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FAQ/Strategy Guide by Big D

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/07/02

                               Big D
	             	 Dustin M. Kulwicki

			Now Known As DJ K-Wix
		    Like Video Game music? Me too..

		     Big D's back with a new FAQ
		 So get ready to Frag and be the Mac

		     Unreal Tournament 2003 Guide
		     Tips, Tactics, & Strategies

  The guide is copy written, okay? Just ask me if you want to put some,
  or all of this guide somewhere, ill say yes, I promise. But you need
           my permission to do it, or I can sue you, I think. 
		     Vanphinele@aol.com, Just ask. 

Version 1.0 - Basic new guide folks, Everything is, well, Basic.. from
My experience with Playing a bit of Multiplayer, and the entire Single
Player campaign.

Let me just say that this is a First Person Shooter Guide, geared
toward helping people get they're freak on in terms of scoring frags,
if you have any questions, comments, or anything, just ask, im pretty
good at giving out advice. We're going to dive right in, so I hope
your generically familiar with the game before reading on.

1-Basic UT Controls
2-Expert UT Controls
3-Weapons: In-Depth Strategy: How to use them and beat them
5-The 5 Game Modes

Basic UT Controls

Yea - Do you know how to walk forward? what about the all powerful
Strafing technique?! .. Learn that, and more..i'll teach you the
RIGHT way to play.

Q-Strafe Left
E-Strafe Right
A-Turn Left
D-Turn Right

Z-Translocator (TL)

These are your Basic movement keys, generally.. you can move in any
Direction by pressing a combination of these 6 keys, You don't have
to use these 6, but you should arrange them like these keys are,



Our mini, crappy diagram shows that this is where your left hand
should go when playing, your thumb on the space bar, your first three
fingers on QWE (which control the entire 6 keys) and your pinky on
the Shift key. This is easily probably the best setup for playing ANY
FPS generically.

As for your other hand? thats on the mouse of course, with 1 click being
primary fire, and the other being secondary fire. Use your mouse to look
around and shoot, while moving with your other hand, quite simple, if
you are NOT used to this method, i will tell you that you will greatly
enhance your skill if you learn how to play like this - but most people
are by this point.

Advanced UT Controls

Ever try to outrun a rocket? doesnt work well does it.. Yea.. I know 
the Story.. In this section, we'll go a little "beyond" the basic 
control setup and teach you some slick moves.

Double Jump: All you have to do is jump once, and at the peak of your
Jump, hit the jump key again for a boost, this is an excellent
Technique if you get into a heavy fire fight, or need to reach some
place without your TL

Forward Leap: A Simple technique, Double-tapping forward, will cause 
your character to Lunge forward, This is an excellent Speed technique, 
do this move then link it with an extra jump, and you will actually 
move a bit faster then walking, Though not as good as a TL, its much
safer as you may keep a REAL gun out while you do it. You should 
attempt this in combat when you have a charge weapon, such as the

Backword Leap: The same as a forward leap, But backwords instead - a
good tactic for when you have the Flag in CTF, or you want to make a 
retreat back, because your opponent has a Close range weapon, You 
should always do this if you have a far-distance weapon, like the 
Lightning Gun, or the Shock Rifle. 

Strafe Leap: Basically the main dodge maneuver, this is a critical
thing to learn when fighting someone with a Shock Rifle, or a Rocket 
Launcher. To Really dup someone out, its important to master the 
strafing into the wall, then bouncing off of it back to the same 
direction, like a Bunny! Boing! 

Wall Jump: This is the hardest incorperated UT2k3 Technique to do, and
to do it, you basically jump alongside any straight wall, and then,
while your jumping, you can double tap the strafe key opposite the
direction of your wall, your character will kick off of it, and shoot
the other way.

Roof Jump(?): Im not sure on this, but with the mutators already
released (quad jump + low grav) .. Ive noticed that if i touch the
roof in my jumping, if i touch the jump key right when my "head" hits
the roof, my character shoots back down, much faster, like he pushed
off the roof.. I can't quite confirm this, but im pretty sure, try
it for yourself!

