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    Vehicle Guide by Berzerker8x

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    -----------------------DOCUMENT INFORMATION--------------------------
             Game Title: Grand Theft Auto 3
              Developer: Rockstar
                Console: Sony Playstation 2 (PS2)
                Version: 0.1
             Written by: Nelson Cheng 
    GameFAQs Forum name: Berzerker8x
                 E-mail: ber8x@hotmail.com
                    ICQ: 44069452
    --------------------------LEGAL INFORMATION--------------------------
    This document is intended for private non-commercial use, and is not to be 
    used to profit from. This document CANNOT be sold. This document should NOT 
    be edited, altered or reproduced under any circumstances. No portions of this 
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    This document should only be found @ GameFAQs.com unless specified by the 
    ------------------------Updates & Revision History-------------------
     -Correction of typos and miscellaneous errors.
    --------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------
    The contents will be modified occasionally to correct or update any given 
            iiA) Normal listing
            iiB) Categorized listing
            iiB) Vehicle features
            iiiA) Vehicle reality comparison
            iiiB) Vehicle statistical information
            iiiC) Vehicle Advice
    ----------------------[I] CONTACT INFORMATION------------------------
    Feel free to contact me via
     E-mail: ber8x@hotmail.com (MSN INSTANT MESSENGER)
        ICQ: 44069452
    Welcomed comments:
     -Errors & mistakes
    Unwelcomed comments:
    (Please don't contact me about the following subjects)
     -Mission help (please refer to other FAQS within the topic)
     -Anything that is not in the above list of welcomes comments
    Any e-mails, instant messenger, ICQ, etc that is not related to the topic 
    (GRAND THEFT AUTO 3) will be disregarded or even resulting in being blocked 
    or ignored.
    -----------------------[II] INTRODUCTION-----------------------------
    Grand Theft Auto 3,a purely GENIOUS display of brilliance in the gaming market 
    of today! If I ever had dreams of a fantasy game this would be it! From robber 
    to taxi driver, and cop to crazy maniac this game covers all aspects of adult 
    gamers' needs. This is stuffed with all a gamer's likes and dislikes, and 
    to be brief I will be talking about a favourite aspect of mine! VEHICLES!
    This FAQ will cover just about all aspects of the vehicles within Grand Theft 
    Auto 3. This document is not intended for the use of completing the game but 
    instead to further your knowledge of the use of vehicles within the game. 
    After reading this document hopefully you will understand all the concepts 
    of most or all of the vehicles offered in this game, and apply this knowledge 
    to aid you throughout the game! So please enjoy! If there is any questions 
    or disagreements regarding the information presented please feel free to 
    contact me.
    ----------------------[III] VEHICLE LISTING--------------------------
    This is a list of vehicles that can be obtained.
    This list also includes "Gang" Cars. 
    The list is in alphabetical order.
    Gang cars: (Cars which have a special distinct look added to the type of car 
    and belongs to a gang, some have special traits which will be explained 
    further on)
    *note* Gang cars listed here are placed next to the original car type their 
    gang car is based upon
    *note* This list excludes all water vehicles
    Barracks OL
    BF Injection (?)
    Borgnine (Secret Taxi Cab)
    Cartel Cruiser
    Dodo (plane without wings!)
    FBI Car
    Mr. Whoopee (Ice Cream Truck!)
    Mr. Wongs
    Pan lantic
    Pony (Not related to a horse)
    RC CAR (Vehicle used in Hidden Mission)
    Rhino (Police Tank)
    Rumpo XL
    Sentinal (Not a Robot from X-men)
    Mafia Sentinal
    Stallion (Also not realted to a horse)
    Diablo Stallion 
    Yakuza Stinger
    Yardie Lobo (Hydraulics Car)
    Toyz (Hidden Mission Vehicle)
    Triad Fish Truck
    *If you notice that I missed a car please notify, you will get full credit*
    This section will be daily updated incase I missed a vehicle.
    [iiB] Categorized Listing
    This section has the vehicles in the above section organized according to 
    the type of vehicle that they are. This comes in handy when searching for 
    a preferred drive-by vehicle or a speedster for missions of personal 
    === Speedsters, Sports cars & Muscle Cars ===
    Diablo Stallion
    Yakuza Stinger
    === Trucks & Large Offroad vehicles ===
    BF Injection?
