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    Bulletproof Car FAQ by KSutton

    Version: Final | Updated: 09/16/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                                       |   |
                                                       |   |
                ------- -------   ------- --- ---   ---    |
               /        |       \/       \   /    \/       |
               |   |    |   |   |    |   |        |        |
               |   |    |       / ---    |    |   |    |   |
               \        |       \/       |    |   |    |   |
                ----    |   |   |    |   |    |   |        |
               |        |   |   |\       |    |   |\       |
                ------- ----|   | ------- ---- ---  -------
                            |    -----               
                             \        |
                           --- ----   |                      ---
                         -|   |---|   ----  -----  ------- -|   |---
                        |         |       \/     \/       |         |
                         -     ---|       |   |   |   ---- -    --- |
                          |    |  |   |   |       |       | |   |   | 
                          |    |  |   |   |   ----|  -----  |   |   | 
                          |       |   |   |   |   |  |      |       |
                           \     /    |   |\     /|  |       \     /
                            -----  -------  -----  --         -----
          -------  ---- ---- -|   |---  ------    -----------------
         /        \    |    |         |/       \  |                |
         |   |    |    |    |-    --- |        |   -    |    |    -
          ---     |    |    | |   |   |    |   |    |   |    |   |
         /        |    |    | |   |   |    |   |    |   |    |   |
        |    |    |    |    | |       |        |   -              -
         \        \         /  \     / \      /   |                |
          --------  --------    -----   ------    -----------------
                          The Bulletproof Vehicle FAQ
                                 FINAL VERSION
                    All artwork and contents by Kyle Sutton
        GAME TITLE: Grand Theft Auto 3
        DEVELOPER: DMA Design Ltd.
        PUBLISHER: Rockstar Games
        ESRB RATING: [M] Mature
                   Written for the Sony Playstation(r)2 console
       September 16, 2002 - Final Version: Content additions to 
                            The Rumor Mill
                          - Minor spelling/grammar corrections       
        September 8, 2002 - Version 2.4: Content additions to 
                            The Rumor Mill
                          - Various additions to "Storing the Bulletproof   
                            Vehicles" section
          August 28, 2002 - Version 2.2: Minor spelling/grammar corrections
                          - Major additions to acquiring the Trashmaster
                          - Content additions to The Rumor Mill
                          - Revamped the "Table of Contents"
          August 23, 2002 - Guide posted at Psxcodez.com
                          - Version 1.9: Replaced "Q & A" section with 
                            "The Rumor Mill"
                          - Added Closing portion to Conclusion section
                          - Corrected error in acquiring the Bobcat
          August 20, 2002 - Guide posted at GameFAQs.com and IGN.com
                          - Version 1.7: Minor spelling/grammar corrections
                          - Added introductory paragraph to "Acquiring the 
                            Bulletproof Vehicles" section
                          - Content additions to acquiring the Barracks OL
                          - Content additions to acquiring the Cheetah
          August 18, 2002 - Version 1.5: New vehicle added, Trashmaster
                          - Major correction to acquiring the Stretch
                          - Content additions to "Acquiring the 
                            Bulletproof Vehicles" section
                          - Corrections to storing the Bobcat and Securicar
          August 12, 2002 - Guide posted at Neoseeker.com
                          - Version 1.1: Fixed alignment problem, 
                          - Added Special Thanks portion to Contact section 
           August 9, 2002 - Rough Draft, Version 1.0 Completed
                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
    * To skip right to a certain section of the guide, use the Find tool 
    (by pressing "Ctrl + F" or choosing "Edit > Find" on your browser) and 
    type in the number next to the section you would like to view.
    1. Introduction
      1.1: Mission Statement
      1.2: A Word of Warning
    2. Acquiring the Bulletproof Vehicles
      2.1: The Securicar
      2.2: The Cheetah
      2.3: The Stretch
      2.4: The Trashmaster
      2.5: The Barracks OL
      2.6: The Bobcat
      2.7: The Patriot
    3. Storing the Bulletproof Vehicles 
      3.1: The Securicar
      3.2: The Cheetah
      3.3: The Stretch
      3.4: The Trashmaster
      3.5: The Barracks OL
      3.6: The Bobcat
      3.7: The Patriot
    4. Conclusion
      4.1: The Rumor Mill
      4.2: Special Thanks
      4.3: Contact
      4.4: Closing
                                1. INTRODUCTION
    This is the final version of the Bulletproof Vehicle FAQ, meaning this 
    guide will no longer be updated. I believe I've covered every aspect in 
    successfully acquiring and storing the seven bulletproof vehicles in 
    the game, and unless an entirely new bulletproof vehicle is discovered 
    (a very rare chance), this guide will remain final. I will still be 
    accepting and responding to e-mails concerning the bulletproof 
    vehicles, however Rumor Mill submissions will no longer to added to 
    this guide. I'd like to thank everyone for supporting me on this guide, 
    and I'm anticipating making another guide once Grand Theft Auto: Vice 
    City hits the shelves. Thank you and enjoy!
    1.1: Mission Statement 
    The sole purpose of this guide is to inform gamers on: 1) How to 
    acquire the bulletproof vehicles. 2) How to properly store the 
    bulletproof vehicles. Any other illegal use of this guide, such as 
    reproduction or plagiarism, is forbidden. The information contained in 
    this guide is all written from personal experience playing Grand Theft 
    Auto III. Please enjoy!
    1.2: A Word of Warning
    YOUR HIDEOUT AND GARAGE! I personally was shocked to have 3 of my 
    bulletproof cars disappear from my garages after saving. It seems that 
    when more than 1 bulletproof vehicle is in a garage, they can vanish if 
    not checked on before saving. As long as you double-check that your 
    bulletproof cars are present in your garage(s) before saving your game, 
    you should be safe from this glitch.
    Also take note that all of the bulletproof vehicles here are from the 
    game's database. This guide does not include bulletproof cars from 
    exterior programs (i.e. SharkPort) that can alter a vehicle's 
    abilities, or make every vehicle everything-proof.
    This portion of the guide is dedicated to explaining the most
    effective methods of obtaining the game's seven bulletproof vehicles. 
    Along with the vehicle name, I've listed in what location you will find 
    it, which mission the bulletproof vehicle can be obtained in, who will 
    give you that mission, as well as the vehicle's special abilities. Make 
    note that the Pay 'n' Spray can be used on these cars for repairs, 
    respraying, or losing your wanting level and your bulletproof cars will 
    not lose their special abilities.          
     * The vehicles listed appear from order of appearance in the game's   
       storyline and missions
    2.1: The Bulletproof Securicar 
    LOCATION: Portland                             BP - BULLETPROOF
    CHARACTER: Joey Leone                          FP - FLAMEPROOF
    MISSION: Van Heist                             
    The 'Van Heist' mission for Joey Leone has you ramming the pay role van 
    (better known as a Securicar) off of the road until the driver bails, 
    and then taking it to a garage in Portland Docks. As Joey even says 
    himself, "Bullets won't even dent the van's armor," telling you that 
    this baby is bulletproof, as well as flameproof, and a one-of-a-kind 
    Securicar. Here's how to get it:
    Once you accept the 'Van Heist' mission and Joey gives you the low-
    down, go steal yourself a medium to large sized vehicle. A van of any 
    kind worked well enough for me. Now, locate the Securicar on your 
    radar. Once you find it, floor your car and ram it. You may get one or 
    two stars from doing so, but even so, avoid the police cars and carry 
    on with damaging the pay role van. You'll notice the Securicar has a 
    Damage Meter, so continue to ram the van until the meter fills entirely 
    and the driver(s) exit the vehicle. Now, the subtitle will tell you to 
    take the Securicar over to a garage in Portland Docks, but instead, 
    bring it over to your hideout. As soon as you arrive there, back the 
    Securicar into your garage and exit the vehicle. Now in order to end 
    the mission, you're going to have to destroy the Securicar. Use either 
    Grenades or the Blow Up All Cars Cheat (L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, 
    Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1) to destroy the van. Once 
    you do so, you'll be told "Mission Failed". Now that the mission is 
    over, walk to your garage, allow the door to open, and you'll find a 
    new and repaired Bulletproof Securicar waiting for you!
