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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Chibi_Trunks316

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 03/09/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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             |___||_||_||____||_|     |___|
                       ____  _  _  _| |_  ____  ___________
                      |__  || || ||_   _||    ||_         _|
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    This document created by Brett Lacoursiere (Drugged_Monkey@hotmail.com)
    Thanks to Nathan Norris for the ASCII art.
    Table Of Contents
    1:  Introduction
    2:  Updates
    3:  What to E-mail
    4:  Controls
            -On Foot
            -In Car
    5:  Strategies
        5A - Getting Busted/Wasted
        5B - Shops
            -Pay and Spray
            -8 Ball's Bomb Shop
        5C - Hideouts
        5D - Items
            -Police Bribe
            -Rampage Icon
            -Hidden Packages
            -Adrenaline Pills
        5E - Weapons
            -Baseball Bat
            -Sniper Rifle
            -Rocket Launcher
            -Molotov Cocktails
        5F - Cars and Boats
            -When To Get Out
            -Where Do I Find Different Cars and Boats?
            -Bullet Proof Cars
            -Car Radio
            -Rhyno Tank
        5G - Telling Time
    6:  Story Missions
        6A - Portland
        6B - Staunton Island
            -Ray Machowski
            -Donald Love
        6C - Shoreside Vale
            -Ray Machowski
            -Donald Love
    7:  Optional Missions
        7A - Portland
            -Marty Chonks
            -El Burro
        7B - Staunton
            -King Courtney
        7C - Shoreside Vale
    8:  Vigilante Missions
        8A - Police Car/FBI Car/Rhino/Enforcer
        8B - Ambulance
        8C - Firetruck
        8D - Taxi
    9:  Miscellaneous Secrets
    10: Glitches
    11: Weapon Locations
    12: Garages and Crane
       12A - Import/Export Garage Portland
       12B - Emergency Vehicle Crane Portland
       12C - Import/Export Garage Shoreside Vale
    13: Stories
    14: Cheats
    15: Stuff
    16: Credits
    17: Copyright
    1:  Introduction
    Long have I craved the chance to be able to do almost anything, and that 
    freedom is granted by Rockstar games and DMA design.  Have you ever wanted 
    to drive your car down the street, pick up fares in a taxi, or hunt and kill 
    criminals as a cop?  Well now you can, thanks to Grand Theft Auto 3.  In this 
    game you can do almost anything you want in 3D now, so everything looks better 
    than all the old Grand Theft Auto's.  The amazingness of this game is 
    incredible, so enjoy it until Grand Theft Auto Four comes out.  Then we will 
    be even more amazed at the game.  Especially since according to rumors in 
    an EGM mag I just got, it will be completely online and you can make your 
    own gangs.  Pretty sweet except the havoc will be on a massive scale.  It's 
    also supposed to take place in a real US city this time.
    2:  Updates
    This is the section where I tell about updates.  Sometimes an update will 
    be so small I will not even write about it.  Some things to look for in the 
    future are:
    -A unique jump location part (I'm working on it a bit)
    -Maybe a rampage location (or not)
    Some things I would like to add but never will are:
    -Hidden package locations
    -Car guide
    -Other lists like unique jump or rampage (yes I know)
    By the way all times are PM unless they say AM.  The first two are messed 
    up for dates but I don't really care.
    January 23(02)
    Version 1.0
    I'm going to try and get everything done this version, but I'll probably miss 
    something or add something so this might not be the last version.  I'll also 
    probably add some reader submissions and other stuff.
    January 26(02)
    Version 1.0 Completion
    I am finally complete I think.  Oh well lets go post it.
    February 17(02)
    Version 1.1
    I just made a little update, a couple new weapon/item locations.  Still gotta 
    post (I'm lazy).  I also put in the standoffs part of the secrets.
    February 19(02)
    Just a little mini update.  Nothing worth making a new version for.  Finished 
    controls section and added a bit of other stuff.  Looking at other GTA3 Faqs 
    I have and seeing how much pages they have, I have decided to request a little 
    help.  I have forty pages while other faqs have about 88 is the least.  Ummm, 
    please help me.
    February 20(02)5 5:00 I think.
    Version 1.2
    Medium update this time.  I made there be a car section in the strategies, 
    added a bit to missions, and other small stuff like more locations to fight 
    the police.
    February 20(02) 9:00
    From now on I am going to put down time of update.  This is mountain time 
    if you are wondering.  Nothing really here, just a bit more information on 
    stuff.  This is an obsessive game and faq.  I'm going to go figure out more 
    weapon locations and places to fight the so cya.
    February 21(02) 5:30
    Hey just another little update.  Just added a bit on a couple sections.  I 
    don't need help unless someone would feel like making up a list of cars and 
    stuff for them.  That takes too much work.
    February 22(02) 4:30
    Version 1.3
    I added a new way to beat paparazzi purge and marked man.  I also added a 
    credits section, confirmed that the subway cheat thing is a hoax, added a 
    time telling section, bullet proof cars section, and radio section.  Big 
    update.  Also fixed up a bit of stuff.
    February 24 (02)
    Added stuff section, stuff to look for at the start of this section, glitch, 
    and some corrections.  Don't feel like making a new version.
    February 27 (02) 9:30
    Updated The Exchange mission and some other small stuff.  Way to get Rhyno.
    March 9 (02) 11:00
    I started at about 10:00 yesterday but then my brother played for a bout 14 
    hours.  I just added some reader submissions and fixed the bomb shop section 
    up and other stuff up a bit.
    3:  What to E-mail
    -E-mail me about how good my faq is.
    -E-mail me submissions.
    -E-mail me about mistakes in my faq.
    -E-mail me about stuff I should add to my faq.
    -E-mail me a question that cannot be found in the current faq.
    -Be Specific
    -Don't swear too much.  I don't really mind it but...
    -Spell real bad like "I cnt fnd an aner 2 1 prob hlp e plz thx".
    -Ask me to be your friend (loner).
    -E-mail me about how to beat a mission.  Just read my faq.
    -E-mail me in a different language.  I can't read it and won't try.
    -Send me annoying stuff.
    If you want a specific name to be called in the faq, put it at the bottom, 
    otherwise I will use the sender name.
    I am sometimes on MSN if you need me.  PLEASE do not email me in all pretty 
    colors and big fonts and other unnecessary crap.  This is just an annoyance 
    when I try to copy it onto my faq.  If it is just a question it is fine.  
    Otherwise I need to change all the stuff and please do not use tab because 
    then I will just have to delete it.
    4:  Controls
    On Foot
    Triangle - Steal car
    Circle   - Shoot
    Square   - Jump
    X        - Hold to run while using fists, pistol, or uzi
    R2       - Switch weapons forward
    R1       - Target
    L2       - Switch weapons backward
    L1       - Look Forward
    In Car
    Triangle - Get out (when stopped)
    Square   - Brake, backup
    Circle   - Use in conjunction with L2 or R2 for drivebys, or car weapon
    X        - Go faster
    L1       - Change Radio
    L2       - Side view, driveby
    L3       - Tap for sirens, hold for horn (or different sirens) 
    R1       - Handbrake
    R2       - Side view, driveby
    R3       - Missions in firetruck, police car, ambulance, or taxi
    5:  Strategies
    5A - Getting Busted/Wasted
    Getting busted is just one of the two ways you can be eliminated in Liberty 
    City.  Getting busted requires having one or more star on you, and having 
    the cops beat you to the ground or bust you in your car.  You can achieve 
    five stars on the second island, and six on the third.  On the first you can 
    only get four stars.  Getting busted is fairly easy to do if you do not have 
    a car or if you are driving too slow.  This is a list of what stars do to 
    1 star - Not really much cops.  One cop per car, they only shoot you if you 
    stand on the roof of a car, otherwise they will bust you and punch you to 
    the ground.
    2 stars - The police will shoot at you whenever possible and there will be 
    two cops per car.  The police are also more persistent and tougher.
    3 stars - There is now more cops that are tougher and more persistent.  There 
    is a helicopter that doesn't do much.
    4 stars - There is a SWAT van and the helicopter now shoots at you.  The police 
    are more tough and persistent.  The SWAT vans will try to make roadblocks.
    5 stars - The FBI is now after you.  There are four agents per car each with 
    AK-47's and their cars are very fast.  They are very tough and persistent.  
    There are roadblocks.
    6 stars - The army is now after you and they have tanks and huge trucks that 
    are very persistent and tough.  The army men have grenades and M16's, which 
    can kill you or your car very fast.  You are in trouble.  Find a good place 
    to bunker up or you are dead.
    Here are some good ways to get wanted:
    -Target a cop. 2 stars.
    -Shoot at/near a cop or cop car. 1 star.
    -Hurt a cop. 1 star.
    -Kill a cop. 2 stars.
    -Beat a body with a bat/fists near cop/car. 1 star.
    -Kill a person near a cop. 1 star.
    -Jack a car near a cop/car. 1 star.
    -Get a cop car in parking lot near cop/car. 1 star.
    -Hit a cop car. 1 star.
    Getting Wasted
    This is the other way to get knocked off in Liberty City.  You can get wasted 
    when your health goes to 0, armor doesn't matter.  Easy ways to die are getting 
    shot, drowning, being in or near a car when it explodes, or getting ran over.  
    Armor helps to protect from getting shot, car explosions from a distance, 
    falling, or when you get punched or kicked by another civilian or a cop.
    5B - Shops
    There are many shops in Liberty City to satisfy your needs, like the 
    This is a shop that you pay one thousand dollars to repair your car and lose 
    your wanted level.  If you want a new color after respraying, just drive back 
    in.  In Portland, it is near Luigi's club, just down the street and around 
    the corner.  In Staunton it is near the bomb shop behind the parking garage 
    in Newport.  In Shoreside Vale, it is near the bomb shop down the street from 
    the police station.
    -	Ammu-Nation
    This is a shop that sells guns to satisfy all your needs.  There is one in 
    both the first two islands, but not one on the third.  On the third though, 
    behind the police station there is a place where you can buy a flamethrower 
    and molotov cocktails in a garage.  Flamethrower for 25k and cocktails for 
    fifteen hundred dollars.  In Portland this is located straight from Luigi's 
    through a tunnel and you will come out and see it.  It is pretty easy to find.  
    In Staunton this is near Asuka's condo, on one of the streets on the ledge 
    above the place.
    - 8 Ball's Bomb Shop
    If you drive into the garage with the 8 Ball above it, 8 Ball will gladly 
    rig your car with a bomb for the mere cost of one thousand dollars.  This 
    does not repair your car, so try not to take a junk car and get it rigged 
    because then you will have to drive carefully.  Each bomb shop on each island 
    gives out different kinds of bombs.  They are:
    The Portland bombshop will provide you with ignition bombs.  These do not 
    explode until you arm the bomb with the Circle button and get out of the car 
    and someone or you gets back in the car.  Pointless.  This bombshop is located 
    by Easy Credit Autos in St. Marks district.
    The Staunton island bomb shop will give you timed bombs, which will explode 
    after a set amount of time.  Arm with Circle button.  The bomb shop is near 
    the pay and spray behind the parking garage in Newport.
