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German Campaign Walkthrough by Ireng

Version: 1.0a | Updated: 09/22/2005

                                       *** WELCOME COMMANDER ***
                                        Now shut up and listen...
                            I Ireng, am proud to present you to my first FAQ!

Table of Contents:

-Legal stuff

-Intro & Dedication

-MISSION ONE: STARTING POSITION                        01




-MISSION FIVE: ON TO KHARKIV                           05

-MISSION SIX: RENDEZVOUS                               06


-MISSION EIGHT: ASSAULT ON KHARKIV                     08

-Updates                                               XX



Sudden Strike II, and any related stuff is a trademark of Fireglow. This guide
is a trademark to Facundo Argüello, and is also intelectual property of Facundo
Argüello. This guide/FAQ/walkthrough/Kikimamateroofeeeeeedeeeeeee is protected 
under International Copyright Laws.  Please feel free to put this anywhere you 
like, as long as I get credit for it.  After all, this is to help the readers!  
It should be spread around!  I WOULD like it if you emailed me asking for 
permission. So don't try to credit yourself. This guide took me a hell of work
to make, and it would be something really dishonorable if you did so.


This is my first guide for GameFAQs. I am not a desperate fan of Sudden Strike,
but it really dissapointed me not to see a single Walkthru of this game. So, I
decided to start by making a FAQ for the German campaign. There are bugs in 
game which happen randomly. Such are not covered here.

I'd like to dedicate this guide to two names. First, to Fireglow, for making
such a realistic real-time strategy game. Man, not even Command and Conquer can
beat this game! It's replayability seems unlimited.

Secondly, my dedication goes to girls. Thanks, just for being girls, because
(as Fred Durst used to say) "The world would be nothing without girls". And
especially to one... the owner of the very meaning of my miserable existence.
Man... She makes me go nuts every single day. You know who I am talking to, eh?



The first 4 missions concentrate on capturing the city of Tchutovo.
Objective: Capture the Russian factories to the north
Your orders: - Capture the bridge to the south; however, do not cross it.
             - Take the small village to the northeast, and prepare for an even
tual Russian counterattack.
             - Capture the Russian factories to the north 
TIP: Use your medics to heal wounded soldiers.

   You begin with a small group of infantry and some vehicles. I suggest that, 
for now, you load every soldier that you can into the trucks, to make the 
travel faster. Don't worry, the Russians don't expect and attack here - the war
between Germany and Russia was about to start. Once you get to the first fork,
unload all trucks (but leave someone to drive them) and turn southeast. Use any
offensive vehicle for this. The russians await you at the start of the bridge.
Don't misjudge them; even if this is the first mission, they are quite a few of
them. You WILL have some casualties, but don't worry, it is something you're 
gonna carry for the entire game. After you kill them, deploy your shiny 
artillery pieces on your side of the bridge; not actually over it. Tell them to
rotate (using the R key) to where the Russians could counterattack; that is 
over the bridge. Leave about 8 more soldiers and continue your march northeast.
Your soldiers will have to walk, since there are russians that may ambush you 
around. Don't forget your reinforcements to the west! They are instrumental to
your success.

   The village is guarded by only infantry troops; your armored vehicles should
do the job. However, watch out since there are one or two with rocket launchers
on the back of the farm! Once the area is clear, prepare for an inminent 
counterattack. The Russians are angry you have been bothering them, and will 
attack with full force. Deploy your artillery a bit to the southeast - but not
too far - from the center of the village. Leave all your infantry there, and 
wait. Eventually, both the bridge and the village will be under fire. The units
on the bridge should be enough to take care of them. Don't worry if the bridge
gets destroyed; on the next mission you will be able to repair it. The village
will eventually get attacked by four or five tanks; watch out for those.

   Now, it is time to capture the factories! A warning though. The two trucks 
you will receive as reinforcements will automatically travel to the village; 
however, one of them sometimes goes past it, and into -for now- Russian 
territory. Prevent this by manually ordering them where to go. Now, attack with
full force. You may want to leave defense units, but the russians won't attack
again; as far as I have played it never happened twice. Once in the outskirts 
of the factory divide in two groups; a stronger one that marches north; a 
weaker one, that marches north-east. By "weaker" I mean "not stronger" than 
group one; not weak, by any chance. The Russians are few here; they will 
pathetically fall in your claws. Once you kill all Russians, including a few to
the very north, the mission is complete. Congratulations!


