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Guide and Walkthrough by ilikemuffins000

Version: Final | Updated: 11/26/2007

  _____ _______            _        _  __  ______   _____    
 / ____|__   __|   /\     | |      | |/ / |  ____| |  __ \   
| (___    | |     /  \    | |      | ' /  | |__    | |__) |  
 \___ \   | |    / /\ \   | |      |  <   |  __|   |  _  /   
 ____) |  | | _ / ____ \ _| |____ _| . \ _| |____ _| | \ \ _ 
|_____(_) |_|(_)_/    \_(_)______(_)_|\_(_)______(_)_|  \_(_)
  _____ _               _                        __ 
 / ____| |             | |                      / _|
| (___ | |__   __ _  __| | _____      __   ___ | |_ 
 \___ \| '_ \ / _` |/ _` |/ _ \ \ /\ / /  / _ \|  _|
 ____) | | | | (_| | (_| | (_) \ V  V /  | (_) | |  
|_____/|_| |_|\__,_|\__,_|\___/ \_/\_/    \___/|_|  
  _____ _                           _           _ 
 / ____| |                         | |         | |
| |    | |__   ___ _ __ _ __   ___ | |__  _   _| |
| |    | '_ \ / _ \ '__| '_ \ / _ \| '_ \| | | | |
| |____| | | |  __/ |  | | | | (_) | |_) | |_| | |
 \_____|_| |_|\___|_|  |_| |_|\___/|_.__/ \__, |_|
                                           __/ |  

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Strategy Guide

Copyright: ilikemuffins000 2007
E-mail: girwehoohoo05@hotmail.com
If you have any questions about this guide please e-mail me and I'll be happy
to answer them.
Table of Contents

1. Introduction.........................................................[INTRO]
2. Copyright and Legal Stuff............................................[CO&LS]
3. Version History......................................................[VERSH]
4. Controls.............................................................[CONTR]
5. Contacts.............................................................[CONTA]
6. Weapons..............................................................[WEAPO]
 6.1 Handguns...........................................................[HANGU]
 6.2 Shotguns...........................................................[SHOGU]
 6.3 Assault Rifles.....................................................[ASRIF]
 6.4 Big Rifles/Sniper Rifles...........................................[BR/SR]
 6.5 Heavy Guns.........................................................[HEAGU]
 6.6 Grenades...........................................................[GRENA]
7. Items................................................................[ITEMS]
 7.1 Medicines and Food.................................................[MEDFO]
 7.2 Artifacts..........................................................[ARTIF]
 7.3 Suits/Armor........................................................[SU/AR]
8. Enemies..............................................................[ENEMY]
 8.1 Stalkers...........................................................[STALK]
 8.2 Military...........................................................[ARMYS]
 8.3 Mutants............................................................[MUTAN]
9. Walkthrough..........................................................[WALKT]
 9.01 Cordon............................................................[CORD1]
 9.02 Cordon 2..........................................................[CORD2]
 9.03 Garbage Area......................................................[GARBA]
 9.04 Agroprom Research Institute.......................................[AGRRI]
 9.05 The Bar...........................................................[THBAR]
 9.06 The Dark Valley...................................................[DARVA]
 9.07 Lab X18...........................................................[LAB18]
 9.08 Cordon 3..........................................................[CORD3]
 9.09 Wild Territory....................................................[WILTE]
 9.10 Yantar............................................................[YANTA]
 9.11 Lab X16...........................................................[LAB16]
 9.12 Army Warehouses...................................................[ARMYW]
 9.13 Red Forest........................................................[REDFO]
 9.14 Pripyat...........................................................[PRIPY]
 9.15 Chernobyl NPP.....................................................[CHNPP]
10. Jobs................................................................[JOBSS]
 10.1 Cordon............................................................[CORDO]
 10.2 Bar...............................................................[BARRR]
 10.3 Yantar............................................................[YANAR]
 10.4 Army Warehouses...................................................[ARMWA]
11. Donations...........................................................[DONAT]
12. Closing.............................................................[CLOSE]

1. Introduction [INTRO]
Hello again! This is my second FAQ/Walkthrough, my first being for The

Now I know you all are eager to get to the Walkthrough, but be calm, stay 
patient, and don't fall asleep during the...dun dun dun! Legal crap! You knew
it was coming!

2. Copyright and Legal Stuff [CO&LS]
The only websites that have permission to publish this guide are:


If you see this guide on any other site than the ones listed above please
contact me at my e-mail listed at the beginning of the guide.

3. Version History [VERSH]
1.0 04/13/07 Started the guide. Made T.O.C.
1.1 04/14/07 Went all the way to the Assault Rifle section of Weapons.
1.2 04/15/07 Finished Weapons and went through entire enemy list. Started on
             the FAQ.
1.3 04/16/07 Did some work on Cordon and did some jobs in Cordon.
1.4 04/17/07 Cleared up some Cordon stuff and did some Jobs.
1.5 04/19/07 Finished Cordon jobs and finished Cordon 2.
1.6 04/21/07 Got into the Garbage area but didn't finish it.
1.7 04/22/07 Finished Garbage area and did entire Bar area.
1.8 04/24/07 Put it another CO&LS website.
1.9 04/26/07 Finished Garbage jobs.
2.0 04/28/07 Went from Dark Valley all the way through to the end of Cordon 3.
2.1 05/04/07 Added a website to CO&LS.
2.2 06/17/07 "Re-started" on the Wild Territory.
2.3 10/27/07 Finished Side Jobs and did FAQ until Red Forest.
Final 11/03/07 Finished the guide!
4. Controls [CONT]
These are the default controls for the game. You can access them in the main

Basic Movement
W - Forward
S - Back
A - Strafe Left
D - Strafe Right
Space - Jump
CTRL - Crouch
CTRL + SHIFT - Low Crouch
X - Sprint
Q - Lean Left
E - Lean Right

1 - Weapon 1
2 - Weapon 2
3 - Weapon 3
4 - Weapon 4
5 - Weapon 5
6 - Weapon 6
Y - Change Ammo Type
Mouse1 - Fire
Mouse2 - Zoom
R - Reload
G - Grenade Launcher
0 - Next Firing Mode
9 - Previous Firing Mode

I - Inventory
P - Active Tasks in PDA
M - PDA Map
H - PDA Contacts
L - Flashlight
N - Nightvision
] - Quick Bandage
[ - Quick Medkit
G - Drop

Pause - Pause
F - Use
F12 - Screenshot
ESC - Exit
~ - Console

5. Contacts [CONTA]
This section of the guide explains the major contacts you will encounter in the
game; people who give the most missions and side quests.

Also known as "The Trader", Sidorovich is your first contact in the game. 
Sidorovich claims to have found and rescued you from the wreckage of a truck
last seen leaving the center of the Zone, when really another nameless stalker
was responsible (as seen in the first cutscene). Sidorovich has been a kind 
trader most of his life. In school, he probably bartered for pencils and 
erasers with other kids. In his teens, he sold drugs and weapons. After the 
second Chernobyl incident and the rise of the Zone, Sidorovich settle in a 
bunker on the outskirts of the area and began to barter with stalkers for
artifacts and weapons. He is extremely frugal and drives a hard bargain, and he
does not pay very well for special missions and jobs.

Barkeep operates the 100 Rads Bar in the Bar area of the Zone, which is under
the control of the Duty Faction. Barkeep keeps his nose clean and operates on
behalf of Duty on many occasions, which enables him to provide large sums for
completion of special missions in Duty's best interest. He also pays well for
the completion of side jobs that have nothing to do with Duty. Barkeep is a 
jovial and all-around friendly guy. Just don't get drunk and act crazy in his

Arnie operates the Arena, just across the street from the 100 Rads Bar in the
Bar area controlled by Duty. Arnie pits stalkers against one another for large
sums of money. He bankrolls fights by placing side bets against the odds. So 
even if you make a huge wad of cash from a fight in the Arena, Arnie makes even
more! Lousy son of a......

Doctor Sakharov
Doctor Sakharov is a scientist who runs the mobile lab operating in the Yantar
region. He and his group have long sought to study psi-emissions anomaly 
preventing entrance to Lab X16, located somewhere in Yantar. But as more 
stalkers and military personnel fail prey to the psi-emitter and become 
zombies, research becomes more dangerous and difficult. Sakharov is counting
on you to infiltrate Lab X16 and shut down the psi-emitter, so that the area
can finally be studied and researched as Sakharov sees fit. After you 
successfully shut down the psi-emitter, Sakharov becomes a full-fledged trader
and offers a variety of useful equipment. He also begins to offer side jobs to
help you make extra money.

General Voronin is the leader of Duty, and his base of operations is in the Bar
area. Speak to Sergeant Kitsenko near the Bar entrance and ask him to tell you
where Duty's base is: he marks the location of you PDA map. General Voronin is
a strict ad intolerant man with little time to waste. Duty's current mission is
to protect the world from the Zone by limiting outsiders' access and preventing
trading of artifacts found in the Zone with the outside world (possible 
spreading radioactivity and the end of man-kind as we know it). Currently, Duty
is engaged in attempting to defeat and eradicate Freedom, the opposing faction,
which feels that the world should have free access to the Zone and its many
wonders. General Voronin cannot be spoken to unless you obtain Professor 
Kruglov's flash drive and give it to the Barkeep. Barkeep then puts in a good
word for you with Duty, which allows you to visit with General Voronin for the
first time late in the game. General Voronin offers several special missions
and side jobs that aim to take a stab at Freedom, located mostly in the Army
Warehouses region.

Lukash is the leader of Freedom, the faction that fights for the right of free
access to the Zone for the entire world. The Freedom faction is hole up at the 
old army base in the Army Warehouses region. Whether or not you can strike a 
deal with Lukash depends all on timing. Only if you go directly to Lukash and 
offer to help eradicate the Duty faction squads in the region will Lukash trust
you enough to send you on special missions and side jobs. Otherwise, Lukash 
might not show much interest.

6. Weapons [WEAPO]
In this section is a list of MOST of the weapons in the game. Of course, there
are modified versions of different weapons on this list in the game but I 
didn't bother to put them on. They usually don't differ much from the originals
and can be sold for the same price.

