where Luigi's nightclub is located. There is a trick with the
    hooker, I will list it here. believe it or not, but I own the Australian
    copy of the game, so the Hooker thingy is edited out, but I atill know
    abit about what to do. Go up to a hooker, and she will stand near your
    car and you will start chatting, after awhile, she will get in your car.
    You will lose money for every second she is in the car. Take her to a
    secluded location and the car will rock and your health will go up.
    They are normal people that roam around the streets, they will inspet
    dead bodies, run away when shots are fired, and just generally walk the
    streets on their daily routine to do the shopping. These people include:
    Old Grannies, Women, Men, Workers, University Students, Hookers and many
    other people. Use these in the game to cause chaos, they have shit all
    health, and also react to the situation.
    These people hang around in groups, mainly all with the same weapon.
    They all have the same type of car that they travel around in, and they
    alsoo dress the same. To see more about the gangs in this game, check
    out the section labelled "Gangs - Section 8". That section will tell you
    all about the gangs.
    "Liberty City - The worst place in America"
    Liberty City is divided into 3 different islands. the first island is
    Portland- The Industrial district. It is split up into a number of
    Harwood: In this suburb is the bronine taxi place, head radio station
    and the netrance to the border tunnel.
    Hepburn Hights: Home to the gang the Diablos and also Misty's apartment.
    But mostly the Diablo's control this whole territory, but sometimes the
    Mafia come in, and with there weapons, the Diablo's are gone.
    Portland Harbour: Contains many boats, the EV crane and te Import/Export
    garage. Also contains the Securicar cracking garage as well. And also 1
    unique jumps.
    Portland beach: Contains nothing but Salvatore's mansion, sand. water
    and a Bobcat. Oh yeah, don't forget newpaper on the beach.
    Atlantic Queys: Home to about 3 warehouses, 1 road afew hidden packages,
    and 2 unique jumps. Really, shouldn't even be included as a suburb as it
    is so small.
    Red Light district: Conatins many of the Sex clubs in Liberty. Like
    Luigi's sex club, Woody's topless bar and also alot of hookers.
    Callahan Point: Contains 1 road, the Triad fish factory and 1 shop
    called "Greasy Joes Cafe".
    St Marks: One of the biggest Suburbs in Portland, it contains many
    things and is home to the Leone family gang. All of that it their turf.
    Chinatown: Yum yum, food. This is the largest district in Portland and
    is home to the Filthy Triads.
    *   Ohh, somebody's been bad. this can happen if you shoot 2 people, run
    over too many people or fire a gun near a cop or sideswipe a cop.
    Usually you are only chased by 1 cop and if there are any on the
    sidewalk, they will chase you too. To get rid of this star all you have
    to do iis just drive around and don't commit any more crimes for about
    another 30 seconds. Depending on how bad you got this satr, the time it
    stays on varies. For example; if you jack a car near a cop, it will only
    stay on for 30 seconds that you arn't near a cop, but if you kill a
    person next to a cop, it will stay on for longer.
    **   Youv'e raised in the ranks. this can happen if you kill too many
    people or even threaten or kill a cop. To get rid of these stars, you
    either have to go back to your hideout to get police bribes or find a
    pay and spray. There is now more cops on the street and are not afraid
    to shoot at you and don't care if you die. the also like to hit you head
    on in your car so you go crashing off course.
    ***   Is crime really your style? The cops will be many more and you now
    have a helecopter that just buzes around your head to tell the police
    where you are, don't worry about it for now. Find a pay and spray or
    some cop bribes fast!
    ****   Now you have Swat teams and police after you. Also, the
    helecopter above your head shoots! To avoid the fire, just keep moving.
    *****   Ok, now there is less police, you think thats good hey? Think
    again. You know have the F.B.I after you. Each car carries 4 heavily
    armoured agents and they all carry a Pistol and a AK47. Basic rule with
    the FBI; Never fight them head on. Always run them down or throw
    grenades around the corner.
    ******   No playing around now, you have the army onto you know! There
    is no way to survive them. they have tanks and 1 hit into a tank and
    your dead. The army officers carry M16s that can tear your car or
    yourslef into pieces in under a second without armour. There is no
    escape from this! Your on your own now. Also the helecopter fly's over
    and shoots as well.
    The best way to raise your wanted level is to do stuff to the cops:
    O Try to jack a cop car: 1 star
    O Shoot a gun NEAR a cop: 1 star
    O Shoot a cop car; Even without a cop in it, even if it is your cop car
    that has been in your garage: 1 star
    O Ram a cop car: 1 star
    O Destroy a cop car: 2 stars
    O Threaten a cop where he can see the gun: 2 stars
    O Kill a cop: 2 stars
    1 star: Just drive around and don't commit any crimes
    2 stars: Find a pay and spray or bribes
    3 stars:  ||  || ||  ||  ||   ||   ||
    4 stars:  ||  || ||  ||  ||   ||   ||
    5 stars:  ||  || ||  ||  ||   ||   ||
    6 stars:  ||  || ||  ||  ||   ||   ||
    If portland is the only island open, you can only get a possible wanted
    level of 4.
    If Portland and Staunton are open, you can only get a possible wanted
    level of 5.
    If acces to all islans are open, you can get a six star wanted level in
    any of the islands, but Shoreside has to be open.
    Basically, the FBI is on the second island, and they can't get to you on
    Porltnad because the Bridge is broken. Once Staunton is open, the FBI
    can come to Portland as well. Do you get it know?
    8: GANGS
    Throughout Liberty City, you will encounter allot of people in the same
    district that look the same and have weapons; This is a gang. There is
    about 8 all together.
    Leone Family Ganag
    Leader: Salvatore leone
    Wheels: Mafia Sentiel
    Weapons: Uzi, Shotgun
    Nationallity: Italian
    Strategy: Don't even attempt to threaten or shoot them, they have Uzis
    in the first part of the game, and if you shoot one, more will run over
    and cut you up with there uzis. In the second half of the game, try to
    avoid St Marks if possible, they have shotguns that can tear your car to
    pieces in 2 shots.
    Leader: El Burro
    Wheels: Diablo Satllion
    Weapons: Baseball bat
    Nationallity: American
    Strategy: These guys are crap, all they use is a baseball bat. You can
    kill them with ease and they hardly ever come in groups to fight. I have
    never seen a Diablo with a gun, so these guys will be no trouble.
    Leader: -
    Wheels: Belly up fish van
    Weapons: Pistols, Baseball bats
    Nationallity: Chinese
    Strategy: This is the gang that is pissed off at you, they cover the
    most territory it Portland and have handguns. Driving through shouldn't
    be a worry, but try not to go directly through there territory as they
    fight and shoot in groups.
    Leader: Catalina, Miguel
    Wheels: Cartel Cruiser
    Weapons: Uzis, AK47s
    Nationallity: Colombian
    Strategy: In Staunton they have Uzis, this is alright for taking your
    car through, but if you want to walk through, you must sprint. They
    don't generally fight in groups. In Shoreside after you have finished
    the game, absolutely speed your car through here or your car will catch
    fire in no time.
    Leader: Azuka, Kenji
    Wheels: Yakuza Stinger
    Weapons: Uzis
    Nationallity: Japanese
    Strategy: You don't need to fight these guys, they like you for all the
    game and don't shoot. So don't bother about picking a fight with them.
    Leader: King Courtny, Queen Lizzy
    Wheels: Yardie Lobo (with Hidrolics)
    Weapons: Baseball bats, Hndguns
    Nationallity: Jamacian
    Strategy: these guys start to hate you once you have done there
    missions. They carry pistols, and most baseball bats and always fight in
    groups. Afew uzi bullets into them should do, and some might even
    require a M-16 for them in groups.
    Red Jackets
    Leader: D-Ice
    Wheels: Rumpo XL
    Weapons: Uzis
    Nationallity: American
    Strategy: Don't really bother about fighting, they have Uzis and the
    nines fight as well. The shotgun would be best used for killing them.
    Holding up Gang Members
    If for any reason you hold up a gang member that has a gun, you may as
    well shoot him. Because if you let go of R1, he will then attack you for
    holding him up. Also more guys will come and start attacking you as
    well. Also if other gang members see you holding up one of there guys,
    they will come over and start beating you up, even if you are still
    aiming at the guy. Only hold up ganags such as the Diablos or any other
    gangs that carry Baseball bats, otherwise it will make your life hell.
    Jacking Cars
    If you decide to jack a gang car for any reason, more of the same gang
    will try and steal the car back. So quickly drive out of gang territory
    before they can attack you. If you are pulled out, then quickly run off
    and hop in the other side. If you decide to jack a gang car, do it where
    no other gang members can see you do it. Also another thing you can do
    if they try and jack your car, perform a drive by on the door they are
    trying to get into and you will most likely kill alot of them.
    Gang wars
    You don't seen any of these really, but they still can happen. A gang
    war is where two gangs fight against each other. The only place I have
    really seen a big gang war was in Hepburn heights, afew mafia members
    crossed over into Hepburn Heights, it was about 10 Diablo's onto about 3
    Mafia members, because the Mafia members had guns, they won. The street
    was the main road that connects Hepburn Heights and St Marks together,
    near the gas station.
    Anything else?
    Anything else you think I should add to the gang section? Maybe I'm
    forgetting something about gangs that I need to go here? If you can
    think of anything, please e-mail me.
    Lost Leaders
    Several gangs lost there leaders in this game, so lets see hwho is
    Mafia: Salvatore,
    Yakuza: Asuka and Kenji,
    Cartel: Catalina and Miguel,
    Ahh yes, one of the main features of G.T.A3 is the vehicles, there are
    many cars around to jack, from Soprts cars, F.B.I vehicles, Tanks and
    normal mini-vans
    To accelerate your vehicle, press and hold down the X button. You can
    either use the D-Pad or the Analog pad to steer. Press Square to brake,
    and reverse. R is handbrake, and if you use O, you can use your car
    In high speed chases.....
    - The best thing to do if you have a sports car (Like a Banshee,
    Stinger) you can try and out run the cops. And if cops try and run into
    you, you will be to fast to hit, thus not knocking you off course. try
    and tricks the cops and turn corners nearly fast.
    - If you have a middle class car (Karuma, Perrenial, Stallion) It would
    be best to try and grab another fast car to try and outrun the cops.
    These cars arn't that fast and you can easily lose contro, when you are
    hit. Some cars in this group are Okay for outrunning the cops though,
    such as the karuma and Taxi.
    - If you have a van (Ambulance, Rumpo, Blista), these cars go very slow,
    But some can knock the police off course. but once again, back to the
    main thing, there too slow. I reccomend grabbing a different car, before
    the cops knock your sorry ass of the road and bust you.
    - if you have a very Big vehicle (Tank, Barracks OL, Fire truck), you
    can easily knock the cops out the way. the tank will kill anything that
    tries to ram into it immediately. the Barracks Ol will ram the Cops out
    of the way, so this is good.
    When your car starts to get damage...
    - If you car is brand new, of course just take it around the streets. it
    will get trashed eventually.
    - When your car starts to take damage, you can easily travel the roads.
    If you find the same type of car on the roads, ditch the one your in and
    take that. I like doing that if I have a sports car.
    - When you start to get the normal smoke, that means that your car has
    been damaged a bit. This smoke is nothing to worry about.
    - When your car has black smoke, this means that you have had too many
    big crashes and the next step after this is more smoke, then your car
    - If your vehicle is on fire, bail now and run for your life. the car
    will explode in afew seconds, taking everything waround it with it.
    - To basically get a car that you find on the streets, the best way to
    get it is to create a road block with your car, holding up traffic. then
    just jack the car while it is waiting.
    - When on some missions, of course it is better to grab the faster car
    when you have a certain time limit.
    Starting in Alphabetical order:
    Barracks OL
    Borgnine taxi
    Cartel cruiser
    Cop Car
    Diablo stallion
    Fire truck
    Mafia sentiel
    Mr. Whoopie
    Yakuza stinger
    So many vehicles, and you can find all their stats in here. Aww - how
    cute. I'll try to be as accurate as I can of course, but your opinions
    might slightly differ from mine. Here we go:
    Speed:    8/10
    Handling: 6/10
    Damage:   7/10
    Overall:  7/10
    A brilliant vehicle, and don't be fooled by it's appearance. Ultra -
    fast, but due to this plus its shape it's a very unbalanced vehicle,
    which is rather easy to flip its wheels. Can take a considerable amount
    of damage, but remember it's supposed to - after all, it is an
    ambulance. Activating the horn (L3) will make other cars clear a path
    for you, making it essentially easier in a high-speed chase. Pressing R3
    will turn on the Ambulance missions.
    Speed:     10/10
    Handling:  10/10
    Damage:    5/10
    Overall:   8/10
    An almost perfect vehicle. Fastest in the game, beautiful to handle -
    it's only let down by the fact it can't take too much damage. You can't
    really say much more about this, as words can only speculate the wonders
    Barracks OL
    Speed:     7/10
    Handling:  9/10
    Damage:    9/10
    Overall:   8/10
    This vehicle is used by the Army, so jacking one can be dangerous. This
    is like a big flatbed, except this is used by the army. It can take alot
    of damage before giving up, it's speed is alright once you get going,
    and it can handle good enough.
    Speed:    7/10
    Handling: 8/10
    Damage:   8/10
    Overall:  8/10
    This is a van. It's speed is efficinet enough even though it is a van,
    and handles great. I really see no flaw with this, maybe the speed a
    bit, but still that is good for a van. Also, it can take a reasonable
    amount of damage, as well as push some other cars.
    Speed:    8/10
    Handling: 6/10
    Damage:   8/10
    Overall:  7/10
    A good car, with an average top speed and damage. There's only one
    problem though - it handles like it's on ice. Another flaw is that it
    seems to tip over all too easily. Good car apart from that though - but
    one wonders what you could have done better with it...
    Borgnine taxi
    Speed:     9/10
    Handling:  8/10
    Damage:    8/10
    Overall:   8/10
    Bigger, faster and tougher than the Cabbie? You bet it is. This vehicle
    is the best cab in the game, but can only be found in Borgnine taxies
    rank in Harwood. To unlock it you need to complete 100 taxi missions.
    That's right - 100 of them. It's a good reward as well, as it's very
    quick, very easy to handle and very tough. You can also use this in the
    Taxi missions (if you're not sick of them already), and all you need to
    do is press R3. This is a very good car, and you should have it in your
    garage. Well, that's my two cents about it...
    Speed:    8/10
    Handling: 9/10
    Damage:   7/10
    Overall:  8/10
    Bigger, faster and tougher than the Taxi? You bet it is. A good top
    speed, one of the best cars in the game for handling makes this one of
    the top dogs (or cars, for that matter) in the game, which is let down
    by the fact that it is only average in the damage sector. Pressing R3,
    will of course, activate the Taxi missions.
    Cartel cruiser
    Speed:    8/10
    Handling: 9/10
    Damage:   9/10
    Overall:  9/10
    This is a great car, it's speed it great, it's durability is great,
    technically the whole car is great, you should be jealous Yardies. it
    has a cute little motor sound, and handles absolutely great. This can
    really speed up, but takes awhile to accelerate to top speed.
    Speed:     10/10
    Handling:  9/10
    Damage:    9/10
    Overall:   10/10
    I just had to give this 10/10, because it is one of the best vehicles in
    the game. it's a sports car with excellent speed, great handling, and
    great durability. Also in one mission, there is a bulletproof one of
    Speed:     4/10
    Handling:  4/10
    Damage:    9/10
    Overall:   5/10
    A terrible vehicle, and if you see it ANYWHERE don't even bother using
    it. Want an alternative? Try the Fire Truck. Terrible speed and
    handling, and just shit overall. Avoid.
    Diablo stallion
    Speed:     8/10
    Handling:  6/10
    Damage:    6/10
    Overall:   7/10
    Some sexy car this is. But never judge a book by it's cover - this car
    isn't anywhere near the best in the game. Good top speed, but everything
    else is below average. The Diablo gang car, and much better than your
    average Stallion.
    Speed:    5/10
    Handling: 6/10
    Damage:   6/10
    Overall:  6/10
    Your average car, which isn't that terrible, but also isn't that good.
    Not a very good top speed, but a bit better handling and damage intake
    means the highest overall score I would give this is 6.
    Fire truck
    Speed:     6/10
    Handling:  4/10
    Damage:    10/10
    Overall:   6/10
    A very weird vehicle - one of the top five vehicles for being able to
    handle damage, but only has average speed and absolutely terrible
    handling. Pressing circle will use the hose, while L3 will turn on the
    sirens (so the vehicles on the road make a path for you) and R3 will
    activate the Firefighter missions. It's only an average vehicle, but
    comes in handy now and again...
    Speed:    5/10
    Handling: 5/10
    Damage:   7/10
    Overall:  6/10
    Looks the same as the stallion, and basically is the same as it to.
    Quite slow, frail handling but good ability to cope with damage would
    sum up this vehicle. A 6 it is then...
    Speed:    8/10
    Handling: 8/10
    Damage:   7/10
    Overall:  8/10
    The very first car in the game that you'll drive. Good speed, handling
    and damage intake makes this one of the best all-round cars in the game.
    Speed:    5/10
    Handling: 4/10
    Damage:   10/10
    Overall:  6/10
    Very slow with bad handling, but that's what you would expect from a
    truck. Strong, but due to it being hard to handle and slow to drive,
    there is nothing that I could see this being any use for in the game.
    Mafia sentinel
    Speed:    8/10
    Handling: 8/10
    Damage:   6/10
    Overall:  7/10
    A shame that the damage intake lets this down, as this vehicle
    particularly excels in it's top speed and handling. It's a gang car, and
    stealing it from Mafia turf isn't a wise idea...
    Speed:    3/10
    Handling: 5/10
    Damage:   5/10
    Overall:  4/10
    Only one word for this vehicle - disastrous. As quick as a tortoise,
    handling like a car with no wheels and ability to take damage like a
    squatted fly, this is an abysmal attempt by Rockstar at making this car.
    Speed:    4/10
    Handling: 3/10
    Damage:   4/10
    Overall:  4/10
    Worse than the Manana, this car deserves to go to only one destination -
    the skip. Awful speed, tips over while taking corners too easily and a
    dire attempt at taking in damage means this is one of the most
    atroucious cars ever to be created - real life Or virtually.
    Mr. Whoopie
    Speed:    6/10
    Handling: 8/10
    Damage:   7/10
    Overall:  7/10
    The Mr. Whoopie is a very hard van to find. It's speed is good enough,
    it's handling is great because it is easier to steer when your not going
    fast, and it can take reasonable amount of damage before exploding on
    you. Overall it is good enough, but finding one for yourself can be
    Speed:    7/10
    Handling: 6/10
    Damage:   8/10
    Overall:  7/10
    A Mule might be quite a slow animal, but this certainly isn't. One of
    the fastest vans, and can corner well as well. Also, its takes its fair
    share of damage stress-free. One of the top two vans in the game.
    Speed:     8/10
    Handling:  9/10
    Damage:    8/10
    Overall:   8/10
    VERY good vehicle, and easily one of the best in the game. Quick, yet
    strong - big, yet agile, it's like they put the wrong engine in the
    wrong bodywork. It's fast, easy to handle and one of the toughest
    vehicles in the game - and easily the best 4x4.
    Speed:    4/10
    Handling: 7/10
    Damage:   6/10
    Overall:  5/10
    One of the slowest vehicles in the game, but because of this it makes it
    easy to handle. A very big turning circle loses it some points on the
    handling aspect though. Can only receive a limited amount of damage
    before blowing up. Not that useful really...
    Speed:    9/10
    Handling: 6/10
    Damage:   6/10
    Overall   7/10
    You would expect better from a Police car. Due to its high speeds, the
    handling is pretty awful, and the damage not a lot better. Must be one
    of the fastest vehicles in the game, though. Pressing L3 will activate
    the sirens, making the cars clear a path for you. R3 will activate the
    vigilante missions.
    Speed:    6/10
    Handling: 6/10
    Damage:   6/10
    Overall:  6/10
    It's a van - what do you expect? Too easy to flip it's wheels, and I
    think that the Rumpo excels this vehicle in more than one-way. Can't
    archive a very high speed, and can only take an average amount of
    Speed:     1/10 OR 8/10
    Handling:  6/10
    Damage:    10/10
    Overall:   6/10 OR 8/10
    Why has the speed got two scores you may ask? Well, saying it's normally
    slow would be way off, as it's by far the slowest vehicle in the game.
    But turn the turret around, start firing backwards and guess what
    happens? You go ultra quick down the road that you're on. Beware, doing
    that might attract some unwanted Police attention.
    Meanwhile, back to other parts of this TANK (that's right), and it only
    manages to scrape a 6 in handling. But for the ability to cope with
    damage - I just need to say one thing, it's indestructible (well, at
    least as close as you're going to get to indestructible). If it touches
    another car, then that vehicle will be history. The only three ways that
    I know to destroy it are by driving it in the water, tipping it over or
    setting it on fire with a flamethrower (though that could take a while).
    This vehicle has a load of extras to. Use the circle button to shoot
    shells out of the turret, and pressing R3 will start the vigilante
    missions. So what are you waiting for? Get this vehicle in your garage
    Speed:    7/10
    Handling: 5/10
    Damage:   6/10
    Overall:  6/10
    Has a good top speed, but is let down by the fact that it doesn't turn
    corners to the best of it's abilities. Has average damage intake, making
    it score a nice rounded six.
    Speed:    9/10
    Handling: 10/10
    Damage:   6/10
    Overall:  8/10
    Nearly as good as the Banshee. It's one of the quickest in the game, has
    G-R-E-A-T handling, but doesn't put up much of a show with it's ability
    to cope with damage. Great car though, and should be in your garage.
    Speed:    7/10
    Handling: 7/10
    Damage:   7/10
    Overall:  7/10
    A good, sturdy vehicle, which is average in all areas. Easily
    distinguished from the rest of the vehicles in this game (obviously), so
    it isn't too hard to spot. Pressing R3 will activate the Taxi missions.
    Speed:    5/10
    Handling: 8/10
    Damage:   10/10
    Overall:  7/10
    Really, this is quite poor,It has crap speed and good handling, only
    because it's speed isn't fast means that you can handle it very good.
    And the amount of damage it can take is remarkable.
    Triad Fish Van
    Speed:    8/10
    Handling: 7/10
    Damage:   6/10
    Overall:  7/10
    A van for a gang car? Don't be fooled - it's actually very good. It's
    quick and has good handling, but is let down by the fact that it is
    fairly weak. It's the Triad gang car.
    Yakuza stinger
    Speed:    10/10
    Handling: 9/10
    Damage:   7/10
    Overall:  9/10
    Really, this is one of my favourite cars. This is just a normal stinger,
    turned into the Yakuza's gang car. It speed is awesome, handling it's
    great, but lacks in the amount of damage it can take before deciding to
    Speed:    4/10
    Handling: 6/10
    Damage:   6/10
    Overall:  5/10
    Another van, and a prime example that this game has too many of them.
    It's just another add-on really, with below par speed and average
    handling and damage. One to avoid really
    If there are any vehicles left out, please let us know!
    - Hospital on all cities
    - Kill alot of people and eventually one will come.
    - Easy Credit Autos in Portland
    - Kenji's Casino
    - Asuka's Condo
    - In a car park in Cedar Grove
    - Anywhere in Staunton or Shoreside, more common in Shoreside, but can
    be found easily cruising the streets.
    Barracks OL
    - Phil Cassidy's army Surplas.
    - Real rare, but mostly found on Staunton. Driving a Trashmaster usually
    makes one come out.
    - Near the stadium in Staunton
    - In a garage near the pay 'n spray (Staunton)
    - AMCo, in the underground car-park,
    - Asuka's Condo.
    - Anywhere on Staunton is most common.
    - Beach near Slavatore's
    - Easy Credit Auto's car park
    - Hospital car-park (Staunton)
    - Picnic ground (Shoreside)
    - Parking near Stadium
    - Can be found in Staunton, Portland and Shoreside. Most common in the
    first two.
    Borgnine taxi
    - Borgnine taxi's, near Head radio station
    - No-where
    - Mean street taxi's
    - Most commonly found in Staunton, usually on the out-scurts of St Marks
    towards the hospital way.
    Cartel Cruiser
    - Cartel Mansion
    - Construction site
    - Anywhere in Fort Staunton or in the Cartel area in Shoreside.
    - No-where
    - Usually found in Shoreside, but is sometimes found in Staunton
    Cop Car
    - Cop stations on all cities
    - The police cover the streets of EVEY Island. Your bound to find one
    sooner or later.
    Diablo Stallion
    - No-where
    - Anywhere driving around Hepburn Heights.
    - Around the place at the airport
    - I really doubt it.
    - Police station in Stuanton
    - Get a wanted level of 4 and these will come.
    - Hospital in Staunton
    - old school hall in portland
    Can be commonly found usually in Staunton or Portland.
    Fire Truck
    - Fire stations in all cities
    - Cause a fire and one might come
    - Old school hall in Portland
    - Supa Save store in Portland
    - kenji's casino
    - Common in portland
    - Airport carpark
    - Most commonly found in shoreside
    - Hospital parking in Staunton
    - Mamma's restaurant (portland)
    - Portland Harbour Car park
    - Greasy Joe's cafe in Portland
    - Head radio station
    - Can be found on any island, usually on the first 2.
    Mafia Sentiel
    - Back alley in St Marks
    - 2 at Salvatore's mansion
    - Can only be found on the first island, anywhere in St Marks driving
    Mr. Whoopie
    this is a hard vehicle to find, the easiest way to get one is to do Fire
    Truck missions and you will have to put one out. Also you can not
    detonate the bomb in "I scream You Scream" to get one. Also I have seen
    afew in the porter Tunnel in Shoreside vale.
    - Portland harbour, near the EV Crane
    - Anywhere around near Chinatown.
    - Supa Save ("ptriot Playground")
    - Picnic park ("Gripped")
    - very uncommon, but can be found in Staunton and Shoreside.
    - XXX Mags back alley
    - Portland Harbour car-park
    - Easy Credit Auto's park
    - Common on all districts, especially the first two.
    - Car Crusher in portland
    - Suap Save store
    - Near Saw Mill
    - Kind of rare, can sometimes be found on Staunton, but not often.
    - Phil Cassidy's Army Surplas store
    - EV Crane
    - Only the Army carry these, so your best bet is to get one from the
    Surplas store and take it back to the EV Crane so you can get them free
    once all over cars are delivered.
    - 8-Balls
    - Saw Mills at Portland
    - Hospital car-park
    - Airport x2
    - Can be found most commonly on Staunton and near the airport/bridge on
    Shoreside vale.
    - Kenji's casino carpark
    - Police station in Staunton (Undercover cop car)
    - Airport carpark
    - Marco's bisrto
    - Can easily be found  anywhere on Porltand, Staunton and Shoreside,
    most common on Staunton though.
    - Petroleum company in portland
    - Parking near Stadium
    - Multistory carpark
    - Hospital parking
    - Airport
    - On of the most common vehicles on the first island, can easily be
    found here.
    - Airport taxi services, Shoreside Vale
    - THE MOST Common vehicle in the game, walk out to a road and there will
    probably be one there.
    - Nowhere
    - usually found on Staunton, driving a Barracks OL will make them
    Yakuza Stinger
    - Kenji's Casino
    - Asuka's Condo
    - Construction site after you finish "grand theft aero".
    - Anywhere around the Torrington area where the Yakuza patrol.