Objective: Lay siege to the city of Tchutovo.
Your orders: - Capture the train station to the north of Tchutovo to prevent 
evacuation of the city.
             - Cross the river by south, and capture the southern sector of 

   The 6th Panzer division has been ordered to aid you in taking Tchutovo; 
however, if they can´t make it in time, your forces will have to attack alone.
For now, let's concentrate on the objectives. As you start, you will receive a
fairly good reinforcement from the newly captured factories in the north. Also,
the German Air Force will be so kind in providing air reconnaisance, just for 
you. If you pay attention, you will notice that the train station is crawling 
with activity! The Russians seem in quite a hurry to leave the city.

   Load every soldier you can in the vehicles, and transport them to your 
defense post in the village. Don't worry, all of the western half of the map is
under your control. Take each and every soldier you can (you should have a 
pretty big group of infantry), load your artillery pieces, and move to the 
northern railroad. No, we are not retreating; it´s part of the plan. Once in 
the railroad, advance to the southeast. If moving both infantry and vehicles, 
you may want to use the X key to force them to walk at the same speed.

   Capture the train station. It´s poorly defended compared to your masssive 
force. Push the russians towards the river, but don't cross it. Stop your 
slaughtering just before the bridge. Deploy your artillery there. This part of
the mission is complete.

   Now, with your southern units. If the bridge was destroyed in the previous 
mission you are gonna have to fix it. Use your supply cars for this purpose. If
you think you need more troops, take some of the ones stationed on the train 
station and take them by truck to the bridge - of course, not crossing the 
city, but to the west of the river. Charge. The russians that will welcome you
are few; however, there is a significant resistance to the southeast that 
should be dealt with. Sometimes the mission is accomplished before killing the
ones in the forest. Either way, once you clean the southern area of the city -
not entering it - the mission is complete.


Objective: Reach the easternmost part of the industrial sector of the city.
Your orders: - Take command of a group of tanks - the 6th Panzer Division
             - For this, take as few losses as possible.
             - Advance to an area far to the east.
TIP: Hit the A key to make your infantry to search for buried mines.

   Well, well! Looks like the 6th Panzer Division is about to reach Tchutovo! 
That's really good news. You will start with a nice group of tanks, all fully 
loaded with infantry. Beforeyou move, there´s something you need to know. If a
tank gets badly hit, you may lose all infantry on top of it - not actually 
INSIDE the tank. There are two COA (Course Of Action) here. You can advance to
the east and completely raze any russians in your way. Or, you can march 
southeast, then northeast, so that you avoid the biggest confrontation in the 
center of the map. This map is considerably harder than the previous one.

  Either COA, you can also choose to unload your infantry or not. If you go by
the southeast then you probably won´t have to. You shouldn't go north; there's
a pretty good resistance there, plus a fortified ship that will surely will be
pleased of meeting you. Once you pass the industrial sector, resistance should
be sporadic. See that yellow ground to the east? You have made contact with 
your first mine field; use your infantry to defuse the deadly bombs. One mine 
is enough to destroy an entire tank! Also, if you went through the southeast, 
you shouldn't call attention from the center forces. Now, push east. Once you 
reach the easternmost part, move all your units to the corner of the map. At 
same point, the victory will trigger. If this doesn't happen, then go west, 
and then come back 'till the sequence triggers. One more note; the units that 
survive this mission will reinforce those in Tchutovo on the next one; so you 
should really be careful about taking losses, especially with the tanks.


Objective: Take control of the city of Tchutovo
Your Orders: - Find a weak point in the Russian defense.
             - Take the center of the city.
             - Repel any possible counterattacks.