    2.2: The Bulletproof Cheetah 
    LOCATION: Portland                             BP - BULLETPROOF
    CHARACTER: El Burro                            FP - FIREPROOF
    MISSION: Turismo                               EP - EXPLOSION PROOF
    In El Burro's mission 'Turismo', the objective is to get a fast car and 
    to race against three other Diablo members all around Portland, 
    collecting checkpoints and finishing in first place in order to pass. 
    But as you may notice, the three other cars you are racing against are 
    all Cheetahs, and believe it or not, they're all bulletproof, 
    fireproof, and explosions proof as well. The Cheetah, in my opinion, is 
    one of the best bulletproof cars you can get. Unfortunately, the doors 
    to these vehicles are locked, so it's going to take some fancywork to 
    acquire them and get them safely to your Portland hideout. Obtain the 
    Bulletproof Cheetah as soon as possible to avoid attack from the Triads 
    or the Mafia. Here's how it's done:
    The easiest and best way to obtain a Bulletproof Cheetah is with the 
    use of a Rhino tank. First, accept the 'Turismo' mission, but instead 
    of finding a fast car, get yourself a Rhino. To do so, either head down 
    to the Portland Docks and receive your Rhino from the crane (ONLY if 
    you have completed the Emergency Vehicle Crane in Portland and the 
    vehicle icons appear), or, enter in the Free Tank Cheat in order to 
    receive your Rhino (Circle x6, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle). 
    Now that you have a tank, head down to where the Cheetahs are lined up, 
    but don't enter the starting circle. Instead, make your way around them 
    until you are facing the opposite direction, and start from there. Once 
    the race begins, haul ass all the way back to your hideout (the easiest 
    way is by taking the alley with the Police Bride, then simply following 
    that road until you get to the turn leading to your hideout) 
    Now, make sure your garage is empty, and then line up your Rhino so 
    that it is blocking the one-way street right outside your hideout. When 
    the race clock reaches about 100, you'll notice the 3 Cheetahs will 
    come flying down the wrong way of the one-way street you are blocking. 
    The easiest way to keep an eye on these Cheetahs is to use the L2 
    button to get a side camera view (that is, if the nose of your Rhino is 
    facing the hideout, otherwise use R2). Make certain that one of the 
    Cheetahs rams into your Rhino and goes flying into your hideout. If the 
    Cheetah gets flipped over and stays that way, you're in luck, but if 
    not, depending on where the Cheetah heads next is random. Sometimes the 
    Cheetah will head toward your garage, but most of the time, it will 
    make its way onto the ramp that your weapons appear on and attempt to 
    accelerate against your hideout wall. If that's the case, make certain 
    you to maneuver the Cheetah off of the ramp before taking the next 
    Next, run over the Cheetah so that it explodes from under the treads of 
    your Rhino. Now that the Cheetah is no longer in movement, move the 
    black remainder of the car into your hideout by any means possible, 
    using your Rhino. The easiest way is to have the Cheetah on its back 
    and have it lined up so it is vertical to your garage. When pushing the 
    Cheetah into your garage, make note of two things: 1) Be sure the 
    Cheetah is always in your view. If it goes out of your camera view, 
    even for a few seconds, it will disappear. 2) When pushing the Cheetah 
    into your garage, do not back away from it until it is fully in your 
    garage. If the door closes and half of your Cheetah (the black excess) 
    is pushing out the door, it will disappear and you will have to enter 
    the 'Turismo' mission once again. If you'd like to play it safe, 
    continue pushing the Bulletproof Cheetah to the back of your garage 
    until you receive a message stating, "You cannot store anymore cars in 
    this garage." An even better way may be to park another car against 
    your hideout's near wall before entering the mission, so that you can 
    use a this car to push the Cheetah into your hideout (a medium-sized 
    vehicle should do fine). Once you have finally pushed the destroyed 
    Cheetah into your garage, back away from the garage and allow the door 
    to close. Once it is shut, exit your vehicle and open the garage. Tada! 
    A brand spankin'-new indestructible Cheetah will be there, fully 
    repaired and in the flesh. 
    Here is another effective way to obtain a Bulletproof Cheetah using the 
    roadblock idea. First, stand outside of your Portland hideout and enter 
    the Free Tank Cheat (Circle x6, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle) 
    four times. Now, take one of these Rhinos and park it inside of your 
    hideout, against the nearest wall so that the nose is facing your 
    garage. Next, get into another tank, and align it outside of your 
    hideout so that the nose is touching the right wall. Align the other 
    two tanks behind this one so that they are stretching diagonally across 
    the road, creating a roadblock leading into your hideout. It should 
    look like this (make note, this roadblock is only covering 1 lane):
                                           |             |GARAGE ||
                                           |              ------- | 
                                           |                      |
                                           |                      |
                                           \       HIDEOUT        |
                                            \             ______  |
                                             \           /      \ |
                                              \          |Tank 1| |
                                               \         |      | |
                                                |        -------  |
                                                |        /--------- 
                                                |        |
    ____________________________________________|    ____|___  ____________
                                                    /       /
                                                   / Tank 2/
                                                  /       /
                                                /       /
                                               / Tank 3/
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - /       /- - - - - - - - - -  
                                            /       /
                                           / Tank 4/
                                          /       /
    _____________________________________ --------_________________________
    *Not drawn to scale
    Once you've created your Rhino roadblock, accept El Burro's 'Turismo' 
    mission, grab a normal car, and head down to the starting circle. Don't 
    worry about your tanks, they aren't going anywhere. As soon as you 
    enter the blue circle and the race begins, turn around and head back to 
    your hideout. When you get there, go inside of your hideout and enter 
    the Rhino you have parked against the near wall (Tank 1). Once the race 
    clock reaches 100, the three Bulletproof Cheetahs should come flying 
    down the wrong lane. Since your roadblock is covering the whole lane, 
    all three Cheetahs should smash into your tanks and come sprawling into 
    your hideout! Run over the three Bulletproof Cheetahs with your Rhino, 
    then pick any of the three destroyed Cheetahs, and push one into your 
    garage. Allow the garage door to close safely, then exit your Rhino and 
    let the door re-open. You should be greeted with a Bulletproof Cheetah, 
    repaired and ready to go! Since the race is still going on, hop into 
    your new ride and make your way to the first checkpoint. Since all of 
    the other racers have been destroyed, take your time and cruise through 
    the checkpoints safely. Even if the Triads and Mafia are blasting away 
    at you, don't sweat it. It's a BULLETPROOF Cheetah, remember? As soon 
    as you pass through the last checkpoint in pink, you should receive a 
    "Mission Passed" notice, $10,000 for passing the mission, and the 
    Bulletproof Cheetah you're driving for keeps! Congratulations.
