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    100% Completion FAQ by InsideOutBoy

    Version: 1.9 | Updated: 01/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Scott MacDowall
    1A - Copyright notice 
    1B - Version
    1C - Contact the author 
    1D - Warning 
    1E - Introduction (read this first)  
    1F - General advice 
    2A - Portland walkthrough begins 
    3A - Staunton Island walkthrough begins 
    4A - Shoreside Vale walkthrough begins  
    5A - The end
    5B - Frequently asked questions 
    5C - Credits 
    This document copyright 2002 Scott MacDowall. It is for private, 
    personal, and completely free usage only.  
    1B: VERSION:
    This FAQ (version 1.0) was originally completed on 21/10/2002 
    You are now reading version 1.9 completed 25/1/03. 
    A version 2.0 may be published when this FAQ has been thoroughly play 
    You are welcome to send me a polite message with any comments or 
    constructive criticism. If you require help with the game I will try 
    to reply if the request is not clearly answered in the FAQ. Please do 
    not be offended if for some reason I don't reply quickly. I am a busy 
    man and receive a lot of email. 
    But if you happen to notice any spelling mistakes, missing words, 
    faulty grammar then please contact me. (I am English though; hence I 
    spell certain words differently to my American friends). I will 
    correct the mistake and add your name to the credits. 
    Email: scott_macdowall@yahoo.co.uk 
    1D: WARNING:
    If this is the second time you're playing through the game there is a 
    high probability you have the "Purple Nines" glitch. This flaw makes 
    completing the game 100% impossible. See GTAFreak420's handy FAQ on 
    the subject for further information and possible remedy.
    NOTE: I have received emails from people who cannot get 100% but are 
    NOT affected by the above glitch. Using certain cheat codes is 
    believed to make this happen. If you have any other useful 
    information about this, please email me.  
    Unlike other FAQ's, this walkthrough should be followed like an 
    instruction book. By using its step-by-step sequence it will show you 
    the quickest and easiest way to absolutely complete Grand Theft Auto 
    III 100%. No cheats, no unnecessary information, no spoilers, just 
    straightforward good advice. Start at step 1 and follow it through 
    until the very end. 
    Very occasionally this FAQ refers you to other excellent in-depth 
    FAQ's made by different authors. You will need a copy of: 
    'Hidden Packages Map: Portland'  
    'Hidden Packages Map: Staunton Island' 
    'Hidden Packages Map: Shoreside Vale'
    All created and owned by MrSlayerJenkins/Pulverized2000. Also...
    'Offroad Missions FAQ' 
    Created and owned by Minesweeper.   
    All the above can be found at www.gamefaqs.com on the same page where 
    you found this FAQ. 
    So, shall we begin?  
    a)	Save at least every 3 missions, and make at least 2 separate 
    save files. This is your insurance should anything unwanted 
    happen. After all, GTA3 can crash occasionally.
    b)	Whenever someone gets into your vehicle you can start driving 
    the moment they touch the door handle. They always manage to 
    climb in, even if you suddenly accelerate. This knowledge can 
    save a few extra seconds during timed missions. 
    c)	The best way to adjust the camera and to make sure your man is 
    lined up for a narrow ledge is to move the right analogue stick 
    and look in the direction you want to go. Then when you walk 
    off you'll head in that specific direction.
    d)	You can run forwards while firing with certain small weapons. 
    Don't stand still and let people hit you - keep moving and 
    e)	Throughout the FAQ the directions north, east, etc are used. 
    These are based on the map in the bottom left corner of the 
    NOTE: If you haven't done it already, start a new game. 
    DIFFICULTY: 2/10 
    1.	After the introductory sequence climb into the nearby car. 
    Drive as slowly as you'd like to the destination marked on your 
    map. You're not allowed to destroy this car, so don't go wild 
    2.	Stop in the blue light when you arrive. Reverse the car out and 
    follow the map to the purple square, a short distance away. You 
    still need to keep this car intact and avoid being arrested. 
    Should you fail you'll have to repeat this section again. Stop 
    in the blue light. 
    DIFFICULTY: 2/10   
    1.	Now you can take any car that you'd like, and if it's badly 
    damaged simply get out and find another. But be careful - if 
    you are arrested or killed during this mission you have to 
    repeat the previous one again, so finish up here before 
    mucking around. 
    2.	Drive to the green square on the map. Your passenger is 
    standing outside the hospital with a blue arrow above her 
    head. She must be kept alive, so don't run her over. 
    3.	Drive her back exactly the way you came. If you need to, 
    feel free to change cars and your passenger will follow. 
    NOTE: You can now explore Portland at your leisure. If you die you 
    will lose $1000. If arrested you will lose $200. If you run out of 
    money nothing will happen. Explore until you feel comfortable with 
    the game.  
    NOTE: Now is the time to begin the extra missions. Completing them 
    now makes the most sense for several reasons. A) It will teach the 
    layout of Portland, which is essential knowledge. B) You can complete 
    them without fear of being attacked by angry gangs. C) You will 
    unlock several perks that make the upcoming missions much easier. D) 
    You will become stinking rich. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    Collecting packages is a good way to see Portland without the 
    pressure of time limits or dangerous objectives. Scattered around 
    Portland, and the whole of Liberty City, are small white packages. 
    Collecting them gradually unlocks a variety of weapons, which 
    constantly regenerate, completely free of charge, at your hideout. 
    NOTE: Below are my notes on each of the packages. Use them in 
    conjunction with the Hidden Packages Portland map created by 
    1.	At the northern end of the concrete path that runs along by 
    river facing Staunton Island. 
    2.	To get on the Head Radio building walk up onto the EL-Train 
    station that's just to the south of it. Run along the tracks 
    (watching out the train) and the tracks will run close enough for you 
    to jump over onto the roof. Simply walk off the edge afterwards.  
    3.	To get on the roof of the gas station shop you'll need to walk 
    along the surrounding walls to a certain spot where it's safe to drop 
    down. Grab the nearby fire truck and park it up against the wall 
    behind the shop, where you want to drop down. Take another car and it 
    next to the fire truck. Jump from the car onto the fire truck, and 
    then down onto the corner shack. Take a running jump from here and 
    you should land on the shop. 
    4.	Simply drive a car through the glass to grab the package. 
    5.	It's around the northern side, on the outside of the house.
    6.	On the beach, head north, underneath the rock arch and keep 
    trying to run up cliff. Eventually the slope is gentle enough for you 
    to run up onto a grassy ledge where the package is. 
    7.	Just run around the building, keeping close it, and you'll find 
    the package. 
    8.	In the raised flowerbed in the centre of the courtyard. 
    9.	In the middle of the grassy area on the east of the courtyard. 
    It's by the trees. 
    10.	Just walk around the building. 
    11.	Walk up the rubble into the ruined house. 
    12.	Drive onto the grassy roof of the building from the east. Then 
    come down the other side. 
    13.	You need to walk through the blue light where you dropped off 
    Misty. But you don't want to start a mission yet, so get a car and 
    drive through it. Once across, get out and climb up the stairs onto 
    the roof. Drop down by the other billboard, and then jump onto the 
    western rooftop. The package is on the corner by the main road. 
    14.	Do the first part of what you did above, avoiding the blue 
    light of course. 
    15.	  In the alley is a staircase leading up. Take it, and then 
    walk up the slope on to the highest part of the roof. 
    16.	You can't get this one yet so ignore it. 
    17.	Drive through the window.
    18.	There's an alleyway that leads down the middle of this area. 
    Several gardens lead off from the alley. You can find the package in 
    a northeastern garden, next to an Uzi. 
    19.	A bit south of the beach where you found package #6 is a 
    supermarket called 'Supa Save'. Directly behind Supa Save is a long 
    concrete tunnel. Head down there and you'll see a package by some 
    harmless tramps. 
    20.	Obviously beware of the train. The package is on the southern 
    edge of the Supa Save rooftop, near the road. 
    21.	There's a pedestrian area in China Town. On the western side, 
    where it joins the road, is an alley behind a shop called Hong Hung 
    Inc. It's down there. 
    22.	In south China Town there is a building on the corner nearest 
    the river facing the next island. It has a giant Rockstar billboard 
    on its roof. Run around this building to find an alley leading 
    through the middle of it, and then some stairs leading up to the 
    23.	In the building directly east of the one mentioned above is 
    another alley holding another package. 
    24.	You can't miss the factory. It has big red signs saying 
    "Bitchin' Dog Food". The gate will open for you, even on foot. Just 
    run around the building to collect the package. 
    25.	Just like you did for package #20, run along the tracks but go 
    further. As the tracks bend right you can jump from the little girder 
    that juts out onto the roof's building. 
    26.	The Columbian ship is the massive cargo ship that says "Les 
    Cargo" on the side. Climb up the nearby stairs onto the roof of a 
    warehouse and take a running jump onto the awning of the neighbouring 
    building to its north. You need a good run up and a burst of 
    sprinting to be successful. 
    27.	You can simply walk into the yard through the doorway on the 
    north side. Forget about using the ramp.
    28.	Just run around the blue and white building. There's way a past 
    the chain link fence on the northwest side, or you can just flatten 
    it if you've got a quick enough vehicle and you hit it at an angle.
    29.	There's an opening on the south side, by the road. Go through 
    it and run around to the north side of the building.  
    30.	To get into the sawmill you'll need to walk along the narrow 
    wall of the coach depot. On the south side the wall dips down. Simply 
    jump on and walk left into the yard. Make your way up onto the grey 
    slanted roofs of the sawmill to the very end. On the very last 
    building you'll find the package.  
    31.	This is a tough one! First steal one a type of van that drives 
    around China Town. It must have a picture of a fish's skeleton on the 
    side and will be driven by Chinese man in blue overalls. He, and his 
    van driving friends, will now try to kill you for stealing it so 
    don't hang around. Take this van to the dirt track directly opposite 
    where you entered the courtyard of package #30. Stop at gates and 
    drive in when they've opened. All the men in blue overalls here will 
    try to shoot you so drive around the building until you've squished 
    them all. When it's safe to come out, grab the parcel on the south 
    side of the building and leave the way you entered.
    32.	Be careful about falling into the sea. 
    33.	You can't get this one yet either. Ignore it. 
    That's it. You've just unlocked 3 weapons that will be very useful 
    from now onwards. 
    DIFFICULTY: 2/10 
    REWARD: An everlasting garage full of cars. 
    The Import/Export garage is a place where you take certain cars you 
    find driving around town. The garage has an order list printed on its 
    outer wall, telling you what cars it needs, and if you see one of the 
    cars on during your travels bring it here for a cash reward. The 
    vehicles can be delivered badly damaged. 
    Find the Import/Export Garage in Portland docks. It's the place where 
    you recovered Hidden Package #26. After turning in off the road bare 
    left, past the parked cars, and off in a northeastern direction. One 
    of the warehouses over here has a big blue door and a sign listing 
    car names. A couple of truck trailers are parked behind it. 
    Bring all the following cars to the garage and park them inside. 
    SECURICAR: This is an armoured van, usually blue in colour. It's very 
    rare, but you can find several later on in the game. I will remind 
    you when to bring it back here. 
    MOONBEAM: This is a minivan. Look for a van with all around windows 
    and four doors. One can be found parked outside the Head Radio 
    building, where you found hidden Package #2. 
    COACH: As you leave the docks, head left, and then left again. On 
    your right here is the coach depot that you used to get Hidden 
    Package #30. 
    FLATBED: Unfortunately this pale green truck is very hard to find. It 
    looks like an army truck, with a large engine housing and usually an 
    open top trailer. It is easier find later on in the time game, and I 
    shall remind you when that is exactly.  
    LINERUNNER: As you enter the docks from the road, turn right and 
    drive past the trailers parked there. At the very end is a big truck 
    cab - that's it. 
    TRASHMASTER: Difficult to find. You'll hopefully meet one during the 
    upcoming Vigilante/Fire Truck missions, so keep an eye out for one 
    PATRIOT: Turn right as you leave the docks to see the large Supa Save 
    shop. In the car park is a jeep. Take it. As you enter the jeep a cut 
    scene will occur. Ignore this for now. Just drive to the garage, get 
    out the vehicle and back in again. This will cancel the mission and 
    allow you to enter the garage. 
    MR. WHOOPEE: A very rare ice cream van that is almost impossible to 
    find unless you play the Vigilante/Fire Truck missions. Keep an eye 
    out for it then. 
    BLISTA: This is a family van, similar to the Moonbeam but curvier and 
    sleeker. You can only find it right now by playing the upcoming 
    Vigilante/Fire Fighter Missions, but later on in the game it becomes 
    very easy to find normally. I will remind you when that happens.  
    MULE: A truck you can find parked in the docks car park, often 
    visible when you enter off the street. The trailer overhangs the 
    driver's cabin.  
    YANKEE: A small truck with a large cab and big wheel arches. There's 
    often one parked behind the Import/Export garage, by the 
    multicoloured cargo containers near a big ship.    
    BOBCAT: A pick up truck that can be found anywhere. There's usually 
    one parked outside of Easy Credit Auto's, where you got Hidden 
    Package #4. 
    DODO: You can't get this one for a while. I'll tell you when you can. 
    BUS: It looks like an old fashioned coach, and drives like one too, 
    but finding it is very hard to do. If you have great difficulty 
    finding this vehicle wait until later in the game when it becomes 
    more common. I will note when that time is.  
    RUMPO: A normal van made distinctive by the single black window on 
    both sides of the hold. Find one parked in front of the sawmill, next 
    to the spot where you found Hidden Package #30. 
    PONY: A very ordinary van. Can be found driving about anywhere.   
    That's it for now. We'll be finishing off the remaining cars later. 
    DIFFICULTY: 2/10 (on average)  
    These short and sweet missions involve finding a van for the company 
    "RC Toyz", which are hidden across the city. When you climb in the 
    van you'll be given a tiny radio controlled buggy, which handles like 
    an ordinary car. The only difference is that it's loaded with 
    explosives and will detonate the moment you touch the wheels of any 
    passing car, or press fire to do it manually. 
    You only need to blow up 1 of the specific vehicles the mission 
    demands and you have 2 minutes to do so. Blowing up more than 1 only 
    means you earn more cash. 
    The RC Toyz missions can be repeated again and again for fun, and 
    extra cash if you beat your previous score. However, you only need to 
    do them once to get that extra percentage. 
    1.	Go to the El-Train station near the fire station, the one you 
    had to use when collecting Hidden Package #2. Run past the 
    stairs into a courtyard and around the building where the van 
    awaits. Jump in. 
    2.	Drive the buggy out onto the main road and cruise up and down 
    looking for the black Diablo Stallions that should be around. 
    It might be hard to find them, so drive some distance away and 
    then turn around. If you really can't find one just blow up the 
    buggy and try a new one. You have an infinite amount of 
    3.	You only need to get one to win. And the police won't mind a 
    bit if you blow up one of their cars, so don't worry about 
    that. If you accidentally blow yourself up then you'll just 
    have to start again. 
    1.	Go to the house atop the cliff where you found hidden package 
    #5. As you exit the mansion drive down the steep road directly 
    opposite and turn left at the crossroads. On right now will be 
    a wide alley and a bit of grass. Parked down on the grass 
    should be the second RC Toyz van. If for some odd reason it's 
    not there, save your game and reset. That should solve the 
    2.	Just like before take the remote controlled buggy out on to the 
    roads and blow as many black Mafia Sentinels as you can find. 
    Like before, you only need to destroy one to successfully 
    complete mission - but the more the merrier.  
    NOTE: You have now completed all the RC Toyz missions in Portland. 
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10 
    REWARD: Borgnine Taxi  
    1.	Firstly steal a Taxi. It shouldn't be too hard to find. Be 
    cautious of hanging about once you've stolen one, as the 
    Asian drivers often try to drag you back out again. Push the 
    right analogue stick in (R3 button) to begin your career as 
    a taxi driver. As you drive around green squares will appear 
    on the map. If there aren't any near you just drive about a 
    bit and one will show up. 
    2.	These are people looking for a ride, so approach them, and 
    spot the person with a blue arrow above their head. They'll 
    hop in you can drive off as soon as they open the door - 
    don't worry if they're not actually in the cab yet! A 
    destination will appear on the screen. This place will be 
    marked by a purple square on the map. Head there as quickly 
    as possible. Over time the same destinations will keep 
    cropping up, making navigation easier. 
    3.	You need to help a total of 100 customers. Every time you 
    pick up a fare up you'll earn extra time, and however much 
    time is left when you drop that person off you can keep, so 
    speed is of the essence. Every time you help 5 people in a 
    row you get a cash bonus, but you're not doing this for the 
    4.	Feel free to cut corners, drive on the sidewalk, etc. If 
    your cab becomes heavily damaged the customer will jump out, 
    and nobody else will get in unless you grab a new one or 
    repair the current taxi by driving into the Pay 'N' Spray 
    near Luigi's Club in the Red Light District. If you've got 
    plenty of time this is definitely the best thing to do 
    because you keep your present total, and therefore can keep 
    getting the 5-in-a-row bonus. Eventually you'll be getting 
    $20,000+ every time you drop off 5 people! Running over 
    customers simply forces you to find a new one and it doesn't 
    matter if you die/get arrested, as you can never lose your 
    total of dropped off passengers. Check how many you've done 
    by pressing start and checking the stats. 
    5.	Eventually you'll drop off your 100th customer and receive a 
    message informing you that Borgnine Taxis are now open for 
    business. Head north from Luigi's Club, down the long road, 
    which eventually bends right. On this corner is Borgnine 
    Taxis and a maroon coloured taxi should be parked outside. 
    This is a great car, possibly the best in Portland, with 
    very good handling. If you can't see it, just drive around 
    town for a little while and come back later. This usually 
    makes it appear. This FAQ will recommend when to use 
    Borgnine Taxi, and if it's blown up don't worry - a new one 
    will regenerate at Borgnine building.    
    Difficulty: 3/10 
    Reward: 1/3 of the Flamethrower. 
    NOTE: During these missions keep an eye out for the vehicles you need 
    for the Import/Export garage. If you have to extinguish a 
    Trashmaster, Securicar, Bus, Flatbed, Blista, or Mr. Whoopee van, 
    then jump out and steal it once you've doused the flames. 
    1.	Steal a Fire Truck. The easiest way to do this is to steal a 
    fire truck from the station. There's usually one parked outside. If 
    it's unavailable try driving around town for a little while and 
    coming back later. Do this a few times and usually a new truck 
    appears. Alternatively try making your own fire. Molotov Cocktails 
    can be found the in tunnel where you found Hidden Package #19. Throw 
    them continuously at one spot and a fire truck may appear. If all 
    else fails, save and restart your machine.     
    2.	Inside the truck push R3 to begin. Now your object is to 
    proceed as quickly as possible to the dark purple square on the map. 
    This square indicates where a stationary burning vehicle can be 
    found. When you arrive stop a short distance from the fiery wreck 
    press and press shoot to blast a stream of water onto it. You can 
    move this water cannon with the right analogue stick. Your aiming 
    doesn't have to be precise. As long as the stream is pointed at the 
    car the flames should go out. You need to put out 20 fires in 
    Portland. Press start and check your stats to see how many you've 
    3.	You don't have to put out 20 fires in a row. You could 
    extinguish one, fail on the next, and then start again. The next 
    successful job would still add to your grand total. This fact makes 
    the Fire fighter missions quite easy. The only minor reason to try 
    and get all 20 in a row is because the time limit gets fatter with 
    every fire you put out. You've done with the fire truck as soon as 
    you've put out 20 fires. Press start and check your stats to double-
    check how many you've done.
    NOTE: Later on you'll need to do this again. Keep reading and 
    eventually the FAQ will tell you the best time to do so.  
    Difficulty: 4/10 
    Reward: 2 regenerating Police Bribes at your hideout 
    NOTE: Keep an eye out for the vehicles you need for the Import/Export 
    garage. If you have to stop a Trashmaster, Securicar, Bus, Flatbed, 
    Blista, or Mr. Whoopee van, then jump out and steal it once you've 
    killed the driver. 
    1.	Steal a police car. The easiest way to do this is to go to the 
    police station and simply take one from the forecourt. However, the 
    cars may be locked, in which case you need to drive around town and 
    find one that's currently in use. 
    2.	Police cars can are most commonly found driving past the police 
    station. The safest technique for stealing a police car involves 
    stopping it, then walking around to the passenger side door and 
    trying to open the door. It won't open, but the cop will jump out and 
    try to arrest you. The very instant he closes his door all the doors 
    suddenly unlock and you can hop in the passenger side. Hit accelerate 
    and you should be away before he can grab you. 
    3.	Push R3. Now you need to chase down the green square that will 
    appear on your map. The criminal's car will have a blue arrow above 
    it and will be driving erratically. The idea is to make the other car 
    stop, so consequently try to knock it into walls, lampposts, or other 
    traffic. Occasionally a collision at top speed will make the criminal 
    bail. Make it spin by hitting the car on its corners. Avoid taking 
    shortcuts, as flipping your police car is the easiest way to lose. 