6.1 Handguns [HANGU]
Black Kite

Value: 2,500 RU
Accuracy: 2.5
Handling: 10.0
Damage: 14.0
Rate of Fire: 3.0
Magazine: 8
Ammo: standard .45 ACP, improved .45 ACP Hydro-Shock
The Black Kite is a real gun for real heroes. It is big, heavy, and very 
destructible. It is not very popular in the Zone thanks to its price and size.


Value: 350 RU
Accuracy: 5.5
Handling: 18.0
Damage: 4.5
Rate of Fire: 3.0 
Magazine: 12
Ammo: standard 9x18mm, improved 9x18mm +P+
A police pistol of Ukrainian production, the Fort-12Mk2 replaced the PMm. In 
comparison with other pistols it has improved accuracy, better ergonomics, and
a larger magazine but it is less reliable.

Kora 919

Value: 1,100 RU
Accuracy: 4.5
Handling: 16.5
Damage: 9.9
Rate of Fire: 2.9 
Magazine: 7
Ammo: standard .45ACP, improved .45 ACP Hydro-Shock
A nice gun that was present in all the conflicts of the 20th century, the Kora-
919 entered a new century with confidence. Its small magazine is partially 
compensated for by the use of a high-powered round.

Noiseless Pistol (PB1s)

Value: 300 RU
Accuracy: 3.9
Handling: 16.5
Damage: 3.5
Rate of Fire: 2.5 
Magazine: 8
Ammo: standard 9x18mm, improved 9x18mm +P+
A pistol with an integrated silencer, this was used by the Soviet special 
forces. The noiseless pistol is now outdated but, in the right hands, can be
quite deadly.


Value: 280 RU
Accuracy: 2.0
Handling: 17.9
Damage: 1.0
Rate of Fire: 2.5 
Magazine: 8
Ammo: standard 9x18mm, improved 9x18 mm +P+
The most widespread pistol in the Zone, the PMm is a legacy of the Soviet era.
It is relatively reliable and cheap, but it has low magazine capacity, low 
power, and an unsatisfactory grouping of shots. It is the main weapon of a 
beginning stalker.

SIP-t M200

Value: 1,200 RU
Accuracy: 6.5
Handling: 17.5
Damage: 8.0
Rate of Fire: 3.0 
Magazine: 7
Ammo: standard .45ACP, improved .45 ACP Hydro-Shock
The SIP-t M200 is a model developed back in 1975 but still popular all around
the world. Its magazine is low capacity, but its mechanism is absolutely 
reliable. Its second advantage is the use of the high-powered Kora round.

UDP Compact

Value: 1,500 RU
Accuracy: 5.5
Handling: 18.0
Damage: 8.5
Rate of Fire: 3.0 
Magazine: 8
Ammo: standard .45ACP, improved .45 ACP Hydro-Shock
This is a reliable weapon. As a quality compact close-range weapon, it is very
popular among the Zone veterans.

Walker P9m

Value: 800 RU
Accuracy: 5.1
Handling: 18.0
Damage: 6.0
Rate of Fire: 3.0 
Magazine: 16
Ammo: standard 9x19mm FMJ, improved 9x19mm PB1s
An excellent German pistol, the Walker P9m is highly reliable with a high-
capacity magazine and good fire accuracy especially in the case of the model
designed for the 9mm FMJ round.

6.2 Shotguns [SHOGU]
Chaser 13

Value: 2150 RU
Accuracy: 2.5
Handling: 5.0
Damage: 12.5
Rate of Fire: 1.0 
Magazine: 6
Ammo: 12x70 shot, 12x76 slug, 12x76 dart
A smoothbore pump-action rifle made for use in the most hostile environments,
the Chaser 13 is very reliable. All its details are covered with anticorrosive

Sawn-Off Dbl-Barrel (BM 17)

Value: 400 RU
Accuracy: 2.1
Handling: 14.9
Damage: 14.5
Rate of Fire: 5.1
Magazine: 2
Ammo: 12x70 shot, 12x76 slug, 12x76 dart
This sawn-off BM 17 rifle is lighter and more compact than the original two-
barrel rifle, but it is effective only at close range. It is one of the weapons
most commonly used by beginners.


Value: 2000 RU
Accuracy: 0.5
Handling: 1.9
Damage: 11.9
Rate of Fire: 1.9
Magazine: 8
Ammo: 12x70 shot, 12x76 slug, 12x76 dart
The SPSA14 smoothbore rifle was developed in the late 1970s. This weapon is 
very reliable and flexibly used. It is, however, relatively big and expensive,
and it mechanism is too complex. This is probably the best close-range gun in
the Zone.

6.3 Assault Rifles [ASRIF]
Akm 74/2

Value: 2000 RU
Accuracy: 7.5
Handling: 8.5
Damage: 9.5
Rate of Fire: 8.5
Magazine: 30
Ammo: standard 5.45x39mm, armor-piercing 5.45x39mm BP
This is an assault rifle with a folding but, a 1974 model; it uses 5.45x39mm
ammunition. It is a simple and reliable weapon, but the cheapness of its
production affected its ergonomics and accuracy. In the Zone, it is the main 
weapon of the military stalkers and of many solo fighters.

Akm 74/2U

Value: 1000 RU
Accuracy: 4.5
Handling: 14.5
Damage: 7.1
Rate of Fire: 12.5
Magazine: 30
Ammo: standard 5.45x39mm, armor-piercing 5.45x39mm BP
The weight and size of the Akm 74/2U are similar to those of a submachine gun,
but its operation mode and the ammunition it uses place it into the class of
assault rifles. Its advantages are its small dimensions - very useful when 
fighting inside a building or in a thick forest - and relatively high piercing
capabilities. Its main disadvantages are a limited accuracy range and quick 
overheating when firing bursts.

FT 200M

Value: 17000 RU
Accuracy: 9.5
Handling: 13.0
Damage: 7.0
Rate of Fire: 18.0
Magazine: 30
Ammo: 5.56x45mm SS109m, armor piercing 5.56x45mm AP
An assault rifle combined with a grenade launcher, the FT 200M is equipped with
an electronic fire-control module and a 40mm grenade launcher.

GP 37

Value: 18000 RU
Accuracy: 9.5
Handling: 12.5
Damage: 5.0
Rate of Fire: 17.5
Magazine: 30
Ammo: 5.56x45mm SS109m, armor piercing 5.56x45mm AP
A German assault rifle, the GP 37 is a first-grade specimen of modern weaponry:
it is light, reliable, and ergonomic.

IL 86

Value: 4000 RU
Accuracy: 7.5
Handling: 5.5
Damage: 8.0
Rate of Fire: 9.9
Magazine: 30
Ammo: 5.56x45mm SS109m, armor piercing 5.56x45mm AP
After the British army replaced this rifle with the German-made GP 37, it 
appeared in large quantities first on the black market, and then in the Zone.
The IL 86's main advantages are a standard 4-x scope and the high accuracy of 
the first shot. In burst mode, its accuracy decreases greatly, and the main
mechanisms of the rifle are not reliable enough.


Value: 2500 RU
Accuracy: 7.0
Handling: 7.5
Damage: 2.1
Rate of Fire: 8
Magazine: 30
Ammo: standard 5.45x39mm, armor-piercing 5.45x39mm BP
The weapon of the elite troops in the Russian army, the Obokan was designed as
a replacement for the outdated Akm 74/2. Not only the Obokan's internal 
mechanisms but also its receiver and its barrel are movable, which decreases
the recoil and increases accuracy.

SGI 5k

Value: 6500 RU
Accuracy: 9.0
Handling: 4.0
Damage: 4.9
Rate of Fire: 11.5
Magazine: 30
Ammo: 5.56x45mm SS109m, armor piercing 5.56x45mm AP
A relatively new assault rifle for the 5.56x45mm SS109 round, this weapon is 
very popular because of its accuracy.

TRs 301 

Value: 5000 RU
Accuracy: 9.9
Handling: 10.5
Damage: 4.0
Rate of Fire: 13.0
Magazine: 30
Ammo: 5.56x45mm SS109m, armor piercing 5.56x45mm AP
The TRs 301 is a light rifle with an effective fire range of up to 300 meters.
Owing to its exceptionally easy triggering, good ergonomics, and low weight,
the weapon is highly accurate, though it is too sensitive to dirt and is not
always suitable for use under difficult field conditions.

Tunder S14

Value: 10000 RU
Accuracy: 5.5
Handling: 14.9
Damage: 7.0
Rate of Fire: 13.0
Magazine: 20
Ammo: standard 9x39mm PAB-9, armor-piercing 9x39mm SP-6, sniper 9x39mm SP-5,
      VOG-25 and VOG-25R grenades for the grenade launcher
An assault rifle combined with a grenade launcher, the Tunder S14 is a very 
good type of assault rifle for the Zone conditions: it is and reliable but 
universal and powerful. The Tunder S14 is one the favorite rifles of the
military stalkers.

VLA Special Assault Rifle

Value: 9000 RU
Accuracy: 8.5
Handling: 13.0
Damage: 7.0
Rate of Fire: 9.9
Magazine: 30
Ammo: standard 9x39mm PAB-9, armor-piercing 9x39mm SP-6, sniper 9x39mm SP-5
This weapon is based on the Vintar noiseless sniper rifle, but has a folding
butt, can fire bursts, and has a larger magazine. It was originally designed 
for special forces operating in conditions demanding noiseless and flameless

Viper 5

Value: 1100 RU
Accuracy: 4.5
Handling: 16
Damage: 75.0
Rate of Fire: 15.1
Magazine: 30
Ammo: standard 9x19mm FMJ, improved 9x19mm PB1s
This is one of the best weapons in the submachine gun class. During the last
decades of the 20th century it was adopted by the army and police special 
forces units in many countries. When it was gradually replaced with more up-to-
date models, it appeared on the black market, then in the Zone.