    NOTE: To get rid of the Rhino tanks, simply have them in your sights 
    and enter the Blow Up All Cars Cheat (L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, Triangle, 
    Square, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1).
    After entering the 'Turismo' mission, acquire either a Rhino or any 
    other large, powerful vehicle (Coach, Firetruck, Barracks OL, etc). 
    When you arrive near to the other racers, don't enter the blue circle. 
    Instead, position your facing against them and a safe distance away so 
    you'll be able to accelerate fast enough. Once you are ready, 
    accelerate as fast as you can and ram into the front of any one of the 
    three Bulletproof Cheetahs (if you are using a Rhino, the Cheetah will 
    explode). Hopefully, the Bulletproof Cheetah you charged into will flip 
    over after sprawling backwards. Keep an eye on the flipped Cheetah and 
    wait until the race ends and you receive a "Mission Failed" notice. 
    Whether or not you're using a Rhino, you must now push the flipped or 
    destroyed Cheetah back to your hideout, (using the same route back to 
    your hideout as stated in the Primary Method). Be certain the Cheetah 
    doesn't leave your sight as you push it along the street, or it will 
    disappear. The disadvantages to using this method are, first, the long 
    distance between where the race begins and your hideout. But secondly, 
    depending on when you accept the 'Turismo' mission, the Triads will 
    bombard you while in Chinatown and attempt to throw you from your 
    vehicle and attack you. If they do so, you will likely lose sight of 
    the Bulletproof Cheetah and it will vanish. Attempt this method only if 
    you feel comfortable pushing the Cheetah a long distance.
    2.3: The Bulletproof Stretch
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                   DP - DAMAGEPROOF
    LOCATION: Portland                             BP - BULLETPROOF
    CHARACTER: Toni Cipriani                       FP - FIREPROOF
    MISSION: Salvatore's Called A Meeting          EP - EXPLOSION PROOF
    Getting a hold of the Bulletproof Stretch requires the use of a lot of 
    cheats and is a bit complicated to pull off. In Toni Cipriani's mission 
    'Salavatore's Called A Meeting', you're suppose to pick up all of the 
    key Mafia men you have worked for (Luigi, Joey, Toni) and take them all 
    over to the Don's place, Salvatore Leone. The Bulletproof Stretch, in 
    my opinion, is the best of the bulletproof cars, and getting a hold of 
    it is possible. Here's how:
    Head over to Toni's place and accept the 'Salvatore's Called A Meeting' 
    mission. His instructions say to go over to Joey's Garage and pick both 
    Joey and the limousine up, then pick up Luigi from his club, come back 
    to Toni's to get him, and then to take everyone over to Salvatore's. 
    Right off the bat, head over to Joey's place. You'll notice a blue 
    circle in front of his garage where you're suppose to get Joey. DO NOT 
    enter the blue circle. The Bulletproof Stretch is sitting inside the 
    garage, but if you enter the circle, Joey will enter the vehicle as 
    well. Instead, park the car you're driving against the garage on the 
    left. Exit your vehicle, and enter the Speed Up Game Cheat (Triangle, 
    Up, Right, Down, Square, L1, L2) twice. Now, in order to enter the 
    garage, you're going to have to squeeze yourself between the garage 
    you're parked up against and your car. It takes a bit of practice, but 
    once you get through, you'll be wandering inside of Joey's garage. Get 
    to the Stretch parked inside, and then go into reverse. You'll go 
    through the back wall, flip backwards twice through a strange blue 
    setting, but then land cleanly on the road behind Joey's garage (hey, 
    free Insane Stunt Bonus!)
    Now that you have the Bulletproof Stretch, you're going to have to take 
    it over to a garage. Since the Stretch will not fit in your Portland 
    garage, you'll need to get over to Staunton Island and park it in your 
    garage located there. Drive to the Callahan Bridge, and when you arrive 
    there, enter the Great Handling/Jump Cars Cheat (R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, 
    R1, R1, Triangle). Gain some speed and by pressing the left analog 
    stick (L3), hop right over the orange barriers blocking the right lane 
    to get onto the Callahan Bridge (If you don't feel confident in jumping 
    the barriers, maneuver your way between them and the sides of the 
    bridge). Next, you're going to have to enter two codes. The Slow Down 
    Game Cheat (Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R1, R2) twice in order 
    to set the game back to normal speed, and, the Flying Cars Cheat 
    (Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1) in order to fly over the 
    broken Callahan Bridge to get to Staunton Island. Now, back your 
    Stretch up to the orange barriers, and make sure you're in the center 
    of the right lane. Next, accelerate your Stretch as fast as it can go. 
    Right before you come to the gap, press the L3 button to jump the 
    Stretch. As soon as you lift into the air, hold down the Up and X 
    buttons. If the timing's right, your Stretch should easily soar onto 
    the other side of the bridge, into Staunton Island. 
    Now that you've entered Staunton Island, you'll need to get to your 
    hideout there. Most newcomers won't know where that is, and since your 
    hideout's not labeled on the map (you're in the middle of a mission, 
    remember?), I'll give you some basic directions. Once you get off the 
    Callahan Bridge, take your second right. You'll pass by a park on your 
    left, but keep following this road. You will notice on your map a small 
    alleyway that breaks off the road. That's your hideout on the left. 
    Once you enter it, park the car into the garage. Since the mission's 
    still going on, you're going to have to destroy the Bulletproof Stretch 
    in order to end it. Using the Blow Up All Cars Cheat (L2, R2, L1, R1, 
    L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1), destroy the 
    Stretch parked in your garage. You'll receive a "Mission Failed" 
    indication, but once the door closes on that black carcass of a Stretch 
    in your garage, open it once again. Waiting will be your brand-new 
    Bulletproof Stretch. It is bulletproof, flameproof, and explosion 
    proof, and DAMAGEPROOF. This vehicle can take no physical ramming 
    damage whatsoever! The only few ways you can destroy the Bulletproof 
    Stretch is by running it over with a tank, or using the Blow Up All 
    Cars Cheat. In other words, you are pretty much indestructible on the 
    streets of Liberty City!
    STRETCH. If you enter the blue circle and have Joey enter the Stretch 
    along with you, it will no longer have special abilities, and will 
    simply become a normal Stretch. I personally had to correct myself on 
    having an alternative method. Also, the Stretch you use on Salvatore 
    Leone's 'Chaperone' mission is normal as well, meaning that it is 
    vulnerable to bullets, flames, and explosions!
    2.4: The Bulletproof Trashmaster
    LOCATION: Portland                             BP - BULLETPROOF
    CHARACTER: Toni Cipriani                       FP - FLAMEPROOF
    MISSION: Blow Fish                             
    You are given the opportunity to obtain the Bulletproof Trashmaster 
    from Toni Cipriani's last mission, 'Blow Fish.' Your mission is to pick 
    up the 'dustcart' from 8-Ball's garage that's rigged with a bomb 
    (compliments of 8-Ball), take it over to the Triads' fish factory, park 
    it between the factory's gas canisters, and arm the bomb. Doing so will 
    destroy the fish factory, but even though Toni insists this will 
    "finish the Triads in Liberty once and for all," they still highly 
    populate the Chinatown streets. Either way, the Trashmaster you are 
    suppose to be taking to the fish factory is both bulletproof and 
    flameproof, so if you want it for keeps, you're going to have to take 
    it over to Staunton Island. Thanks to a few loyal readers of this 
    guide, I have used some submitted tips to come up with an easy and 
    effective way to acquire the Bulletproof Trashmaster. Here's what to 
    Once you've made it to Mama's restaurant, Tony Cipriani will assign you 
    his last mission, 'Blow Fish.' As soon as he gives you your objective, 
    drive down to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop. You'll notice the Trashmaster is 
    parked in the yard, so exit your vehicle and make your way towards it. 