    The Shoreside Vale bomb shop will give out detonating bombs, which will 
    detonate after you arm them with the circle button and get out, cycle through 
    your weapons, and find the detonator.  Run to a safe distance and hit the 
    Circle button again to blow up your car.  This is located down the street 
    from the police station, heading into the middle of the island, it is the 
    walled in area.  You can see pay and spray on one side of the wall of a building.  
    It is in Pike Creek.
    5C - Hideouts
    In each district, you will get a different map.  You can locate these on your 
    radar(it's a green arrow thing) or the map that comes with the game.  In the 
    garage, if you put a car in there and let the door close and reopen, it will 
    be repaired.  You can also save your game here if you go in the door or elevator 
    you will get the option to save your game.
    5D - Items
    These just look like a heart.  They restore one hundred health up to a maximum 
    of one hundred armor.
    This restores all health up to a maximum of one hundred and it restores all 
    armor to a maximum of one hundred.  These look like a green shield.
    Police Bribe
    These take your wanted level down one star and they look like gold shields.
    Rampage Icon
    These give you an objective like blow up a certain amount of cars or kill 
    a certain amount of people.  They look like skulls.
    Hidden Packages
    These look like normal packages.  Each one you find adds one thousand dollars 
    to you cash reserves.  If you want locations go to www.gamefaqs.com and look 
    at Inobles hidden packages faq.  I might add locations later but not now.  
    Here are the rewards for finding them.
    50-Body Armor
    60-Molotov Cocktail
    80-Sniper Rifle
    100-Rocket Launcher
    All of these recharge so don't worry about using them and then them not being 
    there.  If you park a car in your garage and run out they will have recharged 
    again, so you don't have to wait for them.  Or just touch the back wall of 
    the garage.
    Adrenaline Pills
    These pills slow down time and also make you extremely strong so you can punch 
    and kick people twenty feet.  Don't get on the train or it will go forever, 
    and if you get in a car the effect wears off immediately.  This looks like 
    a pill of course.  It is very fun to play around with and kick people off 
    ledges or into cars.  Try it!
    5E - Weapons
    This isn't really an option when fighting gangsters with guns up close.  It 
    does small damage and doesn't work well.
    Baseball Bat
    This is a good weapon as it does not attract police attention unless they 
    are nearby and can kill a person in about two hits.  It is close range though.
    This is a small weapon, most likely your first one to get.  It is a step closer 
    to power, although still not that great.  You can run with it too.  This is 
    the most common weapon for gangs to have with them.
    The best weapon in the game, you can run while firing and use the uzi for 
    driveby shootings.  It is rapid fire and does ok damage, better than the 
    handgun and baseball bat and fists.  This is a common weapon for gangs to 
    use later in the game.
    This is a good weapon, effective at close and sometimes medium range.  The 
    shotgun can kill in one shot, and the spray can kill others nearby.  When 
    used at a distance, the bullets spread, making the shotgun inefficient.
    This is a fairly good weapon and can be found early in the game.  It is rapid 
    fire and does good damage.
    This is a better weapon than the rocket launcher at medium to close range, 
    as it can be used to easily kill people and cars, and you won't get splash 
    damage from the explosion unless you're near the car.
    Sniper Rifle
    This weapon is good for what it is named for, sniping.  It is effective at 
    all ranges, and has impeccable accuracy.  At long range, the bullets will 
    take a second to reach the target, but if you aim a little ahead of the target, 
    you should be fine.
    This is a good close range weapon, just be sure none of the people on fire 
    touch you or you will light up too.  It is also good for torching cars and 
    tanks.  Also, don't walk over flaming dead bodies or you will light on fire 
    too.  Fire takes away health and armor, whichever you currently have, 
    constantly, and can really suck.
    Rocket Launcher
    This is an effective weapon at killing groups of people or cars at medium 
    to long range.  Make sure you don't shoot to close to yourself.  If you shot 
    the rocket and doesn't hit a target after a couple seconds, it will just 
    Good for blowing up a car that is stopped.  They give you a short amount of 
    time to get away.  Good for stuff like the Rocket Launcher is.  The grenade 
    will sometimes hit an invisible wall though, so you will have to run for it 
    or get blown up.
    Molotov Cocktails
    These are good at torching cars and people, just make sure you hold the button 
    long enough or it will explode in front of you.  These are good for blowing 
    up tanks and people in a tight group.  Just make sure the people don't touch 
    you or you will light on fire also.
    5F - Cars and Boats
    Where Do I Find Different Cars and Boats?
    This can easily be accomplished by going to the different islands and seeing 
    what cars pass by.  The Linerunner can only be found in Portland for example.  
    Also, nice cars are more likely to be found in Shoreside than in Portland, 
    where trucks, vans, and station wagons are normal.  Different boats can be 
    found at different docks.
    When Should I Get Out?
    When the car is spraying gray smoke, that means the car is lightly damaged.  
    Don't worry too much.  When the car is smoking black smoke, that means that 
    you should probably look for a new car, but this car can still take some damage.  
    When you see flames on your car, GET OUT.  The car will soon explode killing 
    anyone in it and hurting nearby people and cars.  Also if the car is flipped 
    and it won't go back up anytime soon, get out.  The car will light on fire 
    if it is on it's side for too long.
    Bullet Proof Cars
    There are bullet proof cars that can be gained throughout the missions in 
    the game.  There are many of them, and here's how to get one for yourself:
    -To earn a BP Patriot, complete Marked Man by Ray Machowski
    Car Radio
    If you get in a car, there will automatically be a radio station playing.  
    The different gangs of Liberty City like different stations, and normal 
    citizens are on a random station.  Here is a list of stations and stuff that 
    has to do with them.  Since I don't know the names of any of the songs, I'll 
    just list the DJ's.  The only song names I recognize are from flashback FM.
    Head Radio
    DJ: Russ Mottla as Michael Hunt
    Double Cleff FM
    DJ: Gerry Cosgrove as Morgan Merryweather
    DJ: Horace "the pacifist" Walsh
    Rise FM
    DJ: Andre as Andre the Accelrator
    DJ: Shelley Miller as Andee
    Game FM
    DJ: Stretch Armstrong and Lord Sear as themselves
    MSX FM
    DJ: Timecode
    Flashback FM
    DJ: Maria Chambers as Toni
    NOTE: All the songs are from the movie Scarface copyright 1984.
    Chatterbox FM
    DJ: Lazlow as himself
    All commercials written by Dan Houser and Lazlow
    Produced by Lazlow
    You can listen to nothing if you want to.  But why?
    Rhyno Tank
    This location is one of the easiest way to get the Rhino, get a unique jump 
    and is a decent sniper location. It is the area called Atlantic Quays. There 
    is a row of warehouses on the south end of Portland. On the east side of those 
    warehouses is a ramp. Drive down to the end of the pier, turn around and hit 
    the accelerator. You will have to do a small right turn to hit the ramp just 
    right. After you go through the cinematic camera angle and land on the roof, 
    get out of the car and head west to the end of the building (you would be 
    heading towards the Triad fish factory). Get the sniper rifle out and start 
    knocking off people. To keep the people moving, i.e.-new targets, release 
    R1 button occasionally. Soon the police will be coming after you. Don't stand 
    to close to the edge, and use the overhead view to get the soldiers that come 
    out of the Rhinos. Once you have taken care of them, simply drop down and 
    get in.  
    You have to clear the first building in order to get the unique jump credit, 
    it is best to do it in a stinger.  
    Of course you know this, but I didn't find it in you faq's, the rhino looses 
    speed when the turret is in front and fired and will actually drive faster 
    when the turret is in back and fired
    -Submitted By Charles McNickel
    Telling Time
    If you look in the corner of the screen, you will see four numbers.  This 
    is the current game time, although it may not look like time because it has 
    15:39 for example.  This is simply because it is army time, so it would be 
    3:39 in the afternoon.  And that is how you tell time.
    6 - Story Missions
    These are the missions you need to complete to unlock the three islands and 
    move on.  At first you can watch a movie or just skip to playing, but the 
    first mission starts as soon as 8 Ball gets in the car.
    6A - Portland - Industrial District
    These are the missions you will encounter in Portland
    Give Me Liberty
    REWARD - A new crime boss, A new hideout
    This is just a simple mission that teaches you the basics.  Start out by 
    getting in the Kuruma with 8 Ball and driving down the bridge towards the 
    pink dot.  Don't worry about the police, they are too busy dealing with the 
    bridge, so I suggest if you see a Triad, run him over and steal his weapon.  
    This will get you a pistol and a baseball bat, and you won't have any cops 
    on you.
    When you are at the pink dot, 8 Ball will run inside and you will follow after 
    him, coming out in normal street clothes.  Grab the baseball if you don't 
    have one, and head to the new pink dot around the corner.  It's Luigi's Sex 
    Club 7, and 8 Ball will introduce you to Luigi.  Luigi then gives you your 
    first real mission.
    Now the mob bosses first letter of their name will be displayed on their radar 
    so you can find them easier.  Their jobs will be listed under their names
    You can find Luigi from now on at the sex club 7, where he will give you new 
    jobs until he runs out.
    Luigi's Girl
    REWARD - $1,500
    This is another very simple mission.  Just grab the Kuruma if it is still 
    in ok condition.  If not, just grab another car.  Head to the pink dot, which 
    turns out to be at the hospital, stop your car and let Misty get in.  Check 
    to see if a police car or two is unlocked, if so just take it and get the 
    shotgun shells.  After, just head back to the pink dot (Sex Club 7) and drop 
    Misty off.  Easy huh?
    Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up
    REWARD - $4,000
    Yet another easy mission Luigi gives to you.  It turns out someone has been 
    selling spank to Luigi's girls and you have to take care of him.  Grab the 
    baseball bat across the street if you don't have one if you died for some 
    reason or didn't get it at the start at your hideout like I told you to.  Just 
    get a car, use the Kuruma if you still have it and it is in ok condition, 
    and drive to the pink dots.  It's near the docks, so drive through the gate 
    and you'll see a guy with a blue arrow above him.  You don't have to get out 
    like the game says, just run him over, and it doesn't matter if you hit the 
    girls or not.  Get in his car and drive to the new pink dot.  It's the pay 
    and spray, so drive in.  This time it is free, so just drive away in the car 
    and head to the lockup across from the hospital.  Get out of the car and walk 
    out of the garage.  Mission Complete.
    Drive Misty For Me
    REWARD - $1,000, new crime boss
    This is the last really easy mission Luigi gives you.  Just grab a car and 
    head to the pink dot.  Stop in the blue circle and honk your horn.  Misty 
    will come out and get in your car.  She tells you she wants to go to Joey's 
    place, so follow the dot.  Head there and stop in the blue circle.  After 
    the cinematic, Joey will start providing jobs for you, marked with a J, but 
    finish off Luigi's first.  If you want, while Misty is with you, she will 
    help you fight, just don't let her die or you fail the mission automatically.
    Pump Action Pimp
    REWARD - $4,000, handgun becomes available at Ammu-Nation
    This is an ok mission.  Luigi tells you to head out back of Ammu-Nation to 
    get a piece.  Follow the gun icon on your radar to find Ammu-Nation.  Head 
    inside and the owner tells you to go out back.  There is a pistol with thirteen 
    bullets and targets to shoot at out back, just don't waste all your ammo 
    pointlessly shooting the targets.  When you're done, follow the dot in a car.  