    Cartel Cruiser
    Mr. Whoopee
    Mr. Wongs
    === Midsize Economy Cars, Vans & Mini Vans ===
    FBI Car
    Pan Lantic
    Rumpo XL
    Mafia Sentinal
    === Low Riderz & Limos ===
    Yardie Lobo
    === Heavy Duty Transports & Vehicles of Mass POWA! (Buses, etc) ===
    Barracks OL
    === Emergency Vehicles ===
    FBI Car
    === Planes ===
    === Toyz ===
    RC Car
    === "R3" Mission Able Vehicles ===
    FBI Car
    [iiC] Vehicle Features
    This section explains all the special features about key vehicles.
    ===== "R3" Mission Able Vehicle features =====
    Vehicles, which are able to access an alternate mission mode, have different 
    features. The features are as listed:
    The ambulance has the ability to go into a "paramedic" mode, which enables 
    the player to become a paramedic to rescue people in need of medical help 
    throughout Liberty City. 
    -FBI Car-
    All the above vehicles may be enter a "vigilante" mode, which allows the user 
    to become an illegal law enforcement officer! In this mode you are to freely 
    destroy targeted criminals whithin Liberty City in whatever way you choose! 
    The Rhino in particular has infinite machine gun capabilities! So go kill 
    With these vehicles you can enter a "taxi driver" mode that allows you to 
    become a taxi driver.........This mode plays much like "crazy Taxi." 
    Basically you pick up a person who is in need of a taxi (indicated by blip 
    on radar) then you must drive that individual to his/her desired location. 
    Simple as that, and you will get a cash reward in the end.
    With the Firetruck you can enter "Firemen" mode, which permits you to 
    extinguish fires located by a blip on your radar. You may press the square 
    button to fire your water hose, and rotate the right analog to       control 
    the fire hose turret.
    ===== Hydraulics! =====
    -Yardie Lobo-
    When using a Yardie Lobo you can perform stylish car hydraulic tricks! Using 
    the left and right analog sticks. When the left analog is pressed the car 
    will be raised! When pressed again the car will return to its normal state. 
    Moving the right analog stick will make the car rise at certain spots. They 
    rising spots are opposite of your pushed direction. Example, pushing up will 
    result in the rear of the car rising. Another way to think of this is the 
    direction you push will lower the car.
     My advice is to try using this car's left analog hydraulic when about to 
    lift off fro ma ramp! 
    ===== RC =====
    -RC Car-
    This little 1/10th ticking time bomb may be accessed when you get into a van 
    with a round toy symbol on the side. (Toyz) For your convenience sake the 
    vans are located in the following locations:
    -Alley in front of Toni Cipriani's Mamma's Restaurante
    -Hephburn Heights Towers near the railway station, behind building
    -Near Amco Building in Staunton Island, a bit down the street
    Basically when you enter the van you will enter a mission. In the mission 
    you can drive this RC around and go kill the targeted things.
    By pressing circle on the Keypad you can detonate your RC Car!
    --------------------[IV] VEHICLE SPECIAL INFORMATION-----------------
    This section lays down special information about each vehicle.
    A] Vehicle Reality Comparison
    This section will compare the vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 3 with vehicles 
    that are actually real. I guess this section would come useful if you want 
    to own a car from the game and rein act the game in reality. Please disregard 
    the last section.
    This section will be always updated; I'm still working on it.
    Ambulance       -Ambulance paramedics
    Banshee         -Dodge Viper GT-R
    Barracks OL     -One of those big troop carriers in WWII
    BF Injection    - ??? Notify me if you have a clue ???
    Blista          -Toyota Seinna
    Bobcat          -Chevy S-10, silverado? 
    Borgnine        - ??? Notify me if you have a clue ???
    Bus             -School Bus
    Cabbie          -Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible
    Cartel Cruiser  -New 2001 Chevy Avalanches
    Cheetah         -Ferrari Modena, Ferrari
    Coach           -GreyHound Coach bus 
    Dodo            -a plane of some kind ??? 
    Enforcer        -Another Armoured truck, carries SWAT instead
    Esperanto       -pinto???
    FBI Car         -Rear resembles a Dodge Intrepid
    Firetruck       -Firetruck, Vroom Vroom
    Flatbed         -Same as the Barracks OL
    Infernus        -Lambroghini Diablo, mostly Vector v12! Exact match!
    Kuruma          -Dodge Stratus, intrepid rear?