    Before entering the vehicle, though, you'll need to enter the Flying 
    Cars Cheat (Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1) and the Great 
    Handling/Jump Cars Cheat (R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle).
    As soon as both cheats have been activated, enter the Trashmaster. Both 
    a Damage Meter and a timer will appear on your screen, letting you know 
    that this dustcart is rigged to blow. To avoid the risk of explosion 
    and get rid of the time limit, you'll first need to deactivate the bomb 
    and timer. Therefore, once you enter the Bulletproof Trashmaster, turn 
    it around and drive down the tramp tunnel (where a hidden package and a 
    few bums with Molotovs reside). Drive at full speed through this tunnel 
    until you come out the other side, behind the Supa Save. Take a left 
    and squeeze through the small gap until the Portland Beach comes into 
    view. Now, in order to deactivate the bomb, you'll need to drive onto 
    the beach and into the water, deep enough to kill the bomb, but shallow 
    enough so that you'll be able to back out of the water. Make your way 
    slowly down the steep sand dunes leading into the water, and drive into 
    the ocean. Once the Trashmaster is far enough into the water, three 
    things should occur. A "Mission Failed" notice will pop up, the Damage 
    Meter will be gone, and the timer will be off your screen as well. 
    Don't wait too long, though, because you'll notice your health is 
    dropping while you're in the ocean. Back out of the water until the 
    Trashmaster is fully on dry sand. The bomb has been deactivated and the 
    first objective of obtaining this Bulletproof Trashmaster has been 
    Now, drive back towards the Supa Save and squeeze between the wall and 
    the side of the building until you are in the parking lot (this is 
    where you go for the 'Patriot Playground' mission). If your Trashmaster 
    is pretty banged up, head over to the Pay 'N' Spray in the Red Light 
    District to repair your vehicle. If not, your next destination remains 
    the same, because next, you'll need to drive over to the Callahan 
    Bridge. Once you get there, gain a bit of speed and drive onto the 
    grassy area in-between the bridge. Tap the L3 button and the 
    Trashmaster should hop right onto the bridge and into the left lane. 
    Now that you're on the Callahan Bridge, hold down the X button and 
    don't let go. As the gap in the bridge comes into view, don't switch 
    lanes, don't jump the Trashmaster, don't do anything but hold down the 
    X button! Once you reach the gap, drive right off the edge. Your 
    Trashmaster should soar between two broken girders on the other side, 
    and go right underneath the bridge. Now, don't panic. Even though 
    you're heading straight for the water, continue to hold the X button 
    until the "Welcome to Staunton Island" screen appears. While this 
    screen is present, hold the Up button as well. Once it goes back to the 
    game, your Trashmaster should suddenly soar high in the air and fly 
    high enough to land in Staunton Island next to a few trailers. 
    Sometimes the Trashmaster won't make it this high, and sometimes it 
    won't even soar out of the water, but this method is much more 
    effective then trying to jump the bridge, so just try again until you 
    get it. 
    Now that you've landed safely, make your way to the right, between the 
    trailers and barriers, until you are out onto the road (this is right 
    near Asuka's Condo). Since the mission is over, your hideout should be 
    labeled on the map, so simply cruise on over to your Staunton Island 
    hideout. Once you arrive there, park the Trashmaster into your garage. 
    Finally, you've obtained a Bulletproof Trashmaster that withstands both 
    bullets and fire. Your Trashmaster should be fine in your Staunton 
    Island garage, so once you complete all of the required missions in 
    Portland, drive over the repaired Callahan Bridge and the Bulletproof 
    Trashmaster should be waiting in your Staunton Island garage. Enjoy!
    After Toni Cipriani assigns you the 'Blow Fish' mission, drive over to 
    8-Ball's place and make your way over to the Trashmaster parked in the 
    yard. Next, enter the Great Handling/Jump Cars Cheat (R1, L1, R2, L1, 
    Left, R1, R1, Triangle) before getting into the Trashmaster. Once this 
    cheat has been activated, enter the Trashmaster. You'll notice a timer 
    will begin counting down the bomb's detonation time from two minutes 
    and thirty seconds - just one of the many obstacles in pulling this 
    off. You'll also notice a Damage Meter present on your screen. One too 
    many bumps with this sucker and you'll be up in flames. Now, follow the 
    dirt road out of 8-Ball's and take a left once you pull out. You'll be 
    following this road for a while, so hold down on that X button and 
    don't let go. Try your best to avoid contact with other cars to keep 
    your Damage Meter at little or none. If you can, pass by other cars 
    ahead of you, or you can also use L3 to jump over cars that are stalled 
    or in an accident. Once you've driven a ways down this road, you'll 
    notice the train tracks passing over ahead. Take a right here onto the 
    road in which El Train Tracks are passing over. Then make a quick left 
    where you'll soon be passing by the police station and hospital. Follow 
    this road as it curves right, and then at the light, take a left. Your 
    clock should be at about a minute and a half. Now, you'll notice the 
    Callahan Bridge ahead of you on your right. Once you get close enough, 
    make a wide turn, passing over the left lane, so that you are now 
    facing the blocked entrance of the Callahan Bridge. Now, ease up on the 
    gas and make your way towards the bridge. Once you're a small distance 
    from the orange barriers, tap the L3 button to make the Trashmaster 
    hop. If you're lucky, you should pass over the orange barriers and 
    right under the green sign. If you end up hitting the sign and falling 
    back, though, back up and attempt to jump the barriers once again 
    (hopefully you didn't take much damage). Alternatively, you can drive 
    onto the grassy area between the bridge and simply hop into the left 
    lane (which may be easier if you're cramped for time). As soon as you 
    make it onto the bridge, put the pedal to the metal and accelerate to 
    the Trashmaster's max (which isn't much). Hopefully you're under 
    halfway on your Damage Meter, yet most will have little or no damage if 
    you drive careful enough. 
    Continue hauling until you notice the middle of the bridge flattens out 
    and you can drive onto the metal platform. Now, align yourself on the 
    middle of the bridge and exit the Trashmaster. This next part may be 
    tricky. Stand right outside of your vehicle, and then press Triangle to 
    re-enter it once again. Now, as you are opening the door, HOLD DOWN the 
    X button and begin entering the Flying Cars Cheat (Right, R2, Circle, 
    R1, L2, Down, L1, R1). Be sure to enter at least the first three 
    buttons of the combination before you have fully entered the 
    Trashmaster, because as you may notice, pressing Circle inside a rigged 
    vehicle will arm the bomb. Now, since you are still holding X, the 
    vehicle will begin accelerating again. As you're driving on the bridge, 
    enter the rest of the code, up to L1. Do not enter the last button, R1, 
    yet! Continue driving until you notice the gap in the bridge. During 
    this time, the only buttons you should be pressing is the X button 
    (which you are holding down) and the left analog stick to control your 
    driving, NOTHING ELSE! Do not brake, do not change the radio station, 
    nothing! If you do press another button, you won't be able to complete 
    the code combination and the code will become invalid.