    <<<<<<<<MORE COMING SOON>>>>>>>>>>
    On your radar, a little house shows up when you are not on a missions,
    this is for saving your game, and in Portland, you can save 1 car with
    In Portland you walk into a house
    In Staunton you walk into a lift
    In Shoreside, you walk into a foyer
    You can save up to 8 games on your one slot on the memory card, this is
    good if you have a brother or something that uses afew.
    The easiest way to make money in Liberty City is to do gangs jobs, but
    there is also plenty of other things to do to make the cash:
    O Do ganag missions
    O Do the extra phone missions
    O Do the vigilante missions
    O Kill people and steal their cash
    O Run over people
    O Do the RC toyz + 4X4 missions
    O Bang into other cars
    O Do all the rampages
    O Collect the hidden packages
    O Do the unique jumps
    O Complete some insane stunts
    The most popular way to make money is to do the first 3, the unique
    jumps and the rampages.
    To get 100% completion, these are some things to do:
    73 missions
    Intro:       1
    Luigi:       5
    Joey:        6
    Toni:        5
    Salvatore:   4 (Inc. "Last Requests" as his mission + payment)
    El Burro:    4
    Marty:       4
    RC Toyz:     2
    4X4:         1
    Asuka:       5
    Kenji:       5
    Ray:         5
    Donald:      3
    Courtny:     4
    RC Toyz:     1
    4X4:         2
                25  TOTAL: 57
    Ray:         1
    Donald:      4
    Asuka:       4
    Catalina:    1
    D-Ice:       4
    4X4:         1
    RC Toyz:     1
                16   TOTAL: 73
    The rest
    100 hidden packages
    20 rampages
    20 Unique jumps
    60 Criminals killed (Vigilante)
    100 People dropped off (Taxi)
    60 Fires extinguished (Fire fighter)
    12 Ambulance level
    Ev carne
    Import/Export garages
    (Note: You also need to collect 70 ambulance aptients, but if you do
    amb. level 12, you will have done that any way)
    BUSTED = Caught
    WASTED = Died
    If you get Wasted, you will be taken back to the nearest hospital, where
    you have to pay for there services at the cost of: $1,000
    If you get Busted, you are taken to the nearest Police Station, where
    you will lose $1,00 bucks as a police bribe.
    In both of these, you will lose all your weapons. So instead of coming
    out and getting busted, it is better to actually get Wasted, as you can
    get more money by just shooting people, instead of giving yourself up.
    11: SHOPS
    Aound Liberty, there is many shops and places where you can get things.
    Here you can by weapons. In Portland, only thr Pistol + Uzi are
    available, but in Staunton there is a Uzi + Cop Bribe + Shotugn + AK$7 +
    Sniper Rifle. All guns cost money though (Duh).
    Bomb Shop
    Here you can get a car rigged with a bomb. In Portland, the bomb goes
    off once the engine is next started, in Staunton, it is a timer and in
    Shoreside they give out Detonator controls.
    Pay N' Spray
    Park in the garage and it will spray your car so the cops wont recognise
    you. This changes the colour of your car and the cops wont recognise
    12: TIPS
    - Always use R1 to aim, it gets a lock on the target for an easy kill.
    - Choose the right weapon for the right situation. It's no good to use a
    handgun for a mission that requirs you to kill 10 people all at once.
    - Think quick
    - Try not to kill cops unless you have to
    - Try and do all vigilante/hidden packages/ramoages before the gangs
    hate you.
    - Never threaten gang members
    Q: How do I get 100% completion?
    A: Read above in the 100% completion section.
    This is what you need to get:
    73 missions done
    100 hidden packages
    20 rampages
    20 unique jumps
    All 'R3' missions completed
    EV/Import Export garages done FULLY
    Q: How do I get in one of those big planes at the airport?
    A: You can't. you can see in them by driving a car under the body of the
    Q: Where can I find a Mr. Whoopie? I need it for the Import/Export
    A: I know, these are extremly hard to find just driving along the roads.
    The easiest way to get one is to shoot the guys on the mission "I scream
    you scream" and don't detonate the ice cream truck. Also there are afew
    on Fire Fighter missions, so once you put out the fire, end the mission
    and take it to the garage. Also I have seen one in the tunnel as well,
    but then rolled the car while going over the barrier to the other side
    of the road.
    Q: Where can I find a banshee on Portland? I need it for the mission
    A: there is one in the Easy Credit Autos, located near the gas station
    and 8-Balls in S.T Marks.
    Q: Where can I find a sniper Rifle?
    A; There is one at Ammunation in Staunton and one is given to you by 8-
    Ball on the mission "Bomb da Base".
    Q: I tried doing D-Ice missions, but there is no Purple nines, who are
    these guys and what do they look like?
    A: They are wearing Purple shirts, but unfortuantely some copies have
    the "Purple Nines Glitch" which mean that they don't walk around the
    streets. If you want to get 100% completion, you will need to start a
    total new game.
    Q: Would you be interested in buying.......
    A: NO! the lesson here, please do not send me junk, spam or anything
    else that would wast my time.
    Q: What is the highest criminal rating possible to get?
    A: Boss, that is the highest, and if anyone says that they have got
    beeter than that, punch them for me.
    Q: Can I copy these sections into my own guide?
    A: Yeah, but don't take everything word for word and please contact me
    Q: How long after the first Chatterbox call does Lazlow and the radio
    station callers start repeating themselves?
    A: Overall I think there is about 30 segments, each going for I guess 1
    minute or more each segemant, so about 45 minutes all up before it
    starts repeating itself.
    Q: Do you realise that Vice City is out now?
    A: Yes, but the only problem is that I do not have it!
    Q: When does the Border Tunnel open?
    A: After you have access to Staunton island (Not using cheats). At the
    same time the Callahan bridge opens and the Chinatown Subway. Only
    pathways to Portland and Staunton are open in the Border tunnel.
    Q: Is there a way that you can just be immune from the cops at all time?
    A: No, no code, and no secret way. If you use the Change Costumes cheat
    to become a cop, your chances of being arrested by the cops actually
    increase until you change out of it.
    Q: What other guides would you reccomend me reading?
    A: I will be completely honest here, and say that my FAQ isn't the best.
    Here they are: Other FAQs that are better:
    - Minesweepers, defently the best GTA3 guide, and you must read it!
    - JPs, very good, and the first one posted
    Those are the 2 best FAQs here on gamefaqs.
    Q: Why did you write donw other FAQs to read when you certainly want
    people to come to yours?
    A: I honestly don't care about ratings, or how many people visit it,
    it's not a competion to see how many people view it, it's about giving
    you help, and a guide to play. I just think if you need more help, go to
    those guides, they have stacks more info than mine.
    Q: I  found this FAQ on www.somesite.com, you said you will update
    often, but this is is incomplete, where can I get a full version?
    A: Go to www.gamefaqs.com, my first updates are ALWAYS found here.
    :; Are there any secret vehicles?
    A: Yes afew, like the Borgnine Taxi, Lightless taxi and BF Injection. I
    have made a section about it [30]
    Q: Where can I get my hands on a Banshee in Portland?
    A; the only place you can get one in Portland is at Easy Credit Autos,
    break the glass and there will be one in there.
    Q: Why don't you have a full radio script on your FAQ?
    A: Becuase I don't have the time to waste it like that. This is just a
    guide, you really don't want to have the full radio script in this FAQ
    that would just clog up space.
    Q: I found a Tip/Hint/Alternative walkthrough, can I submit it to you?
    A: Yes, please do. My email is: Wayalla1@yahoo.com.au
    Q: Where can I find the latest versions?
    A Always at GameFAQS
    Q: What is your board username?
    A: Wayalla: wayalla
    Q: What ever happened to Donald Love, it shows Loves Dissapearance, but
    in the end, you never see him?
    A: This is something that will go unsolved for the rest of.. well, ever.
    Q: Will I be credited on the info I send in?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is there really a 'Carser/Carson city' in the game?
    A: NO, no matter what anyone says, there is no Carser city in the game.
    If there was, where is the proof, as in pictures and stuff. So no, there
    isn't a Carson city, in fact, the only time it has been even mentioned
    in the game is on a newspaper headline read out by a Radio Station host.
    Q: Is there really a Ghost Town?
    A: Yes, there actually is, revert to the 'Ghost Town FAQ' for more info.
    Q: Is there a way to get from Liberty City to Vice City in this game?
    A: NO!
    Q: What is your characters name?
    A: Doesn't have one, make one up for him yourself.
    Q: I'm stuck on the mission 'Taking Out The Laundry', every time I try
    and do something to a laundry van, it always drives away real quick
    before I can destroy it.
    A; Don't touch the van. Park a car in front of it and it wont move, then
    chuck a grenade at it.
    Q: Why write a FAQ for an old game?
    A: It aint old to me.
    Q: What stuff doesn't count towards 100%?
    A: Time in Dodo
       Getting vans to the Securicar garage
       Killing people
       Wiping out lots of ganag members
       Anything else that isn't listed in 100% Completion section
    Q: I got a record time of 53861247382609 in the Dodo, can you put it in
    your FAQ?
    A: NO! You are very much so lying, so I will not be accepting any times
    for Dodo flights, go back to your lying world you scum sucking leech.
    Q: When was this guide first released?
    A: 12/5/02 ~ American
    Q: your email ending is 'au", so that means your Aussie, why do you
    write the date in American rather than Austaralian?
    A: Because many more people view the site come from America.
    Q: I went to the Portland Docks, and there is no people around now, why?
    A; You must have unlocked Shoreside Vale for this to hapen, it needs the
    memory so it decides that no one will be at the Docks in Portland.
    Before, there was floods of people.
    Q; Is there a way that you can get a cop outfit?
    A: Actually, there is. Use the change Costume trick (Right, Down, Left,
    Up, L2, L1, Up, Left, Down, Right). Eventually you will get a Cop
    Get in the Karuma with 8-Ball in it. Take the car to the end of the
    bridge. Don't worry, the cops will still be looking at the mess that is
    on the bridge. Once you ar at the end of the bridge, take the left road
    all the way down until it finally ends, then turn left and once again
    take the road to it ends and you will come to a main road. take a right
    and then follow the road down until you get to the hideout. Once out of
    the hideout and after the cutscene, reverse straight out the hideout and
    then head to Luigi's Sex Club.
    NOTE: If you do die on this mission, you will just be taken back to
    inside the car, no hospital or anything.
    Luigi wants you to get one of his regular girls at the hospital and take
    her back to Luigis.
    Find any car, and then jack it. Use the possible roads to get to the
    hospital where Misty is. Pull up next to her and wait for her to get in.
    Do a U-Turn once you are back on the road and get back to Luigis and
    park in the Circle to complete the mission. Ok, i will give you
    directions from Luigi's: Head south from luigi's (use the Cumpas) and
    then take the first road on your left and take it up all the way to it
    ends, then go right and then left onto the main road, next take the
    first road on your right down to the hospital. Go next to Misty, and she
    will get in. Take her back to Luigi's.
    NOTE: Apparently, if you start beating someone up, Misty will pull out a
    shotgun and shoot that person. I can't remember the source, but if
    anyone can verify it, please e-mail me.
    Some guys been selling spank to Luigis girls down at Portland harbour.
    It is your job to kill this guy, and get his car, respray it and take it
    to Luigis Garage.
    First of all, run foward and grab the Baseball bat from near Luigi's,
    and then jack a car, any car will do for this mission. Go south from
    Luigi's, and take the first left. Follow the road up until it ends then
    turn to the right, and then turn on the second right. Follow this
    curving street until you see the entrance. Go in the entrance to the
    harbour and eliminate the guy, just run him over. take his car and take
    it to the pay and spray, then take it to Luigi's garage located near the
    NOTE: You dont have to use the baseball bat to kill the person, if you
    really want to, you can kill him any way you like.
    Joey Leone wants some action from his regular girl, Misty. You have to
    pick her up from her apartment in Hepburn Heights, but be careful, thats
    Diablo Turf.
    Get a car, any car. Take it to the blip on the radar, which will be a
    little park which is Diablo turf, so don't gte the Diablos hating you
    yet. Press L3 in the middle of the cricle and Misty will come out. Take
    her to Joey Leones. There is only one road shown on the radar to get
    there, but you can just cut across the little bit of grass on the same
    road as the hospital to get to Joeys. Park in the circle to complete the
    mission. You now have a new boss.
    NOTE: Just something fun to do here: Park a police car outside of
    misty's flat and then sound the horn. The siren will come on, and then
    Misty will come out, with everyone thinking that she's being taken away
    by the cops.
    Some Diablo scum have been pimping Luigis girls in their own backyard,
    you must kill these filthy Diablos.
    First of all, head to the back of ammunation and grab the pistol.
    Take a car that can take a reasonable amount of damage, and then head to
    the moving blip on your radar. Ram the car and after afew hits, the guys
    will get out. The car is usally on it's side, so ram the first side and
    crunch the first guy against the car and push the car into the other
    side. Which ever way you do this mission, be careful because they both
    have shotguns that can tear your car to bits in 2 to 3 shots.
    NOTE: Both the guys you kill have shotguns, so when you complete this
    mission, collect them both. Congratualtions, you now have a powerful
    You must take girls to the old school hall near the Callahn Bridge. You
    need to take 4 to complete the mission, but in a set time limit of 5
    Take a fast car straight away, the first one you can find, even a taxi,
    but make sure whatever car you get, it can seat 4 people, including
    yourself. There is 8 girls positioned around Portland, I have learnt to
    go for the farthest out ones first. Get the 3 farthers out ones then
    take them back because your car can only hold 3 people besides yourslef.
    Then go for the next farthers out followed by the closest ones, some are
    just around the corner, but you don't get more time for more girls you
    drop off, so take them back in 2s or 3s. You need 4 girls there to
    complete the mission, but the more you get, the more cash you obtain.
    Each girl successfully taken there is worth $500.
    NOTE: You don't need to take them all there, so don't go rushing around
    scrashing up your vehicle just to get to the last girls, because if you
    crash, the car may catch fire, and it will be time consuming when you
    try to find another car, and also you have the risk of the girls in your
    car being killed by the explosion.
    You still haven't gained much reputation as a killer, but you have as a
    driver. On this mission, it puts your driving skills to the test, you
    need to be abit speedy, but also not at all damage the car. Once again,
    you have a set time limit.
    Grab a car and turn left and then left again at the intersection, go
    across the grass path in front of you and then turn right and follow the
    road up past the hospital and Luigis garage and chuck a right at the 4-
    Way intersection and follow the road up as it curves. Park your car
    outside the diner and hop out and get into the car indicated by the
    arrow. Reverse out, turn left and follow the curving road to the blip on
    your radar and get to 8-Balls bomb shop behind Easy Credit Autos. Drive
    into the bomb shop, and then let the door close and you have a nice
    bomb.  Reverse out, and be careful what you hit, ANY scratches on your
    car will need to be repaired at your cost, so don't get the car damaged
    at all. Take the car back to the Bistro and leave it in the circle, get
    out of the car and head away from the Bistro and wait for the cut-scene
    that shows Mike blowing up in his crappy hunk of junk car. Mission
    completed and now you get your reward.
    NOTEL Drive slowly all the time, the pay and spray is abit away from
    here, but with the time limit you can get to the pay and spray and back
    to the bistro probably in time, but still try to keep the car un-scaved.
    Also make note of the sign in front of the bistro.
    You now have reputation of killing people, and once again you have to do
    it in this mission. Chunky lee chong is making spank for some new gang,
    and it is your job to kill him. He owns a noodle stand down in
    Chinatown, you must eliminate him.
    Head to the gun on your map first and go around the back of ammunation
    and obtain the pistol there. Now head to chinatown entrance near punk
    noodles. Run down the alley and kill the 3 Triads guarding him and once
    you kill afew, he will run away. Sprint after him and don't worry about
    all the Triads, just focus on him and aim and kill him with your pistol.
    Once his blodd is splattered all over the floor, you get your payment.
    NOTE: As you will notice, the Triads will shoot at you once your in
    chinatown, just kill them, it doesn't matter. If you return to Chinatown
    after this mission, they wont hate you.
    You now are htting the Bank Pay Role van. It does it rounds every day on
    Portland, and it is your job to damage the car as much as possible so
    the punk ass security guards bail. Then you have to take it to the docks
    to the garage.
    Just get a speedy car, just to avoid the cops. Head to the moving blip
    on your radar and ram straight into the van. After afew hits, the damage
    meter will go up and you will get a wanted star. Just ignore this and
    keep raming the truck. try to not get it stuck in a corner, cos then the
    cops can easily come and just arrest you as you wont be moving that much
    if HE is stuck. Damage the truck enough, and the guards will eventually
    bail. Garb the van, and take it all the way to the Portland Harbour
    garage, just ram all the cops out of your way and ignore all the ones
    behind you and you will be done in no time.
    NOTE: Keep in mind where you took the van, because that is a securicar
    cracking garage and more can be taken there, also, in case you don't
    know, the van is bulletproof, so store it if you want to.
    Yawn, and easy mission. What you have to do is take Toni Cipriani to his
    momma's restaurant, but he want's to stop off at "Mr Wong's Laundrette"
    First (If it ain't wong's, it aint white).
    Take the car to the place indicated on your map it will be a main road
    which is the same one as your hidouet. Wait in the circle and Toni
    Cipriani will get out of the car and into the Laundrette. The Triads
    will start shooting at you and Toni. Once he is back in the car, hold
    down X, even if the cut-scene hasn't finished and once it does, you will
    speed away, don't worry about the Traids, if you are moving, they wont
    be able to get shots on the car. Take Toni to his Momma's restaurant in
    St Marks to complete the level, also a new boss is available now, thats
    right, Toni Cipriani.
    NOTE: If the Triads do happen to pull you out of your car, then kill
    them all with a weapon before taking off again, otherwsie theyw ill
    contonue to rip you out of your car unless you kill them.
    One of the Forelli borhters has been killed and stuffed in the back of a
    car, it is your job to take the car to the crusher.
    head to greasy Joe's cafe, and don't approach the car yet, this is what
    I do: Destroy the car on the right, that is locked, this will have one
    of the Forelli bros. in it. Then before the other dudes come in, I grab
    the car and then they come flying into to greasy Joes cafe and smash
    against the wall. From here, reverse out quick and head to the car
    crusher, the Forelli bros. might follow, but usually get caught up
    amongst the traffic. Once you are at the crusher, get out of the car and
    wait for the car to be crushed. Sometimes the Forelli bros. come to the
    crusher, but then I just kill them.
    NOTE: If you crash the boot hard enough, the back will fly off or just
    go up and you can see the dead body (Corpse) of one of the Forelli
    Okay, this is a job that needed a good driver, thats you! Some Mafia
    people are going to rob the bank, and they need a good getaway driver.
    First of all, get a fast car that can hold afew other people. Then head
    over to St Marks and go to the Mafia hidout, stop in the middle of the
    circle and sound the horn. Shake the cops if you have a wanted level.
    The mafia guys will get in, take them to the bank quickly. After the
    cut-scene, quickly drive to the pay and spray, the cops will be all over
    you, but try and keep the car under control. Park your car in the pay
    and spray. Head back to the hideout and then take the money to Joey's.
    NOTE: There is a Playstation 2 game called the "Getaway" and the main
    character in the game is a Bank Robber. Something to think about. The
    getaway was released  late '02, and GTA3 was released lat '01. But the
    getaway has been in the planning and such for awhile. A rip-off name
    Those damn Triads aint paying there protection money, so you are going
    to hit there Laundry vans in order to convince them to pay up the money.
    There is 3 Laundry vans circling the city, you must destroy them all.
    Get to 8-Balls behind Easy Credit Autos and obtain the grenades. Take a
    car and approach the first Triad van, but DO NOT try and ram it off the
    road or even attempt to ram or touch the truck at all. This is what I
    do: Park in front of the Truck but do not touch it with my car, while
    the Truck is held up, throw a grenade at it and it will catch on fire
    and explode, this is the easiest way and the quickest. Continue doing
    this for all 3 vans until all of them are destroyed.
    NOTE: I id have an e-mail that these vehicles were normla damage proof,
    but when playing through the game again, I can tell you that they are
    The laundry has agreed to pay the money, so you have to go collect it.
    Seems easy doesn't it? But just wait for the suprise in store for you.
    Grab a car, something like a taxi will do, but nothing really massively
    speedy or a van/truck. Head to Mr. Wongs Laundrette and take your car
    down the small back alley there and park your car right next to the
    package. Collect it, and then view the cut scene. It's a Triad trap! Now
    you must waste them all. Quickly get back in your car and reverse and
    kill the guy in the alley, then all the other guys will come to the
    middle where the package was, run them all over and kill them while in
    your car. Now get out and kill the 2 remaining guys that you can see on
    your radar and destroy the last truck that a guy gets away in. Then take
    the package back to Toni.
    NOTE: Try and have an uzi before this mission, because they you can
    start performing drive-by attacks on the van at the end.
    The Mafia boss, Salavtore wants a meeting with all the Mafia sub-bosses,
    that means Luigi, Joey, Toni and of course, the new guy, you! You are
    only the driver thhough, but it's still a hard job.
    Take any car over to Joey's Garage and then get out of your car and go
    into the circle. Now you have a nice new limo. Head over to Luigi's in
    your Limo and pick him up as well. Then finally race over to Toni's in
    St Marks. Park the closest way facing Salvatores big mansion. Straight
    away, the Triads will bump you off course, but gain control of your
    vehicle and race up the road to Salvatore's mansion. The entrance will
    be barricaded, so just barge through it at 100 miles an hour and the
    trucks will go flying along with the Triads. Don't worry about the gun
    fire. Park in the first garage on the right if you are sticking to the
    track to complete the mission, now you can work for the head of the
    Mafia, Salvatore Leone.
    You are now ordered to kill afew Triad Warlords located around
    Chinatown, you get some help as well, 2 mafia members.
    Grab a reasonably fast car, and wait for the Mafia memebers to get in.
    Head to the Blip that is at the little staircase going up in Chinatown.
    Kill the 3 guys in the middle of the place here just by running them
    over and one of them is the Warlord. Next head into deep chinatown
    territory and get out of your car near the "Punk Noodles" area. Let the
    Mafia guys shoot the Triads, and you just go straight for the Triad
    Warlord indicated by the radar and the arrow. Eliminate him with your
    weapon. Sprint it out of Chinatown before you get shot to pieces, don't
    worry about the Mafia guys, they will just head off killing all the
    Triads they encounter. Next, head down to Atlantic Queys and steal a
    'Belly up Fish truck' and drive it into the part with the blip to the
    fish factory. The gates will poen, kill the first few guys sround the
    croner and in front of you and get out and kill the main warlord and you
    have done the mission.
    Ok, Toni wants to finsih the damn Triads in Portland for good. They have
    been using a fish factory as a front, and now you must destroy it. It
    will only open it's gates for a Triad Fish van or a dust cart. 8-Ball
    has rigged a Dust Cart (Trashmaster) with a set time limit bomb. What
    you have to do is take the Truck to the fish factory and park it next to
    the gas cylinders, one explosion should blow the whole thing up. Ok,
    lets get started.
    Race around the corner to 8-Balls bomb shop and pick up the Dust Cart.
    Afew rules about the dust cart; Never try and do a drive by, as the bomb
    will be set off once you press O and will explode awhile later. 2)Go
    carefully to the location, you have a damage meter. Save the damage
    meter for when you go into triad territory as they will shoot at you.
    You also have a certain time limit, but thats nothing to worry about.
    Remember where you took out the last Triad Warlord? Thats where you have
    to go take the cart. Go onto the road and let the gate open, then take
    it round the corner and set the bomb next to the gas cylinders by
    pressing O. Get out of the Truck and head around the corner to a safe
    location. View the cut-scene of the Factory being blown up, along with
    all the guys around here as well, except for you. The Triads will be
    super pissed at you know, and are starting a war between the Mafia and
    Salavtore isn't convinced that you are as good as everyone says you are,
    so only decides for you to take his girl out for the evening, Maria.
    Salvatore's missions pay real well, so expect to make some series cash
    out of them. You are allowed to take the Limo (OOOH), but try and return
    it in one piece.
    Maria first wants to go to Chico and get some drugs from her regular
    dealer Chicho. Drive donw to the China Town docks located near the same
    road as your hideout. Use your radar to get there, park in the circle
    and Maria will get out and talk to Chicho. Then run him over to get
    Maria's money back (You don't have to). Hed to the Atlantic Queys party
    and park in the blue circle and let Maria get out. While she is shaking
    her butt, move your car so the front is pointing away from the water.
    After awhile the cops will come, it's a raid! Wait for Maria to get in
    the Limo, thendrive out and do a little drive by on the cops as well.
    Head back to Salvatores Mansion quick and park in the garage to complete
    the mission.
    Salavatore suspects a traitor due to gangs knowing what he has been up
    to. He suspects Curly Bob, he seems to be making more money than he is
    spending and he aint pimping or pushing, so he must be a rat! You must
    follow him to his location to see if he is really a rat.
    There is 3 ways to do the first part of the mission. 1)Grab any car,
    then head down to Luigi's Sex Club 7. You will ntoice a taxi, drive down
    the street more right away from the taxi so you arnt close at all to it.
    Wait for curly bob to get in the taxi, then follow him to his location,
    but don't get too close other wise he will get spooked and call the
    meeting off. He goes to the Portlabnd Harbour, follow him down there.
    2)Grab a taxi, head down to Luigi's club, anbd ram the other taxi out of
    the way, down the street. When Curly comes out, he will get into your
    taxi, then take him to the Portland Harbour, he wont be spooked at all.
    3)Just wait at the Portland Harbour, but don't stay too close to the
    exact location he comes to. All of the last part is the same. Wait until
    the Cut-scene is over, race around the corner and run straight over
    Curly Bob before he even gets a chance to aim that big Shotgun after
    you. Once he is dead, you get your reward.
    Ohh, the biggest mission on the first island, and the one that gives you
    the most reward, 15o thousand in fact, but really only 50 thousand
    thanks to 8-Ball. What you have to do is Destory a ship load of Cartel
    SPANK. The ship is located at the Portland Harbour, and you need 8-Balls
    demolition knoledge to blow up the boat.
    There is two sections to this, you first start off at number one. Race
    over to 8-Balls bomb shop located behind Easy Credit Autos and go into
    the circle. He wants 100 thousand doolars from you to do this mission up
    front. Lets be nice and pay him, thats if you have the money. If you
    don't, it's really good to do some extra missions or some 'R3' Missions
    now to gain the money you still need to get. Once you have the 100
    thousnad dollars, walk back into 8-Balls place. Note that if you die,
    you get the money back. He gives you a niper rifle to use. Take yourslef
    and him down to Portland Harbour and stop in the circle. Get out of your
    car and then stick to the wall and go around the corner and go up the
    stairs. You can't just go running onto the ship because the Cartel have
    M16s that can cut you to pieces in just afew seconds. So your best bet
    is to go up to the stairs and sniper from the rooftop. Once you fire the
    first shot, 8-Ball will go running in, and you have to protect him.
    Start off by shooting the first 2 guards protecting the entrance to the
    boat. Then 8-Ball will come running in. It is most importent to shoot
    the guy closest to 8-Ball first. Some of the Cartel have really bad
    aiming, and can sometimes miss. Shoot everyone and protect 8-Ball. Once
    the cut-scene comes into affect, you have completed the mission. Well
    done kid.
    NOTE: Always try and keep 8-Ball in your site, try to kill the guy that
    you know is next up for him to confront. Remember, he doesn't have a
    This is the last career mission in Portland. The border tunnel is nearly
    fixed, and te Bridge is also nearly completed again as well. Anway, this
    mission is really easy. The Mafia had to help some guy make up his mind,
    and it turned out messy. There is a car parked with brains splattered
    all over it, you must take it to the crusher before the cops find it.