   The 6th Panzer Division has arrived in time!... or so the old man says. With
 the help of your tanks from MISSION THREE, you will have more than enough 
troops to conquer Tchutovo once and for all. Your orders tell you to find a 
weak point in the defense. I paticularly find that the southwestern corner of 
the city can be attacked from the river shore with relatively few resistance. 
First, you will need to repel a small attack attempt by the russians garrisoned
inside the city. It will happen to the southeast of your frontline at the south
of Tchutovo. Gather two groups. One will charge from the north and occupy the 
river shore, then advance. The other will attack from the river shore of the 
west, and then move southeast, defeating any opposing forces. If you want you 
can send your offensive vehicle - one is more than enough - to the northwest of
the southern frontline and clear the way for the rest of your army, then 
retreat when it is damaged. This parts gets very exciting. As you progress in 
conquering the city, try to coordinate your moves in such a way your two groups
reach the center of Tchutovo at the same time. 

   Then wait for the Russians to counterattack. There will be so many units at
the Town Square, that the few units the Russians send won't probably be able 
even to fire. Stay cool, and this mission should be a piece of cake. Also, if 
the worst happens, and there is a point you can´t get to without heavy losses,
you have three long-range cannons patiently waiting at your old defensive 
village, to the north of Tchutovo, that can shoot anyone in the city that are
near the river shore.

   Congratulations! You have succesfully conquered Tchutovo!


Now we´ll concentrate our efforts in getting to Kharkiv.
Objective: Rendezvous with the 4th army
Your orders: - Advance parallel to the river to the rendez-vous point.
             - Destroy all enemy units in your way.
TIP: Use your infantry for capturing tanks that have been abandoned by the 
enemy; not those wrecked.

   This mission requires some speed, in opposition to the ones before. As you 
start you will receive quite a lot of tanks, and, on the other river shore, 
the 4th Army will arrive. Not that it is anything special, maybe they are too 
few for being an entire army... Anyways, first I'm gonna cover the 4th Army, 
sice it´s mission is a lot simpler, and shorter. Simply move southeast killing
any opposition you encounter. The two anti-air vehicles should stay behind, be
cause there is an anti-tank fighter wandering around that may result a threat.
Once you get to the edge of the map, gather your troops there and standby.

   Now, as regards to the tanks... as you start the mission, you will receive
notification that the Russians are trying to breach through your attack line in
order to counterattack. Don´t let this happen. The enemy tanks should come in a
straight line, giving you time to position and destroy them. Then push forward.
You have a new tool to play around on this mission - the paratroopers. You have
only one call to use, but they are very handy. You can use them whenever you 
want, just remember that this game is very realistic, and the paratroopers will
take a while to appear. Also, as you reach about the half of the map, you will
be reinforced by some tanks by the west. Send them straight to where your other
troops are; they will engage and utterly destroy any Russians in the way.

   Once you reach the southeastern corner of the map - you should have lost as
much as half of your tanks - , you will receive new orders - you must destroy 
an artillery post stationed at the southernmost corner of the map.  You have 
two COAs:

   a) Here is when you should use the paratroopers. Drop them around the place
where the enemy is, and, at the same time, do a hasty retreat. 
  You should see why soon. If the paratroopers where not enough, finish the 
job. Anyways, fall back to around the northwestern part of the map.
   b) If you already did use your paratroopers, or you want to save them for
later, or you just wanna use your tanks, charge directly, without doubting. 
When you kill them all, fall back to around the northwestern part of the map.

   Regardless of which COA you have to be around the northwestern part of the
map by the time the artillery post has been wiped out. You will then be noticed
that the Russians are making a hard counterattack. Don't try to take them 
alone! This time, your damaged tanks won't stand a chance. Wait, as you will be
reinforced by A LOT of tanks, which are German, but you can't control. They 
will automatically engage and fight the Russians, but, if you are feeling 
brave/stupid, you can aid them by knocking down a few enemy tanks. Once you 
reach the southeasternmost part of the map, the mission is complete.


Objective: Rendezvous with the 4th Army, get rid of the Russians in the area.
Your orders: - Capture the bridge and repair it.
             - After the northern airfield has been taken, conquer the southern
airfield and defend it against a counterattack by the Russians.
             - Wait for reinforcements from the "Totenkopf" Panzer Division and
attack the munition depot.
             - As soon as the situation is under control, fly the general from
the northern to the southern airfield with a transport aircraft.
TIP: Parallel advance of your troops is highly recommended.