    It is moving because the pimp you are supposed to kill is inside a Diablos 
    car.  Find the car and either ram it or steal it, and then either shoot the 
    pimp for more of a challenge since he has a shotgun, or you can just run him 
    over.  It's up to you.  There are dangers for each way that you must watch 
    out for.  If you run him over, make sure he doesn't blow up your car, or his 
    car when your near it on foot or in a car.  When shooting/beating him, watch 
    out because he has a shotgun, so make sure he doesn't shoot you.  There is 
    also a Diablos gang member in the car, but he's not a threat.  All he has 
    is a baseball bat or pistol or something harmless like that.  An uzi at most.   
    When the pimp is dead you will collect your reward.  You can also take his 
    shotgun for the ammo.
    The Fuzz Ball
    REWARD - $2,000-$4,000
    This isn't that hard of a mission, all you have to do is get four of the hookers 
    to the ball to complete the mission, but for motivation every additional one 
    gives you and extra five hundred dollars.  Not much but at least it's something.  
    Pick up the hookers and deliver them to the ball by stopping in the blue circle.  
    This is another easy mission by Luigi, who you are now finished with.
    You should now start taking missions from Joey, the big J on your radar.  When 
    you take missions from Joey, the phone nearby will ring from 9:00-something 
    like 5:00.  It is Marty Chonks, the Bitchin' Dog Food factory owner.  Get 
    these by going to the phone booth across the street from where you get Joey's 
    missions from.  Joey's missions have a time you have to take them from, but 
    I forget.  Only at like 1AM to about 9AM you can't take them.  Email me what 
    they are please.
    Mike Lips Last Lunch
    REWARD - $10,000
    This is an easy first mission, even though it is the first mission with a 
    time limit, the time limit is very high.  Just grab any car and head up to 
    Marco's Bistro, and grab Mike's car.  MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GET IN VERY MUCH 
    ACCIDENTS OR YOU WILL HAVE TO REPAIR THE CAR.  When you get to 8 Ball's, drive 
    in the garage and the car will get fitted with a bomb.  Drive back to the 
    diner, indicated by the dot on your radar.  Park the car back in the same 
    space you found it, making sure it is a relatively nice parking job, and arm 
    the bomb with the circle button.  Run around the corner and Mike will come 
    out of the diner.  He will start his car, igniting the bomb and making him 
    explode.  Well done.
    Farewell Chunky Lee Chong
    REWARD - $10,000
    This is one of my favorite missions.  There are many ways to do this mission.  
    If you notice, Chunky has two escape cars, the one he runs to will depend 
    on which way you attack from.  There are also Triads with Uzi's and baseball 
    bats that can make it get ugly.  Here's how to do the mission.
    Chunky has cover behind his noodle stand, so run at him, ignoring the triads.  
    Chase him and shoot at him as he's running to his car, and he'll hopefully 
    die before he can get there.  The most useful weapon for this mission is the 
    uzi, since you can run while shooting, and it does more damage than the handgun, 
    the only other weapon you can run and shoot at the same time.  If you don't 
    catch him, I find he blows up his car quickly, and then it's quite funny to 
    see a fat chef running down the sidewalk getting chased by a car.
    You can also get molotov cocktails from the bums in the tunnel by 8 Ball's 
    bomb shop and blow up his stand, taking out him and his bodygaurds.  This 
    is the best way, just make sure to get the right angle so you can easily throw 
    them and kill him.
    You can also rig his car with a bomb and park it where you found it and then 
    attack from the right angle (he has two cars, whichever one he runs to is 
    triggered by the angle you attack from) so he will run and ignite the bomb.  
    This method is money costing and time wasting to me.
    Van Heist
    REWARD - $20,000, a new boss, securicar cracking garage is available
    For this mission get a car that can take some damage like a hummer or a van 
    or a bus.  Follow the dot to find the money truck, and start ramming it.  You 
    will see a little damage meter, when it fills up, the driver bails and you 
    can get the truck.  Try to head on the truck, then finish it off.  Once you're 
    inside, take it to the blip which is the docks, park in the blue circle, and 
    drive into the garage and walk back out.  This is easy.
    The new boss is El Burro, who's first mission is a racing one that takes you 
    all over Portland.  Get this done soon or now, as (spoiler) when you come 
    back everyone is shooting at you and the mafia has shotguns (end spoiler) 
    which makes the mission very hard unless you have the bullet proof car.
    Cipriani's Chauffer
    REWARD - $3,000, new boss, uzi available at Ammu-Nation
    This is yet another easy mission, you just have to take Toni to a laundry 
    place and then to his restaurant.  You get a Mafia Sentinel for this mission.  
    Follow the dot into Chinatown and to the laundromat, where Toni gets out and 
    goes inside.  He runs back out and tells you he was setup and to get out of 
    here.  Some triads will run out of the laundry store, but just ignore them 
    and their wuss pistols.  Head to the new blip, which is his restaurant, where 
    you will drop him off and get a mission complete.  A big T is now on your 
    radar, indicating you can now take missions from Toni.
    Dead Skunk In The Trunk
    REWARD - $10,000
    This is my favorite mission.  You have to get a car with a dead body in the 
    back and drive it to the crushers.  Follow the pink dot, which takes you to 
    a restaurant on the other side of town as 8 Ball's autoyard.  You will see 
    a car with a blue arrow over top of it, get in it and it will say that the 
    Forelli brothers were waiting for you.  Make a quick getaway from them and 
    head towards the blip.  If your rear gets bumped you see the body in the back, 
    which is quite cool.  If that doesn't happen you will just have to be happy 
    with the blood running down the back of the car.  I went between the subway 
    and the building by the ramp, and one of the Forelli brothers ramped his car 
    off it, which then flipped his car I think because I never saw him again.  
    I didn't see them for the rest of the mission, except when I was at the crushers, 
    I  ran up the slide looking thing to escape from them the odd time they actually 
    follow me down there and try to kill me, and I saw one of them circling on 
    the road.  I completed the mission and it was as easy as that.
    The Getaway
    REWARD - $30,000
    This is a pretty boring mission, make sure you have no wanted level otherwise 
    you will have to get rid of it at the pay and spray, park in the blue circle 
    and honk your horn.  Three guys come out and get into your car, so take them 
    to the radar dot which is the bank.  You will hear a gunshot and some screams, 
    then an alarm.  Drive the nearby alley and get the police bribe to take your 
    wanted level down, and then head to the pay and spray to get rid of the rest 
    of the wanted level and head back to the blue circle you picked them up at.  
    They will get out and you will get a mission complete.
    You can get missions from Toni by heading to his restaurant, or the big T 
    on the map.  (spoiler)Before you get involved with Toni, finish all the 
    business you have in China Town, as Toni will get you hated by the Triads 
    (end spoiler).
    Taking Out The Laundry
    REWARD - $20,000
    This is a fairly easy mission if you know what to do.  At the start, head 
    to 8 Ball's like Toni suggested and get the ten grenades.  Just follow a dot 
    to the nearest truck, and park your car in front of it.  You now have a few 
    choices of what to do to beat this mission.  You can throw the grenades at 
    the truck, steal the truck and dump it in a lake, which I find to be hard 
    to do, take to the crusher which is out of your way, or just smash it up a 
    bit.  Flipping these trucks does not work.  You can also driveby with a couple 
    uzi clips, but be warned, when you hit the trucks they will start to drive 
    like a maniac because they know you are after them, so the uzi is also a hard 
    and ammo wasting way to do it.  When you have found your way to do the mission, 
    if you don't use the grenades you have ten free grenades, or if you do you 
    still have some unless you suck real bad.
    The Pickup
    REWARD - $10,000
    This is another pretty fun mission.  Toni tells you the laundry will pay 
    protection and you have to go pick it up.  Head towards the blip and you will 
    see a suitcase.  Make sure your car is facing either entrance to the alley, 
    and grab the suitcase.  It was a trap.  Some Triads will come to kill you, 
    so get in your car and drive into the first group of Triads.  Back into the 
    second and drive forward and kill any survivors.  Repeat until satisfied.  
    The last Triad has taken a fish truck, so follow it and either steal it and 
    run him over or blow it up.  Either way you will beat the mission.  Then head 
    back to Toni's for mission complete.
    Salvatore's Called a Meeting
    REWARD - $15,000, a new crime boss
    Head over to Joey's to get the Limo and go pick up Luigi after driving out 
    of the garage with Joey in the back.  Head to Toni's and park in the blue 
    circle and he will come out and get in the limo.  Once he gets in, Triad trucks 
    come to stop the meeting, so floor it up the hill.  There will be two Triad 
    trucks blocking the entrance to Salvatore's estate.  You can just ram through 
    them and kill the triads, or you can go down by the car store place, drive 
    up the hill and into the garage for some reason, or you could just drive around 
    the block of houses to the right to get there.  I say just ram through the 
    Triad trucks.  A lot faster unless you car is very close to blowing up.  Drive 
    down the road into the, you guessed it, blue circle and into the garage.  There 
    will be a cutscene and you will have finished the mission.  Take a mafia car 
    and go do whatever you want until you get your next mission.  You can now 
    work for Salvatore as indicated by the big S on your radar.
    You must complete Salvatore's first mission before any of the other bosses 
    will give you any missions, so skip ahead and come back later.
    Triads and Tribulations
    REWARD - $30,000
    This mission is fairly easy or hard, just get the AK-47 by the building by 
    the restaurant and you'll be fine.  You'll also need some molotov cocktails.  
    There will be a leader in the place you had to kill Chunky, just either throw 
    a cocktail at them, or shoot at them and then when they run at you run them 
    over.  You will kill him either way.
    One of the easiest Triad warlords is in the open in front of a store.  When 
    you get close, more Triads come out, just run them over with your car, or 
    if you want just shoot them.  If you want action to kill the last warlord, 
    take the truck, but there is a much easier way to kill him.
    Head to their fish factory and go up on the hill on the opposite side of the 
    gate.  You should see the leader, so toss a cocktail at him.  I missed the 
    first time but then he ran up to the wall, so I could easily kill him and 
    his comrades and then I stole their uzi's through the wall.  If you got the 
    truck, go through the gates and shoot everyone or run them over.  Whatever 
    you want, as long as you still get the job done.
    Blow Fish
    REWARD - $30,000
    This is another easy mission.  Just get a car and head to 8 Ball's.  Get in 
    the "Dust Cart" or a garbage truck, and a timer will start.  There is a damage 
    meter in the corner that a supposed small bump could fill, but that means 
    a huge head on collision that probably won't happen.  Just drive to the fish 
    factory and the gates will open for you.  Head around back and park in the 
    blue circle.  Arm the bomb and run around the right side to grab the hidden 
    package if you haven't got it already.  The fish factory will explode, mission 
    complete.  Now the triads have abandoned the ruins of their beloved fish 
    Salvatore Leone
    You can now only take missions from Salvatore, indicated by the big S on your 
    radar.  He is contacted at his estate.
    REWARD - $10,000
    This is ANOTHER easy mission.  What is with this game and easy missions.  Oh 
    well.  Drive towards the dot on the radar in the limo.  She will exit the 
    limo and talk to Chico, a drug dealer.  He tells her there is a party at East 
    Atlantic Quays, so she gets back in and tells you to take her there.  Go to 
    the new blip on your radar and make sure your car is facing the road.  The 
    game will switch to SWAT van view and you will hear they are raiding the party.  
