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                          GRAND THEFT AUTO 3 CAR DATABASE
    Well,it was always going to happen wasn't it.Since I got GTA3 at Christmas I've
    been itching to write a guide for it,and here it is.
     This game is,arguably,now just about at the top of my 'best games ever'
    ladder.It's just so...BIG!Liberty City has all the elements of a real
    metropolis;it's huge,it's full of people,cars,trains,buses and even
    aircraft,but most of all places.It has a full realistic road system,with 2
    cross island bridges and the large 'Porter Tunnel' underground network.It
    is,from the first time I played it up to right now,just like cruising round a
    real city,and it is jam packed full of things to do and find.If you're reading
    this guide,you no doubt probably already know there are 3
    islands;Portland(mostly Industrial),Staunton Island(mostly Commercial),and
    Shoreside Vale(mostly Residential).Not all three are available straight
    away,and you'll have to work through the missions to progress onto first
    Portland,then Shoreside.Now,there are already many guides on GTA3,but I really
    want to make mine the best,and as my other guides so far have been for GT2 and
    GT3,as I write,this is to become a database of one of the most important and
    interesting aspects of the game;cars.There are dozens of different cars teeming
    through Liberty's streets,some as common as,well,a Taxi,and many much rarer
    ones,some of which you'll never see being driven by anyone else at all.So this
    is a list,review and info guide to all the Cars in Liberty,how, when and where
    to get hold of them,as well as loads of additional info.That is as I write;I am
    tempted to write a guide or include within this one,help on some of the
    trickier missions,but maybe when I've beaten the remaining D-Ice phone
    Before I start....
    Grand Theft Auto 3 is developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar
    Games,2001.This guide is written by me,Craig Halfpenny,and is the property of
    MY EXPRESS PERMISSION blah blah blah...
    If you have any info,ideas,or questions about the guide or the game,email me at
    Version History
    7/2/02(7th February)Ver 1.0-Wrote intros and info for first three cars.
    8/2/02(8th February)Ver 1.1-Split guide up into sections,and have now compiled
    9 cars.In the game itself I have beaten all the main missions,and I only have
    D-Ice's phone missions,the 4x4 challenges and the unique jumps among others to
    complete.I'm 70% done and among a few cars in my garage I have my precious FBI
    Car and hard fought Bulletproof Cheetah.
    9/2/02(9th February)Ver 1.2-Added Ambulance,Barracks OL and FBI Car to EV
    Section,added Boats/Aircraft Section and completed Taxi section.Have now beaten
    all Phone missions on the game after finishing with D-Ice.
    13/2/02(13th February)Ver 1.3-Finished Boats/Aircraft section for now,and added
    loads to the other sections.With a bit more work on the main section,this
    should soon be ready to submit.In the game I finally beat the 'Ride in the
    Park' mission,and my total completion is now 76%,with all main and phone
    missions done,both I-E garages done,6 unique jumps complete and Multistory
    Mayhem also done.I'm about to start a second save so I can not only enjoy
    playing through the missions again,but so that I can get hold of some of the
    rarer cars I've heard about and put them in the guide.
    18/2/02(18th February),Ver 1.4-Still making steady progress,I've finished the
    Gang Cars section,and started my second game save.It's the first day of
    half-term now though,so I should get much more done this week.
    20/2/02(20th February),Ver 1.5-I've now made sithing progress thorugh my second
    save,as I beat Bomb da Base at the first attempt,and made it to Staunton in 18
    game days.Now there,I'm already half way through Ray's missions and I've picked
    up the easy BP Barracks OL,and the not so easy BP Bobcat.
    4/3/02(4th March),Ver 1.55-First update for a while;blame Lotus Challenge,Le
    Mans 24hr,and Resident Evil:CV for that.I still plan to submit the guide
    soon,but it has taken a bit longer than I thought to get it to a reasonable
    level of completion.
    11/3/02(11th March),Ver 1.6-Bit by bit updates,car colours now greatly expanded
    and more machines added.On the game,my first save is now 89% done,with 85
    packages,12 jumps and 72/73 missions done.As a side note,today is exactly six
    months on from Sept 11th,and it's felt a bit surreal in that sense...
    9/7/02(9th July),Ver 1.7-I assure you I have not been neglecting this guide,but
    progress has been-and still is-slow thanks to a memory problem on Notepad.I
    will finally publish what has been a big update now.In game terms I have taken
    my original save to 94% with the completion of 'Gripped' and all 73
    Missions(with 373 attempts).On a personal note,I'm off on holiday a week on
    Wednesday,and after that the School year is over!6 Weeks of doing whatever the
    hell I want!Whew...
    5/7/02(5th August),Ver 1.75-I returned from holiday the other day,and I've made
    a couple of small updates before I finally send this to GameFAQ's.I'm now at
    97% on my main save.