    Head to the blip on your radar, and once you get near the nice looking
    Cheetah, Maria pages you on your Pager and it reads that the car is
    rigged with a bomb to kill you! Take her advice and meet her at the
    Docks where Maria and Asuka are waiting. You talk to Maria and Asuka for
    awhile, then you must drive the boat to Staunton. Whooho, now you can
    finally have acces to Staunton. Drive the boat to the docks to complete
    the mission.
    Asuka really wants to know that your ties with the Mafia are truly
    broke, so she wants you to eliminate there leader, Salvatore. He
    betrayed you as well, and thats even a bigger reason to kill him. He is
    attending a meeting at Luigi's club, you must make sure he never reaches
    it back to his own club.
    Before even starting this mission, grab a sniper rifle, but if you
    didn't before hand, go to Ammunation located near Asuka's condo and buy
    one, it will come in handy. Head over the Callahan bridge and go to
    Luigi's sex club seven located on your radar. There is several ways to
    do this mission, but here is the best one: Head around the corner and
    into the back alley of Woody's topless bar. use the stairs in the back
    alley and get to the roof. Go to the left-most corner and look down with
    your sniper rifle. Wait awhile and you will see about 4 mafia members go
    alongside the entrance to the club, do not shoot them or Salvatore will
    notice something is really up and will flee back into Luigis club. You
    will notice that now Salavtore is located on your radar, wit until you
    find he comes out into the open, shoot his head off and then just for
    fun I pick off all the Mafia members as well. Once Salvatore has been
    wasted, it's mission done and you can't show your face around ST Marks
    pretty much ever again unless you are on a mission.
    Mafia guys have been dotted around Staunton, in a bid to track you down.
    You must eliminate these spying fools and end this vendenna once and for
    Head to the park first, and make sure you have about 20 sniper rifle
    ammo. The first lot of spying fools are in the middle of the water area
    on the dry bit. Get to a position near the tennis courts and sniper the
    first guy and then the second guy, both in the middle of the water part,
    but sometimes the bushes make it hard to see. Head to the van next, on
    your radar it will show up as a lonely blip. Use a grenade to destroy
    the van. At least have 2 minutes left now, and race over to Kenji's
    Casino. Run up the stairs and go to the roof where the helecopter is.
    Here is the perfect spot to kill all the Mafia guys. You can usually
    just see there head and part o your body, pick them all off and you have
    done the mission. They will fire back, but they are very crappy shots
    Asuka and Maria have gone shopping, and left a note. Some reporter has
    been snooping around, getting too close. Your job is to eliminate this
    spying fool.
    The reporter is out in a boat, so there goes just shooting her. Run down
    to the docks and grab any boat here and take it across to the next
    section and grab the police boat that can shoot. Head back to the
    reporter and line his/her boat up with the weapons on the front and hold
    down O to shoot. Once their damage meter is full, their boat will blow
    up as well as them, and your done.
    Asuka now thinks it is time for you to meet there man inside the LCPD,
    Ray. In other words, he is a crooked cop for the Yakuza. He is very
    touchy, and scared about being caught, so wants to know if you are good
    enough at speeding around. You must take his payment to him, and answer
    the phones quickly.
    Before you even start the mission, grab the banshee located over the
    other side of the Condos. Now race to the first phone located near the
    staute and then get out of your car and answer it. Be real quick about
    getting back in your car and head for the next phone, I'm very sure it's
    located on the same road as the Shoreside lift bridge. It's pretty close
    to there. Now pick the phone up and listen to what he has to say and
    scoot to Liberty Campus, do the same. Then finally head to the last
    phone near the park and once you pick that phone up, all you jhave to do
    is meet him in the toilet block at the park. Once you go there, you get
    your reward + a new boss to work for, Ray Machowski the crooked cop.
    The source from the police have inforemd Asuka that one of there drivers
    is a 'Strangely' animated undercover cop. You must make him bleed. He
    takes his car home every day, you must follow him and eliminate him.
    Grab a preferably fast car, because of what happens afterwards. Grab
    your car and head down to Kenji's Casino and park in the circle. There
    is many ways to complete this mission, I will start will the best first.
    1)The easiest is to just let Tanner go roaming around the city, and
    usually he will get himslef into trouble, like a roadblock or something.
    While he is in this mess, easily perform a drive by on the sucker. He
    will have trouble getting out, and keep pelting the car with bullets.
    The cops will come after you, but they really shouldn't be a problem if
    you pelt his car full of bullets real quick before they can ram you of
    track. Make sure the car blows up instantly, don't leave it on fire
    otherwise tanner will get out. If this happens, try and run him over,
    but with the cops on you, it can sometimes be hard. 2)If you have done
    the mission "Arms Shortage" for Ray, you can obtain the M16 from the
    Army Surplas store, wait in front of Tanner then get out and shoot his
    car, it will explode it less than 2 seconds and the cops wont have time
    to get you. 3)Grab the barricks OL or fire truck and you can try and
    roll his car, the cops will easily be rolled as well. Which ever way you
    do it, you must kill him to beat the mission.
    A situation has kenji at a disadvantage, the cops are holding one of his
    best yakuza member called Kanbu in the cop station, they need him back.
    You are ordered to rescue him by placing a bomb next to the cop station
    to free him.
    First of all, you need to obatin a cop car so you can get past security
    at the Cop Station. Cop cars are found all over Liberty on the road. The
    best way to get one is to shoot at the car, and then when the cop gets
    out, go around into the passenger door and hop in a quickly sprint away
    before he can pull you out. Once you have a cop car, head over to the
    Bomb shop and get your car fitted with a nice new bomb. Head over
    towards the police station and let the gate open for you. Place the car
    in the position, then press O and get out and grab the cop car over the
    other side. Once the wall has been blown up, approach Kanbu with your
    car and let him get in. Drive back around the gates and grab the Sentiel
    in the car park, yes I know that the cop car is faster, but it is just
    easier when you have to pay and spray your car. Let Kanbu get in then
    race over to the pay and spray and spray the car to lose the cops. Then
    head back to the Dojo to complete the mission. Note that the cop car
    doesn't get sprayed in the pay and spray, so thats why I said get the
    non-cop car from the car park.
    Kenji's friend once done a job for him, and kenji has never repayed him
    back, so now is the time. He is interested in certain models of cars, so
    you must collect these cars and bring them to the garage, but they must
    be in mint condition.
    You have a set time limit, the best way to set out your time is this:
    You have 2 mins for each car to get, 1 min to get to it, and 1 minute to
    take it back to the garage, I find that this is the easiest way. Here
    are the locations of the cars you need to get:
    1)Carpark where the mission "Kingdom Come" is set. Need to use alley to
    get in there.
    2)Parking across from stadium.
    3)In the Staunton hosptial carpark.
    Take the cars back to the garage 1 by one. It really doesn't matter if
    you get all banged up, because the pay and spray is right next to the
    garage. Paint the car if you need to and put it in the garage. Once all
    3 have been done, you finally get your reward.
    The Cartel are in trouble, they are being over powered by the Yakuza,
    and need some help. They have decided to become an Ally with the Uptown
    Yardies. They are having a meeting and you must kill all these Cartel
    First of all, you must obatin a Yardie lobo. they are always driving
    around on the straight road just away from your hideout. Once you steal
    one, head dwon to Aspatria and meet your contact, he says that the
    metting is being held in the Hospital. Go to the hospital and park in
    the circle and honk the horn. Then kill all the colombians, tkse there
    weapons and destory their vans. Then take the money back to the casino
    to complete the mission.
    It's your turn to go around the city and collect the protection money.
    Head to the blips on your radar and collect the money. Watch out, the
    one near your hideout will have a guy shooting at you, eliminate him and
    continue on with collecting the money. Once you go to the grocery store,
    the guy comes out and says that he has been robbed and doesn't have
    enough money to pay you and the Yakuza. Now you have to punish the gang
    responsible for this. It is the Diablos. Take the bridge back to
    Portland and make sure you have some M-16 or Sniper Rifle ammunition. Go
    over to hepburn heights and pick allthe Diablos off from a distance and
    then run in there and steal the briefcase and bring the money back to
    Kenji's Casino.
    The Yardies are selling spank on the streets, if that stuff gets into
    Liberty, Kenji's buisness is failed. It's your objective to kill these
    There is alot of sellers located around Staunton, and you have a certain
    time limit that isn't shown to kill 8 or more Yardies. Grab the Banshee
    from the carpark and zoom around Staunton killing the Yardie sellers.
    The best strategy is to have a fast car and always go for the seller
    closest to your point because they are finished once they sell their
    spank, they are off the streets. Kill 8 Yardies to complete the mission,
    but if you kill more, you get more money.
    Mcarthney knows that Ray is a crooked cop, and he also took bribes, but
    Mcarthey knows that if he turns in Ray, he wont get in trouble. He has
    been placed in witness protection, and it is your job to eliminate him.
    get a strong, bluky car and take it to the blip on your radar. It is
    near the Pay and Spray + Bomb shop. The camera will zoom in on a window.
    Park the big bulky car in front of the garage closes to the window on
    it's left. Make sure that if someone came out of it, they would have a
    hard time getting out. Next, behind you grab the van and also place it
    blocking the garage to make a barricade. Take out your grenades and you
    see that window? You have to throw one of the grenades through there.
    Aim and fire, don't worry if you accidently miss and blow up the cars,
    they will still act as a barricade. Once you get the grenade to blow up
    there, the garage where you parked all your cars will open, and
    Macarthny will try and get out. Simply throw a grenade to blow up all
    cars and cops, and once Mcarthny is dead, you complete the mission.
    The damn Cartel robbed Phill Cassidy, and they said that they would be
    back for the other supplies tommorow. You must go help poor old Phil and
    kill those damn Cartel.
    Grab a bulky car and head over to Phil Cassidy's Army Surplas store
    located near the hospital and the stadium. Stop in the middle of the
    circle and talk to Phil. Now reverse and park your car over the
    entrance, thus blocking things from coming in. Quickly run over and grab
    some supplies from the lockers. You will know when the Cartel get here
    because you will hear this from Phil "Hot Damn there here". The Cartel
    will pull up, then destroy that vehicle you parked the in front of the
    entrance with a grenade, or something. This will get rid of afew cartel
    here. But then more flood in, kill them along with Phil's help and look
    on your radar to see if they are all gone. Once all are dead, you get
    paid and a new weapon shop becomes available where you can buy a
    Shotgun, M-16 and a Bazooka.
    The police have some very embarrising evidence of Donald Love, and it's
    being transported. You must collect this evidence and then torch it.
    Follow the blip on your radar and just keep knocking the van until the
    packages fall out. Collect the vidence and then keep on ramming it until
    all of it falls out. Avoid the cops by keeping control of your vehicle
    and then once you have all the evidence, destroy the vehicle. A new boss
    becomes available now, Donald Love, owner of Love media. But lets stay
    with Ray now shall we?
    Ray suspects his Partner of being a rat, so once again, you need to
    eliminate him so that he doesn't give any evidence. He goes out fishing
    every day, it is your job to get a boat, and sink his career.
    Go all the way over to Asuka's Condo, and run down to the docks and nick
    the boat and take it across and grab the police boat that can actually
    shoot bullets. Also make sure you have a M-16 as well, because it might
    come in handy as a alternative strategy. Take the boat around the corner
    and into Portland. After awhile, you will finally come to where Ray's
    partner is. He will throw a grenade to catch the fish. He will see you
    and start to flee, but this is what I do: Try to catch up to him and
    then press Triangle to quit driving the boat. then aim and quickly shoot
    at his boat with the M-16 and the damage meter will go up in afew
    seconds. Or you can follow him in your boat and shoot as you are going.
    Watch out for the explosives he leaves. Once his boat is toast, you get
    paid your money.
    ray is mad, it turns out that Mcarthny has not died, he was only injured
    and taken to hopsital. He is being trnasported today, and once again you
    must kill him in the ambulance he is being transported in.
    Take a car and head over to the ambulance located on your radar, once
    you are in really close view, the ambulance will radio the cops and you
    will have a 2 star wanted level. Don't worry about that for know, go up
    and ram the ambulance into a wall or something and then after awhile
    Mcarthny will fall out the back and the ambulance wont care. Bullets
    wont go through the plaster, so lets explode him. Take out your
    grenades, Bazooka etc and keep throwing grenades, but make sure the
    explosion doesn't get you as well. If a car roles over him, just blow it
    up and the damage mter will go up more because of the explosion on him.
    You can also run him over, but it takes ages.
    Donald thanks you for taking car of that 'personal' problem for him. Now
    you must rescue one of his friends being held by the Cartel.
    Head for Fort Staunton and grab yourself a Cartel Cruiser either in the
    construction site or just pluck on one the roads. Hext head over to the
    place on your radar and let the gate open. Get out of your car once
    inside and use it as a shield and then sniper off all the Cartel around.
    Now there is no Cartel in this part. The person you have to rescue is in
    the first garage from the front left. Open it up by walking next to it
    and then quickly kill the Cartel guy with your Uzi. Don't go into any
    other of the garages as they all have Cartel members. Take a car and go
    back to Donald Love's place.
    Donald explains the situation about a war going on between the Colombian
    Cartel and the Yakuza. He wants to use the situation wisely and orders
    you to kill off one of the head Yakuza bosses in a Cartel cruiser, so
    the Yakuza will blame the Cartle for this! The person you have to kill
    is the Yakuza Gashiri, Kenji Kasen, yes thats right, one of your old
    bosses. He is attending a meeting on top of the big multi story garage,
    and it is your job to get a Cruiser.
    First job is to get another Cartel cruiser, if you still have the car
    form the last mission, well use that. But actually it is proabably
    beeter to get a non-damaged one from the the Fort Construction that is
    very much next to the Multi Story garage. next head into the Multi story
    garage with your Cartel cruiser and go up the stories. I say it is
    better to come in from the right, and thats how I'm going to write this
    bit of the walkthrough. Once you are up top with kenji and the Yakuza,
    head left and keep going and wack the limo into Kenji, then get out of
    there, don't worry about all the other Yakuza members, just find the
    ramp and go out of the Multi Story garage or jump off the big ramp where
    the unique jump is. Exit the suburb and you will get a message. Press
    triangle now to complete the mission. If at any time you are in the
    Multi Story garage and you exit the vehicle you will fail the mission as
    the Yakuza will recognise you and not blame the Cartel.
    The very last career mission in Staunton, so after this is complete,
    Shoreside vale will now be open via the bridge, tunell etc. Anyway, a
    light aircraft is going to pass over the bay tonight and drop packages
    in the water, you must get these packages before anyone else does.
    Grab a car fast and speed to Asuka's condo and grab the boat at the
    docks. Once you have the boat, get out into the ocean until the plane is
    in sight. It will start to drop packages. Use your boat and collect each
    one as it falls, and get them in order just to make it easier for
    yourslef. A message will say when a package is dropped. Also you will
    notice that for every package you obtain, you get a higher wanted level.
    there is 6 packages to collect, but you can only get the FBI in
    Staunton. Head back to shore with that damn helecopter buzzing around.
    Run up to near Asukas condo and grab a Banshee or Stinger from here and
    head in the next alley on the right to the pay and spray. Now head back
    to Donald Love to now have acces to Shoreside. Once the mission is
    complete, you will hear an announcement on all radio stations that the
    Shoreside lift bridge has now been fixed and you can drive to Staunton.
    Remember those packages that you picked up in the mission "A Drop in the
    Ocean"? Those were a Decoy, and the real package is being held in a
    plane at Francis International Airport. Donald has payed off the Airport
    security so you can go in and get the package.
    Race over the Lift Bridge to Shoreside vale and go to the francis
    international airport and get close to the blip. Then you realise the
    Cartel are now here, and they have got the package. Stand way-way back
    from the hanger they are in so they can't even see you. Aim and shoot
    your sniper rifle and kill all the Cartel members. then run up into the
    Hangar, The package is gone. The camera zooms in on a Panllantic van.
    Donald suggests you go over to the 'Pan-lantic' construction site in
    Fort Staunton. It now beomes a visible blip on your radar. Head over
    there with any car you want and head up stairs onto the second floor of
    the soon to be built house. This is a good snipering spot, shoot all the
    colombians guarding the blue maze section. A shot anywhere will do.
    Then head into that area, but do not go directly in. Use your camera
    skills to look around the corner but you character's face/arms cannot be
    seen if anyone was around the corner. Use this trick to see if there are
    any Cartel members around. If there is, make a mad dash and kill them,
    they have Ak47s. Kill every Cartel in here and you will get a message to
    take the lift to the tower, so do that and you trigger one of the better
    cut-scenes of the game's story line. Catalina and Miguel have found the
    package and are going to take it. You find Miguel + Catalina and take
    the package off there hands and then Catalina  (that backstabbing bitch)
    Shoots Miguel and falls down into some boxes. Suddenly Asuka appears and
    starts to whack Miguel for information. Just head back to Donald's place
    to complete the mission.
    Donald has paid a driver to take the package to Pike Creek in Shoreside,
    but he can't do it aalone, and you must help because of the Damn Cartel
    around the streets and roads also wanting to get the package and destroy
    the van carrying it.
    There is 2 ways to do this mission; the honest way, and the dishonest
    way. Grab a fast and preferrably bulky car. Follow the Van where ever it
    goes and you shoould encounter the Cartel, try and ram it into something
    and leave it there or do a drive by to destroy it, this is best done in
    the limited space of the Porter Tunnel, or you can try and roll the
    Cartel. Try and make most of the Cruisers hit your car, because you can
    always get a new one, and if they hit the van too often, it will be
    destroyed and mission failed. The driver will stop for nothing, always
    try and protect him. Get to pike creek to complete the mission. the
    dishonest way is to just wait at Pike Creek and apparently the Van makes
    it there by itself.
    The donut-lovers have got the package surrounded. it is your job to take
    the van and lead the cops away from the warehouse. But then van is a
    decoy, and the package isnt in it.
    Take the van and take it to a location where you can hide, for example
    the Cochraine dam. Or before hand, work out a good place to go AWAY from
    the warehouse. Battle it out for afew minutes without the van being
    destroyed to complete the mission. You do have a wanted level of 4 stars
    and using the Wanted level cheat wont work as the cops will stay near
    the Warehouse.
    This isn't a real mission, but it says it is, so I will put it here. You
    character goes to Loves place and looks around but he isn't there, you
    have completed all of Donald Love's missions on Liberty City. Lets move
    on to Ray.
    Apparently the CIA have come to Liberty to take care of this spank
    situation, and Ray is a marked man, he must get to the airport and
    escape liberty city quickly.
    Since this one has a strict time limit, I will give you an exact
    walkthrough street by street. Make sure you already parked your car
    outside the circle where you get the mission from. Get in and wait for
    Ray to get in as well. head east as North is shown on your radar and you
    will come to a main road outside the park. You can't take the Bridge
    because the CIA are there and will fire your car to pieces unless you
    have a bullet proof car. Take this road left all the way until you come
    to the T-Intersection right next to Fort Staunton. Turn left onto this
    road and then take the first right onto the road where the Phone rings
    for King Courtney's missions. Take this road all the way dwon past the
    stadium and when it ends take a right. You will now be on the road that
    goes all around Staunton, take the first right into the Porter tunnel.
    Try to go on the other side of the road if there isn't a barrier to
    avoid slowing real down, but most of the times if there is 2 cars
    exactly next to each other, slow down and wait for one to pass. try to
    keep your damage low. Take the first interscetion left once far into the
    tunnel, and then left again at the next exit. Follow the tunnel out and
    you should be near Francis International airport. Take your first left
    and follow the road around and you will see the blue marker, pull up in
    it and Ray will go into the airport. he also gives you a key to his
    lockup that contains afew goodies. Head back to Staunton and follow you
    radar to the lockup, it is situated across the road from the Internet
    Cafe, and it is a garage. Walk down into the garage to complete the
    mission. Take the weapons and DEFENETLY take the bullet-proof patriot
    back to your garage. Your done for Ray, and he has gone to Miami.
    Asuka has found some information from Miguel, there is 3 death squads
    dotted around Shoreside, in a bid to kill you from Catalina. Asuka has
    set up a trap, and you must lead these fools to it where the Yakuza will
    kill them for you.
    This maybe nice to try a bullet-proof vehicle on (Patriot) because the
    Yakuza and Cartel can sometimes shoot your car to pieces. Go to the
    first death squad and try to stay a resonable length in front of them,
    but not too far other wise they will give up. Stay around the same speed
    limit as them and try not to get lost. Lead them to the trap and watch
    them die. Each car has 4 Cartel members in it, so you know when your are
    done with each death-squad, because 12 members will be dead.
    Catalina has set up Expresso stands that sell this poison. You must
    destroy all of them quickly before the Cartel warn the stands about you
    destroying them.
    The best strategy to do this mission is: You don't have a time limit
    until you hit one of the Expresso stands, and they don't show up on your
    radar unless you have been in the district or you are close enough, so
    go around Liberty and seek out all the 9 stands first, then they will
    all show up on your radar so you know exactly where to go. It's easy
    once you think about it, except for the time limit. Start at Portland
    because then you can work your way back instead of going from Staunton,
    to Shoreside, then you have to cross Staunton again to get to Portland,
    it's just common sence. Because I'm so nice, I will give you the
    locations of the stands:
    - Salvatore's mansion
    - Harbour entrance
    - Park near Ray's missions
    - Near car park in Newport
    - Statue in Torrigton
    - Down the street from the church
    - In front of the church
    - In front of Francis international Airport
    - Hospital at Pike Creek
    Once all stands are gotten rid of, you get your reward.
    Miguel has once again talked, and Maria has joined Asuka in the tower.
    It has been revealed that a plane full of Catalina's spank is coming
    into Francis International Airport. You must get a boat and shoot the
    plane down.
    Race across the bridge and you will come to Francis International
    airport. make sure you have a bazooka, and also you are given one when
    you hijack the boat. Get out to the Bouy and when the plane comes in,
    shoot it down. It goes real fast so you will have to get your timing
    right. Once the plane has crashed, collect all the poison in your var
    and race back to Asuka in the tower to complete the mission.
    Catalina has killed Miguel and Asuka, and pinned a note to them saying
    that you have to bring 1/2 a million dollars to the Cartel Mansion
    locted in Cedar Grove. This isn't really a real mission. To get more
    money, why not do some more extra missions, 4X4 or Taxi/Ambulance
    missions, thats a great way to get the money.
    Once you have the money, take it to the Cartel mansion in Cedar grove.
    The guards will take the money and will strip you of all your weapons.
    Catalina will take the money. But once again, Catalina has betrayed you
    and takes the money and orders the guards to kill you. Then you punch
    the guy out.
    Quickly take the weapon from the guy you punched in the cut-scene and
    run behind you to the garage. Quickly nab the armour and get in the
    Cartel cruiser and drive out of here, the gates will open for you. You
    know have a time-limit of about 6 and a half minutes to find and
    eliminate Catalina. Go back to your hideout and grab some weapons that
    you got from all the hidden packages, you know them, right? Head to the
    lower part of the dam once you are equipped with all your weaponary.
    Sniper off all the Cartel and continue down the dam killing all Cartel
    as you go. At the next barricade, once again sniper them off. the sniper
    rifle ammo is limited, so save it for killing off the last few guards
    and the people on top of the containers. Your best bet now is to use a
    AK47 or a M16 that can also auto aim. The helecopter will fire missiles,
    run up to the steps, and this is where you can eliminate Catalina with
    your Rocket Launcher, if you had it at your hideout. Shoot down the
    plabe. If you didn't have the Rocket Launcher at your hideout, one of
    the men has one around Maria. Shoot down the helecopter to destroy
    Catalina. Sniper all guys below and near Maria, then run up there and
    eliminate the 2 guys on the left, once they are dead head over to Maria
    to see the game's ending.
    El Burro says to you that you are new in Liberty, but you are already
    gaining a reputation on the streets. there is a street race starting
    near the Callahan bridge, first one to get through all the checkpoints
    wins the prize.
    First of all, head down to Easy Credit Auto's and grab yourself the ever
    popular Banshee sitting in there. Take it slowly to the starting line to
    begin the race. Once the race starts, stay back abit as the cars go
    wild. Now with your banshee, scream past everyone and grab the
    checkpoints. You can see the current checkpoint and the next checkpoint
    on your radar, so use strategy to quickly get there. Once you get back
    to the Callahan bridge in first place, you win the prize and you get to
    do some jobs for the Diablos. Also, there is a bullet-proof cheetah in
    this mission. To see how to obtain the special "Cheetah" see the
    bulletproof vehicles section.
    El Burro wants you to kill of some guys, but they are hiding in a
    warehouse down at Atlantic Queys, there weakness is ice-cream. You must
    hijack the Van on it's daily routine, plant a bomb in it and lure these
    fools to their death.
    Start by grabbing a car and head to Borgnine taxi's in Harwood and grab
    the briefcase with the bomb in it. Next go and jack the Ice-cream van on
    it's daily routine. Now, getting a Mr. Whoopie is hard for the Import
    Export garage, so lets take this one, but it has to be done after the
    mission. Lure the guards out with the ice-cream van, but don't blow the
    van up, shoot the men instead to complete the mission. Then take the van
    to the Import/Export garage, they wont care if it has a bomb in it :)
    Those damn Triads stole El Buroo's beautiful car last night, and then
    torched it. In the trunk was some priceless memories, so he wants you to
    get the triads back. he has left a super-weapon in an alley in
    Chinatown, pick up the weapon and cause some massive damage on the
    the Triads should already be mad at you, if not, they will be after this
    mission! Head to chinatwon or the Weapon Symbol on your radar. Park your
    car ready for a quick exit. grab the weapon then get back in the car and
    turn left and then left again out of the alley. Go around to the tennis
    courts, there will be thousands of Triads in there and more outside if
    need be. they will shoot at you. Be careful not to get the flames on
    you. Once 20 triads are dead, you get your payment.
    Some guy stole El Burro's prized collects of Donkey Does Dallas version
    1, 2 and 3. But the spanked up guy left the Doors of his van open. You
    must collect these packages before anyone else does, so it has a time
    Start off by taking the van. This mission is all about Trial and Error.
    If you don't know the path the first time, when you next do the mission,
    you will know where to go. It is a hard mission to do at first. You have
    a time limit of 25 seconds and you get a bonuses of 1 second each mag
    you pick up, yes I know, wow 1 SECOND! grab the van and follow the Trail
    of Magazines around Portland. Soon enough you will come to the Portland
    docks. Run the guy over and take the magazines to XXX magazines to
    complete the mission. You are now done with El Burro.
    Marty's missions can be found at the phone outside the Bitchin' dog food
    factory after you start doing Joey's missions. The missions will only be
    available from 9:00 to about 17:00. The first mission and all the
    missions are simple. All you have to do is take the car and pick up
    Marty's banker, the crooked bastard keeps putting the rates up, and Mart
    wants to meet him.
    Go to the gates of the bitchin' dog food factory and then take his car.
    Run it over to Where his bank manager is and pick him up. Then take him
    back to Marty's. Marty will kill the Banker. Take the car to the
    crusher, because it is evidence that has to be taken care of.
    Marty has money problems as you already know. he hired some men to break
    into his appartment so he could claim some insurance money. But the
    theives are threatining to tell the insurance company unless marty gives
    them half of the cut.
    Tale the Sentiel from the Bitchin' dog food factory and then head to
    there location and take them back to the Bitchin' dog food comany. They
    think Marty wants to give them the money...... Think again. Looks like
    Liberty's dogs are going to have a new flavour this month. Anyway take
    the car to the Pay 'N Spray and bring it back. The sentiel is cool car,
    but it becomes locked once you finish the mission.
