3D BackgroundsJohn Baron
3D BackgroundsEric Klokstad
3D BackgroundsBecky Kosuge
3D Character AnimationAdrian Bourne
3D Character AnimationKevin Chung
3D Character AnimationDan Cole
3D Character AnimationJohn Liesenring
3D Character AnimationJim Millar
3D Character AnimationColin Tennery
3D Character AnimationPaul Wesberry
3D Character Animation LeadCraig Hardin
3D Tools ProgrammingDan Chang
Audio ProgrammingLars Larsson
Audio Programming/Sound EngineeringGeoff Kirk
Music ComposerTom McGurk
ProgrammingAliess Adams
ProgrammingBen Crane
ProgrammingDavid Galloway
ProgrammingBen Humphrey
ProgrammingDarryl Mliner
ProgrammingMichael Stephan
ProgrammingJason Widrig
Programming LeadBrady Houck
Programming LeadRobert McAuliffe
Traditional AnimationMichael Baran
Traditional AnimationAndrew Brinkworth
Traditional AnimationMaria Mailey
Traditional AnimationJohn Michaud
Traditional AnimationJay Prochaska
Traditional Animation LeadJordan Rennick


Data and credits for this game contributed by Mookiethebold, BartSmith, LTPofficial, and PivotMasterDev.

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