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Japanese Campaign Walkthrough by Ireng

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/24/2005

                                       *** WELCOME COMMANDER ***
                                        Now shut up and listen...
                            I Ireng, am proud to present you to my third FAQ!

Table of Contents:

-Legal stuff

-Intro & Dedication

-MISSION ONE: OMEN OF VICTORY                               01

-MISSION TWO: JAPANESE ONE                                  02

-MISSION THREE: JAPANESE TWO                                03

-MISSION FOUR: THE FINAL CHANCE                             04

-Updates                                                    XX



Sudden Strike II, and any related stuff is a trademark of Fireglow. This guide
is a trademark to Facundo Argüello, and is also intelectual property of Facundo
Argüello. This guide/FAQ/walkthrough/loss of social activity is protected 
under International Copyright Laws.  Please feel free to put this anywhere you 
like, as long as I get credit for it.  After all, this is to help the readers!  
It should be spread around!  I WOULD like it if you emailed me asking for 
permission. So don't try to credit yourself. This guide took me a hell of work
to make, and it would be something really dishonorable if you did so. 


This is my third guide for GameFAQs. I am not a desperate fan of Sudden Strike,
but it really dissapointed me not to see a single Walkthru of this game. So, I
decided to start by making a FAQ for the German campaign. There are bugs in 
game which happen randomly. Such are usually not covered here.

I'd like to dedicate this guide to two names. First, to Fireglow, for making
such a realistic real-time strategy game. Man, not even Command and Conquer can
beat this game! It's replayability seems unlimited.

Secondly, this guide goes to my japanese friend Yuji, who wil probably never
be able to read this guide due to him not usually playing strategy games.
I love you man!


Objective: Rescue the pilots, raze the bases, capture the eastern island.
Your orders:
            1. Land on the island
            2. Take over the village in the center and rescue the pilots. 
Warning: the hut must not be destroyed! Then conquer the villages in the south
and east
            3. Our planes will land on the southern airfield
            4. Take over the island to the east with paratroopers.

Don't move! As you start British bombers will unleash hell in your area,
possibly sinking one of your transports. Unload in the shore, and move north
east. Remember that you can use the Assault function to engage while marching.
Near the main village you'll encounter the first few enemies, but as you posess
such a vast army they won't stand a chance. The village itself has a few
artillery pieces to deal with and several scattered units. There are also six
tanks, unoccupied for you. Luckily you have a lot of Japanese Crew to use them.

As you approach the huts the pilots will come out, make sure they don't get
caught in the crossfire. When the enemy is killed, quickly ocuppy the tanks and
the artillery for a counterattack from the east. Make sure the pilots are safe.
There is a village right south which I should tell is NOT the one required in
the objective, since you actually need the airfield. This village is absolutely
undefended, so move your army and stay for a while till you make sure it's safe.
This is a good time to launch an air recon to get an idea of the enemy defenses.
If not, just remember that there are two machine guns in the airfield, and one
of them guards the western entrance.

I tried to occupy the airfield with only infantry and I lost half of my men
before I could see where they were being shot from. So it's a better idea to
first send your tanks, who will clear the path for your ground forces. When you
kill everyone in the airfield (including some dudes in a hut on the northern
part) you can wait for the plane to land. WARNING: There is a very high chance
that the plane will wander over the airfield aimlessly without landing. Try to
make sure that there is no one near the runway and if not then move away those
trucks from their position to a better place, far form the airfield. It could
happen, however, that the plane will never land.

If such a thing happens use the fresh reinforcements from the north shore of the
island to clear the southern encampment, then load them into the transport boats
which you used to land at the start of the mission. At the same time use your
army stationed at the airfield to move all the way east to engage a high number
of british troopers over the shore closest to the eastern island (the one
you supposedly need to capture with paratroopers). You may want to try and dock
the plane, selecting it while holding the Alt key. However the game script
won't make it land till it fullfills it's objective, and since it can't be
completed it will never land, thus running out of fuel and eventually crashing.
I recommend trying to win the mission before this happens since losing this
plane will damage your final score.