    The security will start having a gunfight with the cops, and Maria runs out 
    to the limo.  You get a wanted level of two, so drive through the gunfight 
    running over anyone who gets in your path.  Go to Salvatore's house and park 
    in the garage.  Mission Complete
    Cutting The Grass
    REWARD - $15,000
    This is a little bit of a hard mission because of the stupid spook meter.  
    Oh well, about time.  Head to Luigi's club in a car, make sure you're back 
    far enough so the spook meter doesn't go up, but you can still see the car.  
    The car doesn't appear on the radar, so stay within sight of it.  When it 
    stops, back up or the spook meter will go up.  Follow him to the docks and 
    then you will learn he is the squealer.  Run him over and you will complete 
    the mission.  Another way to do this is push the taxi he takes home out of 
    the way and get in your own taxi.  You will then have to take him to the docks, 
    which will make the mission a lot easier because you do not have to deal with 
    that stupid spook meter thing.
    Bomb Da Base
    REWARD - $100,000
    I hate this mission.  Luckily I know an easy way to beat it.  Head to 8 Ball's 
    garage in a car, and he will instruct you to come back with one hundred 
    thousand dollars.  If you have that just walk back into the blue circle, and 
    he will give you the sniper rifle.  Head to the docks.  There is now two ways 
    to do this mission
    Sniping way.  I can't do this but I'll explain how.  Start by shooting the 
    gaurds by the ramp, and then moving up on to the ship and pick them off.  
    Remember, if 8 Ball dies, mission failure.  He will then plant the bombs and 
    the ship will explode.  If you need to there is a slow motion pill somewhere 
    on those canister things.
    Action way.  Get the Ak-47, one hundred armor, and if you want, one hundred 
    twenty five health.  Just kill the guards at the bottom of the ramp, then 
    head up and kill the gaurds aboard the ship.  WARNING: you can target 8 Ball 
    and shoot him to death.  I found this to be more effective as I couldn't see 
    all the gaurds sniping.  Don't worry about getting off the ship, it will 
    transport you off after the cutscene.  Now you have beat the mission.
    Last Requests
    REWARD - $20,000, Staunton Island is available
    This is pretty easy mission.  Follow the blip on the radar to Luigi's club 
    and you will get a page that the car is a trap.  It is rigged with a bomb 
    so head over to the new blip on your radar.  It's at the docks, where Maria 
    will talk to you.  After the cutscene, you'll be in a boat.  Just drive over 
    to the blue circle.  Maria needs to talk to Asuka, so she directs you to your 
    new hideout and tells you to comeback for more work.
    Welcome to Staunton Island.  You can now find boats at the docks too.
    6B - Staunton Island - Commercial District
    Staunton Island is the business part of town, reached by the tunnel, bridge 
    or a boat.
    Asuka Kasen
    You can get missions from Asuka by following the A on your radar, at her condo.
    Sayonara Salvatore
    REWARD - $25,000, new boss
    This is a mission I hate.  The time is three hours before he leaves the club, 
    which is way too much time.  Anyway, your mission is to kill Salvatore before 
    he gets home.  Its quite simple.  Drive across the bridge in your car, then 
    just go straight to his house.  Block off the right side of the double garage 
    with cars, the Mafia Sentinels are good for that, then just wait for him to 
    reach home.  Remember, as long as he doesn't get into his garage, the mission 
    doesn't end.  When he gets home, he can't get through all the cars so just 
    throw a grenade and blow him up.  Or you can snipe from the rooftop across 
    the street from the restaurant, but I heard this was hard.  You can also just 
    kill him with your normal weapon, but this is hard since he has heavily armored 
    Under Surveillance
    REWARD - $15,000
    This is a quite simple mission if you have a sniper rifle.  If not, you should 
    really think about buying one and a few grenades for this mission.  Just head 
    to any of the green blips on your radar, as these are the people you have 
    to kill.  There are two on the island in the park, just snipe them and you'll 
    be fine.  Next, in Bedford point, is a black van.  Simply throw a grenade 
    at it and watch the fireworks.  Next head up on the roof of Kenji's casino 
    by the rockstar helicopter.  There will be various targets on balconys, but 
    they have uzi's, so they are very inaccurate.  Just snipe them all off and 
    there you go, mission complete.
    Paparazzi Purge
    REWARD - $5,000
    This is a really gay mission.  Aim for a time with nice weather when the ocean 
    isn't choppy and you'll be fine though.  You can see the boat from the dock, 
    so go grab a police boat and start chasing after the speedboat, shooting at 
    it all the way.  Since the reporter is in a speedboat, he is faster than you, 
    so try cutting him off and then shooting at him.  Don't directly pursue him 
    or you will lose him.  If you lose him or he makes it all the way around Portland, 
    you lose.  This mission isn't really worth doing for the five thousand you 
    get, but you have to.  This is also your first mission with a boat.
    On the Paparazzi Purge mission (which is real pain in the rear end) I have 
    found an alternate strategy which makes the mission a hell of a lot easier. 
    This works if you have the rocket launcher (which is difficult but not 
    impossible to find at this point.) When Asuka gives you the mission you will 
    notice the FMV sequence which shows you the location of the reporter's boat. 
    Walk down the steps leading to Asuka's door and stand at the brick halfwall 
    overlooking the water. Equip the rocket launcher and BOOM! Two to three shots 
    is all it takes. I realize this takes every bit of challenge out of the 
    scenario but it might help someone that just can't get past it.
    Submitted by Paul Daugherty, JR.
    Payday For Ray
    REWARD - $10,000, new boss
    This is a very tough mission.  Just follow the blips on your map and you should 
    be able to beat this mission, assuming you don't flip your car and you have 
    a fast car.  I suggest using Asuka's sports car outside.  There is four phones 
    you have to answer in this order.  One in Torrington, Belleville park, Liberty 
    Campus, and the same one in the park again (not in the park actually, outside).  
    When you have answered all four phones, the cop agrees to meet you and the 
    time stops.  Head to the bathrooms where he will meet you (why have a hideout 
    in the toilet?) so head to the blip and meet Ray for a mission complete.
    There is a glitch on this mission.  Sometimes when you answer the phone the 
    arrow will stay on the same phone.  The only way to fix this is to start the 
    mission over.
    Two-Faced Tanner
    REWARD - $20,000
    One of the top Yakuza drivers turns out to be an undercover cop.  Grab an 
    endurable vehicle like the enforcer or barracks OL.  When you get to the casino, 
    park in the blue circle and Tanner will run down the stairs into his old 
    Esperanto.  The only problem is the second you hit him your wanted level 
    rockets up to four stars.  There is two ways to complete this mission.  You 
    can buy an uzi and just do drivebys on his car and then when he runs out you 
    can just run him down.  Or you can always get ahead of him and pull out a 
    rocket launcher and blast his car (you will have to complete arms shortage 
    to do it this way).  If you do it this make sure not to bump him, or you will 
    have the stars while trying to blow him up, making the mission very hard.  
    Either way when he's dead, mission complete.
    There was a game made by Reflections that featured an undercover cop named 
    Tanner in it, back from the 70's.  This Tanner dresses like that one, and 
    drives an old car.  Is this a coincidence?  Is Rockstar saying their game 
    is better than Reflections?  If they are they're right.
    Ray Machowski
    These missions can be done by following the big R on your radar to the park 
    Silence In The Sneak
    REWARD - $30,000
    This is a fun mission, but wasteful on grenades or molotov cocktails.  Make 
    sure you have a big heavy car like the barracks OL or a van or something for 
    this mission.  Follow the blip on the map to the witness protection house.  
    See the garage?  Park your big car (you did bring one, right?) in front of 
    the garage and the lob a grenade or cocktail through the window.  The suspect 
    will try to flee out the garage, but just blow up your car blocking it and 
    boom, everyone's dead.  Mission accomplished.
    Arms Shortage
    REWARD - $30,000, new gun shop
    This is a pretty easy mission.  Grab a car and head to the pink blip on the 
    radar.  It is Ray's friends business.  The gate will open and ray tells you 
    to stock up on the weapons you see.  Make sure your car is parked between 
    the sanbags and the warehouse.  Turn around and jump to the building to the 
    north.  Jump on the boxes to the wall, then run backwards towards Phil.  Jump 
    from the storage container to the one with the rocket launcher on it.  If 
    you're fast enough you can grab it before the Columbians arrive.  Take the 
    rocket launcher and blow the cars up.  With the M-16 take out the few that 
    sneak behind the building.  Grab any weapons you didn't have time to get, 
    as they will vanish when you talk to Phil.  Talk to him to get your pay.
    Evidence Dash
    REWARD - $10,000, new boss
    There is an important man in town that the police happen to have some 
    embarrassing photos of.  There is truck transporting them, and your job is 
    too take the photos and dispose of them.  This is quite easy mission if you 
    know how to do it.  Follow the blip to the truck.  Ram it, but don't pick 
    up the package that falls out.  Instead, head to the pay and spray to get 
    rid of the wanted level.  After, come back and pick up the evidence and you 
    can't really lose now.  After, Donald Love becomes available for work, the 
    man who the photos were of.
    Gone Fishing
    REWARD - $15,000
    I hate boat missions.  This one is no different.  The blip directs you to 
    a police boat in Portland, but just go to Asuka's and grab one their.  Now 
    you must drive all the to the other side of Portland to the lighthouse rock 
    by Salvatore's house.  You will see him there in a boat "fishing".  He'll 
    try to flee, just chase him down and shoot him, but watch out for the depth 
    charges he drops.  Other than that you're fine.
    Plaster Blaster
    REWARD - $15,000
    The witness you tried to kill in the witness protection house is still somehow 
    alive.  You have to get him and kill him by ramming the ambulance and running 
    him over or blowing him up.  When the ambulance sees you you get a two star 
    wanted level, so ram the ambulance until McAffrey falls out.  You can now 
    either run over his head for awhile, or you can get out and throw grenades 
    at him.  When he dies, mission complete.  He is also flame retardant and bullet 
    These missions are found by following the big K on your radar or at the casino.
    Kanbu Bust-Out
    REWARD - $30,000
    Kenji needs a member of his member broken out of jail, and you're the man 
    for the job.  Head to the cop station, only a few blocks away and get the 
    cop car parked outside.  Take it to 8 Ball's bomb shop and get it rigged with 
    a bomb, then return to the police station.  Make sure you don't have a wanted 
    level, because I think when you blow up the wall it adds two on your current.  
    Anyway park in the blue circle and arm the bomb, run and get into the Enforcer 
    and drive up to the hole in the wall.  The guy should get in your vehicle, 
    if not go a little closer.  When he's in, drive down the tunnel with the police 
    bribe and get it, then get a street car and take it to the pay and spray.  
    After, return the man to the Hyaku Dojo.
    Grand Theft Auto
    REWARD - $25,000
    This mission is strange.  Kenji owes a debt for twenty years, then needs it 
    repaid in a couple minutes.  Weird, but this a bit of a hard mission.  He 
    wants them in perfect condition, but don't worry, the pay and spray is just 
    beside the garage, although it takes a few precious seconds away.  If the 
    garage door doesn't close when you put the car in, shut the car door.  Also 
    make sure it says get out of the car.  The pink dot is the garage, and the 
    red dots are the cars the man needs.  Just follow the dots, there is no real 
    good strategy for this mission.