    Kill 10 criminals to earn 1 police bribe, kill 20 for another. 
    4.	If the criminal's car can't speed away easily he'll jump out 
    and run away on foot. You could get out and shoot him now but that's 
    a bit risky. If he's running away, shooting, or in an open area it's 
    best to stay in the car and squish him. If he's simply hanging around 
    - shoot him. You are automatically given a shotgun every time you 
    steal a police a car and this should do the job nicely. If he jogs 
    somewhere awkward, you'll have to shoot him. 
    5.	You don't have to get all 20 criminals in a row. You could kill 
    one, fail on the next, and then start again. It doesn't matter. The 
    next kill would still add to your grand total. This fact makes the 
    Vigilante missions quite easy. The only reason to try and get all 20 
    in a row is because the financial rewards gets bigger with every 
    crook you kill, but not big enough to make this worth while. 
    6. When you've killed 20 criminals - well done! The 2 police bribes 
    at your hideout will come in very handy if you need to ditch the 
    police during a mission. Although they constantly regenerate, you'll 
    need to go away before they do so. A lot later on you will do this 
    again for two extra bribes.  
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 (On average) 
    Unique Jumps are more exciting than some of the more tedious legwork 
    you've had to do up to now. A Unique Jump occurs when you drive off a 
    certain ramp in the city. The game goes into slow motion and you see 
    a cinematic view of your car flying through the air. If you land in a 
    specific way a message will flash on the screen, rewarding you with 
    money. Please bear in mind that you don't always need to land on your 
    wheels to succeed. 
    Fast cars are essential and no doubt you'll trash a few cars trying 
    to perform the stunts. You could steal the sporty Banshee from Easy 
    Credit Auto's, where you found Hidden Package #4. This car is 
    certainly quick enough to do anything but it's a bit out of the way, 
    and doesn't always appear when you want it to. Black Mafia Sentinels 
    are always cruising around in St. Mark's, and handle well at high 
    speed, but beware the heavily armed drivers. Alternatively try your 
    Borgnine Taxi, if you're passing by. The best all rounder is a police 
    1.	Just on the border between the Red Light District and Chinatown 
    is a subway. It's where Hidden Package #16 is, one of the 
    packages you can't access yet. Leaning up against the subway is 
    a ramp. Opposite the ramp is a road, which you should go turn 
    to get a good run up. 
    2.	Hold down your handbrake and accelerate, and race for the ramp. 
    You want to land on the El-Train tracks above, but try to keep 
    as straight as possible coming off the ramp. 
    1.	Head west from the ramp you just mastered, towards the river. 
    On the grassy verge by the river is another El-Train station 
    with a small concrete structure below it. This can be used as a 
    ramp to jump up and over the subway tracks. Head south, along 
    the grass, and get a long run up on it. Keep straight on the 
    ramp this jump should be no problem. 
    1.	The damaged bridge where you started the game will provide the 
    run up for the next jump. It's blocked off but any car can 
    squeeze down the side of the warning signs. Go as far as you 
    can down the damaged bridge and turn around. You want to head 
    down the very middle of the bridge towards the small yellow and 
    black partition, which you need to use as a ramp. 
    2.	Land on the grass between the bridge without hitting the sides 
    to win. Speed is less important than hitting the ramp perfectly 
    straight; so don't get carried away on the run up. Try changing 
    the view to the first-person if it helps. 
    1.	Go back to the bridge, but drive along the grass you just 
    landed on. You'll go over a grassy ramp, but ignore it and 
    carry on. Keep going straight until you go down a slope onto a 
    road. This is how far you need to come for a run up, even in a 
    really fast car.
    2.	Now turn around and race back exactly the way you've come at 
    top speed. Hit the grassy ramp and you'll fly up. You need to 
    fly over 2 girders that jut out in front of the ramp to 
    1.	From where you landed go forward, heading east on the map to 
    the sawmill where you collected hidden package #30. There's a 
    wooden ramp next to the building and you have to use this ramp 
    to fly right over the sawmill without touching it. The key to 
    this one is simply a very, very long run up. Follow the road by 
    the ramp all the way back towards the docks, then turn and go 
    for it, trying to keep up your speed round the curves. 
    1.	From the sawmill go back down the road, as if you were going to 
    have another really long run up, but carry on, turning off and 
    heading into the docks. As soon as you enter the docks turn 
    right. In the distance are 4 trailers and a ramp. From as far 
    away as possible head for the ramp, get a smooth take off, and 
    you should make it. When you're in the air press and hold down 
    the handbrake and ordinary brake so you can stop in time. 
    1.	You need the Banshee to do this jump. Head left out of the 
    docks to the long pier where you found hidden package #32. Turn 
    around and drive at full speed towards the warehouses and ramp 
    just on the right as you come off the pier. You need to make it 
    over 2 warehouses and land on the third. Change view to the one 
    that's low down close to your car and that should help you hit 
    the ramp perfectly. You need go right down the middle of the 
    ramp in order to make it. 
    1.	On the other side of the warehouses is a heap of dirt. This is 
    the final ramp. Because you have to jump over water, get a very 
    long run up by backing right down the concrete riverside. 
    NOTE: There are more Unique Jumps to do later, but not in Portland.
    Difficulty: 6/10 
    The Off-Road missions don't give you anything special unfortunately 
    but you can't get a 100% game completion mark without them. They're 
    also quite tricky unless you've become adept at controlling off-road 
    NOTE: Now use the FAQ by Minesweeper. His FAQ tells you exactly how 
    to complete these missions. 
    1.	Go slowly whenever you're on hilly ground or about to do 
    something risky. Tap accelerate, and only hold it down when you 
    feel very safe. Remember, by holding down the handbrake you can 
    turn almost on the spot.  
    2.	Use the map. Occasionally you won't be able to see the beacon 
    so let the map guide you. 
    3.	Don't be afraid of going up very steep slopes. There's very 
    little the Patriot can't climb up, albeit slowly. Even in 
    reverse it excels at defying gravity. 
    4.	Practise. This mission becomes a lot easier once you've learnt 
    what order to collect the beacons in without referring to a 
    Difficulty: 7/10 
    Reward: Health Token, Adrenalin Pill, and Infinite Run 
    1.	Firstly go and steal an ambulance. The best way to get one is 
    to check outside the hospital. Alternatively try killing 3 or 4 
    people with your baseball bat and wait. If you keep watching 
    the bodies an ambulance may turn up. When you're inside the 
    vehicle push R3 to begin the missions.  
    2.	Follow the map to the various green dots around the city. Each 
    dot represents 1 injured person. Initially you'll only have to 
    collect 1 person on your map and return them to the hospital, 
    marked by the purple square on your map. You're being timed. 
    Picking up patients acts like a checkpoint, giving you more 
    precious seconds. And once you've brought all the patients back 
    to the hospital you'll pass to the next level and have 1 extra 
    person to collect. The goal is to complete level 12. This won't 
    be easy. 
    3.	The Paramedic missions are so hard because you must do it all 
    in one go to unlock infinite run. Accidentally flipping your 
    van on level 12 whilst driving back to the hospital with the 
    last patient still puts you back to square one. As you rescue 
    more and more patients you'll earn a health power up and an 
    adrenalin pill for your hideout, but don't stop until you've 
    finished level 12. Beware that crashing knocks a few seconds 
    off your time. A gentle crash doesn't matter, but if you can 
    hear the patients groaning you've been too reckless.   
    4.	Drive carefully. Get your speed up on the straights but don't 
    be afraid to brake heavily on the corners, especially on hills. 
    Frequent use of the handbrake is essential. Flipping the 
    ambulance over is effortless to do and will end in definite 
    failure. Only go off-road when it will save you a lot of time 
    and creep along slowly. If time is running out it's still 
    better to go slowly than flip over and fail for sure. Put the 
    sirens on by pushing L3 gently. This is usually quite helpful. 
    5.	When you need to rescue several people, there's usually 1 or 2 
    patients more out of the way than the others. Go for these 
    first; drop them off, then concentrate on the busier regions. 
    The ambulance can only hold 3 patients but always try to fill 
    it up before heading back to the hospital. Divide the patients 
    up into groups of 3 and use common sense.
    6.	When you approach one of the green squares on the map you'll 
    see a person with a blue arrow above their head. Get near to 
    the patient and he or she will run and hop into the ambulance. 
    The nearer you can park the better, as the patients can't run 
    very quickly, but don't run them over! If the back of the 
    ambulance is full, park with the passenger door nearest the 
    patient so they won't have to run around the ambulance, and 
    visa versa. 
    7.	Don't budge if the patient is very near to the ambulance in 
    case you accidentally hit him. He can survive a gentle knock, 
    but make sure you don't park on top of him! As soon as you hear 
    or see the patient open the door to the ambulance - go. It 
    doesn't mater if they're not in properly, they can't fall out. 
    8.	Finish level 12 and congratulate yourself. You've just mastered 
    one of the toughest challenges in the game. Unlike the police 
    and fire fighter missions, you never need to do this again. 
    Difficulty: 6/10 (on average)   
    Walking into small blue icons with a skull on them activates a 
    Rampage. Every Rampage involves destroying something or somebody in 
    120 seconds. 
    First things first, make sure you have full health and an armoured 
    vest. The two easiest places to find a vest are behind the 
    Import/Export garage, on the edge facing the beach and lighthouse. 
    Also the westernmost wooden pier, next to the dirt ramp of Unique 
    Jump #8. 
    Rampage icons change position if you fail to complete them, and some 
    spots are more convenient than others.  So rather than keep chasing 
    them about town, just save if the icon is where you want it, and 
    reload if you fail. This way you can also keep the armoured vest. 
    This FAQ tells you the easiest spot to complete the Rampage. 
    1.	Save before you do this one. From Portland Harbour, drive out 
    and turn right. Follow the road until you see some grass on the 
    left. There's an alley here and the icon is down there.
    2.	Grab the shotgun and run forward out the alley onto the street 
    on the other side. The place will be full of blue overall 
    wearing Triads. The shotgun can kill anyone with one shot at 
    close range, but keep your distance. Shoot the closest guy, and 
    then pick off his friends who might run over to attack. Don't 
    waste bullets shooting someone who's temporarily down on the 
    ground and always keep some distance between you and the 
    opposition. Run away if necessary.
    3.	There's a health pick up on the left by the building if you 
    need it, but wait until you're down to 50-60 health before 
    taking it. Once you've picked off the people in this part of 
    the road, run down towards the health pick up and turn around. 
    The place should be repopulated. Move up the road again, and 
    repeat step 1.
    4.	Keep doing this till you succeed. Finding enough victims is the 
    hardest part. Just move some distance away from the fallen and 
    turn around. It's the only thing you can do.  
    1.	Firstly grab some fresh armour and go save your game. This 
    Rampage is easiest from location 1. 
    2.	Go to the house on the cliff where you found package #5. As you 
    come out of the house, head down the road in front and half way 
    down is a ramp leading up to a set of garages. A black Mafia 
    Sentinel is parked here. Opposite the Sentinel is a rampage 
    icon, tucked between two garages. 
    3.	You now have to waste 20 mafia members in 2 minutes. You could 
    stay up on the car park and snipe them from the ledge, but as 
    you can't aim straight down this makes it too hard to get 20 
    kills. The best strategy is to simply run out into the wide 
    street on the left of the icon and shoot people from a 
    4.	Keep running and whenever you're waiting for someone to show up 
    keep firing until you've reloaded the gun. The main problem 
    with the AK you've been given is that it needs fresh ammo every 
    few seconds, leaving you wide open for attack. Remember the 
    technique for turning around when the street seems deserted and 
    that should make people regenerate. 
    5.	The best advice is to just keep running, firing, and then 
    running again. Make your way from one end of the street to the 
    other, and stop back at the garages for the health pickup if 
    need be. This Rampage may take a few attempts. 
    1.	Saving is not essential here. Take a ride to the building with 
    the Rockstar logo billboard on the roof, just on the outskirts 
    of Chinatown. It's the same place where you found package #22. 
    The Rampage Icon is at the back of the alley here.
    2.	Run up the stairs and onto the roof. On its eastern side there 
    is a brownish awning jutting out. Hop over the small wall and 
    onto the awning. Carefully stand on the very edge of this 
    awning and aim. Whatever he locks on to, shoot. Press L2 and R2 
    to scroll through targets, which is essential when the Triads 
    group up underneath the awning. 
    3.	Though you're quite safe up here, it's too slow a way to kill 
    them all, so when you're down to 10 or less jump down and start 
    slaughtering them on foot. Hopefully you should have enough 
    health to finish the job before they finish you. 
    4.	Alternatively try it at location 2. Head to the Supa Save car 
    park and you'll a set of steps leading up, facing the back of 
    the hospital. Facing these stairs, tucked up against the shop, 
    is the icon. Before you pick it up, park a car at the top of 
    the stairs but leave a bit of room to squeeze past it. This 
    will confuse some of the Triads and give you more breathing 
    5.	Run to the top of the stairs, and shoot anyone in blue. You 
    don't need to step past the car at all, but do run down the 
    stairs towards the shop and come back up if they stop 
    appearing. If an ambulance turns up, then this will revive old 
    targets for you to kill anew.  When you're running low on time, 
    or only have a handful more to kill, go past the car and chase 
    after victims. Ignore how much health you have, just go crazy.
    1.	It's in the courtyard where you recovered Hidden Package #27. 
    As you enter the courtyard through the entrance opposite the 
    Old School Hall turn around and you should see the icon up 
    against the wall. 
    2.	First of all make sure you have an armoured vest, then grab 3 
    vehicles from the nearby street and park them side by side in 
    the courtyard. Collect the Rampage icon and run out to the 
    street. Blow any cars (even police cars) that happen to be 
    here, then return to the courtyard and shoot the 3-parked cars. 
    Run past them, ignore the police bribe, and climb up the ramp 
    until you're standing on the very edge. Shoot any cars here, 
    including the parked ran in the street opposite. Hopefully the 
    police are after you by now, because you want a steady stream 
    of squad cars to blow up. 
    3.	If they don't want you yet, kill every pedestrian until they 
    do. Run back down the ramp and go back up to repopulate the 
    area. If the cops send a helicopter your way, shoot it down. 
    It's impossible to avoid taking damage if you destroy a police 
    car that's parked up right beneath the ramp, and that's why you 
    need a vest. 
    4.	If you fail, head to the other icon, which can be found in the 
    courtyard where you collected package #29. It's on your left, 
    by some trees as you enter. Take a car with you and as you as 
    when you've got the icon, jump in your car and drive back out 
    on to the road. If another car is coming by, let is pass, then 
    quickly jump out and shoot it before it drives out of sight. 
    Drive down the road, pulling up and shooting any vehicle that 
    passes you. Work your way down the road towards Greasy Joes 
    Cafe and blow up the 3 cars parked here. Then get back in and 
    head up the street again, repeating what you just did. 
    5.	If the cops bother you, keep away from them. Don't try to get 
    caught up taking them on until there's a good distance between 
    you and them. They may provide fresh victims, but they can 
    easily bust you with a rocket launcher slowing you right down. 
    1.	Grab a vest and a car and drive up the steep hill towards 
    Mama's Bistro, in St. Mark's. As you go up this hill, near the 
    hospital, there's an El-Train station on your right. Drive up 
    there and onto the tracks. Drive along the middle of the tracks 
    to avoid meeting a train and turn right, back down the hill, 
    towards the hospital where the icon stands. Climb out your car 
    and grab it, then jump back in the car and drive off the 
    tracks, onto the street with the hospital and police station.
    2.	The best way to use a grenade is run right up to the vehicle 
    you want to destroy and tap circle. You'll drop a grenade right 
    next to it. Run away and it'll blow up no problem, or at least 
    catch fire. Firstly blow up your car if it landed on its wheels 
    and then head down the street detonating any other cars. 
    3.	You have to look out for angry pedestrians who will try to beat 
    you up if they get caught in the blast. The best way to deal 
    with them is to run away, dropping a grenade as you do, and 
    then just keep some distance between you and the survivors by 
    always moving. 
    4.	Move down the street, taking out the ambulances and police cars 
    that are parked up. Make it down to the parked Perennial, 
    destroy it, and then head back up the street. 
    5.	It wouldn't be surprising if the cops tried to get you, 
    especially when you blow up their cars. Do the same trick for 
    getting rid of angry pedestrians. Whatever you do, don't stop 
    to try and fight them with grenades. You'll end up killing 
    yourself or getting busted. Just drop a grenade, run away, then 
    come back and blow up their cars.
    6.	If you fail and need to try again, the rampage icon can be 
    found on the same tracks where it was before, only this time 
    further down.      
    1.	Get some armour as usual, and find the Rampage icon in the 
    alley in the street opposite Luigi's Club. It's the wider alley 
    with a staircase in it. As soon as you've got the icon forget 
    about trying to win, as it's too difficult in its present spot. 
    Instead head back to your hideout, wait for the time to run 
    out, and save your game. Then head to the grassy ramp where you 
    completed The Callahan Bridge 2 Unique Jump. On the side of the 
    bridge with grass and a basketball court, the icon can be found 
    near to the back of the Old School Hall.
    2.	Get it and run up on the nearest grassy mound and shoot at 
    anybody you can see. Aim at the person before you press shoot, 
    as the M16 shakes a lot. The victims are pretty stupid, and 
    only a few will bother to come to you. Just aim down and shoot 
    them at point blank range. You can survive a few whacks from a 
    baseball bat. When they're all dead try turning on the spot in 
    aiming mode around and see if that makes more people appear. If 
    only one or two appear then run towards the road, but stay 
    behind the low bush that lines it. Go berserk and kill everyone 
    without moving. If you hear a whacking noise, there's probably 
    someone behind you with a bat. 
    3.	When this bit of the street has been cleared, go back to the 
    grassy mound, killing anyone you meet along the way. Finding 
    enough people is the toughest part of this Rampage; so don't be 
    afraid to take a few bruises in order to find them. 
    NOTE: You've done all the bonus missions in Portland and can finally 
    get on with the real missions themselves. Compared to what you've 
    just done, they're going to seem easy - especially with the weapons 
    and police bribes you now own. 
    NOTE: Check your stats: By now you should've already finished 20% of 
    the game, have passed 4 missions, found 31 Hidden Packages, completed 
    8 Unique Jumps, dropped off 100+ passengers, saved 78+ people in an 
    ambulance, be on paramedic mission level 12, and have extinguished 
    20+ fires. Only 80% left to go! 
    NOTE: Now you've finished these bonus missions you can continue with 
    the real missions, so head towards the 'L' symbol on your map. 
    DIFFICULTY: 2/10 
    1.	Get a car with good acceleration and drive to Luigi's Club, 
    marked by the big L on your map. Get out and walk into the blue 
    light to receive your orders. 
    2.	After the scene ignore the advice to get the baseball bat and 
    climb back into your car. Drive to Portland Harbour. Stop just 
    outside the entrance and rev your car. 
    3.	The person you need to kill is standing almost opposite the 
    entrance by two prostitutes. Drive into him at full speed. It 
    doesn't matter if you kill the prostitutes too. 
    4.	Take his car and drive back, past Luigi's club, to the Pay N 
    Spray. Drive in and get in changed, then head back towards the 
    hospital where the garage awaits. You can damage the car as 
    much as you'd like, but don't let be completely destroyed. 
    5.	Once the car is safely parked in the garage, climb out to 
    complete the mission. 
    DIFFICULTY: 1/10 
    1.	Return to Luigi and receive your new orders. Take a car, any 
    car, and drive the short distance from the club to the spot 
    marked on your map. Push in L3 to alert Misty. Despite Luigi's 
    warning, there is no reason to fear the Diablo's unless you 
    attack them. 
    2.	Take Misty over to "Joey's Auto Painting", as marked on the 
    map. Stop in the blue light to complete the mission. 
    NOTE: You now have another employer to work for, but ignore him for 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10  
    1.	After receiving the briefing from Luigi pick a sturdy car that 
    you feel comfortable driving. A police car is ideal, but 
    certainly not essential. 
    2.	Forget about going to the gun shop for you already have a free 
    gun shop at your hideout. Pick up the Uzi, if you haven't got 
    it already, and chase down the dark purple block moving slowly 
    around your map. 
    3.	Stop him in the same way you stopped the cars during the 
    Vigilante missions. It's a very similar procedure, only not 
    quite as hard. A few good hits will make the two inhabitants 
    flee where upon they will either try to shoot you or get bored 
    and climb back in the car. 
    4.	They're well armed so run them over if possible. An even safer 
    way would be to drive past them, hold down L2 or R2 and fire 
    the Uzi out the side windows as you pass. 