    Landstalker     -Blazer? Toyota Landrunner or 4x4 hmmmmmmmm
    Linerunner      -Trucker truck! 
    Manana          -I don't even wanna know...
    Moonbeam        -Chevy Astro?
    Mr. Whoopee     -60's Volkswagon Hippy Van topped with whipped cream
    Mr. Wongs       -A Triad truck, pretty much exactly like the normal
                     Triad truck. If it ain't white! It ain't Wongs!
    Mule            -Delivery trucks!
    Pan lantic      -Same as a Moonbeam almost, Chevy Astro?
    Patriot         -Hummer!
    Perennial       -I dunno, a station wagon?
    Police          -??? Notify me if you have a clue ???
    Pony            -Same as a Moonbeam almost, Chevy Astro?
    RC CAR          -HPI, Kyosho, or etc RC car! With a serpent
    Rhino           -Some kind of armoured troop carrier/turret
    Rumpo           -??? Notify me if you have a clue ???
    Rumpo XL        -??? Notify me if you have a clue ???
    Securicar       -Bankroll armoured money truck
    Sentinal        -BMW 535i, or BMW 3 Series Cabriolet
    Mafia Sentinal  -BMW 535i, or BMW 3 Series Cabriolet 
    Stallion        -65' Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
    Diablo Stallion -same as stallion but with flames and exposed engine
    Stinger         -Mazda Rx-7 or Miata LS with a spoiler. Or a TVR
                     Grifftith 500.
    Yakuza Stinger  -same as stinger but silverish white with red
    Yankee          -More Delivery Trucks!
    Yardie Lobo     -Pinto???
    Stretch         -Any lincoln limo? The limo mission limo is 98 120" 
                     classic QVM Lincoln Limousine
    Taxi            -Saturn? Chevorlet Malibu? 
    Toyz            -Van
    Triad Fish Truck-Delivery truck!
    Trashmaster     -Typical trash chopp'n truck
    [iiB] Vehicle Statistical Information
    This section will be laid out as a chart in several categories:
    Stam     -Stamina          (Vehicle's life span)
    Accel    -Acceleration     (How fats the car can gain speed)
    TopSpd   -Top speed        (How fast the car can go overall)
    DriveBy  -Drive-By-Bility  (How well I recommend using the car for 
    Handling -Handling         (How well a car can turn)
    Str      -Strength         (The Torque a car has)
    Air      -Air              (How much air can the car obtain)
    A scale from 1 to 5 grades these categories.
    1- worst/horrible
    2- below average, handles like an Izuzu
    3- decent/average 
    4- good to fair 
    5- excellent to exceptional
    These stats are based on my preference and likings; feel free to experiment 
    with the type of vehicle that you prefer for different tasks. For example, 
    for a drive by, you have to have style! But at the same time you must show 
    that you are going to run the other guy down! Well mow him down with some 
    Section will be updated because I haven't actually tested the car to it's 
    fullest, such as driving it off a ramp into a crowd of people, etc. Some of 
    the cars are driven from my friend's file so I haven't truly tested them out. 
    So feel free to notify me of any mistakes you can think of here.
    *note* Manana is my favourite car, heee heee.