    Cars in Liberty City
    Now,although GTA3 is mainly about crime,you don't always have to run around on
    killing sprees,or perform missions.Infact.Liberty City is so big,it is an
    experience in itself,and great fun at any time to just stop and cruise around
    the city,seeing the sights.There are also loads of other criminal and
    non-criminal things you can take part in,from collecting checkpoints in a time
    limit in certain vehicles,or pulling unique insane stunts,to moonlighting as a
    Taxi driver or Paramedic.
    Below is the car list,containing name,colours(most often seen and rarer
    ones),ratings and of course a description.Cars will be listed in sections and
    then alphabetical order,and rarer ones marked with these-
    Exclusive-Means this car can only be found parked;you won't see anyone else in
    Liberty driving one of these
    Needed for I/E Garage(Portland/Shoreside Vale)-Means the car is on the list of
    required vehicles for the Import-Export garage on one of the islands,meaning
    you'll need to deliver this model if you want the whole set.
    Rarer Cars or those that appear in only one or two places will have a 'Found'
    box above them.
    Ratings are out of 5,and are the opinion of me.A low rating dosen't necessarily
    mean a car is really bad,or I really don't like it,just that it isn't really a
    UPDATE-Someone on the GameFAQ's GTA3 board recently discovered that if you put
    two different cars in a garage,for example a Manana and a Cheetah,then blow
    them up before letting the garage door close,fixing them,their stats become
    merged,thus the Manana gains great speed,which is bizzare,and could sort of
    mess up my ratings below,but is still pretty cool.
    1.General Cars
    3.Emergency Vehicles
    4.Gang Cars
    6.Exclusives/Rare Machines
    7.Cool Stuff to do in Liberty
    General Cars
    These drive around various parts of Liberty,and make up most of the game's
    vehicles.They range from sports cars to bin trucks,and are driven by,for want
    of a better word,the games' 'civilians'.
    Found-In the more affluent areas of the second and third islands,and parked
    inside Easy Credit Autos in Portland.
    Blistering acceleration and some of the best speed in the game are the big plus
    points to this small curvy open convertable,available from the very start of
    the game if you know where to look.It's pretty distinctive,and has a large
    white stripe up the middle,in all of it's numerous colours.Acceleration is
    incredible,top speed is a slight dissapointment,but still amazing compared to
    most.Only the Stinger,Infernus,Cheetah and BF Injection can keep up with this
    Colours-Light Blue,Red,Green among others,all with a White stripe up the
    Required for I-E-Shoreside Vale
    An Espace style people carrier,at first glance this looks pretty average,but
    once you're inside,you'll find you have one of the sportiest machines in the
    game at your disposal.It is actually a a rear wheel drive,and has great
    acceleration,and nifty speed,but perhaps it's greatest attribute is it's
    handling.Using the handbrake,this machine becomes a brilliant 'drifting' tool
    for taking corners(when the car drifts through the first part of the
    corner,often sideways,but then accelerates away when the traction kicks
    in),which is great fun.They are found only on Staunton and Shoreside,and come
    in plenty of colours.
    Colours-Most often a cool Orange or Blue,there's also Red,Burgundy and Goldish
    Required for I-E-Portland
    An open-backed pick up truck,this is found all over the game and is pretty
    average to drive.It is however,great for getting on the back of if you want a
    lift through rival gang terrotory,as you can stand on the back and take out as
    many as you want like something from a movie!It also has great suspension and
    handles off road terriotory with the best of them.Oh,and there's a BP version
    that's almost bombproof...
    Found-Along the North Side of Staunton Island
    An old style fifties or sixties bus,these are actually quite hard to find and
    not as common as you'd think.They don't unfortunately pick up passengers,and
    there's no vigilante mode for them,but whether that's a loss to you or not it's
    still a pretty cool looking thing to see powering past.
    Colours-Light BLue,Light Red,Bague
    Required for I-E-Portland
    Found-Almost exclusively on Staunton and Shoreside,lots appear around the
    airport and affluent districts like the commercial and residential areas.
    A small,sleek low sports car,which looks like a Ferrari or TommyKaira ZZII,it
    is one of the fastest cars in the game and a great excitment when you first see
    one.Also comes in a rare Bullet Proof version(see BP Cars section for more
    Extra Features-Comes in BP version.
    Colours-Loads;mostly red and blue,but black and green versions,among others,
    can be found.
    Required for I-E-Shoreside Vale
    What do you expect?It's a coach,and it's very heavy,so it's pace was never
    going to set the World alight.Lack of a 'Bus driver mode' will render this
    pretty useless in terms of the game,but as a touch of added realism it's pretty
    good I guess.It dosen't show up often,but can be found at the Bus depot near
    Joey's in Portland,and comes in several colours and advertising schemes.