    5.	Remember, two police bribes wait for you at the hideout if you 
    alert the authorities. 
    DIFFICULTY 4/10 
    1.	Before you even find out what the mission is go and pick up a 
    coach from the depot near Joey's Auto Painting shop. Take this 
    slow, heavy vehicle to Luigi's and receive the briefing.
    2.	You are now timed, but it's a generous limit. Take the coach 
    and head north, picking up all prostitutes along the way. You 
    must be very careful not run them over at any point during this 
    mission. Also, do your best to avoid upsetting the police. The 
    coach is not the vehicle to outrun the cops in. 
    3.	When that's done, turn south and head for the Old School Hall, 
    as marked on the map. Pick up the other prostitutes on the way 
    there until you have 6 passengers. 
    4.	Drop off all 6, and don't worry if they fall over. Then jump 
    out of the slow coach and steal a police car. This vehicle 
    should help you collect the last 2 provided you have enough 
    time left. If not, don't worry - you only needed to collect 4 
    prostitutes, so you're already lined up for a modest cash 
    5.	Luigi has no further missions for you presently. We will now 
    work for a different employer. 
    DIFFICULTY: 1/10 
    1.	Marty can be found handing out missions between 9AM and 7PM. 
    You can activate his missions by walking up to the phone booth 
    directly left as you walk out of Joey's Auto Painting shop. If 
    it is the correct time of day, the phone will be ringing loudly 
    and the entire booth will shake. 
    2.	After receiving your orders head into the factory as you did to 
    get hidden package #24. A car will be waiting for you to take 
    and drive the short distance to the bank where a passenger 
    awaits, as marked on the map. Keep this borrowed vehicle in 
    relatively good shape. 
    3.	Take him back exactly the way you came and stop in the blue 
    light. Now take the car to the other side of town to the spot 
    marked on the map. Climb out once you've parked in the blue 
    light to complete the mission. 
    DIFFICULTY: 1/10 
    1.	Get your orders and enter the factory where a new car awaits. 
    This one must be kept drivable at least. Take it pick up the 
    two people as marked on the map. Bring them back the way you've 
    come, and then take the car to the Pay N Spray, as you did 3 
    missions ago. 
    DIFFICULTY: 2/10 
    1.	Same as before. Get the orders, enter the factory courtyard, 
    get the car, and pick up the solitary passenger. Return to the 
    factory and drop them off. 
    2.	Now do dispose of the car drive it down to the nearby ramp 
    where you completed Unique Jump #7, by the southern warehouses 
    in Atlantic Quays. Behind it is a rickety wooden pier. Drive 
    the car to very edge of this pier then get out and find a 
    different vehicle. 
    3.	Slowly but surely use the new vehicle to push Marty's car off 
    the pier and into the sea, naturally being careful not to 
    follow it in. 
    DIFFICULTY: 1/10 
    Once again follow the same routine. Receive orders, pick up new car, 
    and pick up the single passenger, return to the factory. That's all 
    you have to do. The only thing to beware is the twitchy handling on 
    the car. If you flip it you fail.
    Now go left of the dog food factory and towards the blue light 
    outside of Joey's Auto Painting shop. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    1.	After receiving the mission steal a reasonably quick car and 
    head for the Bistro in St. Mark's. You probably dropped off a 
    few passengers here during the Taxi Driving missions. 
    2.	Ditch your car and take the one marked out by the arrow. Drive 
    this car as carefully as possible to the destination on the 
    map. It's behind Easy Credit Auto's, accessible by a bumpy dirt 
    track. You mustn't let anything happen to the car anything 
    worse than a gentle scratch. 
    3.	If you have an accident, don't fret - head to the Pay N Spray 
    in the Red Light District have it repaired, (at your expense). 
    There's enough time to have this done at least 2-3 times. 
    4.	Go carefully into the marked garage. When you come out again 
    reverse carefully and don't swing around until you're in a 
    wide-open area.
    5.	Take the car back to the exactly the same spot you found it, 
    press circle, and climb out. Run into the road to complete the 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    1.	Get the mission and take any car to the green square on the 
    map. Approach from the south. In the pedestrian alley you 
    should be able to see the target in his stall from the street. 
    If not, you're standing at the wrong entrance to the alley. 
    2.	Walk a little closer until a cut scene is triggered. Then take 
    out your grenades from the hideout and throw one or two at the 
    stall. If you're lucky you'll kill the target instantly, but if 
    you're unlucky equip a weapon that allows you to sprint and 
    chase after him. When you're very close, equip the Uzi, lock 
    on, and he should die in no time at all.  
    3.	If you're having a bit of difficulty grab an armoured vest 
    first, but this shouldn't be necessary. If the target makes it 
    to his car, you did something wrong. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    1.	Before activating the mission, steal a police car. Then when 
    you actually begin you'll be in the best vehicle for the job. 
    2.	The Securicar is cruising slowly around town. Wait until you 
    can hit it at top speed, and then do so. Drive away, get 
    another good long run up, and then charge it again. Small 
    knocks don't have much effect on the armoured van.
    3.	The police will automatically start taking an interest in you 
    as you smash up the van. Whenever you get two wanted stars, 
    leave the van and go to your hideout to get them off your back. 
    There's no time limit to destroy the van, and so you can do 
    this as many times as you need to.
    4.	Eventually you'll make the van stop and its passengers will 
    flee. If you've no wanted level, jump in. 
    NOTE: This is the your first good chance to find another Securicar 
    van for the Import/Export garage. You can't take the one in the 
    mission, but driving town in this one drastically increases your 
    chances of finding another a new one. If you don't find one after a 
    while, don't worry; you'll get other chances. But if you do find one 
    then ditch the battered Securicar and take this one to your hideout. 
    It can just about fit inside the garage there, and when you've 
    completed this mission pick it up at your leisure. 
    5.	Take the Securicar to the docks, to the garage on the map. 
    NOTE: You can now take Securicar vans to this garage for a small 
    reward. Only do it if you've delivered one to the Import/Export 
    NOTE: It's time to take a break from Joey's missions for a little 
    while and pay attention to the employer indicated on your map by the 
    phone symbol. You can find the phone in the big courtyard in Hepburn 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	After receiving your mission go and pick up a fast car. You can 
    take your time choosing, but I recommend the Borgnine Taxi just 
    down the road from the phone. It's sturdy and speedy, and you 
    need to be both for the upcoming race. A police car is also an 
    okay substitute. 
    2.	Drive to spot on the map and you'll see all the cars lined up 
    ready to go. If you hit them they'll start immediately. Stop in 
    the blue light and get ready. Always head for the bright pink 
    square on your map. The dark pink square is where you'll be 
    heading next. 
    3.	The opposition are fast but reckless. Their cars are also very 
    fragile so if they're ganging up on you smash into them, or try 
    to knock them into other obstacles. Play rough - it'll buy you 
    a lot of time. Your car is much tougher, and almost as quick 
    after all. 
    4.	You can still catch up even if you fall behind, and by from the 
    halfway point onwards you should really start to be leaving 
    them behind. Press L2 and R2 to check behind you. 
    5.	Don't think this is all about speed. Careful corning and 
    braking on sharp corners is just as important. Make it to the 
    final checkpoint in first place to win.  
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10 
    1.	Answer the phone and then head the short distance to Borgnine 
    Taxi's. Behind the special taxi is a briefcase. Take it and 
    then jump into the taxi (or any car if it's not there).
    2.	On your map a Mr. Whoopee Ice Cream Truck is driving around. 
    Stop it and steal it. The driver shouldn't give you any 
    trouble. Head down to Atlantic Quay, near the spot where you 
    completed Unique Jump #7. Stop in the blue light and push in L3 
    to start the music. 
    NOTE: If you need the Ice Cream van for the Import/Export garage, 
    then do not use the detonator. Choose the Uzi and shoot the 4 men who 
    slowly walk towards the van, bearing in mind that they will shoot 
    back immediately. Avoid hitting the Ice Cream Van, and as soon as 
    they're all dead - you beat the mission and the van is yours. 
    3.	If you already have a Mr. Whoopee van, go and stand in the 
    street before the 4 men see you. Press circle to activate the 
    bomb when they've all crowded around it. This should kill them 
    all. If not, finish them off with the Uzi. 
    NOTE: For reasons that will become clear later, go back to working 
    for Joey now. 
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10 
    1.	Joey will give you a car for this mission. You can damage it 
    but don't. It needs to be able to take a few bullet hits. Drive 
    to the location on the map at your own pace and stop in the 
    blue light facing north, making sure there's no obstacles 
    directly in front of you, for you need to make a quick getaway.
    2.	As your passenger comes running out of the shop, hold down 
    accelerate so that the instant you regain control you can be 
    off and out of danger. 
    3.	The other Triads in this area will not attack you, so head to 
    the final destination at your leisure. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	Firstly go and see a durable, agile car such as the Borgnine 
    Taxi. Make sure you have at least 1 grenade from your hideout. 
    Get your orders from Joey then head to the Cafe where the car 
    you need to collect is parked.
    2.	Before you collect it however, look out for another car waiting 
    suspiciously by the entrance to a small tunnel as you come down 
    the sloped road from Chinatown.
    3.	Park up a short distance from this car and run right up to next 
    to. Tap circle to drop a grenade beside it then run as fast as 
    you can back into your own vehicle.
    4.	The driver's car will surely catch alight at least, but he will 
    try to ram you before it explodes. Just keep some distance 
    between you and him and he'll be toast in no time. 
    5.	Keep in your car though for another one is coming. If he 
    doesn't flip himself over first, he'll try to smash into you. 
    If he does flip his own car he'll get out and shoot you on 
    foot. Squish him. Otherwise keep ramming him back, but try to 
    pull up alongside him so you can fire the Uzi at him. It won't 
    take very long with the Uzi to make his car catch alight. Like 
    his colleague, he will still try to ram you even though he's on 
    fire. Make sure you bail if his explosion makes your car catch 
    6.	Now you've dealt with those two take the parked car from 
    outside the Cafe and drive it as slowly as you'd like to the 
    drop off point, as marked on the map. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	The Borgnine Taxi is the perfect vehicle for this mission. Grab 
    it and before you receive the mission briefing check the game 
    time. Start this mission between 6PM and midnight, to ensure 
    you have plenty of time to complete it. 
    2.	 Drive to the location on the map and 3 passengers will climb 
    in if you press the horn with the L3 button. Drive them to the 
    next location, making sure that when you come to a stop you 
    facing north, away from the Old School Hall, with an alley at 
    the end of the street. 
    3.	Hold down X so that you can speed away as soon as your 
    passengers exit the bank, that way you'll getaway as soon as 
    control is returned to you. Drive straight forward and pick up 
    the police bribe.
    4.	Now go back to your hideout. Drive into the 2 bribes there to 
    shake off the police completely. Take your time driving back to 
    the spot on the map. You can even walk there if you want to! 
    Also, on the way home only one passenger needs to survive to 
    complete the mission. If you trash the car, find a new one. It 
    doesn't matter. 
    NOTE: You will now work for the employer marked on the map with a T 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    1.	After seeing Tony, take any car. Ignore the gun symbol on the 
    map, and grab some of your own grenades from the hideout if you 
    don't have any. Drive towards the nearest dark purple block on 
    your map. You'll see that it's a slowly driving van. Pull in 
    front of it, being very careful not to knock it, and make the 
    van stop. Be wary, because sometimes the van won't stop. If it 
    won't stop move before it hits you then wait till it stops at 
    traffic lights. 
    2.	Run up next to it and tap circle. The sprint away as soon as 
    you press the button. The van will explode shortly thereafter. 
    Now go to the remaining vans on your map and repeat the same 
    procedure. No one will attack you, so only be cautious of the 
    drivers when you steal their vehicle, and alarming the police 
    as always. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	Get your orders and take any car to the spot on the map. I 
    recommend picking up an armoured vest and Uzi on the way. 
    You'll see the marker leads you down an alley with 3 exits. 
    Once you've collected the briefcase down there approximately 6 
    Triads will come and attack you. A few of them are armed, but 
    only with pistols. Escape down an exit with only two Triads in 
    it. As you run towards them lock on with the Uzi and open fire 
    as you run (not sprint).
    2.	Get out into the street and shoot any Triad who comes to attack 
    you. Don't worry about the other ordinary Triads, as they won't 
    respond. With the armour and Uzi this mission becomes nothing 
    more than a simple Rampage. If there's nobody breathing down 
    your neck, take a car and run the Triads over, but this 
    shouldn't really be necessary. 
    3.	Afterwards grab any vehicle and drive back to Tony's to 
    complete the mission.
    NOTE: Once you leave Chinatown and return every Triad will want to 
    kill you, even if you're only driving through. Make sure you don't 
    hang around if you need to be in Chinatown. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	Take any car to see your first passenger. He'll give a car, 
    which you must keep drivable, and preferably intact. Take it to 
    collect the second passenger, avoiding Chinatown. Finally go 
    back to see to where you received the mission to collect 
    passenger 3. 
    2.	You will now be chased by at least 4 Triad vans. Your final 
    destination is only a short drive away, but the vans will try 
    to make life a misery for you. Simply ignore them. They haven't 
    got enough time to destroy you so go as quickly as you can up 
    the hill towards the mansion. Any passing Mafia men will shoot 
    the Triads if they spot them, so don't worry if they start 
    acting strangely too.  
    3.	As you see, two vans and a Triad block off the mansion, but the 
    roadblock are quite easy to penetrate. Simply drive through the 
    middle of the two trucks at a good speed, squishing the Triad 
    in the process. Don't stop until you've entered the right 
    garage below the house. When the garage door ends, you win. 
    NOTE: Now take a brief detour to finish the El Burro missions. 
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10  
    1.	This mission is difficult not because you can die easily, but 
    because it's hard to find enough victims. Even so, get an 
    armoured vest - just in case. After getting briefed from the 
    phone drive to Chinatown where the flamethrower weapon can be 
    found in the back of the alley that's on your map. Now head 
    back towards the street. The Triads won't retaliate to your 
    mass murder fortunately, but the police will. Avoid them if at 
    all possible. 
    2.	You can't deselect the flamethrower unfortunately, and makes 
    sprinting impossible. Therefore turn right out of the alley and 
    cook any Triad you see. Feel free to kill the innocent if they 
    get in your way. The flamethrower has a surprisingly good 
    range, so keep some distance as you're using it. 
    3.	Run to the end of this short street and turn around, killing 
    any Triads around the crossroads. Turn around a couple of 
    times, to allow them to repopulate. 
    4.	Now head right, towards the basketball court. Kill all the 
    Triads you can as run alongside the basketball court, by the 
    road, and go around the back towards the ramp that allows you 
    to enter the court. Before you do double check the grassy area 
    at the foot of the ramp, as quite few Triads may be strolling 
    through here if you're lucky.
    5.	As you drop down into the court your character will fall over. 
    For some reason the Triads in here are armed and will attack 
    you. You'll probably take some hits here, hence the armoured 
    vest. Get up and toast them all. 9 times out 10 there's a big 
    group of Triads in here. When you've fried all the armed ones, 
    run to other end of the basketball court - kill any Triads 
    hanging around by the fence, then turn around and hopefully 1 
    or 2 harmless unarmed Triads will have reappeared inside the 
    6.	Keep running from one end of the court to other, making sure 
    the camera looks away so they can magically reappear. Keep 
    doing it until the last second, and just pray that Triads 
    regenerate. There's not much else you can do. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    1.	After getting your orders a nearby van will be marked on the 
    map. Run over to it for this is the vehicle you must use for 
    the entire mission. It's slow and liable to roll over if you 
    take a corner too quickly, so don't be drive at high speed 
    unless you're on a good straight. 
    2.	The items you need to collect will appear magically in front of 
    you. Drive into one to make the next 2 appear. You can miss as 
    many as you like, but the time limit is short and every 
    collected item adds one second to that ever-diminishing limit. 
    3.	This is quite easy except for the points when you can't see the 
    next item. This happens when the item is around a bend. Usually 
    the item beforehand gave you a clue as to which way to go, but 
    just so you know, you're going from Hepburn Heights, through 
    St. Marks, into Chinatown (ignore the Triads who shoot at you), 
    down towards Atlantic Quay before finishing off at the docks, 
    near the Import/Export garage. At the Old School Hall turn 
    right into Chinatown.
    4.	When you've worked your way to the Import/Export garage you'll 
    see a man standing by a van. Keep driving and crush him. Then 
    stay in your van and go back to the alley not far from Luigi's 
    NOTE: The only person we can work for just now is Salvatore, so 
    head there. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    1.	Take the vehicle you're given to the riverside. Keep it in 
    reasonably good shape, as it will take some punishment later 
    on. Stop in the blue light and after the cut scene ends 
    continue south towards Atlantic Quays. 
    2.	After your charge has exited the car turn it around so you're 
    ready to make a speedy getaway. Park close to the doors of the 
    building, but don't obstruct the guards or the rest of the 
    people when they come out. 
    3.	When the police arrive just sit there and wait. There are 
    enough distractions to keep them off your back for now. 
    Eventually your passenger will jump in the car so drive away as 
    quickly as possible, heading left and back into Chinatown so 
    you can collect the police bribe that's in the alley north of 
    the Punk Noodle restaurant. 
    4.	With only one wanted star remaining the way back up to the 
    mansion should be quite straightforward. If you really must, 
    take a diversion to your hideout to shake the cops off 
    NOTE: We will now resume working for Tony. 
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10  
    1.	Get some armour and all your weapons from the hideout. Get your 
    orders from Toni and then watch out as you leave. Usually 2 
    Triads will run over and try (quite badly) to attack you with 
    baseball bats. Your new Mafia friends will fight back, as will 
    all other Mafia people in the vicinity. Help if you want, but 
    either way they shouldn't cause too any worry.
    2.	Now go and find a tough and manoeuvrable vehicle such as a 
    police car or Patriot. Don't bother looking in Chinatown. When 
    you've got one head for the nearest green dot on the map. 
    Unfortunately as soon as you enter Chinatown it's too risky too 
    stop in case someone pulls you out of your vehicle, so just 
    drive for the green dot.
    3.	Don't get out to kill this man, instead run him and his friends 
    over. If you miss you'll suffer a lot of return fire but swing 
    around for another shot. If he survives, do the same thing. 
    Just don't get out to shoot him. There's a good probability 
    that your colleagues will die and you need them.
    4.	 Now head for the next dot, which is in the pedestrian area, 
    forcing you to get out of your car. As you can probably see the 
    streets are full of Mafia people too, but ignore them. 
    5.	This next part is messy but there's nothing you can do about 
    it. See the target from a distant, arm your Uzi, and run 
    towards him firing. Don't stop until he's dead. Ignore anyone 
    else who tries to attack you. When his dot vanishes off the map 
    you know he's gone, so sprint as fast as you can back to the 
    road. Leave your 2 colleagues behind. Inevitably you will take 
    a lot of damage on this part, but it doesn't matter. You can do 
    the next part with just 1 health.   
    6.	Run out and steal a vehicle, any vehicle, then head towards 
    Atlantic Quay as quickly as you can. Just get out of Chinatown. 
    The third target is in the factory where you recovered hidden 
    package #31. Don't go into the factory but instead on the west 
    side of the factory is a grassy slope overlooking the factory. 
    You can see your target from here. Stand on the brow of the 
    hill, aim a grenade, and throw it hard. When he dies you win.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    1.	Get briefed and then take any car up to the spot on the map, 
    quite near the bomb shop. You can't miss the garbage truck. 
    Once inside you have 2.5 minutes to drive to the factory you 
    just threw a grenade at in the previous mission. The only 
    caveat is that the truck is quite fragile.
    2.	Simply drive there at a steady pace. There's no huge rush. 
    Brake on corners and avoid traffic. You should make it there 
    with more than enough time. 
    3.	The Triads will let you in, but run them over as you drive 
    around the building and park near to the spot you bombed in the 
    previous mission. If you have time, run them all over first. 
    Before you get out, press circle, then run away as fast as you 
    can. You don't need to escape the factory in order to survive. 
    NOTE: Presently you have no option but to work for Salvatore. 
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10 
    1.	Before getting briefed steal and taxi and keep it in good 
    condition. Meet your employer then drive to the spot on the 
    map, outside of Luigi's Club. You have plenty of time so don't 
    be too reckless. Park on the street directly opposite the 
    archway leading into the club. The other taxi should be parked 
    in front of you. 
    2.	Eventually your passenger will walk out and hop into your taxi. 
    Now drive him at your own pace to the location in Portland 
    3.	After the cut scene quickly accelerate and drive after the 
    target on your map. Run him over as quickly as possible, as he 
    is armed. This will complete the mission. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	Go and see Salvatore, then take any car to see the person 
    marked on your map. Step into the blue light to be told you 
    need $100,000 to continue. As soon as you have control again, 
    step into the blue light again and the money (which is mere 
    spare change to you at the moment) will be automatically 
    2.	You will now be granted a Sniper Rifle. You have 30 bullets to 
    kill about 10 people, so practise zooming and zooming out until 
    you feel very comfortable with the weapon. 