6.4 Big Rifles/Sniper Rifles [BR/SR]
Guass Gun

Value: 25000 RU
Accuracy: 15.5
Handling: 10.0
Damage: 18.0
Rate of Fire: 0.1
Magazine: 10
Ammo: 2mm Gauss rounds
A super-accurate weapon made by scientists in the Zone, the Gauss is almost
noiseless, because instead of gunpowder it uses the artifact's energy for 
firing rather than steam gases. In spite of the Gauss gun's tremendous
firepower, the recoil is insignificant. The accuracy and the killing power of
this gun exceeds those of all other small arms.

Sniper Rifle (SVDm 2)

Value: 15000 RU
Accuracy: 8.5
Handling: 0.0
Damage: 12.5
Rate of Fire: 1.5
Magazine: 10
Ammo: standard 7.62x54mm 7N1, armor-piercing 7.62x54mm BP, sniper 7.62x54mm 
This rifle was widely used in all operations of the Soviet and Russian armies
since 1960. It proved to be an exceptionally reliable weapon. In the Zone it is
preferred by the experienced stalkers of the Duty faction who hunt mutants.


Value: 10000 RU
Accuracy: 6.0
Handling: 0.5
Damage: 11.5
Rate of Fire: 2.5
Magazine: 10
Ammo: standard 7.62x54mm 7N1, armor-piercing 7.62x54mm BP, sniper 7.62x54mm 
A more up-to-date version of the sniper rifle, the SVUmk2 is a compact bullup
model. It is excellent for long trips in the Zone.

Vintar BC

Value: 12000 RU
Accuracy: 12.5
Handling: 13.0
Damage: 8.5
Rate of Fire: 8.5
Magazine: 10
Ammo: standard 9x39mm PAB-9, armor-piercing 9x39mm SP-6, sniper 9x39mm SP-5
A special sniper rifle designed for noiseless and flameless sniper fire and
equipped with an integrated silencer, the Vintar BC can pierce any bulletproof
vest at a range of 400 meters. It is a weapon highly valued by stalkers of any

6.5 Heavy Guns [HEAGU]
Bulldog 6

Value: 12000 RU
Accuracy: 1.0
Handling: 15.9
Damage: 10.5
Rate of Fire: 1.0
Magazine: 6
Ammo: VOG-25 grenades and VOG-25R grenades
The Bulldog 6 is a revolver-type grenade launcher. Sometimes it is
indispensable, particularly when you're targeting large numbers of mutants, 
attacking well-guarded stationary objects, or fighting especially tough 


Value: 10000 RU
Accuracy: 0.0
Handling: 15.9
Damage: 18.0
Rate of Fire: 5.5
Magazine: 1
Ammo: OG-7V grenades
This grenade launcher was developed in the 1960s. Such grenade launchers are 
stored in large quantities in army depots, from where they are transferred to
the Zone. Such a weapon is rare for stalkers: its huge dimensions and heavy 
weight makes it unpopular, though it is indispensable for some missions.

6.6 Grenades [GRENA]
F1 Grenade
This defensive hand grenade has a large radius of splinter damage. Throw it
only from behind cover.

RGD-5 Grenade
This offensive hand grenade has a small radius of splinter damage.

M209 Grenade
A grenade for the M203 grenade launcher (for the TRs 301, GP 37, SGI 5k, IL 86
rifles) and the integrated grenade launcher of the FT 200M.

Smoke Grenade
A smoke grenade creates a smoke screen that lasts for 10 seconds.

OG-7V Grenade
A highly explosive grenade for the RPG-7u, this is equally effective against
troops and lightly armored vehicles.


The VOG-25 and the VOG-25R are for the GP-25 Kosteyer grenade launcher, the
integrated grenade launcher of the Tunder, and the Bulldog 6 revolver grenade

7. Items [ITEMS]
This section explains the various items you can get in the game: medicines,
food, artifacts, and suits.

7.1 Medicines and Food [MEDFO]
Antiradiation Drugs

Value: 300 RU
Weight: 0.10 kg
This medication reduces the effects of radiation.

Army First Aid Kit

Value: 220 RU
Weight: 0.30 kg
A specialized medical kit to fight against physical damage and blood loss, the
Army first aid kit includes a component for blood coagulation, antibiotics,
immune system stimulators, and painkillers.


Value: 20 RU
Weight: 0.10 kg
These help stop bleeding.


Value: 20 RU
Weight: 0.30 kg
It's hard to say who manages to bake these loaves in the Zone, but the bread
isn't contaminated and is perfectly edible. Well, at least none of the stalkers
have complained about it. 

Cossacks Vodka

Value: 100 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg
Vodka made by the GSC company goes down easily and significantly reduces the 
effects of radiation, but for obvious reasons it should be enjoyed in 

Diet Sausage

Value: 50 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg
Made from a mix of chicken and soya, the "diet" sausage is often, for lack of
other options, a stalker's breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one.


Value: 150 RU
Weight: 0.30 kg
An all-purpose medkit can be used to treat injuries of various types and 
severity - wounds, burns, poisonings, etc.

Energy Drink

Value: 75 RU
Weight: 0.30 kg
This is an excellent energy drink consisting of caffeine, taurine, and a 
mixture of rejuvenating vitamins. Just the ticket when you're too tired to push

Scientific First Aid Kit

Value: 200 RU
Weight: 0.30 kg
This medical kit is designed especially for work in the Zone. It includes
means of healing wounds and eliminating radionuclides from the body. It
prevents the development of radio wave sickness and lowers the dose of 
accumulated radiation.

Tourist's Delight

Value: 100 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg
This canned food came from an army warehouse raided by stalkers. The best-
before period hasn't expired yet.

7.2 Artifacts [ARTIF]

Value: 5000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg
Electric Shock: +30
The origin of this object is shrouded in scientific mystery. It's clear that it
is made in part by di-electric elements, but science does not know the physical
conditions in which it is formed.


Value: 5000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg
Radiation: +30
Endurance: -18
A Crystal is created when heavy metals fall into the Burner anomaly. This 
artifact eliminates radiation wonderfully. It is highly valued by stalkers and
hard to find.


Value: 1000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg 
Radiation: +10
Endurance: -18
Formed in the Burner anomaly at high temperatures, from the exterior Droplets
look like a tear-like shale compound with a glossy surface.


Value: 2500 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg 
Radiation: +20
Endurance: -18
The Fireball crystallizes in the Burner anomaly (dang; this anomaly is 
popular). It fights well with radioactivity, though the heightened rate of
energy exchange wears out the muscles of the moving apparatus. You won't be 
able to run for long. This artifact emits heat.


Value: 2500 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg
Endurance: +73
Electric Shock: -10%
Radiation: -10
The Electro anomaly sometimes births this artifact. Stalkers readily use it
because of its good qualities, such as increased ability to sprint for longer
distances before tiring. A decent bad price and a good external look make this
artifact appealing to collectors.


Value: 2500 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg
Radiation: -5
Rupture: +3%
You can spot Gravi near anomalies such as Vortex or in the hands of another
stalker. While you wear this artifact a certain amount or radiation is stored
in the body, while the rest of it is scattered in a radial direction away from
the body. It fetches a good price.


Value: 1000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg  
Radiation: -5
Bulletproof Capacity: +2%
The Jellyfish is formed in the Springboard. The side effects of its weak 
protective field is some slight radiation. The artifact is widespread and not
very valuable.

Mama's Beads

Value: 5000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg
Bulletproof Capacity: +5%
Wonderful artifact. Keep it safe - it's good because it only has positive
qualities. Scientists can't figure out how to create such an artifact in
laboratory conditions.

Meat Chunk

Value: 2500 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg
Health: +400%
Impact: -10%
Rupture: -10%
Bulletproof Capacity: -10%
Manufactured by the Whirligig anomaly, the Meat Chunk causes increased cell
growth. On the other hand, the newly formed cells are much more receptive to
the effects of physical uranium. The artifact doesn't show up very often, but
we can't call it rare, either.


Value: 5000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg 
Endurance: +109
Electric Shock: -10%
Degenerate case of the activity of the Electro anomaly. It seems that such a
wonderful round form is created when the anomaly is subjected to thermal 
influences. Expensive artifact.

Night Star

Value: 5000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg 
Radiation: -5
Bulletproof Capacity: +30%
This wonderful artifact is formed by the anomaly Springboard. The use of the
artifact neutralizes deadly radiation. Expensive and rare, this artifact is
extremely handy for scientific expeditions and other research activity in the

Value: 5000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg
Chemical Burn: +30%
This artifact is so rare that many researchers can't even imagine that such a
substance can exist in a natural setting. Emits acidic chemical components.


Value: 1000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg 
Bleeding: -133%
Burn: -10%
Chemical Burn: -10%
It is certain that this artifact is created by the Fruit Punch anomaly. When
Slime is carried on the belt, wounds bleed less, although the body of its owner
becomes more vulnerable to various burns.


Value: 2500 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg
Bleeding: -267%
Burn: -10%
Chemical Burn: -10%
Slugs are formed by the Fruit Punch anomaly. The negative qualities of this
artifact (you suffer greater damage from burns) are compensated for by the fact
that it heightens blood coagulation. It's not often that one runs into such an
artifact, and traders pay well for it, too.


Value: 5000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg
Health: +600%
Impact: -10%
Rupture: -10%
Bulletproof Capacity: -10%
This very rare artifact is found near the Whirligig anomaly. Only a very few
manage to find this artifact, and fewer have seen it. It has a nice shape and 
an equally nice price.


Value: 5000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg 
Impact: +30%
According to the opinion of some researchers/theorists this artifact is a 
hybrid between Battery and Shell.

Stone Blood

Value: 1000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg 
Health: +200%
Impact: -10%
Rupture: -10%
Bulletproof Capacity: -10%
You can find this artifact near the Whirligig anomaly. It is quite an ugly 
reddish object made out of pressed together and curiously bent polymerized
remnants of plants, soil, and bones. It's quite widespread and not very 

Stone Flower

Value: 2500 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg 
Radiation: -5
Bulletproof Capacity: +3%
Born in the Springboard anomaly, this artifact is found in only a few areas of
the Zone. The bits of metallic compounds create a beautiful light-play. It is
very calming to study this artifact at night by the fire.


