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    Purple Nines Glitch FAQ by gtafreak420

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    Grand Theft Auto III
    Purple Nines Glitch FAQ
    By gtafreak420
    I.   Introduction
    II.  Important Information for New Players (Spoiler-Free)
    III. The Purple Nines Glitch
           1. Who exactly are the Purple Nines?
           2. What exactly is the Purple Nines glitch?
           3. Who can be affected by the glitch, and how does 
    it occur?
           4. What can I do if I already have the glitch?
           5. Is there any way to see if I have the glitch 
    early in the game?
    IV.  Conclusion
    I. Introduction
    I was one of the first people to start complaining of the 
    Nines in my game to be missing back when this game first 
    came out. I haven't played in awhile, but upon reading 
    about GTA3 again I see a lot of people have been plagued by 
    the same glitch that cursed me to playing through the game 
    two extra times. This is my attempt to make their lives 
    easier. This is geared both towards the beginning player 
    and the experienced player, and fully explains the glitch 
    as far as I have been able to understand it, and how to 
    avoid it or deal with it if you already have it. This is 
    based mostly on my own experiences, as well as some of the 
    posts by dozens of users on Gamefaqs who have had this 
    problem. If you have any new information for the FAQ or 
    find any of the information to be in error please email me 
    at smallfuzzygreenthing@yahoo.fr.
    For the purposes of this FAQ, a save "file" means an 
    individual game saved into one of the 8 slots within the 
    pause menu of GTA3. A save "block" means the entire entry 
    for GTA3 on your memory card, accessible through the 
    browser menu of your PS2.
    Right off the bat, if you are a new player and haven't got 
    a GTA3 block on your card yet, start a new game, finish the 
    initial mission ("Luigi's Girls") and save your game to 
    slot 8. This file should be a clean new game now, with the 
    Nines intact. Do not ever save over top of it. If you ever 
    want to start a new game, load this file instead of 
    choosing "New Game" from the pause menu. This will prevent 
    you from getting the Purple Nines glitch at any point. 
    Enjoy the game.
    If you really want to make sure that the Purple Nines 
    glitch has not affected your block, explicit instructions 
    will be provided near the end of this FAQ that will allow 
    even completely novice players to verify this.
    1. Who exactly are the Purple Nines?
    Essentially, there are two separate gangs in the Witchita 
    Gardens area of Shoreside Vale; the Nines and the Red 
    Jacks. Both wear a hockey jersey-style shirt with black 
    shoulders, a white stripe, and then a solid colour - red 
    for Red Jacks, purple for Nines. There is some confusion to 
    newer players about this, since on the map provided with 
    the game this territory is marked "Southside Hoods". Both 
    the Nines and the Jacks make up the Hoods together, and 
    although at war, will for some reason come to each other's 
    aid when attacked. Both also drive the same vehicle.
    2. What exactly is the Purple Nines glitch?
    The Purple Nines are missing from the game, and instead, 
    only Red Jacks can be found on the street. This makes the 
    initial D-Ice mission, "Uzi Money", impossible to do, since 
    it involves cruising the streets and gunning down Nines. 
    This makes it impossible to get any further telephone 
    missions from D-Ice and get 100% completion in the game.
    3. Who can be affected by the glitch, and how does it 
    This glitch only seems to affect people who have completed 
    the telephone missions for D-Ice of the Red Jacks at some 
    point, and then saved the game. Some people have claimed to 
    suffer from the glitch without completing the D-Ice 
    missions, but I'm not sure if their information is 
    Essentially, once successfully completing the final D-Ice 
    mission, the Jacks have won the turf war and the Nines are 
    no longer to be found on the streets any further during the 
    game. This is when the glitch occurs; once you have saved 
    after completing this mission, selecting "New Game" from 
    the pause menu will create a new game in which the Nines 
    are already exterminated. However, any existing save files 
    from before the final D-Ice mission was completed will 
    still have the Nines. This is why creating the save file of 
    a fresh game in slot 8 when you first create the GTA3 save 
    block and starting new games by loading it avoids the 
    4. What can I do if I already have the glitch?
    There is absolutely no way to get the Purple Nines back in 
    your current game, unfortunately. You might be able to 
    create a new game within the same save block that does have 
    the Nines in it, but information is unreliable on this. The 
    only sure-fire way to get rid of the glitch that I know of 
    is to delete the GTA3 save block off of the card and start 
    right from scratch again, making sure to save that slot 8 
    file for starting future new games.
    Some people have reported successfully starting a new game 
    with the Nines present by removing their memory card 
    entirely, resetting the machine and starting a new game. 
    When it gets to the point that you can save, re-insert your 
    memory card and save your game to your existing save block. 