After the island is fairly cleared, move your loaded transport boats to the
eastern island. It is undefended. By landing a minimum of one trooper on its'
shore the stage is won.

If the plane landed, however, move west slowly to eliminate any resistance on
the eastern shore and then launch a simple paratrooper assault on the eastern
island to achieve victory.


Objective: Repel american offensives; kill everyone opposing you.
Your orders:
            1. Defend yourself against the attack of the americans
            2. Throw the americans back to the coast.

You can feel proud of yourself. You have under your command a vast force of
japanese troops! It's a shame you'll be attacked by the americans... they look
so cute standing in formation... :( Ok, let's get to work.

As you start, pause the game. Now move your troopers into defensive positions
and AWAY from the centers of your two bases. Also move the AA trucks into the
frontline so they engage the American bombers before your AA guns do. Now
unpause. Several American bombers will unleash hell on your bases, most likely
killing many infantry and a few vehicles. Don't panic. Your AA trucks and guns
will surely deal with these. The next wave will also consist of bombers. The
third one will be of fighters.

Now you should bury your army for a heavy series of attacks. The northern base
will likely get more attacked than the southern. Also, the southern entrance to
the northern base usually receives tanks, so move your anti-tank guys down 
there. As the enemies get killed, slowly start to advance to the coast. Divide
your army into as many groups as you like; I made four. The point here is not
letting any American slip past your frontline, so move your groups in a parallel
line. Beware, as you start to move, many tanks will come out to engage you.
Once you deal with these, the only strong opposition remains at the beach
itself, since many troopers and heavy guns are stationed there. A mixture of
tanks and infantry can deal with them. Capture all of the beach and kill all
enemies to achieve victory.


Objective: Survive enemy waves, and consequently defend the two airfields.
Your orders:
            1. Defend yourself for 30 minutes
            2. The enemy must not conquer either of the two airfields.

Well, well! It looks like the tide has changed! You need to survive for half an
hour so that you are reinforced. This looks like it's going to be an intense

As you start, pause. I'll divide your bases in 6. "BUNKER" is the island located
to the west, the one with three tanks and three bunkers. "CANNON" is the small
garrison on an island near the center of the map, which has three long-range
Howitzer cannons and an AA tank. "BEACH" is the coast east of CANNON, which has
three Howitzers, some cannons and lots of infantry, along with some trucks.
"PASS" is the small pass to the north of BEACH which has cannons and lots of
infantry. "PAGODA" is south east of PASS and has some pagodas lying around.
Finally, "BASE" is the airfield you need to defend, which has AA tanks, lots of
infantry, tanks and two generals. So, it's something like this, on the map:

      /                                                           \
     /                                                             \
    /                                             PASS              \
   /                               BASE                              \
  /                                                        PAGODA     \
 /                                                                     \
/             BUNKER                      BEACH                         \
\                             CANNON                   BEACH             \
 \                                                                       /
  \                                                                     /
   \                                                                   /
    \                                                                 /

Ok it is a very bad map, but I believe my insctructions were pretty clear.
Let's give some initial orders:
BUNKER: Put all infantry in their bunkers, and send the tanks to flank them.
Move the lone two soldiers to the east near the standing group of soldiers.
CANNON: Move the AA tank to the south-east of the island. Load the Howitzers
with two soldiers each.
BEACH: Move the western infantry into the beach, and move the trucks away to the
north. Load the Howitzers with two soldiers each.
PASS: Move the loaded trucks to reinforce BEACH.
PAGODA: Move the eastern cannons with your trucks so that they defend the 
south-western sector. You can also consider moving the tanks to aid the guys 
down at BEACH
BASE: Move the northernmost AA tank next to the other one, and some random 
infantry to protect the AA. Rotate the cannons facing west.