    3.	When you feel satisfied take a leisurely drive to the docks, as 
    marked on the map. Keep away from the big 'Les Cargo' ship when 
    you enter the docks, because you don't want to alert the guards 
    that protect it. 
    4.	After dropping off your passenger, run back around the 
    warehouse, still avoiding the ship, to the four huts directly 
    behind it. Hiding around here is an adrenalin pill that makes 
    this mission much easier. 
    5.	Pick it up and run around the warehouse to the side facing the 
    Les Cargo ship, keeping close to the wall. Everything has 
    slowed down considerably as you can see. At the far end of the 
    warehouse a set of steps leads up to the roof, as you may 
    remember from hidden package #26. Walk up onto the roof and 
    stand on the very edge facing the big ship. 
    6.	Now target the guards standing by the gangplank leading up to 
    the ship. Aim at the left hand guard and when you feel ready, 
    fire a bullet into him. The sniper rifle can kill any one with 
    only one bullet, regardless of where you hit them. Now target 
    the other guard beside him and fire again. Because everything 
    is in slow motion, you have plenty of time to take aim before 
    the gun even reloads. Make sure you're happy with your shot 
    before squeezing the trigger. 
    7.	Now keep the sniper rifle target up and trace a path up the 
    gangplank. Eliminate every guard from the top of the gangplank 
    to the control tower at the stern of the vessel. Don't rush, do 
    it methodically and don't worry about your colleague. There are 
    approximately 10 people to kill. If the guards start running 
    around wait a moment and they'll probably stop. Take your shot 
    then. Keep a look out for red barrels, one shot will make them 
    explode which may not be necessary but can't hurt. 
    8.	When you've killed roughly 9-10 people zoom out and scan the 
    length of the ship. Your colleague should make it to the tower 
    without any problem. When he does, you've completed this 
    DIFFICULTY: 2/10 
    1.	After speaking to Salvatore, take any car to the spot on the 
    map. When you are paged, ignore that parked car you were headed 
    for and drive to the new location. 
    2.	When you are in control of the boat drive as slowly as you'd 
    like across the water and stop in the blue light again. 
    NOTE: The first thing to do here is recover the two hidden packages 
    you were unable to collect in Portland. Both are accessible now. They 
    are numbers 16 and 33 on Pulverised2000's map of Portland. Extra tips 
    for finding them are below.
    16. Take car back to Portland, to the subway nearest Luigi's Club. 
    Walk down the steps and on the second floor down, by the toilets, is 
    the package. 
    33. Take a boat from Staunton Island, from where you arrived on the 
    island, and drive to the very south of Portland, almost to the same 
    jetty where you first boarded the boat in the previous mission. A 
    short distance south of there is a rocky outcrop. Try reversing the 
    back of the boat onto it and then walking onto the small island. The 
    game is quite forgiving if you fall into the sea trying to disembark, 
    so don't panic.   
    NOTE: Now we have a home in Staunton Island we must complete the new 
    secret and extra missions. This won't take as long as it did in 
    Portland, but it's very important nonetheless.
    DIFFICULTY 2/10 
    REWARD: Shotgun, armour, and Molotov cocktails constantly 
    regenerating at your hideout. 
    34. In the most northwestern corner of this concrete outshoot, facing 
    the sea. 
    35. On the northern side of the big stadium there are 3 big Rockstar 
    billboards. The package is behind the middle one. 
    36. At the nearby hospital steal the closest ambulance and park it 
    just underneath the little overhang by the roof that the hidden 
    package is visibly on, just to the east of the heart icon. Do a 
    sprint and jump up onto the ambulance and then across to collect the 
    37. At the very top of the stairs, by the gate. 
    38. On the eastern most side of the University, near the road. 
    39. In the second most complete skyscraper there's a brown ramp 
    leading up into it. Go forward from here at just before the end 
    you'll see a set of steps leading up, on the north side. The package 
    is in an unfinished concrete room on the first floor. 
    40. The small metal arch bridge is on the borderline of an angry 
    gangs territory so approach it from the north. Walk; don't run, off 
    the pavement and onto the arch. Head for the highest rung, line the 
    camera up, and stroll across. 
    41. Firstly steal a blue Columbian Cruiser. You get one without 
    causing a ruckus by taking the parked one in the building site. Drive 
    it to the gates near the University and they'll open for you. The 
    package is in a garage on the east side. 
    42. In the very southeastern corner of the building site. 
    43. In a western garage in the same back street as the Pay 'n' Spray 
    that's currently shown on your map. 
    44. Go up one floor as you enter the nearby multi-story car park and 
    look beside the ramp that leads up to the next floor on the north 
    45. Inside the wide alley in-between the Deli and fire station. 
    There's a rampage icon in this alley, but don't pick it up yet...   
    46. It's on the roof of the other Uncle Bill's Deli on the corner 
    here. To get on the roof follow the large bridge that swoops overhead 
    and drop of at the right place to land near the package. 
    47. As you come off the raised bridge here you're on a road. Beneath 
    this road is another. If you go down onto it you can actually walk 
    underneath the higher road. Look under the very northern end of this 
    overhang to find the package.
    48. Just walk into the second basketball court here through the open 
    gap in the fence. 
    49. You won't be able to grab this hidden package yet. Wait until 
    50. Roughly in the middle of the park is a small stone footbridge 
    with a path underneath it. The package is under this bridge.     
    51. Head towards the A symbol on your map, but walk right to the 
    middle jetty to find the package. 
    52. As you come off the bridge from Portland into Staunton Island 
    turn left, and a little way down here on the left is a wide alley and 
    blue ramp leading down to a blue garage. Go down the wide alley right 
    around to the end to find the package.  
    53. As you come out of that alley go left and take the nearby road on 
    the left. At the end of this road, on the left side, is a museum with 
    thick roman pillars in front of it. Run up the stairs and look behind 
    the pillars. 
    54. Whereas package #51 was on the middle jetty, this one is on the 
    southern most jetty. You'll have to make your way. You don't need to 
    jump from the pier. 
    55. In the south facing police station car park there's usually a 
    squad car. Take it and approach the gates leading behind the actual 
    building. They'll open for you and you get around here and take the 
    package. If the cars not there, then run up the steps to the police 
    station and look right. You can jump over the glass fence here and 
    you'll land on the other side of the gates. 
    56. On the right of the museum where you got package #53 is a ramp 
    leading down. Drive down there and keep a look at your left as you 
    follow this narrow road. There will be a spacious open area, and the 
    package is at the back of it. 
    57. Approach the church from the east side, not the side facing the 
    sea. Walk left from the main door, hugging the wall closely, all 
    you'll end up walking into the package eventually. 
    58. From the main door to the church where you just were, turn right 
    down the road and if you're going quickly enough you'll see this 
    alley marked on your map as a narrow line towards the east. Go to the 
    back of it to claim your package. 
    59. A little further east of the alley stands the big 'AM' 
    skyscraper. On its south side is a ramp leading down to an 
    underground car park. Turn left at the base of the ramp and grab the 
    package by the AM elevators. 
    60. If you run around the AM building you'll see stairs leading up on 
    the western side. Go up three flights of steps and on the very top, 
    near some bushes, the package lies. 
    61. As you come up the ramp out of the underground car park where 
    package #59, turn right and go to end of the street. You'll see a 
    glass fronted building here. Smash the glass and go upstairs for the 
    62. As you get near the area you'll see a short and narrow side 
    street marked on the map. Continue west, and just past it in a little 
    gap in front of a red doorway is the package. 
    63. From where you got the last package walk east, past the side 
    street and past the brownish building with the steps. On the left of 
    there is another side street but this has steps at the end of it. 
    Climb the steps and you'll see the package on a roof on your left. 
    Jump up there to get it. 
    64. If you turn west from where you got package #62 to the end of the 
    road and turn left you should see a pathway leading down to the sea 
    on the grassy side. Walk to the very bottom of the path and there are 
    some rocks, which the package is hiding behind. 
    65. On the eastern side of this block are two alleys. Walk up the 
    southern most one and you'll come out into a large car park. The 
    package is behind a parked Karuma car.  
    66. Go back to the stairs you used to get package #63. Just before 
    them on the left is a ramp going down underneath a building. The 
    package is at the back of this underground car park. 
    67. There's a footbridge here, simply walk up and across it. 
    68. On the corner here is a triangular statue down a couple of steps. 
    Look behind it. 
    69. You can see Kenji's Casino from the statue if you look east. On 
    the west side of the building is a road going through the middle of 
    it, and some steps leading up. Take them to the top and onto the roof 
    with a helicopter on it. The package is here. 
    NOTE: You've now collected well over half the packages. The new 
    rewards, especially the armour, will make you very glad you have 
    during the upcoming missions. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    There is no garage in this island for you to bring cars, but it does 
    play host to the Blista, Bus, and Flatbed vehicles that were 
    previously difficult to find. If you still need them, use the 
    following notes to help, and take the vehicles back to Portland to be 
    that much nearer completing this mini-game. 
    Additionally if you still haven't found a Mr. Whoopee van, a 
    Securicar, a Trashmaster, then keep your eyes open during the 
    proceeding missions. They are all available in Staunton Island if you 
    have the good fortune to find one.  
    BLISTA: They can be found very easily almost anywhere in the city, 
    but if you're growing desperate try looking in the car park opposite 
    the Stadium.  
    BUS: The most common spot to find them may be the south of the 
    island, along the road the runs by the sea, opposite the footbridge 
    where you found the 67th hidden package. Spend a day driving back and 
    forth around here if need be. 
    FLATBED: I made roadblock by the Stadium, where some believe they can 
    be spotted, and sat back until one eventually fell into my trap. 
    Other than driving around town and being very patient, there is 
    nothing else you can do.  
    NOTE: Now you have found these 3 vehicles there is only one more to 
    retrieve, but that still must wait for now I'm afraid. 
    DIFFICULTY: 2/10 
    This is exactly the same procedure as before, only this time you have 
    one to complete. 
    1.	From the Casino where you collected the last package turn 
    right and go along this road a very short distance until you 
    see a hedgerow on the left of the road. Behind the hedges is a 
    large alley and very often the RC Toyz van is parked here. If 
    it's not there then go away and waste some time elsewhere 
    until it eventually is. 
    2.	Enter the van to begin the mission. Now be careful here, for 
    the tiny buggy is pointed roughly in the direction of your 
    van, and driving into it could be very detrimental to your 
    health! I recommend turning the buggy around and go back along 
    the road that passes in front of the Casino. This seems to 
    where most Stingers' are. 
    3.	If the roads seem deserted then try turning around and then 
    back again to see if they suddenly seem busier. As before you 
    only need to destroy a measly 1 Yakuza Stinger to complete the 
    mission, with more simply being for financial reward. 
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10 
    1.	Firstly there is almost always a fire truck parked outside the 
    fire station in front of the alley where you retrieved hidden 
    package #45. Come here first to look for a fire truck. If it's 
    not there, try driving around town and having a look later.
    2.	 Alternatively you now have Molotov Cocktails, which can create 
    enough fire to draw the fire trucks to you. A safe place to do 
    this is the building where you collected hidden package #61. 
    Smash one pain of glass, park your car in the smashed pane and 
    go upstairs. Shoot out one of the upper windows and start 
    chucking Cocktails onto the passing cars and pedestrians. 
    You'll need at least 10 to keep the flames alive. Keep throwing 
    them at a steady pace and eventually a fire truck (and probably 
    some cops) will show up. Steal the truck and drive to your 
    hideout to ditch the law.  
    NOTE: If they still elude you, keep an eye out for the Securicar, 
    Blista, Bus, and Mr. Whoopee van. Cancel the fire truck missions and 
    take them to Portland Import/Export garage immediately should you 
    spot one you haven't already done.
    3.	Push in the R3 button to start the mission. Proceed to the 
    fires as quickly as possible and extinguish them with the water 
    cannon as you did in Portland. You need to put out 20 fires. 
    Remember that if you miss a fire you can restart and you won't 
    lose your grand total of fires put out. The only difference now 
    is obviously the layout of the city. Staunton is larger and 
    more complex that Portland, but with no risk of failure to 
    fear, all you need is time and patience. 
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10
    REWARD: 2 extra police bribes at your hideout.  
    The police car you took to get hidden package #55 is still the best 
    vehicle for these missions. Remember that you can jump over the gate 
    from by the fence at the top of the police station steps if the squad 
    car isn't there and you need another. Although there is a police van 
    here too, it's much too sluggish to be of any great use.  
    The same advice that you used previously is still applicable here. 
    NOTE: If they still elude you, keep an eye out for the Securicar, 
    Blista, Bus, and Mr. Whoopee van. Cancel the Vigilante missions and 
    take them to Portland Import/Export garage immediately should you 
    spot one you haven't already done.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 (On average)
    They're back, but not in as great a number this time. Fast cars are 
    naturally essential, and even the police car may not be quite fast 
    enough to make them all. I recommend trying a Yakuza Stinger if 
    you're having trouble. Although any of the proper sports cars will do 
    the job, the Yakuza Stinger is easiest to find if you take a detour 
    to the northwest area of Staunton Island. 
    As before you simply need to land in a certain area to complete the 
    jump. How you land is unimportant, so if you flip over it won't 
    1.	Go to the 'A' symbol on your map and continue right, past the 
    middle jetty and through a small parking area full of truck 
    trailers. Underneath where the Callahan Bridge juts out 
    towards Portland is a dirt ramp leading over a seawater gap.
    2.	Naturally get a fast car. You can find a Stinger parked by the 
    'A' symbol, which will do if you can find nothing closer. To 
    get a good run up at the dirt ramp you'll need to swing around 
    the trailers, which slows you down. 
    1.	As you enter Staunton Island from the Callahan Bridge turn 
    left and on the right is a glass fronted building full of 
    PC's. Opposite it is the alley where you found hidden package 
    52. Inside the glass fronted shop is a staircase leading up 
    and this is your ramp. Get a good run up by backing away from 
    the shop down the alley. 
    2.	Now race towards the stairs. A lower view may help you aim 
    because you need to swerve to get into the shop and up the 
    steps - without hitting anything. If you do hit something you 
    won't get the slow motion and the run won't count. 
    3.	Smash through the upper window and make it across to the other 
    side of the street to succeed. 
    1.	At the foot of the museum that hid package #53 is a two-lane 
    highway. Head north along this highway until the central 
    divider slopes down. Now turn around and race up onto the 
    slope and drive back along this divider. 
    2.	It'll become grassy and if you keep in very middle you should 
    miss the two trees here. You need to be going as quickly as 
    possible so make sure you get in the middle early, and 
    therefore don't have to change direction afterwards. Keep 
    following it into a tunnel that slopes upwards and you'll be 
    propelled out over the Callahan Bridge. Make it to the 
    billboards on the other side of the bridge to succeed. 
    1.	You don't need a super speedy car for this easy one. Return to 
    the multi-story car park where you found package #44 but make 
    your way onto the roof. 
    2.	In the southwest corner of the roof is a ramp. Get a good run 
    up and head towards it. It should be simple to get on the ramp 
    in such a clear area. Get on to the ramp and at a high speed 
    and you can't fail. 
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    NOTE: As before refer to Minesweeper's FAQ on these missions, for I 
    have nothing major else to add, only the following advice:
    1.	When attempting the 'A Ride In The Park' mission be careful 
    collecting checkpoints 9, 10, 11. You can easily roll your 
    jeep over on the steep slopes here. Go for the checkpoint 
    underneath the bridge first, then turn around and ease up the 
    slope to get one right next to you. Finally go around the 
    bridge and come back down the slope - facing forwards - to get 
    number 11 safely.
    2.	The 'Multi-Story Mayhem' mission is different to all the 
    others, firstly because you must steal a Stallion, secondly 
    because the timer starts immediately, and thirdly because the 
    map is almost useless at the beginning. There are 4 
    checkpoints on each level but you'll have to rely on your eyes 
    to spot them at the start. If you can see one in front of you 
    drive towards it and hold down L2 or R2 to look left or right. 
    This will help you locate checkpoints hidden by pillars or 
    cars. You'll just have to smash cars out of the way if a 
    checkpoint is parked underneath one. For the final checkpoint 
    you need to get a run up of about half the roofs length to 
    make it. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 (On average)  
    The Rampages haven't changed much since Portland, so all the same 
    advice still applies. The only extra thing to note is that you have 
    an armoured vest from your hideout now. You may not need it, but it's 
    free, so use it at times. 
    1.	I prefer the first location for this rampage, so save first. 
    From the museum where you found hidden package #53 drive north 
    on the right hand side of the freeway. When the buildings drop 
    away on your right-hand side stop and look. You should see the 
    icon in a doorway on the very end of the row of buildings. 
    2.	When you've got it jump in a car and drive back to the 
    crossroads by the museum. This is the best place to find 
    victims. The Yakuza swarm around here. Run a little way up one 
    of the 3 wide streets where you can see people, kill them, and 
    turn back before going a little way up a different street. 
    Sometimes you can just stay in the middle and throw the 
    Molotov Cocktails further. Keep turning the camera to make new 
    victims appear.  
    3.	When using the Cocktails be wary. Don't throw a bomb at anyone 
    who's less than a cars length away from you, and even then run 
    back as soon as you've thrown it. Forget aiming; just throw it 
    the general area of the person you want to kill. Try throwing 
    two just be sure. Because the Yakuza don't fight back this 
    mission shouldn't present a huge problem.  
    1.	No need to save before this Rampage for the icon barely moves 
    should you fail. You can find it firstly in the southwest 
    corner of the big park in the centre of the island, and 
    afterwards in the northeastern corner. Either place is fine.  
    2.	An armoured vest is essential, so grab one from your nearby 
    hideout. Now hijack at least 3 cars and park them in the road, 
    close to the park exit that is nearest the Rampage token. Make 
    sure no cop cars have stopped at your blockade. When you grab 
    the token run out into the street and start firing at the cars 
    that have come to a halt at your blockade. At a safe distance 
    they should take 3 hits. If you can make the car catch alight, 
    then that will eventually count as a kill. 
    3.	Keep moving and don't waste time shooting cars from a great 
    distance. They'll just drive off if you don't get a good solid 
    hit first time. It's only the police that complicate this 
    Rampage. You'll get a high wanted level in no time if their 
    cars get caught up in the explosions, and it's very hard to 
    avoid hitting them. The best advice is to ignore them, even if 
    they start shooting at you. Getting drawn into a battle will 
    only slow you down and end in failure. 
    1.	Save first. You don't absolutely need armour for this mission. 
    This is another mission where finding enough victims is 
    actually harder than killing them. If you remember collecting 
    hidden package #65 you may have noticed a rampage icon in the 
    alley as you entered the car park. Collect it and run back into 
    the street, heading south. 
    2.	Wandering the streets will be countless Yakuza but they're 
    spread out so you need to keep moving. Head south and then 
    east. Whenever you see a Yakuza stop, fry them, and then spin 
    around holding down circle to try get anyone who might be 
    behind you. Before you exit a street and walk into another turn 
    around to see if any other people have regenerated down there.
    3.	Aside from finding enough victims, the police can also be a 
    pain in this mission. As with the other missions, keep moving 
    and only fry them when you absolutely have to. 
    1.	Save first. Collect some armour (very important) and drive from 
    your hideout to the fire station, which you've probably already 
    visited in order to steal a fire truck. Behind the fire station 
    is an alley and that's where the rampage icon is. This is the 
    same alley where you found Hidden Package #45. 
    2.	Leave the alley through the side facing the Stadium and look 
    for the Yardies. If you can see them in the distance then hold 
    down circle and your character will throw the grenade a long 
    way automatically. Keep running up this short street from left 
    to right looking for Yardies. If you see someone walking up the 
    street then go and drop a grenade by their feet and sprint 
    away. This is better than throwing it. If you can't see anybody 
    at one end of the street turn around to see them repopulated 
    behind you. 
    3.	If a Yardie survives or sees you kill his colleague he will 
    attack but they're only armed with baseball bats. When they 
    start whacking you drop a grenade and run away a short 
    distance. But you want them to hang around by the grenade so 
    don't go too far. You'll probably get knocked down a couple of 
    times in the blast, but the armour should save your life. 
    1.	This Rampage is considerably easier at its first location, so 
    save the game, and get some armour. Doing it in location 2 is 
    made so much harder by the fact it's in Columbian territory. 
    From the gates that you needed to bypass in order to get Hidden 
    Package #41, go directly across into the University Campus, and 
    keep along the right-hand wall. The token is just back there. 
    But first...  