    Colours-Red,Blue,Silver,Bague,and loads of others,all with different ads on the
    Required for I-E-Portland
    Like the obscure 'European Language' created by scientists in the '20's with
    which it shares it's the name,many would say the Esperanto is best forgotten
    about.In some aspects,it is one of the poorest cars available,acceleration is
    below average,and it's heavy tailfinned average US car looks aren't much to
    shout about,but it absolutely excels with it's terrible braking.At any kind of
    speed it takes several hours to get the Esperanto back to zero.However,I had a
    change of heart when I saw it's speed and handling,speed is at least above
    average,and handling at when you are hurtling towards a tight corner is
    actually very smooth.
    Colours-Silver,Cream,Red,Orange,Light Blue,Light Green,Dark Green
    One of only a few select vehicles in the game which are really great all
    round,the Infernus is the even less common than the Cheetah,and easily up there
    with it on Speed.With a generally more streamlined shape,and rear spoiler it
    looks like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari F50.Stunningly fast and cool,but in a
    controlled manner,the Infernus is the supercar with a touch of class...
    GTA3's answer to the average family car,an American manufacturer style 4 door,5
    seater,this is one of the cars you'll encounter most commonly in the game.It's
    no sports car,but it's not bad in any particular area,and is very effective
    when you want to blend in to the city,as opposed to driving a tank down the
    coast...It has quite a distinctive rear,an certainly dosen't look too bad.A
    decent all rounder,it's the car you'll begin the game with.
    Found-All over Staunton and Shoreside Vale.
    Based on the Land Rover-hence the name-this is what the Americans would call
    and SUV.A big 4WD off roader,you'll nevertheless see plenty cruising Liberty's
    inner city streets and suburbs.It's actually not a dull heavy thing,and can
    actually pull a decent turn of speed.It's another good all-rounder,with
    particularly good handling.As a note,this is NOT the Maibatsu Monstrosity;it is
    not in the game.The radio adverts,etc,were just a spoof of how much Americans
    rely on oversized vehicles like this one.
    Colours-Orange,Deep Red,Black,Dark Blue,Light Blue,Bague-Gold
    Found-Greasy Joe's Cafe and at the Docks in Portland,as well as occasionally
    roaming the city.
    A large truck cab,you'd have to be pretty oblivious to Liberty not to notice
    one of these.They never appear actually attatched to a Truck,but they're heavy
    and bulky enough as it is.If you're looking to smash another car up,this might
    be the ticket,but that's about all it's useful for.They don't show up too
    often,but you can find them parked at a couple of points through the city.
    A classy high performance saloon,this is the equivalent of a Mercedes
    AMG;smooth,cool,fast,but with bags of style.The Mafia version may be
    stunning,but the Sentinel itself is still a fantastic car.Smooth
    acceleration,smooth handling,smooth braking,one word;smooth...
    They don't come much better than this.The Stinger is a two-seater with
    incredible speed,unshakable handling and undeniable cool.The smooth,aerodynamic
    chassis reminds me of the Dodge Concept car from Gran Turismo 1 and 2 with it's
    sleek style,and it comes in 3 variants:Hard Top,Soft Top,and Open Top.
    I would make a joke about this being a load of rubbish,but I'm not going to
    bother.This is the Bin Truck of Liberty City,pure and simple,and is nothing you
    wouldn't expect from a big,heavy,cumbersome machine like that.It is however
    pretty rare,but they seem to show up in groups-doing the rounds?-,so if you
    miss one there's probably another one around the corner.I don't think there are
    actually any bin men in them,and don't even think about a Vigilante Mode...
    Required for I-E Portland
    You can't walk along any street in Liberty without seeing some sort of cab,the
    place is teeming with them,and the standard Ford-style taxi is the most common
    thing in the game.Use them as either cars in their own right,or try your hand
    as a cabbie in Taxi driver mode in any of the three models.
    Found-Outside Bornine Taxis in Harwood,Portland after 100 Taxi missions.
    Description-An old style cab,identical to the game's 'second' Taxi,the Cabbie
    except for it's burgandy colour and slightly improved performance.Becomes
    available after 100 taxi missions are completed,it looks very cool and is,along
    with the Cabbie,definetely my preferable taxi.
    Extra Features-This is a Taxi,so press R3 once in the vehicle to activate Taxi
    Driver mode
    Colours-Burgundy only
    Description-An old style cab,much rarer than the more common modern Taxis and
    much more classy.This version is in the game straight from the beginning and is
    all over the city.It appears in traditional Yellow with Black and White
    chequers up the side.
    Extra Features-This is a taxi,so press R3 to activate taxi driver mode.
    Colours-Traditional Yellow only
    Required for I-E-Shoreside Vale
    Description-A pretty standard,modern Ford style yellow taxi,it appears
    everywhere and is more plentiful than any other car in the game.If you're
    looking for a car quick,this is often what you'll end up with,especially around
    the Hospitals and Police Stations,where there is nothing but them.Having said
    that,they are certainly not a bad car;they are the same vehicle as the Police
    Cars,and so are actually pretty fast.Decent acceleration,great speed and
    excellent handling mean it is a good all rounder,and nowhere near as mundane as
    it may appear.They appear in three forms,with only the light on top
    differing;the two most common are either the long yellow sign with,not
    suprisingly,'Taxi' on the side in Black lettering,or a smaller Black and Orange
    sign,bearing same the word.There is also a glitch which means that occasionally
    Taxis will appear without any light on top,but I have no proof of this myself.