    Now, this is the extremely difficult part. Right before you hit the gap 
    in the bridge, press the last button of the Flying Cars Cheat, R1. Once 
    the Cheat Activated icon appears on your screen, you're going to have 
    to hammer on the L3 button and jump the Trashmaster. As soon as you get 
    into the air,  hold back on the Down button using either the left 
    analog stick or joypad. If you have the rarest of all luck, you will 
    just be able to land the nose of the Trashmaster onto the road part of 
    the other side of the bridge, above the broken girders. Now, hold down 
    your accelerate button until you make your way entirely onto the 
    bridge. You'll probably be receiving the "Welcome to Staunton Island" 
    message by now. Next, you're going to have to race against the clock to 
    make it to your Staunton Island hideout. Take your second right off of 
    the bridge, and follow this road until you notice the alley braking off 
    to the left on your radar map (this is your hideout). Drive into your 
    hideout, park the Trashmaster inside your garage, and get the hell out 
    of there. Once it explodes, let the garage door open and close on the 
    black remainder of the Trashmaster. Now, open it once more and the 
    Bulletproof Trashmaster should be waiting for you. I bow down to anyone 
    who has made it this far.
    Depending on the time it takes you to do this, you will either barely 
    make it to your garage in time, have time to spare, or maybe not even 
    reach your hideout before the timer hits 0. If that's the case and 
    you're still on the road in Staunton Island, get out of the Trashmaster 
    before it blows. Once it explodes and you fail the mission, you're 
    going to have to push the black remainder to your hideout using either 
    another car or 'the guy' himself. As with other bulletproof cars, don't 
    let the destroyed Trashmaster off your screen or it'll disappear. Once 
    you reach your hideout, push the exploded Trashmaster into your garage 
    and allow the door to close. Once it reopens, a repaired Bulletproof 
    Trashmaster (as well as flameproof) should be waiting for you.
    2.5: The Bulletproof Barracks OL
    LOCATION: Staunton Island                      BP - BULLETPROOF
    CHARACTER: Ray Machowski                       
    MISSION: Arms Shortage       
    The Barracks OL, a giant, raggedy truck used for the Army, is the first 
    of three bulletproof vehicles available in Staunton Island. When you 
    get to Ray Machowski's 'Arms Shortage' mission, you'll be told to help 
    one of Ray's war buddies (Phil) fight off a bunch of Colombian's at his 
    secured weapons shop. The mission is a bit tough, but acquiring the 
    Bulletproof Barracks OL is simple - it's parked right there! Although 
    the Bulletproof Barracks OL is a giant truck and may seem 
    indestructible, it is only protected against bullets. Be aware, this is 
    the ONLY time the Barracks OL will be bulletproof. So if you return to 
    Phil's place any time other than during the 'Arms Shortage' mission, 
    the Barracks OL there will be normal, and will not have any special 
    capabilities. Get it? Now here's what to do:
    Go over to Ray Machoski's bathroom stall "hideout" and accept the 'Arms 
    Shortage' mission. Once the cutscene is through and you know your 
    mission, drive over to Phil's place and enter through the gates. Once 
    you're out of your vehicle and you've talked to Phil, equip yourself 
    with his weapons (rocket launcher recommended) and eliminate all of the 
    oncoming Colombians and Cartel Cruisers. Once you've done so, you'll 
    get a talk from Phil, access to his weapons shop now, and your cash 
    reward from Ray for passing. Now that the mission is over, look towards 
    the entrance gate and you'll notice the parked Bulletproof Barracks OL. 
    That's the one! Now, simply enter the vehicle, take it over to your 
    Staunton Island garage, and enjoy. 
    2.6: The Bulletproof Bobcat
    LOCATION: Staunton Island                      BP - BULLETPROOF
    CHARACTER: Ray Machowski                       FP - FIREPROOF
    MISSION: Evidence Dash                         EP - EXPLOSION PROOF
    Acquiring the Bulletproof Bobcat is arguably the most difficult of all 
    bulletproof vehicles. It is found in yet another mission from Ray 
    Machowski, this one being 'Evidence Dash.' This mission has you ramming 
    a vehicle with evidence (the Bobcat) and collecting each piece of 
    evidence as it falls from the truck (six in all). Once you've collected 
    all six pieces of evidence, you are to leave them in your vehicle and 
    torch it. With a little cleverness, though, the mission's Bulletproof 
    Bobcat can be yours. Here's how to do it:
    Once you've gone to Ray's place and received the 'Evidence Dash' 
    mission, get yourself a Rhino tank. You can head back to the Emergency 
    Vehicle Crane in Portland (if you've completed it, that is) to get a 
    Rhino, but the easiest solution would be to use the Free Tank Cheat 
    (Circle x6, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle). Now that you have 
    a Rhino, track down the Bobcat (the moving blip on your radar). Try to 
    stay in a reasonable distance from your hideout, to avoid the trip back 
    pushing the Bobcat. Once the Bobcat (the evidence vehicle) comes into 
    your sights, ram it with your Rhino to destroy the Bulletproof Bobcat. 
    This is the best part: you will pass the mission, the cops will be off 
    your tail, and the exploded Bobcat will be waiting there for you. Now, 
    hopefully you're not far from you hideout, because now, your going to 
    have to push the black carcass of the Bobcat back to your garage. The 
    exploded Bulletproof Bobcat can be moved fairly easily using the Rhino, 
    just make sure to keep it in your sights to avoid the threat of it 
    disappearing. Once you make it to your hideout, position the Bobcat in 
    front of your garage, and from there, simply push it in (if you have 
    other bulletproof vehicles in your Staunton garage, refer to the Bobcat 
    portion of the "Storing the Bulletproof Vehicles" section). Let the 
    door close, and reopen it once again to find your new Bulletproof 
    Bobcat. It is bulletproof, flameproof, explosion proof, and can even 
    take blasts from the rocket launching without getting a scratch!
    Accept the 'Evidence Dash' mission from Ray Machowski. Once it begins, 
    find yourself a large and bulky truck, such as a Barracks OL, Flatbed, 
    or Firetruck. Once you've done so, track down the Bobcat through the 
    blip on your radar. As soon as you get on his tail, go full speed and 
    ram the Bobcat (if you're far from your hideout, follow the Bobcat a 
    bit until he's closer to your hideaway). You'll get two Stars and the 
    cops on your tail, but still try to ignore the evidence that pops out. 
    If you're lucky, the Bobcat will flip over, and you'll likely get a 
    message saying this Bobcat is a decoy. Ignore it, because this baby is 
    still bulletproof. Next, you're going to have to push the flipped 
    Bobcat back to you hideout. It should move easily enough with the large 
    truck you're using, but the police cars coming after you might be a 
    problem. If they're really getting in your way, try using the Lower 
    Wanted Level Cheat (R2, R2, L1, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down). Even 
    though the Bulletproof Bobcat is not destroyed, it can still disappear 
    if out of your view for too long, so don't make that mistake. Once 
    you've pushed the Bobcat back to your hideout, simply get it back into 
    your garage and let the door shut. Reopen it and your Bulletproof 
    Bobcat will be rightside-up and in perfect condition (if it took some 
    damage while being pushed). The mission will still be going on, so you 
    can now track down the "real" Bobcat on the road and collect the 
    evidence through ramming. 