   This mission involves quite a lot of objectives. AS you start, wait for
about a minute until both the tanks and the 4th army have been fully deployed.
You should know that the Russians are expecting you, and are well fortified.
When all your units are ready, start heading southeast with both armies. The
4th army won't have much opposition until they get to the bridge, and they will
even have time to practice some plane shooting. The tanks' part is a different
story. As they start they will encounter some really heavy Russians resistance,
but you should have so many tanks - mostly from MISSION FIVE - that they will
fall quickly. You will undoubtely lose, at least, one tank. Progress forward.
If you get attacked by a plane, use the AA vehicles from the 4th army to burn
them down.

   There are no mines here, yet. Once you get to the pretty well defended
bridge, guard it as there are many tanks wandering around, and then repair it
with your maintenance vehicle. At some point you will be notified that you now
have paratroopers at your disposal. And, you have, not one, not too, but three
calls for them!!! However, I don´t think you will need them.

   Anyways, advance straight north from the bridge, with your newly formed
army. There are many Russians hiding in the forest. Kill them all. Continue
north. Once you clear the airfield, you will receive notification of your
success. But, wait! There is a small convoy packed with infantry going to meet
you from the west! But they will fall directly into a Russian ambush! Stop the 
convoy from it's inminent doom, and send around four or five tanks to clear the
menace. Then, escort the convoy back to the airfield.
   Next, you will have to get the general and some pilots into the plane. The
problem here is finding the General. I'm not sure how you get it, but I suspect
it comes with the 4th army. You will have to search for him. He looks just like
a German Officer, but has a darker uniform. Also, he can Defuse Mines AND use
Binoculars. Once you find him, use your maintenance vehicles to repair the
field. Once that´s done, use these vehicles to repair and reload your tanks.
One of your new vehicles is a Medic truck; use it too. Once you are lock 'n'
loaded, march south. DO NOT TAKE OFF THE PLANE! There is a swarm of Russians 
that await you on the other side.

   Just past the bridge, and a little to the south, is a very big mine field.
You should take care of this one. Advance south to find a very strong Russian
defense. Kill them all, and you will receive a small help from Panthers. 
These are the second strongest type of German tanks. They will get attacked
inmediately as they appear. Also, you will be notified that some retreating
Russians are approaching your position. Be ready for about ten tanks coming 
from the northeast of the village coming to say "Hi!".

   Once you have unified your forces at the village, repair, heal and reload
everyone. You will soon assist to the biggest Russian slaughter of all times.
Charge with all your troops against the southern airfield. DON'T FORGET TO 
UNLOAD ALL TRUCKS AND APCs! Once deep in the airfield you will meet a horde
of Russians on foot. Around thirty of them. However, they will fall quicky
to the brutal strenght of your Panthers. Once the southern airfield is clear,
the "Totenkopf" Panzer Division will arrive. They have TIGERS! These are the
most feared tanks of WWII. They have a 88mm caliber cannon, and can reach 
45,5 km per hour! Bring them to the airfield.

   Now, you must decide what to do with the general. I attacked the depot and
won without even flying him. But, it adds to the pace of the level to do so.
Once you are ready, simply march over the munition depot. It is well defended,
but your army should be so vast that they will surely fall. Once the area is
totally clear, VICTORY!


This one's a real test.
Objective: Surround Kharkiv in preparation of the final assault.
Your orders: - Move into position in the proximity of the muniton depot and
defend it against hostile paratroopers. Destroy any anti-aircraft turrets and
take the hostile transmitter by the lake.
             - Conquer the village to the east of the airfield. You will then
meet your reinforcements on the southern road and move in the direction of the
freight station.
             - Capture the station and drive the enemy to the north.
TIP: I don't recommend the "X" key for moving your troops on this mission. When
doing so, they will most likely not engage enemy troops that come into sight.

   We are close now! The Russians are in a clearly desperate situation. It will
be only a matter of time before we capture Kharkiv. But first things first.
There's some groundwork we need to do before attempting a full scale incursion
into the city.

   Let's begin. You start right were you finished your previous mission, at the
munition depot. You will notice that you have a lot less of units than before.
Maybe they were needed elsewhere... anyways, reinforcements from south-west and
north-west will make their appearance. However, these last tanks will not join
you; apparently they are chasing a fleeing Russian party. They will go right
past the depot, into enemy territory. Have fun watching as they make their way
through Russian defenses, and disappear from the map.