    Marty's buisness is near Bankruptcy, very much so thanks to his wife.
    All she has been is a hole in his pocket. You have to go "Classic Nails"
    and pick her up.
    Bet you can guess what what to do here? grab the car from the Bitchin'
    dog food factory and take it to the location that is pointed out by your
    radar. Take her back to Marty. Once the cut-scene is over, take the car
    to the Docks and leave it near the edge, then ram another car into it to
    dump it into the sea.
    Damn, it turns out that His Wife was seeing someone that Marty owes
    money to. Carl thinks Marty is going to pay him off, but Marty has
    better ideas...
    Once again, do the same. grab the car, take it to the location on your
    radar, take Carl back to Marty's. Finally you actually get to see Marty
    Chonks. In a twist of the story line, Carl shoots Marty. Oh well, you
    still get paid your money! Just for fun run down Carl and take his
    shotgun ammo.
    RC TOYZ:
    The Rc Toyz van is located in an alley way in St Marks, the objective is
    to blow up as many mafia Gang cars as possible. The main road just where
    you are is a great location for the Mafia cars to come past. Your reward
    is 1 grand per gang car.
    Another RC cars mission, this time you have to blow up as many Diablo
    cars as possible. The toyz van is in Hepburn Heights, near the stairs
    that lead to the over head Subway. Most Diablo cars are waiting at the
    traffic lights on the mian road to the left as you come out. Your reward
    is once again 1 grand for each car destroyed.
    Offroad missions are sparked whenever you get into a special car, like
    the Patriot parked down at the supa save. Once you get in, it will brief
    you on what to do. the timer doesn't start until you collect the first
    checkpoint. I can't really do this one, so I can give you any help! All
    the checkpoints are dotted around portland Harbour and you need to get
    all 20 of them in the time limit without getting out or rolling your
    car. This is probably the hardest mission in Portland.
    King Courtny is the leader of the Uptown Yardies, a ganga that patrols
    this part of Liberty. KC (King Courtny) has set up checkpoints all over
    Liberty, first through a checkpoint wins cash. Whoever gets the most
    checkpoints wins the prize.
    Before going to the circle, grab a fast car such as a Cheetah that is
    racing around Liberty. Next go to the circle on the main road and then
    do a U-Turn and then actually go into the circle, so that you are facing
    the city and the stadium. Other drivers will pull up, one in a Patriot,
    a cheetah and some other van that I forget. As soon as you are free,
    make a mad dash and get all the checkpoints. Some are closest to the
    last opponent so don't always expect you are going to get them all. But
    with your fast car, you should collect alot. If you get 8 Checkpoints or
    more, you have defenatly won the mission, if you get 6 or 7, you should
    still maybe win unless one of the other drivers has got all the rest.
    This mission is really simple, and you get paid for each checkpoint you
    Some damn Diablo's were being bad to Queen Lizzy, so now it is your job
    to go to Hepburn heights and kill some of them.
    The cut-scene will come into affect, 2 Yardie members will pull up in  a
    crappy Perrenial, not the best of cars, but it will still do. king
    Courtny wants to know if you are actually capable of doing his dirty
    work, so this is a test mission. Take the car back over the Callahan
    bridge into portland and head for Hepburn heights where all the Diablos
    are. Use drive-by's and kill 10 of them, usually you don't even get a
    wanted star. Once you have killed 10 with a drive by, take the Yardies
    back to their turf. The Diablos will now be pissed at you, that makes
    every gang in Liberty mad at you. You are never allowed to get out of
    your car on this mission, and the only reason the Yardie's are there for
    is to make sure you do it properly and not chicken out.
    KC wants to make hits on every gang in Liberty, but he is still short a
    Yakuza stinger, Mafia Sentiel and a Diablo Stallion. You must find and
    take these cars to his garage, and they must have no scratches on them.
    First, lets get the hardest one first, the Mafia Sentiel. To avoid going
    into Mafia turf, best use the tramp tunnel next to Supa Save. Take it
    through to 8-Balls and go up the hill on the right up to Salvatore's
    mansion. Grab one here without the fuss of the Mafia pricks shooting
    you. Take it back down the hill and through the Tunnel again and go back
    and deliver it to the garage. If you do damage it in portland, don't go
    to the Pay and Spray there, as there is a much bigger chance you will
    scratch it again before you get to the garage, so use the one in
    Staunton, it's just common sence. Once it is delivred, go to portland
    and find a Diablos Stallion from Hepburn Heights or around there. Take
    it back to the Pay and Spray if you need, then take it to the garage.
    Now for the easiest one, the Yakuza Stinger. these can be found driving
    around Torrington or there is afew parked at Asuka's if you don't want
    to battle. Once all are delivered, you get paid.
    KC wants a stash in a parked car, you must go get it. This sounds real
    simple doesn't it? Well this is actually quite a hard mission. No, I'm
    telling the truth!
    You have a time limit to get to the car. it is in the Same parking lot
    where you had to steal the Stinger for Kenji's friend in "Grand Theft
    Auto". Take your car there and get there as quick as possible. Once you
    are in the car, it turns out that King Courtny has betrayed you, I
    thought it was wierd that you had to do his missions but they are
    actually on the side of the Colombian Cartel, the ganag you Vs for the
    whole game. Vans approach, with Spanked up madmen inside.  After the
    cut-scene, get out of your car. Make sure you have your Uzi ready and
    try and destroy each Suicide bomber right next to the vans to blow them
    up. Once all vans are gotten rid of, you get paid from the back-stabber
    King Courtny. Now the whole Yardie gang now hates you and will shoot and
    come in packs when ever they see you.
    On this mission, you have top blow up as many Yakuza Stingers as
    possible. the van is located near Kenji's casino inside afew planters.
    To start off you will need to press Left to actually get the little toy
    to move away from the van, other wise you will be dead if it hits the
    van you are in. Most stinger are around the Casino, look there.
    I alwys new it, there was something to do in that big multi story
    parking garage near the Bomb shop, pay and Spray and Asukas. To trigger
    this mission, you actually need to grab a stallion from outside the
    garage. there is 4 checkpoints on each level and the timer starts
    immediately after the cut-scene. Always get every checkpoint on each
    level before moving onto the next level.
    The vehicle for this is a Landstalker located in the park, where Ray's
    missions are. The vehicle is located down the North end of the park near
    the tennis courts. Hop in it to trigger the mission. The timer starts
    once you get the first checkpoint, so suss out your route first and find
    out which is the best way to go about collecting them. Each time you get
    a checkpoint, you are credited with time. Collect all to recieve
    The purple nines are moving in and taking over the Hoods territory, it
    is your job to shoot some of them and show them how a real Driv-by
    You have 2 1/2 minutes to kill 20 nines with a drive by, but watch out,
    the jackets might shoot at you. In case you didn't know, the Purple
    nines are basically the Red Jackets but only wearing Purplee instead. If
    you use a Rumpo Xl, the vans wont chase after you. Spray the streets
    with gun fire and only drive-by's on Purple Nine's count. just stay back
    and Forth on the same street as the road and many purple nines wil
    appear, but remeber only Drive-by's count!
    The Nines have several armoured vehivles roaming the streets, well
    actually only 3. You must use the RC cars to defeat the trucks.
    Head to the Toyz van on your radar and follo the vehicles with the RC
    car. You only get 5 of them, so you can only afford to stuff up 2 times.
    It says that the buggy will blow up once out of range, but it never gets
    out that far too anyway. This mission is fairly simple, destroy all the
    Nines van on your radar. try to avoid going into the back of another
    Some Nine has set D-Ice's car to blow, and if he loses his wheels, his
    reputation on the streets will be lower. You must take his vehicle to
    the Bomb Shop in St Marks so they can Defuse it, but the slightest pot-
    hole could set the bomb off.
    Drive to the Infernus located on you radar. Hop in it and slowly take it
    all the way back to Portland. Only speed up when there is a massive
    opening, because one big crash and the bomb will go off. Take it back to
    portland, slowly! because you are on a mission, the Mafai will not shoot
    at you. Take the car to the garage in St Marks and they will diffuse the
    bomb. The time limit is large so you can afford to go slowly to get
    here. Take it Back to Whicita gardens, and try not to scratch it or you
    will have to get it repaired, at your cost!
    There was a plane transporting Pltnium, and it crashed over Pike Creek.
    You need to grab some platnium and take it to D-Ice.
    You need to gather 30 pieces of platnium, but not all at one time. If
    you take alot, thne police will come after you, but don't worry about 1
    star. Also your car will be weighed down by the plantium. Once you have
    30 pieces, you get paid!
    The Purple Nines have challenged the Red Jackets to a fight.
    Go get D-Ices baby brother and he will tell you the location. Go to the
    Picnic ground. But you can only use a baseball bat, no guns, cars etc.
    Try to get the Nines in a group and whack them down then start beating
    them on the ground. Keep pressing O rapidly. Apparently once you do this
    mission the Nines will go away.
    You have 2 mins to destroy as many Rumpo's as possible. The van is
    behind an appartment near your hideout and afew billboards. Many Rumpos
    are around the main roads.
    The Vehicle for this is in the Picnic reserve where you fought the
    battle with the Purple Nines. Get in the 4X4 vehicle there to start the
    mission. The checkpoints are on the hills, and I can't get this mission
    done because it is just too hard for me! If you have follow this whole
    walkthrough and done all the levels in order, this is the last mission
    in the game. Good luck.
    20: 'R3' MISSIONS + TIPS
    Escorting people: The taxi driver
    One of the most common vehicles driving around Liberty City is taxis,
    they are found almost anywhere on the roads and come in 2 different
    styles. Taxi's usually drive past your hideout real often, and actually
    anywhere around Liberty City, you should find one anywhere you go.
    There is 2 types of taxis to start of with on the streets of Liberty
    City, the most common one is just the basic taxi, yellow nearly all
    over. The there is also another taxi, this one is less common found
    roaming around the streets, it is a cabbie, looks like it was modled
    after an old fasioned cab. After you complete a certain amount of
    missions, the Borgnine taxi becomes available to use. It has better
    handling, speed and also has spikes on the front.
    The best city to do the taxi missions is probably Staunton island, as I
    have found out that you seem to get paid more for some reason. Usually
    you should start doing them in Portland and then move on and then do the
    rest in Staunton.
    Once you have triggered the special 'R3' mission by pressing R3, you are
    now a taxi driver, what you have to do is take people to their location
    fast. Pedestrians appear as a green dot above their head. The
    destenation that you have to take them to is the blip on your radar.
    Usually your next fare is near where you took the last pedestrian.
    To do the taxi mission, of course you have to rush to get people to
    their destination, so this means you will probably have more crashes. If
    you crash so much, the person will flee in terror, and this means that
    your car is in bad condition and no one else will want to get in. The
    only thing I can say here is to end the mission and find a new taxi.
    Depending on how far away the destination is, you will get a time limit
    to get there and drop the pedestrian off, if the time reaches 0, it's
    mission failed and you have to start again, just press 'R3 again. Time
    accumulates for all the passenges, and each time you drop someone off at
    thier destination, you are given an extra 10 seconds to find another
    fare, or even more if you have accumulated time.
    Depending on how far you took the person, you will get cash, if the
    destination is just around the corner, you will get $90, but if it is
    the opposite side of town, you will get $900. So the farther you take
    them, the more money you obtain. there is special bonuses for getting to
    the destination really quickly and for doing a certain amount of fares
    in a row.
    Because GTA3 is a large game, they really can't have 1 million different
    places where the passenger wants to be dropped off at, so here are some
    popular locations:
    -Old school hall
    -Greasy Joes Cafe
    -Easy credit Autos
    -Enclosed section near construction
    -Stadium in Aspatria
    In order to get poeple to their destination, you need to drive
    skillfully and carefully trying to keep down the damage on your car. If
    your side of the road is blocked, then drive on the other side of the
    road, or the footpath. Sometimes you have to even swerve through cars,
    but try not to get too much damage. Alos, take shortcuts through
    possible paths as well, the cops don't care if you speed, drive on the
    wrong side of the road or footpath, just get to the destination.
    Ahh yes, the main reason you do this mission is to get the reward, it's
    nothing spectacular, but good none the less. It is a special taxi called
    the 'Borgnine'. It becomes available after you have complete 100 fares
    in any district. The Borgnine taxi is located at Borgnine taxis in
    Harwood, Portland, near the Head Radio station. The Borgnine taxi is a
    different colour to the others, and looks like the cabbie. it has better
    speed, handling and also has spikes on the front to eliminate any
    pedestrian than gets in your way while you are driving like a mad man. I
    don't believe that you get anything for completing 200 fares. The
    borgnine taxi does return after awhile to the exact loctaion.
    I believe that when you do the 100 taxi missions, your percenatge goes
    up by 1 percent. So you need to do all of these to get 100% al up on the
    The taxi mission are probably the easiest thing to do, it only requires
    abit of driving skills and it will be easily accomplished.
    Help sick people: The paramedic
    Ambulances are mianly found at the hospital at all cities, but the most
    common way to find one is to kill afew people and one will come to heal
    the poeple, so you just take it. Then press 'R3' to toggle the paramedic
    What you have to do is go around rescuing the injured the patients. Let
    them get in the ambulance and take them back to the hospital. Each
    patient picked up gives you more time, and each patient dropped back at
    the hospital gives you money, and at the later levels, more time as
    the ambulance in my opinion is one of the most easiest vehicles to roll
    in the game. To avoid this, don't go flying around the corner at 1
    million miles an hour because you will proabably lose control and roll.
    Make sure you slow down and use R1 to do the cornering, this will avoid
    crashing into walls and stuff. If your ambulance starts to shake, stop
    completely or until you can see that it isn't rocking any more. Be
    careful when going down hills as well, because once again, control can
    be easily lost and cause the ambulance to roll.
    Most people like to do it in Portland, but there it is easier to roll
    because the surface of the city isn't flat, but if you do it in
    Staunton, the surface is really flat. But the hospital in Staunton is
    harder to get into that Portland, oh well, there is alot of pros and
    cons about this, so choose your own city.
    The sick people on your map are the green blips, and the hospital is the
    other magenta blip. Once you have rescued the patient, bring him/her to
    the hospital. Note that more than one person can be transported at one
    You start with Ambulance level one, and once you rescue the person and
    take them back to the hospital, it now becomes Ambulance level 2. Each
    level has one more person than the last, so for example; Ambulance level
    1 has 1 person, ambulance level 2 has 2 people, ambulance level 10 has
    10 people.
    Now, note the following thing, the ambulance can only hold 3 poeple at
    one time, so here is my startegy: On the first 3 levels, go around and
    collect all the patients and then take them back to the hospital. But
    when you get to the 4th + levels, you will need to use some startegy. If
    there is someone really close to the hospital, go collect them and
    quicly race back there. Also, if the hospital is on the way to another
    patient, make a short stop off there and drop your load off. It isn't
    good at all to just go around getting 1 sick person all the time and
    then taking them back, get them in groups of 3 if the patients are near
    each other.
    For each patient that you pick up, you are given bonus time, depending
    on how far away you are, the time varies. Time only accumulates for the
    level, not the next one. Lets just say you complete ambulance level 1
    with 1 minute to spare, at the start of Ambulance level 2, you wont have
    1 minute to go. Each time you hit a wall, pole or another car, your
    patient gets more sick and is going to die earlier, so your time limit
    will go down for each major carsh you have, so take care.
    Ahh yes, this is what we are all waiting for:
    Save 45 pedestrians: Health icon becomes availbale at hideout
    Save 85 pedestrians: Adrenaline pill at hideout
    Complete ambulance level 12 and infinite run is granted. According to
    most things I have read, different people have got different icons
    (helath, adreniline) at the different amount of pedestrians saved, but
    his is what I got, so maybe you will not get the same.
    To gain a percentage on your overall status, you need to get the health
    icon at your hideout, the adreniline pill and do ambulance level 12.
    The ambulance is proabably one of the hardest missions to do, especially
    because the ambulance is real easy to roll. I think I went through about
    20 ambulances just getting the adreniline pill.
    Making Liberty City a crime free place: The cop
    To do these mission, you will need a:
    An Enforcer: A swat van
    A Police car: A general cop car
    FBI car: Balck Karuma
    Rhino: Tank
    By looking at the list, you would think the tank would be the best do
    the mission in, but it is too slow and the criminal is speeding along at
    100 miles an hour you will never catch them. A FBI car is really fast to
    catch up with the criminal, but getting one is hard. The FBI cars carry
    4 heavily armoured agents and trying to jack one with 4 armoured members
    in it, your car would be toast with bullets in seconds. And also with
    the FBI car, you need a wanted level of 5 for them to even be available
    on the streets. And doing a vigilante mission with 5 stars is suiscide.
    Next, we come to the enforcer, Nah, way toooooo slow. So that only
    leaves the one car, the Cop car, it is fast, easy to find and takes a
    fair bit of damage.
    Cop cars can be found in the police stations where you are taken when
    you are busted. or just generally shoot someone near a driving cop car
    and the cop will get out, then just hop in the passenegers side door and
    drive off leaving the cop behind, this is the most common way and the
    wanted star will eventually go off leaving you to do the Vigilante
    mission without any hassle.
    What you have to do in this 'R3' mission is eliminate the criminals.
    This can be done any way, from blowing up their car, to damaging their
    car and then run them over. It is pretty hard and your car will get
    smashed up. You need to try and run the criminal off the road or damage
    his car big time, then he will get out.
    The criminal will be speeding along at a very fast pace, so it can be
    hard to catch up. Avoid going 100 miles an hour, because he can turn and
    trick you, but still go fast. Try to get to the side of him and either
    push into him or do a drive by. Pushing into him will cause him/her to
    lose control and hit afew objects. After the car is damaged enough, the
    person will get out. I just run them over if I can. After the criminal
    has been killed, it's mission accomplished and it is on to your next
    An alternative startegy is to basically pull up on the side and do a
    drive by, stick with the criminal on the speed limit, but not to close
    on the sides, then perform a drive by, and after awhile, his car will
    eventually explode. Also, the driver usully gets into a road block and
    things like that at time, so use a grenade and make the him and the
    roadblock dissapear. The explosion should kill him. Sometimes it might
    be better to hit the criminal head on. Just ram straight into him. Then
    turn around and the criminal will likely be against the wall. Then ram
    him/her to the limit.
    Of course, by doing these missions, your car will get trashed alot,
    especially while battling a truck or fish vans. After I have done 3
    vigilante missions, I always quit the mission and find a new car, just
    to make sure that my car isn't ready to blow up. Usually my car is
    trashed by then.
    Afew more Secrets to add: To get a very easy kill, chase the criminal
    while in your cop car, or whatever. Now once he is close to you, pause
    the game. Your probably thinking, what the hell? But then un pause it.
    Then you will notice that the criminal will actually slow down and get
    out of his car. Yes, this is a glitch, and leaves him open for an easy
    kill. Most people say that this is cheating, but reall how can it be, if
    exploiting a glitch is cheating, then that means reading a strategy
    guide is cheating. Sorry, off topic.
    Another major secret in this thing, it involves using cheats though.
    Heres what to do: Grab a cop car, but don't trigger the R3 mission yet.
    Drive the cop car back to your garage. Park the car in your garage.
    While still sitting in your car, activate the R3 mission. Hop out of
    your car, then run off somewhere near your hideout. Use the destroy all
    cars cheat (L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, T, S, O, T, L2, R2). This wil
    destroy all cars, including the criminals, but your car will be in your
    garage, so it will be repaired again. Hop back in the car, then go back
    out and use the destroy all cars again. You have to go back into your
    car every time otherwise it will say '50 seconds to end' or whatever,
    and the next criminal wont show up until you have got back into a police
    Of course, like all R3 missions, you have a certain time limit to kill
    the criminal in. the limit is very big though, so you shouldn't have any
    trouble with the requirements. Once again, the time accumulates so you
    get more time. Depending on the location, you get a different amount of
    time. If you hop out of your police car, another time limit will appear,
    this means that you have a certain amount of time to find a Police Car
    before the mission ends. When that timer reaches 0, the mission ends.
    You think your a cop hey, think again! the cops of Liberty City still
    know it's you. Even on a Vigilante mission where you run over someone
    with your police car and the cops see it, they will still want to arrest
    you, just because you are being a vigilant makes no difference to the
    cops, so still all the old rules count, such as hitting a cop, killing a
    cop and all that crap.
    Sometimes and usually all the time, cars are in the way of the criminal,
    so what you can do is press L3 in and your siren will come on. Sometimes
    it's the horn, if so, just press it again. When you next approach a car
    with your siren on, it will move out of the way for you, giving you a
    clear path, but sometimes cars don't move if you are drving on the wrong
    side of the road and sometimes they swerve into you instead.
    Kill 10 criminals in Portland and you get 1 police bribes delivered to
    your hideout.
    Kill 20 criminals in Portland and you get 2 police bribes delivered to
    your hideout.
    Kill 10 criminals in Staunton and you get a 3rd police bribe delivered
    to your hideout.
    Kill 20 criminals in Staunton and you get another Bribe delivered to
    your hideout.
    Kill 10 criminals in Shoreside to get a 5th bribe delivered to your
    Kill 20 criminals in Shoreside to get a 6th Police bribe delivered to
    your hideout.
    Killing all 60 criminals will gain you 1% on your overall percenatage
    The Only Vehicle a Ifre Fighter mission can be done in is, well, a Fire
    Truck. You know? Those big red chu-chu things :P
    Fire trucks can sometimes come when there is a fire, such as you use
    Molotiv Cocktails and grenades to catch a car or perason at that on
    fire, sometimes a fire truck will come. But usually, the fire will put
    itself out before you even hear the truck coming. So that why you rarely
    see any firetrucks roaming around the streets. Fire stations are the
    best way to get a fire truck. These are the locations of the Fire
    Portland: Across the road to the South of the AMCO gas stations.
    Staunton: Near the BJs Deli, near the Shoreside lift bridge, on the road
    below. Right next to the road.
    Shoreside: Entrance of the Airport, come in the main entrance, when you
    see the car-park gate, do a U Turn and on your right will be the Fire-
    What you have to do in this R3 mission is put out the fires on vehicles.
    Seems easy, and really it is. The vehicles never explode, thats funny,
    because usually if you see a car on fire normally in the game, it will
    explode about 2 seconds after, taking everything with it.
    This is really a simple mission to do. Requires only really driving
    skills, as most missions really do. To squirt the water, press the fire
    button, which is O. The fire-truck's hose will squirt out, mucky,
    looking ****. You once again, have time limit like all the other
    Each report, a car will be burning. You have to put the fire out on it.
    Drive to the car, and run into the car while squirting the water, this
    should put it out straight away, and also keep some of your speed. If
    your water wont reach it, or wont put it out for some reason, It's
    probably one of these things:
    1)Your missing the main fire part of the car, you may be hitting the car
    with water, but you aint getting the actual fire part of the car with
    the water. Move the turret.
    2)You are either too close, or too far away from the car and fire, move
    back/foward and try again.
    3)Your hitting the wrong car with water, sometimes hitting other cars
    can be fun, but be serious and hit the right car.
    4)Something must be wrong with it, hit the car to a different position,
    and then try squirting it again.
    5)You have already put the car out, or any other silly explanation that
    you could be doing if you are a Jackass.
    6)You might have some glitch that disallows you to put out the fire, or
    the car may be missing or something like that.
    Thats all you pretty much have to do, sounds easiy. Now to write up
    about all the other stuff to do with this mission:
    If you want the water to go to the side of the firetruck instead of
    shooting out the front because you are stuck, or don't want to move, or
    it is just quicker, then you can move the hose turret to shoot the water
    somewhere else. To move the turret, use the right analog stick. Move it
    how you would using the other analog stick while moving. Make sure you
    don't actually press the button in, otherwise you will quit the mission,
    probably accidently. Thats why I don't move the turret, and usually I
    don't need to anyway.
    Time accumulates after each car, and then once you put out the next car,
    you keep the time and also get some extra time. The Firetruck is a very
    powerful truck, it acts like a BarracksOL when pushing, so use this to
    your advantage when getting to burning vehicles, don't bother about goin
    around the vehciles, because the fire-truck will just clip the other
    cars anyway because it can't fit perfectly on the footpath (Or for you
    Americans, Sidewalk). So my point here, charge through the cars, ram
    them out of your way. It seems like with this mission, the Fire Truck
    can take alot of damage before giving up. This fire-truck will take
    about 8 times the damage of what a normal van/truck like this would
    normally take. I'm not sure about a Normal Fire-trcuk that isn't on a R3
    mission becsue I only get the Fire-Trucks to do these missions.
    Another thing I would like to mention, by doing these missions, you will
    put out fires on cars that are rare, or are exclusive to an island that
    you haven't got to yet. Some of these rare cars are:
    Mr Whoopie: Defently take this, this is one of the rarest vehicles in
    the game, you will need it for the Import/Export garage. Trust me, get
    it now or you will be sorry. End the R3 mission and take it to there.
    Flatbed: On the first island, thisis the only time I have seen one. It's
    not rare, as you can find them on the second/third island, but if you
    haven't unlocked the other islands, this is rare. Take it to the
    Import/Export garage, they wont one.
    Once again, this is what you do the missions for:
    Put out 60 fires, 20 in each district, and a Flamthrower will appear at
    you hideout. I'm not sure what percent it gives you for doing this.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What are the R3 missions?
    A: Special missions that can be done in certain cars, press R3 to put it
    Q: What cars have the special R3 missions?
    A: Cop cars, Enforcers, Kurumas, Rhinos, Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Taxis
    and Cabbies.
    Q: What do I have to do in the Vigilante mission?
    A: Kill the criminal.
    Q: What do I have to do on the Taxi mission?
    A: Take people to their location.
    Q: What do I have to do on the Paramedic mission?
    A: Pick up the people and take them back to the hospital.
    Q: What do I have to do on the Fire Fighter mission?
    A: Put out fires!
    Q: I have a hint/tip on a R3 mission, can I send it to you?
    A: Yes, sure, my email is Wayalla1@yahoo.com.au
    Q: Will I be credited on the information I send in?
    A: Yes you will.
    Q: Can I have this FAQ on my site?
    A: No! Only gamefaqs can have it.
    Q: Can I have some codes for this game?
    A: I only answer stuff about the 'R3' missions.
    Q: Can I print this guide?
    A: Of course, it can be used for personal and private use.
    Q: This seems like a good guide..
    A: I always like posotive feedback.
    Q: This guide is crap.....
    A; Dude, I already know that OK!
    Q: Can I send in a Frequently Asked Question?
    A: Yes
    Q: I can't get the adreninline pill at my hideout even though you said
    to get 85 sick poeple to the hospital? What am I doing wrong?
    A: The paramedic missions are funny sometimes, and I have heard reports
    that some poeple haven't even gotten the adreniline pill to they have
    reached Ambulance level 12, so my advice is that you just keep saving
    people and I guess eventually you will get it.
    21: TRICKS
    Drive By
    You can perform a drive by attack on anyone while in a car, heres what
    to do: Hold down L2 to look left or R2 to look right. While in this
    view, press and hold O to to a drive by. Note this can only be done with
    an Uzi.
    Any weapon drive by
    I found this out by myslef. First of all, get out of your car and then
    hold up another by standing in front of it. Then jump onto the bonnet
    and stay on there. Once the car takes off, you can shoot while the car
    is moving for you. If you shoot the car sometimes the driver will go
    super fast.
    When someone is coming at you really fast, you can press the 'jump'
    button and you can perform a dive to move out of the way like the
    pedestrians do. It can be really hard sometimes to do it.