Value: 1000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg 
Radiation: +10
Bleeding: +100%
The result of the interaction between the anomaly Burnt Fuzz and the body of a 
careless stalker, the Thorn artifact pokes the body of its owner, no matter 
what. However, it also helps clean the body of radionuclides. It's quite 
widespread and cheap.


Value: 1000 RU
Weight: 0.50 kg 
Radiation: -5
Rupture: +2%
This artifact is located in the Vortex anomaly. When it touches the body it
disseminates the direction of radiation, protecting from scratches or wounds
made by weapons. This artifact isn't hard to find; that's why buyers don't pay
much for it.

7.3 Suits/Armor [SU/AR]
NOTE: In this section, I will only list the suits found in the single player
campaign mode of the game. I will not list suits found in multiplayer games.

Bandit Jacket

Value: 3000 RU
Weight: 3.00 kg
The traditional outfit of a bandit is a leather jacket with Kevlar elements. It
provides protection highly insufficient for the Zone's severe conditions.

Exoskeleton PNB-4UZ

Value: NA RU
Weight: 15.00 kg
The exoskeleton protects marvelously from bullet and splinter fire; however, it
lowers mobility (user cannot sprint). It is vulnerable to armor bullets.

Leather Jacket

Value: 1000 RU
Weight: 3.00 kg
An ordinary thick jacket, one of the many, the leather jacket slightly 
increases bullet and splinter protection. It does not protect from anomalies 
and other affects.

PSZ-9d Duty Armor

Value: 14000 RU
Weight: 5.00 kg
Produced by one of Kiev's defense research institutes and commissioned by the
Duty faction, this armor is as simple and reliable as the standard PSZ-9 model,
but due to the new materials, it provides good protection from various harmful
impacts, including firearm damage. The vest still needs some work because it
has no breathing protection system.


Value: 30000 RU
Weight: 9.00 kg
This suit was produced by one of Kiev's defense research institutes and 
represents an excellent alternative to stalker hand-made suits. It is an 
excellent combination of a bulletproof vest, a close-cycle breathing system,
and an integrated system of anomalous field suppression. Thanks to the perfect
combination of the materials, it is a good choice. The only disadvantage is its

SSP-99 Ecologist

Value: 15000 RU
Weight: 4.00 kg
An SSP-99 chemical protection suit is especially designed for the Zone 
conditions; this is used by scientific expeditions and the eco-stalkers who
cooperate with the scientists. It has an integrated air-filtering and air-
conditioning system. It is heat-and electricity-resistant, and it provides 
good protection from radiation and biological anomalies. It is resistant to
chemically aggressive environments. It is not designed for combat, so it 
provides neither bullet nor splinter protection.

Stalker Suit

Value: 15000 RU
Weight: 5.00 kg
The stalker suit is manufactured by folk craftsmen. It is an effective 
combination or a light military bulletproof vest and of a rubberized fabric 
suit. It is reinforced with inserted Kevlar plates and provides good 
protection from weak gunfire. All in all it is highly inefficient for carrying
out deep raids and serious operations in the knots of the Zone.

8. Enemies [ENEMY]
This section of the guide talks about the various enemies you will encounter
in the game; some human, some not.

8.1 Stalkers [STALK]

Most of the enemies you will meet in the Zone are bandits. Most bandits are 
part of small gangs. Some are just thugs; some, highly developed criminals.
All in all, they really don't pose a threat when attacking because of the fact
that they are armed with only pistols, shotguns, and sometimes weak assault


Duty is a faction, or a group of soldiers or highly trained military personnel
formed for a purpose or a mission. Their mission is this: to protect the world
from the Zone by limiting outsider's access and preventing trading of artifacts
found in the Zone and its many wonders. Duty's leader is General Voronin, a 
strict intolerant man with little time to waste. Many Duty members wear 
exoskeletons making them hard to kill. If you band up with the Freedom faction
to fight against Duty, they are usually equipped with tactical shotguns and
heavy assault rifles. One rule: aim for their heads.


Freedom is another faction with a mission of their own: the right of free 
access to the Zone for the entire world. Kind of opposite Duty's mission, don't 
you think? Exactly; this is why Freedom is enemies with Duty. Freedom members
wear a range of armor making the anywhere from easy to impossible to kill. Most
Freedom faction members carry assault rifles and are trained to flank a target
from all sides.

Lone Stalkers

Loners are basically stalkers who wander the land, sometimes in groups and are
basically are up to be your friends if you help them. Lone stalkers rarely open 
fire on other stalkers unless provoked. Watch your friendly fire, and combat
against friendly stalkers should be avoidable. Most stalkers carry pistols,
sawn-off shotguns, and sometimes assault rifles.


Mercenaries are the most secretive group in the Zone; some people question the
group's existence. They are valued because they are true professionals in their
business and are able to quickly deal with a stalker or even take out a small
group. Mercenaries shoot stalkers on target because they either see them as
a threat or an annoyance. Their armor is weak in the head region and they 
usually carry heavy assault rifles and grenades.


The Monolith group is like a religious sect. Its members believe in the 
existence of an evolutionary alien crystal, the Monolith (duh), hidden 
somewhere at the center of the Zone. Its main concern is to keep people from
entering the center of the Zone, fearing that they will steal the Monolith. 
Rumor has it that they have a base somewhere in the center of the Zone, but 
only the members know the exact location. Monolith members shoot any non-
Monolith personnel because they consider their presence an intrusion anywhere 
in the Zone. They tend to wear good armor, so aim for their heads. Monolith 
members carry all types of heavy weapons; from assault rifles and grenades to 
sniper rifles and grenade launchers.

8.2 Military [ARMYS]

Regular army soldiers are often assigned an area to guard or sometimes travel
in groups hunting mutants. They are often found guarding empty buildings and
they open fire on any unauthorized personnel, including stalkers. Their armor
is typically weak in the head region. They usually carry low-grade assault
rifles, pistols, and grenades.

Army Spetsnaz

Spetsnaz soldiers are elite troops, normally dispatched to the Zone to conduct
rescue operations and other special missions. Their armor is highly protective,
but their helmets allow for some vulnerability in the face region. Aim for
their heads, but flush them out with grenades for better targeting.

8.3 Mutants [MUTAN]
Blind Dog

In 2012, the regular domesticated dog you and I are familiar with is no longer
existent. A new species, the blind dog, originated from all of the radiation.
They use their noses as sensors and are just as vicious as dogs with eyes. 
They are only dangerous in packs, when a shotgun should be used to kill them 
more quickly. Otherwise, scatter and kill them with a low-grade pistol.


The bloodsucker is a tall humanoid with a mess of tentacles in place of a 
mouth. It uses the tentacles to feed by clinging to the victim's throat, 
causing paralysis and sucking blood, leaving only a dry, mummy-like shell
in place of what was a living human only seconds earlier. These suckers can
become invisible, which is an even bigger threat. The kill these mutants,
strafe to avoid its claw attack and pump it full of shotgun shells. Even a weak
bloodsucker may take as many as three shotgun blasts to kill.


Boars are large animals that can reach 1.5 meters (4 feet, 11 inches). 
Mutagenic processes engendered by radiation and anomalies have played a 
significant part in shaping these mammals: they have lost all their fur in some
places and grew sharp bristly fur in others. Their hooves have taken on a 
distinct sharpness, resembling claws and their pupils have become colorless;
pigmentation disorders and deep wrinkles have also appeared on their bald 
heads. Boars are extremely easy to kill. In fact, if you can avoid them to 
save ammo that would be great. If you can't, a couple of shots from a pistol
should be enough.


The humanoids perform psychic attacks at medium to long ranges and physical
attacks at close ranges. One ability they have is to "pull" the victim out of
their bodies and thrust them back in is a highly damaging one and should be
avoided at all costs. Avoid them if possible; if not, come close and pump
them full of shotgun shells.


The flesh is a mutated version of a domestic pig. Weird looking crab claws 
protrude in place of legs and mutated faces give these things and even scarier
look. Fleshes can be brought down with a few shotgun blasts. They only attack
in packs and tend to flee when alone.


These "ghosts" are truly supernatural invisible creatures that can be found
only deep in the Zone. They live mostly inside buildings and their attacks can
vary from just regular howls and laughter to dangerous fireballs that appear
out of nowhere. Poltergeists should be avoided at all costs.


These creatures derive from wolves and their increased reaction speed, 
mobility, and sharp teeth prove them to be very dangerous enemies for large
mutants and stalkers alike. Pseudodogs can take as many as six shotgun blasts 
to finally kill proving to be quite a monster, especially in packs.


This creature has a massive drop-shaped abdomen with a couple of
human large limbs sticking out. Adult pseudogiants can weigh up to two
tons and stand up to two meters (6 feet and 7 inches) tall. A good strategy
against one of these things is to back up while firing a rapid stream of 
bullets. A pseudogiant can take up to two full clips of bullets before dying, 
depending on the assault rifle model used.


In reality these animals are not related to rats although there is a distinct
resemblance. Reaching up to 40 centimeters (1 foot and 3 inches) at the 
shoulder, they are more mobile, aggressive, and ravenous than the normal
desert animal. Single rodents can be taken out by small arms, while packs
can be neutralized with a couple of shotgun blasts. The key is to not get 
surrounded by them.


It appears that these creatures were humans at one point, although it's hard
to imagine. These animals hunt day and night constantly sniffing the ground,
on all fours, in hope of picking up the scent of their prey. These things can
be taken out with directed assault rifle fire. They usually scatter after 
receiving 10-15 rounds. The key here is to not get surrounded by them; they can
trade blows resulting in a quick death.

Zombie Stalker

Zombies are stalkers who are prolonged to radioactive exposure. They are 
usually found in empty rooms mumbling meaningless sentences to themselves. 
Since they wore the same armor in life as they do in death, they may be a 
nuisance to take out. Kill a few by throwing a couple of grenades. After they
have received lots of punishment, they might go into seizures. Blow their
brains out so they don't have a chance to get up and fight again.

9. Walkthrough [WALKT]
Finally, after all that reading, we are here! Get ready to be swept into 2012 
where Earth takes revenge for the horror of Chernobyl.
NOTE: You will probably be skipping back in forth between the Jobs section and
this one. Since the game has an open structure doing those Jobs are completely
up to you. I recommend it though, since it will get you some quick cash.