   Now's our turn. There's something you should know: during this mission, and
every once in a while, you will be reinforced with two paratroopers drops.
At the same time you get them, an enemy Russian plane will fly through the map
and drop a paratrooper group above the depot. So this means the depot will
have to be ALWAYS defended by, say, five or six tanks. Also you will get a AA
tank that should be set and guarded a bit to the east of the depot once the 
area is cleared to effectively shoot down the paratrooper planes.

   Once you have decided who's gonna stay, stay quiet as the Russians will try
to retake the depot with a few enemy tanks. Russian tanks here are a lot
stronger than in previous missions. Once thay are dead and buried, move to the
north-east to take the transmitter near the lake - don't forget to leave some
defense units! The Panzer Division that passed before has done a good job
indeed. Give the remaining, scattered Russian infantry their "coupe de grace",
And then go to the western shore of the lake. Not only enemy units lurk here;
but apparently a sequence needed to win is triggered by doing so. Once you take
down all AA turrets the first objective is complete.

   Regroup by the munition depot. The "village to the east of the airfield"
looks to me more to a farm. There are anti-tank infantry units there. You
may consider dropping a PT here; I don't think you should do. Save all PTs for
the latest part of the mission. By this time you will be reinforced.

   Now comes a tense part. We need to get our hands in the freight station.
This is *not* gonna be easy. There are a lot of hidden enemy units, and, what's
more annoying, they have a really nice collection of long-range Howitzer
cannons. Remember you had three of the in MISSION TWO? It's time for payback.
There is a small pass to the south if the "village" that leads to the station.
Enemy tanks guard it, plus one of them hides on top of a cliff. Bring at least
one of your two priceless maintenance vehicles. To get the hiding tank, simply
move around the cliff from where it fires; it's located south-west of the
passing. Avoid losing more than five tanks. Now, go straightly south-east to
bring down another AA turret. You will now notice the might of the Howitzer
cannon: you can't even see them, and they blow your tanks like they were sand!
This first cannon is at the second south-eastern cliff - counting from the
left. This area, and the freight station, are clear land for any PT drop you
may need. At the third cliff hides a tank that will really hurt you unless you
take the station by it's northern part, then advance south-east, and surround
this cliff. There is a lot to slaughter here. Seek for the eastern and western
edges of the station; units that could bug you later wander there. Now send
around half of your Supposedly-Still-Really-Big-Army (SSRBA) to the north to
conquer a small outpost. By this point you will receive notification of your
sucess capturing the station.

   Bury yourself for an inminent counter-attack, on both the station and the
outpost. Defeat everyone. One last thing before the final part. At some time
you will be told about a prison to the north of the station which is worth the
look. To take the building, do as I order: use only your tanks, and position
them to the south-west of the prison - which is actually north-east of the
station. Attack in a parallel line, but DO NOT GET TOO NEAR THE PRISON. The
horde of Russian infantry will automatically rush blindly towards its' doom.
Once you kill everyone, AND ONLY THEN, go near the prison. Why this? There is,
effectively, a prisoner to rescue here. However, if he senses a German tank
nearby, he will walk out of the prison, and if there are still Russian troops
around, they will most likely kill him.

   Now, rest and reload. The Russian PTs have been a pain lately? Worry not,
since during this action, a train carrying many infantry troops will arrive at
the munition depot to the north. Unless you are in a dire need of these few
soldiers, leave it there; it has AA turrets on it. Plus, if you send it towards
the freight station, it will be ambushed by a few Russians hiding in both a
bunker and a church.

   So, you hunger for paratrooper revenge, huh? This is your shot. With three
squads - not less, by any chance -, drop them at the eastern shore of the
northern lake, at the spot to the north. By this the PTs will land just as the
plane is shot to death without getting harmed, plus they get the chance to
capture a shiny Howitzer cannon! Then use it to shoot ONCE the small group of
houses to the south. There are around four tanks there, but your infantry can
dismantle them without the need of explosives. Then capture them, and the AA
turrets that are there aswell. You now have a strong position over the city,
and almost all thanks to the Russian artillery!