Elevator Leap: While on an elevator, if you jump as it stops, you
get a big boost, that shoots you up with the elevator's force. cool.

Link Jumping: You can combine just about any of the above techniques
to a degree, for instance, you can perform a forward leap, and Jump
off of that. This opens up a wide degree of airial combinations,
that if executed correctly, could deffinately prove to be a great

Weapons: In-Depth Strategy: How to use them and beat them

UT Has many weapons, and some are for close range, some are for
long, some are for both, here im going to go in detail and not only
explain each weapons uses, but teach you how to maximize performance
from each of them. This is the most extensive section of my guide,
because, when it comes down to it - Its all about How good you can
frag and not be fragged in UT2k3

	Basic Pri - This is the guns primary fire
	Basic Sec - This is the guns secondary fire
	Advanced Tec - My ways of maximizing and learning everything
the weapon can do.
	Beat It - How to beat someone who uses this weapon.

1-Shield Gun
	Basic Pri-A Chargeup Punch gun, close range only, Its 
partially effective as a last restort, a fully charged punch will 
usually down someone in one shot. you dont have to let go, you can 
just hold the Primary fire key down and the minute you touch someone 
with it, the weapon autofires, just dont touch bad guys.
	Basic Sec-A Shield, holding it in slowly drains from a supply.
This works decently, but its main Attraction is that you can reflect
Link Gun and Shock Rifle fire with it back at the shooter, But overall
Don't coun't on this weapon to save you everytime, it wont. It will
save you once or twice though, which is nice.
	Advanced Tec-The Punch can also be used to project yourself to
a higher jump, if your willing to pull it out, Also, you can "Goo Jump"
with it, use the BioRifle to shoot sluge, then pull out the shield mode
to jump as the goo bursts, you wont take any damage, and you'll get
fairly high, Finally, This weapon (? im not Entirely sure) can also be
used to stop falling damage, so if you fall, and have time to think
about it, pull it out and face down, turning on the shield, On a final
note - the shield ONLY covers your front side.
	Beat It-Switch to a close range weapon (Except the Shock Rifle)
and Run backwords, they will chase after you like an idiot, runing
directly at you for the most part, If you have a flak gun - just pop a
shell into they're torso and split them in two. aslong as you stay away
from them, your safe, they'll be running straight at you usually, so its
easy to predict they're movement.
2-Assault Rifle
	Basic pri-Your average shooting gun, pull the trigger, shoot
Bullets! ..it works, Works pretty well at mid-range, and a bit better
at close range, They're are better weapons out there, but you can do
a decent job of fragging with this toy if you know how to use it. 
	Basic Sec-A Basic Grenade, This is what makes the Assault rifle
a good weapon for fragging, when you spawn in, its a good idea to
charge it up and wait, pop one at the first enemy you see, and start
shooting to finish the job. Another good thing to do is lay these down
as your running away.
	Advanced Tec- Nothing real special here.. Just don't
underestimate the power of the weapon, one solid grenade hit can do a
LOT of damage, learn how to arch the shots of the grenades, also note
that you can charge how far they go if you hold down secondary fire.
	Beat It-You can outgun whoever has this and you don't, its a
fairly easy frag, just watch out for the grenades, they only have 4
of them usually. This is a good weapon to "ping" at someone who is far
away, its a lot more accurate then you might think, and so expect
people to always cap at you from a distance with it, pull out a Shock
Rifle and teach them a lesson with the instant Distance. Jumping will
help you avoid Grenades. 
	Basic Pri-Shoots Goo, Boogers, Green Sludge, whatever you wanna
call it. Its an excellent Defense and retreat weapon, shoot where your
opponent will walk. The damage on this gun is insane, a few good pecks
will literally drop a foe.
	Basic Sec-Hold it in to charge-up a bunch of goo, Hold it and
instant-kill anyone you see next by releasing the goo, If your close,
Odds are you'll pop too, so be careful, shoot it at a wall to paint an
area in goo, so no one can walk there, excellent for flag defense.