    -17/3/02-Today I found,and can confirm the Lightless Taxi's existence
    Extra Features-This is a taxi,so press R3 to activate taxi driver mode.
    Needed for I-E-Shoreside Vale
    Emergency Vehicles
    When occupied,these are the transport of the cities' authorities,who'll chase
    you down when you step onto the wrong side of the law or clean up after your
    mess,paramedics magically healing victims while whistling to songs from the
    radio...You can help the city out by doing vigilante missions in Police
    cars,Ambulances and Fire Engines,as well as any of the less common vehicles you
    can tempt to show up.
    All vehicles are required for the EV crane at Portland docks,and can be picked
    up from there at any time once you've collected all 6.
    Found-Outside the Cities' 3 hositals at certain opportunities,or when there has
    been an accident and they're responding to it.
    Big and heavy,the Ambulance isn't exactly designed to be a race car,but it's
    obviously adequate for the game's Paramedic missions,and can actually be
    reasonably quick at times.Be careful on tight corners though,as it tips
    dangerously towards toppling when you take a turn at speed.Out of interest,when
    an ambulance is called to an incident,you can often hear the uniformed
    paramedics whistling songs from the radio while they magically heal someone
    who's just been shotgunned,or hit by an armoured van at speed...Well,who ever
    said everything was as it seems in Liberty City...
    Extra Features-Press R3 to activate Paramedic mode,where you have to ferry
    patients to hospital,first one,then two etc as the mission levels progress.
    Barracks OL
    Found-In Phil Cassidy's army surplus store complex.
    A large open army backed troop carrier,much like a Flatbed but with supports
    which look like there is room for a roof to be added on.Why is it in this
    section?Hmmmm.Well,it's sort of an emergency vehicle,but only officially.It has
    no vigilante mode,but it is required for the EV crane,so it must be listed as
    an EV.It can only be found normally at Phil Cassidy's army surplus on
    Staunton,or if you're brave enough to call upon the army it'll turn up. It's
    huge,and is useful for when driving through rival gang areas where you're
    getting nailed by machine guns,or on missions where there'll be a large Police
    presence on you,because it can take large amounts of damage.It also has a BP
    version,which only shows up once,just after the 'Arms Shortage' mission within
    the Army Surplus complex.
    Colour-Army Green
    Extra Features-No vigilante mode.Comes in rare BP version
    Found-Inside the Staunton police station private parking area,and as a tool of
    the SWAT team when you have a wanted level of four.
    A large Police Truck-Van style vehicle,used to transport SWAT teams,and you'll
    see them most often chasing you...As for driving it,well,it's heavy and
    bulky,which is reflected
    FBI Car
    Found-Only shows up when you have a wanted level of 5 and the special agents
    are after you,it is normally very hard to obtain.
    A very cool and rare car,it has a body which is used exclusively for this
    vehicle,unlike say the standard Police car which shares the Taxi body.This will
    only show up when you have a wanted level of 5,and is very hard to obtain as
    there are 4 FBI agents with M-16's pointed at you as soon as you get near
    it.There is only one reasonably easy way to get it,and thanks to this method I
    have two taking pride of place in my garage.First,you need to have done enough
    Vigilante Police missions to have,at least 2,but preferably 3 or more police
    bribes outside your hideout.Then,use whatever weapons arsenal you have there to
    wreak havoc around your Shoreide hideout;grenading cars should get you
    noticed.When you have a level or 3 or 4,run into your garage,where they can't
    get you and,because of a glitch,if you walk right up to the middle door from
    the inside you can shoot through it.You should hit some officers and get your
    level up to 5.If not,grenade some Police cars through the open door.Then,you'll
    have to go outside for a few seconds to get the FBI cars to spot you,but as
    soon as they drive near to your garage,run around the side and take all the
    bribe stars you have.In my case,I had five so this got mine down to zero,but
    you should be OK with 1 or 2.As all the FBI officers are now out of their
    juristiction level,they should leave.Wait for them to go hiding in the garage
    again and then walk up and take their unnattended vehicles.The FBI car is also
    a car in it's own right,as unlike other EV's,it comes in more than one
    colour.While it always shows in jet black,if you take it to Pay and Spray,it
    becomes a dark grey colour,a bit of a collectors item.The car itself has great
    handling,looks very cool and is pretty fast too.I'm too scared to scratch mine
    to use it for Vigilante mode...
    Extra Features-Press R3	to activate Vigilante mode.Holding the horn will
    activate the siren and FBI in-car blue light
    Fire Truck-
    Found-3 guesses....Outside the fire stations,no suprise...As well as when
    they're called out to burning vehicles across the city.