Why all these precautions?
Unpause. Around 20 bombers will completely raze the map, killing many troops
around, particularly at BEACH. If you moved the soldiers you can save many of
them. The AA tanks can destroy many of the bombers, but make sure you reload
the one at CANNON. Now wait a moment until new enemy planes arrive, this time
carrying paratroopers. The first wave will land at BEACH, to the south-east. The
cannons should be able to contain them. Troopers will also land at BUNKER, but
they will be a huge swarm, very difficult to repel. You can hope to kill as many
guys as you can, but don't forget to use the Howitzers from CANNON. That is 
their purpose, after all!

It is a good time to use those trucks from BEACH to take the northernmost
cannons to reinforce PASS or PAGODA.

The second wave will strike at CANNON. You can try to save them by shooting from
BEACH with the Howitzers, but you will likely be defeated. I saved the AA tank
and the repair truck. BEACH will also be stormed. It is a good time to withdraw,
so load everyone, including any remaining cannons, and retreat to PAGODA and 
bury yourself there, after you kill the enemies. Time for the final wave.

The final attack will come through BEACH and BASE. The first frontline will
be almost impossible to defend, you do not have enough men and tactical
advantages. Leave the long range cannons and evacuate everyone else.

Try your best to hold the invaders, and don't forget that the Howitzers at BEACH
can kill lots of men in a single rain of fire. At the end the mission is very
easy. Just be patient and throw everything you have to slow the enemy and
eventually the timer will reach zero and the mission wil be complete.


Objective: Destroy everything!
Your orders:
            1. Retake the islands to the south and north along with their
            2. The island must be taken with artillery so that we can attack the
            ships of the 5th Navy Fleet.

Now that you have been reinforced, things look much more colourful.

The first thing you will notice is that you have a lot of soldiers. The second
thing will be an incoming airstrike. Don't worry, they will miss. But after
this the enemy will attempt to breach you from the south-east with lots of
infantry and tanks. You're likely to take casualties so don't despair.

The thing here is that bombers will get smarter and will start to be a real pain
in the ass. Another issue is that a bit later on, all the eastern front will be
stormed, so you may consider moving some of your troops stationed west to
help their lads. If you can repel the first few waves, you should consider
advancing towards the old PAGODA (see previous mission for details on the names
of the many areas on this map), from both north-west and south-west. Once you
do so move south to recapture the Howitzers stationed at BEACH.

While this happens you can consider loading riflemen into your boats and taking
CANNON back. Don't worry about BUNKER, it doesn't really make the effort with 
your present situation, it's going to have to wait for later.
After clearing, make your move to capture the southern island, the one which 
has an airfield. If you go from north you'll evade enemy ships. This airfield 
has a lot of American troopers defending it, but an organized advance (or a 
few more troop transports) can deal with them.

If you can kill the enemies while they are landing the planes, the next ones 
won't be able to land, thus (I love that word) eventually crashing.

Now prepare to assault the northern airfield, for that you should have at least
three boats with soldiers, the third one not necessarily being fully loaded. 
Bring a few anti-tank units aswell, there is one tank that could mean trouble.
Clear the coast guards quickly and you will prevent the inner long-range cannons
from having a visible target.

Now, once the only opposition remains in BUNKER, move every soldier in the map,
except those in CANNON, to capture this island. It has cannons on the north
and tanks on the south. Nothing else to say, wipe it. A piece of advice: it's
very smart to use the long range cannons stationed at CANNON.

After it, it's time to search and destroy the ships. Two lie north of BUNKER 
(a destroyer and a transport), one south of CANNON (a destroyer), two to the 
north (two transports), one landed over BEACH (a transport). To kill them, find
them with your boats and quickly sink them using long-range cannons.

Finally, destroy the planes on the two captured aircrafts. If you killed 
absolutely all enemy units on the map, the victory message will appear after
around one minute. Congrats again, you did well.


Version 1.0 - 22/6/2005, 16:43 : Just finished typing.


Well, not really much to say here... Actually, I'd like to ask if anyone can
tell me what the ending words of each campaign (except US and UK) mean... I
mean, to end a battle only to say a Japanese dude saying some random crap...
If you wanna get in touch with me, email me to ireng006@yahoo.com
Just remember, sending porno will infuriate Diablo. So don't.

War is hell.

2005 Facundo Argüello

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