	Advanced Tec-Never understimate this gun, 3-4 shots will kill
almost anyone. And the 2nd charge is always an instant kill if you
hit them with it. Note that if you shoot primary fire at one spot, the
Goo collects and builds, eventaully spilling out.
	Beat It-Make an extra effort to avoid the walls, and the ground.
This is a dangerous weapon, but unaccurate gun, so make sure your
moving, and keep fire on your opponent, to make him move aswell. The
more distance you have between the both of you, the more likely you are
to survive a fire fight. so jump backwords often, to avoid the ground
and your opponent. just don't let him corner you, or your as good as
4-Shock Rifle
	Basic Pri-Shoots a Straight Beam, like a sniper gun without a 
scope - what makes this so favorable is the distance factor, it covers
distant as accurate, and as fast as any gun in the game, so this weapon
is one of the best Long range weapons, pegging people with that beam
	Basic Sec-Shoots out a ball that combines with the beam, the
ball (I think) is a bit more damaging then the beam, and seems to
shoot faster, so its more useful in close-combat.
	Advanced Tec-The cool thing about the shock rifle is shooting
a ball, then hitting It with a beam, because it explodes, and anyone
withing about 5 feet of the blast, Dies. So it makes this weapon just
as effective at close-range, as it is at long range, for the skilled
user. Mastering the Explosion technique is the trick to mastering
this weapon
	Beat It-A lot of people have trouble with this weapon, because
if you stay close, you get "BOOMED" .. and if your far away, you get
picked off.. No distance is safe with this gun. your dead either way.
How to beat it? .. Strafe-leaping. you can't shoot that fast with this
gun, so you want to stay varied in your leaping. you'll probably hit
him first with your weapon, so make sure you have a good instant kill
shot, like a Heavy Rocket Salvo, or a Goo Splurge, or a Flak Shot.
make sure you strafe, and when you see that ball shoot out, 
IMMEDIATELY dodge left or right, by double tapping, or your probably
dead. Another great technique, is to get in close, Like a boxing guy
with big arms, if you sneak in Real tight'n'close, the Shock Rifle
can't hurt you that much. Another great way to get out of that alive
is to pull out your shield gun, and reflect the shots. Also, never
forget that you can Blast His bubbles, so if he's using 2ndary fire,
pull out your rifle and pop his bubble just he shoots it, so he pops
instead of you. Jumping will help you at close ranges.
5-Link Gun
	Basic Pri-A Very simple "blast" of green plasma shoots out,
fairly accurate, pretty decent speed, and pretty decent distance
coverage, the Link gun's primary fire is Decent, but there are many
better weapons to grab. If you make sure you lead your shots (they
are pretty slow, compared to the other fast-firing weapons) you can
deal out some serious damage, Its hitting your target, thats the the
hard part.
	Basic Sec-The stream is a bit more accurate, and easier to
control, then the Link gun's primary fire. But it's not quite as
damaging, reguardless, this is probably the best way to use the Link
gun by yourself. Use the stream at Mid-Range, if your opponent gets
close, consider switching to primary.
	Advanced Tec-This gun's only real purpose is to Link to other
people, thats where the power of this gun truely shows itself. If two
person has a Link gun on, one can shoot they're beam at the teammate
to trasnfer energy, effectly doubling the potency of they're link gun.
Im not sure if the Stream hurts people that cross it- but im pretty
sure it does. The more people that link, the better. (more info as i
play) A Good strategy with this weapon, by yourself, is to Charge a
target, and spray out some Primary blasts, then follow up with the
secondary beam. So as the beam strikes the target, so do the blasts.
this doesnt do anything special, but the damage potential is rather
	Beat It-If you have a long range weapon, whip it out and put
distance between you and your target - this weapon looses
effectiveness with distance, and the more distance you put, the safer
you will be, if you don't have a Long range weapon, pull out your Flak
Cannon, or your Rocket Launcher, or your Goo Gun and just pop the
idiot. If you have NO guns, pull out your Shield, and reflect his crap
back at him, make him look stupid. Jumping will help you here.
	Basic Pri-Your simplistic, rapid-fire shooting, Great for