    Staunton Early
    I have never done this, but apparnetly you can get to Staunton Island
    Early by using the tank Fly Cheat and you can jump the broken part in
    the bridge. I have actually never done this, my friends just said you
    can do that, but I don't really like to cheat and just swap levels.
    Fake Hijack
    I can only seem to do this with car theifs. You can somehow pretend to
    get in the car, but actually pull the guy out and not get in. Any info
    will be accepted about this.
    Shortcut missions
    On some missions, you already might know what to do, so you can wait at
    the location. Eg, you can just go to the Portland Harbour early on the
    mission "Cutting the Grass" and destroy the Forelli bros. at the start.
    Free Re-spray
    If you painted your car at the pay n' spray and you didn't like the
    colour, go back in to the shop and you will get a free re-spray with
    usually a different colour.
    Hooker trick
    believe it or not, but I own the Australian copy of the game, so the
    Hooker thingy is edited out, but I atill know abit about what to do. Go
    up to a hooker, and she will stand near your car and you will start
    chatting, after awhile, she will get in your car. You will lose money
    for every second she is in the car. Take her to a secluded location and
    the car will rock and your health will go up.
    Free Stuff
    Hop into an Enforcer (S.W.A.T van) and your armour will be refilled back
    up to 100
    Hop into a cop car and you will get 5 shotgun shells
    Hop into an ambulance and your health will go up by 20.
    Once you hop in one of these vehicles, you can't get back out and then
    get back in it and it will give you more.
    Weapons at your hideout
    Collect hidden packages and after every 10, a weapon will appear at your
    hideout and will come back after awhile from when you took it.
    here is the prize chart:
    10: Pistol      20: Uzi           30: Shotgun
    40: Grenades    50: Armour        60: Molotiv Cocktails
    70: AK47        80: Sniper Rifle  90: M-16
               100: Bazooka + $1,000,000
    Walk like Pedestrians
    I have never seen this trick anywhere. Have you ever wanted to fit in
    with the pedestrians on the streets just walking around? Well you can.
    Using the Analog, push the stick up, but not all the way up, and your
    character will walk. Move it down lower, and you will walk slower, but
    it up the farthest and your character will normal run.
    Immune to gang hatred
    Are the Cartel and Mafia blowing your cars to pieces every time you go
    through there territory? Ever failed a mission because of these damn
    gang members on the street? Well, there actually is a solution. It may
    take a little while to do, but it will last until you next die, save or
    turn off the console. No, this isn't a hoax. What to do: Sadly, it
    involves cheat to work. When you did the last mission for Marty Chonks
    ("HER LOVER"), you will be able to see Marty Chonks. What does this have
    to do with the gang hatred? keep reading and find out. Once he is dead,
    have a look at his body, and the clothes he is wearing. Notice that last
    thing. Now, use the change costume cheat until you get to that costume
    (Note: This doesn't have to be done next to Marty's body) It can take a
    while to get to the costume, but once you get to it, it is all worth
    while. There are afew of these costumes, but only one is the real Marty
    Chonks style. Once you have the costume, walk around the streets and you
    will be immune from gang hatred. If you get shot at, you will know that
    it isn't the right one. Now you can go along the streets and you wont be
    shot at! if you steal someones car, he will try to take it back. but the
    Cartel and any other gangs that hate you wont shoot at you. If you
    threaten them, they will act as the pedestrians and just run away.
    Run Forever
    You can run forever by tapping the X button instead of holding it down.
    Another way that you can run forever is to run and press Triangle at the
    same time, the character will now run forever because when you are
    chasing a car, you can just keep on running.
    (Thanks to AcidSiefer)
    More Cars in Hideout
    Just thought I should mention it if I haven't already. This can be done
    on your Staunton Island garage. You will notice that your garage can fit
    in about 5 cars by the look of it, but when you go to put another car
    in, it says that it can't hold any more. Well, there is a way to get
    3/4/5/6 cars in there. Pakr your car next to the garage door. Get out
    and amke sure that you leave your door open ready to egt back in and
    drive really quick. Approach the garage door as if you were going to get
    a car from in there, the garage door will open. Quickly press triangle
    to get in your car just next to the garage door and drive it in, the
    garage door wil try and shut, but will just go back up. Thus allowing
    you to fit another car in your garage. Make some space, because you can
    fit more cars in there.
    [1] North end of path, follow the road down to where the Porter tunnel
    usually is open to and above it is the hidden package. Directions from
    hideout: Take the first right when coming out, and then take the left
    road when the two split. Take this road all the way around until it
    turns onto a major road near Hepburn heights. Take this road to the left
    (north) and follow the road over the bridge and you will come to the
    Porter Tunnel. Search around near the top of where the tunnel starts to
    dip in to find it.
    [2] Head radio station roof, you need to jump from the train tracks to
    get on top of it. You will lose health but it's of course worth it.
    [3] Amco gas station. Jump on the street wall of the gas station (Behind
    it) and keep your balance, jump down at the end and take a running leap
    to the other building. Ok, now I will give you directions to get to the
    AMCO gas station: Take the first Right once you come out your hideout
    and take the left road as the two split. Take this road until it comes
    into another road and immediately turn right and take the closest road
    on your left. Follow this road and you will be there.
    [4] Inside Easy Credit Autos, break the glass and it is in there with
    the Banshee. Use the same directions I gave you for the Gas Station, as
    Easy Credit Autos is right by AMCO gas station.
    [5] Go around the left side of Salavtore's mansion, it is in the little
    alley between the bar and the wall. Direction to Salvatore's:
    Immediately take the first left as you come out your hideout and then
    take the 2nd street on your left. Take this street all the way around
    and it will eventually go right by Salvatore's mansion.
    [6] Beach below Salavtores mansion, take the path on the right side of
    his house down to the beach and head left, and under the enclosed bit
    will be the hidden package. Use same directions as the last hidden
    package. Just use the path near the house to get down to the beahc, then
    start looking over to your left.
    [7] Behind a house, from your hideout, take a right, and then go up and
    you will see a little entrance to a house on your right, go in here and
    around the back is the package.
    [8] It is in a planter, snoop around near El Burros contact point in the
    park in Hepburn Heights. D.F.H: When you come out of your hideout, turn
    left and then take the first left once again and follow this street down
    and turn off to the first left. Search around in the park.
    [9] In a big grass area in Hepburn heights, if you come roaring down the
    big street in ST Marks, keep going past the road and into the grass
    area. Bail and in this area turn and run left, you will find it
    somewhere between two trees. Directions From hideout: use the same
    directions for the last one, but instead take the road to all the way to
    near the straight and snoop around in the grass area to the right.
    [10] -
    [11] Climb rubble facing to the street with the potholes. It is in a
    little area with dirt and stuff surrounding it. Directions from Hideout
    are as followed: Turn right out of your hideout, and then take the left
    road as the two split. Take the right road and then the seond left.
    Drive foward up to the alley on the left and climb the Rubble.
    [12] Use driveway near the garage you took the car for "RIGGED TO BLOW",
    or if you are still in Portland, it is the section across from
    Salavtore's mansion. Drive down there and over the roof and then look
    back to find the hidden package. Directions from Hideout: Take the left
    road out of your hideout and then take the first road on the left and
    follow this road all the way down until it ends. Take the road that is
    nearly in front of you to the right. Follow this road all the way up and
    keep going until you see Salvatore's Mansion. Take your car to the left
    and you will see a little alley. Drive your car down and jump the roof.
    Then turn around and face the part you just jumped and you will find the
    hidden package.
    [13] Quite easy this one, use the stairs to get up to Luigi's sex club 7
    roof. Search around here and you are bound to find it. From your
    hideout, take a left out and then take your first left road, follow it
    up and then take the first road on your left. Alternatively, follow the
    L on your radar if you are still doing Luigi's missions.
    [14] Clib up onto Luigis roof and then jump one roof West using your
    radar. Use the same directions that I gave to get to luigi's before.
    [15] Use alley stairs of Woody Topless bar and gain acces to the roof.
    Woody's bar is located over the road from Luigi's in the Red Light
    District. Use the directions I gave for Luigi's, but instead keep going
    up and take the first right from where I stopped saying the directions
    from Luigi's, then take the little alley on the right and then go up the
    stairs in the alley onto the roof.
    [16] You cannot get this one until you have Staunton island open. It is
    in the middle level of the Chinatown subway.
    [17] Inside rush construction building. It's and empty house/shop near
    the subway on the corner. Use a weapon/car to break the glass down and
    it will be in the middle. Directions are as followed: Take a left out of
    your hideout and chuck a left at the next road. Follow this road all the
    way up to the end and right at the end on your left will be the glass
    windows for the empty house.
    [18] In the middle of the big road going around ST Marks, (The same road
    with Salavtore's mansion on it, look for a little path on the left, and
    you will find a little alley, check in each backyard and I think the
    first one on the right has the hidden package.
    [19] Near 8-Balls you will notice a tunnel, go through the tunnel and
    near all the Hobo's is the hidden package. Also you can go through the
    tunnel at the 'Supa Save' store located near the Portland Harbour.
    [20] Super Save roof, you will need to get on the above Train Tracks,
    there is a place where you can get on the tracks from near here. Make a
    leaping jump onto the roof and you will find it. To get to Supa Save
    from your hideout: Turn left out of your hideout and follow the same
    main road all the way down. Take the right road when the two split at
    the end, keep following the road past Greasy Joe's cafe and the entrance
    to the Triad Fish company. keep following the same road past Atlantic
    Queys and you will eventually come to a + section. Turn right at here
    and go past the Harbour, and then on the right will be the upa Save
    [21] Back alley next to the 'Hong Hung inc.' store located in Chinatown.
    Look for the sign in Chinatown, very easy if you don't have the Triads
    shooting at you. Go around the back and you will find the alley.
    Directions: From your hideout turn left out and take the fifth road on
    your left. Follow it down and the Hong Hung inc. sign will be right in
    front of your eyes. Find the back alley and there it willbe.
    [22] If you have done "Trial by Fire" for El Burro, this package will be
    easy peasy to find. Go up the stairs of the alley onto the roof.
    This alley is located in Chinatown and alos has a rampage in it as well.
    Directions are followed: Take a left out of your hideout and take the
    6th road on the left (Stick to the left part of the man road, because
    some of the streets don't all the way through). Straight away on the
    right will be a small alley, find the stairs and it is on the roof.
    [23] Roast pecking duck back alley, located in Chinatown. look around
    for the sign, or just search the alley's. Direction From hideout: Take a
    left out of hideout and then take the 6th street on the left, then take
    the first right. Then take the first left and you will see the sign.
    Search around the back alley.
    [24] Inside Bitchin' dog food factory. Near Joeys garage. Let the gates
    open for you and go around the back to find it between Marty's and the
    wall. From your hideout, take the road to the left, and follow this all
    the way down, past Greasy Joes Cafe and past Atlantic Queys. Pass the +
    section and you will enter a square looking section where joey's garage
    is. The btichin Dog Food company is on the right.
    [25] Liberty Pharamcuetical's roof, once again you need to jump from the
    train tracks. On the left corner near the road is the package. Also
    there is some weapons up here as well.
    [26] Near the ship at Portland Harbour, you will notice some stairs, go
    up them, and keep heading that way and jump to the awning of the next
    bulding. You should see it from here. Directions: From where you got the
    one from the Bitchin' dog food company, take the same road back out.
    When you come to the + section, go left. Take the road down and then
    take the road into the Portland harbour. Go the right side with the Mule
    parking and when you ghet to the end with the water, turn right, and
    then right again at the corner. Get out of your vehicle and you will see
    the stairs. Jump to the roof North once up on this roof.
    [27] -
    [28] Knock down the fence in front of Joey's Garage to find this one.
    I'm not sure where the exact location is, but I'm sure you will find it
    soon enough. Directions: Take a left out of your hideout and follow this
    road all the way down, when the road splits, go the right section and
    continue down past Greasy joes Cafe and past Atlantic Queys until you
    get to the + section again. Keep going foward, and on the left is the
    fence that you have to knock down to get the package.
    [29] -
    [30] This one is hard, you need to use a saw dust ramp to get onto the
    Portland Saw mill roof. Explore around the top and you will eventually
    find this sneaky little package. Directions to saw mill: From your
    hideout, take the 4th left and then the second right and you will be on
    the road where the Callahan bridge is. Go left and then quicly take the
    first right and there is the saw mill, with the 2 vans parked outside.
    [31] First of all steal a 'Belly Up' fish van. Use it to get into the
    Turtle head fish co and it is around the back on a ledge near the Gas
    Cannisters. Directions from hideout: take a left out and follow the main
    road all the way down and go the right road when it splits. Across the
    road from the Greasy Joe's Cafe is the turtle head fish co. Steal a
    belly up fish van first.
    [32] End of paved Pier, near the party and Atlantic Queys. It goes all
    the way out to the left. Don't worry, just keep looking on the Pillars
    and you will eventually find it. It is near a Unique jump near the
    warehouse where you did "I Scream You Scream". These hidden packages are
    really hard to explain where they are. Directions: take a left out of
    your hideout, then follow the road all the way down, even past the Cafe.
    When you get to Atlantic Queys, don't turn down the little street that
    just continues straight where the Party was, take the second right.
    Follow the road STRAIGHT, and you will be off the road. Then turn to
    your left and follow the pillar and you will find it at the end of the
    [33] Acces to Staunton is required to get this one, you must get a boat
    and go to one of the rock Island located near the Turtle head fish co.
    It is the cloest island to there. Search around all the rock islands and
    your bound to find it if you keep on going around from the water near
    [34] It is around the back from phils Army Surplas store, or if you
    haven't done that mission, it is in the road that leads to a bit of land
    going out near the hosptial and the stadium. It is at the Northest point
    of Stuaton, so use your radar to get there.
    [35] Next to the stadium, it is behind of the fifty rockstar signs. It
    is on the corner behind one of them, near the last hidden package. Where
    the two roads meet you will find it. Okay, I will directy you from your
    hideout, first of all, turn left when you first come out and follow this
    road to Fort Staunton, and take the first left. Follow this road until
    you see the first right, take it, and you should be on the road where
    the phone for King Courtny is. Follow this road all the way up and once
    it ends, it will be behind the rocksatr road on the corner.
    [36] Ok, kind of a hard one. Head over to the hospital, grab an
    ambulance and reverse it. You will see the hidden package up on an
    overhang. Park the ambulance then get out and jump on top of the
    ambulance and up onto the overhang and you will see the package right in
    front of your eyes. Know I will direct you from your hidoeut. take the
    first left out, then the first left again and then the first right. You
    will once again be on the road where the phone is for King Courtny. On
    this road, take the second right and you will come to the hopsital. Take
    the road in or use the stairs, and the ambulance will be down there.
    [37] it is at the stadium entrance, near the gate and near the stairs.
    Go up the stairs at the stadium and you will see it. It is also near the
    car-park you will see where you had to steal a fast car for kneji's
    friend on the mission "Grand theft Auto". Once again, directions from
    your hideout. First left out, first left again near Fort Staunton and
    take the first road on the right. Then take the first left and turn into
    the stdium gate on your right.
    [38] Near the University of Liberty City, in Cartel territory near the
    construction site in Fort Staunton. It is on the street side and if you
    are coming from the hospital, it is on the right, well the Universoty is
    anyway. because I'm so nice, I will give you directions from your
    hideout. Take the first left out, and then take the road that is pretty
    much straight in front of you. Take this down and on the left is the
    University, snoop around here and you are bound to find it.
    [39] Go into the construction site and it is on the second level, find
    the stairs leading up to a good sniper spot and snoop around and you
    will eventually find it sooner or later. Fort Staunton is as soon as you
    pretty much go to the left of your hideout. Snoop around and you will
    find it upsatirs.
    [40] It is on the top of a little bridge located in Cartel territory, it
    is on the main road that goes all the way around Liberty near the
    construction site. You will need to climb the steel to get up to where
    it is. Direction from hidout: Take the first left as you come out of
    your hideout. Take the first right and you will pass through Fort
    Staunton and Cartel territory. Follow this road all the way up until it
    ends and then turn left and a little way down you will find the bridge.
    [41] -
    [42] This one is inside the construction site, at the south east most
    part of it (use your radar) It is near a house under construction in the
    corner next to a Cartel Cruiser. Fort Staunton is near your hideout,
    snoop around and you will find it in the corner near the barricade next
    to the first road on the left.
    [43] -
    [44] This one is in the Multi Story garage where you done the mission
    "Multi-Story Mayhem". If you don't know where this is, I will lead you
    from your hideout. Take a right (South) When you first come out, then
    keep going down the road until you come to the first road (Not including
    that small one with the Hotels). Take this road and then turn off of it
    at the first left. Keep going down this road and you will find it in thr
    Garage on about the 2nd level near one of the ramps.
    [45] Next to the alley of Bjs grocery and deli shop. it is in the back
    alley near the lift Bridge. From your hideout take a left out and then
    take a left at the next road. Follow this road all the way down to the
    end. Take a left and on the left again will be BJ Grocery and Deli. look
    for the back alley.
    [46]	On rooftop, you need to jump from the Shoreside lift Bridge. From
    your hideout tkae a right (South) and follow this road all the way until
    you get to the Callahn bridge. Turn right at the intersection and follow
    this road all the way dwon until it ends. Turn right and keep on heading
    down, you will eventually come to the spiralling part of the Shoreside
    Lift bridge. It doesn't matter if it is open or not, you don't have to
    go that far up to get it. Jump basically nearly straight ahead to about
    the right and land safely on a rooftop where you will find the hidden
    [47] -
    [48] Located in the basketball court in the park. From your hideout head
    south and take the first entrance to the park on your right. Follow the
    entrance all the way down the path and you will come to the basketball
    courts. Look for the entrance to the one on the right, because thats
    where it is.
    [49] This one requires you to have Shoreside Vale open. It is on the
    very high part of the bridge where it lifts up. You need to get a car,
    stand on it and jump to the middle section on the part where the bridge
    goes up. From your hideout, take a right and follow the road down to to
    you get to the big main road where the Callahan bridge comes onto. Take
    a right and follow the road down until it ends, take a right and follow
    tis road all the way, go up onto the Lift Bridge and park your car on
    the actual bit that lifts up. Park your car next to the centre of the
    bridge and then jump up onto your car, then jump onto the middle of the
    bridge. When it goes up, there will be the hidden package.
    [50] Beneath the bridge in the park, the same park where you do Ray
    Machowski's levels. From your hideout take a right and follow the road
    down. Take the second entrance to the park and find the bridge. Look
    under it and on the path will be the package.
    [51] From your hideout, take a left. Then take the right road at the
    intersection and go down the second right road. Follow this road down
    abit and on the left you will see Asuka's condo. Jump down into the
    carpark part. Go down onto the second pier.
    [52] Near the Callahan bridge in an alleyway. From your hideout take a
    right and follow the road down to the road on the Callahan bridge. Turn
    right and then take another right so you are on the street next to the
    callahan bridge heading south. Follow this road and on your left you
    should see a pth going down into a garage and a path next to it. Go on
    that one and turn into the alley. Follow this around and you will find
    the package.
    [53] Top of Museum stairs, direction from hideout: Take a left out of
    your hideout, and then take the next road on your right. Follow this all
    the way down, past Cartel territory. When iut ends, you will have 2 ways
    to go, turn right onto a highway, follow this down until you are under
    the Callahan bridge. Then look for a big building on your left somewhere
    just past here. At the top of the stairs is the Hidden Package.
    [54] -
    [55] This hidden package is in the Police Station Back lot, from your
    hideout, turn right and follow the road down to it ends. Take the road
    that is nearly straight of you. Turn off at the very first left and take
    this road down, keep going up and past the first left will be the police
    [56] This one is in the Lot Leading to the Police Station Back Lot. Take
    a right out of your hideout, then take this road down to it ends. Take
    the road that is basically straight ahead of you, take the left path.
    Straight away on your left will be the police station. Turn into it and
    go down the ramp, turn the corner right and you will see the hidden
    package on your left.
    [57] Behind the Church. From your hideout, take a right and follow the
    road down until it hits the road with the Callahan bridge. Turn right
    onto this road and then take your first left. Follow this road down.
    After the first right, you will see a church. Look for the entrance just
    after this road and before the next right road. Go behind the back past
    some lights and you will find it at the back.
    [58] -
    [59] In an Underground Carpark near the AMCO building, it is at the
    back. From your hideout, take a right. Follow the road as it curves, and
    then when it ends, take a right. Immediately take the next left you come
    across, then take the first left once again. Follow the road down and
    turn down the third street on your right. Look to the right and you will
    see the garage. Turn into there and at the back of the Parking lot you
    will find the hidden package.
    [60] Top of AMCO roof, same directions as last hidden Package from
    hideout. The AMCO Building is across the road from the Abandoned House.
    [61] In the House withe glass around it. Shoot down the glass and go up
    the stairs to find the package. Take a right out of your hideout, then
    follow the road as it goes all the way down and take the real upper
    right section as the two roads kind of split. Follow this road all the
    way up, until you see a second road on your right. Just before here on
    your left will be the glass, this is the house. Break it down with your
    car or a Shotgun bullet and go up the stairs to find it.
    [62] Door facing intersection. From your hideout, take a right out. When
    you reach the road with the bridge, turn right and then at the next
    intersection up farther, turn left. Keep following this road foward, and
    you will find the hidden package straight ahead of you on this road.
    *More coming soon*
    1: I will be assuming that you haven't unlocked Staunton island while
    getting these Portland Unique jumps. Head towards the broken Callahan
    bridge. Go up the bridge past the barriers and go all the way up to
    where it has been destroyed. While looking at the damage, do a U-Turn
    and head back the opposite way, towards portland. You will see a ramp in
    the middle. You have to hit the ramp and clear the first part between
    the bridge. Punch the gas from the broken section of the bridge, and hit
    the ramp, keep punching the gas while in the air and you should land
    really far away on the grass beneath. If at any time you hit the bridge
    side after you have gone over the ramp, the jump will not be counted. A
    fast sports car is required for this jump, something like a Banshee from
    the Car place near 8-Balls, because of the small rev up space to work
    2: Head towards the broken Callahan bridge. Go between the two roads
    that lead onto it, so that you are underneath the bridge. Roll over the
    hill of grass, and then keep going until you reach the road. Then do a
    full 180 degree turn and head back the way you came. Keep pushing the
    gass, hit that grass hill that you went over and you will go flying into
    the air. Keep holding down X, and you will make it. Pass over the first
    section and then hit the next or land before for it to count. Once
    again, I reccomend a Banshee for this jump, but I suppose a Banshee is
    required for all jumps probably.
    3: Come into Portland from the Callahan bridge, or start at the broken
    section and head down towards Portland. Follow the street as it goes
    east, and keep heading up the road. About 5 seconds after that, turn
    back and head back down towards the callahan bridge. As you do this, you
    will see a little ramp to your left. You have to hit that and clear that
    building there. So get a run up with your fast car, rev it up, let go of
    R1 and keep holding the gas. Hit the ramp, and then clear the building.
    That is the requirements to complete this jump. Watch when you go over
    the building in slow motion, it's funny because you usually crush
    someone. Then steal their money :P
    4: Head down to the docks. At the entrance to the docks (The main
    entrance that has a carpark straight in-front of it with different cars
    like a Kuruma and a Yankee) Turn Right (South). Keep heading up and you
    will see a ramp, your aim is to hit the ramp, and clear the trailers
    there. So back up, rev up, and then power over the ramp and clear most
    of the trailers, and stop just before the water for this one to count.
    5: Somewherwe in the middle of Chinatown near the subway I think there
    is a ramp that looks like a jump, well, it is a jump. Get speed back
    from it, and jump off the ramp onto the overhead train tracks. To make
    this jump count, you just need to get onto the train tracks, but it can
    be picky at times, so try it with the Banshee and you will get it
    24: RAMPAGES
    OBJECTIVE: Eliminate 20 diablos with a M16 in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: Alley of Woody's topless bar
    LOCATION 2: Near the basketball courts
    TIPS: This rampage is very easy. Don't worry if the Diablo's start to
    	gang up, you have a M16. Two shots can kill a Diablo and you have
    	unlimited ammo. The Diablos only have baseball bats and the odd
    	ones have guns. If possible, find a place where you are sheltered
    	from them, or just easily run out onto the street and start
    	waving bullets around everywhere. Location 2 has a place that
    	stops the Diablo's getting in, because they are stupid. Another
    	way you can do this Rampage is to stand on top of a car. the
    	Diablos' baseball bats wont reach up and gives you a really good
    	spot to sniper from with your M16. try to make the car stop, at
    	the trafic lights or destroy a car in front of it so there is a
    	pileup. Sniper from the car and you will be right.
    OBJECTIVE: Kill 25 Triads with an Uzi in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: Chinatown alley, near the level "Trial by Fire" super-
    	weapon, the flamethrower.
    LOCATION 2: Unknown
    TIPS: Before even starting the rampage, bring a car into the alley with
    	you and face out, the reason is because it saves time and you are
    	not going to kill the Triads face to face. Get the rampage then
    	get back in the car and head down the main street of Chinatown.
    	Perform drive-by's on the suckers, and the more of them, the
    	merrier. Keep going up and down the same street, performing
    	drive-bys. This will take your kills up alot, if the Triads try
    	to car-jack you, do a drive by on them. If your car does get
    	damaged alot, then start to fight on foot, shoot the Triad guys
    	who aint looking. This is the easiest way to do it, and if you
    	decide to just take them all on with your Uzi on foot, you will
    	be dead in no time, as the Uzi can take awhile to kill. If you
    	get in a group of triads, sprint out and then turn around and
    	start firing. Some will decide to run away, so shoot them as
    	well. Sometimes Fish Vans come, but are really poor drivers that
    	will try and run you over.
    OBJECTIVE: Kill 20 Triads with a shotgun in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: Sitting near Mean Street Taxis
    LOCATION 2: Ledge behind hospital
    TIPS: I always prefer location 1, because it is just better. Head onto
    	the street and Triad's will be everywhere around the streets,
    	even if it isn't there turf. Aim and fire the shotgun and after
    	awhile the Triads will start to get nasty. If you hold  R1, then
    	shoot and then quickly hold R1 and then shoot again, you wont
    	have to reload the Shotgun so you can get easy kills without the
    	hastle of reloading. 20 triad members are easily found walking
    	the street of the Harbour, but sometimes if you turn around and
    	then look back, some of them go away.
    OBJECTIVE: Kill 20 Mafia with an AK47 in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: The hideout where you took the guys back on "The Getaway"
    LOCATION 2: Unknown
    TIPS: Location 1 is actually better, the reason I say this is because
    	thats where I did it. Do this rampage before you do the mission
    	"Sayanara Salvatore". For the simple reason that the Mafia wont
    	be pissed off at you yet. If you do it after you have done that
    	mission, the mafia will carry deadly shotguns that can tear your
    	health down to 0 in about 3 shots. Once you get the first
    	location rampage, head out onto the streets, and if the mafia
    	arn't pissed off with you, go on a killing spree and shoot
    	everyone you see. the AK47 has excellent range and can lock onto
    	targets from very far away, use this to you advantage. Kill the
    	Mafia guy cloest to you first, and then work your way through the
    	other ones. this rampage is fairly easy, if you haven't done
    	"Sayanara Salvatore" yet.