    Deal Steal
    REWARD - $25,000
    This is a fun mission.  The Cartel won't leave Liberty City and they're making 
    a deal with the Yardies to gain a better foothold.  You need a Yardie Lobo 
    so drive down the street and find a red car with a gold top and leopard skin 
    seat covers.  These cars also have hydraulics.  Meet your contact and he will 
    tell you it is at the hospital, so head over there.  Park in the blue circle 
    and honk the horn, then when the Columbians come just run them over or shoot 
    them.  After, blow up the trucks and take the breifcase and return it to Kenji.
    REWARD - $10,000
    This is annoying because you have to go to Portland again.  Just follow the 
    dots and grab the briefcases.  When you get to Belleville park to the next 
    business.  He has been robbed and so you must go and track down the loot.  
    Head all the way back to Portland in Hepburn Heights.  Use the car as cover 
    as the Diablos men will try to run through the fence, so just shoot them all.  
    Take the breifcase and head back to back of the casino to the blue circle.
    Smack down
    REWARD - $10,000 plus $1,000 for ever Yardie after eight.
    This is a mission that requires no real strategy, but can become very annoying.  
    Just follow the dots to take out the Yardie dealers before the get off the 
    streets.  For every one you kill, a couple more come out.  I didn't get this 
    the first few times I tried, but when I got it I got about sixteen.
    Donald Love
    Complete everyone elses missions before doing Donald's if you would like to 
    get 100% completion.
    REWARD - $40,000
    Get a Cartel Cruiser for this mission, they are found around the construction 
    site in Fort Staunton.  Head to the blip on the radar, the gate will open 
    for you so drive in.  Eliminate all the gaurds outside, the open up the garages 
    looking for the Old Oriental Gentleman.  When you find him take out the 
    Columbian beside him, and all the other living Columbians will come out of 
    their garages.  Drive away in a Cartel Cruiser to save for your next mission.
    Waka-Gashira Wipeout
    REWARD - $30,000
    This is the mission where you can make it so you can't get 100% completion.  
    You have to kill Kenji, and if your not done the missions, you can't get it.  
    Donald tells you to kill Kenji a Cartel Cruiser (you saved one, right?) so 
    they think the Cartel are declaring war upon them.  All for lower real estate 
    prices.  Head to the top of the car park garage, making sure you're driving 
    towards the ramp on the top floor.  Hit Kenji, your wanted level goes up to 
    three, jump off the ramp for a quick getaway (it now doesn't matter if you 
    get out of your Cartel Cruise) and get out of Newport and ditch the Cartel 
    Cruiser.  Once out, your wanted level will drop back to zero and you will 
    complete the mission.
    A Drop In The Ocean
    REWARD - $10,000, two new bosses reopen, access to Shoreside Vale
    When the mission starts, speed over to Asukas condo, as you have two minutes 
    to get to a boat then meet a plane before it starts dropping packages.  Head 
    to the condo and get the speed boat and drive to the blip on your radar.  The 
    plane will start dropping packages when the time expires.  For every package 
    you pick up, a star gets added to your wanted level.  The plane drops five 
    packages, so you will have the FBI on you when you get out.  When you get 
    on shore, get Asuka's sports car and head to the pay and spray next door.  
    Then drive back to Donald's place.
    6C - Shoreside Vale
    This is the final place, and is a little confusing, but not really.  It has 
    the hardest missions, and a lot of cool stuff.
    Ray Machowski
    Ray's mission has the coolest stuff, so let's start with it.
    Marked Man
    REWARD - $20,000, lots of guns, a bullet-proof patriot
    The CIA are in Liberty City and want to take the SPANK business down.  Ray 
    is one of their marked men, so he needs out, fast.  You need to take him to 
    the airport to get out of town.  First, find a really fast car.  The CIA block 
    the block the lift bridge and you need to get to the airport in three minutes 
    or less.  Get to the tunnel by the hospital FAST.  Get through there to 
    Shoreside Vale FAST.  Avoid wrecks, as you don't want to ruin your car.  The 
    tunnel comes out near the airport if you take the right way, so just drive 
    up and to the blue circle.  He will give you the key to his lockup, so take 
    the tunnel again or the CIA will shoot you, and head back to Staunton.  The 
    lockup is in Newport, where he stashed a sniper rifle, M-16, rocket launcher, 
    a flamethrower, and a BP Patriot.  Ray is nice.  GUARD THE PATRIOT WITH ALL 
    YOU GOT!
    Or, if you have another bullet proof car, just go over the bridge anyway in 
    it.  All there is about five guys with M-16's, no problem for a bullet proof 
    car.  Or you could just snipe them from afar.
    Donald Love
    The missions are still available at the Love Media building, the big D on 
    your radar.
    Grand Theft Aero
    REWARD - $50,000, old boss reopens for business
    This is a long mission.  Get some M-16 and lots of sniper rifle ammo.  Donald 
    tells you the packages the plane dropped were decoys.  You must get the real 
    package from the plane.  The plane was confiscated and Donald has paid the 
    authorities off and you must retrieve the package for him.  Head to Shoreside 
    Vale in a low to the ground car like a taxi so you can do the car shield.  
    Head to the airport to the hanger with the dot in it.  The Cartel have beaten 
    you to the plane and killed the officials.  Drive your car in front of the 
    hanger and do the shield trick and kill the Cartel members.  Get in the plane 
    to learn the package is gone.  Check the van to hint you towards the 
    construction site in Staunton, so head back there.  They have put the package 
    in a maze of walls, so head up to the unfinished skyscraper next to it and 
    take out the Cartel member there.  Find the stairs going up and head to the 
    second floor.  Snipe the guys down in the maze you can see, but when you go 
    back through there, there will be some you couldn't see.  Take them out and 
    go up the elevator to find Catalina and Miguel, Cartel leaders, have your 
    package.  You will have them at gunpoint and Miguel says he will give the 
    package to you.  Catalina shoots him in the back for not trying to escape 
    then leaps off the building into boxes.  Asuka will come and talk about how 
    the Cartel killed her brother, but you actually did.  She starts whipping 
    Miguel and tells you to come back for missions based on his information.  Head 
    down the elevator again to see the Yakuza have taken over the compound.  Get 
    in the Yakuza car and drive away.
    The construction site is now a gang war between the Yakuza and Cartel.  It 
    is fun to help kill Cartel with them.
    Escort Service
    REWARD - $40,000
    The old Oriental gentleman needs to be escorted to Pike Creek to get that 
    package authenticated.  Follow him around and fend off any Cartel Cruisers 
    that come your way.  The guy is a crappy driver, so don't go in front of him 
    or he might ram you.  When you come out of the subway, there will be some 
    Cartel, just follow him and you should be fine.
    REWARD - $45,000
    The AMCO building in which the Oriental gentleman is in is surrounded by SWAT 
    trucks and cop cars.  You must lure them away long enough for him to escape.  
    Go there and get in the armored car.  You will have four stars instantly.  
    Drive around and try to find a good place to hide.  I drove around in the 
    airport and there just a bunch of cruisers that were easy to run from.  The 
    police also can't enter a lot of house lots so drive around in one of the 
    backyards and you should be fine.
    Love's Disappearance
    REWARD - Nothing
    Not a mission, but it's important.  You go up to Donald's pad place and he 
    is nowhere to be found.  You see an empty small treasure chest before you 
    leave (?) and that is it.  I think that probably the Cartel did it, because 
    they're the Cartel, and what you did to them.
    You can find Asuka at the construction site or go to the A on the radar.
    REWARD - $35,000
    This is a quite easy mission.  Just go to the blips on the radar and lure 
    the death squads to the Yakuza trap.  The Yakuza don't need help in killing 
    the death squads, so just go into a corner and stay in your car.  Not really 
    much strategy here people.
    REWARD - $40,000
    The Cartel is using Espresso stands as a front to sell SPANK through.  You 
    have to crash through each of the Espresso stands, they are in all the 
    districts, but they don't show up until you are very close to them. There 
    are two in Portland, five in Staunton, and two in Shoreside Vale.  Here are 
    where they are:
    -Next to the entrance to Salvatore's estate
    -Next to the docks in Trenton
    -Next to the car park in Newport
    -Near a star shaped statue thing a block away from the casino
    -In front of the church in Bedford Point
    -Inside the Belleville Park
    -Down the street from the one by the church
    Shoreside Vale
    -Near the Airport subway
    -At the hospital
    If you get them all on your radar, this is an easy mission.
    REWARD - $45,000
    A plane is going to land at the airport full of SPANK and you need to shoot 
    it down.  Grab the stinger and follow the dot to a boat and a rocket launcher.  
    Drive the Reefer out and hit the bouy to trigger a message.  Get onto the 
    land and run up the ramp.  Shoot the Cartel Cruiser with a rocket and run 
    to the end of the runway.  You may want to save the Cruiser actually.  When 
    the plane comes in, shoot it to make it blow up and drop the cargo.  By the 
    time you picked it up, you will have four stars.  Head down the runway to 
    another Cartel Cruiser, snipe the Cartel around it and take it.  Drive to 
    the pay and spray to get your car resprayed, which should be pretty easy, 
    for me anyway it is.  Then head back to the construction site, where you will 
    discover something gruesome.  Still get your reward though.
    REWARD - Lose $500,000 and your guns
    With the corpses of Asuka and Miguel, Catalina has left you a note to bring 
    five hundred thousand dollars to her mansion if you want to see Maria again.  
    Do anything to get that money, kill people, do vehicle missions, just get 
    that money.
    This is her only mission, but it isn't really a mission of her own.  Oh well.
    The Exchange
    REWARD - $1,000,000 (You don't get the $500,000 you pay Catalina back, so 
    really only $500,000)
    The easy, pushover easy way to beat this mission makes it seem as easy as 
    the first mission.  Well a little harder.  Take a fast car to the Cartel Mansion.  
    After the cutscene where Catalina betrays you again and takes the money, take 
    the pistol from the guard you punched and run towards the gate.  Kill the 
    two guards there and take their weapons and run through the gate.  Hop in 
    the car you brought and drive to your  hideout in Shoreside.  Grab all the 
    weapons from those 100 hidden packages you got, and run to the back of the 
    wall in the garage to renew them.  Repeat until satisfied.  Grab the tank 
    from the garage and drive to that road that goes below the main dam road.  
    Just blow up the the barricades of cars that are in your way, continue on 
    until you see the stairs leading up to the roof.  Hop out of your tank and 
    take out anyone that is shooting at you.  Run halfway up the stairs to the 
    first landing and shoot the guard overlooking the stairs from the roof.  Run 
    up the rest of the stairs and pull out the sniper rifle.  Kill the two guards 
    around Maria and look for a big box like thing.  You can see half a Cartel 
    member so take him out.  Run up the rest of the stairs and to the end of the 
    roof.  Grab the rocket launcher and shoot Catalina's helicopter.  Easy as 
    The other way makes this mission harder.  Get a highly armored vehicle and 
    take it the the mansion.  Grab the gun from the guy you punched, and shoot 
    the two guards guarding the gate out.  Grab their guns and get in your car.  
    Head to the road that leads below the main dam road.  Hop out of your car 
    and take everyone out at the first barricade.  Get back in your car, or the 
    Cartel Cruiser, whichever you like, and continue until you see a sniper rifle 
    off to your right.  Hop out, grab it, and take out the other guards at the 
    barricade ahead.  Keep on going, and take out the Cartel members you can see.  