    2.	Steal 2 cars and park them in the road opposite the gate where 
    they're going to stop the most traffic. If you steal any more 
    there's a high chance that they'll just disappear before you 
    get back. Now go and get the Rampage token and run back to 
    where you parked those cars. Shoot any cars here that are 
    driving past your blockade so they will blow up and cause even 
    more of a blockage. What you really want to happen is a chain 
    reaction, but that's not very easy to start.  
    3.	You only need to set the cars on fire here, and remember to aim 
    before you press fire. Now shoot any cars that have stopped at 
    your blockade. Run down the street a bit, turn around and now 
    shoot any others that have appeared. In this Rampage it's a 
    good idea to shoot the police because you need more cars to 
    destroy. Ignore the cops and shoot their cars - from a 
    survivable distance. Only shoot the cops if you're doing really 
    well. Keep an eye for an ambulance. It's best to blow it up 
    before the paramedics revive any dead bodies.  
    4.	Now blow up any intact cars in your blockade and hang around 
    this area until you've only got 3 cars left to get. Then, if 
    you've got at least 50 seconds left, run down to the car park 
    opposite the stadium where 3 cars are parked and you can get 
    some guaranteed kills down here.    
    1.	Either location is quite easy but location one is certainly 
    the easiest. So save only if you'd like, and for a change 
    leave the armour at home if you have none. It will not be 
    required. Now go to the AM building where you once retrieved 
    the 60th Hidden Package. The token rests on the first floor, 
    directly behind the steps you used to climb up there. 
    2.	With the sniper rifle in hand go to the north side and jump 
    off. You can survive the fall easily. You will hopefully land 
    behind the glass fence, for this is to be your shield against 
    the Yardies. 
    3.	Stand on the corner and take aim at their heads. You must 
    shoot them in the skull for it to count. I prefer aiming a 
    little in front of the intended victim and waiting for him to 
    step into my sights. Listen for the telltale sound of a bullet 
    being reloaded before firing again. 
    4.	At this distance you should have little difficulty with the 
    Rampage. The Yardies will pay little attention to you, and nor 
    will the police. But do listen out if you hear a lot of 
    gunfire, or see all the Yardies running in a certain 
    direction. This means that a poor Yakuza has driven past and 
    every Yardie in the area will try to kill him. Follow them for 
    a nice group kill. By the way, allow the paramedics to live if 
    they arrive and get ready to shoot the healed Yardies the 
    instant they stand up again. 
    5.	If you wish to play from location 2, then head to the Casino 
    where Hidden Package #69 was. Climb as high as you can up the 
    steps on the left hand side to see the icon. Once you have it, 
    turn around and run to the end of the balcony. Jump over the 
    fence to land in the car park below. Now keep behind the 
    concrete barrier and follow the same advice as is written 
    DIFFICULTY 3/10 
    1.	No need for armour this time, but do save. Now take a fast 
    vehicle to the church where you once found Hidden Package #57. 
    This time approach from the side facing the sea where can find 
    a graveyard on the left-hand side of the doors. Turn around 
    when in the graveyard to see the icon. 
    2.	Collect it and hurry back into your car. Now make haste to the 
    glass fronted building where Hidden Package #61 once was. 
    Before you enter this building shoot out the glass on the top 
    floor from a safe distance, now enter and look east from the 
    highest floor. 
    3.	On the street in front of you will be several Yardies minding 
    their own business. Shoot the ground near them to murder them 
    all. When they're all gone simply aim down at your feet, then 
    look up again and they should've regenerated. 
    4.	If by any chance you have a problem finding victims then blast 
    out the glass on the other side of the building, from a safe 
    distance of course, and look into this street, but it 
    shouldn't be necessary to do so. 
    Congratulations. You have now completed all the extra missions in 
    Staunton Island! 
    NOTE: By now you should've completed 48 percent of the game, passed 
    35 missions, and 13 Rampages, found 68 Hidden Packages, completed 12 
    Unique Jumps, passed 3 Off-Road missions, and 3 RC Toyz missions, 
    killed 40+ people in the Vigilante missions, and finally extinguished 
    40+ fires. 
    Now buy a sniper rifle from the weapons shop. Then save your game and 
    drive to the 'A' symbol. No need for armour yet.  
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	When you've been briefed race to the Yakuza Stinger that is 
    always parked outside of Asuka's home. Take this and drive to 
    and across Callahan Bridge. You have effectively 3 minutes to 
    get to Luigi's Club, which is plenty of time, but you need to 
    be there with time to spare so drive quickly. 
    2.	As you get near to Luigi's Club a warning will tell you that 
    you'll be spotted if you stay so close, but ignore it. Just 
    north of Luigi's Club the road goes down a slope. Go down this 
    slope and get out of your car. Now walk back up the slope, on 
    the right side, until you come to a lamppost about half way 
    up. Don't go any closer to the club than this lamppost. Zoom 
    in take aim at the area underneath the 'Sex Club 7' sign, 
    because that's where your target will exit. 
    3.	When the 3 minutes are up a short cut scene will occur and 
    several Mafia men will walk out into the street. Once they're 
    standing around in the street, get ready. Aim in the middle of 
    the 2 Mafia men looking in your direction. Eventually your 
    target will come out too. Wait till the red dot is aimed at 
    his body then fire. You have time for only 2 shots so use them 
    wisely. Incidentally don't go up past the Mafia guys when 
    you've killed him, because they'll murder you in about 3 
    seconds flat. 
    NOTE: During the above mission one glitch may mean that your target 
    never leaves the building. If he hasn't appeared after 30 seconds of 
    waiting, you have no option but to load and try again. 
    NOTE: Keep your Sniper Rifle provided it still has over 20 bullets. 
    It is essential for the next mission. 
    NOTE: Some point after completing this mission you will be paged by a 
    new employer, marked by a green phone symbol on your map. You will 
    work for them in a while. 
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10  
    1.	Find a sniper rifle and pick up grenades from your hideout. 
    Armour is non-essential, for you will not be shot at once 
    during this mission. 
    2.	Go and get your orders then steal the nearby Stinger. Drive 
    quickly to the west side of the big park. As you can see the 
    two nearest targets are inside this park, and from the road on 
    the west side you can spot them easily standing in the middle 
    of a lake, especially with the identifying blue arrows. Zoom 
    in with the rifle and shoot the man nearest you, then his 
    colleague who will not react. You do not need to enter the 
    park at all, and if they shoot back you were too close. 
    3.	Now jump back into your car and head to the next green square 
    that is on the more westerly side of the map. As you approach 
    you will see this dot marks out a parked van. Stop some 
    distance from it and run right up to the van. Drop a grenade 
    and sprint away quickly. If you hang around its inhabitants 
    could shoot you, so get back in the car and head towards the 
    last dot, leaving it to explode. 
    4.	Go directly for the Casino, which is opposite the marked dot. 
    Climb up the steps towards the helipad where Hidden Package 
    #69 sat. Stand 3 steps down from the top, behind the glass 
    fence, and take aim with your rifle at the tower opposite. 
    Here several targets stand on balconies and they will not 
    shoot back as you kill them. You can in fact shoot through the 
    glass fence, so there is no need to move at all. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    1.	There's no need to save or collect armour for this mission, 
    but daylight and sunny weather certainly help. Once you've 
    been briefed go the middle jetty where the map suggests. Here 
    should be a police boat, easily identifiable by its blue 
    2.	Climb in the boat and go cautiously forward until you can see 
    the target's boat. Go no nearer than the jetty by Asuka's 
    home. Now point the bow of your vessel at his boat and press 
    shoot as you accelerate. He will speed away immediately, going 
    towards Portland. Arrange the controller so you can hold both 
    accelerate and shoot at the same time.
    3.	Follow him as closely as you can, trying to anticipate his 
    moves. If he gets out of sight it's a mission failure, and 
    that's another reason why you should wait for nice weather. 
    Regardless of any lunges he makes to the left, he will 
    eventually swing back towards Portland, so don't be fooled 
    into following him around rocks, buoys, etc.
    4.	If you're having trouble hitting him then just keep at it 
    until you've been around Portland. Then he'll gradually head 
    back to the same jetty you stole the Police boat from and 
    disembark. Follow him, remembering that if you land if the sea 
    trying to get out, the game will automatically put you on the 
    jetty, and sprint after him. 
    5.	At the top of the stairs is a car he'll take. Pull him out of 
    it if you can, otherwise grab the nearest car and give chase, 
    stopping him as if this were a Vigilante mission. Usually 
    though, you should be able to get on the sea. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	Again no need for armour or saving, this mission requires only 
    speedy driving. Once you've been briefed run towards the 
    nearest Yakuza Stinger and set off for Torrington, as marked 
    on the map. Do not let the police want you at any moment 
    during the mission. You will see several phone boxes on this 
    street, but the one you need has a blue arrow above it. 
    2.	Although you were told you go to a phone actually in the park, 
    this is a lie. The phone is actually on the two-lane road west 
    of the park, facing the sea. 
    3.	Now go north to Liberty Campus. The phone is in the middle of 
    the northernmost block of the campus, not the block where you 
    found the Rampage icon. You can drive in there without 
    difficulty. You have only one more phone to reach. 
    4.	Unlike the confusing instructions, the phone isn't in the park 
    this time either. It's south of park, next to the large city 
    hall type building.
    5.	The final destination is this time genuinely in the park, but 
    as you don't have a time limit anymore getting there is 
    nothing to worry about. 
    NOTE: You now have another employer signified by the 'R' symbol on 
    your map, and we're going to take a little detour and work for them 
    right now.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	Before receiving your orders go and steal a fire truck from 
    the station and park it in your garage. Save the game, and 
    then drive the truck to the 'R' symbol in the park. Make sure 
    you have plenty of grenades and some armour.  
    2.	After hearing what you have to do drive to the spot on the 
    map, down an alley on the north side of the multi-storey car 
    park. If you approach the building marked on your map the game 
    will point out a window for you. Park your fire truck in front 
    of the blue garage beneath this window. Make sure you 
    completely block off the garage and park as close to the 
    garage as you can. 
    3.	Now turn around and take the Blista van parked in a garage 
    behind you. Jam this up against the fire truck for support. 
    You really want to prevent anyone from leaving that garage. 
    4.	Now walk away from the window until you can see all of its 
    open section at the top of your screen. No further, and no 
    nearer. Line your man up until you can see that his right 
    hand, (not his arm), is lined up perfectly with the dead 
    centre of the window. Hold down shoot until he throws a 
    grenade. If you were truly in the middle it will fly directly 
    into the open window. If you even slightly off it will bounce 
    back. The explosion will knock you down, but with armour it 
    won't be fatal. 
    5.	When you successfully throw a grenade, the blocked garage 
    doors will open and the target car will try to leave. Quickly 
    throw a few grenades at your blockade until all the vehicles 
    have either caught on fire or exploded. This will take out the 
    target too. If he escapes, if you miss, it something goes 
    wrong, then reload and try again. Chasing him around town is 
    needlessly difficult. 
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10 
    1.	Firstly collect armour, all your weapons, and save the game. 
    Make certain that it's daylight once you've saved your game, 
    as it helps immensely during this mission.
    2.	Go and see Ray then take any car to the spot marked on your 
    map. When you arrive don't drive into the blue light but 
    instead block off the alley in northeast corner of the 
    courtyard, in-between the wall and the warehouse, so that no 
    one can walk into the courtyard from there. 
    3.	Now when you're ready step into the blue light to watch a cut 
    scene. There's now about 15 seconds of free time in which to 
    take the large truck parked here and block the main gates with 
    it. Drive it forward then reverse it in front of the gates. Do 
    your best with the time allotted, but don't worry too much if 
    you can't block it completely. 
    4.	Get out when the enemy starts arriving and go and stand close 
    to the man you need to keep alive. Arm your Uzi and lock onto 
    to anybody who you can see, but watch you don't lock onto you 
    comrade by mistake! About 6 Columbians usually run towards 
    you. Don't go up to the gates because someone will throw 
    Molotov Cocktails. If your comrade is being shot then stand in 
    front of him as you can absorb more damage than he. There's a 
    new armoured vest in the middle of the 4 big cargo containers. 
    5.	After the initial rush of intruders it will go quiet. Take 
    this opportunity to throw a few cocktails at the main gate. 
    Throw one and listen out from screams or shouting. This may 
    flush out a few enemy stragglers too. If nobody else comes 
    through the main gate go towards it and if someone starts 
    shooting, run back quickly. 
    6.	If not go out a little bit further and have a look around, 
    listening out for any telltale Columbian insults. If you hear 
    one run around this area until someone starts shooting, then 
    get some distance on them and shoot back. If all you can hear 
    is the sea then this region is safe.  
    7.	If you haven't had a message telling you to go and check on 
    your ally then there's still intruders trying to get down the 
    alley you blocked off with a car. From a distance, peep out 
    and have a look. If someone tries to shoot you pick up the M16 
    by your comrade and shoot them from by the tank. Alternatively 
    creep forward and throw a grenade at your car from a safe 
    distance. You may need to go down the alley and mop up any 
    8.	When everyone's dead you'll get the message to go and check on 
    your comrade, but firstly go down the alley you blocked off 
    and use the cardboard boxes to jump onto the wall. Walk back 
    along the wall and jump onto the cargo containers to collect a 
    free rocket launcher. Now go and see him to finish the 
    NOTE: Now we have the rocket launcher it's time to go back and work 
    for Asuka again.  
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10  
    1.	It's very handy to save the game before you do this mission. 
    Now take your rocket launcher and a fast car to see Asuka. 
    Make sure that the first weapon you have to hand when you 
    climb out of the car is the rocket launcher. After being 
    briefed, go to the Casino, as marked on your map. 
    2.	You'll see a parked car in front of the Casino and the blue 
    light. Stop in the blue light and a cut scene will occur. Now 
    follow this car and see which way it turns out of the Casino. 
    Follow it - without hitting it - until it's on a road with no 
    imminent turn offs. Then accelerate as quickly as you can and 
    get out in front of the car. Stop some distance in front of it 
    and get out. Aim the rocket launcher at the approaching car 
    and fire.
    3.	If you hit the car well done, that's all you had to do. If you 
    only damaged the car you'll become highly wanted by the 
    police, so reload and try again. If you missed entirely then 
    just get out in front of him and try once more. 
    NOTE: You now have another employer, marked with the letter 'K' on 
    the map. Work here from now on. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10  
    1.	There's no need for armour or a save here. Drive to the Casino 
    for your orders then go the short distance to the Police 
    station to find a squad car. If you can't find one, then look 
    in the car park behind the station by jumping over the gate 
    from the police station itself. 
    2.	Take the stolen police car to the bomb shop as marked on your 
    map. It's directly behind the multi-storey car park. Drive in, 
    have the bomb attached, and then go back exactly the same way 
    to where you found the police car. Approach the gate on the 
    right hand side to pass through. 
    3.	Park the police car in the blue light, press the fire button, 
    and quickly get out. As you wait for the car to explode, steal 
    a new squad car that should be parked in this area. Drive back 
    in time to see the old police car explode. A moment later your 
    passenger will run out through the smoke and jump in. 
    4.	Now take him out through the other gate - not the one you 
    entered by. This narrower gate leads underground to a police 
    bribe. Take it, and then head left out of the tunnel. Follow 
    this back street around and up to the main road. From here 
    hurry back to your hideout. With 2 stars you won't that much 
    unwanted police attention, and you can steal a different car 
    should you accidentally trash your current one. 
    5.	From the hideout take him to the building marked on your map 
    as slowly and peacefully as you'd like. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10  
    1.	No need for armour or saving. Take a speedy car to go and see 
    Kenji. As soon as he's told you what to do, you'll have a 6-
    minute time limit to collect 3 cars and bring them to a garage 
    next to the bomb shop used in the previous mission. 
    2.	First of all go for the southwesterly dot on your map. This 
    car is parked in the open-air cark park where you once found 
    Hidden Package #65. The alley's leading into it are marked on 
    the map as narrow lines. Inside will be a Stinger for you to 
    drive to the garage behind the multi-storey car park. 
    3.	Even a tiny amount of damage incurred on the way there will 
    create a message telling you to repair the vehicle. This is 
    nothing to worry about as the Pay N Spray is literally next 
    door to the delivery point. If you have this message then 
    drive as quickly as you'd like to the Pay N Spray, and fix the 
    car (at your expense). But do not roll the car over - that's a 
    guaranteed fail.  
    4.	Now then drive very carefully into the garage on the right of 
    the Pay N Spray - not the half open garage. When you see a 
    message telling you to get out of the vehicle, do so. 
    5.	Now head for the next car, towards the west. It's actually in 
    the car park opposite the entrance to the Stadium. As you're 
    on foot just at the moment though, take the Blista that's 
    almost always parked around here - the very same one you used 
    to make a blockade in the Ray mission. Take it and grab the 
    sports car then bring it back to the garage. There's still 
    enough time to repair it, should you need to.   
    6.	The last car is in the east end of the hospital car park. It's 
    the shortest distance away; so don't panic too much if time is 
    running low. Take it and come back as quickly as you can. If 
    you have under 30 seconds left then you must be extra careful 
    you don't damage it, because you won't have time to repair it. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10  
    1.	First things first, steal a Yardie Lobo. These cars have a 
    dark red body and gold roof. You can find them commonly in 
    Newport, especially at the north end of the road that 
    encircles the Casino. Look out for Yardie's walking in the 
    streets and a Lobo shouldn't be too far away. Now take this 
    car and save your game with it in the garage. This way you 
    won't need to find another if you wreck it. 
    2.	After you've saved, grab some armour and grenades, before 
    going to the Casino to pick up your orders in the Lobo. Keep 
    it in relatively good condition. Make sure grenades are the 
    chosen weapons when you exit the car. Once you've spoken to 
    Kenji, go and collect the colleague who's marked on the map. 
    Don't run him over or you'll fail. Finally, drive to the 
    hospital car park. Stop in the blue light. Make sure you stop 
    facing the two Cartel Cruisers that are parked here.  
    3.	Now push in L3 once you've stopped and a brief cut scene will 
    occur. As soon as it's ended your colleague will jump out, 
    ignore him and quickly drive forward, stopping in-between the 
    2 Cartel Cruisers, and crushing the Columbian that stood 
    there. Climb out and drop a grenade at your feet. Sprint away 
    and the grenade should explode, gradually taking out all the 
    parked cars and enemies here. Unfortunately your colleague 
    will die too, but this doesn't matter. 
    4.	Walk through the remains and find the briefcase. Take the 
    nearest available vehicle and go back to Casino car park at 
    your leisure.  
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10 
    1.	Buy a sniper rifle from the gun shop if you don't have one. 
    Save if you wish, and then take any car to see Kenji for your 
    orders. When you leave a light blue dot will be on the map a 
    short distance away. Drive there to spot a briefcase. Simply 
    get out and walk into it. Now a second dot will appear for you 
    to drive to.
    2.	One Uzi carrying man guards this second briefcase. Simply run 
    him over or do a drive by shooting before collecting the case. 
    He's nothing to be overly concerned about.  
    3.	The third dot will lead you to a blue light. Stop in it and 
    watch the cut scene. You must now head to Portland for the 
    final pickup. Head back to the bridge.  
    4.	When you get to Portland approach the dot from the east. 
    You'll see it's in the courtyard where you received the El 
    Burro missions. On the east of the courtyard is a grassy area 
    with several trees. Walk across here until you're facing the 
    courtyard and can see 5 people with arrows above their heads 
    standing there. Aim the sniper rifle and eliminate them all 
    one by one. They won't fight back.   
    5.	Now go and pick up the final briefcase without accidentally 
    dying or being busted to successfully conclude the mission. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10  
    1.	There's no need for armour, but you do need a fast and durable 
    car, so go and steal a squad car from the police station. It's 
    probably a good idea to save your game with the police car, so 
    you don't need to find another should you fail. 
    2.	Go and see Kenji. Park facing out to the street so you're 
    ready for a quick getaway. After the briefing you'll have 3 
    minutes to kill at least 8 Yardies. Drive as quickly as you 
    can towards the nearest marked man. I recommend turning on the 
    sirens to ward traffic away. Run him over and proceed onto the 
    next one. If he sees you coming he'll open fire with an Uzi, 
    but you should hit him so quickly this won't matter. Remember 
    your Uzi - it can save you a lot of time should you miss a 
    target, just stop and shoot out the side to kill him.  
    3.	Yardies will appear and disappear continuously during the 
    mission. Always go towards a group of them if one pops up. 
    It's better than chasing after a single Yardie. As the Yardies 
    start to leave the streets you may find one who's gone down an 
    alley or approaching a building. For example, one dealer is in 
    the park. Only go after such dealers if there's nobody else 
    around on safer ground. 
    4.	The most important factor is finding a fast car and keeping it 
    drivable. And you only need 8 kills - anymore is merely a 
    NOTE: Because you can no longer work for Kenji, return to Ray for the 
    proceeding missions. 