    OBJECTIVE: Destroy 10 vehicles using grenades in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: Top of Trian Tracks
    LOCATION 2: Unknown
    TIPS: First, jump down off the train tracks, and then down onto the
    	street. Hold up traffic by standing in front and then throw
    	grewnades at the vehicle. It will explode, others will alos catch
    	on fire and blow up, after awhile. Try to create a massive
    	roadblock where all cars are piled up together, then throw a
    	grenades. you can alos blow up the ambulances and cop cars for
    	afew freebie kills, then consentrate on the cars. Sometimes the
    	cops come, but just throw grenades at the car and low them to
    	Kingdom Come. Just remember to create a roadblock, thats about
    	the most importent thing to do to get cars banked up. And also
    	remember there are 3 freebie vehicles parked at the hospital/Cop
    	station. So really you only need to destroy about 7 civilian
    	cars. This rampage really shouldn't be any trouble, the only
    	things that make it hard are the cars sometimes blow up next to
    	you and sometimes the cops can get in your face.
    OBJECTIVE: Destroy 12 vehciles with a Rocket Launcher in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: Across from the old Chool hall
    LOCATION 2: behind a tree near Greasy joes cafe (To the east)
    TIPS: Finally you get to use the big mamma of weapons, the rocket l
    	auncher. Run up onto the street at location 1 and just start
    	firing at passing cars, and sometimes creating roadblocks to hold
    	up more cars. Where you are is a safe alley to pick off cars
    	from, so the cops can't come from the back. Sometimes vigilante
    	civilians will try and stop you from blowing them up, but don't
    	worry about them, just let them get the random punch in the head,
    	it's impossible to actually kill them with the Rocket Launcher
    	because they are too close. Always make a pileup, that the main
    	rule. that will help you very much. At location 2, go down the
    	highway and just start killing the cars as they come to you. You
    	can even go down to greasy Joe's cafe for afew freebie vehicles.
    OBJECTIVE: Behead 12 Yardies with a Sniper Rifle in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: Top of the AMCO building
    LOCATION 2: Kenji's Casino (Use stairs)
    TIPS: At location 1, you are on top of a bulding, which  basically
    	means that you wont get shot at by the Yardies. But you need to
    	use head shots to kill them. Sometimes they will run away, so
    	don't worry about those guys. Keep a steady aim, and shoot when
    	you hvae a perfect shot at a Yardie heads. Only head shots count.
    	If you run out of targets, let go of R1 and then press and hold
    	it again and more targets will appear. Also what you can do is
    	jump down off the roof and youwill notice a little 'Fence' thing
    	protecting you from the Yardies, here you can easily see over the
    	top and gives you a clear headshot at all yardies, doing this
    	will give you heaps of time to spare. At location 2, jump down of
    	the catwalks and run down onto the road, from here, pick of the
    	Yardies. Location 1 is beeter to do this one at because there are
    	more targets and closer to you.
    OBJECTIVE: Kill 25 Yardies with the Grenades in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: Alley near Fire Station
    LOCATION 2: Alleyway south of Liberty
    TIPS: Both of these are alleys, and the best way to do this rampage is
    	to throw grenades out from the alley into the street. Other
    	Yardie's might come to get you, but then just throw grenades and
    	run. Lure more yardies into the alley and throw grenades into
    	there path, then watch them all die. Don't stand next to the
    	grenades otherwise you will be dead in no time. If you do get
    	surrounded, run like hell, turn around, drop a grenade and then
    	run away again, this will kill all yardie's behind you. Keep
    	throwing grenades and you will be done in no time.
    OBJECTIVE: Destroy 8 vehicles with a shotgun in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: Northeast corner of park
    LOCATION 2: Southwest corner of park
    TIPS: Before you even start, make a pile of cars in the park next to
    	the rampage, or just back abit so you don't get the explosion.
    	Trigger the rampage and destroy these 3 vehicles. Now you will
    	only have 5 cars to destroy, head to the road and start shooting
    	cars, so will drive off speeding because you shot them, don't
    	worry about them. Aim at the cars that don't drive away and shoot
    	them to pieces. the chain reaction can destroy other cars as well
    	that are banked up. After you have destroyed afew cars, the cops
    	will be on you. Who cares, just kill the cops and destroy their
    	cars. You are given so much time to do this rampage and it is one
    	of the easiest to do.
    OBJECTIVE: Kill 20 yardies with a Rocket Launcher in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: Cemetry near church
    LOCATION 2: Planter near the mission "Knigdom Come"
    TIPS: A very hard rampage, due to the yardies can get into your face
    	and strat punching and there is really nothing you can do. You
    	can blow them to Kingdom Come, but then you will probably go with
    	them. From location one, take a car and get over to the empty
    	house across from the AMCo building. Go up the stairs and here is
    	a good sniper spot for using thr Rocket Launcher. Aim out the
    	window and fire everywhere, you have unlimited ammo, so just keep
    	shooting. Try to kill the Yardie's in packs if possible, this
    	will take your amount to kill down. Gettting to tis part is the
    	only real time consuming part of the rampage. the Yardie's wont
    	get to where you are, so you don't have to worry about that.
    OBJECTIVE: Kill 20 Yakuza with a Flamethrower in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: Parking lot near Donald Love's place ("Kingdom Come")
    LOCATION 2: South side of Church
    TIPS: Actually this one is an easy rampage. The yakuza are friends with
    	you all the game, and this wont be an exception. They wont shoot
    	at you unless you threaten them. Your best bet is to just go
    	behind them and use the flamethrower on there backs. the only
    	trouble is that the fire couold catch onto you. Location 1 is
    	better, because there are more Yakuza fools to elimainte, making
    	the whole rampage easier.
    OBJECTIVE: Kill 15 Yakuza with Molotiv Cocktails in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: In a doorway of the bulding near the Unique Jump with the
    	grass and the grass ramp and trees.
    LOCATION 2: Garage near 8-Balls
    TIPS: Location 1 I think is better. Run South and head down to kenji's
    	Casino or near there. here will be many Yakuza that are easy to
    	kill. Always hold down O when you want to throw a Molotiv
    	cocktail, otherwise you will be burnt, and if you are burnt 3
    	times (If you had armour) you will die. Always throw them high
    	and kill the yakuza in groups. The Yakuza are friendly to you, so
    	killing them will be no problem, and the Yardies will walk into
    	there turf, so this creates a diversion away from you. Kill all
    	Yakuza you can see, avoid the flames on the ground and head for
    	the next guys. lso be careful that your Molotiv Cocktail doesn't
    	hit a wall next to you, otherwise once again you wil probably be
    	burnt to death once again. For location 2, walk out onto the
    	highway near Asuka's Condo to kill the Yakuza.
    OBJECTIVE: Destroy 15 vehicles using a M16 in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: Southern building of College
    LOCATION 2: Construction site
    TIPS: Do what you do for every rampage where you have to steal cars.
    	Jack about 3 cars, then block the roadway. Gte the rampage then
    	destroy those 3 cars and hopefully the other cars being blocked
    	will get the reaction as well. If not and they start to drive
    	away really fast, aim and destroy them. the M16 fires bullets
    	real rapidly and can detroy cars in seconds. Wait for cars to
    	come to the roadblock and then detsroy them quick. Run out onto
    	the roads as well and just pick off cars as they come. This
    	rampage is really easy. Some freebie cars can be found at the
    	Stadium if you need to go there. Location 1 is closer to here.
    OBJECTIVE: Behead 20 Cartel using a Sniper Rifle in 120 seconds
    LOCATION 1: Near lot of Cochraine dam
    LOCATION 2: Roof of small garage behind cop station
    TIPS: Location 1 is ont op of like a roof, this is the better location.
    	Stand up top near the edge and look down. Aim and shoot at the
    	Cartel heads. the Cartel will get scared and run underneath and
    	pile up down below where you can't get to them, at any stage don
    	not jump down. You will land in about a group of 10 Cartel, who
    	will shoot you to pieces. Aim and only headshots count, so use
    	them wisely. To get more targets, let go of R1 and then re press
    	it and look down again and more targets will re-appear. After the
    	rampage is complete, the Cartel will still be down below.
    Refill Health
    In game press:
    As this code says, it refills your health. No matter how much you have
    left, it will always take your health back up to 100 hearts. Good for if
    you are in a gang war or something. Also this cheat repairs your car,
    all smoke will be gotten rid of, and your car will be brand new but it
    Doesn't look it though.
    Refill Armour
    In game press:
    Ahh yes, good old armour. This is a backup for health basically and goes
    down first. Use this cheat to backup your health with some srmour. Once
    again no matter what it will take your armour back up to full once you
    use the cheat. This cheat can be used while walking or in a car. but of
    course it doesn't refill your cars health, only refills your characters
    All Weapons
    In game press:
    All true blue cheaters alike will use this cheat. This gives you all
    weapons that are possibly available in the game into your baggage. It
    gives you about 5 Shotgun Shells, 75 Uzi bullets, 5 Bazooka shells, 200
    M-16 bullets, 200 AK47 Bullets, 5 sniper bullets, 75 pistol ammo, 5
    grenades + Moltoives. What more could you possibly want? How about
    unlimited ammo? Sure, why not. Select the weapon that you want to get
    unlimited ammo in, the AK47 or the M-16 are the easiest. Now keep
    inputing this code and you will get more ammunition. The M-16 and AK47
    will finally get up to 9999 bullets, and when you reload a clip, it will
    go back to 9999, thus giving you unlimited ammunition. Viola.
    More Money
    In game press:
    This cheat gives you stacks more money. I'm don't know the exact number,
    but find that out for yourself you cheater! Anyway, do you feel lazy
    about obtaining cash, well do this cheat and your money will skyrocket
    every time you do it.
    No Wanted Level
    In game press:
    Are thise donut lovers nnoying you, maybe you did something bad and
    there chasing you? This cheat will make all your worries go away. Use it
    and the cops will back off and your wanted star will go down to zero. Oh
    well they say, I hope my donut hasn't gone cold! this can be a useful
    cheat once you are versing the SWAT team, F.B.I and also the  army.
    Everyone in the vicinty will back off and get back into their car,
    unless you commit anpther crime.
    Raise Wanted Level
    In game press:
    Just for a challenge you might want to put this on. It increases your
    wanted level by 2 stars. I lust like doing this for a cahllenge if I
    just wanna fight the cops and not the innocent pedestrians. Also this is
    good for the made up missions section, where you might need to raise the
    wanted level. Check out that section. This cheat will bring the next
    level up in defences, so it will suddenly go from the cops at 3, to
    suddenly the F.B.I, watch out as you can easily be killed.
    In game press:
    I really have no idea why you would want to enable this code, maybe you
    just want a challenge in driving or you want to make the game like real
    life. this makes fog appear and the streets, cars and pedestrians are
    very hard to see while travelling along in this weather.
    Overcast Skies
    In game press:
    Basically makes the skies overcast, I needent say much more. Once again
    I wouldn't really see any reason to input this code.
    In game press:
    This cheat once entered makes rain fall from the sky. the rain very much
    so doesn't perfect your performance or anything like that. It's just
    coll to sit there and listen to the rain hit the ground, it sounds so
    much like real rain. This can sometimes actually affect your veiw of
    things because of it (The rain falling).
    Normal Weather
    In game press:
    Are you sick of all the weather being bad? Isn't fog your style? Use
    this cheat and all your worries will go away. It will turn the games
    weather back to normal sunshine. Sometimes it doesn't look like it,
    because it's sometime night when you do it silly! I always use this
    cheat when the fog is around, because it is hard to see then.
    Rhino Tank
    In game press:
    Ohh, it's time to cause some destruction in Liberty City. Enter this
    code and a tank will just drop out of the sky and land usually behind
    you, sometimes crushing cars. If you want to, you can leave the tank
    there for as long as you like, because tanks are remembered on the games
    memory for pretty much ever. This tank cheat can be entered as many
    times to get alot of tanks, but if you do drop more than about 8 or
    something, your saved game file will stuff up once you save your game.
    It will freeze in the saving progress part.
    Flying Car
    In game press:
    This will enable basically low gravity kind of. Once you are driving
    along, press and hold up and eventually your car will lift off the
    ground, but will land after about 2 or three seconds, and doesn't really
    fly up that far in the air. Apparently what you can do is use the turret
    of the Rhino and this cheat and you can fly the tank over the broken
    bridge. Never tried it though.
    Destroy All Cars
    In game press:
    Whohoo, this is one of my favourite codes. Enter this and it destroy's
    all cars around you. Make sure you are far away from cars when you do
    this because of 2 reasons, 1)Because the explosion can usually hurt you,
    oh but wait, your using cheats, arn't you! Use the armour/health cheat
    to re-heal yourself. 2)It contains triangle in the code, and triangle
    makes you jack a car, and if it explodes while you are inside, well, you
    wil die instantly. I like using this cheat when i fall in the water when
    the F.B.I are chasing me, because I will die, and I want to take them
    with me.
    Better Driving Skills
    In game press:
    This is really a cool code. What this does is make just about every car
    have Hydrolics that make your car jump when you press the left analog
    stick in, also the button is said to be 'L3'. press the button and your
    car will basically jump, hearing the sounds of the hydrolics. this can
    be used for jumping cars, or just having alot of fun, like landing on
    top of people and absolutely squishing them under your car. hehe. Also,
    this makes sensitive steering as well, press right and it move right
    really quick.
    Invisible Cars
    In game press:
    This is a hillarous code, what it does is basically make the bodies of
    all cars invisible. Only the wheels of the car and the driver are
    visible. This is another funny code, because all you can see is the
    drivers of the car. Also when you are driving, once again, Only you can
    be seen. Another hillarous thing to do with this is to put the explode
    all cars cheat. It will just look like exploding wheels and people.
    Pedestrians Riot
    In game press:
    A lovely code. this makes all the pedstrians go nuts and start bashing
    someone they see. Fights wil be started wherever you look. people will
    be punching, and gang members will be shooting. the effect of this code
    will only come off if you turn of the console, if you save, it will be
    stuck on for the rest of your file, evn if you do turn of the ps2. To
    make this code even wilder, put on the All pedestrians have weapons code
    and they will all fight with the weapons. it will be major carnage and
    your best be is to run away. people will just be firing and killing
    people with evey wepon, including Rocket Launchers. input the code again
    and the weapons will go away, but the pedestrians raid wont go away
    Pedestrians have Weapons
    In game press:
    This is a funny code, but could get you killed in the procces. It makes
    most, not every, pedestrains have weapons. they wont fire them unless
    you threaten them with a weapon or steal their car. it really looks
    funny when I old granny is walking down the street with a bazooka. For
    alot of carnage, put the pedestrains riot cheat on, you will know what
    I'm talking about then.
    Pedestrians Attack you
    In game press:
    Never tried this code, but I'm guessing pedestrains attack you (Duh!).
    I'm not sure if they attack you when you walk out onto the streets or
    Faster Gameplay
    In game press:
    Personally, this is my favourite code. it makes everything fast, you
    character, cars, cut-scenes, pedstrains, everything. the most it can be
    entered is 2 times, any more after that and the speed wont change. This
    makes your character super fast, he can run the whole length of liberty
    very quick. it is a hillarous code also, and you can actually damage
    cars by running into them. Cut-scenes go faster, and it's hard to hear
    what they are saying as the words go faster than the captions and it is
    all screwed up. To take this code off, enter the slower game speed
    The Ghost Town
    Yes, this is real. It's a ghost town. All that is here is the bank that
    you robbed in the begginning movie of the game.
    To get here, you must fly the dodo airoplane. I have created a section
    that tells you how to fly it, so read down further. the ghost town is
    situated behind the tunnel that you can't get to next to the cocharine
    dam. When you fly off from the sirport. Fly north, and get over there
    and you will be able to see the Ghost Town. Don't bother to try and land
    on it, because apparently it isn't even solid, it's just floating in mid
    air. there is also a way to get a glimps of the ghost town without a
    plane, read the ghost town FAQ for alot more information.
    That last link will give you alot more information about the ghost Town.
    "You weren't supposed to get here"
    thats right, you weren't supposed to get to this place. getting here
    doesn't require the Dodo, it only requires a large vehicle.
    Grab an Ambulance from the hospital located in Staunton. take an
    ambulance and go to the car park where you did the mission "Kingdom
    Come" or where you got the Stinger in "Grand theft Auto". take the
    ambulance here and back the ambulance against the wall next to the
    Kuruma . Jump on the bonnet of the Ambulance and jump over the wall
    here. Walk to your left, and on the wall will be a sign saying "You
    Weren't supposed to get here, you know".
    There isn't anything in here that is worth doing. The proggrammers must
    have put the sign there. They even put a ramp so you could get out, as
    Carson City
    Why the F**K are you reading this, no matter what anyone says there is
    NO CARSON city. there is no way to get there, and the only time it is
    EVEN mentioned is when it was said on the radio about a corrupt police
    Repeat after me: "There is no Carson City" repeat 100 times, and you
    will be fine. Once again, THERE IS NO CARSON CITY. If I get any e-mails
    from someone saying it is in the game, I will delete it STRAIGHT AWAY.
    - You can get in the stadium, it requires the Dodo, and you can't get
    out of there once in.
    - There is a ghost town.
    - Carson City
    - Disney Land
    - Any other "Magical" fairly land that you made up in your own mind.
    As you might know, you can fly one a plane called the Dodo. It is the
    smallest plane there and has clipped wings.
    ------------------------LOCATIONS OF THE DODO--------------------------
    (All ar at Francis international Airport)
    1)Near the runway where the major planes take off to the South West
    using your radar.
    2)In the hangar located at the South East section near the straight
    3)In the hangar where you killed the colombians in "Grand theft Aero".
    that mission has to be done before you can get this one.
    -------------------------THE BEGINNING---------------------------------
    - The best veiw to take off in and to fly the Dodo in is the middle zoom
    one, not the one that is in close, and not the one that is too far out.
    The one in the middle is just perfect for flying.
    - this might sound mean, but turn off your radio. the reason why?
    because if your listening to the radio, you can't concentrate properly.
    While off, you can concentrate fully.
    --------------------------START FLYING---------------------------------
    - Find a Dodo in Francis intrnational Airport. The locations are listed
    above in the 'Locations' section.
    - Take the Dodo to the big straight runway, position yourself in at the
    beginning at the runway, facing toward Staunton island, also know as
    east if you look at you radar.
    - Line the Dodo up with the middle white lines of the runway. This will
    probably mean you wont stray off course and hit the Lights on the side
    of the runway.
    - Hold down X and the Dodo will start to speed up, thats a good thing.
    - While Holding down the X button, also hold down the Down button on the
    D-Pad or the Analog stick, depending on what you want to use. then hold
    down R2 or L2 to go into side veiw so you can see the sparks coming from
    the Dodo.
    - When you see the spraks coming from the Dodo, quickly release the Down
    button. the Dodo will shoot up into the air, but will go straight up.
    - Stay in the air, and press continuaously down to make the Dodo
    paralell to the ground. this is called levelling out. once you are
    parallel, you will be flying.
    - Now the Dodo might start to go down abit, whatever you do, don't press
    up or hold it. You might think it is good because it makes you go up,
    but it will make you shoot up in the air and then you will just plummet
    to the ground. If it does start to go down abit, don't panic, it will
    float back up to the same altitude.
    "Thats it, you are in the air and flying. Well done so far, but you have
    many things to still learn, the next thing is Turning."
    If you want to turn to avoid buildings, you must never hold down the way
    you want to turn, if you want to turn right, just tap right instead of
    holding it down. Otherwise it will go into a barrel roll and you will
    lose control.
    -------------------------AFEW RULES------------------------------------
    - If the Dodo starts to go down abit, don't panic out and start trying
    to land before you go down, it will eventually just float back up.
    - Use side view to see the sparks coming from the Dodo (From the Nose
    hitting the ground).
    - Use Side view to veiw if you are leveling out or not.
    - never hold down the turning buttons, overwise you will eventually go
    down and crash.
    - Never use the Up button at all.
    ---------------------SIGHT SEEING--------------------------------------
    many places can be seen by just using the Dodo and nothing else, here
    are afew challenges:
    1) Try to fly over and land in the Stadium located in Aspatria/Staunton.
    2) Locate the Ghost Town over the Blocked off tunnel near the Cochraine
    3) See how long you can fly for
    4) Try and get ontop of the big Kenji's casino roof.
    The weather can play a large role in the dodo's flying. Especially the
    Fog. It is hard to control the Dodo in the fog, especially because of
    the buldings that you can't see. the best thing to do in the Fog is not
    to fly the Dodo and wait for it to turn normal again. it shouldn't be
    that long before it turns back to normal weather. Or if you are skilled,
    you should be able to see the buldings up close, and you can turn
    quickly to avoid hitting. it isn't impossible to see in the Fog. Rain is
    no worries at all, it sometimes makes the Dodo rock abit, but isn't any
    trouble at all really. The best time and weather to fly the dodo IMO (In
    My Opinion) is in the Day, and normal sunny weather. It just helps me
    see the buldings better and see other hazards better.
    The main Hazrads you will encounter are of course the buildings that are
    all over the city. The best way to avoid them is to turn away from them
    and fly over the road. Turning can be hard, but use my directions above
    to turn away. At all cost, avoid buildings as they will be the cause of
    most of your crashes. Damn buildings.
    3: THE OCEAN
    Sometimes you will be flying over the ocean and the plabe starts to dip
    down, so then you panic. Usually it will catch a draft and then just go
    back up, so don't panic. If you stuff up the start up, and forget to
    level out, you could head into the ocean. I aint helping you here, it's
    your mess, you got yourself into it.
    "If you hit anything while in the air, it will count as a crash and your
    time will come up. this can happen if you hit anything from a light pole
    (Which you shouldn't be flying that low) to the top of the Callahan
    ----------------------OTHER DODO STUFF---------------------------------
    Don't worry about trying to land the Dodo the proper way, instead just
    press and hold up while over land and then the Dodo will just come to a
    complete crash.
    in the Dodo, you can actually do alot of tricks, such as an Easy Barrel
    roll to way more comples moves for even skilled Dodo Pilots. Invent some
    of your own.
    Q: the Dodo is dipping down abit when I take off, so i have to abort my
    run, why is this?
    A: You are doing nothing wrong, but when it starts to dip down, assuming
    that you are parralell by levelling out, then just keep holding down X
    and then the Dodo will spring back up by itself.
    Q: When I fly, the Dodo just springs up in the air and then comes back
    down, whats going on?
    A: It's because you haven't done a run up and waited for the sparks to
    come. But if you are already in the air, it is probably because you have
    pressed the up button.
    Q: Is there a Dodo in Portland?
    A; you can take one there by flying, and actually yes there is a Dodo
    Aeroplane in Portland. believe it or not. You must have all the
    Import/Export garage done though before you can get one in Porltnad. Go
    to this garge and you will be able to get a Dodo.
    Q: I keep crashing, whats going on?
    A: You didn't level out, you didn't take off right you didn't........
    there is a whole list. Go back to the walkthrough and you should be able
    to find everything that you need to know to fly the Dodo.
    Portland ~ Import/Export Garage
    The import/Export garage in Portland is located at the Portland Harbour.
    When you enter the harbour through the normal way (the little entrance
    near the car park), drive up and go to the left path and then go left
    again at the start of it. Go down this path and turn right at the end,
    here you will find the Import/Export garage. there will be a list of
    cars that you need to bring to this garage.
    Mr. Whoopie
    I will now list the easiest way to get one of each of the cars:
    Has been found in Portland, most commonly driving around the big road
    all around Staunton.
    Parked atthe beach front near where you are, head North from the
    Import/Export garge onto the sand of the beach. Keep driving up and you
    will find the bobcat on the sand. Bring it to the garage.
    have to have Staunton island open to get this one. One can be found at
    Asuka's condo, which is where you start off on Staunton island.
    There is afew at the Coach company in Portland. At the main harbour
    entrance, take a left and follow this road down to the section where the
    roads meet. The Coach company is on the cornerto the left. get in there,
    jack a coach and take it back.
    Must require Shoreside to be open to get this, it's a plane. Afew can be
    found at the Francis international Airport, and then fly it back to
    Can appear in portland and Staunton, might have to wait until Staunton
    is open to find one.
    One can easily be found at greasy joes cafe, take a left out of the main
    harbour entrance/exit, and follow the road down until there is 4 ways to
    go, take the left way instead of foward, and follow this same road all
    the way down until it starts to dip down. Opposite from the Triad Fish
    Factory is the Cafe, grab the Truck and take it back to the Garage.
    The closest one would once again be at Greasy joes Cafe, use the same
    directions for the last one to get there.
    -----MR. WHOOPIE-----
    The smart thing to do is to not detonate the bomb on the mission "I
    scream you Scream", then take it to the garage, they wont care if it has
    a bomb in it. If you have already done that mission, do fire truck
    missions and you will have to put out one after awhile, then abort that
    mission and steal the Mr. Whoopie. Good luck, these are really hard to
    Find one in the Parking Lot of the Harbour, near the entrance/exit. Also
    one is parked near the Securicar garage.
    the best way to get one of these is to get the one from the Supa Save,
    yes I know it is "Patriot playground" but that can be overcome. Take a
    right out of the Harbour and the next driveway on the right will be the
    Supa Save. Get in the patriot, go back to the Harbour, collet one of the
    checkpoints and let the timer run out. then take it to the garage. Note:
    You can't deliver the patriot or any vehicle while on a mission.
    Your best bet is to just go to the Car Crusher located near the AMCO gas
    station. Take a right out of the Harbour and follow this massive road
    all the way through St Marks. Keep following it until it ends and drive
    down the grass path to the crusher and it will be parked there near it.
    This can easily be found cruising Portland, but if you can't find one,
    head over to the saw mills and it will be parked near the fence.
    Another hard vehicle, your best bet is to keep the one from "Van Heist".
    What you do is take the van back to your garage and blow the Van up
    inside with a grenade or something. The mission will be a failure, but
    then the car will be repaired because it was put back in your garage,
    you will then have a securicar. Other Securicars can be found driving
    around Staunton, but not very often.
    Easy to find on Staunton island, usually found on the main round that
    goes right around. Some have been spotted on Portland as well. On fire
    truck missions, you will have to put one of these out as well, so then
    abort the FT mission and take it to the garage.
    Head dead east from the Import/Export garage and one will be in the car
    park. Take it back round the corner.
    Potland Import/Export garage to me is harder than the one in Shoreside,
    because some of the vehicles you need to get for it are really hard (Mr.
    Whoopie, Securicar) and some require the third island to be open as well
    (Dodo) In case you didn't know, when you collect all the cars, you can
    pick any car of your choice.
    Portland ~ Emergency vehicle Crane
    The crane for this is to the east of the Import/Export garage. To
    complete this crane, you will need:
    Barracks OL~~~~
    FBI Car
    Fire Truck~~~~~
    Police car~~~~~
    To start off with, lets go for the easiest one to get. Which are the
    Ambulance and Fire Trucks because they don't require a Huge Wanted level
    and nearly getting busted to get.
    One can easily be found at the Portland, Staunton or Shoreside
    hospitals, or by just killing people and one will eventually come, and
    then take it back to the crane and park it in the yellow section and let
    the crane take it up.
    -----FIRE TRUCK-----
    One can easily be found at any Fire Station in any Island. the fire
    station in Portland is across the road from the AMCO gas station. In
    Staunton it is located near Uncle BJs Deli near the spiral bridge, and
    the Frie Station in Shoreside is at the entrance to the Airport.
    -----BARRACKS OL-----
    The easiest way to get one of these is to just get over to Phil
    Cassidy's Army Surplas store. the barracks OL there is free. Take it,
    and bring it back to the EV crane. This saves all the trouble of getting
    a damn 6 star wanted level and having one chase after you as well as
    tanks, which will nearly and probably kill you while getting it back to
    the EV crane.