9.1 Cordon [CORD1]
When you first "wake up" you will hear Sidorovich talking about how he saved
you and basically he wants you to work for him to pay off your debt. 

MAIN OBJECTIVES: Find Strelok; Kill Strelok
This objective follows you through the entire game.

CHAPTER OBJECTIVES: Talk to Wolf; Meet with Wolf's people; Kill the bandits at
the car park; Get the flash drive from Nimble; Take the flash drive to the 
Anyway, once he is done blabbing talk to him again. You can either choose to 
take a  quick tutorial, which is recommended, or proceed on with the story. 
Once you proceed, he'll tell you to find the stalker Nimble. He doesn't care 
about him, but he wants the flash drive he was carrying. Once you have all of 
the info you need head outside via the stairs. 
NOTE: Resist the urge to go onto any other missions at this point. You are not
experienced enough or do not have any weapons for that fact.

1) Meet with Wolf
Once you are outside into the little village with the ruined houses. You can
usually find an energy drink lying by the campfire. Talk to the Wolf; he is the
only stalker that is wearing green. He'll tell you that Nimble and his team got
ambushed and are now being held in the old bus depot. Accept this mission; once
you do, you will receive the following:

40 9x19mm rounds
PMm pistol

I recommend doing this job and getting it over with. After that job is done:
Once again, I recommend doing this; as long as you have 500 RU in your 
possession and are willing to spend it to get past the military blockade.

2) Talk to Wolf's people
After that head east, out of the village. Follow the road as it bends left.
Now take out your pistol; I don't recommend wandering around the Loner camp
with a loaded gun. You will get aimed at and possibly shot. Anyway, once you 
hit the guard rails on the mini-bridge look to the left. There's a little area
with an old trailer and some construction debris. Head into the area and you
will see a dead stalker. Walk farther and you'll see and hear a live stalker
yelling for help. Approach him (his name is Tolik) and he'll tell you to grab 
the medkit near the dead guy. Grab it and talk to Tolik again. Give him the 
medkit; doing this earns you respect level with him. He is now a friend. Talk 
to him further to find out what happened.

Seems that he was part of Nimble's group. His partner got killed right away,
Nimble got kidnapped and he played dead which saved his ass. He's way too tired
to fight so let him go.

Now, continue back along the paved road and this time, before the guard rails,
veer right. Go across the plains making sure you don't run into any anomalies
along the way. Once you have gone about 200 yards you will see a lone stalker
looking through his binoculars. Talk to him and he will tell you that he 
already got word of you. Time to MOOOOVE OUT! 

4) Kill the Bandits at the bus depot
Get ready for a firefight. Equip your PMm and follow Petruha. 

As you approach the bus depot Petruha tells everyone to stick together. There 
are two tactics for this firefight:
1) Do what Petruha says; stick together and pick off stalkers as they approach.
2) If you are confident of your gun wielding abilities you can approach alone 
   and pick off lone stalkers by yourself.
Once you choose the tactic (I recommend #2) kill any stalker in your way.
Avoid searching the bodies until the firefight is over; a moving stalker is
harder to kill than one who is searching bodies. Just keep strafing and firing
away at your target(s) until he/they is/are dead. Once everyone is dead, search
the dead bodies for ammo, food, and medkits/bandages. Try to find a sawed-off
shotgun, because right now, it is the best weapon you can get. 

4) Get the flash drive from Nimble
After you have everything you need, precede to the marked icon on your minimap
and rescue Nimble. Talk to him and he'll tell you that he still has the flash 
drive and the morons who captured him can't even do a proper search. Anyway, 
he gives you the flash drive and tells you about a secret stash of artifacts 
hidden somewhere. Interesting...better check it out.

After you have the flash drive in your possession, don't head out just yet.
I recommend doing it now since it's quite easy and rewarding.

After you did the job, or decided not to do it check your PDA map and you 
should see a purple mark just west of the bus depot. Let's head there. Follow 
the road and go across the field to the purple mark avoiding any anomalies. 
When you get there quickly search through the backpack, take the PB1s and the 
ammo out, and RUN LIKE HELL! Those boars and blind dogs will tear you apart!

Old stalker's stash
Just west of the bus depot is a bombed out building. Navigate to the second
level and find the old stalker's stash. It's enclosed in a metal box.

Check out the abandoned mill
Right by the bombed out building where you got the old stalker's stash, there
is an abandoned mill. Inside a dead corpse lay...well, dead. Take the goodies
and go.

5) Return to Sidorovich
Now finally head back to the village. When you get there, speak to Wolf to 
receive the Jellyfish artifact. Now head into Sidorovich's tunnel and give him
the flash drive. In return you will receive 1500 RU. Sidorovich has pretty 
good, rewarding jobs available. Check 'em out:

9.02 Cordon 2 [CORD2]
CHAPTER OBJECTIVES: Steal military documents; take the documents to the 

1) Steal military documents
First off, head north along the beaten path until you encounter a military 
blockade. If you want, you can go through no problem...that is for 500 RU. If 
you think that will make a big hole in your pocket, don't worry; there's a 
detour we can take! Stupid army.

Train Engine Stash
From the military blockade, head east until you encounter a wrecked, old, 
rusty, train engine. Be careful here; there might be some radiation popping out
of nowhere. Anyway, run from the hill to the north and try to jump onto the
side of the engine. With some luck you will land on the railing from where you
can jump onto the top. Now quickly take the goods from the train engine and run
away before the radiation takes its toll on you. These are the goods:
2 boxes 12x70 shot rounds
1 sawn-off dbl-barrel shotgun
1 bandage
1 Stone Blood artifact
If you want, there is a bottle of vodka on the table next to a car near the 
military blockade; but then you have to pay to go through. If you don't feel 
like paying, just run across the tracks and get back on the path. Right about
now, Sidorovich will call you and tell you that his boy, Fox needs some help.
He is located inside a ruined house a little ways northeast of where you stand.
Locate him and give him a medkit. Now talk to him and you will find out that a
man named Seriy up the road has some more information for you. Stick with Fox
for a while and kill a pack of blind dogs that attack him. Once that's done, 
talk to him again to receive a gratuity payment of 1,500 RU. Not bad.

Now continue north along the road and you will encounter a bandit guard post.
There are usually 4-7 bandits here one of which carries a Viper 5 submachine
gun. Take it and move onto the next level.

9.03 Garbage Area [GARBA]
Now that you are in the Garbage area I have one thing to tell: this place it
filled with radiation. Do not wander off of the road for ANY reason whatsoever
because you will be facing some massive radiation and you will end up dying.

Stalker at Gunpoint
Continue along the road and you will encounter a stalker being held at gunpoint
by 3 other stalkers. Kill the three others and proceed with the rescued stalker
into the junkyard.

Respond the Call for Help
When you get there you will meet a group of loners led by Bes. He will tell you
that they need help repelling the bandit raid that is heading closer by the 
minute. Get ready for an excellent firefight! When the bandits get there try 
to lean from behind a car or truck and pick them off one by one. If you ammo
supply gets too low scavenge dead bodies, but be careful not to stray too far. 
If Bes dies, you fail. Once all of the Bandits are dead return to Bes to 
receive 2,000 RU. 

Meet with Seriy
Continue north up the road until you encounter a railroad plant place. In here
are three stalkers pinned down, one of which is injured. Give the injured one
a medkit and get ready for another kickass firefight! With your new found ally
guard the left flank. You will have to fight off two bandits. When the first 
one shows his face aim for his head and wait for him to fall to the ground. Now
cover Vovka's back as he goes ahead and kills the second bandit. By now the 
other two stalkers should have already killed the last three bandits. If they
didn't, help them out. After the fight is over scavenge the bodies, kill any
fakers, and take all of the goods. Finally, talk to Seriy. He'll tell you that
Strelok's stash is somewhere up ahead. Exit out of the rail yard via the east
entrance. Kill all of the bandits in the next area and head east along the 
road. Move on to the next area.

9.04 Agroprom Research Institute [AGRRI]
Help the Stalkers
Ahead you see a firefight take place. Join in and kill all of the military
people. After the ENTIRE firefight is over head over to Mole, marked on your 
PDA map. He'll tell you "Thank you, blah blah blah". So basically follow him.
After following him for about 2 minutes (these guys walk really slowly) he'll
stop by an open bunker hole. Talk to him again to complete the "Save Mole" 
objective. Now climb down into the bunker hole.

Find Strelok's Group's Stash
Descending into the hole will trigger this objective, so let's go! Kill the 
half dozen bandits in the first room and proceed into the next room. Kill 
everyone here and you should end up at a staircase. One bandit guards it. Kill
him and go down the staircase. When you arrive "downstairs" stick to the left
side of the hallway and follow it down. As you arrive into a large room you
will encounter a mutant called a bloodsucker. These suckers can turn invisible,
so watch out. Keep turning in circles to avoid its claw attacks and then 
pump it full of assault rifle rounds. Now continue down the hallway and go 
through the first door on the left. Kill all of the military personnel and then
proceed to the green bullseye marked on your mini-map. Climb up the ladder and
you should find yourself inside a room with all of Strelok's group's stash.
Take everything:
3 medkits
5 boxes 5.45x39 mm rounds
2 RGD-5 grenades
Fast-shooting Akm 74/2
Akm 74/2U
Strelok's flash drive
Now I suggest make the fast-shooting Akm 74/2 your default weapon. Now, where 
o where did I find the flash drive. Behind the bulletin board! It's lying in 
a crevice; take it and the objective is complete. Now we have to get out of 
this god-forsaken rat hole. At the far end of the first corridor is a doorway
to the ruins of a boiler room. Continue through the boiler room and the passage
beyond to a hexagonal-shaped shaft. Ascend the shaft using the staircase while
exchanging gunfire with more soldiers on the various levels. 

When you reach a platform with a doorway, use grenades to flush soldiers out of
the doorway and blast your way through. Go into the next room and through the
doorway beneath the staircase. Proceed through the hallway quickly and climb
the first ladder. A powerful controller mutant enters the corridor behind you
and begins using psychokinetic attacks. Don't fight it, because you will 
probably lose. Instead, climb the furthest ladder to arrive back at Agroprom.

