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    Import/Export Garage and EV Crane FAQ by INoble

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    GTA3 Import/Export Garage and EV Crane FAQ
    Posted by Iain Noble (iain.noble@ntlworld.com) Additions and corrections
    welcome. Stupid questions ignored.
    Many of the messages posted on the GTA3 board at http://www.gamefaqs.com
    are about the location of the two import/export garages, what cars are
    required by them and how to obtain them. This very short FAQ attempts to
    answer these questions.
    You are told about these garages and the EV crane on your pager at
    certain points in the game but you can start depositing vehicles there
    at any time.
    There are 2 import/export garages. One is located in Portland at the
    Docks. Drive through the main dock gates and go to the end. Turn left
    and then left again. The garage is on your right in a building with
    large two toned blue doors. There is a list of the vehicles required on
    the wall immediately to the left of the door. The list is as follows:
    1 Securicar
    1 Moonbeam
    1 Coach
    1 Flatbed
    1 Linerunner
    1 Trashmaster
    1 Patriot
    1 Mr. Whoopee
    1 Blista
    1 Mule
    1 Yankee
    1 Bobcat
    1 Dodo
    1 Bus
    1 Rumpo
    1 Pony
    As you deliver each car you get $15,000 and it is ticked off the list.
    If you deliver them all you will get:
    $200,000.00 and 16 GTA pickups, allowing you to get a vehicle of your choice
    for free.
    Read the descriptions of the cars in the FAQ/Walkthough files at
    Remember that if you need a particular type of vehicle, if you drive a
    vehicle of the same 'class' - sports car, van, lorry etc. then other
    vehicles in the same 'class' are much more likely to appear on the
    streets. Some of the vehicles required will not appear until later in
    the game when you get access to the other islands.
    The vehicles that seem to cause the most problems are:
    1. The Mr. Whoopee Ice Cream Truck. If you start the firefighting
    missions in Portland, then one of the burning vehicles you encounter is
    an ice cream van. Extinguish the flames and drive it to the garage.
    2. The Securicar. When you are on Staunton Island, one of Donald Love's
    missions (Decoy) has you driving a securicar. After the mission is over
    drive the securicar to the garage.
    3. The Dodo. This is a small aircraft with cut-off wings and it can be
    found at the airport on Shoreside. Despite many postings about how to
    fly this plane, your best bet is to drive it back to the garage using
    the bridges.
    The second import/export garage is located in Shoreside. There is no
    garage in Staunton.
    It's in the northeast corner of the section with the Hospital and the
    Police Station. You can get 'wasted' to get to the Hospital or 'busted'
    to get to the Police Station or you can check your map and go there,
    check the list next to the garage and get these cars. The garage will
    not open for a car that is not on the list or has already been collected.
    1 Sentinel
    1 Cheetah
    1 Banshee
    1 Stinger
    1 Infernus
    1 Esperanto
    1 Kuruma
    1 Stretch
    1 Perennial
    1 Landstalker
    1 Manana
    1 Idaho
    1 Stallion
    1 Taxi
    1 Cabbie
    1 BF Injection
    Collect them all and you will get:
    $200,000.00 and 16 GTA pickups, allowing you to get a vehicle of your choice
    for free.
    The BF injection is a sort of beach buggy that you can fnd next to
    Misty's apartment block on Portland in the evenings once you have
    finished the missions for the Mafia on that island.
    In Portland docks there is also an EV crane that will accept various
    emergency vehicles for cash. 
    Once again go through the main dock gates and along to the end. Turn
    left and then bear right to see an area of ground marked with diagonal
    stripes. Park the vehicle in this area and get out so that the crane can
    pick up the vehicle and load it onto the ship.
    There is no list posted of the vehicles required so here they are:
    1 Police Car
    1 Ambulance
    1 Fire Truck
    1 Barracks OL
    1 FBI Car
    1 Enforcer
    1 Tank (Rhino)
    You will get the following:
    $1500.00 per vehicle, as well as a bonus of $200,000.00 for all the vehicles,
    and seven GTA pick-ups, allowing you to order the vehicle of your choice (out
    of the emergency vehicles) from the crane.
    You will find the police car, ambulance and fire truck at the police
    station, hospital or fire station on any island.
    The barracks OL is at the army surplus base on Staunton island.
    Good luck getting an FBI car as you have to have a very high wanted
    level before they appear!
    The enforcer can be found in the police station yard on Staunton island.
    The tank only becomes available after you finish the final mission on
    Shoreside. If you go to the army surplus base afte this mission the tank
    there is unlocked. Otherwise you need to have the highest wanted level
    to hijack a tank. Read the Rhino Tank FAQ at http://www.gamefaqs.com for
    more help here.

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