    -----POLICE CAR-----
    Police cars patrol everywhere on Liberty City, the best way to get one
    is to shoot at a cop car, wait until the cop gets out and then hop in
    the passenger side door and drive away quickly, try not to shoot the cop
    or threaten as cops will come out from everywhere. Alternativly, there
    are cop cars located at the police stations around Liberty.
    Your best bet to get one of these is to go to the Staunton Police
    station and use a cop car to get around the back, there will be an
    Enforcer here, grab it, and take it back to the crane. This saves all
    the hastle of the wanted level.
    You did read what I said before didn't you? About I will list the
    easiest car to get first, yet this is before the FBI car. this is easier
    to get than the FBI car. First of all, you must have completed the game,
    over wise, your stuffed! If you have completed it, go over to the Army
    Surplas Store at the Northmost point in Staunton and one will be
    available for use to you. Take it back to the garage. Alternatively, use
    the Rhino tank cheat to get one. It is basic suicide to just get the
    army after you and try and steal one.
    The easiest way to get one of these vehicles is to lure it to the Crane.
    Kill alot of people around the Emergency Vehicle crane, and try and saty
    in the Yellow lined area. Get a 5 star wanted level and don't shoot
    anyone else. The FBI car will eventually come. Make the guys get out in
    the area, and then the FBI car will be pulled up, you just have to dodge
    the fire by using X and sprinting around for awhile.
    Congratulations, now you have finished doing the Emergency vehicle
    crane. You can now choose any of the vehicles you delivered for free,
    and also you can get an unlimited amount also.
    Shoreside Vale ~ Import/Export garage
    This garage wants the modern models and the racing type cars. you must
    deliver each of these vehicles so that you can drive away with them for
    free, and also to get 100% for the game.
    Follow the road all the way up off the bridge and don't turn at all. The
    garage will be on the corner of the road going through Pike Creek that
    dips upwards and then has the railing as a barricade to fall off. Do a
    U-Turna dn you will see the garage. There will be a list of cars needed:
    BF Injection
    One is usually just driving outside of the Import/Export garage. Drive
    another sports car such as a Stinger and one will appear. One will
    defenetly just pass through the same road. Once you get one of these
    cars, take it back to the garage.
    -----BF INJECTION-----
    the only way yo get one of these is to go back to Portland and between a
    certain time limit it will appear at Misty's appartment in Hepburn
    Heights, just watch out for the Diablos then take it back to the garage.
    You might have to go back to Staunton Island to get one. They are
    usually found near the Callahn bridge. If you can't find one on the
    road, there is one parked in the Multi-story building.
    The easiest way to get one of these is to head over to the Mansion part
    of the city and one is in the Driveway of a mansion. others can be found
    just going along the streets.
    once again go to the francis international parking lot. One can easily
    be found here, but sometimes it disappears. if this happens, head back
    to Staunton and your bound to find one evntually.
    Go back to Staunton and there are afew places where there are some
    parked: 1: Stadium parking lot, 2: kenji's Casino, 3: Multi-story
    these cars are hard to find just driving around the streets. It's best
    to go to the airport parking lot and there will be one in there. take it
    back to the garage.
    Ver common anywhere, especially around Pike Creek. One can easily be
    found also around Shoreside vale nearly anywhere.
    One can easily be found once again in the Airport parking lot at Francis
    International. Then take the road back to the Import/Export garage. If
    one isn't there, the one can be found in the driveway of one of the
    go to the Multi-story garage in newoprt, Staunton and one will defenetly
    be there. i can't remember what level though.
    Once again one of these can be found in the Multi Story garage in
    Newport Staunton. Also they can be seen around any of the islands just
    driving about.
    Like most other cars, one cand be found in the Airport parking lot, or
    many can be found just cruising thr roads, most common in Pike Creek.
    Once again, go back o the Airport Parking lot and one will be there.
    Head to the Mansion district of Shoreside and a Stinger will be in the
    driveway. if it isn't there, one can easily be found cruising the
    streets. Driving a Banshee or a Taxi will make one come out.
    Strechs can be found sometimes cruising the streets, this is probably
    the hardest vehicle to find in this garage. It isn't parked anywhere,
    and you will have to look around for awhile to find one.
    Stay on the same road as the Import/Export garage and probably the first
    car you will see will be a taxi. They are the most common vehicle in the
    whole of Liberty City.
    Q: Where is the Import/Export garage in portland?
    A: Use the directions that I posted to get there.
    Q: The Army Tank isn't at Phils Army store, why not?
    A: Because you haven't completed the game yet, you need to complete "The
    Exchange" before it will be unlocked. It will be there even if you
    haven't completed it, but it will be locked.
    Q: Iv'e gotten most of the cars to the Import/Export garage, but it wont
    let me take cars, why not?
    A: Well, the key word here is "Most". You need to get ALL of the cars to
    be able to take cars from here.
    Q: Where can I find a Mr. Whoopie?
    A: Do a Fire truck mission and once in a while you will find one. Abort
    the Fire Truck mission, then get in the Mr. Whoopie then take it back to
    the garage.
    Q: Is there a cheat which makes the garages/crane all done?
    A: No, you have to do it the non-cheating way.
    I will list this one first because well it is the easiest to get.
    First you must do the mission "Marked Man" for ray Machowski. Which
    means you must have Shoreside vale open. Take Ray to the Airport and
    once you have done that, he will give you the key to his Lockup. Go to
    the lockup and in it will be a Patriot. This is bulletproof. Take it to
    your garage.
    This is the next easiest car to get. Do Joey Leone's mission called "Van
    Heist". Joey will sya that the Van is bulletproof. Ram the vehicle and
    after awhile the punk ass security guards will eventually bail out. grab
    the van and take it to your Portland Garage. Put it in there and then
    throw a grenade in there with it, this wil explode it but make sure the
    vehicle stays in the garage. A message will say that the mission is a
    failure, but the Van will be repaired when the garage door shuts as the
    Garage repairs any car in it. You will now have a bullet-proof
    To obtain this, do the mission called "Arms Shortage" for Ray Machowski.
    Whne you get to the Army Surpals store, do the mission. Afterwards, take
    the Barracks OL, this vehicle is bulletproof, and the only one of the
    BarraksOL that there is. Once again, this is the only time it will be
    bulletproof, if you decide to come back later, it wont be bulletproof,
    so only the one that is there during the mission will be bulletproof.
    Take it to your hideout and store it in your garage for later use.
    This vehicle is given to you in the mission "Blow Fish". take the
    Trashmaster and go over to portland beach, don't worry about the time
    limit or going to where it says. Head to the beach, and go to the water.
    Dip the car in the water abit and the bomb will be deactivated. Make
    sure you can still get out, and that you arn't losing any health. It
    will come up with mission failed though, thats good, thats ment to
    happen. You will still be in the Trashmaster, and it is bulletproof. Now
    you have a bulletproof Trashmaster. There is only one problem though,
    you don't have Staunton island open yet when you do this mission. I say
    don't bother about storing this vehicle, honestly, it wont fit in your
    Portland garage, so don't worry about it. Or if you really want to, jump
    the Callahan bridge and stor it in there, but once again, there really
    isn't any point.
    Now we really have to get down to the hard ones. Start off by doing the
    mission "Turismo" for El Burro. It would be good if you actually get
    Staunton Island open before hand. First of all, use the tank cheat
    before starting the mission and create a road block to the left of your
    hideout with the tanks. Go to the starting line, turn around do your
    facing the opposite way to the racers are starting and then race back to
    your hideout in under 100 seconds. Once you are back, the cheetahs will
    eventually come round the corner and hit the tanks. Run them all over
    and knock one into your empty garage and you will have a nice
    bulletproof Cheetah. This can be very hard to do, and you need to have
    your portland garage that has no cars in it, and about 4 tanks that
    block off the road to the left of your hideout and make sure that the
    Cheetahs hit it.
    Accept the mission "Salvatore's called a mission from Toni". Go over to
    joey's place and you willsee the blue circle. Don't enter it. Park your
    car next to the garage on the left and enter the garage by apparently
    using the speed up cheat twice. You will go through and into joey's
    garage. get in the stretch and reverse out through the wall or something
    like that. now you have a bullet-proof Stretch.
    DP Mafia Sentinel-----Sayanora Salvatore
    To get this snipe Salvatore at Luigi's and then when you have won the
    mission jump down to the street, his Sentinels will still be there,
    cheat and use the M16 on one of the cars, 2 will drive away when shot,
    one wont. Keep shooting the one that stays until it catches on fire and
    the driver runs, now get in the car and enter the health cheat quickly
    to heal it....congrats now you have a DP Mafia Sentinel, it will lock if
    you close the doors, so dont close them when you leave the car, it will
    also lose its effect if put in your garage.
    Hudson 151
    BF Injection
    the BF Injection is like a little June Buggy. You can see this vehicle
    in one of Jory Leone's missions, he is working on it in his garage if
    you look carefully. You can't acces the vehicle yet. First, complete the
    mission "Syanara Salvatore", the first mission on Staunton island. once
    you have done this, head back to Portland. Head to the Diablo Phone, but
    don't go in it. the BF Injection is next to Misty's appartment, but only
    appears during a certain time limit. It is a little June Buggy like
    thing that is fast, can take reasonable damage, but can roll real easy.
    Lightless Taxi
    You may of never heard of this vehcile, but yes, it does exist. It is a
    taxi with no light on the top. To all those people out there that say
    I'm crazy and say I'm mistaking it for a yellow Sentinel, I'm not. I
    checked out the sides and it siad Taxi on it. it had no light on the
    top. this doesn't really affect the way it drives, handles, and it's
    speed, but a secret vehicle all the way. It is a very rare vehicle and I
    have seen it 2 times, once outside my hideout in Staunton and another
    time near the Highway going over the water. it might take some
    searching, but you will eventually find it.
    Black Rumpo
    You can actually get in this vehicle, but it isn't worth the troouble to
    do it. Do the mission "UNDER SURVEILLENCE". Elimiante all the spies, but
    leave the ones in the Rumpo to the end. Blow it up. Then what you have
    to do is push it to your garage. the only reason this is special is
    because of it's colour. It isn't bullet proof, explosion proof or
    anything like that. If you do eventually push it back into your hideout,
    it will be repaired and you will have a Rumpo Spy car.
    This vehicle is a Taxi. It is fast, can take alot of damage and has very
    good handling. It is best used for taxi missions, and it also has spikes
    on the front to instantly kill people that you hit. Sounds cool eh. The
    only way you can get one of these vehicles is to fo 100 Taxi missions.
    The Borgnine taxi is located at the carpark near Head radio station at
    Harwood in portland. the vehcile will keep on coming back at the same
    Rhino Tank
    The Big Mamma of all vehicles, as the name says, this is a tank. There
    rae 3 ways to find one, but trust me, they all aint easy to get. The
    Rhino tank is a big vehicle with a turret and things for destroying
    anything that comes in contact with the bottom of the tank while it is
    moving. To get a speed burst, put the turret behind you and fire, your
    tank will now move faster. Here are the way to get them:
    1)This is the easiest way, but you need to use cheats to do it, simply
    enter the "Rhino Tank" cheat, it can be found at gamefaqs.
    2)If you don't want to cheat to get your beautiful tank, what you must
    do is complete the storyline missions and one will be available from
    Phil's Amry Surplas store in Rockford.
    3)Jack it from the army, but this is, well, suicidal! You will be killed
    in no time flat.
    As soon as you get 1 from wherever, take it to the Emergency vehicle
    crane located at the Portland Harbour, in portland. Then get all the
    other cars and you will have an umlimited supply.
    Corpse Manana
    This is the vehicle that you obtain to get to the crusher in one of the
    missions for Joey Leone. The vehicleyou have to take to the crusher is a
    Manana which has the corpse of one of the Forelli brothers in the boot,
    and if you crash open the boot, you can see the corpse. The only reason
    this vehicle is special is because of that body in the trunk. Take the
    car to your hideout and stick it in the garage, if you want to, unless
    you don't have a better car to stick in there.
    31: Weapon + Item Locations
    - Portland/Callahan bridge, jump onto south side of bridge
    - Porltand/Trenton, On top of Liberty Sawmills
    - Portland/Trenton, Liberty Pharmacueticals roof
    Molotiv Cocktails
    - Shoreside Vale/Pike creek, avalble in garages for money
    - Staunton/Liberty Campus,
    - Portland/St Marks, kill bums in 8-Ball tunnel
    - Portlan/Hepburn heights, behind apartment near El Burro phone
    - Staunton/Rockford, Phil Cassidy's store
    Flame Thrower
    - Portland/Harwood, on Head Radio roof
    - Shoreside/Pike Creek, In garages behind cop station
    - Shoreside/F.I.A, under lift bridge
    - Shoreside/Dam, Lower level, up set of stairs
    - Shoreside/Cedar Grove, Mansion W of Cartel, on porch
    - Staunton/Rockford, Phil Cassidy's Amry Stor
    - Staunton/Bedford, Second secret area in projects
    - Shoreside/Pike Creek, Near trailers (Punk Noodles)
    - Portland/Trenton, Liberty Pharmacueticals roof
    - Portland/St Marks, On top of building (Near Hidden pakcage)
    Rocket Launcher
    - Staunton/Rockford, Phil Cassidy's store
    32: GLITCHES
    ---A: Purple Nine
    ---B: Hooker Follow
    ---C: Sprint Forever
    ---D: More Cars In Garage
    ---E: So Many Bums
    ---F: Easy Vigilante Kills
    ---G: Unlimited Time
    ---H: Corrupt Game Save
    ---I: Any Vehicle Taxi Misssions
    ---J: Other Glitches
    A common glitch on many games. What this glitch is: There is a gang
    trying to take over the Hoods territory, they are called the Purple
    Nines. The glitch is that they arn't there on some game files. You have
    to do a mission for D-Ice (leader of the Hoods) called Uzi money, what
    you have to do is eliminate a certain amount of purple nines in a
    certain amount of time (2 minutes I think), and without the Purple
    Nines, the mission becomes impossible to do, leaving you so you can't
    get that sweet 100% completion because of that mission, and you also
    have to do the missions after Uzi Money to get 100% as well, and this
    mission is blocking all the others.
    This doesn't occur on all games, only afew, and this is how it happens:
    The glitch only effects people that have done all of D-ices missions
    before, then saved the game and gone to a new game from the Start menu.
    Lets just go to GTA:VC for a mintue (On topic, don't worry). If someone
    like your brother plays the game before you and is crusing the streets
    or whatever and decides to use cheats, then leaves the game on and you
    load your saved game file, if you decide to save again, _Without_ using
    cheats on your actuall save game file, this is what the message says:
    "Warning: Cheats have been used that could corrupt.....". So the same
    thing has happened in the glitch, no, not using cheats, starting a new
    game just from the menu.
    Many people say "How do I get rid of this Glitch?", well the answer to
    this is: You can't, there is no way to fix it in this actual game save
    file, you will have to start again, and probably delete the block. If
    you are going to decide to start a new game after you complete the
    missions for D-Ice from the start menu, over-rite that last save game
    If you want to see if you have the glitch from the first island and you
    haven't unlocked the 3rd one yet, use the flying car cheat to jump the
    bridge and head over to Wichita Gardens to see the Nines, if they are
    there, thats good, it isn't corrupted, if they arn't there, delte the
    block, or do something with it. The Nines have been the death of many
    great save files of people, but luckily, I have never expirienced this
    (Thanks to "Gta Freak 420s Purple Nines Glitch FAQ, that gave me much
    nedded info.)
    If you have any farther comments, please refer to the guide above, it
    will give you much more needed information about the glitch.
    Ok, find an area with carjackers in it, and then pull up next to one to
    temp them to jack your car. Try and find a hooker near where they are
    and let them talk to you. Now, this is a rare glitch, heres what
    The Hooker trys and gets in your car, and sometimes at the same time,
    the car-jacker will steal the car, and then drive off with it. Nothing
    too spectacular yet, but then you will notice the hooker has been thrown
    out as well, and once you will get up, you will realise she is still
    next to you and isn't leaving. The glitch is that the hooker follows you
    around the city.
    Something good about this is that it doesn't cost you any money at all
    while she is following you, but she wont get in a car or anything to
    drastic like that. You can outrun her, but it looks nice to have some
    company 8).
    Another little note: I have the Australian Copy of the game, and if you
    actually know, the game was re-made here, and the Hookers were left out
    of the game, which means the hookers aint on te game that I have, but I
    read about the hooker trick on the Message Board, so I thank everyone on
    the Gamefaqs message board for most of the information.
    Don't you just hate it when you see a car you want and chase after if,
    and then you run out of energy and can't chase it anymore? Or sick of
    the Police chasing after you? Well, look no farther, there is a way
    where you can run for way longer than the original limit. Easy simple,
    and really no hassle, there is 2 ways to do this, and I will list them
    Way #1:
    This can be used at any time, but should only be used for running where
    it is deserted from cars, or far away enough so that if you press
    triangle you wont hop in a car: Hold down Triangle, and then hold down
    X, your character and the game will think that you are trying to knick a
    car with triangle, and heres the glitch: When chasing a car, you can run
    forever, or well way more time than the original limit.
    Way #2:
    the simple and hassle free way: Instead of holding down the X button,
    simply just tap it quickly, X,X,X,X,X, like that. This can sometimes
    make you slow down during the presses of X, but really not that much.
    There you go, sprint for a long period of time without your character
    having to stop for breath.
    Side Note: The cops fastest pace is just faster than your normal walk
    where you just hold the Analog or D-Pad up, so use this trick to your
    advantage to get rid of the cops easily by running. If you press
    triangle near a car and it drives off, you will chase the car, then hold
    down X and you will sprint towards the direction of the car, you will
    only have to stop for breath once the car beomes out of reach.
    Evryone probably knows this stuff already, but a Gltich FAQ wouldn' be
    complete without it. Here goes:
    In Staunton, as you know you have a huge garage, that can fit about 6
    cars in, but when you try to cram 3 in the garage, it says that it can't
    store any more cars, well, that is a load of Crap, you can fit in more,
    and if they are all sports cars, you can fit in 6.
    Here's what to do: Grab the third car that you want to put in your
    garage, take it back to your Staunton Island hideout. Park the vehcile
    anywhere in your hideout, and go to your garage. Take both of your cars,
    in there, and re position them, one at the back left, at the other one
    at the back right. Take the car that you want to put in your garage as
    well, and park it at the middle of the garage door, eg:
    (birds Eye view if no roof)
    |  ______               ______    |
    | |      |             |      |   |
    | |Car 1 |             |Car 2 |   |
    | |      |             |      |   |
    | |      |   -3-       |      |   |
    | |______|             |______|   |
    |                                 |
    |   -4-                 -5-       |
    |                                 |
               |      |
               | Car3 | ------- Park in the middle
               |      |
               |      |
    Car 1 & 2 are already in your hideout
    Car 3 you want to put in
    4/5 represent where you can possibly put another few cars.
    The door wont open for your 3rd car, so you have to make it open.
    Pretend you are going to get a car from your garage, hop out of your car
    and then quickly run out of your car, if done correct, your car door
    will stay open, this is ready for a quick escape, otherwise if you did
    shut the door, you have to open it and it will take awhile to do and
    waste precious time.
    next, go to your garage door, and let it open, as soon as the door
    starts to go up, quickly press triangle to get in the 3rd car, which
    should have the door open. The garage will be coming down, so quickly
    put your foot on the gas and get your car so that it is half in and half
    out of the garage, the dorr will stay up, and make a noise. Now position
    your car where the 3 is (Middle of garage). Place it in there, and
    repeat for all the other cars, instead park 4 next to the left side, and
    so on.
    Side Note: You can actually put in 6 cars, put you will not be able to
    get out any cars at the back, due to that both doors will be blocked
    either by other cars and/or the wall. 5 is a suitable number to put in,
    and this trick is best used if you want to store some rare or bullet
    proof vehicles, where you need to save each one you get. Also, sometimes
    your garage door will stay up, but if you save, it doesn't matter, it
    will show the garage down and the end sticking out of the garage through
    the door.
    Sometimes doing this can actually make your cars dissapear in your
    garage, but this doesn't happen very often at all. Hey, it's a glitch
    that can be exploited, not a cheat.
    there isn't really much point of this glitch, except that it is funny.
    What the glitch does is make bums appear and just keep on falling down
    when you do something.
    Heres what to do: Drive over to Portland, and somewhere find a Bobcat
    driving around the city, or parked. it is parked at:
    - Beach Near Salvatore's mansion
    - Easy Credit Car-park
    - Hsopital (Staunton)
    - Near Stadium (Staunton)
    In case you didn't know, the Bobcat is like a Ute, and sort of looks
    like the Cartel Cruiser, only smaller. Take the Bobcat and follow my
    directions. However you get one, now do this:
    I will assume the worst and the Mafia hate you and have those shotguns,
    where you need to go is actually in St Marks, but not on the ground,
    it's in an underground tunnel, and one of the entrances is in Mafia
    Territory. head over to the Supa Save Building located near Portland
    Harbour and where the car for the mission "Patriot playground" is. Find
    the back tunnel into what people call the "Hobo Tunnel", but still make
    sure you have that Bobcat.
    Drive the Bobcat into the Hobo Tunnel, and keep on driving up. Once you
    are in about the middle of the tunnel, you will see 3 hobo's, Take the
    Bobcat right up to the one closest to you, but don't run him/her over.
    Park the Bobcat and then get out. Run to the back of the Bobcat, but
    still leave the Hobo's alone. Jump on the back of the Bobcat, into the
    little carrying stuff area, nothing will happen yet, well now, jump onto
    the roof of the Bobcat. You will notice that the Hobo's will start to
    walk away, only to run into a wall. From here, jump to the Bonnet of the
    Bobcat, then about 4 hobo's will fall from above, defently a glitch. Now
    there will be more Hobo's, jump back onto the roof, and then go back
    onto the bonnet to repeat. More will come down. After you have heaps,
    throw a grenade in the pack or something, and watch the blood fireworks.
    Sid Note; Sometimes the Hobo's arn't always at the tunnel, they only
    usually seem to appear at night, or usually in the day. If you have
    already killed the Hobo's recently, they will only come back at night.
    This glitch really can't be exploited to much extent, but it is still
    fun to watch them as they all bundle up against the wall trying to get
    There is actually 2 ways you can do this, but only 1 is without
    cheating. I am trying to keep this FAQ a "Cheat Free" guide, but I will
    list the other way to do it, but if you don't want to cheat, do it the
    first way.
    Way #1:
    First get cop car, but with not much attention. Cop cars a driving all
    around the city, and the doors are locked, so heres just how to nick
    one: 1)Shoot at the cop car, and the cop will get out. 2)Try jacing the
    car with the locked doors and then cop will get out. Next, do nothing to
    the cop, just go up to the opposite door that he came out, and press
    triangle, the doors are no longer locked. Cop cars can also be found at
    the Police stations or anwhere like that, this trick can be done with a
    Rhino, Enforcer, FBI car etc. but the Cop Car is the easiest to obtain
    and is fast enough to do this trick.
    Press R3 (The middle analog stic) in so you hear the click, a message
    will come up on screen saying that you have started a vigiliante
    mission, thats what you want to do. Drive to the criminal within the
    time limit. Once you get close enough to him by using your radar, you
    will notice that he is speeding along, and usually is tricky when
    turning the corners so you can easily crash, here is where the glitch
    takes place:
    Get close enough to the criminal, then easily pause your game, yep,
    thats right, pause your game. then un pause it, and just continue along
    at your same speed, you will notice that the criminal's car will slow
    down, and then come to a full hault. then the criminal will get out of
    his/her car, then just run them over for the easy kill. This is better
    than just chasing them around forever.
    Way #2:
    I'm really not actually sure if this is a glitch or not, but also it
    involves cheating as well, so I don't really reccomend doing it this way
    unless you have used cheats on this saved game file. Grab a cop car, do
    it by the way I mentioned in Way 1, then take the car to your garage
    (Portland, Staunton or Shoreside will work). Put eh vehicle inside your
    garage, but stay in the vehicle, now press in R3 and then vigilante
    mission will start, don't drive to the criminal. Get out of your
    vehicle, and it will say "You have 58 seconds to return to a Police
    vehicle before the mission ends". Don't worry about that note. Make sure
    your cop car is parked in your garage, and then run to the side wall of
    your hideout (Actaually anywhere will do) and make the garage door shut.
    Enter the blow up all cars cheat:
    All cars will be blown up, and a message will say that you killed the
    enemy, which you really didn't, but the blow up all cars did. But you
    will notice that you need to get back in a cop car for a new criminal to
    spawn, but doo you remember that you input the cheat that says that you
    blow up all cars, that includes your cop car, but anything put in your
    garage in repaired fully remember, so the cop car is back. Get in it to
    spawn another criminal and repeat.
    So in brief, do this:
    - Get a cop car
    - Take it to garage
    - Press 'R3' and run our of garage
    - Enter Blow up all cars cheat
    - Get back in repaired cop car
    this can be done on many missions, here they all are:
    - Vigilante missions
    - Taxi missions
    - Offroad missions
    - Paramedic missions
    - Firetruck missions
    Once again, this glitch is very hard to do, but worth it once you get it
    to work properly. Lets do it with Taxi missions or Ambulance missions,
    because they are the easiest to do it on. This is the glitch, and it is
    usually done by accident: The glitch happens when you are about to run
    out of time, and when the clock reaches 0, the doors slams shut and then
    passenger gets to his/her destination. The clock will aparently freeze
    on this time, and you will have unlimited time to fare around all of the
    passengers that you now collect, this is due to the fact that the game
    thinks you have stopped the mission because the time ran out, but the
    passenger was still dropped off succesfully in the time limit.
    Fire Missions and Vigliante missions sometimes don't work though, and
    are harder to do it on. Once again, I will say that this glitch is rare,
    and is very hard to do. But once you do get it right, it can help you
    alot by reaching your goals without that pesky time limit.
    By looking at the name of the GLitch, you will actually find out that
    this glitch is bad, and shouldn't be done.
    This is how the glitch happens: it happens when you use the Tank cheat
    10 or more times. It will corrupt your game save file, as you can't
    actaully get 10 tanks appearing on the game without cheating. Also, if
    you do the tank cheat a really big amount of time, all cars on the road
    will decide to just not be there.
    Don't you just hate in when you have to use one of those taxis that are
    just plain outright crap to do the taxi driver missions? Ever wanted to
    pick up passengers with something different instead of a taxi/cabbie?
    Well it actually can be done.
    Find a cab on any city, the Taxi/Cab is the most popular vehicle driving
    around Liberty City, it is usually the first or second vehicle you see
    most of the time. Grab the taxi, and Hold down R3, and keep it held
    down, the vigilante mission will try and start, but you haven't let go
    of 'R3' yet, si it wont start. Keep holding down the 'R3' button in, and
    press Triangle to get out of the taxi/cabbie. The camera will now be
    behind you, which makes it hard to actually find a car that you want.
    When you happen to come across a good car, press triangle to hop in the
    vehicle and then let go of R3.
    You will now start the Taxi missions is the current vehicle, and you can
    pick up and drop off passengers using this vehicle.
    Side Note: By doing this trick/glitch, there is a big chance that it
    will screw up your saved game file. Apparently, later in the game, your
    radar stuffs up and many other things go wrong with the game, such as
    the hidden packages go missing. Use this glitch at your own risk, and
    don't go blaming me when you find out that it is stuffing up. By all
    means, do not save your game after you have done the glitch, :/
    Unsolid Buildings
    *Go to the airport in Shoreside Vale, and fly the Dodo, you will notice
    that while your flying, you will actually fly through some of the
    buildings. This means they are unsolid, or somehting like that. Only
    afew are unsolid, and usually looking in Side view can make them
    unsolid. Thought I should just meantion this.