    Description-Unmistakable large red vehicle,and very bulky obviously.There isn't
    too much to say about it's performance other than it's speed isn't too bad once
    you get going.The vigilante mode is pretty fun,and a good way to pick up cars
    that don't appear often.When activated,you drive around the city using the hose
    to put put burning vehicles.Often you'll be called to a burning Mr Whoopee Ice
    Cream van or a rare vehicle you might need,and you can pick it up once you've
    put it out.Putting out a certain number of fires over the city activates the
    flamthrower outside your hideout,but I'm not quite sure how many it is exactly.
    Extra Features-Press R3 to activate Fire Fighter mode,aim the hose using one of
    the analogue sticks and press circle to release the jet of water at the
    vehicle.You are awarded increasing amounts as you save more vehicles.
    Police Car-
    Found-Outside any of the City's three Police stations,or when cops come after
    you.You cannot get in their vehicles while they're in there,and only sometimes
    are the cars outside the Police stations unlocked.
    Description-The same standard vehicle as the Taxi,this shares it's impressive
    atributes,with decent acceleration,and excellent Handling and
    Braking,However,they are most often locked,so it might take you a while to get
    hold of one.If you're just looking for a vehicle quick,a Taxi is probably a
    much better bet.Anyway,holding the horn will activate the siren,with which you
    can force traffic ahead to move.Vigilante mode is great fun,and you can often
    pick up some useful weapons from the criminals you are dispatched to remove.
    Extra Features-Press R3 to activate Vigilante mode,and hold L3 to activate
    Gang Cars
    Each gang in the game has it's own flagship machine,driven by their members
    they are always tuned up versions of some of the game's road cars,and nearly
    all are impressively fast or cool.
    Cartel Cruiser
    (Columbian Cartel)
    Found-You'll see them cruising around any Colombian terriotory,first around the
    abandoned Les Cargo ship in Portland-before you sink it-but mainly around the
    Pan Lantic construction area in Staunton and the residential strip east of the
    dam and north of the Jacks and Nines terriotory in Shoreside.
    Description-Not hard to find once you're in Staunton or Shoreside,these are one
    of the better gang cars.They're large blue jeep-like machines and you'll see
    them cruising particularly round their stronghold at the construction
    site,where there are initially two or three parked up,and around the Cartel
    mansion.You can also pick one up after the 'Bomb da base' mission on
    Portland,and this was where I first got hold of one.Acceleration is suprisingly
    impressive,and the engine really sounds quite throaty and powerful as the speed
    kicks in.Handling is not too bad,and it's pretty manouverable across rough
    terrain,but not quite up there with the Patriot and the Landstalker for
    off-road performance.
    Diablo Stallion
    Found-In the Diablos one terriotory sandwiched between the Triads and the Mafia
    in North West Portland.
    Description-The Stallion itself is a pretty cool roadster,with great handling
    and nice looks,and runs at a nice pace.This Diablo incarnation makes it's
    intentions clear right from the outset;the flames leaping up the black side
    mask it's power.The deep,throaty sounding engine powers one of the most
    powerful vehicles in Portland and in the game,and it's really quite a complete
    change from the sedate Stallion roadster
    Hoods Rumpo XL
    (Southside Hoods-Red Jacks and Purple Nines)
    Found-West Shoreside,around Wichita Gardens when the Southside hoods(Jacks and
    A rather scruffy,dirty looking graffitied Rumpo van,this looks at first like an
    unnatractive prospect,but it is a tuned up version,and the Speed is actually
    pretty impressive.Acceleration is average,but handling and braking are poor,and
    it's certainly far from the best Gang machine.However,it is definetely the best
    van in the game,and is useful for the mission on which you have to collect lots
    of heavy Platinum,where it's power pulls it through.
    Mafia Sentinel
    (Italian Mafia)
    Found-East Portland,especially around St Marks where Salvatore's mansion-the
    Mafia HQ-is located.You can always find two parked outside his hilltop retreat.
    A classy sporty vehicle,this is undoubtedly one of my favourites.The Mafia do
    make a good job of their vehicles,and this is undoubtedly the most complete
    transformation of any in the game.The high perfomance,Mercedes sedan-like
    Sentinel suddenly takes on a whole new rear end,with spoiler and a grille like
    mesh replacing the rear windscreen;suddenly it's a mid-90's BMW!Great in all
    departments,this is undoubtedly one of the best vehicles in the game.That is,if
    you can get safely back into St Marks to get one...
    Triad Fish Van
    Found-South Portland,all across Chinatown and down towards the Basketball
    The Triads are my least favourite gang on GTA3 and maybe this is partly why.A
    fish truck as a gang car?!Oh,these lot look super cool cruising round Liberty's
    streets in those don't they....Seriously though,the Fish business may be a
    front for the group's other activities,but surely there were other vehicles
    available.The fish van just sums up the Triads in GTA3;slow,inherrently
    annoying and extremely unpopular...Oh yeah,and it stinks....Poor
    acceleration,poor handling,poor speed,terrible looks...Must I go on?...