    2.7: The Bulletproof Patriot
    LOCATION: Staunton Island                      BP - BULLETPROOF
    CHARACTER: Ray Machowski                       
    MISSION: Marked Man                            
    Acquiring the Bulletproof Patriot requires no fancywork at all. It is 
    actually given to you by Ray Machowski along with a bunch of handy 
    weapons. In the mission 'Marked Man', Ray reveals he is a wanted man 
    and needs to get out of Staunton Island and to his flight at Francis 
    International Airport in Shoreside Vale. Once you get him there, he 
    gives you the keys to a lockup containing the Bulletproof Patriot. 
    Here's what to do:
    There is a simple and easy method to get through the 'Marked Man' 
    mission, that is, if you have another bulletproof on you. Before the 
    mission starts, head to your garage (Staunton Island or Portland, 
    wherever you have another bulletproof car) and retrieve your 
    bulletproof ride (Cheetah recommended). Now head over to the bathroom 
    stalls and accept the 'Marked Man' mission from Ray. Once he's done 
    talking, enter your bulletproof vehicle (which hopefully you parked 
    nearby) and let Ray get in as well. Now the next part is simple. Cruise 
    right over the Staunton/Shoreside Bridge to get to the airport. The 
    bridge will be loaded with FBI agents firing M16's, but seeing as your 
    vehicle is bulletproof, you're in no danger, Once you reach Francis 
    International Airport, Ray gives you the key to a lockup in Staunton 
    Island. Head over to the lockup (it's near the Callahan Bridge), and 
    voila! A Bulletproof Patriot (and ONLY bulletproof) will be parked 
    there, along with a few nifty weapons loaded with ammo. Easy, huh?
    In case you don't have any other bulletproof vehicles to use in the 
    'Marked Man' mission, the easiest way to get Ray to Shoreside Vale is 
    using the underground tunnel. 
    Once you get a hold of the bulletproof vehicles, you're going to need 
    an effective and safe way to store them as you progress in the game. 
    This section of the guide is dedicated to show you where to stash your 
    vehicles during certain parts of the game, step-by-step. 
    WARNING: While the Callahan Bridge is being repaired, only the 
    underground tunnel entrance to Portland will be blocked off. This means 
    if you fly over the broken bridge to Staunton Island, you have access 
    to Shoreside Vale right away through the underground tunnel. But be 
    aware! Once the repairs to the Callahan Bridge are complete, the 
    underground tunnel entrance to Shoreside Vale WILL be blocked off. Make 
    note of these changes throughout the game while you are acquiring and 
    storing your bulletproof vehicles!
    3.1: The Bulletproof Securicar 
    The Securicar is the first of the seven bulletproof vehicles you'll 
    find throughout the game. When you've acquired it from Joey Leone's 
    'Van Heist' mission, your best bet is to take the Securicar right over 
    to your Shoreside Vale garage. Once you decide to attempt to acquire 
    the Bulletproof Cheetah, you'll need the Portland garage for space. 
    Knowing this, take your Bulletproof Securicar over to the closed 
    Callahan Bridge. When you arrive at the orange barriers, enter both the 
    Flying Cars Cheat (Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1) and the 
    Great Handling/Jump Cars Cheat (R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, 
    Triangle). Hop over the barriers using the L3 button, and speed across 
    the bridge. As is starts to slope down towards the gap, jump the 
    Securicar using L3 and hold the Up button. The vehicle should easily 
    enough soar over to the other side. Now that you've made it to Staunton 
    ...you'll want to pass through here and bring your Securicar to your 
    garage in Shoreside Vale. You may be wondering, "Why not park the 
    Securicar in the spacious Staunton Island garage?" Well, you'll be 
    needing all the room you can get in the Staunton Island garage for the 
    three largest bulletproof vehicles (the Securicar isn't one of them), 
    and at one point, you'll have to cram four cars in there at once (see 
    section for storing the Bulletproof Bobcat). Therefore, drive your 
    Bulletproof Securicar over to the underground tunnel entrance in 
    Rockford (not far from the stadium). For now, you will have access to 
    Shoreside Vale via this tunnel, so cruise through here, following the 
    signs, until... 
    ...you reach Shoreside Vale (don't take the Francis International Airport 
    exit for now). Once you're back above ground, follow the radar to get 
    to your hideout. You'll notice that your new garage has two opening 
    doors and can fit three cars comfortably inside (five max, if you're 
    lucky). Bring your Bulletproof Securicar over to the Shoreside Vale 
    garage where you can store it there for the remainder of the game. The 
    Staunton Island garage is best meant for the larger and longer 
    bulletproof vehicles you'll acquire (by this, I mean the Stretch, 
    Barracks OL, and Trashmaster).
    3.2. The Bulletproof Cheetah 
    After acquiring the Bulletproof Cheetah from El Burro's 'Turismo' 
    mission, take the easiest method and use the Portland garage to store 
    your Cheetah for the rest of the game. It's easier, more efficient, and 
    since your Portland hideout has a one-car garage, your Bulletproof 
    Cheetah will remain extremely safe here.
    Even though the Callahan Bridge will be repaired now and you'll have 
    full access to Staunton Island and your new hideout, leave the 
    Bulletproof Cheetah in your Portland garage. You'll be acquiring three 
    new bulletproof vehicles in Staunton Island, and you'll need all the 
    room in that garage you can get. Now, you can have your Bulletproof 
    Cheetah's storing spot be at the Portland garage for the remainder of 
    the game (recommended), or...
    ...once you make it to Shoreside Vale in the game, you can bring the 
    Bulletproof Cheetah over to your new Shoreside garage that can 
    "legally" fit three cars. It's up to you. I personally recommend 
    leaving your Cheetah in the Portland garage, simply because since the 
    Cheetah is arguably one of the best bulletproof cars, you won't have 
    any glitching trouble with it being in a one-car garage. 
    3.3: The Bulletproof Stretch
    As stated in the "Acquiring the Bulletproof Cars" section, the Stretch 
    has to be brought over to your Staunton Island garage right after you 
    get it from Joey's place. It won't fit in your Portland garage, 
    therefore it has no use being there.
    This is where your Bulletproof Stretch should be stored from now on. 
    The Staunton Island garage is spacious and has just one large garage 
    door, and is the best kept place for the Bulletproof Stretch and two 
    other bulletproof trucks you'll acquire later on (the Bulletproof 
    Barracks OL and Trashmaster).
    Once again, even if after you've made it far enough in the game to 
    access Shoreside Vale, your Bulletproof Stretch is best kept at the 
    Staunton Island garage. The Shoreside Vale garage is really meant for 
    the smaller to medium sized bulletproof vehicles.  
    3.4: The Bulletproof Trashmaster
    No way, no how you're going to fit this monster into your Portland 
    This is where the Trashmaster should be brought to as soon as you 
    acquire it from the 'Blow Fish' mission, and this is where it should 
    stay for the rest of the game. The primary reason being, this is the 
    only garage that the Bulletproof Trashmaster can fit into. It's going 
    to be a tight squeeze with the Bulletproof Stretch and Barracks OL, but 
    if you truly want to collect all of the bulletproof vehicles, you can 
    take the risk and make it fit. 
    NOTE: The three vehicles in your Staunton Island garage will be very 
    vulnerable to disappear at this point, so keep a close eye on them!
    Once again, the only place for the Trashmaster is in your Staunton 
    Island garage.