    Vehicle         | Stam| Accel| TopSpd| DriveBy| Handling| Str| Air|     
    Ambulance           4     3      4       3        3        3    2  
    Banshee            1-2    5     4-5      1       2-3      2-3   5
    Barracks OL         5     1      3       3       1-2       4    1
    BF Injection        -     -      -       -        -        -    - 
    Blista              -     -      -       -        -        -    -
    Bobcat              4     3      3       3        3        4    2
    Borgnine            -     -      -       -        -        -    -
    Bus                 5     1      4       3        1        4    1       
    Cabbie              3     3      3       3        3        3    3
    Cartel Cruiser      4     3      4      3-4       3        4    2
    Cheetah            1-2    5      5       1        5        1    5 
    Coach               5     1      4       3       1-2       5    1       
    Dodo                -     -      -       -        -        -    -
    Enforcer            5     2      3       4        2        4    1
    Esperanto           3     3      3       4        3        3    3
    FBI Car            3-4    3     3-4      3        3       3-4   3
    Firetruck           5     2      4       2       1-2       4    1
    Flatbed             5     1      3       3       1-2       4    1
    Infernus           2-3    5     4-5      3       3-4       2    5
    Kuruma              3     3     3-4      3        3        3    3
    Landstalker        3-4    3      4      3-4       3        3    2
    Linerunner         4-5   2-3    3-4     3-4      2-3       4    1
    Manana              1     1      1       1        1        1    1
    Moonbeam            3     2      3       2        3        2    2
    Mr. Whoopee         4     2      3       4        2        4    2
    Mr. Wongs           4     3      3       3        2        4    2
    Mule                4     3      3       3        2        4    2
    Pan lantic         3-4    3      3       3        3        3    2 
    Patriot            4-5    3      3       4        3       3-4   2
    Perennial          2-3    2      3       2        3       2-3   2
    Police             3-4    3     3-4     3-4       3        3    3
    Pony                -     -      -       -        -        -    -
    RC CAR              1     3      3       -        4        1    1
    Rhino               5     1      3      4-5      1-2       5    1
    Rumpo               3     2      3       3        3        3    2
    Rumpo XL            3     2      3      3-4       3        3    2
    Securicar           5     2      3       4        2        4    1
    Sentinal            3    3-4     3       3        3        3    3
    Mafia Sentinal      3    3-4     3       3        3        3    3
    Stallion            3     3     3-4      3       2-3       3    3
    Diablo Stallion     3     3     3-4      3       2-3       3    3
    Stinger             2     5     4-5      3       4-5      2-3   5
    Yakuza Stinger      2     5     4-5      3       4-5      2-3   5
    Yankee              4     3      3       3        2        4    2
    Yardie Lobo         3     3      3       4        3        3    3
     *Hydraulic raised  3     3     3-4      4        4        3    3
    Stretch             3     2      3       1        2        3    2 
    Taxi                3     3      3       3        3        3    3
    Toyz                -     -      -       -        -        -    -
    Triad Fish Truck    4     3      3       3        2        4    2
    Trashmaster         5     1      3       4       1-2       4    1
    This chart is based on road conditions. This is listed based on a sunny day 
    with dry ground.
    When it is raining subtract (1/2) a point of value from the car's statistic.
    [iiC] Vehicle Advice
    The following categories talk about what vehicles are good for certain jobs.
    For speed I recommend you using Banshee, Infernus, Cheetah, Stinger or Yakuza 
    Stinger. For the mission Turismo, if you can't win I suggest you take a fast 
    car, one of the last 5 I mentioned, and park it near the race start but don't 
    start. And then go hijack a coach, which is a block down from Joey's. With 
    the coach park it in front of the racers but leave room for your car space 
    on the left.
    Then get in your speedster and get a head start run and start race. Remember, 
    never park car in the blue to start race, Always get a ton of speed and nick 
    one of the racers to start race this gives you a huge lead. So when you start 
    they will have extreme trouble trying to get free from the bus, thus making 
    an easy win. Be careful not to crash or get shot by a mafia thug. If you get 
    out of your car or crash they will somehow immediately pass you. 
    Drive-bys I suggest using a Patriot, Securicar, or Enforcer if you want 
    plowing power. They offer good strength and torque to get through just about 
    anything. I don't mind their bad handling but I adjust to driving large 
    vehicles and not fast so it all balances out.
    If you want speed and life I suggest the low rider Yardie lobo. This sleek 
    car has the style for anyone who needs to kill and look cool while doing so.
    The Rhino is an awesome choice for drive-bys. Although its sluggish speed 
    may cause the opposition to pull you out of it. (Has he ever heard of locking 
    the door)? But this can be solved by simply shooting out the side window. 
    The Rhino is superiorly strong, and has enough firepower for a crazy maniac 
    to be happy. The rotating turret is an exceptional supplement. Although when 
    you Uzi out the side window your tank will fire one of its shell for a strange 
    One problem, it's very difficult not to get a police rating when driving this 
    -Superior Suck-
    A car that you should avoid at all costs no matter the situation you should 
    avoid the "Manana." I don't care if you are being chased by the whole entire 
    Liberty city police precinct; do not get into one of those pieces of junk. 
    It has no style, no speed, no top speed, and it is plain ugly. Putting your 
    life in its hands is risky.
    -Stunt Cars-
    Good stunt cars would have to have nice acceleration, balanced top speed, 
    stable, light, and strong so the driver would not explode after a landing. 
    If you are out for huge air you should be driving the speedsters. If you want 
    a hilarious vehicle drive the ice cream truck and get air. If you want a car 
    that does nice rolls on the ground, I like to call "Flatland," then get a 
    Cartel cruiser. If you want a car like the Manana I'll kill you!