    Yakuza Stinger
    Most of the South East coast of Staunton,from Yazuka's place to Kenji's casino
    they patrol their terriotory.Later they also take the Construction site,and
    there are two parked there.
    At first it appears that the Yakuza's have actually taken the brilliant Stinger
    and de-tuned it in their race car like version,as acceleration is undoubtedly
    worse.But it redeems itself with possibly slightly improved speed and
    smooth,solid handling.The whole car feels heavier than the road version though.
    Yardie Lobo
    Central and West Staunton,they control most vigorously around the Stadium,and
    in the area between the Pan Lantic building and Asuka's place.
    A very cool car;why?Because it has something that no other in the game has,and
    it's the reason why handling is 'variable'.Jump in one for the first time and
    it looks like a pretty average car.There is no Lobo road car-maybe it was cut
    from the final version-so it's cool in that sense,and it has some very 'groovy'
    Leopardskin trim.But neither of those are the reason it's so cool.Take it off
    down the road,and maybe you'll find out.Ear blistering acceleration?No,it's
    pretty average.Incredible speed suddenly kicks in then?No,it's nothing to shout
    about.Stunning braking ability?Nope.Can it shoot missiles?No.Oh,er,well maybe
    it has a funny sounding horn...So you press L3,and....What the?Did I just run
    over a branch of Supa Save?!No,you activated the vehicle's hydraulics
    system;when the car is up and the suspension is soft and bouncy,handling is
    very loose,but the car could run over a 16 wheeler and you wouldn't know,so far
    off the ground is it.
    Colours-Red only
    Extra Features-Press L3 to change the car's suspension system
    The alternate modes of transport around the city,they add a new dimension to
    the game,and provide a new view of Liberty city,from sea or in the air.
    Found-Shoreside Vale,at the airport in various hangers,and in the Import-Export
    garage in Portland once all cars are collected.
    Description-A small aircraft with it's wings stripped,the only vehicle in the
    game flyable,and found only at the airport in Shoreside.It has only small
    wings,so can pick up enough lift to be flown,but with difficulty.There are many
    guides on this subject,but the best basic tactic is to push down when taxiing
    out,and not lift off by pressing up,but by releasing down and letting the
    aircraft drift up.Then just keep the nose level with the wings,and if it
    dips,don't try to press up.The aircraft will just hit another air current and
    drift up again,so just level the nose when it does.I got to the Ghost Town by
    doing this,and with just a little practice you can easily make huge flights.The
    only restriction is the many tall buildings around Liberty,so be careful to
    avoid them when you're trying to set a new time.Flying really adds a whole new
    dimension to the game,and there are dozens of places you can only get to by
    air,some of which are really interesting and some used in the cut scenes.See my
    'intersting places to see with the Dodo' section for more info.
    Handling on the ground is relatively poor because of course it has only one
    wheel and isn't designed for roads.A full winged Dodo flies around Portland and
    Staunton,and can be shot down with the Rocket Launcher,but can't be obtained
    anywhere in the game.
    Extra Features-Is an aircraft,and the only flyable machine in the game.Needed
    for Portland I-E garage
    Colours-Red and White only
    Found-Docks on the east side of Staunton
    Description-With greater bumph even than the Speeder,this is the Police' potent
    waterborne weapon and the fastest thing on water in Liberty.Although it's
    slightly chunky,square looks may decieve,be afraid;you can expect to meet it in
    any boat mission where your wanted level is going to go sky high.You can also
    find and pilot one yourself at the docks on the East side of Staunton,and it's
    great speed and control,as well as built in machine guns make it one of the
    most attractive machines to jump into.Unfortunately,it's one detraction is the
    lack of what would have been undoubtedly great fun,a vigilante Police mode.
    Found-Docks on east side of Staunton,and used in mission while 'escaping'
    Description-A small private cruiser,this is perfectly adequate for crossing
    between Portland and Stanuton,but not very good for Police chases etc.It is in
    effect,the Kuruma of the boat world,solid,reliable and reasonable fun to
    control.They are found only at the docks on the east of Staunton Island,and are
    Asuka's machine of choice,as demonstrated when she helps you escape from
    Portland in one.
    Found-Docks on east side of Portland and alongside the runway that heads out to
    the sea at Francis International.
    Description-If the Reefer was the Kuruma of boats,then this is the equivalent
    of the Cheetah;streamlined bullet-like looks,very sporty,very fast.The fastest
    private boat on the game,it is one of the best and quickest machines to use for
    missions such as Donald Love's package collecting from the light aircraft etc.