    3.5: The Bulletproof Barracks OL
    No use here. You won't acquire the Bulletproof Barracks OL until you've 
    reached Staunton Island, and it also will not fit in your Portland 
    As with the Bulletproof Stretch and Trashmaster, your Staunton Island 
    garage is where you'll keep the Bulletproof Barracks OL as soon as you 
    get it, and is where you should store it from now on. You'll be parked 
    along side the Bulletproof Stretch and Trashmaster, and for most of the 
    game (there is one exception: refer to the Bulletproof Bobcat portion), 
    those will be three bulletproof cars stored there.
    Play it safe and leave the Bulletproof Barracks OL back in Staunton 
    Island. You'll be needing the Shoreside Vale garage for three of your 
    smaller bulletproof cars. 
    3.6: The Bulletproof Bobcat 
    You'll be acquiring the Bulletproof Bobcat in Staunton Island, so don't 
    bother with the Portland garage.
    This is probably the toughest storing method you'll have to go through 
    in the game. Now, once you've accepted the 'Evidence Dash' mission and 
    have gotten a hold of the Bulletproof Bobcat, with whichever truck you 
    are using to push the Bobcat (Rhino recommended), get the Bobcat to 
    your Staunton Island hideout. Position it in front of and almost right 
    up against your garage (the door won't open). Now this next part is 
    tricky. The "legal" limit for cars in your Staunton Island garage is 
    two (you're already over your limit), so if you are in a vehicle and 
    attempting to park it in your garage, the garage door won't open. So 
    next, park the Rhino away from your garage and exit it, keeping the 
    Bobcat in your sight, and walk close enough towards your garage until 
    the door opens. Now, as quickly as you can, enter any one of the three 
    vehicles in your garage and back it out of your garage. Keeping the 
    destroyed Bobcat in your sights, align the vehicle you're in so that it 
    is behind the Bobcat and in position to push it into the garage. 
    Accelerate your vehicle and push the destroyed Bobcat into a vacant 
    spot in your garage. Once it's in, go into reverse and allow the door 
    to close. Next, exit the vehicle and allow your garage door to reopen 
    The Bulletproof Bobcat should be repaired and squeezed in with the 
    other two bulletproof vehicles in your hideout.
    Now, this will be tough. Until repairs on the Staunton/Shoreside Bridge 
    are complete, (once you complete Donald Love's 'A Drop In The Ocean') 
    you're going to have to store four cars in your Staunton Island garage: 
    the Bulletproof Bobcat, Trashmaster, Barracks OL, and Stretch. It may 
    seem impossible, but it CAN BE DONE. Below I have provided an overhead 
    diagram of how to most effectively arrange and store these four 
    vehicles inside your Staunton Island garage:
               ||-------------|                 |
               ||             |                 |
               ||   Bobcat    |                 | 
               ||             |                 |
               | -------------       ---------- |
               |  --------  ------- |          ||
               | |        ||       ||          ||
               | |        ||       ||          ||
               | |        ||       ||          ||
               | | Trash- ||       ||          ||
               | | master ||Stretch|| Barracks ||
               | |        ||       ||    OL    ||
               | |        ||       ||          ||
               | |        ||       ||          ||
               | |        ||       ||          ||
               | |        ||       ||          ||
               | |        ||       ||          ||
               | --------- --------- ---------- |
    *Not drawn to scale
    As soon as the Staunton/Shoreside Bridge is open, though, take the 
    Bulletproof Bobcat out of this overcrowded garage and drive it over to 
    Shoreside Vale.
    If you desperately want to take the Bulletproof Bobcat A.S.A.P., there 
    is another way. Once you've successfully acquired the Bulletproof 
    Bobcat, drive it over to the Staunton Island subway in Bedford Point 
    (there's also a subway entrance near Liberty Campus, opposite the 
    construction site). Once you get there, drive down the stairs until you 
    reach the subway tracks. Now, approach the tracks in your Bulletproof 
    Bobcat, take a right, and drive down the right side of the tracks. 
    You'll be going for a while, but as you can notice on your radar, 
    you'll be leaving Staunton Island. Eventually you will enter Shoreside 
    Vale, and once you get to the Francis International Airport, you'll be 
    able to exit off of the tracks at the waiting station. Drive up a 
    series of steps until you arrive above ground. You're finally in 
    Shoreside Vale! Your hideout will be labeled on the radar, so simply 
    drive across the Cochrane Dam until you've reached it. Park your 
    Bulletproof Bobcat in your Shoreside Vale garage and let the doors 
    close. For those who would be extremely worried about having four 
    vehicle in your Staunton Island garage at once (even though you 
    shouldn't be), this may be the easier method for you.
    If your Bulletproof Bobcat has been in your Staunton Island garage up 
    until now (meaning that you didn't use the easy storing method listed 
    above), drive it over to your Shoreside Vale hideout in Wichita 
    Gardens. Get to your garage where your Bulletproof Securicar should be 
    waiting, and park the Bulletproof Bobcat along side it. If you've made 
    it through all of this, congratulations - this is the toughest portion 
    of storing your bulletproof vehicles. 
    3.7: The Bulletproof Patriot
    You won't get the Bulletproof Patriot until you're well into Staunton 
    Island, so don't bother with the Portland garage.
    As stated earlier in the guide, you receive the Bulletproof Patriot as 
    a gift from Ray Machowski after completing his last mission. Do NOT go 
    through with the 'Marked Man' mission until you've worked long enough 
    for Donald Love to get access to Shoreside Vale. Now, once you complete 
    the task of 'Marked Man' and have received the Bulletproof Patriot from 
    Ray's lockup...
    ...cruise it on over to your Shoreside Vale garage where your Bulletproof 
    Bobcat and Securicar should (hopefully) be waiting. By now, you'll have 
    access to all three islands, and should have all of the bulletproof 
    vehicles acquired and parked safe and sound.
    STATUS CHECKUP: Let us check up on all of your bulletproof vehicles and 
    where they should be stored (this only applies if you've gone by the 
    recommended directions).
    The Bulletproof Cheetah
    The Bulletproof Stretch
    The Bulletproof Barracks OL
    The Bulletproof Trashmaster
    The Bulletproof Securicar
    The Bulletproof Bobcat
    The Bulletproof Patriot
    * Remember to check up on your Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale 
      garages before saving your game, and be sure all of the cars are  
      there. This is for your own good, and will likely avoid a 
      disappearing vehicle glitch.
                                 4. CONCLUSION
    4.1: The Rumor Mill
    The Rumor Mill is intended to confirm, deny, or expose any rumors going 
    around about the bulletproof vehicles. This includes rumors of other 
    bulletproof cars existing in the game, other missions where you can 
    obtain one of the seven bulletproof cars, as well as any other talk of 
    bulletproof vehicles and their existence.
    These are the bulletproof cars that are rumored to be around, but DO 
    NOT EXIST. Provided as well as the missions that they come from: 
    The Bulletproof BF Injection
    LOCATION: Portland, in Hepburn Heights                   
    CHARACTER: N/A                        
    Once you make it to Staunton Island, the BF Injection appears during 
    certain hours of the night in the Hepburn Heights lot where El Burro's 
    phone is (also where you pick up Misty in Luigi's mission 'Drive Misty 
    for Me'). Although it looks sharp, this vehicle is NOT bulletproof! It 
    is one of the cars required in the Shoreside Vale Import/Export garage, 
    and I'm confident that any vehicle that needs to be delivered there 
    would not have special abilities.