    This new game MIGHT have the Nines in it, but some people 
    have reported it not working. You can immediately verify it 
    with the below instructions.
    5. Is there any way to see if I have the glitch early in 
    the game?
    Yes, there is. It's far too frustrating (and believe me, 
    since I went through it) to play all the way until you 
    unlock Shoreside Vale only to discover that you can never 
    complete all of the missions or get 100% - and it's worth 
    noting that D-Ice's missions are some of the most fun in 
    the game.
    These step-by-step instructions will get you to the proper 
    area to verify if the Nines are present even if you're very 
    new at the game.
    First and foremost, load the file that you want to verify 
    off the card. You need to use cheat codes to verify if the 
    Nines are there, so if you're worried about corrupting your 
    file, feel free to remove your memory card at this point. 
    You won't need to save after you verify that the Nines are 
    there anyway.
    Pick up a half-decent car at least. A taxi is perfect, as 
    it's relatively easy to control, even for newbies. You can 
    find your own way to the Callahan Bridge (the bridge which 
    gets blown up during the opening sequence when you escape), 
    which will be barricaded with orange barriers preventing 
    you from driving across it now.
    Back up so that your back is to the buildings behind you 
    and you are directly facing the orange barriers. Enter the 
    "Good Handling" cheat code (R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, 
    Triangle). You should see "Cheat Activated" appear on your 
    screen. Get back in your car since entering the code will 
    make you step out, and gun it straight at the orange 
    barriers. Just before you get to them, press the L3 button 
    (the stick). Your car should hop over the orange barriers - 
    if you didn't make it, just back up and try a couple more 
    times, it's not hard.
    Now enter the "Car Can Fly" cheat code (Right, R2, Circle, 
    R1, L2, Down, L1, R1). You should see the "Cheat Activated" 
    message again if it worked. Back up so you're facing 
    straight ahead on the bridge, with the barriers behind you. 
    Punch on the accelerator. The car might get a little 
    unstable as it starts to lift off, but just try to keep it 
    pointed straight. When you get to the point where the 
    bridge is broken, haul back (towards you) on your control 
    stick and coast across the gap. You can try pressing L3 as 
    you reach the edge as well to get a hop, but usually you'll 
    leave the ground too soon. If you miss, you'll die in the 
    water. Just try again, it's not as hard as it sounds.
    Once you land on the other side and see the "Welcome to 
    Staunton Island" sign, stop and take the "Car Can Fly" 
    cheat off by entering it again. It's too difficult to drive 
    on the streets with it turned on. You can leave the 
    handling cheat on if you like, or enter it again to turn it 
    off as well.
    Now, for those of you who know where you're going, the 
    tunnel to Shoreside Vale will not be blocked yet and you 
    can head over and verify. If you don't know where you're 
    going, these directions will get you straight to Witchita 
    Drive down the bridge, and take the first right-hand turn 
    you can when you get off of it. Follow this road (it will 
    make a slight turn to the left) past a construction site 
    (don't stop for long, there's a gang here who hates you) 
    until it ends at a T-intersection. Turn to the left. Follow 
    this road until it stops at a T-intersection as well, and 
    turn right. Turn right again at the next T-intersection 
    onto the road that follows the cliffs. Your next right-hand 
    turn should be the entrance to the tunnel - don't speed 
    past it, it sneaks up on you.
    Take the tunnel down to the T-intersection and turn left. 
    There won't be any other cars in the tunnel with you yet, 
    as it technically isn't supposed to be active. Follow the 
    tunnel all the way to the end - you'll pass a turn-off to 
    the left which leads to the airport, at which point there 
    will be traffic in the tunnel. Drive carefully, it can be 
    very tricky to navigate the tunnel with other cars.
    Once you exit the tunnel, turn left. Follow this road as it 
    curves around the shore. You'll pass a road to your left 
    eventually, and then the next left turn should be a bridge 
    that slopes gently upwards. The area around the base of 
    this bridge, and the area at the top of it are Hoods 
    territory. You should see dark-skinned guys wearing both 
    red shirts and purple shirts. If you don't see any purple 
    shirts, only red shirts, you have the glitch.
    At this point, you can just reset and load your game again. 
    If you have the glitch and you tried the above technique of 
    starting without your memory card in, it's not working for 
    you, and you'll have to delete your save block.
    I hope this saves at least a few people out there from the 
    hassles I had to go through, and helps everyone understand 
    just how this glitch occurs and how to avoid it. Thanks go 
    to gamefaqs.com and all the message board posters who have 
    talked about this frustrating bug and helped us all 
    understand it. Happy hunting!
    This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2002 by gtafreak420. All rights 
    reserved. Any re-use, transmission, duplication or 
    distribution without the express written permission of the 
    author is prohibited.

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