Find the Military Documents
When you arrive back at Agroprom the compound has been taken over by, you 
guessed it, the military. God I hate them! Anyway, you have no allies so you
best are:
1) Try to gun your way through, eventually ending up dead.
2) Try to sneak your way through and taking out all of the army with your 
As you can see, option #2 is the best choice. So continue forward through the 
gates and you should see two soldiers here. "Splinter-Cell-style" them and
continue into the building. Carefully make your way to the staircase and then
go up to the third floor. Follow the green mark and then take the military
documents enclosed in a metal case. Now it's time for a firefight! Kill any
soldiers that stand between you and the exit. Head out of one of the exits out 
of the compound and run like hell! After making SURE that you weren't followed
by soldiers, highlight the "Take the Documents to the Barkeep" task on your
PDA map (if it's not highlighted already) and begin the long trek northeast 
to the Bar. 
Basically don't stop for ANYTHING. Not friendly stalkers, not enemies, not even
to get an artifact. This takes long enough already and I don't think you want
it to take even longer.

9.05 The Bar [THBAR]
Duty Checkpoint
You guessed. There is a Duty checkpoint just south of the Bar entrance. When
you arrive there you will get a radio message telling you that Duty needs help
in defeating mutants. Stand guard and kill the boars that approach. Once 
they're dead talk to the guy marked on your mini-map. You tell him the Barkeep
needs to see you and he lets you through. Now head north past the mutants and
you'll encounter another Duty checkpoint. Holster your gun and continue through.
If you want more info speak to Sergeant Kitsenko. Anyway continue to the 

2) Take the Documents to the Barkeep
The Barkeep should be marked on your mini-map so go to the 100 Rads Bar. Talk
to the Barkeep and hand over the military documents. Of course, there is 
something always missing! The Barkeep tells you that the remaining parts of the
documents are hidden in Lab X18 in Dark Valley with a stalker named Borov. He 
gives you a stalker suit and tells you that you're on your way! Yay...whatever. 

The Arena
If you need some quick cash go to the Arena and speak to Arnie. He explains 
that the arena is a sort of "battle royal" and that everything is at risk. If
you want to undertake the battles, here is a list of them:
Battle     Your Weapon         Reward
1 vs. 1    PMm Pistol          1,000 RU
1 vs. 1    Viper 5             2,000 RU
1 vs. 2    BM 17               3,000 RU
3 vs. 3    Akm 74/2            4,000 RU
1 vs. 2    Obokan              6,000 RU
1 vs. 6    Tunder S14          8,000 RU
1 vs. 1    Knife               10,000 RU
Final      GP 37               10,000 RU
Sounds cool huh? Just don't forget to quick save your game before the fight or
else you'll lose more than your life. 
TIP: If you are wondering where your guns and ammo are, they are in the storage
box to the right of Arnie's position just outside the Arena doors. Do not 
forget your stuff when leaving the Arena!

9.06 The Dark Valley [DARVA]
CHAPTER OBJECTIVE: Find the documents in the underground lab

To get to Dark Valley, return to the Garbage area and head due east. You will
encounter Bullet who is about to take out a base of bandits.

Follow Bullet to the Ambush Location
When you see Bullet talk to him and he'll tell you that this is a rescue 
operation. You are trying to free another Duty member. Afterward, follow Bullet
through the wild toward the north-south main road that runs through the Dark

Kill the Bandits and Rescue the Duty Member
Once Bullet stops you will be in the middle of the road. Hide somewhere and 
wait until Bullet opens fire on the two or three bandits guarding the prisoner 
duty member. Don't shoot the Duty member! Once all of the bandits are taken 
care of speak to the released prisoner to find out that a third Duty member is
being held in the bandits' base. Time to go stealth! But before leaving, speak
to Bullet to receive:
1,300 RU
PSO-1 Scope

Sneak Into the Base
Navigate to the back of the base and follow the various underground pipes into
the base. Now there are two tactics to rescue the Duty member and/or get the 
lab key from Borov:
1) Try stealth. Remain as inconspicous as possible until finally getting caught.
2) Go in taking out the bandits one by one with carefully placed head shots.
With ever tactic you pick, once all of the bandits are dead, navigate to the
basement and push the button on the wall to free the Duty member. Now for 

Take the Lab Key from Borov
Borov is in the middle multi-level building. Navigate your way through killing
the bandits as quickly as possible. Once all of them are dead, kill Borov who
is usually holed up in his office. Once he's dead, search his body for the lab

Get Out of the Bandit Camp
Basically, backtrack your way killing any bandits that you encounter.

Find the Entrance to the Lab
Follow the mini-map until you reach an enormous building. This place is guarded
by 8 or 10 bandits. Scavenge your way through picking them off as you advance.
Once they're all dead (or most of them are) find the entrance to Lab X18 in 
the lower level of the complex. Put the two keys in and you’re through!

9.07 Lab X18 [LAB18]
Discover the Code that Opens the Door
Find a dead stalker's body just inside the lab entrance and search him to find
a medkit. Go around the other side of the room and descend the staircase to the
level below. On the opposite side of the room is a locked door with a keypad
input console mounted on the wall beside it. First you must find the code by
navigating to the far side of the level and searching the body of a dead 
scientist to find a PDA that holds a recorded message containing the code. The
location of the dead scientist is marked on your mini-map. The code to the door
is 1243. Proceed through the unlocked door and descend the stairs for several
levels. On the bottom level, head to the right and down the corridor to find
yet another door that requires a code. 

Discover the Code that Opens the Door
The code is obtained by navigating to the far side of the level and descending
another staircase. In a large room, a pseudogiant must be killed in order to
proceed. Search the body of the scientist lying near the platform in the far
corner of the massive room to find another PDA containing a message bearing the
code to the door. The code to the door is 9524. Above the room where the 
pseudogiant is a small room with a box containing the following items:
2 Cossacks Vodkas
2 RGD-5 grenades
Diet sausage

Find the Documents
Use the code to unlock the second door, then go through the doorway on the 
right. An anomalous creature paving a path of destruction throughout the lab
seals off the room. The invisible creature's position is indicated by a moving
corona of orange light that travels on a set path around the lab and up the 
stairs in the far corner. Sidestep the gouts of fire the creature creates 
around the room. Blast the creature repeatedly until it explodes in a spray of
blood and gore. Killing the anomalous creature unseals the room and allows 
you to move upstairs to the control room to find the Documents from Lab X18. 

Military Invasion!
Now with the documents in hand and a spring in your step all that's left is to
return to the Barkeep to claim your reward, right? Wrong! Just as soon as you
try to find your way back, a squad of highly armored Spetsnaz soldiers cuts off
your path to safety. Mow them down with either a shotgun or an assault rifle.
Many Spetsnaz soldiers carry Obokans. Pick one up and use against them. Now
once you are out of the lab sprint south along the road and you'll end up in

9.08 Cordon 3 [CORD3]
Return to the Trader
Once you are in the Cordon area, return to Sidorovich and show him the X18
documents to receive 1,000 RU. If you would like you can undertake a mission
for Sidorovich; stealing the military documents from the outpost down the road.
I suggest take it. It is very easy and you can get some quick cash. Now, I 
would like to do a weapon check. Right now you should have some kind of assault
rifle in your possession. I recommend an Obokan or a Fast-Shooting Akm 74/2 
with a PSO-1 scope attached. If you can't get your hands on any of these, good
backups are the Viper 5 or the Akm 74/2U. You should also carry a BM 17 shotgun
for backup. Your secondary slot should contain some kind of pistol, the best 
one right now being the Walker P9M. If you don't have the Walker I suggest 
getting a Fort-12Mk2, a PMm, or a PB1s. 

Protect the Rookie Camp from the Mercs
Once you are done with Sidorovich head to Fanatic; he's the chief of command 
while Wolf is gone. He'll tell you that Mercs are planning to attack the rookie
camp and that he needs your help. Head to the place where you found the dying
loner in the beginning of the game. Throw a grenade to take out some Mercs then
kill the survivors. Return to Fanatic to receive 2,500 RU.

Bring the Documents to the Barkeep
Trek north back into the Bar area and give the X18 documents to the Barkeep in
exchange for 10,000 (!!!) RU.

9.09 Wild Territory.....................................................[WILTE]
CHAPTER OBJECTIVES: Find the documents in Lab X16
Exit the Bar area by going through the north Duty checkpoint, then go through
the broken sectoin of wall heading east.

Hardly a Welcome
Cross the courtyard quickly and take out the mercs attempting to snipe you from
the far end. Approach them and throw grenades into their enclosure to take them
all out. Many mercs drop TRs 301 asssault rifles, so try to collect one. 
Continue into the next parking area and shoot exploding barrels to take out 
mercs near a truck roughly 30 yards away. Watch out for a sniper high up in the
tower. Sprint across the parking area, heading left to a dead end, then take a
right to go up some stairs and reach a train station.

Meet Kruglov
A quick cinematic pan shows the situation a block away. Mercenaries have a team
of scientists pinned down near a helicopter crash site. Proceed across the 
tracks and around a small building to attack the mercs from behind. Take them
out with grenades and machinegun fire before they eliminate all of the 
scientists. Kruglov wears a green environmental suit and may be lying on the
ground wounded. If he is, speak to him and give him a medkit to get him on his
feet again. If he's not, he should be standing behind a long brick wall. 
Professor Kruglov crashed in the helicopter along with the rest of his research
team. Clear a path for him to Yantar, and he will reward you.