    Exclusives/Rare Machines
    Some of the vehicles in the game either only show up once,are only found in one
    place or are incredibly rare.This section will detail those,some of which will
    also be in above sections and some of which are completely individual to this
    one because they are so rare.Exclusives are cars that only show up in one or
    two places and are only driveable by you.So you'll never see anyone else in
    Liberty driving one,except during some special missions.Also listed are the
    Bullet Proof cars which show up only in certain missions,and one-off cars which
    also appear only during one or two missions,and are never to be seen again if
    you don't grab them there and then.It is many of these cars that have forced me
    to create a second save game,purely to get hold of them.
    Bullet Proof Vehicles
    Probably the most sought after vehicles in the game,and certainly for me anyway
    as I've started a second save partly to get the ones I missed.They show up only
    once or twice in certain missions and that's it.Never to be seen again,until
    you start another save of course...Some are just bullet proof,some are also
    'explosion proof' and one can even survive being totally flipped!It is great
    fun taking one of these vehicles through Mafia or Cartel terriotory and
    watching them desperately trying to take you out...and having no effect at
    all...They range from a Cheetah sports car to a Barracks OL troop carrier,but
    all are incredibly sought after;here's how to get them...
    BP Barracks OL
    Difficulty getting hold of-*
    Barracks OL's are pretty tough vehicles in the first place,but a BP one,when
    it's this easy to get is practically a gift.The only trouble you may have
    getting it is the mission beforehand,the aptly named 'Arms Shortage',where you
    have to see off a lot of Colombians with Ray's old army friend Phil Cassidy at
    his Army Surplus place.The mission should be a piece of cake if you
    first,before starting it,park a tall vehicle next to the big containers in the
    Army complex,so you can climb up onto it and get the Rocket launcher once the
    mission starts.When you do trigger it off,quickly grab the weapons just behind
    Phil,then jump up on the vehicle to the container to get the Rocket
    Launcher.Then,just wait for them to turn up.Once they do,just destroy all 3 of
    their Cartel Cruisers with the RL,then turn round and take out the guy on the
    ground behind you with the M-16 and there should be only one guy left,right
    below your container.Just drop a grenade over the edge,stand well back and say
    goodbye.Once you've checked on Phil,grab the now,and only now BP Barracks OL.
    BP Bobcat
    Difficulty getting hold of-****
    The most damage resistant car in the game is deservedly one of the hardest to
    get hold of.The second of three BP vehicles you can pick up from Ray's
    missions-rich picking grounds for BP machines-this one is found on the
    'Evidence Dash' where you have to chase a speeding Bobcat,holding some vital
    evidence and ram it until you have all six pieces.Well,if you want to get that
    Bobcat,that plan is gonna have to go out of the window.You'll still have to
    chase it,with that annoying two star wanted level attracting difficulty- adding
    Police attention.The object now is to ignore the evidence and try to flip the
    vehicle.When you finally manage it,you'll notice it won't explode.So,avoiding
    the Police,get out and try and open it's door.The game will now say 'This
    Vehicle is a Decoy' and the driver should disembark.Now you have to push the
    car,upside down,back to your hideout garage,with all those Police trying to
    stop you.It was a miracle I got there,just keeping up enough speed not to get
    busted.I was actually doing well,and I'd got the Bobcat-inverted-back to my
    hideout,when a Cop car followed me in,and tried to push it back out
    again!Anyway,I eventually pushed it into the garage,and after allowing the door
    to close,then reopen you should have a perfect,Bullet Proof,Explosion Proof,and
    Fire Proof Bobcat,doors unlocked.I recommend you keep it in your Portland
    garage,as the SI one isn't very reliable,and often 'eats' cars-particularly
    rare ones...
    BP Cheetah
    Difficulty getting hold of-****
    This car is incredibly hard to get hold of at first,but there is a method,and
    you should be able to pick one up reasonably easily if you have a Tank.It is
    undoubtedly the hardest to get,and it may take dozens of tries to get hold
    of.Basically,get in a tank-there's one at Phil's army Surplus after the game's
    completed-and drive to El Burro's phone in Portland.Trigger the 'Turismo'
    mission-which repeats even after you''ve beaten it,so this may be your last
    chance to get a BP car if you missed all the other opportunities-and then drive
    to the start line in the tank.Trigger the race and then dash back to your
    hideout.Park in front of the entrance to your hideout,so as to block traffic
    coming South and send them into your complex.At around 100 seconds the leaders
    will race down the main road from Harwood and-hopefully-deflect off the tank
    and into your hideout.Quickly try to destroy the Cheetah using whatever means
    possible,and then push the burnt out wreck into your empty garage.Open it up
    again after the mission's over and ta da!A perfect BP Cheetah,doors unlocked.