    Want explosions? Want shrapnel? Well I got the ideas here for you!
    First take a nice floor cleaning vehicle like the Enforcer or Securicar and 
    then rig it with a bomb, Or take a Coach, Bus, Barracks OL, Flatbed, or 
    Firetruck. I don't believe you can rig those with bombs due to size. Well 
    then you drive it in a long straightaway to gain its maximum top speed. When 
    you feel that you are going fast enough to plow your vehicle into a crowd 
    of PEDS and cars. Be sure the car is blocking up the entire traffic. Wait 
    awhile for traffic to congest. When you feel there is enough victims run away 
    and toss a grenade, or do it the old fashioned Hollywood style and say a nice 
    one liner like ("Yippee Ki Yay _______________!") and top it with a rocket 
    launcher. After completing that you should have yourself a nice festival of 
    lights! One after another the cars should cause a chain reaction! Be sure 
    to have some jogging shoes on, you'll need them.
    -Off road Rally-
    Rally cars or off road cars are suitable for situations in which you need 
    to shave off time to complete certain missions.
    Good afraid terrain vehicles are the Bobcat, Cartel cruiser, Yardie Lobo 
    (with hydraulic mode on with high clearance/ride height), Landstalker, 
    Patriot. Also Kurumas and Sentinals are nice for a good sedan rally car. 
    Below is a grading list, which shows how each vehicle performs off road and 
    on what type of surfaces.
    This is graded once again by the 1-5 grading system.
    (Refer to "IV" "iiB")
    vehicle            |grass |rock |dirt |rain |crowds of PEDS                               
    Bobcat                5     5     4     3     4
    *Cartel Cruiser       5     5     5     4     5
    Yardie Lobo           4     4     4     4     4
    Landstalker           5     5     4     3     4     
    *Patriot              5     5     5     4     5
    Kuruma               3-4    4    3-4    4    3-4(pending on speed)
    Sentinal              4    3-4   3-4    4    3-4(   "     "    ")
    *These two vehicles in particular I find has better torque then the rest and 
    can really rip through terrain. They also have the best stablizing 
    weight/balance ratio.
    As for the others, the landstalker has some extra weight which really tens 
    to pull the vehicle to opposite ends during tightturns. This does not only 
    happen to the Landstalker and can occur on the toehrs as well. But noticed 
    here with it the most.
    The kuruma and sentinal, great for hilly surfaces, but never overuse 
    handbrake or results may be weird.
    *note* With all these vehicles, do not use handbrake unless you are sure of 
    what you are doing. That is offroad only. The terrain has altering affects, 
    OR as it seems.
    Never use handbrakes as the floor is slick and traction is lost.
    Handbrake can be used, but the car tends to overtorque and tire grip is lost.
    Same as grass but slightly more.
    Did not notice any effects. Same as road almost.
    -Crowds of PEDS-
    Their corpse makes red streaks!
    ------------------------[V] CREDITS/THANKS---------------------------
    I'd like to begin by thanking Rockstar for making this awesome game!  DMA 
    for publishing and producing this work of art, which everyone will love and 
    charish for our whole lives! Without them taking the gaming industry into 
    these new territories we all might be stuck playing childish adolescent games 
    such as Banjo Kazooie and Pokemon. (Only examples, I don't play those games.) 
    I think many of thousands of people all share the same feeling as I do and 
    we'd all like to give a big thanks.
    Special thanks to GameFAQs! Without you guys this FAQ wouldn't of seen the 
    day of light by the many gamers of Grand Theft Auto 3!
    GameFAQs crew, you're all doing an awesome job so keep it up! Let everyone's' 
    wisdom be heard!
    Thanks to my friends for making this FAQ possible. Jesse Scrivanich (RageATM) 
    thanks a bunch to you my friend. Hanging in there with me throughout the 
    hardships in the game.
    Last of all; thank all of you readers who make all this possible! Without 
    you guys my knowledge would be nothing but lifeless toilet paper! So thanks!
    As sad as it is doing this I must conclude this FAQ. I hope to create more 
    FAQs in the future to aid thousands of gamers. Until then, read this! Have 
    fun! Most of all enjoy it! 
    And so this concludes the FAQ.
    -Nelson Cheng (Berzerker8x)

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