   Here comes the decisive part. You will have to charge at full force at the
city, leaving no survivors, and will usually lose many, many tanks to the
hateful Howitzers. And you can't use PTs because there are AA turrets at the
middle of the town! You will have to hack 'n' slash at the usual way. I don't
have a strategy for this. Just think well, and fast. The Howitzers are located:
- At a small plateau to the south-east, near a tunnel.
- Near some AA turrets at the center of the village.
- At the very north-eastern corner of the map.
- To the east of the previously captured outpost, at a small hill.
As a final advice I recommend that you capture as many tanks as you can, they
can be used at the next mission. Lastly, the winning sequence triggers a bit
randomly. If nothing happens, walk around and search for enemy troops. You will
win at some moment. Be patient, and victory shall be yours.


The final mission!
Objective: Capture the city of Kharkiv
Your Orders: - Conquer the industrial area to the north.
             - Conquer the research area to the northeast.
             - Ocupy the town hall.
   Anxious? Maybe. Afraid? Nah. Ready for whacking up lots of Russians? Sure!
I'll brief you quickly. You have two huge armies: to the northwest, and a tank
army with maintenance cars. To the southwest, a huge army of mixed infantry and
vehicles - the spoilers of your last victory. Don´t worry if you previously
suffered heavy casualties; you will get reinforced. You have at your disposal
some of the finest tanks in the game. Your final goal lies to the very east;
the Town hall surrounded by Intelligence Depts. It´s a bit hard to spot. Refer
to the minimap; it is a bit north from the small arrow that provides the Stand
Ground command. Your Paratrooper activity is very restricted this time: two
Russian fighters circle above the city and will surely hunt down almost all
air assaults. You can, however, land PTs from and to north of the map, around
halfway between northwest and north.

   Let's start! This mission requires very specific coordination, so both
armies must move at the same time. First:
NORTH: Gather everyone, then move north to capture the industrial area. It is
well defended with turrets and tanks so don´t be surprised to lose nearly one
third of this army so early on. Deploy (if the skies are safe) around two or
three PTs to secure the perimeter. The game tells you to mount defenses here;
as far as I have seen the only counter-attack you could get is by the south-
east, and only once.
SOUTH: Prepare to breach through a hard line of enemy fire. You may lose nearly
half of your army here if you are not cautious; luckily, this is the hardest
opposition you will face in this mission, except for the very end. There is a
tank or two at a cliff that may be a real pain if not killed - ahem, disposed
of - quickly.
   When done with both armies, refuel, lock'n'load and be ready.
NORTH: Move southeast and take the Research facility. It has a lot of soldiers
guarding it, so circle the whole structure and destroy any opposition. After
a while some planes will start shooting. Don't desperate, and put any infantry
into a safe cover inside the buildings. Then reload and wait. If you want,
deploy any left PT over the Industrial area and send them to aid the tanks left
in battle. This last part will require all of your might.
SOUTH: Advance (using the "X" key) northeast kiling any opposition. There will
be heavy firefight here, so be sure to move everyone at once. Once you believe
this army is at an equal distance of the Town Hall as the Northern army,
make your last reload.
   This is the end of the campaign. You will have to move both groups at 
exactly the same time. There's some really wonderful pyrothecnic magic here - 
if only anything in war could be labelled wonderful -. Don't worry, there´s
almost no way to lose. The biggest obstacle lies in defeating the guards by 
the Intelligence Dept.s and the tanks actually guarding the Town Hall. Once 
done, move around and send some infantry inside the target building, and, 
presto, you have conquered Kharkiv. Congratulations, Commander.


Version 1.0a - 22/9/2005, 15:55: Corrected typos, and deleted some dumb jokes.
Version 1.0 - 16/7/2004, 01:54 Am: Just finished typing.


Well, not really much to say here... Actually, I'd like to ask if anyone can
tell me what the ending words of each campaign (except US and UK) mean... I
mean, to end a battle only to say a German dude saying some unknwon crap...
If you wanna get in touch with me, email me to ireng006@yahoo.com
Just remember, sending porno will infuriate Diablo. So don't.

                        THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!

2004 Facundo Argüello

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