    If you see red barrels, shoot them.  There will be a barracks OL that will 
    come after you, just run up those stairs that lead to the M-16 and take it 
    out.  Take out any remaining guards you can see and proceed to the set of 
    stairs that lead to the big roof.  Pull out your sniper rifle and shoot the 
    guards surrounding Maria and there is one that you can barely see by a box 
    like thing.  Once they're done, run up to the end of the roof and grab the 
    rocket launcher.  Shoot the helicopter to complete the mission.
    Optional Missions
    You don't have to do these, unless you want to get 100% completion.  You do, 
    don't you?
    7A - Portland
    These are the missions you can take up in Portland.
    Marty Chonks
    Marty is the owner of the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory.  He is available when 
    you start taking jobs from Joey.  The phone rings from 9:00-something.  Marty 
    supplies his own vehicles for missions.
    The Crook
    REWARD - $1,000
    Grab the Perennial and head over not so far to pick up the bank manager.  Marty 
    will have a "conversation" with him.  Then you need to take the Perennial 
    to the crusher to get rid of any evidence.  If you flip it, mission failure.
    The Thieves
    REWARD - $3,000
    You get a Sentinel for this mission, so take it and follow the blip to the 
    thieves Marty wants you to pick up.  Pick them up and take them back to Marty's.  
    Then go and get the resprayed, then drop it off in the dog food factory at 
    the blip.
    The Wife
    REWARD - $2,000
    Go get the Esperanto from inside the compound, then drive to the blip where 
    Marty's wife is.  It's right by Ammu-Nation.  When you pick her up, take her 
    back to the factory.  After you have to dump the car in the ocean.  I hate 
    dumping cars into the ocean.
    Her Lover
    REWARD - $4,000
    Go get the Stallion and follow the blip on your radar, and pick up Marty 
    Chonks' wife's lover.  Pick him up and take him to the factory.  Marty is 
    waiting for the man outside, but instead him dying, he pulls out a shotgun 
    and blows Marty away.  Oh well you get paid.
    El Burro
    These missions are found in the park place at Hepburn Heights.
    REWARD - $10,000
    There are two ways to beat this mission, first we will start with the cheating 
    way.  Just grab a bus from the station, and park it in front of the other 
    cars.  Then head to the blue circle.  This is the easiest way.  Or you can 
    get a fast car like the banshee or Diablo Stallion, and then go to the blue 
    circle.  Or you can bump in between two of the cars, which will give you a 
    head start.  E-mail your times in:
    I Scream, You Scream
    REWARD - $6,000
    First pick up the breifcase bomb.  Just follow the blip and you'll get it.  
    Then follow the red blip, it moves because it is the ice cream truck you must 
    steal.  Once you are in it, head over to the blip and park in the blue circle.  
    Play your jingle with L3 button.  The Forelli's will emerge, so get out of 
    the truck and run far away.  Then hit the O button.  As a bonus you can pick 
    up the weapons the Forelli's had.
    Trial By Fire
    REWARD - $10,000
    This is just like a rampage.  You have three minutes in which you have to 
    kill thirty Triads.  Head towards the gun icon on your radar and get the 
    flamethrower.  Run out of the alley and go left.  Then take another left and 
    run along the hedge by the basketball court.  Run up the ramp into the 
    basketball court.  In here there is a lot of Triads, usually in a group.  Kill 
    them and take out any that spawn.  Once they're all dead run over the ramp 
    on the other side.  Take out the rest of the Triads you need to.
    Big 'N' Veiny
    REWARD - $20,000
    You have twenty five seconds to collect porn mags and kill the guy that took 
    them.  The bad thing is the mags don't appear on your radar, so keep your 
    eyes open for them, because for each one you get you get an extra second.  
    Hop in the van and follow the trail.  When the trail leads into an alley, 
    kill the man in there, then head to the blip which is the bookstore.  Then 
    you'll get paid.
    These missions are found by getting into a toyz van.
    Mafia Massacre
    REWARD - $1,000 a car
    The van for this mission is in St. Marks, right across from Toni's restaurant, 
    in a dark alley.  Get in the blue van with the white circle on it.  In these 
    missions you drive around little remote control cars and blow up cars (or 
    people if you want).  In this one you have to blow up Mafia Sentinels.  You 
    can detonate the car by hitting the wheels or pressing O.
    Diablo Destruction
    REWARD -  $1,000 a car
    This can be found near the phone El Burro contacts you on.  It's the same 
    blue van as before, so hop in.  This time you must blow up Diablo Stallions.  
    Just drive around and blow them up.
    These missions are found by entering a vehicle.
    Patriot Playground
    REWARD - $30,000
    The patriot for this mission is located in the parking lot for the Supa Save.  
    In these missions you must drive around and collect checkpoints.  For each 
    checkpoint you get, you get more time.  Just drive up and down that hill 
    collecting the checkpoints.
    7B - Staunton Island
    These missions are found in Staunton Island.
    King Courtney
    These missions are found at the payphone.
    The Interview
    REWARD - $1,000 a checkpoint
    This is another racing mission.  Find a fast car and head to the blip on your 
    radar.  If you want, you can go early.  There are fifteen checkpoints, and 
    you have to hit the most out of anyone.  Only one person was smart and brought 
    a Cheetah, the rest brought trucks.  This is easier than the Turismo mission.
    Uzi Rider
    REWARD - $10,000
    Go to the Perennial and the guys will give you an uzi.  Head over to Portland 
    to the Diablo territory.  Just follow the blips now.
    Gangcar Round-Up
    REWARD - $10,000
    You must steal a Mafia Sentinel, a Yakuza Stinger, and a Diablo Stallion.  
    Don't go to the blip on your radar, that is the garage.  The only car you 
    should have problems with is the Mafia Sentinel.  Just grab one on the 
    outskirts of the Mafia territory.  Each car must be in perfect condition, 
    otherwise you have to go get it repaired.  This is a pretty easy mission.
    Kingdom Come
    REWARD - $10,000
    You have under two minutes to get to the car, indicated by a blip on your 
    radar.  When you do get there, there is a letter inside from Catalina, and 
    she wants you to feel the power of SPANK.  A group of suicide bombers will 
    run towards you car, so spin your car around and drive between the van and 
    the exit.  Get out of your car and run towards the alley you see, firing as 
    you run.  When they die, you get your reward.
    These missions are found by entering the specific vehicle.
    Casino Calamity
    REWARD - $1,000 a car
    The van for this mission is located in the parking lot across from the casino.  
    You must destroy as many Yakuza Stingers as possible in the time limit.
    These missions are found by entering a specific car.
    A Ride In The Park
    REWARD - $30,000
    The Landstalker for this mission is located in front of the cottage.  There 
    are twelve checkpoints.
    Multi Story Mayhem
    REWARD - $30,000
    You must drive through twenty checkpoints in two minutes.  The car for this 
    is in the parking garage in Newport.  Just take any car in there to activate 
    the mission.
    7C - Shoreside Vale
    These missions are found in Shoreside Vale.
    These missions are found at a phone near your hideout.
    Uzi Money
    REWARD - $10,000
    In this mission you must drive by twenty Nines (guys wearing purple).  After 
    a bit the Rumpo XL's will come after you, so watch out.  Just look for purple 
    and kill purple and this mission should be no problem.
    Sometimes the Nines won't be walking the streets.  The only way to fix this 
    is to restart your game file if you want 100%.
    REWARD - $5,000
    This is just like a Toyz mission except you only have four cars and you have 
    to blow up three gang cars with them.  Take your time, as you can only afford 
    to mess up once.  Just head to the dot and hop in the Toyz van to start the 
    remote control cars.
    Rigged To Blow
    REWARD - $20,000
    This is really annoying mission.  You must go to D-Ice's car and get it.  Just 
    follow the blip on the radar to find it.  Get in the blue Infernus you will 
    find and head all the way back to Portland.  Be very careful, as if you hit 
    a few cars you will blow up.  After it is defused, take it back to where you 
    found it.  It must be in mint condition, so drive carefully.
    Bullion Run
    REWARD - $25,000
    Grab a big tough car like a barracks OL and then head to the blip on your 
    radar.  There will be platinum spread throughout the area, so start picking 
    it up.  For every one you pick up your car goes slower and there will be cops 
    on you.  When you get about fifteen head back and drop them off and come back 
    for more.  When you get thirty, mission complete.
    REWARD - $10,000
    Make sure you have a baseball bat for this mission.  If not grab one, and 
    some armor wouldn't hurt either.  Grab a car and head to the blip where D-Ice's 
    brother is.  Head to the new blip after he gets in, and when you see all the 
    nines, hop out and put away your bat.  Get them into a big group and then 
    pull out your bat again.  Hit them all in the group, and you should hit a 
    lot.  Then hit them when they are down to kill them.  When you kill all the 
    nines, mission complete.
    These missions are found by entering a Toyz van.
    Rumpo Rampage
    REWARD - $1,000 a car
    The van for this mission is right behind your hideout.  It's the one with 
    the white circle, of course.  Go to it and hop in.  Drive the car and explode 
    as many Rumpo XL's as possible in the time limit.
    These missions are found by entering the car.
    REWARD - $30,000
    The patriot for this mission is in the Staunton View Park in Cedar Gardens 
    where you fought the rumble with D-Ice's brother.  This is the hardest of 
    all the Offroad missions.
    8 - Vigilante Missions
    These missions are found by entering the respective car and tapping R3.
    Police Car/FBI Car/Rhino/Enforcer
    These missions can be used in a Rhino, Enforcer, FBI Car, or Police Car. Chase 
    criminals around the island and force them out of their car and kill them.  
    This is a good way to find weapons and get money.  There is a way that the 
    people at www.gamefaqs.com figured out how to do.  If you press start then 
    unpause it again, if you have the criminal car in sight, the guy will get 
    out.  These are the rewards:
    Kill 10 criminals in Portland to have one police bribe created at your 
    Kill 20 criminals in Portland to have two police bribes created at your 
    Kill 10 criminals in Staunton to have three police bribes created at your 
    Kill 20 criminals in Portland to have four police bribes created at your 
    Kill 10 criminals in Shoreside Vale to have five police bribes created at 
    your hideout.
    Kill 20 criminals in Shoreside Vale to have six police bribes created at your 
    This mission has you picking up wounded pedestrians and taking them to the 
    hospital.  These are the hardest missions, because with every bump, you get 
    less time.  For groups of people you will get time bonuses.  The ambulance 
    is also very easy to roll, so watch out for that.  Here are the rewards for 
    doing the missions:
    Save thirty five pedestrians and a health icon will be created at your 
    Save seventy pedestrians and an adrenaline pill will be created at your 
    Do ambulance mission level twelve and infinite run is enabled, allowing you 
    to run without stopping.
    Drive to vehicles on fire and extinguish the flames with your hose.  Right 
    analog is to move the hose left and right.  It is also fun hitting people 
    with the hose and then they will do barrel rolls.  Here is what you get for 
    the mission:
    Put out twenty fires in Portland, Staunton, and Shoreside Vale and the 
    flamethrower will be created at your hideout.