wearing down enemies, despite is low-power punch, and how long it takes
to actually finish someone off, what makes the weapon so effective, is
that its pretty hard to miss with, aslong as your close :) 
	Basic Sec-This is another version of firing, I don't know what
you wanna call it, case vs. Caseless ammunition is what the Instruction
Booklet seems to call it. But im going to call the secondary fire a
type of AP (Armor Piercing) Fire.. simply because it shoots Slightly
more accurately, A Lot slower, and the bullets hurt a lot more, Aim
for peopls heads when you shoot with this mode, and use secondary fire
for targets that are farther away.
	Advanced Tec-This gun is actually basic, ive found nothing that
sets it apart in the game other then being your basic, high-rate firing
weapon..just hold the trigger down and strafe your enemy dizzy. While
your capping your opponent senseless, His screen flashes so red, he's
honestly near-blinded. (but you can turn this off..if you want, so it
doesnt blind Everyone, but most peeps it will.) Use 2ndary fire to hit
targets that are at medium range, and primary to mulch targets that are
a little too close to you. Its hard to miss with this weapon, so your
opponents wont last more then about 5 seconds if you ping them enough.
So its great choice for a bad aimer.
	Beat It-Get back a bit first, make sure you have some distance,
you've only got a bit before your dead, so use something to dispatch 
your foe quick, like a Shock Combo or a Rocket Launcher, or my
Favorite, the Flak Cannon.
7-Flak Cannon
	Basic Pri-Shoots a birrage of steaming hot thingies, I call
them flamies(flak) - but this weapon could easily be deemed the
Shotgun of UT. If your up close, one direct shot will shred anything,
but distance quickly damage, so be close, whats of note is that you
can bounce flak off of surfaces, so when your opponent turns a corner,
ALways be sure to pepper the area first, this is also a great way to
Check the corner before you turn yourself, only to be Shock'd.
	Basic Sec-Shoots a Flak Grenade, when it explodes, not only
does it do a good job of damaging anyone around (a direct hit is 
almost always death) but it spits out extra flak also. This is fairly
accurate & its blast radius is equal to, if not greater then the 
rocket Launcher, You should use this to pepper an area, and arch at
far away targets, and if they get close, shotgun them with primary
to slice they're upper-half away.
	Advanced Tec-Um .. nothing really "advanced" about this gun,
Make sure you use the Flak to bounce off of walls and check corners,
Don't shoot where it will bounce back and hurt you, And, Use the flak
only in close quarters usually, Otherwise hit them with a flak
	Beat It- Despite its simplicity, this gun is probably the
hardest to develop a strategy for, because in 1 to 2 hits, your dead,
almost Always, try to dodge a lot, don't stand still, and try not to
get to close, or you'll pop. It shoots fairly fast too, so be ready.
keep that dodge finger ready, and jumping doesnt hurt, though it
doesnt really help much either.
8-Rocket Launcher
	Basic Pri-Shoots a single, Straight rocket. Good blast, 
decent speed, an overall great weapon, aim for your opponenets feat, 
always, so if you miss, they still get hurt, Best works at med-close
distance, Make sure you shoot slightly ahead of them, lead your target
a bit, so your rocket hits home, most people can take only 1 rocket
before they die.
	Basic Sec-Hold it in to load up to three Rockets that shoot 
in a Horizontal Line, good for spread tactics, but usually doesnt get
that "direct" hit you want with the rocket launcher.
	Advanced Tec-First, ALL rockets can home if you leave the
cursor on someone, it just takes a bit longer, about 5 seconds, so
its Much harder, but a lock usually means they're death. Also, if you
hold in Secondary fire, and then Hold Primary fire as they are loading,
and release both mouse buttons at the same time, you get Swarmer
Rockets, instead of shooting 3 in a line, they swarm in one area, Very
cool ability.
	Beat It-A Lot of people complain that the rocket launcher is a
bit TOO powerful, and in close quarters, yes, your probably deader
then dead within a few minutes, but the key to beating the Rocket
Launcher is distance, Rockets dont travel that fast, so you give
yourself more time to dodge them, counter attack with a faster weapon,
