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    Unique Jump FAQ by KKanellos

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 05/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Unique Jump FAQ for Grand Theft Auto 3
    by Kurt Kanellos
    Version 1.4 - May 29. 2002 - jump #15 qualifications confirmed
    Version 1.3 - Mar. 30, 2002 - all jumps now list qualifications
    Version 1.2 - Jan. 4, 2002 - added more specific qualifications for most jumps
    Version 1.1 - Dec. 1st, 2001 - minor correction to Jump #18 directions  *Thanks
    to Jacob Seligmann*
    Version 1.0 - Nov. 6th, 2001 - first draft
    Well, here's the locations of all the Unique Jumps in GTA3... and that's it. 
    No story.  No hints.  No tips.  No cheats.  No walkthrough.
    Just the jumps.  :)
    1) On the Callahan Bridge, going from Staunton to Portland, drive in the center
    going east until you hit the yellow and black 'ramp'.  I'm not positive, but I
    believe you have to land in the grass below without hitting the sides of the
    bridge for it to count.
    2) Under the Callahan bridge in Portland; it's a grassy hill in the center.
    This one took a while to earn because it's very difficult to get up enough
    speed to clear both horizontal girders - otherwise it doesn't count.  Hit this
    one going EAST.
    3) Near the center of town, by a subway entrance, there's a ramp that allows
    you to jump up onto the L tracks.  To get there from the Callahan bridge:  head
    north, then take a left at the Punk Noodles resturant. Take the next right, and
    head north - you'll run right into the jump.  Land on the tracks for credit.
    4) From the Callahan bridge, head east and take the first right(south). Keep
    going south until you get to the ocean.  Look to your left to see a gravel
    pile, which is the Unique Jump.  When you hit the jump, don't "cheat" it and
    land on the ledge to the left - it won't count.  Hit it straight, fly over the
    water, and land on the dock on the other side.  There's plenty of path leading
    up to the jump, so getting up enough speed should be easy in a fast car.
    5) Same area as the previous jump - as you head south, as you approach the
    ocean, follow the road as it curves east.  When you get to the next curve, look
    right - there's a ramp set up against the wall near some construction cones. 
    In order for this one to register you only have to clear the first building,
    not the second one.
    6) From the Callahan bridge, head east. When you get to the building with the
    busses, turn around, and head back in the direction you came from. You'll see a
    ramp on your left to jump a small building.  Clear the building completely for
    7) As you enter the docks, turn right. There's a jump over some truck trailers.
     Clear all trailers for it to count.
    8) As you leave your hideout, take a left(south) and drive in the grass near
    the riverwalk. As you approach the elevated walkway, you'll see a concrete ramp
    just past it. Hit this ramp going north to jump the walkway.  Clear the walkway
    for it to register.
    9) As you leave your hideout, take a right. Then take the 1st left(it's not on
    the map)and you'll come to a multi-level parking garage. Drive to the top
    floor; there's a ramp on the southwest corner.  This one seems to be giving a
    lot of people some trouble.  I've gotten it to register 2 ways - favor the left
    side of the ramp so you end up flying over the trees into the lot below.  I've
    also landed on the sidewalk to the right of the trees, and got credit that way
    as well.
    10) As you leave your hideout, take a right. Then take the second left(first
    left according to the in-game map)which takes you down a hill, and curves to
    the right(south). In the southeast corner, after 2 smaller jumps, is the Unique
    Jump.  Clear the water and land safely on the next dock for credit.
    11) As you leave your hideout, take a left, then your first right. Take this
    street east until you come to a T interection, and take a right onto the
    highway going south. You'll come to a point where, in the center, there will be
    a small incline that allows you to get onto the center of the highway. It will
    slope down, between two trees, and through a small 'tunnel' up the ramp.  You
    don't have to clear the Callahan Bridge for credit - slamming into the
    billboards seems to be enough.  :)
    12) From the Callahan Bridge, head south. Almost immediately on your right,
    you'll see an internet cafe' with glass walls. Drive through the glass, up the
    stairs, and out the other side. (Thanks to Rossi_84) This one is tricky just
    because of the awkward approach angle.  Land on the path past the first set of
    bushes on your right, and you should get it.
    13) As you enter Shoreside from the Shoreside Lift Bridge, take a left on the
    first street. Keep heading west, into the airport. Crash through a gate and
    follow the road as it curves south. As the road curves west again, there should
    be an airliner with the jump set up against it.  I believe you get credit if
    you land on the wing, or completely clear it.
    14) Same area as the previous jump, but keep driving west, past the airliner.
    You'll come to a hangar on your left, with 3 yellow and white striped jumps
    next to it. Use one of these jumps to fly over the hangar.  With all the hangar
    jumps, you have to clear the building completely.
    15) Same area again. Drive by the hangar you just jumped, heading south. You'll
    come to a hangar with the same yellow and while striped jumps on one side, and
    helicopters on the other. You just have to clear the hangar, not the
    helicopters, for credit.  I received many, many emails on this one;  thanks to
    all who wrote me.
    16) And once more, same area in the airport. East of the previous jump, there's
    yet another hangar and with 3 ramps by it. You know what to do - clear the
    17) As you enter Shoreside from the Shoreside Lift Bridge, stay on this road
    briefly and you'll come to a dirt path on your right, just before the first
    billboard. Take the path to a broken bridge, and jump it.  Simply land on the
    other side for it to count, and it doesn't have to be pretty.
    18) As you enter Shoreside from the Shoreside Lift Bridge, stay on this road
    follow it as it curves heading north. You'll get to the top of a hill; follow
    the road west. Right before you get to the T intersection, take a left into the
    area on the corner. As you pass the building on your left, look east. There's a
    ramp against the wall. Make SURE you angle to the left so that you land in the
    fenced-in area on the building below or it WILL NOT COUNT! This one drove me
    crazy trying to figure it out.
    19) Same exact area as the last jump, but it's hidden in an alley in the
    southeast corner.  Land *cleanly* on top of the 5-garage building below,
    roughly over the second garage from the left.  You'll go flying off the roof
    due to your speed, but you'll get credit.
    20) As you leave your hideout, head south and drive down the grassy hill to the
    road below. Now, follow the road north, up the hill and through the tunnel.
    Eventually, the road curves to the right - but to the left is a dirt barrier.
    Hit it, jump the river, and land on solid ground for it to register.

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