    The Bulletproof Black Rumpo
    LOCATION: Staunton Island                   
    CHARACTER: Asuka Kasen
    MISSION: Under Surveillance
    This is the Asuka mission where you must take out the spying Mafia men 
    around Staunton Island. As you may notice, one of your targets is a 
    black Rumpo van full of Mafia members. You may think that because this 
    is the only black Rumpo in the game that it may be bulletproof, but 
    it's not! The van takes normal damage, and despite its originality, 
    bullets, fire, explosions, etc can destroy it. If you still want a one-
    of-a-kind black Rumpo, though, feel free to go toe to toe with the 
    heavily armed Mafia men and then steal the van for yourself after 
    killing them off.
    The Bulletproof Mafia Sentinel
    LOCATION: Portland, in Red Light District           
    CHARACTER: Asuka Kasen               
    MISSION: Sayonara Salavtore
    Though one may think that the Mafia Sentinels used to drive Salvatore 
    Leone in this mission would be bulletproof (only the best for the Don), 
    think again. These Mafia Sentinels are NOT bulletproof, and are no 
    different from the Mafia cars found all around St. Marks.
    The Bulletproof Mr. Whoopie
    LOCATION: Portland                   
    CHARACTER: El Burro                        
    MISSION: I Scream, You Scream
    It is rumored that the Mr. Whoopie ice cream truck that you must 
    carjack in this mission is actually bulletproof. Although this would be 
    a nifty addition to the bulletproof vehicle list, the ice cream truck 
    in this mission is NOT bulletproof. It is like any other Mr. Whoopie 
    that would cruise around the city streets.
    The Bulletproof Panlantic Van
    LOCATION: Shoreside Vale                   
    CHARACTER: Donald Love                        
    MISSION: Grand Theft Aero
    Once you accept this mission and make your way to Francis International 
    Airport, you'll know notice two Panlantic vans located in front of a 
    hanger, one parked and the other driving in circles. It is rumored that 
    the Panlantic van in motion is bulletproof, and as it pulls out of the 
    airport you can carjack it and take it for your own. While you can 
    steal this vehicle for yourself, it is NOT bulletproof. The Panlantic 
    van may be a rare vehicle, but it doesn't have any special abilities to 
    protect it from attack.
    The Bulletproof Sentinel
    LOCATION: Portland                     
    CHARACTER: Joey Leone                          
    MISSION: Dead Skunk In the Trunk
    In this mission, you're instructed to take a car that's "stuffed with a 
    stiff" over to the crusher in Harwood. Once you reach this bloody 
    vehicle at the cafe, though, you'll notice that the Forelli brothers in 
    two Sentinels will come after you. The Sentinels they are driving are 
    NOT bulletproof, flameproof, or explosion proof, yet they ARE 
    damageproof. These Sentinels will take no exterior damage through 
    ramming. If you want one for yourself, destroy the car with the corpse, 
    and jack the Sentinel as it tries to pull out of the cafe parking lot.
    LOCARION: Shoreside Vale
    CHARACTER: Asuka Kasen
    MISSION: Bait
    All three of the Cartel death squads drive Sentinels in this mission. 
    These cars are NOT bulletproof, flameproof, nor explosion, but they are 
    damageproof. These vehicles will not take any exterior damage through 
    ramming, but in every other way they are like all other Sentinels. 
    Since they are not bulletproof, though, I won't be adding these 
    damageproof-only Sentinels to the bulk of this FAQ.
    These are the missions where it is rumored you can acquire one of the 
    seven bulletproof vehicles if you missed them before. Of course, they 
    are not true! Here are the listed ones:
    'Bling-Bling Scramble'
    LOCATION: Staunton Island                 
    CHARACTER: King Courtney                      
    VEHICLES: The Bobcat, Cheetah, and Patriot
    This is the first mission for Yardie leader King Courtney that involves 
    you racing around the Liberty streets against other racers, collecting 
    checkpoints along the way. As you may notice though, the other cars you 
    race against include a Patriot, a Cheetah, and a Bobcat -- three 
    vehicles that are available with bulletproof abilities. Tough luck, 
    though, because they are nothing like the 'Turismo' racers. These 
    vehicles ARE NOT bulletproof! Once the race begins, if you hunt down 
    one of the other racers and attempt to test their vehicle using an Uzi, 
    you'll notice they can withstand it. Step out of the car and blast them 
    with a Shotgun, though, and they will be up in flames. So even though 
    it would be a nice coincidence if the vehicles racing against you in 
    this mission were bulletproof, they are NOT.
    'Escort Service'
    LOCATION: Shoreside Vale                  
    CHARACTER: Donald Love                       
    VEHICLE: The Securicar
    In this mission, you must escort a Securicar containing Donald Love's 
    "package" all the way to a garage in Pike Creek. Along the way, Cartel 
    Cruisers and Colombians themselves will be trying to take this 
    Securicar out. It may seem reasonable for the Securicar from this 
    mission to be bulletproof, but it is NOT. Don't bother trying to 
    carjack this normal Securicar, either, because the doors will not open.
    LOCATION: Shoreside Vale                  
    CHARACTER: Donald Love                       
    VEHICLE: The Securicar
    Yet another Donald Love mission, this one has you driving a Securicar 
    yourself and acting as a decoy for police (hence the mission name). 
    Once again, this Securicar is not bulletproof! The only way you can get 
    yourself a Bulletproof Securicar is from Joey Leone's 'Van Heist' 
    mission, no exceptions.
    4.2: Special Thanks
    This is the credits section, and is dedicated to those who helped in 
    either posting or editing this guide. I would like to thank:
    - Rockstar Games and DMA Designs for making such an amazing game.
    - Travis Boyer from VGNation.com for sending me this game.
    - IGN.com, greatly, for posting my guide at faqs.ign.com.
    - CJayC from GameFAQs.com for making an exception and posting my guide.
    - Neoseeker.com for posting my guide on their site.
    - Christian Wirth of Psxcodez.com for posting my guide.
    - James Hoenstine for informing me about the Bulletproof Trashmaster, 
      as well as how to acquire it.
    - Matt Conley for informing me on another method for acquiring the      
      Bulletproof Cheetah.
    - John for sending me a great new method for obtaining the Bulletproof 
    - "PS2isnumber1" for informing me on how to deactivate the Trashmaster
      bomb . 
    - Tom Lawlor for informing me on a Bulletproof Mr. Whoopie rumor.
    - John Boender for sending me the Bulletproof Mafia Sentinel and 
      Bulletproof Panlantic Van rumors.
    - John Susanm for informing me that you can reach Shoreside Vale early 
      via the subway entrance. 
    - Karl de Rose for pointing out the Bulletproof Black Rumpo rumor.
    - Stephen Moo-Young for submitting information about the 'Dead Skunk in   
      the Trunk' Sentinels.
    4.3: Contact
    Questions? Comments? Suggestions? If you have any of the above or me, 
    let me know. Here are a few ways you can reach me.
    Kyle Sutton
    E-mail: sportz_kidd@hotmail.com
       AIM: insomniac2587
    4.4: Closing
    Thank you for reading the Bulletproof Vehicle FAQ. I hope my guide has 
    helped you acquire and store those tricky vehicles, as well as answer 
    any questions you had about them. Please feel free to print this guide 
    or revisit it again whenever necessary. Thank you and happy gaming!
    This guide can be found on the following sites:
             IGN.com FAQs - http://faqs.ign.com
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    Playstation Cheat.net - http://www.psxcodez.com
             All content of the Bulletproof Vehicle FAQ by Kyle Sutton. 
                                 Copyright (c) 2002

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