    BP Patriot
    Difficulty getting hold of-*
    This car is a gift to pick up.No really;it is a gift,from Ray once you've
    beaten the 'Marked Man' mission,got him to the airport,and beaten all his
    missions.In the mission you have to get Ray to the airport so he can catch his
    flight to Miami,but the CIA have the bridge under surveillance and crossing
    them is a serious risk.The easiest way is to take the tunnel to Francis
    Intl,and once you arrive he'll give you the key to his lock up in
    Staunton,containing the stuff he stashed 'in case things got tight' before he
    dashes for his flight.Now make your way to his garage opposite the Tw@ internet
    cafe and get ready to thank that little but highly aggresive man for the most
    generous and interesting bounty you'll recieve in the game.Drive up to the lock
    up,and you'll get a Pager Message from Ray,along the lines of 'look after my
    Bullet Proof Patriot for me,see you in Miami(will Ray be in the GTA3
    Prequel,GTA:Vice City at the end of this year?).Ray'.Once the door opens you'll
    find a Rocket Launcher with 25 Rockets,a Flamethrower,M-16,and Sniper
    Rifle,loads of cash,and most importantly a pristine Bullet Proof Patriot.Drive
    it straight to your SSV Garage and save.Then enjoy the easiest BP car to get in
    the entire game...
    BP Securicar
    Exclusives and Single Appearances
    BF Injection
    (Exclusive,Mission Triggered)
    Remember that Beach Buggy Joey was always working on?Well it's not just a nice
    prop;it's a real,and very cool car.Once you've completed the-Possible Spoiler
    here-'Sayanora Salvatore' mission,it becomes available outside the building
    opposite Misty's appartment,every day between 7pm-6am there is one parked in
    variating colours.It's a really cool car to have,very fast,and as you might
    expect it's pretty mean off-roader.The front has an open rollcage,the wheels
    sit in mighty flared arches,and the V8 engine sits loud and proud behind the
    Required for I-E Shoreside Vale
    Colours-Light Blue,Red,Yellow
    Mafia Rumpo
    (Single appearance)
    Like a couple of other vehicles in the game,this is a cool one off Mafia
    version of a normal vehicle.Exactly the same as the normal Rumpo in
    performance,this is nevertheless a very cool car to have.This Jet Black Rumpo
    appears only on the Asuka mission where you must take out the Mafia spies.You
    do this by following the pink dots on the map,to the three locations where the
    spies are hiding.At one(alongside or around the courthouse I believe)you will
    find a Black Rumpo parked at the side of the side of the road.When you approach
    it,Mafia men with M-16's will emerge and blow you to pieces if you're not
    prepared.The best idea is to get up high,shoot the van so they get out then
    snipe them.Failing that,just keep running once they get out,then hide down the
    nearby alley.When they approach,be ready and take them out.Then walk over,get
    in the Van and take it to a garage(Portland if possible,as Staunton tends to
    eat them),beware that you might not be able to get back in time to beat the
    Mafia Stretch
    (Two Appearances)
    Ghost Missing
    (One Appearance)
    Mr Wong's
    RC Toyz
    Found-Inside 'Toyz'n the Hood' Vans across the City.
    Braking-Never really thought to...
    One of the most bizzare vehicles in the game,this is a quite unmistakeable
    explosive remote control car,used to blow up gang cars in the four Toy Van
    challenges.Even if you do want to take it across the city,you can't because it
    blows up after 2 minutes automatically.Still,you can have fun with it;try
    driving one to the crusher in Portland,and notice how people still shout
    'Maniac!' as if there's someone actually inside the RC machine...Your
    charachter(well,he dosen't have a name does he?)stays stood on the spot while
    you drive away,so it's the furthest away you can get from him in the game...If
    you really like big bangs,drive one-or any explosive vehicle for that matter-to
    the main Dodo hanger at the airport and park it in the cluster of red barrels
    at the back,then press circle...
    Special Features-Press circle to detonate.Part of 'Toy Van' gang car
    missions,comes with Toyz van.
    Just a normal Pony van at the outset,painted with a 'Toyz'n the Hood' logo,this
    is actually great fun.Inside are the explosive RC Cars(see above).Other than
    that,it's a pretty average Pony Van...
    6.Cool stuff to do in Liberty City
    -Take an off-roader or 4x4 up to the highest land point in the game,the
    mountains in North Shoreside Vale for an incredible view of the whole
    city,especially at Sunrise or Sunset.It's roughly 300ft up and you can also see
    the inaccesable Observatory.
    -Use the Dodo to get an incredible new perspective and see the city from the
    air;no traffic jams up here.Try to land on top of the Casino roof,wedge the
    plane into the construction site tower,and fly into the Stadium to see just
    some of the places only the Dodo can take you.
    -Take revenge on the Carjackers;rig a nice car with a bomb(preferrably the type
    that goes of when the engine is started,from 8-Ball's in Portland,but any type
    will do),then hang out around your Shoreside hideout at night,just kerbcrawl
    until you think you're about to get 'jacked,then equip the bomb as he gets
    in,or if it's a remote bomb wait until he's driving off,then laugh like crazy
    as the little rat's latest catch gets blown to smitherines.Mr

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