like the Shock Rifle or Mini-gun. Keep yourself distanced to have the
time to dodge incoming Rockets, keep Strafing. A lot of Rocket Players
Love to Jump, to reign down Rockets on foes, this is an advantage to
you, because you know where they are going to land. Also, Jumping will
help you avoid Rockets Tremendously.
9-Lightning Gun
	Basic Pri-Shoots a Bolt of electricity, the Sniper Rifle of
Unreal Tourny 2k3, Its deadly accurate, as a Sniper-rifle should be,
and a head-shot always pretty much kills someone instantly, it takes
about 2-3 shots anywhere else. When it's not zoomed in, it can also be
an effective medium-close ranged weapon, if your accurate enough with
it, But Unless you trust your aim 300%, id stay away from using it in
close-combat, because if you miss once, Odds are your dead.
	Basic Sec-A Zoom Feature, that lets you .. Zoom in and out..
its fairly simply to use, and tho i don't much fare for the "zoom 
window" .. it works.. it serves its purpose fine, and makes getting
headshots even easier.
	Advanced Tec-Nothing much here, find a good sniper spot and
snipe some idiots! .. if you get into close combat, pull out something
else, unless you think your good enough to kill'm in one shot. Other
then that, Snipe!
	Beat It- Its fairly easy to beat.. Unless your being sniped,
If you notice you ARE being sniped, the best way to survive, is to A:
Launch some crap at him to take his attention away from you, which it
Almost always will. or B: Pull ouy your shield gun and guard + Strafe.
If you get caught in close combat, make sure you jump around, and
shoot, once he misses, then he has to wait a good few seconds for a
reload, so shoot the defenseless Dummy. you can actually time when
they reload, So you kinda know when the next shot is coming, get a
dodge prepped and ready for that type of situation.
10-Ion Painter
	Basic Pri-Emits a "painting laser" too use it, just hold down
the button, and leave the mouse Very still..the light will get
brighter until it suddenly clicks, and the bolt is shot. you don't
have to paint a "PERSON" .. but rather, the destination. An
increadibly powerful weapon.
	Basic Sec-A Zoom function - precisely like the Lightning Gun.
	Advanced Tec-The best way to use this weapon, is to paint the
enemies base, and let the laser give them a nice BOOM .. note that
they're IS a limit to how far you can paint, which severly cramps
this weapons potential. but its best used where you can get the most
frags: inside the enemy base.
	Beat It- If your enemy has this, and he hasnt painted 
anything yet, run circles around him and cap him. if he has painted
a place where you are, try using your TL to teleport away, but ..
your probably dead anyway.
11-The Redeemer
	Basic Pri-Shoots a big nuclear warhead. like the rocket
launcher, only its much bigger, and if anyone shoots it, it blows up.
	Basic Sec-Same big missle, except you can control where it
goes, you can drive it, from a remote camera, good stuff, im not
going into much detail because this is the easiest weapon in the game
to use, and requires no tactics really. shoot the badguy away from
	Advanced Tec- Drive the rocket into your opponents base,
while making sure no one shoots it down. simple!
	Beat It-Stay away from it, basically. use your shield to try
to survive, or TL to avoid the blast, if possible.
	Basic Pri-Shoots a teleportation Beam, you can warp to where
you shoot it - this thing is SO useful its insane.
	Basic Sec-This will teleport you once you've shot with the
primary fire, just right click and you'll warp.
	Advanced Tec-This device now has a camera, Theres a technique
that everyone needs to learn to master this device, lets say you have
"Z" to draw Translocator.. first you hit Z, then you shoot it, then,
Hit Z again.. Now you can see where your translocator is going, Now,
look around and whatever, and Right click, you'll appear EXACTLY in
the cam view of your translocator, Master this, so you can spy, and
warp. Also note that you can travel your fastest by using the Trans.
So get into action sooner by warping onto stuff you need, TRUST ME.
its much faster. Oh - you can telefrag someone by warping on top of
them, if your good at aiming, it can be as effective as any weapon
in the game.
	Beat It- Just .. shoot the translocator, or your opponent.
Most people don't run around just telefragging people, But if you
see an idiot trying to, Just Shoot him with something, or the
device itself.