    This is just like crazy taxi.  Pick up the nearest fare who has the blue arrow 
    overtop him and take him to his destination.  Yes, just like in crazy taxi 
    they have time limits and give you money on how fast you are.  Also if you 
    hit to much stuff or people the guy will bail.  Here is what you get for the 
    If you pick up one hundred fares anywhere you will get the Borgnine taxi at 
    the taxi station in Harwood.
    9 - Miscellaneous Secrets
    Hooker Trick
    Ok, by now if you haven't heard of this, I hope you had a good time in your 
    coma.  But there are people coming out of coma's so for them, just get a normal 
    street car, as the hookers shy away from public cars and cop cars.  You can 
    see them because they stand out in their bra's and stuff.  Pull up beside 
    one and she will get in your car.  Drive to an alley or some place secluded 
    and the car will start rocking (don't come a knockin when the trailer goes 
    a rockin) and your health will go up.  She costs you a dollar a second though, 
    so be fast.  I got a minivan (Blista) and then I could pick up two of hookers, 
    one of each kind (afro whore and nice one).  If you want to be a lesbian just 
    change costumes until you get a bag lady or other chick.  This can raise your 
    health up to a maximum of one hundred twenty five.  If you get a convertible, 
    your health will automatically change from ??? to one hundred twenty five.
    BF Injection
    When you complete the first of the Staunton missions by Asuka, the BF 
    Injection will be created where you picked up Misty for the Drive Misty For 
    Me mission, the same place where El Burro contacts you.
    Yardie Lobo
    This car is special because of the fact it has hydraulics.  When you get in, 
    the car bounces.  You can control the hydraulics with the right ananlog stick.  
    Just don't get distracted from driving like I always do and crash and blow 
    my car up.
    Vehicle Items
    When you get in an Enforcer (SWAT van) you get 100% armor.
    When you get in a Police Car you get five shotgun shells.
    When you get in an ambulance you get twenty health, but if you have 125 health, 
    it plummets back to one hundred.
    Flying The Dodo
    There are a few rules to flying the Dodo that will make you fly for long amounts 
    of time.  First, taxi on to the longest runaway, the one the jets land on 
    and take off on.  Do not hold X any time.  Make sure you are straight with 
    the runaway so you do not go into the grass.  Hold forward on the left analog 
    to get your plane going faster.  When you see sparks coming from the plane 
    while it's bouncing, let go of the analog.  Immediately get the plane level 
    or it will go down in a nosedive.  Do not fly over unique jumps or you will 
    be stuck in the cinematic scene until you hit the ground.  Do not try to turn 
    unless you are forced to.  Only tap X to get a little lift, holding makes 
    the plane stall.  Always head straight on take off.  Do not hold any sticks 
    in the air.  If you follow these rules you will be good at flying in no time.  
    My longest time flying is about twenty five seconds, but I haven't flown for 
    awhile.  E-mail me your top time.
    Things to do While Flying
    Go to Ghost Town (read the faq at gamefaqs)
    Go to the stadium and the people will be playing
    Could you land on the observatory mountain or the lighthouse rock while flying?  
    Someone try, I suck too much at flying.
    Access Islands Early
    If you drive very slowly on the ramp over the subway in the first island, 
    your nose of your car will knock out the gate, allowing you access to the 
    subway early.  I have only heard of this and have tried it and it did not 
    work.  You can try if you want too.  This was basically confirmed a hoax by 
    Roger Helmandach.
    Or to get from the second island to the third island put on flying cars cheat 
    and tank cheat and turn you turret behind you.  Constantly shoot and you should 
    make it over the bridge.  Only shoot once in the air, or else your tank will 
    do a flip.
    To get from the first island to the second island just put in flying cars 
    cheat to fly across the gap.
    Hidden Messages
    If you look at electric signs, there will usually be website come across.  
    On the bleachers in the stadium in Staunton, the word COCKS is written.  This 
    is because the team name is Liberty City Cocks.
    The healthier you are the longer you can run.
    Free Tank
    When you beat the game, the tank at the army surplus store will be unlocked 
    for you to take.
    Gun Store In Shoreside
    If you head behind the police station there will be a ramp.  Go down it and 
    there will be a garage where you can buy a flame thrower, molotov cocktails, 
    and a garage with armor, and a garage with health.
    New Color For Free
    After repairing your car at the Pay and Spray, drive back in to get a new 
    color for free.
    Pull Driver Out
    If you steal a car while holding the analog stick away from the car, the person 
    inside will be pulled out and you will not get in.  Great for random beatings 
    of gang members or pedestrians.
    Gang War
    This is a fun thing that many people will probably miss.  After you complete 
    Grand Theft Aero mission by Donald Love, the Yakuza will be walking around 
    the construction site and so will the Cartel.  They will kill each other, 
    and since the Cartel hate you, they shoot at you too.  This is fun to take 
    part in, just don't kill or target the Yakuza gang members or they will shoot 
    Places For Good Standoffs
    I only know a few, so please email me your places.  Well here they are.
    If you go up the grass hill behind Portland police station, run along the 
    edge to the right.  This is a good place to snipe and you can see all the 
    cars coming.  Make sure you have some rocket ammo.
    In Portland hospital, head to the right of the front up the ramp.  There is 
    an adrenaline to the right of the ramp too.  When the police officers run 
    up the hill just shoot them with an M-16.  Beware, sometimes the cars can 
    actually get up and over the hill to you.
    In the internet cafe in Staunton, head up to the top level and shoot out the 
    glass.  Make sure to block the stairs off with a car.  There is also an 
    adrenaline pill up here. The cops can shoot you if you are close enough to 
    the edge so watch out.
    If you head to the roof with the sniper rifle and armor on it, you can snipe 
    pretty good.
    If you head up the bridge a bit from the location above, you can drop onto 
    a roof for some sniping fun.
    If you run along the train tracks in Portland, you can drop onto the 
    supermarket roof.  Make sure you have a lot of rockets.  The police officers 
    will pile up below where you can't see them, so make sure to clear down below 
    with a grenade, cocktail, or rocket.
    Along the train tracks anywhere in Portland.  Just watch out for the train.
    In Portland if you go up behind the police station you can snipe down from 
    the ledge.
    Along any roof reachable by the train tracks in Portland.
    In Staunton there is a glass walled building you can run up to the second 
    story in and there will be a hidden package and windows to shoot out of.  The 
    cops can shoot you if you are close enough to the edge so watch out.
    Head behind the Shoreside police station and hop on to the big crate next 
    to the road.  This has a good view for shooting the road and sidewalk, but 
    the police can shoot you, so watch out.
    If you head up on a walkway that leads across a road in Staunton, there is 
    a hidden package and a great place for a standoff.  Just throw molotov 
    cocktails down and blow up tanks.  The flamethrower also works up here I have 
    noticed.  And the army people don't shoot at you, but you are vulnerable to 
    helicopters, and that isn't too hard to take care of.k
    If you stay in your garage in Shoreside Vale, the helicopters can't shoot 
    you, and you have a good view of the road outside.  Also, no police cars will 
    drive in here.
    Ok, I might know a few, but I still want your ideas!
    10 - Glitches
    If you park a car on the ramp on the top of the car park, it disappears almost 
    instantly.  Also after this is usually no cars in the garage.
    If you press Triangle to steal a car and hold X, you can run forever until 
    you catch the car and hop in.
    Picking up the adrenaline pill and hopping on the train makes the train go 
    If your car gets jacked while a hooker's talking through the window she will 
    follow you around.  No advantage to this though.
    Hey there, I found out a glitch in GTA3, and because your the only person 
    who has a dedicated glitch space on your FAQ, I thought that I would give 
    you a holla. Well to get started, go to the Police Station in Staunton. Then 
    take the cop car in the front and get into the back, then ram that car into 
    the other car and the Enforcer until they blow up. HA, YOUR STUCK, NOW YOUR 
    SCREWED. Well if you don't have any explosives or a wanted level, you might 
    find it hard to leave. So look at the police station FROM the back wall, so 
    the place you came in is on the left, and the place to go lower in the station 
    and out is on the right. So go to the left and walk along the sill that black 
    windows are on. One of the black windows doesn't posses the code to stop you 
    walking through, the 2nd or 3rd one, not sure. Walk through it to find the 
    inside of the cop station having no floor. If you fall through you will look 
    like your falling forever and then land on the street outside and loose only 
    5 health...I think. And there you have it, a glitch.
    Thanks to Idiot
    Hey I found 2 glitches for GTA3 for you,  
    Glitch 1:  
    The Magical Stairs!  
    Alright, now  
    from your hideout in Staunton Island go left out of it  
    at the lights go right and right, all the way around the lights (U turn!)  
    Then follow this road ALLLLL the way to the end, or till you hit the 
    intersection where the Portland bridge is (it should be to left)  
    From here go straight across to the two lane road the goes one way, (the way 
    your going)  
    go to the end of this road and stop and the little bridge that people walk 
    over, now you need to jack a Yakuza stinger (or a stinger)  
    and line it up with the left stair case to the top of the bridge,  
    You rev it a bit and take off, not to fast enough to be half way up the stairs, 
    jump OUT!!!!  
    if u were close enough left you would have jumped out of your car and fallen 
    down the side of the stair case and been half way in it, now run into the 
    center of the stair case, and presto! your inside, now chuck on the weapons 
    cheats and flame thrower the people outside, and listen to em burn while the 
    cops can touch you!!!  
    Cheat/Glitch 2:  
    This glitch is also in Staunton island, but its a real skill to get where 
    I tell u to, u need a bit of spare time, but its funny, and you can see how 
    the games put together!  
    Now on Staunton island get wasted and go to the hospital, you all should know 
    there's a train station across the road, hi-jack a either a barracks OL 
    flatbed or an ambulance and drive it into the subway, don't go all the way 
    down, just go down the first stairs, then half way on the escalators (if u 
    have the ambulance go all the way down the escalator!)  
    Ambulance strategy: stand on the roof and throw a grenade, when its about 
    to explode jump and you should be blown through the roof, this may not work, 
    it may have been fluke!  
    Flatbed/Barracks OL strategy: with these you need to drive down and turn 
    around the start to drive back up the right elevator passage, get half way 
    up the escalator and jump out jump on the back run up and jump a few times, 
    this may not work either, I will perfect my ways and report back on a definite 
    -Thanks to Liam Best
    Ok, in Staunton Island from your hideout go left.  Then take the first right.  
    Then go all the way down to the end and make a right on to the bridge.  Go 
    over the bridge on the right side and keep going through the tunnel.  Stop 
    just at the end of it.  There is a grassy patch of land on the right.  Get 
    out of your car and go into the corner and you should fall through and land 
    in the middle of the tunnel.
    Another glitch is in Atlantic Quays in Portland, if you go to where the I 
    Scream You Scream mission was, head to the other end of the warehouses and 
    the last warehouse that says no parking on it ahs a hollow door.
    A third glitch is not anything you can do.  On the Callahan bridge if you 
    get a stallion to get it's back wheels of the road on the right side (going 
    from Staunton to Portland) it will not be able to move because it's wheels 
    are below the road.
    NOTE: This has only worked for me once.
    Another glitch is the stallion glitch except in Staunton Island if you park 
    in front of the church and look (when out of the car) at the passing cars 
    their back wheels will dip into the ground and they will keep going.
    NOTE: This usually works but not all the time.