    NOTE: Soon a new employer, marked by a 'D' symbol, will appear on the 
    map. We will work for this person some time later. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    1.	You don't need to do anything until you've seen Ray and been 
    briefed. Afterwards go and find a fast car. As usual, the 
    police car is the best all rounder, and easily found. Take 
    your car and track down the moving block on the map. 
    2.	This block represents a pickup truck holding 6 pieces of 
    evidence that you need to collect. Every time you hit the 
    truck it will drop one piece of evidence for you to collect by 
    driving over it. Unfortunately you can't pick the next piece 
    of evidence until you have the last.   
    3.	The first time you solidly hit the pickup truck you'll be 
    given a 2 star wanted level. To solve this problem, ignore the 
    truck, and the fallen piece of evidence. Instead drive 
    promptly back to your hideout and use Police Bribes to shake 
    off the cops. Now go back and collect the piece of evidence 
    that fell off the truck. 
    4.	No matter how many times you hit the truck from now it will 
    not upset the police, and consequently this mission becomes 
    very simplistic. Continue to nudge the truck and collect the 
    fallen evidence one by one until you have all 6 pieces. It 
    simply takes time, especially as you can change cars whenever 
    it suits you. Once you have them all, ignore the truck and 
    destroy your own car by planting a grenade beside it. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	No need for any preparation this time, but daylight and good 
    weather are recommended. Go and see Ray to get your orders. As 
    you leave a dot on the map will show you where a specific boat 
    can be found. It's over in Portland, at the docks you left 
    that island by earlier. Drive there at your own pace. 
    2.	Hop in the boat and your target's boat will appear on the map. 
    Go right around Portland to find him by the beach on the east 
    side. As you approach a cut scene will be triggered, and then 
    the chase will begin. 
    3.	Like the previous boat mission, Paparazzi Purge, stay behind 
    him and constantly hold down fire. Thankfully your victim is 
    slow and stupid and you should have little trouble destroying 
    his vessel, especially as he turns allowing you to hit his 
    vessel from the side. 
    4.	Eventually he will start dropping explosive barrels from the 
    back of his ship. Unless you're right up behind him these 
    should be quite easily avoided, unless of course the waters 
    are very stormy. Try shooting them if they're unavoidable, but 
    bear in mind your boat can survive a blast or two. 
    5.	When you've sunk his ship, sail back to Staunton Island.  
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10  
    1.	Once again grab a police car and save your game. This is a 
    purely car based mission, so there's no need for armour. Go 
    and speak to Ray and you'll see an ambulance highlighted on 
    your map as you leave. This ambulance is going to the police 
    station, and if it makes it there before you can trash it - 
    you've failed. 
    2.	As soon as you get close to the ambulance a 2 star wanted 
    level is pinned on you. Unfortunately you can't blow up the 
    ambulance before it spots you, because the game simply claims 
    it was a 'decoy' ambulance. Therefore drive quickly alongside 
    it and shoot the ambulance with the Uzi as you go along. This 
    raises its damage bar very quickly indeed and after only a few 
    seconds of firing your target will bail out. 
    3.	Your wanted level will now increase to 3 stars. Therefore 
    ignore the target and drive as quickly as you can back to your 
    hideout to collect 3 Bribes and outwit the cops. Once they've 
    forgotten about you, you can turn your attention to the 
    immobile victim.  
    4.	You have an infinite amount of time to kill him but due to his 
    current state you cannot shoot him. Although you could use 
    grenades or cocktails, by far and away the simplest method is 
    to get a very long run up and drive over him at high speed. 
    Make sure your wheels run right over him and this will kill 
    him instantly. 
    NOTE: Now go and work for the employer marked by the 'D' symbol. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	Before receiving your orders steal a Cartel Cruiser. These 
    blue jeeps are found roaming around by the construction site. 
    There's 1 parked actually inside the construction site. When 
    you have the vehicle go and purchase a sniper rifle from Ammu-
    nation. Now grab some armour, all your weapons, and save the 
    game in your hideout so you don't have to do this bit ever 
    2.	Go and see your new employer and then drive back to the exact 
    spot where you found Hidden Package #41. Keep the jeep in good 
    condition. As you approach the spot on the map, get out of 
    your jeep and walk up to the gates. Don't drive up to the 
    gates because you don't want to alert the guards. Now point 
    your sniper rifle through the gate and take aim at the 4 
    visible guards. They will not fight back as you pick them off. 
    3.	Collect your jeep and approach the gates. When they open drive 
    in quickly at squish the 2 remaining guards at the south side 
    of the courtyard. They will fire at you but provided you kept 
    your jeep in good condition, you can squish/Uzi them before 
    they destroy the jeep. 
    4.	Climb out of the vehicle. Around you are 5 closed garages that 
    will open when you approach on foot. The man you need to 
    recover has been put randomly in one of these garages. If you 
    choose the incorrect one you'll have to fight 1 or 2 guards. 
    As you hear the door open, listen out for a Columbian insult, 
    and get ready to fire back if you hear one. 
    5.	At any moment you can retreat back to your hideout for health 
    and armour if it's necessary. The man you want to save looks 
    quite different to the Columbians, but he will be guarded, so 
    don't shoot him by accident. When you've killed his guard, 
    approach the man and he will follow you to any vehicle you 
    choose to take. Now drive back to see Donald. Keep the Cartel 
    Cruiser if you still have it.  
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10  
    1.	Take the Cartel Cruiser (or steal another if necessary) and 
    drive to the site where you helped defend a comrade during 
    Ray's 'Arms Shortage' mission. Go through the gates and 
    purchase a rocket launcher. Despite it's vast expense, you can 
    easily afford it at this stage in the game. Now take the jeep 
    and launcher and save your game. You don't want to buy a new 
    rocket launcher every time you fail!  
    2.	Drive to the multi-storey car park and stop on the floor 
    directly beneath the very highest roof level. Now on the east 
    side of this level are 7 pillars. Aim your rocket launcher at 
    the roof directly above the 7th pillar. This will cause an 
    explosion and you'll instantly gain 3 wanted stars.  
    3.	Get back into the Cruiser and go up on to the top level via 
    the ramps on the north side. As you approach the top a quick 
    cut scene will show you where the target man is. You must stay 
    in the Cruiser so drive up and run him over. He will shoot at 
    you, as will the other guards here, but ignore them all. 
    Squish the man and drive off the ramp in the southwest corner. 
    Make sure it's a good take off because you need to land on 
    your wheels. As soon as you land keep driving until the game 
    tells you to get out of the jeep. Do so to complete the 
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10 
    1.	First all find any fast car (NOT a police car) and if you have 
    any possessions that you wouldn't be able to easily find 
    again, save your game. Go and see Donald and get your orders. 
    You now have 2 minutes to go and find any boat. This is more 
    than enough time. 
    2.	Drive quickly to the where Asuka lives. Park your car at the 
    top of the stairs leading down to the boats by her house, and 
    go down. Leave a car door open, just in case it disappears 
    before you get back. There should be a speedboat down there, 
    which you should take and then immediately start driving out 
    to the yellow dot on your map. If not, then take the slower 
    boat. It will suffice.  
    3.	As you approach it you'll see a small plane flying slowly 
    overhead. Follow this plane at a small distance. It doesn't go 
    very quickly. When the time runs out it will steadily drop 
    packages into the sea, and if you follow it carefully 
    collecting them should be easy. For every package you collect 
    your wanted level will increase by one, to a maximum of 5 
    4.	As soon as you've got the sixth package, bear west and you 
    should be very close to the jetty where Asuka lives. Ignore 
    the helicopter that will be hounding you now and disembark. Be 
    careful, but as you probably know, the game will dump you on 
    the jetty if you fall in accidentally. Sprint up the steps and 
    jump in the car you left here. At full speed drive out and up 
    the road towards the multi-storey car park. Dodge any FBI cars 
    and dive down the alley behind the car park. 
    5.	Make it to the Pay N Spray down here and this mission becomes 
    stupidly easy. Now all you have to do is drive back and see 
    NOTE: You can now access the third and final island. Go there now 
    even though there are still missions left to complete in Staunton 
    Island. Find your hideout and save before you do anything else.  
    NOTE: As you enter Shoreside Vale you will be contacted by a new 
    employer, marked out by a red phone symbol. Ignore him for now. 
    NOTE: You should've checked at the very beginning, but if this is 
    your second time through the game go and double check the gang that 
    strolls around in the neighbourhood by your hideout. If you can't see 
    any black gang members with purple jackets, only red ones, then you 
    have the 'Purple Nines' glitch and sadly you cannot complete this 
    game 100%.  
    As you may remember we had to leave one Hidden Package on the bridge 
    in Staunton Island. As the bridge is now operative, go back to find 
    the 49th package. 
    49. When you get to the bridge go across on to the section that lifts 
    up and down. Just passed the spot where the game crosses over into 
    Staunton Island stop your car and use it to clamber up onto the 
    central reservation. Look up with the right analogue stick and you 
    should be able to spot the package. Wait for the bridge to lift up 
    and collect it. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: AK-47, Sniper rifle, M-16, rocket launcher    
    NOTE: Now to finish the package collecting once and for all. Grab 
    Pulverized2000's map for Shoreside Vale and let's begin. 
    70. Go to the top of the dam where two piers jut out to the north. 
    Each pier ends in a small dome. Run behind the pier on the east. 
    71. Now do the same with the pier on the west. 
    72. At the bottom of the dam is another road full of trailers and 
    cargo. As you enter this road look out for a tower going up the side 
    of the dam wall. The first tower you see has a package on it if you 
    climb up the stairs. 
    73. Go to the end of the lower dam road until you come to a building. 
    Run up the stairs onto the roof of this building with a big chimney 
    on it and the package is hiding up by the dam wall, in-between the 
    big pipes.   
    74. If you down off the south edge of the rooftop where the last 
    package was you see a grassy area. It's down there. The package is 
    tucked away up against the building. 
    75. It's not actually behind the westernmost house (that's a pink 
    house) but it's the one next to it on the east - the cream coloured 
    house with a pink garage. There's a Stinger parked out front. You 
    can't get into its back garden from the north so run around to the 
    front and walk behind it to find the package. 
    76. It's by the house directly next door to the aforementioned cream 
    coloured house, on its east side. This house is the same colour and 
    has a big swimming pool in its south-facing garden. The package is on 
    the back (north side) porch.   
    77. It's on the south-facing porch of the pale blue house next door 
    to the one above. There's a LandStalker parked on its drive. 
    78. Go to the large red mansion on the eastern end of this row of 
    houses. You'll need a Cartel Cruiser to bypass the gates. You can 
    find one driving up down this road if look long enough. Go behind the 
    house and find the package in the drained pool. 
    79. Take a shortcut to the next package by turning east as you come 
    out of the mansion and driving forward in a straight line right off a 
    cliff. You'll fall down into the correct area. The package is by one 
    of the picnic tables towards the north. 
    80. As you come off the higher dam road, going south, go into the 
    courtyard of the building on the corner here. If you go to the back 
    of this courtyard (facing east) there's a wooden ramp leading up onto 
    a wall. Walk up this ramp and jump onto the wall. If you like, park a 
    truck between the ramp and the cargo containers here so you don't 
    need to even need to use the wall. Go left until you can see a 
    rooftop below you. Drop down off the wall onto the rooftop. Walk over 
    the rooftop, to the corner south east corner where you should be able 
    to see a wooden ramp on the ground. Jump towards the ramp and find 
    the package in this little area. Use the ramp to get back onto the 
    81. It's underneath a bridge covered in graffiti, near one of the 
    entrances to the main tunnel.
    82. Behind the police station you can see two long rooftops. On the 
    left hand one is the package. Get a good run up and sprint at it in a 
    straight line. Jump at the right moment and you'll get over the wall 
    and onto the roof. Alternatively use a car to get a step up.  
    83. It's in the grounds of the Liberty Pharmaceuticals building. Look 
    around in this area for a blue and pinkish coloured factory. You find 
    an entrance on its south side, and the package on its east side, 
    behind a fence you can walk past.   
    84.Behind your hideout are 2 billboards and an RC Toyz van. Remember 
    where the van is for later, but pick up the package behind it.   
    85. If you turn right out of your hideout and go down the slope 
    you'll pass the building in question on your left. Go down there and 
    find the package in the entrance on the east side, opposite an YFBC 
    86. Run into the very middle of the apartment block just behind the 
    ringing mission phone in this area. There's a narrow alley in between 
    the two separate buildings, and the package is down this alley. 
    87. On the north side of the hospital is a road going between it and 
    the police station. Go down this road until you can see a small wall 
    on the hospital side. Approach the wall and put the camera in 
    overhead mode so you can see a red cargo container behind the wall. 
    Run and jump over the wall, land on the container, and collect the 
    88. Simply drive behind the hospital building. 
    89. If you go to the spot on the map you'll see a set on steps 
    leading up onto the roof of the warehouse. As you climb the steps 
    look east to see an awning. The package is on there. Climb up onto 
    the roof, being careful not to accidentally touch the Rampage icon 
    here, and sprint then jump across onto the awning. 
    90. Drive behind the building with the awning. 
    91. The road leading to Hidden Package #91 isn't actually marked on 
    the in game map, but it's there. Go along this dirt track till you 
    come to the broken bridge and carefully walk and drop underneath it. 
    This bridge will be a Unique Jump later on, so remember it. 
    92. It's beside the fire truck parked opposite the car park here. 
    93. Go to the spot on the map and look carefully under the wing of 
    the big plane that's parked here. 
    94. Drive around to the west side of the giant spider like control 
    tower to find the package. You can find a way in to the tower by the 
    fire truck you visited a moment ago. 
    95. It's just tucked up beside the plane here. 
    96. It's behind the Lips 106 billboard that's at the end of the 
    narrow road going directly in front of the airport.
    97. The subway is just east of the above billboard. Climb up the 
    stairs to get there. Go down to the red platform and cross over the 
    tracks to the other side. The package is on this platform. 
    98. Just beside the LCPD helicopter here. 
    99. There's a ramp leading down at this spot on the map. The floor 
    has yellow lines painted on it. Go down there next to the runway to 
    find the package. 
    100. At the end of the other runway there's another ramp leading down 
    to a path that runs around the outside edge of the runway. Follow the 
    ramp down as low as it goes and then turn around and look beside it 
    to find the package. 
    NOTE: You now have all the weapons in the game except the 
    flamethrower, which will come later. These weapons will make even the 
    hardest missions seem much easier.     
    By now you have hopefully obtained all the missing vehicles for this 
    garage with the exception of the Dodo. 
    If you are still missing any of the vehicles than find them now. 
    Although you can find a Securicar during an upcoming mission, the 
    others must be found the hard the way. Please look for them before 
    going any further.  
    1.	Assuming you only need to find the Dodo now is the time to go 
    to the airport in Shoreside Vale, to the heliport where Hidden 
    Package #98 was. A small red and white plane with clipped 
    wings will be parked around here. 
    2.	Because flying it is dangerous and risky drive it like a car 
    all the way back to Portland. Be careful and avoid crashes and 
    police attention. I advise parking it in the garage and saving 
    in Staunton Island if you've damaged the plane. Then continue 
    on to the Import/Export garage when you're ready. 
    Once you've delivered the car exit and then re-enter the garage. You 
    can now select any car by walking into the appropriate token. These 
    token's can be used as many times as you'd like, meaning that you now 
    an infinite supply of Mr. Whoopee vans, for example. 
    There is another garage with a list of vehicles for you to seek and 
    find. Hidden Package #80 was directly behind it, so check on that map 
    to find the building again. Remember, if you can't find a particular 
    vehicle after searching for 10 minutes, move on to the next one and 
    keep an eye out for it. The vehicles you need are as follows: 
    SENTINEL: This is the ordinary version of the black Mafia Sentinel in 
    Portland. They can be found relatively easily in Shoreside Vale, 
    although there is a parked one in the airport car park. 
    CHEETAH: A Ferrari look-alike. It has 4 exhaust pipes. Can be found 
    almost anywhere in Shoreside Vale, but most frequently around Cedar 
    Grove. There's even one parked on driveway of the house beside the 
    big red mansion, where you found Hidden Package #78.  
    BANSHEE: A convertible sports car with a white line running down its 
    centre. There is usually one parked in the car park half way up the 
    twisty S-bend road that leads up from your hideout to Cedar Grove. 
    You have probably already stolen this vehicle once from Easy Credit 
    Auto's in Portland. 
    IDAHO: A wide, two door, car with a roof usually a different colour 
    to its body. The backend slopes down slightly. It can be found 
    anywhere, but as you search head back to the car park opposite the 
    Stadium in Staunton Island, where one is usually always available. 
    INFERNUS: A Lamborghini look-alike. It has a big spoiler on the 
    backend. There is one parked in the airport car park again, but it 
    may be locked. Otherwise try Cedar Grove as you did with the Cheetah. 
    TAXI: The most common car in Liberty City shouldn't be hard to find. 
    Try standing by the road outside the garage and one will come by soon 
    KURUMA: The car you started this game in. Quite easy to find, but if 
    you can't spot one then go to the phone symbol on your map. If you 
    drive around to the east side of this block (just follow the road) 
    you'll see a Karuma parked by the overpass. 
    STRETCH: AKA a limousine. It's quite rare and it will take patience 
    to find one. They have been spotted in Cedar Grove and driving passed 
    the airport, but it's still very lucky if you find one. Recommended 
    that if you don't find one soon you try looking for one during the 
    upcoming Vigilante and Fire Truck missions.   
    PERENNIAL: A slow estate car/station wagon. Quite easy to find 
    anywhere, but there is guaranteed to be one parked on the road 
    running in front of the Portland police station. Conduct your search 
    in that direction. 
    STINGER: The ordinary road version of the car used by the Yakuza. 
    Comes in convertible and hardtop models. Find one parked in a 
    driveway in the row of houses in Cedar Grove. 
    LANDSTALKER: Very common Land Rover style jeep. There's one in the 
    airport car park, and oddly they often seem to be in front of you on 
    the raised bridge leading to Staunton Island.   
    MANANA: A boxy two-door car. Quite easy to find, but get one in the 
    airport car park.   
    STALLION: This is the ordinary road version of the car used by the 
    Diablo's. It's a wide, convertible car that loves to spin out on 
    corners. Find one in the airport car park. 
    BF INJECTION: A Dune buggy that Joey was working on in his garage. 
    You can only find this vehicle by going to the big courtyard in 
    Hepburn Heights, Portland, between 18:30 and 24:00 hours. 
    CABBIE: An old-fashioned style taxi. Usually found anywhere in 
    Shoreside Vale, but try cruising past the narrow street directly in 
    front of the airport.   
    ESPERANTO: Looks quite similar to the Idaho. A long, wide two door 
    car. It's in the airport car park usually. 
    DIFFICULTY: 2/10 
    1.	The ludicrously easy RC Toyz missions show up for the last 
    time. Go to your hideout and run right around the east side of 
    your apartment building where you should see the van parked 
    behind two billboards. This is the exact location of Hidden 
    Package #84.
    2.	You now have 2 minutes to blow up 1 Rumpo XL van. These blue 
    and green vans are the vehicle of choice for the local gang 
    here. When you have control of the buggy go forward roughly 
    and you should eventually come out on the street. Head down 
    the slope to where the phone symbol usually is and you're 
    bound to find at least 1 van. Press fire beside it to complete 
    the mission. 
    3.	As always, you can continue trying to blow up more vehicles 
    for fun. Just be a little bit cautious because the buggy does 
    blow up when the time expires, and you don't want it parked 
    next to you when that happens. 
    That's it. There are no more RC Toyz missions in the game. Feel free 
    to play the old ones to improve your score, but this certainly isn't 
    NOTE: Keep an eye out for any vehicles you require for the 
    Import/Export garages. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    REWARD: Flamethrower 
    1.	This is still the same as it was before. Steal a fire truck; 
    preferably from the station opposite the airport car park and 
    whenever you're ready start the extra missions. 
    2.	This is somewhat harder to do than before due to the more 
    complicated layout of Shoreside Vale. I advise following the 
    destination given to you, rather than relying completely on 
    the map, which can seem confusing. If the game says the fire 
    is somewhere across the river, then you must use the bridge or 
    the dam to get there, no matter how out of your way that 
    3.	If the first fire you're given is across the river, and you 
    have little chance of getting there in time, simply quit the 
    missions and restart. There is no penalty for doing this. 
    4.	Gradually put out 20 fires on this island and you will be 
    paged with a message telling you that the flamethrower is now 
    yours to keep. 
    Good work. You've now completed all the fire truck missions and 
    unlocked a fearsome weapon too. 