    Flying the Tank
    *I don't really think that this is a glitch, but oh well. You can
    actually fly the Rhino Tank. What you need to do is grab a tank first of
    all, best use the cheat (See the cheat Codes Section on Gamefaqs or
    Gamewinners) to find the tank cheat, and then while you are at it, find
    the flying car cheat. get in the tank, and input the flying cars cheat,
    and then aim the turret behind you, and shoot, and the tank will gain
    speed. Press up, and keep on shooting behind and the tank will lift off
    and you will now be able to fly. Read the Rhino Tank FAQ or the Flying
    the Dodo/Tank for more information:
    Dodo/Tank Flying:
    Rhino Tank FAQ:
    Plice Car Through Wall
    *Sometimes, just a basic police car will get stuck in a wall, and wont
    be able to get out. Every time it tries to get you, it will just hit the
    wall, you can destroy it though.
    Dumb Drivers
    *Stand on top of a car, and the driver will act as if nothing is
    happening, he will not care weather you are on the Windscreen, or on the
    People Stuck
    *Sometimes poeople, including you, will just get stuck and can't die or
    whatever, sometimes with you, you will just keep on falling and will
    never land. Other times, people will die like standing up and stuff.
    Shoresde Early Using Boat
    *lots of people claim this, but I have never done it myself: Apparently,
    there is a way to get from Staunton to Shoreside using a boat, as you
    know, there is 2 pipelines at the North and South of Staunton, blocking
    acces. People have claimed that they can jump the pipeline by just
    raming into it really fast to go over it. This means that you can get to
    Shoreside Vale via boat to the airport.
    Cool things
    Here are afew things that are secret about the game and you might want
    to know about:
    Falling Bums
    Grab a bobcat, go back to Portland. Head over to the tunnel by the Supa
    Save. Drive into it and you will find bums. Jump on the top of the
    bobcat and then down onto the bonnet. More bums will fall down.
    Car chase view
    Put the view into cineamtic mode and get a wnated level. When the cops
    chase you, you can view the chase from the cops perspectionve.
    Head Radio: Basic today music
    Lips: Basic music
    Flashback: 80s music
    Chatterbox: Chat station
    Double Cleff: Opera and classical shit
    Msx: Fast paced, rock and roll
    Jah: Fast paced music
    Game: Mixture of all really
    My Favourtie is probably: Chatterbox, or Flashback.
    *Get the barracksOL and ram into cars with it
    *Perform a 1 bullet drive by on a car and watch it go crazy
    *Ram a car off the Drawbridge
    *Push cars into the water
    *Get a tank and cause Mayhem
    On foot
    Press 1: 3rd person zoomed a little bit in
    Press 2: Zoomed in close to character
    Press 3: Overhead camera
    Press 4: 3rd person zoomed out
    Press 1: 3rd person little zoom
    Press 2: Close to car
    Press 3: First person view
    Press 4: Overhead view
    Press 5: Cinematic view
    Press 6: Zoomed out 3rd person
    Portland harbour, go in the entrance, then you will see 2 paths to your
    upper rigt and your upper left. Follow the upper right one and in the
    second garage is where it is located. It's a securciar cracking garage,
    it cracks open securicars to get the money inside, and give you a cut
    every time you take one here.
    The Securicar garage DOESN't count towards 100%, no matter how many
    securciars you deliver to the place. You get less money for every one
    you bring to the garage. The easiest way to obtain money from doing this
    is to complete the Import/Export garage located near this garage, then
    you can get an umlimited supply of cars from the I/E garage, so take
    securicars from there to the Cracking garage.
    If you are having trouble finding it, it is the garage that you took the
    van to on "VAN HEIST".
    O See how far you can get into the game without being Busted/Wasted
    O See if you can do all the missions in under 5 GTA3 days in Portland
    O Challenge yourslef by making up missions
    O See how far you can get in the game without SHOOTING anyone
    I was creating this GTA3 guide, when I was abit through making the
    guide, I noticed that someone else was creating a guide for the same
    game via the FAQ Progress topics. For a good expirience and all, I
    decided to make a joint guide. Inferno said that he is a Newbie to FAQ
    Writing, so take it easy on him.
    I gave him some very little stuff to do, but he never did that after
    about 1 month after I set it. it is only very small, and would only take
    about 2 hours or something to do. But 1 month was surely enough to do it
    in. So inferno never submitted anything to this guide, and that is why I
    had to say that this is only my guide.
    For those that don't have the game, here is a bit about the content of
    the game, for example: Blodd, Swearing, Violence.
    Blood is everywhere, why would anyone make a game without blodd? You
    shoot someone, blood goes spurting out. The blood level is reasonable to
    high, massive blood can come at times, and when you throw a grenade in a
    pack of people, watch the explosion and blood rise into the air. But
    thats why the games rating is so high, because of these sort of things.
    Also, more blodd goes around epople when you start shooting or booting
    them while they are on the ground. You meanie. The more you shoot, the
    more that comes out, but yes, it does evaporate after time.
    Grand Theft Auto, Liberty City does have a fair bit of swearing for a
    game. Here are the words that I have seen/heard someone say:
    Shit: Yes, I'm saying it now, if it's allowed in the game, they it's
    allowed to be said in this FAQ. Anyway, this actually isn't really said
    very often, it is heard afew times on the radio, in afew cut-scenes, and
    even by pedestrians as you make a shortcut along the pavement. Also,
    bastard is heard, as well as I think I heard a bitch somewhere in it,
    but it never says that magical f-word.
    Sex scenes: Well you can pick up hookers, but I've got the Australian
    copy which edits them out, so In mine there is never any thing
    referencing sex and stuff like that.
    O Us (Ausiies) people can actually by the game without being questioned
    really, prents may ask  "What type of sex scenes are in the game", and
    if the answer was you can pick up hookers, my parents wouldn't allow me
    to have it because of this feature, even if you try and tell them that a
    car only rocks. On the GameFAQs message board, especially for GTA:VC,
    buying the game with the hookers in it has actually been a problem in
    about alot of people. Because the media attention level is high in
    somewhere like America (Where your probably reading this guide from)
    Parents will become aware of these sort of aspect about the game and
    then they will take it off there children, where the Aus community can
    say that we all have the game because of these things edited out. Oh,
    sorry, I'm rambling. Agree or Disagree, it's your choice.
    Yes, this is just a short review to describe what GTA3 is about and all.
    I really don't like posting reviews on GamFAQs, I'm more a FAQ
    contributor and I haven't submitted a review for ages. But I will post
    my review here.
    The Character that you play has no name at all druing the game. He is
    called things like Fido, Kid and other knicknames through the game, but
    really never has any real name, and you never hear it. This "Guy" has
    just been in jail after he was betrayed by his old girlfriend called
    Catalina. It happened in a bank robbery. the Cartel (Catalina is the
    leader) Robbed a bank in the ghost town, and Catalina was gready so she
    decided to kill everyone so she would have the whole stash to herself.
    Quite smart. So your character is shot, and left in the gutter. He is
    evetually arrested, and taken to jail. The police decide to get a police
    convoy and move you and some of your in-mates over to Portland. With you
    in this convoy, is a member of the Cartel, you, and one of your friends
    from jail called 8-Ball. On the bridge, the convoy is attacked and the
    police members are ordered out. These guys have come from the Cartel,
    and are after to get that cartel guy back. So you and 8-Ball also escape
    and the bridge is also blow up. Then thats where the game starts.
    GAMEPLAY: 10/10
    Excellent, nice and smoth. The controls are very easy to master, and the
    game goes along well. The game is normal difficulty, for example: Not
    too easy to complete every mission 1st time, but not had enough to bash
    the console up for a hard mission. The hardest thing about the game all
    up, is probably doing the abulance missions.
    GRAPHICS: 9/10
    Excellent, really, there is nothing wrong with them, they are nearly
    perfect, but yes, they could be better, but how they are is just
    perfect. Attention to detail is good, and the cars look great and
    detailed as well. Really, if you don't like these graphics, then you
    will be really disspaointed with any other Playstation 2 game that you
    play. As I said, they could be better, but the are fine. The roads look
    good, there are different amount of pedestrians with real faces, and
    characters look fine as well.
    SOUND/EFFECTS: 10/10
    Absouletly great, astonishing. Not only tdoes this have superb sounds
    (As in the sound of being shot sounds cool as you can hear the blood and
    all) but there are radio stations. But first onto the Sound Effects,
    well, you can do burnouts that sound cool, and also the car noises sound
    real and all the other sound effects are great as well. Nothing wrong
    witht the sound effects. Next, onto the voices: They are clear, very
    clear. Nothing wrong with them. Also, people yell stuff out at you when
    you cross the footpath and all that. Next, onto the music: Once again,
    this is also great. There is 10 radio stations to choose from (Not all
    are music station0 but each has a different type of music played on
    them. Some have classical Opera shit, and others have '80s misic and
    some have just the same music compeliting. The songs and all are great.
    EXTARS: 9/10
    Once again, also great. Suprisingly, you are not confined to the
    missions. There are plenty of other things to do, to just name afew:
    Collect 100 Hidden Packages, Do special R3 missions such as being a Cop,
    Taxi Driver, Fire Fighter and Paramedic, nail unique jumps, do rampages>
    There is so many more things to do as well, and also, you don't have to
    do them. Yes thats right, you can go around the city just shooting
    people. Liberty City is yours (Only the first island as you start) to
    explore. It is very big though, but as they say, the World (Liberty City
    in this case) is your oyster.
    There isn't anything wrong with this agme, really, except for afew
    realism things, like you can't shoot someone throught eh wondow of there
    car, but that feature is being added to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
    Also, you can't pop tires. But still the game is great, and I like it
    how it is. It's perfect really. One of my top games on the ps2, it's
    right up there with GTA:VC, but VC is a tad better.
    Yeah, I keep coming back to play this, it will keep you entertain for at
    least afew months, now thats good. Really, after completing the main
    game, you will want to keep on playing it to get 100% completion.
    OVERALL: 10/10
    Very Great Game.
    Before I even started this guide, I made an in depth guide with fun
    stuff to do after you are finished. Here it is:
                     ON LOCATION
    The car crusher is located in Harwood near the gas staion and 8-Balls.
    First of all, hang around here and get a wanted level, let a cop chase
    you to this area and make him get out, the car crusher will take his car
    up and destroy it, from here the cop will come after you, if you use the
    wanted level cheat, the cop will have no where to go, cos he aint got no
    car. I always did this  in GTA2, it's hillarious.
    In ammunation on Staunton or Portland, go into ammunation. Make sure you
    have a shotgun or another powerful bullet weapon. Just shoot atraight
    foward towards where the owner of the shop is. The bullet wont him him,
    but then he will pull out his shotgun and fire at you, he will cane your
    health by about 40, funny to watch. The lesson to be learned here; Never
    pick on the owner of ammunation.
    This one is hillarious, get a car and get to the drawbridge that
    connects Staunton island and Shoreside Vale, make sure the bridge is
    open to traffic first, if it isn't, well complete Donald Loves missions,
    if it is, go onto the bridge. On the bridge, you will notice that the
    part of it comes up to makeway for boats in the water underneath, while
    it is doing this, ram a car, hit it hard, it will now start to just
    driveing on, and it will fall into the water and of course die. He he.
                   IN CARS
    You can find one of these just driving around Staunton or just steal one
    from the army surplas store, it's free. Anyway, take it. Drive onto the
    road. When you come to the next car that is going the same way as you,
    ram it with the truck, the car will go flying, the best cars to hit are
    the lanstalkers, they go flying. If you follow the road around, you will
    come to places over the sea, whack a car off the edge and into the sea,
    it's hillarous and cars just go flying everywhere once you hit them. By
    raming the cars, you might have to use the health cheat to get rid of
    the smoke that comes over time. If your car does explode, go back to the
    army surplas store and it will re-appear. A fun vehicle all up, and is a
    favourite amongst alot of people.
    Find a fire truck, in Portland, the fire station is across the road from
    the gas station. Hijack it, if you can. Anyway, press 'R3' and the Fire
    truck mission will come on, and you have to extinguish the fires. Go to
    where one is on the map, use O to use the water and extinguish the fire,
    now if you are mean like me, this is what I do: because the car with the
    fire extinguished was just in front of you, press and hold down X to
    accelerate, usually if you are going fast enough, you will knock the car
    usually over, then it will catch on fire again and explode, so there was
    really no gain for the owner of the vehicle, only you get some money for
    destroying it and the mony for putting out the fire you did before. I
    know, I'm mean, but hey, it's only a game.
    Steal an Ambulance from the hospital, and press 'R3' to put on the
    special rescue mission, what you have to do is get the patients to the
    hospital, first of all, go to a person, you will notice they will leave
    trails of blood on the ground. Take them back to the hospital. Go to
    pick up another person, but park far away so they will have to run to
    get in. As soon as they come to the Ambulance start driving so they
    can't get in, they will leave trails of blood on the ground, and will
    just be left there to die, Mwahahahahaha.
    On a cop car, because it's fast, press 'L3' in, your siren will come on,
    even though your not on a vigilante mission, you can use it. Go to a
    road with afew lanes on your side, when you come to traffic, put your
    siren on, some will move onto the other lane if they are in yours, and
    sometimes they just drive on the footpath, sometimes knocking over
    innocent pedestrians. Even sometimes they go onto the other side of the
    road, causing horns to beep all over the place.
    Jack a taxi and then press 'R3' to turn the taxi missions on. Get to the
    first guy and take him to a destination, after awhile, one guy will want
    to go to china town (If you are in Portland) and as you know, that is
    the Triad territory, and if they hate you, of course they will start
    shooting. This is what happened to me: I took one guy to the Punk
    noodles place, then there was a person waiting to be picked up around
    the corner, to my suprise, it was a Triad, with a gun, but he didn't
    shoot at me. It was hillarious, and once he was taken at his
    destination, he din't shoot at me at all. Usually other Traids will come
    and pull you out of your car and kill you, so be careful when doing this
    fun thing.
    -DRIVE BY-
    This can be done in any car, First of all, get an Uzi if you don't have
    one already, get in the car, and you will have your Uzi equipped. Hold
    down R2 or L2 and press and hold circle as well, you will do a drive by,
    it's a really cool new feature that is really fun to do, because if I
    want to kill someone that I hate on the sidewalk, I'm too lazy to get
    out of the car, so I use drive by's.
    Now before I start this, I have the Australian copy of the game, which
    means the Hookers are edited out, but I still know a fair lot about it.
    Get a good car and find a hooker, you and her will chit chat for abit,
    and then they will get in the car, this costs one dollar every second
    she is in the car. Anway, take her to a secluded place, the car will
    start bouncing and your health will boost.
    -I KILL YA-
    Find something big, like a van or truck, or something really big. Start
    driving around and running over pedestrians, usually with something this
    big you can kill them in one hit with the car. Start crushing civilians,
    note the nosie when you kill someone, you know the sound of blodd and
    guts going everywhere. It souns cool and is fun to do when I'm mad.
    When you steal a car, some of the people insult you, like some of the
    taxi drivers insult you, and call you a moron, I think that deserves for
    them to die, don't you? pull out a weapon and blow there brains to
    smitherines. Also if you make a roadblock, the dudes waiting behind you
    will insult you as well, Oh no, I'm so offended.
    -UP YOURS-
    Hold up traffic just by youself (Stand in front of a car), after awhile
    of the person beeping, you will stick your finger up at the car tooting,
    you can even do this to the cops and they wont care.
    This is something funny and emarrasing that happened to me. I was at an
    intersection, and I had just stolen a banshee before, then a car thief
    decided to hijack me (I was blocked by afew cars), to my discust, I re-
    hijacked it, and before I could drive away, I decided to get out and
    kill the car stealer, by then he got back into my car and sped through
    the cars and drove off, I never seen by beautiful banshee again, and had
    to settle for a damn Taxi, since then, I have raged wars on thiefs, they
    are the guys in the pajam looking pants, help me on my fight, and when
    you see afew thieves, kill them for me.
                            THE LITTLE CARS
    Here, I'm talking about the RC Toys missions, yes, always fun to do,
    there is many things you can do with these brillent toys:
    Hop into a toys van, when I was playing, you had to destroy the mafia
    cars. After awhile of destroying them, I find a cop car, yes, you just
    can't resist, I went up to it, and BOOOOOOOOOOOOM, that was the end of
    the cop and the car. I always do this, cos you can't resist it. Also,
    you never get blamed for it, no wanted star or anything at all.
    Basically, find a group of pedestrians, and I'm guessing the rest speaks
    for itself, use O to detonate the little car and they will all die. Note
    that you can do the toys missions an unlimited amount of times (Unless
    you destroy the van), so you can do the mission, and then the next time
    around, do fun and funny stuff.
    Lets just say you hate a specific gang, and in this mission you have to
    blow them up, but instead of blowing the cars up, why not blow there men
    up, this can give you extra weaponary once you complete the mission, you
    can go and get the weaponary.
    Hold people up, do this by gettin an auto aim weapon like a handgun or
    uzi, then approaching a person and get in front of them and press and
    hold R1, then will put their hands up, unless it's a cop. If only you
    could say 'Bow under by command' and use them as a slave, that would be
    cool. Anyway, it's just fun to the insults and stuff people call you,
    like "You asshole".
    Get your Sniper Rifle out, if you don't have one, by one from the
    ammunation in Staunton island, also by a M16 from somehwere if you can.
    find a good place to sniper from, like a tall building that looks over
    the street, kill one innocent pedestrian, one shot anywhere will kill
    him. This will lead many innocents to the dead body looking at it, this
    means more targets, have fun!
    Best done with explosives, create a roadblock with your car, then with a
    molotiv cocktail, M16, grenade or Bazooka, stand back and blow up your
    car, if the other cars are close enough, it will destroy them too, this
    creating a chain reaction, destroying or pputting on fire any cars in
    the area around the blast, note that this will probably get the cops on
    your tail with 2 stars.
    What you do here speaks for itself; Get yourslef a flamethrower, go to a
    group of pedestrians just walking around, put one on fire. Once he is on
    fire, he will run around like crazy because he is being burnt, sometimes
    the fire catches onto other people, this means total chaos, and
    sometimes the fire can catch onto you, if you have more than about 70
    health, you will survive.
    -AHH, MY HEAD-
    Basically, put the gore cheat on, now equip the sniper rifle, stand
    close to a pedestrian that you want to kill, aim right at their head and
    shoot, if the gore cheat worked, the persons head will come off, also
    you can shoot them in the leg or arm and that piece of their body will
    fall off too.
    Stand well back in a good position from the road or place with alot of
    cars, aim at the cars and just pick them off with the bazooka as they
    come along, hey, the cars shouldn't have been there, why do you get
    blamed for it? I just love creating chaos around Liberty City,
    especially with the bazooka. With the gore cheat, you can also remove
    parts of the body, just aim at the ground near the person, and fire. For
    even more chaos, find a massive groupof pedestrians, and I think you
    know what to do now.
                         THE TRAIN TRACKS
    Somehwere in China town, there is a little jump, and above this jump is
    the train track. Do the jump and if you do it correctly, you will land
    on the subway, from here you can do many things:
    Best done in a fast car, spot a train coming your way put the pedal to
    the metal and just drive straight into the train the crash will be huge
    and will proabably cause your car to roll off the subway. Oh well, fun
    Once again, get a fast car up onto here. Get on the opposite side to the
    track the train is on, and when it gets next to you, start driving and
    race it and do a lap around and see if you can beat it. You proabably
    wont though.
    Sit your car on the side of the track that the train comes on. Just stay
    in the car and let the train ram you on the side. The train will push
    the car along and like use it as a plow.
    Some of the pedestrian say quites, some are funny to listen to, for
    examples "My Mother is my Sister" and the queer dudes say "You can sail
    the seven seas".
    Ok, grab a car, any car. Take it out onto the road, and start driving on
    the sidewalk. As you already know, people jump out of the way if they
    think you are going to run them over, so what you do is go up to one and
    pretend to run one down, try to make sure that he has to jump into the
    direction of the closest wall, if he does make a dash that way,
    sometimes they hit the wall and are unconscious for awhile, my brother
    told me this one.
    -HEY, THEIF-
    the streets of Liberty City isn't a safe place, there are thiefs all
    waiting around for the right time to strike on people, and on cars. When
    I see someone being beaten up on the sidewalk, I lend a hand to the
    innocent civillian protecting themsleves, but usually in the process I
    hit the worng guy, so they both start hitting me, LOL.
    hehe, I like doing this. Put on the gore cheat (You can find it on just
    about any FAQ or on the codes and secrets section on gamefaqs). Shoot a
    person in the leg, arm or head, and that part of the body you just shot
    will come clean off, like their leg and such.
    I always do this to people who wanna fight me, I get the M16 from the
    army surplas store (Or use the all weapons cheats) and kill someone
    (Like a gang member or someone who wants to fight me. I shoot them in
    the head with the M16 and of course, they die. While they are on the
    ground, I aim at them again with my M16 and just fire into their dead
    body, you should see all the blood that comes out.
    A commercial on alot of stations goes something like this:
    "Tonight, the TV event that will make history, Liberty City Survivor.
    This takes reality TV to a whole new level. We'll take 20 recently
    paroled guys, equip them with grenade launchers and flamethrowers, and
    let them hunt each other down! It's the reality show where you just
    might be part of the action"
    "I was grabbing a sandwich at the Happy Blimp, and all of a sudden these
    guys crashed through the window and started shooting at each other. I
    was so excited, I didn't even realise I'd been hit! After that, I was
    hooked on Liberty City Survivor. I watch it every day in the hospital!"
    "The game doesn't end until there's only one man left standing! Tune in
    nightly, or watch the 24hour live webcast!......Liberty City Survivor,
    Natural selection has come home."
    On chatterbox, you will notice that one of the caller says that
    "Citicens Are Raging Against Phomes", and they have to resort to carrier
    pigeons with notes on them to set up meetings and they keep
    disappearing, and then later on, a caller rings up and says about eating
    possums, rats and pigeons and says "Pigeons are good, they come with a
    note attached, it's like a fortune cookie with wings". This means that
    this guy was eating the pigeons that the C.R.A.P lady was talking about.
    Just something interseting here: Listen to 'chatterbox' radio station,
    on one of the phone calls, Maria rings up (Maria is one of the
    characters you meet in the game and she thinks you are her boyfriend).
    She starts talking about you if you listen carefully and says that you
    don't talk much and stuuf. Doesn't it feel good to be notcied on the
    radio for a change, instead of only being noticed for bad things.
    Read this:
    (Chatterbox) _- TONI CALLS IN -_
    Lazlow: "Alright let's go over here. Hello caller, you're on
    Chatterbox."                                              Toni: "Yeah?
    Is that Lazlow?"                                    Lazlow: "Yes it is.
    Who is this?"                                  Toni: "My name ain't
    important! It's real un-important, okay?!"  Lazlow: "Er...no not really,
    I mean this is a radio show, people 	   usually tell us their
    name."                                       Toni: "My name I is real
    un-important! If you wanna keep on being a 	 wise-guy, you'll find
    out just how un-important....like...un-	 important I just got shot in
    the head un-important! Do I make 	 myself clear?!?"
    Lazlow: "Err..yes...wh..why are you calling in today?"             Toni:
    "Because I need some advice. And I ain't doing any of that shrink
    shit!"                                                    Lazlow:
    "Er..i..if you swear again, we're gonna have to cut you off,
    this is a family show."                                    Toni: "Sorry
    sorry, sorry...I'm..I'm..I'm just a little unhappy, a bit 	 agitated.
    Real angry. It's my ma! She don't think I'm a real 	 man. Can you
    imagine that? I mean, I do a mans job an all, but, 	 she treats me
    like a little boy! All I get is 'your pa' this and 	 'your pa' that
    and 'you ain't a real man Toni' and it's driving 	 me freakin'
    Lazlow: "Well, Toni..."
    Toni: "Toni!? How'd you know my name was Toni?? You tracing this call?
    Cos if you are, you're gonna get real intimately acquainted
    with...what your brains look like! My name ain't 	 Toni....okay!?!"
    Lazlow: "Err...okay."
    Toni: "But my ma, she keeps going 'Toni Toni, be a real man, stand up
    for yourself, don't take no shit! But all I do is to be a good 	 son,
    and I want her to show that she cares for me! Show 	 that...she loves
    me! And you know...say I was a good kid! 	 But...it seems like nothing's
    ever good enough for her, you know 	 what I mean? What do I do?"
    Lazlow: "Well Ton...I mean sir...you know in life we have a lot of
    obligations, and we just have to kinda...face up to them...and
    right now, I'm obligated to play some commercial 	   announcements.
    We'll be back right after this!"
    *Read toni's 6th and 7th line*
    it's very funny, especially when you hear it on the radio.
                           THE POLICE
    -MY DONUT-
    Commit a crime anywhere near an insane jump bonus or a unique jump and
    get the cops after you, from when they are chasing you, make sure a cop
    is behind you and then do the insane jump/uique jump and usually the cop
    does it with you, and of course flips it most of the times along with
    I just like doing this: Usually when I have 2 crime starts indicated,
    cops come from a variety of places, once there was about 5 cars with 2
    guys surrounding each blocking my path and it was the only way to go,
    this may sound stupid what I did, but here goes: I ran right up to one
    of the cop cars and just took it, and then just sped off, leading the
    dumb police behind.
    Perpously get busted, when you do, the police insult you and say things
    like: "Just another wanna be street punk"
    OK, this happened to me o the bridge between Staunton and Shoreside,
    being me, I had committed afew crimes back on Stuanton and had two
    wanted level stars, 2 cops were behind my car, so I decided to get rid
    of them, I did, then more cop cars came, but as soon as that happened,
    the bridge went up and I was going up as well, from there, the cop car
    tried to get me, and just drove straight off the edge of the bridge into
    the water.
    Did you like this game? Well then you will love Vice City, heres a brief
    section about what better things there are in Grand Theft Auto: Vice
    City. It's out now.
    O Character actauly speaks and has a name
    O Shoot people through windscreens
    O Pop car tires
    O WAY more weapons (Triple in amount I think)
    O Buy safehouses with helecopters and stuff like that
    O 36 unique jumps & ramoages (In this it was only 20)
    O More Rampages
    O Bash up cars with your fist/bat/batten etc.
    O Dress up in different costumes
    O Buy assests and do their missions
    O Waaaay too many more things, so I will leave it here.
    - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    - The Getaway
    The end of my FAQ
    Email: Wayalla1@yahoo.com.au (Wayalla) - Aaron Baker
    Any Contributions, compliments, Hate Mail, Complaints can be sent there
    - Wayalla, Aaron Baker, for creating very much so most of the guide and
    taking alot of time to make it.
    - Inferno2, for the car list guides. He made the stats for me. Thanks
    - CjayC, for making GameFAQs, one of the best Strategy Guide sites on
    the Internet. Youv'e done a great job!
    - Gamewinners, thats where I got the cheats from. I just added my own
    description of what they done.
    - AcidSiefer, for adding a little information about the unlimited
    running energy in the 'Tricks' section.
    - Packing Heat, I got permission to use the line of the radio from him
    in my Fun Stuff guide.
    - Gta Freak420, I used his guide as a reference for the purple Nines
    - Everyone on the GTA3 message board. You have supplied me with much
    needed infromation
    - Hudson15, for info about a special sentinel
    - You, for reading this guide :P
                      Document Copyright Aaron Baker
                       GTA3 Guide Copyright (C) 2002

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