Lead Kruglov to Yantar
Start leading Kruglov southeast across the train tracks taking out mercs who 
dot the path in between. Kruglov refuses to advance until the area is clear of
enemy mercs. when Kruglov stops, leave him and move to engage the mercs at 
medium to close range, both to ensure killing them more efficiently and to draw
their fire away from Kruglov. Wait for Kruglov to advance forward, then make
your way to the underpass. 
In the underpass, zombified men are being roasted
alive in a Burner anomaly. To move through the underpass unharmed, move along
the center median until you come to a column. Then sprint around the column and
move back onto the center median as quickly as possibly, before a geyser of
fire erupts from below. Kruglov can manage just fine on his own because of his
environmental suit. 
Continue heading down the road with Kruglov until he stops
and addresses you. Approach and speak to him to obtain the flash drive. This 
object is worth 5,000 rubles to the Barkeep but not until you get the 
documents from Lab X16. After speaking with Kruglov proceed down the road to

9.10 Yantar [YANTA]
If you helped Kruglov escape from the Wild Territory, Sakharov rewards you with
the SSP-99 Ecologist suit. Sakharov now wants you to help take radiation
measurements in the area in order to calibrate a protective psi-helmet. Agree
to help the scientists take measurements in order to obtain the best protection
against the psi-emission forces at work surrounding Lab X16.

Mobile Lab
Head directly east from the entrance point to find the mobile lab, surrounded
by high walls and protected by a bunker door. Sprint past all the zombies 
milling about in the swamp, since they will be easier to deal with momentarily.
Go inside the mobile lab to find Kruglov speaking to Sakharov. When the two are
done, approach the window and speak with Sakharov yourself. 
Speak to proffesor Kruglov inside the mobile lab to begin the measurement-
taking expidition. Then head outside and take out the zombies milling about in 
the swamp. As usual,Kruglov refuses to move forwad until the area is clear of 
Kruglov moves to the entrance of a sewage pipe and takes a psi-emissions 
measurement. Afterward, follow him into the pipe. Mow down the zombies in your 
path and try to protect Kruglov by shielding him somewhat with your own body. 
Continue to the end of the pipe. 
Kill all the mutants and zombies surrounding the sewer pipe exit. Kruglov then
leads your expidition over to a wrecked bus to take another reading. The psi-
emission distress becomes too much, and both you and Kruglov are knocked out.
When you come to, exit the bus to fidn Kruglov moaning and groaning on the
ground outside. Speak to him to get him back on his feet. Then follow him back
to the mobile lab.
Sakharov is overwhelmingly please that you managed to acquire the measurements,
so much so that gives you the Functional Psi-helmet. If Kruglov died during
the measurements mission, you must take all the items from hid body and then
report back to Sakharov alone to receive the Non-functional Psi-helmet, which
provides only minimal resistance to the psi-forces surrounding Lab X16.

Get Inside the Lab
Sakharov explains that a scientist named Vasiliev was working with a stalker
names Ghost to get inside Lab X16, and only they know the way in. The location
of Vasiliev's body is now marked on your PDA map, directly west of Sakharov's
A large, watery swamp lies between the mobile lab and Vasiliev's corpse. 
Navigate in a circle around the waters to avoid being slowed down and rendered
at the mercy of the many snork mutants and zombies in the swamp. On the far
side of the swamp is a helicopter. Vasiliev's bode lies near the chopper and is
usually protected by several zombies. Search Vasiliev's corpse to obtain many
items, including a PDA recording that hints at the location of the lab

Lab X16 Entrance
Head north up the slope and follow the fences and walls around the east side of
the industrial complex. If you failed to obtain the Functional Psi-helmet, then
psi-emission forces begin draining your health. Press "[" to apply medkits 
Several zombies protect the courtyard. Instead of fighting them, the best idea
is to try to sprint through. From the corpse-strewn entrace, head directly
forward, to the right, and around the building. The entrance should be marked
on you minimap. On the north side of the building is an open doorway. Go through
the open doorwar and down the stairs to enter Lab X16.

9.11 Lab X16 [LAB16]
Take the Documents
The elevator near the entrance is broken, so climb down the ladders to the
right. Continue descending until the bottom of the shaft is reached. From 
there, navigatin the rest of the lab is somewhat easy, since it is nothing but
a linear set of corridors leading into the heart of the lab.

Turn Off Psi-Emitter
After blasting your way through several mutants and zombies, you reach the 
center of the lab, where the psi-emitter device is housed. A timer appears
onscreen. You must deactivate the psi-emitter device within four minutes, 
before the psi-emitter breaks down and stops working, resulting in you instant
death. Cross the platform to the far side to find a set of computers in the
corner. Approach the lever on the console and press "F" to turn off the first
control module.
Head upstairs and try to take down a cluster of zombies with a hand grenade and
some follow-up gunfire. Then navigate around the central platform to the far 
side and pull the second lever to turn off another control module. Head
upstairs and blast zombies out of the way to reach the third control module.
Finally, head upstairs to the top level and turn left to spot the control
booth. Go inside the booth and pull the lever on the control panel to
deactivate the psi-emitter before the timer elapses.

Ghost's Body
Continue through the lab via the corridor connecting to the uppermost level of
the psi-emitter room. Go through the hatchway on the right to encounter a 
Controller, a mutant previously encountered in the Agroprom underground
tunnels. To prevent if from performing its psychic attack, sprint up to the
creature and machine-gun it to death at close to medium range.
Ghost's body lies here. Search it to find the documents from Lab X16 and the
Ghost Suit, which supposedly reduces enemies' chance to notice you. If you
previously found Strelok's flash drive in Strelok's stash, the obkective "Meet
the Guide" appears on your PDA. More on this objective is covered after you get
out of the lab. 

Get Out of the Lab
In the corner of the room where Ghost's body is located is a hole through the 
floor to the level below. Drop through, crouch, and make your way through the
tunnel. Drop through a second hole on the left side of the tunnel to find 
yourself in the sewer lines beneath the lab.
The tunnels are fairly linear, preventing you from getting completely lost. 
After a few turns, you come across a jet of fire emanating from a pipe on the
right. Jump on top of the pipe and move down a few feet to pass over the gout
of fire unharmed.
Mow down snork mutants as you proceed, until you come up against another 
pseudogiant mutant like the one encountered at Lab X18. Follow the tunnel the
pseudogiant emerged from to find the exit. Climb up the ladder at the end of
the tunnels.
The ladder emerges near the point where Vasiliev's body lies. To get ouf of the
enclosed are, ascend the stairs and drop carefully over the side.
Return to the mobile lab and speak to Sakharov. The scientist is most
appreciative of the work you have accomplished and vows to lower his prices.
At this point, Sakharov begins to sell the SEVA Suit, among other randomly
determined items. IF you have enough rubles after all your mission exploits,
fighting in the Arena, and selling excess items, then purchase the SEVA Suit
from Sakharov for 45,000 rubles. Otherwise, come back for this item when enough
money is available. this is an amazing suit that makes travels in the Zone much

Return to the Bar area and speak to the Barkeep. Hand over the documents from
X16 to complete your mission. In return, he asigns you to head north and 
deactivate the antennae in Red Forest. He also wants you to check in with the
Duty leader for a mission. And don't forget to give Kruglov's flash drive to
the Barkeep in exchange for 5,000 rubles!
After speaking with the Barkeep, you may approach the Duty command post in the
Bar area and speak to the guard. Tell him Barkeep sent you, and he lets you
pass. Proceed into the Duty base and speak to General Voronin, the leader of
Duty. Voronin happily assigns you to several side missions (or suicide
missions, rather) against the Freedom faction in the Army Warehouses area.
Voronin's missions and jobs are all completely optional, but beware: carrying
out tactical strikes against Freedom will turn the entire faction against you,
making travel in the Army Warehouses area difficult at best.

Meet the Guide
Because you found Strelok's flash drive in the Agroprom underground and
searched Ghost's body in Lab X16, this strange objective should appear on your
PDA. The stalker named Guide is in the Cordon, in the small ruins where Fox was
previously encountered. Return to the Cordon to find Guide at this location. 
Guide may be under attack by blind dogs, so help him fend off attackers if 
needed. Then speak to Guide, who tells you to meet with a stalker called
"Doctor" at Strelok's stash in the Agroprom underground.

Meet with Doctor
After speaking with Guide, return to the Agroprom Research Institute and
navigate to the hatch behind the first structure. A host of bandits may be 
guarding the hatch, so keep your distance, use cover, and gun them all down. Go
down the ladder into the Agroprom underground once again.
Navigate back to the room where Strelok's stash was located. Some bandits and a
few bloodsuckers get in the way. As you climb the ladder up to the stash an 
explosion occurs, knocking you out. While you are unconscious, Doctor appears
and speaks to you. He mentions a hotel room in Pripyat and leaves you with
the hotel key. You awaken inside Strelok's room, with the new objective "Secret
Stash at Pripyat" on your PDA. Completion of this objective is discussed in the
Pripyat portion of the walkthrough, later on in this guide.

9.12 Army Warehouses [ARMYW]
Return to the Bar area and head through the north Duty checkpoint. Continue 
north into the Army Warehouses area.

1a) Ambush
As you enter the Army Warehouses area, several Freedom stalkers confront you.
Duty members soon mow them down. There is nothing to do; simply stand back and 
watch the ambush take place. Afterward, search the dead Freedom members' bodies 
for items. One of the stalkers typically drops a SGI 5k assault rifle. One of 
the Duty members stops for a chat. He invites you to follow him to the Duty 
outpost and talk to their commander.

2a) Duty Outpost
Skull is posted outside a small stable. Speak to him if you'd like to learn 
about some optional jobs that Duty would like done. Skull assigns you to take
out a sniper posted at the tower roughly a hundred yards away.
When that's done, return to Skull for your reward and the next assignment. He
and the other Duty members storm the base. Your job during the raid is to take
out the snipers posted at the towers surrounding the base. Then you must get
inside the central Freedom HQ building, with a green wolf's head outside the
Lukash is on the second floor of the well-guarded building. Blast your way
inside and take out Lukash. Then return to the Duty outpost at the farm. If any
of the other Duty members survived the raid, perhaps they will return and pay
your fee...

1b) Freedom Headquarters
Instead of aiding Duty in its raid on the Freedom base, you can instead choose
to snitch on Duty and help Freedom wipe out the entire squad. The entrance to
the old army base where the Freedom faction resides on the north side of the 
compound. Ask the guard at the front gate "Who's the boss here?" to be let
Proceed across the bridge and down the road. The two-story building on the
right is the headquarters. Speak to the man standing in front of the doorway
and tell him about the enroaching Duty faction to be let inside.
Freedom's leader, Lukash, is in the office on the upper level. Speak to Lukash
and tell him about the group of Duty members. Lukash assigns you to meet up
with a squad of Freedom fighters just outside the building. You may then 
accompany the squad as it raids the Duty outpost. When all the Duty members are
killed, report back to Lukash for a reward and to learn about additional side
jobs he offers.