Overview: Adrenaline basically allows you to do special moves when
your bar reaches 100. You Get 3 Adrenaline per Frag (patch could
change that) and 3 Adrenaline per Pill you pick up. There are 4
things you can do when your Adrenaline gets to 100. (but probably
plenty more with Mutators.)
Speed-Tap Forward 4 Times when your Adrenaline is at 100

Your movement speed and jump height are basically doubled, This is
effective for when you get the Ball in Bombing run, or when you
just snatched the flag in CTF and want a quick escape, Its also good
for evading Power weapons like Redeemers and Shock Rifle combo's.
Regeneration-Tap Backword 4 Times when your Adrenaline is at 100

You regenerate 5 Health per second until you hit 199 Health, at
which point your shields start even going up on they're own, this
makes you difficult to kill, and is quite effective no matter the
Berserk-Tap Forward 2x, and Backword 2x when your Adrenaline is 100

Basically, your attack speed is increased by about 30-40%, ive heard
claims it "doubles your attack speed" .. but i dont think so, but it
is signifignant enough to notice atleast. Excellent combo with the
Invisibility-Tap Strafe Right 2x, and Strafe Left 2x with 100 Adr.

Basically you turn invisible, its good in some places, but if you
get hurt, you can see blood, and fire on your armor, so its not as
effective as you'd think, you can also see a slight tinge of
yourself, but you REALLY have to look.

The 5 Game Modes

Death Match
Team Death Match
Double Domination
Capture the Flag
Bombing Run

Overview-Basic idea - kill everyone you see while not dying
yourself, the objective is survival, while fragging people.

Strategy-No Real strategy here, kill or be killed. Keep a close eye
on your back, Always. The better you know the stage, Knowing the 
Stage is More important here, because your life depends on it A LOT
more, since they're is no teamplay.
			Team Deathmatch
Overview-Take Deathmatch - and make it so two teams go at it - Red
and Blue.

Strategy-Um - Stick together, try to get your team to be together,
If you see a teammate, FOLLOW HIM .. and shoot what he shoots, and
as always, keep an eye on your back, always. Try not to assault
large groups alone.
			Double Domination
Overview-Capture and hold 2 points for 10 seconds to score.

Strategy-Its best to divide into 2 teams, so one team can work at 
1 point. Thats always a must. These games usually go the fastest so
be on your toes, and keep on those points - it also serves to note
that after you Score a point, STAY There and re-get it when the
round Begins anew. Use "Regeneration" to hold the points longer.
			Capture the Flag
Overview- Classic CTF needs no introduction

Strategy-Defenders and attackers are the name of the game here, make
sure you attack in groups, never go try to get the flag by yourself,
unless the opposing team is stupid, you aint makin' it far, its too
easy to kill someone in this game. When you have the flag, always
check your back and use "Speed" to get to home base a lot faster.
this also takes out a LOT of the heat on you. The Goo gun is best
used for Defense on CTF maps.. hold some splooge for the next few
idiots that run for the flag and let it rip. I can't express the
value of teamplay enough, especially with Classic CTF.
			Bombing Run
Overview- Take football, and add Guns! ..theres two scoring goals,
and Theres a ball in the center, you try to score by putting the
ball into your opponents Goal one way or the other, basically.

Strategy- Teamplay. Your team should try to Stay WITH the ball, and
support each other, if your teammate has the ball, and your behind
him, odds are they'res atleast 1 enemy behind you, so pull out your
shield gun and block those shots for him. Other then that? just
stick together, use the TL's to warp to places faster, If your teams
got the ball, don't just sit there and "defend" you'd be more useful
Going at the ball - if your worried about the ball, set a 
Translocator infront of the goal, and warp if he gets through.
Beyond that - you Re-spawn usually quite close to your home net.

	Thanks for reading the Guide..
	IF you have ANY questions/Comments
	Feel Free to Email me: Vanphinele@aol.com

	Like Video Game music? Me too..

	The Guide is constantly being updated
	As I discover new tactics, so if you
	have any help, don't hesitate to email them
	To me. YAY! .. Happy Fragging. 

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