1. John Baron 3D Backgrounds
  2. Eric Klokstad 3D Backgrounds
  3. Becky Kosuge 3D Backgrounds
  4. Adrian Bourne 3D Character Animation
  5. Kevin Chung 3D Character Animation
  6. Dan Cole 3D Character Animation
  7. John Liesenring 3D Character Animation
  8. Jim Millar 3D Character Animation
  9. Colin Tennery 3D Character Animation
  10. Paul Wesberry 3D Character Animation
  11. Craig Hardin 3D Character Animation Lead
  12. Dan Chang 3D Tools Programming
  13. Lars Larsson Audio Programming
  14. Geoff Kirk Audio Programming/Sound Engineering
  15. Tom McGurk Music Composer
  16. Aliess Adams Programming
  17. Ben Crane Programming
  18. David Galloway Programming
  19. Ben Humphrey Programming
  20. Darryl Mliner Programming
  21. Michael Stephan Programming
  22. Jason Widrig Programming
  23. Brady Houck Programming Lead
  24. Robert McAuliffe Programming Lead
  25. Michael Baran Traditional Animation
  26. Andrew Brinkworth Traditional Animation
  27. Maria Mailey Traditional Animation
  28. John Michaud Traditional Animation
  29. Jay Prochaska Traditional Animation
  30. Jordan Rennick Traditional Animation Lead


Data and credits for this game contributed by BartSmith, LTPofficial, Mookiethebold, and PivotMasterDev.

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