    -Thanks to JohnnyFive10055@hotmail.com and Disasterarea51@AOL.com
    11 - Weapon Locations/Item
    There is one at the topmost street in St. Marks (same one with the shotgun).  
    There is a bit of peach buildings with an arch through them.  Head down here 
    and in the second door in the wall, the uzi is and there is also a hidden 
    These are on top of the sawmill in Atantic Quays.  You need to jump on to 
    the roof here to get them.  This is accesible by hopping over the barb wire 
    fence with a van and running up a big sand pile onto the roof.
    In the area where El Burro phones you, head north and go left up the side 
    of the buildings.  As you come around the back, the shotgun's to your right.
    Back of the statue in Belleville Park.
    In the St. Mark area, on the street that makes to ninety degree turns (top 
    one, by Salvatore's estate) there is a parking lot where you can jump over 
    a roof on to a slightly sloping roof.  Run off the edge on the left side to 
    land on the roof with the shotgun on it.
    Go down the road that goes under the bridge in Portland until you come to 
    a building.  Turn right on the walkway to reach the shotgun.
    Go to the southwest corner of Bedford point, there is a concrete quay that 
    goes to the west.  At the northern end of this area the shotgun is located.
    Near Toni's restaurant, there is a park with an alarmed Mafia Sentinel.  Head 
    down the side walkway, and down the ramp.  There is the AK-47 and armor down 
    In St. Mark area, there is an orange rectangle on the map with a cut in it.  
    Drive along the edge of here and you will find an opening with a Rampage and 
    a Mafia Sentinel in it.  Head along the side the Mafia Sentinel is on.  You 
    will be on a ledge overlooking the road.  Take a left and jump into an alleyway.  
    Take a right halfway down the alley on to a ramp and hop in to an opening 
    with the AK and armor.
    There is one on top of the Pharmaceuticals building.  You must drop on the 
    roof from the train tracks above.
    In the construction site in Fort Staunton head through the tunnel under the 
    road into the north section. Drive to the southeast corner.  When you are 
    standing against the chainlink fence, turn around.  It is by the trailer 
    Coming to Pike Creek from the main airport road, the first compound you see 
    is punk noodles.  The AK is there.
    In Shoreside Vale, after crossing the bridge into Cedar Grove, loop around 
    the Cartel mansion.  The first pink house on the left has it on their doorstep 
    (old people with shotguns is bad enough, but now..).
    At the dam at Shoreside Vale, at the top of a tall staircase on the dam wall.
    At the parking lot where you get suicide bombed in the Kingdom Come mission, 
    come out of the park and turn right, another right and head up the steps.  
    Jump as high as you can on the left side, then do a running jump over the 
    gap.  Head down the ramp to the M-16 and Armor.
    Sniper Rifle/Armor
    If you go up the left side of the Staunton lift bridge in a fast car going 
    fast you can ramp onto a roof a building, on which there is a sniper rifle 
    and some armor.
    Jump from the train tracks to the roof of the HEAD radio station in Hepburn 
    Underneath the road tunnel in Shoreside Vale, away from the river against 
    the wall.
    Rocket Launcher
    On the roof of the sixth house after the Cartel Mansion, accessible by the 
    Molotov Cocktails
    These can be obtained by heading to 8 Ball's garage in Portland.  Head to 
    the one part where there is the empty lot where you got the dust truck in 
    the one mission.  There is a train tunnel here, so drive through it.  There 
    will be four bums standing around a hidden package, so kill them and take 
    their cocktails.  I knew about this but thanks to Hudson151@AOL.com for 
    pointing out that I forgot to put them in my faq.
    There is armor at the end of one of the piers in Portland.
    If you go in the Cartel base at Shoreside Vale, head in the garage and there 
    will be armor.
    In one of the garages behind the police station in Shoreside Vale.
    There is health and armor on the second floor of the unfinished building in 
    the Staunton construction yard.
    By Joey's, head over to the right side of the rectangle on the radar.  Turn 
    to the right and it is there.
    There is a health icon on the right side of the Staunton lift bride on Staunton 
    Island.  It is at the very start of the bridge.
    There is some health by Salvatore's place.  If you head to the right and drive 
    to the end of the row of buildings, there is a health icon in the bushes.
    In one of the garages behind the police station in Shoreside Vale.
    Adrenaline Pill
    At the hospital in Portland, head up the ramp to the right, and to the right 
    of the ramp is an adrenaline pill.
    Adrenaline Pill
    In Staunton, head to the internet cafe.  It is on the top level of it.
    Adrenaline Pill
    In Shoreside Vale, when coming off the lift bridge, if you drive straight 
    you should see two billboards.  It is behind the far billboard.
    12 - Garages and Crane
    These are the locations of the cars and the cars needed for the garages, and 
    the crane.
    12A - Import/Export Garage Portland
    Cars Needed
    Mr. Whoopee
    You will receive $200,000 and sixteen GTA pickups.
    You can find the Vehicles at the following locations:
    These are just driving around.
    This is just a van found driving around.
    This is a bus you can find at the bus station or sometimes driving around 
    in Portland.
    This kinda looks like a barracks OL, found in Staunton.
    This is a truck found all over Portland.
    At night you can find a lot of these.
    These are most common on the road in front of the hospital in Portland.  Or 
    go on the dam road and drive straight to the road next to the mountain above 
    the houses.
    Mr. Whoopee
    You can start doing firetruck missions, or police missions, or else on the 
    bridge that is just down from the dam in Shoreside Vale, I've found a lot 
    here.  Three in fact.
    This is a van found all over the place.
    A mini-van found in Staunton Or Shoreside Vale.
    A van found in lots of places.
    Found in Shoreside.  It's a van.
    A bus.  Found in Staunton.
    Truck found in Portland.
    12B - Emergency Vehicle Crane Portland
    The following vehicles are needed:
    Barracks OL
    FBI Car
    Police Car
    Rhino Tank
    Fire Truck
    You can find them here:
    Barracks OL
    At Phil's shop.
    FBI Car
    Get five stars on you and steal one.
    Police Car
    Get one star or get one from the police station
    This is hard.  Get six stars and steal one.
    Get four stars or steal one from the back of Staunton police station.
    Fire Truck
    Torch people/cars or find the fire station
    Kill someone or go to the hospital
    You get $1,500 a car and $200,000 when done.  You also get seven GTA pickups.
    Import/Export Garage Shoreside Vale
    Cars needed are:
    BF Injection
    They are found at:
    Lots of places, two door crap mobile.
    Parking lots in Portland, other islands, looks like the mafia version.
    Found in Staunton, Shoreside Vale.
    Portland car store, Staunton, Shoreside.
    Shoreside Vale, weird looking car with big headlights.
    Shoreside Vale, it's a cheetah look alike with a fin thing on the end.
    Portland diner parking lot, Staunton, Shoreside Vale.
    Shoreside Vale, it's a limo.
    Portland, station wagon.
    Staunton, Shoreside Vale.
    Staunton, looks like Stallion.
    Potland, convertible thing.
    Everywhere.  Old looking taxi.
    BF Injection
    This is found at Misty's flat (where you picked her up to take her to Joey's) 
    after you complete Asuka's first mission.  It appears from 9:00 to 5:00 I 
    13 - Stories
    E-mail me your stories here.  Funny or serious.  I don't have any.  It would 
    seem you don't either.
    14 - Cheats
    WARNING: Many of these cheats cannot be turned off, especially the pedestrian 
    ones.  Do not E-mail me and say that I can't turn a cheat off.  Please email 
    me cheats you have, I know there is more and want more to make the faq longer 
    and more informative for those willing to cheat. 
    This code gets you all guns.  Repeat for more ammo for the guns.  Enter:
    For 100 health, enter:
    For 100 armor, enter:
    To make the weather normal, enter:
    To make fog, enter:
    To make clouds appear, enter:
    To let it rain, enter:
    To lower your wanted level to zero stars, enter:
    To speed up the clock, enter:
    To shoot peoples arms and legs off, enter:
    To make a tank appear, enter:
    Be careful! Do not stand on the road while entering this.  Find out for 
    To increase your wanted level by two stars, enter:
    To change into old ladies and other people you see, enter:
    To make people riot and kill each other, enter:
    People With Guns
    Use this with the riot cheat for a lot of fun!  Enter:
    To gain a couple hundred thousand dollars, enter:
    Pee on Wall
    I haven't got this code to work.  I found it on Oreo's FAQ at gamefaqs, so 
    someone please confirm it!  I want to pee on a wall!
    Be up against a wall and press U,D,U,D,L2,R1,R2,R2,U,D,U,D,U
    Fly Mode
    To make cars fly like the Dodo plane, enter:
    Good Handling Cars
    To make cars have instant handling, which is very annoying and hard to get 
    used to, enter:
    17 - Stuff
    This is just stuff I feel like talking about and will be updated every version 
    unless I don't have time.  Mainly about games.
    Today it's about Digipen.  A school for making games.  It requires a lot of 
    math and 13 hour days and other stuff that makes normal school look pathetic.  
    If you know how to interpolate a quaternion curve, then good for you, that's 
    what they do here.  If you want more info go buy EGM #152.  #150 is hilarious 
    GTA4 is gonna rule according to rumors in the EGM #152 mag.  Online where 
    you make your own gangs and stuff.  How are they going to handle the 1000 
    players going around killing stuff is what I'd like to know.  And it will 
    take place in a real US city and they're gonna take the GTA3 framework and 
    put it online.  GTA3 Xbox is for sure and it might have online play.  Sweet, 
    except I don't got an Xbox.
    Animal Forest for Gamecube would be cool, like harvest moon except you can 
    have your friends and family move to your village and write letters to them.  
    This is also in EGM #152.  You can be a slacker if you want or you can work 
    it's up to you.
    Mr. Mosquito would be sweet game.  It's in EGM #152 too.  I read about it 
    earlier but they said it would never make it over here from Japan.  Anyway 
    you're a mosquito and you have to bite people and it looks good.
    That's it for now, Cya!
    The Resident Evil movie looks cool.  Opens on march 15 I think.  Somewhere 
    around there.  Go to see it or die.
    Hi again I haven't updated for awhile so I should get back to it.  I want 
    to play State of Emergency really bad, despite the mixed reviews I still want 
    to try it.  Looks fun.
    16 - Credits
    This is where I thank everyone who helped with the faq.
    -Me me and me.
    -Roger Helmandach for helping confirm that the subway trick to get to other 
    islands was a hoax and being the first person to email me on my faq.
    -Paul Daugherty for the easy way to beat the paparazzi purge mission.
    -www.gamefaqs.com and www.psxcodez.com and www.cheathappens.com for putting 
    my faq on their sites.
    -GTA3 Instruction booklet for radio station information.
    -Idiot for the glitch.
    -Nathan Norris for a bit of info on walkthroughs and the ASCII art at the 
    top, which is beautiful.
    -Roger McNickel for the way to get the Rhyno.
    -Hudson151 for the weapon location.
    -JohnnyFive10055@hotmail.com and Disasterarea51@AOL.com for the glitches.
    17 - Legal Stuff
    This document copyright 2002 Brett Lacoursiere.  This document can not be 
    copied in whole or part and shall not be used for commercial purposes like 
    selling.  Reproduction of this document in whole or part is strongly 
    prohibited unless permission is granted by the author.  My faq is allowed 
    on the following sites:

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