    NOTE: Keep an eye out for any vehicles you require for the 
    Import/Export garages. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    REWARD: 2x Police Bribes
    1.	By now you should know the drill. Steal a police car if you 
    see one driving in the streets, or more easily by taking the 
    one parked outside the police station in Pine Creek. However, 
    this car is usually locked. If it is locked, then drive away 
    and come back a couple of times to see if it's changed its 
    2.	Like before you must chase down and force escaping cars to 
    stop. And like the fire truck missions this is also harder 
    than due because the layout of Shoreside Vale. But remember 
    that you don't need to kill 20 criminals in one go. 
    3.	Do an Uzi drive by. It's the best way to keep your car intact 
    for longer and after only 10 seconds of concentrated shooting 
    at a moving car the driver will bail. Make sure you have 
    several hundred rounds though before you begin. 
    4.	Expect to meet one or two crooks armed with flamethrowers in 
    Shoreside Vale. The best method to dispatch these runaways is 
    to wait till they're distracted with someone else, and then 
    quickly run them over.  
    5.	Follow the locations given to you by the game, not your map. 
    I.e. If there's a criminal spotted at Francis International 
    Airport - drive there, don't try and drive to the dot on your 
    map until you've got there. 
    6.	Criminals will occasionally go into the tunnel running 
    underneath the island. Bear this in mind if they seem to be 
    driving across a river on your map. 
    7.	Kill 20 crooks to complete every Vigilante mission in the 
    game. Having 6 police bribes constantly regenerating at your 
    hideouts is going to come in very handy, and for one upcoming 
    mission it will be a lifesaver...
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10 (On average)  
    1.	Go to the graffiti ridden underpass where you found Hidden 
    Package #81. Continue up the hill to the top where the road 
    bends around a sharp curve. If you look on the outside edge of 
    this curve there is a rocky slope. The highest part of this 
    slope is where you must launch yourself. 
    2.	Firstly take any reasonably fast car and get a run up from 
    very bottom of the hill. The key to making it is going off the 
    ramp in the right place. If you look closely you can see one 
    part of the rock slope is flatter. That's your target. Land 
    any which way up on the other side to complete the jump. 
    1.	The ramp you had to walk up to collect Hidden Package #80 is 
    where you need to head next. That's the building on the corner 
    as you come off the south side of the upper dam road. 
    2.	You need a good sports car for this, so pay a visit to the 
    nearby Import/Export garage if you haven't got one. As you 
    come off the wooden ramp you'll need to land inside the fenced 
    in area where package 80 actually was. Unlike the other ramps 
    don't line up straight with the ramp. Approach it at an angle 
    so you go off flying towards the left. If you don't do that 
    you won't land in the fenced area. 
    1.	Take another speedy car and go back to the last ramp. Look 
    right at that ramp and you can just about see another down an 
    alley running behind a warehouse. This is your target.
    2.	You have to land on or past the furthest row of garages in the 
    courtyard below. You'll need a very good run up for this, and 
    annoyingly that means you need to start back out on the street 
    and manoeuvre down the alley. Let off the accelerator on the 
    corners and keep it on hard when you get to the alley. If you 
    can do that without hitting anything you should make it. 
    1.	When you had to collect Hidden Package #91 you had to look 
    underneath a wooden bridge. Now you need to drive over it. 
    Simply get a decent run up and go at it full speed. If you 
    make it across the river (this can be easily done in even the 
    slowest of vehicles) you'll complete the jump. 
    1.	Go past the airport car park and into the large open area full 
    of hangers and aircraft. Follow the road marked on your map 
    west when it splits and you should see a passenger-boarding 
    ramp parked next to an airliner. 
    2.	Get a reasonable run up and fly off the ramp and over the 
    plane without touching it. This shouldn't be very difficult. 
    1.	Continue following the road past the plane and around a bend. 
    As you go past the bend you should see a hanger with 3 
    concrete ramps built next to it, on its south side. 
    2.	Get a long run up and hit the ramps straight. If you can fly 
    over the hanger without touching it, you'll win. 
    1.	Continue down the road, past the hanger you just jumped and 
    the one after it. In front of you should be yet another hanger 
    with several helicopters parked next to it on the east side 
    and 3 concrete ramps on the west side. 
    2.	Use the ramps as did in the previously and clear just the 
    hanger to succeed. 
    1.	Where you landed on the last jump puts you in a good position 
    for the next one. Directly east of the parked helicopters is 
    another hanger/ramp combo. 
    2.	Do what you've done before and clear the hanger. 
    And now you've completed all the Unique Stunts in the game. 
    DIFFICULTY: 8/10     
    1.	Go to the exact location where you found Hidden Package #79. 
    That's the picnic spot in Wichita Gardens. There's a Patriot 
    jeep parked here, and this will be your vehicle of choice. 
    2.	Refer to the Off-Road missions guide by Minesweeper again. 
    3.	General advice: If you start to slip down the cliff let go of 
    accelerate and then press it again, as this helps the tires 
    dig in to the ground. When there's a distance between you and 
    the next checkpoint, don't get carried away with the speed - 
    read the ground in front of you. Tap the accelerator when 
    you're unsure and use the brake frequently. Daylight really, 
    really helps.   
    4.	This is the arguably the hardest challenge in the entire game. 
    Be patient. You simply need to play again and again until 
    you've memorized where the checkpoints are. 
    5.	It does get easier towards the end. From the 12th checkpoint 
    onwards things are quite simple compared to the tricky 
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10 (On average) 
    The last 7 Rampages must now be completed. Don't worry; they're not 
    harder than any of the others you've already completed. There is one 
    Rampage that we will complete later, due to a special requirement. 
    I'll remind when is the best time to try it. 
    1.	Save your game for the first location of this Rampage is much 
    preferable to the second. It doesn't matter about armour or the 
    time of day. Take a fast car with you. 
    2.	Go to the Punk Noodle warehouse. To find it follow the road 
    leading down from the Raised Bridge into Shoreside Vale until 
    you're about to enter Pike Creek. The warehouse on your left, 
    with a blue gatehouse is the correct one. Look behind that 
    gatehouse to find the icon. 
    3.	As soon as you have it, jump back in to your car and drive 
    quickly to the airport car park. There are more than enough 
    cars here for you to pull alongside and shoot. Because they 
    don't move this becomes pathetically easy. You should complete 
    this Rampage easily.  
    1.	Save the game again and head to the roof of the warehouse in 
    Pike Creek, where you found Hidden Package #89. Before you do, 
    park your car and block off the T-junction on the north side 
    of the warehouse. Then go around to the south side and use the 
    stairs to access the roof. On the roof you can't miss the 
    Rampage icon. 
    2.	Creep to the edge of the roof and look down where you parked 
    your car. Shoot anything that comes along this road. Most 
    often you'll see cars coming up the slope in front you. If you 
    look away those cars will vanish unless they're very close. 
    Only when you can't see any cars should you turn around to 
    make some regenerate.
    3.	You won't be able to complete the mission very easily unless 
    you attract the police. Therefore shoot any squad cars, and 
    failing that, shoot every pedestrian you can see. Keep 
    attacking them and eventually you'll draw the police to you. 
    Try and attract the helicopters too, as they go down 
    effortlessly with a rocket launcher. It all counts towards 
    your total. The only problem is you'll probably get busted if 
    you fail, so it's a good job you saved the game. 
    1.	Armour and saving are both very essential, especially saving 
    if you want to take the frustration out of this Rampage. You 
    may wish to take the Adrenalin Pill at your hideout if you 
    have difficulty with this Rampage. 
    2.	Afterwards go slowly down the slope leading to the red phone 
    symbol and stop half way down. Look over the left-hand side of 
    the slope. You should be able to see a garage roof. The icon 
    is on there, so jump over the edge. Get the icon and drop down 
    onto the street. You'll lose a tiny bit of armour in the fall, 
    but it's no big deal. 
    3.	Stay basically where you fall and shoot any Nine who comes 
    past. Let them come to you and turn around when you can't see 
    anybody down one side of the street. They'll fight back, but 
    you should be able to stay in control if you don't wandering 
    off. Sometimes they drop down from above. If you become 
    surrounded run away and get some room before returning fire. 
    If you die just reload and start again. Because the icon is so 
    near to your hideout it's easy to get started again.  
    1.	I recommend location 2 for this Rampage; it's a noticeably 
    easier. To find the first icon, drive from your hideout and go 
    down the slope to the phone symbol that's marked on the map. 
    Turn left at the end of the slope and you should spot a 
    'Squid' billboard on a cliff at the end of the road. Drive a 
    car up and behind that billboard. You'll see the Rampage icon 
    2.	Now I recommend going back to your hideout quickly and 
    practising shooting at the Nines in the head. You need to be 
    close with such a hopelessly inaccurate weapon, so stand on 
    the road beside your hideout and try it out. Retreat back home 
    for health pickups if need be. Once the time's run out, go and 
    save the game, and then go up the big S-bend hill to the 
    north. The second icon is behind the bright red 'Gasoline' 
    3.	Go and get the icon and stand behind the metal barrier. Nines 
    will walk continuously past you at close range, and usually 
    they don't fight back. Simply stand still and let them walk 
    into your sights. When they're all dead, either turn around 
    briefly, or duck behind the billboard to make them reappear. 
    4.	The only problem you may have is a Cartel Cruiser rolling by 
    and every Nine in the region chasing after it. If that happens 
    I advise shooting the Cruiser to quell the distraction. The 
    time limit is tight, but keep letting the Nines regenerate and 
    you'll do it eventually. 
    1.	I'd save your game, as the first location is slightly easier. 
    This Rampage is impossible to complete without armour, so grab 
    some of that too.  
    2.	From your hideout go to Cedar Grove, to the house where Hidden 
    Package #77 was. The icon is hiding behind the garage with a 
    Landstalker parked out front. 
    3.	This Rampage is basically a race against you and the 
    Columbians to see who can kill the other first. The street 
    will be swarming with them, so stand roughly in the middle of 
    the road, and turn around slowly as you hold down fire. The 
    Columbians will fight back of course, but anyone who tries to 
    shoot you will ignite quickly. 
    4.	It's not pretty and you will lose a lot of health in the 
    process but it's this is the best way to find enough victims. 
    If you set a car on fire and it doesn't drive off, then get 
    away from it - you can't afford to be caught in the explosion. 
    Keep moving from one spot to another, spinning around the 
    cooking everyone. As soon as you've spun 180 degrees run away, 
    so the flaming gang members don't accidentally ignite you too. 
    If you do catch fire, remember that you can jump up and down 
    to put out the flames.  
    1.	You don't need to save, and you don't need any armour. This 
    Rampage is difficulty mainly due to the lack of victims and 
    the awkwardness of having to shoot people in the head. Drive 
    to the wooden ramp where you completed Unique Jump #15. Turn 
    around when you get to the ramp and you'll see the icon hiding 
    beside a dumpster. 
    2.	As soon as you have it run up onto the big crate the ramp is 
    propped up against. Don't go any nearer to the road. From here 
    aim down at the streets below. You may need to look around, or 
    even move your character back a step to make fresh Columbians 
    3.	If you're not one already, you need to become an expert at 
    judging the bullet lag. If you're shooting someone in the 
    distance, aim just in front of the person's head as it takes 
    half a second for the bullet to travel. You know when you've 
    got a good hit because the victim clutches his leaking skull. 
    4.	When you've emptied a street zoom out and see if there's 
    anybody else about. If not then drop your aim and turn around, 
    then turn back, and it should've made at least 1 or 2 people 
    5.	If you run out of time - and you probably will, go behind the 
    nearby police station. On the right-hand garage roof behind 
    the station there's the icon. Use a car as a stool to get over 
    the wall if you can't jump it easily. I prefer aiming from 
    here myself, because you can drop down onto the trailer below 
    that looks like a ramp. Stand near the top but not on the top 
    and the Columbians won't be able to shoot you. It's a lot 
    easier from position to aim.   
    6.	Repeat the same procedure. The one time you find a group of 
    about 6 victims should be the time you win, and that may take 
    many attempts. Patience is key. 
    That's it, only 1 more Rampage to go in the entire game! 
    DIFFICULTY: 8/10 
    This crane was actually in Portland and could've been attempted at 
    any point, but it's only now - with all the weapons and Police Bribes 
    that you have any decent chance of completing it. It is hard, but 
    it's a lot of fun too.  
    What you need to do is bring each different type of emergency 
    services vehicle to Portland docks. The exact spot is a strip of 
    yellow painted lines on the ground a short distance behind the 
    Import/Export garage. You can't miss the magnetic crane dangling 
    above it. It's just to the left of the parked truck. 
    When you park a car the crane will hoist it up and about a minute 
    later you'll get a message confirming the sale. You don't have to 
    hang around waiting for the crane to deposit the vehicle in the boat 
    if you don't want to.  The vehicles don't need to be delivered in 
    perfect condition either. 
    1.	You shouldn't need any advice finding one of these. By this 
    stage in the game you must have stolen at least 3 of them. 
    Take the one parked outside the Portland police station for 
    convenience's sake.  
    1.	Again, simply take the one outside Portland hospital.  
    1.	Pay a visit to Portland fire station. Remember to drive away 
    and come back if it isn't there when you arrive. Alternatively 
    just throw several Molotov Cocktails at one spot and a truck 
    will come along eventually. Don't go back through St. Marks, 
    as the Mafia have a nasty tendency to destroy your vehicle 
    with shotgun blasts.  
    1.	This is a police van. There's one waiting for you to steal 
    behind Staunton Island police station. Just use an ordinary 
    police car to bypass the gates and take it without any 
    1.	This army truck is very similar to the Flatbed. Luckily it's 
    much easier to find, because there's always one parked inside 
    the army surplus store in Staunton Island. That's the place 
    where you had to protect an old man from a group of angry 
    Columbians and where you found Hidden Package #34. Just take 
    it and go back over the river to Portland. 
    FBI CAR:
    1.	Now this is where things start getting tricky. Go to your 
    hideout in Shoreside Vale and save the game. Make sure you 
    have a rocket launcher, a shotgun or Uzi, lots of ammo, and 
    some armour. Stand in the doorway of your apartment, where 
    you'd go in to save. Don't move right in, but stand just under 
    cover to stop the pesky helicopters from shooting you. 
    2.	Without moving, aim your rocket launcher at the large group of 
    pedestrians that constantly regenerates in the southeast 
    corner of the street. Aim at the fence behind them to take out 
    6 people every time. This will alert the police to your 
    presence quickly, but continue to attack the people and any 
    police cars that come along. 
    3.	Keep up your attack until you have 5 wanted stars. The police 
    will rarely, if ever, figure out how to get passed the wall 
    around your apartment so you're quite safe. By now there will 
    be at least 2 helicopters in skies above you, but if you're in 
    the right position they can't harm you. What you need to do is 
    look out for a dark blue FBI car to come driving down the 
    street. If no cars come then you might to run towards the 
    road, and then quickly come back. 
    4.	Now when you see FBI cars driving around your hideout you need 
    to make one stop. The best tactic is to get a gun you can run 
    quickly with and go over to the road as a car is passing. This 
    will make it stop and the agent's jump out. Now spin around 
    and grab 5 police bribes. Then quickly go back to the car. If 
    you're lucky it will be completely deserted. If not you'll 
    need to pull out the driver and either speed off or shoot him.    
    1.	Firstly do exactly what you did to get an FBI car, only this 
    time keeping making mayhem until you have 6 stars. Hopefully 
    you'll start to see trucks and tanks come rolling down the 
    road. If not you'll need to dash out and come back a bit. 
    2.	Wait until a tank has stopped, or preferably until there are 
    two tanks on the road by your apartment. The nearer you are to 
    the tank, the less chance it has of moving off, and the better 
    for you. Tanks have a nasty habit of disappearing when you've 
    cleared your wanted level, so you don't want to stray too far 
    away from whatever tank has stopped by your hideout. 
    3.	Quickly run towards it until you see the soldiers emerge. Now 
    sprint back and grab all your Police Bribes. The soldiers have 
    M-16's and if you don't grab the bribes quickly they'll shred 
    through your armour in no time. When you've cleared your 
    wanted level quickly go after the tank. 
    4.	If there's someone in it they'll leap out and try to bust you. 
    It's best you shoot them with the shotgun first because they 
    can pull you out of the slow tank easily. If there's on one in 
    it, then great, just go. Drive back to Portland carefully 
    unless you want to risk having to do this all over again...
    5.	Bring it back safe and sound and you're now allowed to use any 
    of the emergency vehicles as many times as you'd like. Simply 
    walk into the token of your choice. This means that you now 
    can use the tank on any of the upcoming missions! 
    NOTE: Excellent work. You've now completed every bonus mission in the 
    game, except for 1 Rampage. You're now ready to try the final 
    missions. By now you should've completed 87% of the game, passed 55 
    missions, passed 19 Rampages, found 100 Hidden Packages, completed 20 
    Unique Jumps, dropped off 100+ passengers, saved 78+ people in an 
    Ambulance and be on Paramedic level 12, killed 60+ criminals as a 
    Vigilante, and extinguished 60+ fires. Only 13% left to go... 
    NOTE: You will now finish working for the employers in Staunton 
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10  
    1.	Go and collect a Rhino from the docks in Portland and bring it 
    back to your hideout in Staunton Island. Save the game with it 
    in your garage. Now go to the park where Ray is but drive 
    around to its east side. On this side of the park is a large 
    gap in the wall that you can reverse the tank down. Reverse it 
    all the way to the toilets where Ray is. As you get out, leave 
    the door open. You need to be careful so the tank doesn't 
    mysteriously vanish once you've been briefed. 
    2.	Hear what Ray has to say and then climb in your tank. If it's 
    not there anymore then reload and try again, this time parking 
    it as close as you can get to the toilets. It will stay put 
    eventually. Your colleague will follow you and get in the tank 
    3.	Now you have 3 minutes to drive to Shoreside Vale, via the 
    nearby bridge. It's plenty of time, even in a slow tank. As 
    you go along the bridge stationary guards will shoot at you, 
    but it is impossible for them to actually kill you so just 
    drive on by. When you get across the bridge you need to stop 
    outside the main entrance to the airport. 
    4.	Now stay in tank and go back to the spot on your map in 
    Staunton Island. There may be one or two guards remaining, so 
    that's why the tank is preferable. When you get to the 
    location walk or drive up to the garage doors to complete the 
    NOTE: The vehicle you found in this garage is also bullet proof. It 
    can roll over and be destroyed like any other car, but it is 
    completely impervious to bullets. Even though you have a tank, this 
    vehicle is quicker, and it's the only one in the game, so keep it 
    safe. Go and save your game with the jeep now. 
    NOTE: Now you have this vehicle you can complete the final Rampage. 
    Take it with you to Shoreside Vale. 
    1.	Go to the same spot where you dropped off Ray in the last 
    mission. If you look across the road you should see a Fat 
    Burger Kid billboard overlooking you. Drive up and around to 
    the back of this billboard. You can do this quite simply by 
    going up the grass on the right.
    2.	Drive out carefully through the trees and onto the main road 
    at the foot of the bridge. Simply drive along the pavement on 
    one side of the road hitting everyone you see. Turn around and 
    do the same on the other side. Repeat until you have squished 
    20 Columbians. It's very easy in your bulletproof jeep, for 
    they cannot harm you. 
    The last Rampage has now been completed. There should be nothing left 
    to do in the game except the main missions! 
    NOTE: Remember to take your jeep and park in safely in your Staunton 
    Island hideout. You'll need it in a moment. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10  
    1.	Grab some armour and a sniper rifle from your hideout. Now go 
    and see Donald. Take any car to the airport and as you get 
    nearer you'll see that the spot on the map is coming from a 
    hanger. Don't go near the hanger because there are 4 heavily 
    armed guards in there. 
    2.	Instead drive to the jet directly opposite the hanger. From 
    here you can get a good view of the guards with your sniper 
    rifle, and don't need to fear anyone fighting back. Shoot the 
    first Columbian and the others will go into hiding behind 
    crates. Just wait until they pop their heads up and then shoot 
    them. It won't take long. Use the rocket launcher to make it 
    even quicker.  
    3.	Next go inside and climb into the plane. When you get a 
    message, climb out the plane and walk over to the nearby van 
    that's marked on your map. As you approach it a brief cut 
    scene will take over and you'll the construction site in 
    Staunton Island will marked on your map. Head there. 
    4.	The spot on your map is within an enclosed area of the 
    construction site. As you go into the site you'll see a blue 
    fence surrounding the place. If you stand on the dirt bank on 
    the south side and stand on your car, you can shoot 2 of the 
    guards in there with the sniper rifle. 
    5.	Now go back out of the construction site and on the road that 
    runs along its west side there's a row of shops. You can get 
    on top of these shops by simply using the stairs. From up 
    there you can shoot a few more guards. 
    6.	Now pop back to your hideout and pick up your bulletproof 
    jeep. Take it and drive into the fenced area. You can just 
    about fit through the gap. There are still a few guards here 
    but they can't touch you in the jeep. Drive to the back where 
    there's a yellow lift. Park your van near the lift and get in. 
    7.	After the cut scene go to see Donald and store your jeep away 
    safely afterwards.  
    NOTE: During the below mission you have yet another good chance to 
    find a Securicar van if you still need one. As soon as you have your 
    orders Securicar's become a very common sight in south Staunton 
    Island. You should be able to find and steal one without any 
    DIFFICULTY: 2/10 
    1.	Take any car to go and see Donald again. When you've had your 
    orders go around his building to the vehicle marked on your 
    map. It will start to drive away slowly. Just let it go off by 
    itself. Now park up here and find something to do 5 minutes. 
    Although you're supposed to go and protect the van, if you let 
    it go alone no harm will come to it, and you can relax. 
    2.	Eventually you'll have a message telling you to go and check 
    out the exit of the tunnel. Drive as slowly as you'd like 
    across the bridge to Shoreside Vale. You'll have noticed on 
    the map that the van has stopped moving in the tunnel. 
    3.	When you get across the bridge they'll be a few guards by the 
    tunnel exit but ignore them. The van will start moving again 
    and come out of the tunnel. If it doesn't come out a shortly 
    after you arrive it may have got stuck in the tunnel 
    unfortunately. If that happens then go into the tunnel and 
    blow it up. You'll have to start again.  Assuming it does come 
    out it will be shot at, but just keep away from it and let it 
    drive off. The damage won't be too bad. Just hang around by 
    the bridge and eventually you'll get the prize. 
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10  
    1.	Take any car and go to see Donald again. He'll give you your 
    orders and a destination in Shoreside Vale will appear on the 
    map. Drive there and as you approach the dot you'll see 
    several police cars parked around the warehouse in question. 
    The moment you enter the Securicar parked here you will have a 
    6 star wanted level. Now all you need to do is avoid being 
    caught for 2 minutes. You can't use bribes, and you can't get 
    out of the van. 
    2.	It's not the bad though. The 6 stars are just for show, it's 
    more like a 4 star wanted level. Take the van and drive to the 
    hangers behind the airport. If you can get to the hangers 
    without being arrested or flipped you'll have completed the 
    hardest part of this mission. 
    3.	Use the wide-open spaces to keep your speed up and the parked 
    planes to shake off whoever's chasing you. Keep moving is the 
    best advice because by far the biggest threat to your health 
    are the police helicopters, and they can shoot through the 
    hanger roofs, except in the hanger where you had to snipe 
    guards in the mission before last. The police will follow you 
    in there if hide in it, but if you don't stop and keep 
    circling around the parked Dodo they'll have insufficient 
    space to badly damage your van.    
    4.	Despite how bad your van looks, it's very tough. When there's 
    only a minute left go back out on to the runway and keep 
    moving. Don't go near the edge in case someone pushes you in 
    the sea. Ignore the helicopters. If you don't stop they can't 
    hit you. Survive the beating and you'll succeed. 
    NOTE: You now have a Securicar. This is absolutely your last chance 
    to just be given one. Use it well if the van has still eluded your 
    Import/Export garage.   
    DIFFICULTY: 1/10 
    1.	Simply take any car and go to see Donald. Watch the cut scene. 
    That's all you need to do! 
    NOTE: We can now work for Asuka again. Do that now. You'll notice she 
    has a different home now. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10  
    1.	You just need a good car for this mission such as the Yakuza 
    Stinger's near where you meet Asuka. Take it to Pike Creek in 
    Shoreside Vale. The yellow dot on your map is where you need 
    to lure the 3 cars, which are marked by purple dots. 
    2.	As you enter Pike Creek the first car will follow you. You 
    tell he's following you because the colour of the dot changes 
    slightly. He's quite slow so just leave him behind and go the 
    yellow dot. The dot is in the courtyard where you performed 
    Unique Jump's 14 & 15. As you enter hide down the alley at the 
    back, and avoid hitting any of your Yakuza allies.  
    3.	The car will eventually turn up and be attacked. Just sit back 
    and watch the show. Remember that any point you can pay a 
    visit to the Import/Export garage here for a new sports car. 
    When you're sure they've all been killed, go out and head 
    across the top of the dam. On the other side you'll see the 
    next car by the blocked off tunnel. This car is much faster so 
    go as quickly as you can back to the other courtyard and hide. 
    4.	The last one is across the bridge in the driveway of a house. 
    Go along towards the dot until it changes colour, don't worry 
    if you can't see the car, and as soon as it does turn around 
    and race back to the courtyard. This car isn't much faster 
    than the last, so you might need to wait a while depending how 
    fast you drove. When it comes hopefully the surviving Yakuza 
    will finish it off. If not, you'll have to get out there and 
    mop up any survivors.  
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	Save your game - this is very important. Take a fast car to go 
    and see Asuka. You now have to track down 9 stalls and they're 
    not marked on your map. Thankfully they do appear on the map 
    whenever you get slightly close to them. It makes things a lot 
    easier if you find where all the stalls are first before 
    attacking them.  
    2.	To do this drive to south Staunton Island and back north along 
    a different road, that should be enough to reveal all 5 on 
    this island. Don't touch them yet - that comes later. There 
    are no stalls further north than the multi-storey car park, 
    and the most southern stall is near the Casino. 
    3.	When you've done that speed over to Portland. Go to St. Mark's 
    via the docks and you'll reveal the 2 stalls on this island. 
    Stay on the outskirts of St. Mark's, in case the Mafia spot 
    4.	Now go all the way back to Staunton but make a detour and pick 
    up your bulletproof Patriot on the way. Then as you come down 
    off the bridge into Shoreside Vale you'll reveal 1 stall over 
    by the subway near the airport. If you drive in Pike Creek you 
    can't help but reveal the final stall by the hospital. 
    5.	Go over to it and get ready to ram it in your jeep. The stalls 
    only require a small impact in order to catch alight. The 
    instant you hit the stall your 8-minute time limit will begin. 
    This is plenty of time so don't worry. Ignore the Columbian 
    that can't hurt you in the bulletproof jeep and head off for 
    the second nearest blue dot. 
    6.	You'll need to go down the small road past the airport main 
    entrance to get to the subway where the next stall is. Play it 
    safe and drive back along the proper road to get to the bridge 
    - you can't roll your only bulletproof jeep! 
    7.	When you get to Staunton do the same thing to all 5 stalls 
    here. Again, you are invincible to gunfire but do be careful 
    not to trash the jeep. If you do then you must reload and try 
    again, or else say goodbye to it forever. 
    8.	Finally go over to Portland and ram the 2 remaining stalls. 
    The Mafia will go crazy when you enter their territory but it 
    doesn't matter.  
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10 
    1.	Before you start the mission it's best to learn where the Pay 
    'N' Spray in Shoreside Vale is if you don't know already. If 
    you don't, go down the road on the north of the police station 
    in Shoreside Vale, the Pay 'n' Spray signs can be seen on a 
    warehouse at the crossroads. Learn this well, as you need to 
    come back here in a hurry soon. 
    2.	Take a rocket launcher and your favourite sports car (not a 
    police car) and see Asuka. You now have 3.5 minutes to get to 
    the airport in Shoreside Vale. Ignore the advice regarding a 
    boat and drive there as quickly as you can. 
    3.	When you get into the airport go to where all the area with 
    parked planes and hangers and head towards the northernmost 
    runway - not the one jutting out into the sea. Towards the 
    western end of this runway is a Cartel Cruiser. If you have 
    more than a minute on the timer, stop and snipe its 3 guards 
    from a distance. Otherwise drive past it and down the runway, 
    keeping far away enough so that the guards can't see you.  
    4.	Don't move too far along the runway as another Cartel Cruiser 
    is waiting down there. Instead stop somewhere in-between it and 
    the one you just sniped. The Columbians by the either Cruiser 
    shouldn't see you. Take out your rocket launcher and get ready 
    for the plane. It will come flying down the runway and the 
    moment you see it fire rockets until it explodes. This is the 
    most critical part of the mission so be careful.
    5.	As soon as the plane has exploded you'll have a 4 star wanted 
    level. Jump into your sports car and race around the plane 
    collecting all 8 packages that have fallen around it. As soon 
    as you have them race out of the airport. The police and 
    helicopters will be hot on your tail, but if you picked a fast 
    enough car you should be okay. It's really not as bad as it 
    6.	Drive up into Pike Creek and head straight for the Pay N Spray. 
    The moment you've been sprayed this mission is effectively 
    over. All you need to do now is go back to the construction 
    site and deliver the packages. 
    NOTE: You now have a new employer marked by a 'C' symbol. Ignore this 
    for now, but as we're finished with Asuka there are two phone 
    employers to visit. Head for the green phone symbol by the 
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10 
    1.	First of all go and take a Rhino from Portland Harbour and take 
    it to the green phone symbol in Staunton Island. When you've 
    been told what to do go down the end of the road to the blue 
    light. Park in the blue light so that your tank is facing 
    southeast, across the grass. The Rockstar billboards should be 
    on your right, and your gun should be pointed roughly at a 
    2.	When you stop in the light the 3 opposition vehicles will turn 
    up. They park directly in front of your gun. As soon as the 
    timer counts down from 3, quickly shoot all the 3 vehicles. 
    Make sure you get the Cheetah first, then the other two. Now 
    you've just made this a one-man race. 
    3.	Now get out your tank and pick a faster car. Now at your own 
    pace go around the island passing the checkpoints as they show 
    up on your map. Now the only way you can fail is to get 
    arrested or die, so try to avoid both.  
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10 
    1.	When you've been briefed a cut scene will occur and you'll end 
    up in a car with two passengers. You must keep this car intact 
    for the duration of the mission, so don't be too careless. Take 
    it across the bridge to the large courtyard in Portland, as 
    marked on the map. 
    2.	When you get there you'll be under orders to kill 10 Diablo's. 
    The game strongly hints that you do a drive-by to kill them, 
    but running them over is easier. Roll up and down the pavements 
    on both sides of the road killing any gang member you can see. 
    Try to avoid hitting the normal pedestrians so you don't upset 
    the police, but your hideout and its Police Bribes are only 
    round the corner should this happen. 
    3.	When you've squished 10 Diablo's, drive all the way back to the 
    spot marked in Staunton Island, making sure you don't wreck the 
    car completely. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    1.	The first car to find is a Yakuza Stinger. Drive to the nearby 
    construction site where you can find at least 2 by the blue 
    fenced area's entrance. This car, like all the cars you need 
    for this mission, must be kept in near perfect condition. Drive 
    carefully therefore to the alley marked on your map. Crawl down 
    the alley to the garage. You need to park it up against the 
    back wall for the garage doors to close. 
    2.	If the worst does happen and you scratch the vehicle, go to the 
    Pay 'N' Spray to have it repaired. There's no time limit, so 
    isn't a big problem. 
    3.	Now go to Portland and back into Diablo territory. Cruise 
    around by the courtyard and you'll spot a black Stallion 
    eventually. Accelerate quickly lest they pull you out the 
    stolen vehicle. Drop this car off just like the last one.  
    4.	Lastly you need a Mafia Sentinel. As the Mafia can destroy any 
    ordinary car in 2 hits, find a tank from the Portland docks. 
    Drive this to old Salvatore's mansion in St. Mark's. 2 
    Sentinel's are parked here so ditch the tank and take one. 
    5.	If you look carefully there's a flat spot on the cliff edge 
    where you can safely drive down onto the beach. You may 
    remember it from the Off-Road mission. Go south along the beach 
    till you come out by the Supa Save. Now deliver the car without 
    a scratch to complete the mission. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 
    1.	You need a Rhino for this mission and you also need space to 
    park in your garage at Staunton Island for it. If you have a 
    vehicle already in that garage then take it with you to 
    Portland, park in the garage at your other hideout there, and 
    grab a Rhino from the docks. 
    2.	Drive it back and park at your Staunton Island hideout. Save 
    the game so that you won't need to get it ever again if you 
    fail. Now drive the tank to the blue light where Courtney 
    briefs you. Before you answer the phone make sure the tank is 
    facing south, towards the park, and the gun turret is pointing 
    behind you, towards the Stadium. 
    3.	As soon as you have been told what to jump in the tank and take 
    off for the open-air car park that's marked on your map. You 
    only have 90 seconds to get there and the tank is very slow, as 
    you know. But if you press fire and shoot at thin air behind 
    you, it propels the tank forwards and gives you much needed 
    speed boost. Keep doing this technique all the way to the car 
    park, but stop shooting if you know there's a police car behind 
    you - there's no time to deal with cops now. 
    4.	There's only one entrance to the car park that's wide enough 
    for the tank, and that's on the north side. You should be able 
    to make it there with at least 10 seconds to spare. Park next 
    to the car with the arrow above it and quickly get into this 
    5.	You'll now see a cut scene and the instant you have control 
    again get out and jump into your Rhino. You're now invincible 
    and no matter how many people attack you it doesn't matter. Now 
    aim your gun turret at the 3 vans in this car park and fire at 
    them. Or run into them if you'd like. When they've all been 
    destroyed and the attackers have been dealt with, you win. 
    NOTE: Keep the tank you just used for the next mission. 
    NOTE: We're now completely finished with Staunton Island. Head to the 
    red phone symbol in Shoreside Vale. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 
    1.	When you get to the phone hop out and speak to your new 
    employer. When you get back into the tank you have 2 minutes to 
    kill 20 gang members wearing purples jackets. Although the game 
    does say 'Uzi' kills, a tank drive by is still just as 
    2.	Because it's impossible to aim accurately kill everyone you 
    see. Keep driving around the block of apartments shooting 
    forward down the pavement. You'll kill many people and some of 
    them will count. Pay extra attention to the corners, as this is 
    where most people regenerate. You don't need to move the turret 
    once. This approach will attract the police but it doesn't 
    3.	Don't stop moving in case anyone tries to pull you out and 
    after you've circled the block a few times you should be nearly 
    finished well ahead of time. 
    NOTE: You can park your tank in your Shoreside Vale hideout believe 
    it or not. It will just about wedge into the garage. 
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10 
    1.	You don't need any preparation for this mission. Speak with D-
    Ice and then follow the map to the car park behind your 
    hideout. Climb in for a mission very similar to the RC Toyz 
    missions, and almost as easy. 
    2.	Thee are 3 Securicar's driving around Shoreside Vale, which you 
    need to destroy. They're marked on the map but you only have 5 
    buggies to spend. Be careful therefore that you don't drive 
    into ordinary traffic, which isn't quite so easy due to the 
    unchangeable viewpoint.   
    3.	There's no time limit so hitting other cars is your only 
    problem. Just relax and take your time. 
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10  
    1.	Take any car and go to see D-Ice. When you've had your orders 
    go back to the car park behind your hideout and take the sports 
    car. It's very fragile so be very careful. Thankfully the 6-
    minute time limit is very generous. 
    2.	You need to get to St. Mark's in Portland. Take the bridge 
    instead of the tunnel, as it's easier to avoid traffic above 
    3.	When you get to St. Mark's the Mafia will ignore you 
    thankfully. There's a garage opposite Salvatore's mansion. 
    Stick the car in there to lose the time limit. 
    4.	Now you need to bring it back without damaging it. The best 
    strategy is to take it all the way to Shoreside Vale smashing 
    it up as much as you like (but keep it drivable obviously). 
    Then get it repaired at the Pay 'N' Spray near the police 
    station. Drive the rest of the short way back to where you 
    found it and exit the car to complete the mission. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10  
    1.	Steal one of the countless Rumpo XL vans that drive around in 
    Wichita Gardens then go and speak to D-Ice. You now 6 minutes 
    to get to Pike Creek and collect at least 30 pieces of cargo 
    that you'll see scattered all over the roads in the area marked 
    by the map. 
    2.	You need the van so you don't lose control over the vehicle. 
    Every time you pick up a piece of cargo it slows down the 
    responses of your vehicle slightly, and in the van this effect 
    is minimised. I recommend you pick up 6 pieces at a time and 
    bring them to garage number 2, which is located on your map. 
    This will require 5 separate trips, but the cargo is so near to 
    the garage it doesn't matter.   
    3.	The police will be alerted whenever you collect 5 pieces of 
    cargo but they forget almost as quickly. Try not to pick up 
    more than 6 pieces at a time as it slows you down to the point 
    where the police could trap you. Get the 30 pieces to complete 
    the mission.  
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10 
    1.	You might need some armour for this mission, but it's unlikely. 
    Speak to D-Ice and then go and take a car to pick up your 
    colleague from your hideout. If you don't already have a 
    baseball bat, now's the time to get one. 
    2.	Drive to the picnic spot to meet the 9 people you have to kill 
    with the bat. They will charge at you the moment they see you 
    but they're very easy to beat. 
    3.	Climb out and start swinging at whomever gets near to you. Try 
    to go for the packs, as it's possible to knock down 4 people 
    with one blow. When they're down keep whacking so they don't 
    get up again. It doesn't matter if your colleague dies. 
    NOTE: That's it. You should've completed 99% of the game by now. 
    Everything on your status screen should be done, except for one 
    single mission... 
    DIFFICULTY: 7/10 
    1.	Firstly you don't need anything but armour, and I advise you 
    save the game. Take any car up the 'C' symbol on your map, 
    which you'll see is coming from the big red mansion in Cedar 
    Grove. Check the house just before you get there and steal the 
    Cheetah from its driveway. Back this Cheetah up to the blue 
    light (facing west) and get out the car. 
    2.	After the cut scene sprint towards the main gate. It will open 
    for you as you get close but you'll probably lose your armour 
    as you wait for it open wide enough for you to squeeze through. 
    It doesn't matter. 
    3.	Jump in your Cheetah and another very brief cut scene will 
    occur. Ignore what the game says and drive back to your hideout 
    as quickly as possible. 
    4.	Pick up all your guns and some fresh armour. Then get back into 
    the car and go back towards the mansion. Follow the road east 
    around and behind the mansion and go back west towards the dam. 
    Stop a distance away from the lower dam road.  As you can see 
    it's guarded. 
    5.	Stop your car far away enough so that they can't see you and 
    use the rocket launcher to destroy the cars. This will take out 
    the men. Now go forward down the lower dam road until you see 
    some trees on your right. Park here and fire another rocket the 
    identical blockade further down the road. 
    6.	Drive forward slightly more then get out and snipe at everyone 
    you can see. Don't miss the guards on the towers, nor the ones 
    right over by the building in the distance. Look out for ones 
    standing on the crates. There is one who you only see the top 
    of his hat, but that is enough to kill him. When you're 
    positive you've shot everyone you can see drive forward slowly 
    and then blow up the green army truck with your rocket launcher 
    before it can move. 
    7.	Now work your way up the road slowly, pausing every so often to 
    check for people to snipe. You will have missed someone 
    inevitably. If you didn't shoot the man whose hat you could see 
    then keep your eyes peeled on the left, because this guy can 
    kill you easily.  
    8.	When you get to the two blue containers stop and destroy the 
    other 2 trucks parked by the building. If you drive forward a 
    short cut scene will occur. Ignore the helicopter and move 
    forward quickly to the cargo containers sitting by the dam 
    wall. Creep as close as you can to the end building and snipe 
    anyone you missed here. Look out for the person by the stairs. 
    Run for the stairs and you'll be protected from the helicopter.  
    9.	Jog up the stairs until just your head is poking over the lip 
    of the roof. Snipe the two guards standing beside Maria. Equip 
    your AK and run towards Maria. There is one more guard behind 
    the chimneystack so lock on and shoot him. Maria will follow 
    you now so run to the free rocket launcher token on the roof. 
    Aim at the approaching helicopter and keep firing at it until 
    you eventually hit it once. 
    NOTE: You can now take the Rhino from the army surplus store in 
    Staunton Island. 
    5A: THE END 
    That's it. You have now mastered Grand Theft Auto III. Well done. I 
    hope you had fun. I'll see you in Vice City! 
    1) Is there any reward for completing the game 100%? 
    No. The only rewards you get are the various weapons, cars, cash and 
    bonuses you will collect during the game. Unfortunately there are no 
    different endings, or cut scenes, and certainly no secret 4th island. 
    2) Do you know about the glitch to make the Vigilante missions 
    Yes, but this was deliberately left out because it is cheating, and 
    this FAQ is designed to show how anybody can complete GTA3 100% using 
    skill alone. 
    3) Are you going to make a Vice City 100% FAQ? 
    Yes, I have already have made one in fact. It was published on 
    GameFaq's in late January. I hope you enjoy using it too.   
    5C: CREDITS: 
    Scott MacDowall 
    Mr Slayer Jenkins/Pulverized2000
    Brian Osborne 
    Chunky Lee
    Mads Caspersen
    Paul Meyer
    Jesus Christ, 
    Rockstar & Rockstar North 
    ...And anybody else who benefits from this FAQ!  

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