2b) Lost Village
Provided you did not previously help the Duty faction with any of its
objectives in the Army Warehouses area, you can meet up with a friendly squad
of Freedom faction stalkers here to take on a brief optional mission. Speak
to Murk, the leader, to learn that bloodsucker mutants haunt the area. Agree
to wipe out the bloodsuckers, and then go from house to house in the Lost
village area searching for them like madman with a death wish. After you kill
three or four bloodsuckers, a message appears indicating you should speak to
Murk. After chatting with Murk again, head to the Freedom base and speak
to Skinflint on the first floor of the Freedom headquarters to obtain your 
reward, a Crystal artifact.

3c) Assist at Freedom's Barrier Outpost
Provided you did not previously side with Duty while traversing the Army 
Warehouses area, this special mission arises as you navigate toward the eastern
exit from the area. If you did previously aid Duty in raiding the Freedom base
and killing Lukash, then this mission does not aris. Instead, the Freedom 
faction members posted around the Barrier open fire on you. 
The Barrier outpost commander radios you as you approach the exit to Red
Forest, and his position becomes marked on the minimap. Trudge uphill to meet
with Cap, the Barrier outpost commander. He wants your aid in preventing an
invasion by a company of Monolith faction soldiers attempting to cross into the
Army Warehouses area. You can try to talk to Cap further, but soon he runs off
to join his men at the Barrier. Follow him downhill to the battle.
Take a position behind cover and help Freedom by firing on the Monolith
soldiers, who take positions between the boulders to the east. Either position
yourself behind a sandbag bunker or snipe from the tower nearby. When the 
Monolith forces become less visible but are still out there, move in and engage
them by navigating between the rocks. Continue fighting the Monolith soldiers
until every last one is wiped out. Then find Cap and claim your reward.

9.13 Red Forest [REDFO]
Monolith Checkpoint
Red Forest is an area dominated by the Monolith faction, which seeks to prevent
all stalkers from reaching the center of the Zone. As a result, there are no
allies in the area and your only mission is to turn off the Brain Scorcher
anomaly. The all-out battle begins when you encounter a small squad of Monolith
soldiers at this checkpoint on the road. After taking out this small squad,
continue to follow the winding road through Red Forest until you reach the 
antennae and the entrance to the bunker.

Sniper's Lookout
The first of several Monolith snipers is perched on a derelict platform a this
location. Approach him carefully and take him out, then climb up the ladder
onto his platform to obtain his SVUmk2 sniper rifle. This rifle should prove
useful throughout Red Forest, but ammunition remains scarce, so use it wisely.

Pass through this hole smashed in the surrounding wall to locate the antennae
that emulate the Brain Scorcher effect. The Functional Psi-helmet will protect
you from the effects of the Brain Scorcher; if you don't have it, you must move
quickly to enter the bunker. After gunning your way through a large squadron
posted here to keep you out, follow the inside of the wall south until you
reach a steep slope and a train car. Go around the other side of the train car
to find a ramp. Move through the train car to find the entrance to the bunker,
which it also guarded by several Monolith soldiers.

In spite of its twists and turns, there really is only one route through the
bunker. There are no enemies in the bunker to start with, save for three
bloosuckers encountered at separate points in the level.
After descending a stairwell to the lower level, when you reach what appears to
be the final, room go up the stairs and through the doorway to reach the
machine room. Navigate around the room using the catwalks, without dropping to
the level below. In the center of the room, find the machine on the left with
the lever on the control panel. Press "F" to full the lever and deactivate the
machine that is creating the Brain Scorcher anomaly.
With the Brain Scorcher deactivated, begin making your way back out of 
labyrinthine bunker. Monolith soldiers have invaded the bunker in an effort to
kill you. Return fire against them and use grenades to clear doorways. Many of
the Monolith faction soldiers wearing exoskeletons also cary GP 37 assualt
rifles. One of thses would make the perfect memento of your time at the bunker.

Exit to Pripyat
As you emerge from the bunker, radio communications going back and forth
indicate that various stalkers and Duty members are storming the Red Forest
area and engaging the hostile Monolith factions. You may ignore all the hubbub
if you so desire and proceed back down the road to the last intersection, where
you can head north toward Pripyat. One last Monolith squadron must be dealt
with in the Red Forest area at the checkpoint near the exit.

9.14 Pripyat [PRIPY]
Wish Granter
Head north of Red Forest into the Pripyat area. Near the entrance you encounter
a group of stalkers who wish to reach the center of the Zone.

Reach the Power Plant
Follow the group of stalkers up the street. Monolith snipers fire from the
rooftops and windows to either side. Help the stalkers take out the snipers by
using a scoped weapon such as a sniper rifle or a GP 37 assault rifle.
Continue following the group up the street to an instersection. Move along the
street to the right and kill a few Monolith soldiers on the ground while making
your way north up the eastern street.
On the opposite side of the large central building, the street heading west is
blocked off by Electro anomalies. Follow the stalkers into an underground 
parking lot.

Underground Parking Lot
The underground parking lot is filled with Monolith soldiers lying in ambush.
The fighting can get pretty hectic here with enemies firing from two vectors.
Use cover wisely and take on only one enemy at a time to survive the dark
encounter. Continue through the garage to the other side.
At this point, the stalkers allow you to move ahead on your own. Exit the
parking garage and take out a couple of Monolith faction members milling about
outside. A sniper with a Gauss rifle usually positioned on the building 
opposite the garage exit. The Gauss rifle is a super-powerful rail gun that can
kill with a single hit. Either dash through the area quickly or fire back with
a scoper weapon or sniper rifle.
Head directly north from the garage exit to the entrance or a hotel. Take out
the Monolith guard hiding behind a pile of sandbags, then enter the building
directly behind him.

Secret Stash at Pripyat
At this point, if you have previously met with Doctor in the Agroprom 
underground and received the hotel key, you can find the secret stash located
in this hotel. Otherwise, simply go through the hotel and out the north side.
To find the stash go down the corridor and up the stairs to the left. On the
second floor, move south down the corridor and locate the door to room 26,
the numbers being clearly indicated on the door. Press "F" to unlock the door 
with the hotel key received from Doctor and go inside. On the table in the room
to the left is the secret stash, including the Decoder and some documents. The
Decoder is an important piece of equipment that can be used at the sarcophagus,
coming up soon. The documents add some explanatory information to the Diary
page of your PDA. The objective "Secret Lab" is added to your active list; this
objective is covered later in this chapter.

Exit to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)
Make your way northwest from the north side of the hotel toward the area's 
exit. Watch out for individually placed Monolith shooters and snipers wielding
rocket launchers along the way. Look for a stadium entrance with a sign in 
large red Russian letter that appear to spell out "ABANTAPA", which really
is pronounced "AVANGARD" which is a name of a town or train station. Enter the
stadium to witness a short scene, and then your be taken to the Chernobyl NPP.

9.15 Chernobyl NPP [CHNPP]
1) Entrance to the Sarcophagus
The military is engaged in wiping out the Monolith faction along the streets
leading to the doorway of the Chernobyl NPP sarcophagus. And since both 
military and Monolith factions consider you an enenmy, both sides are gunning
for you as you make your way through. The best strategy is to run through the
area and make it to the sarcophagus entrance and quickly as possible. Head 
north from your starting point in the level and go left through the open
gateway. Continue running down the road, weaving from one cover object to the 
next to avoid taking too much damage from snipers and military helicopters.
When you reach a certain point while heading west, toward the entrance, an
earthquake occurs and a six-minute timer appears on-screen. You have six
minutes to reach the sarcophagus entrance and get inside before some kind of
"blowout" occurs. I didn't stick around to find out what this means, and
neither should you. Continue following the road west, with the nuclear power
plant on your right. As you pass a series of train cars parked on a track,
look for an open hangar door leading into the building on your right. Go 
inside and head for a ladder, which leads down into the sarcophagus.
The sarcophagus is literally overflowing with Monolith faction soldiers, all
of whom are attempting to prevent you from penetrating farther into the lair.
Seek cover behind corners and objects in the corridors. Follow the passageway
until a room opens up on your left where the back wall has been broken through.
Go through the hole in the wall into an extremely wide corridor, then follow 
this corridor to a stairwell.
Battle your way up the stairwell to the upper level. At this point, you must
choose to go let or right. The choice affects the game's ending.

2a) Left (Wish Granter a.k.a. "Untrue" Ending)
If you opt to go left, look for a small alcove that leads into a central room,
which is filled with dirt. Ascend the dirt mound and climb a couple of ladders
to reach the uppermost level. Work your way toward the Wish Granter, seen
glimmering on the other side of the area. You must go through the white glowing
teleport to reach the upper levels of the area.
Once on the upper levels, carefully make your way along the beam to the lower
end, then jump over to the interconnected platforms. Make your way carefully
along the platforms until you reach the Wish Granter's position.
Approach the Wish Granter and press "F" to make a wish and end the game. There
are five possible endings. The wish made and the ending viewed depend on the 
criteria best fulfilled at this point. The game starts with number one on the
list and goes down until a requirement is met:
1. Reputation is "Excellent": You wish for the Zone to Disappear.
2. Money greater than 50,000: You wish to be rich
3. Both General Voronin and Lukash are dead: You wish to rule the world
4. Reputation is "Terrible": You wish for humanity to be punished.
5. No other criteria are met: You wish for immortality.

2b) (Monolith a.k.a. "True" Ending)
Secret Lab
If you have the Decoder from the hotel room in Pripyat, you may continue 
playing the game and learn the truth behind the Monolith, a.k.a. the Wish 
Granter. After ascending the stairwell in the sarcophagus to reach the upper 
level, go to the right and around the corner. Look for an alcove on the wall 
to the left with a ladder. Climb the ladder to the upper level and head right.
Continue to the door at the room's far end.
Face the door and press "F" to begin usind the Decoder to open the door. The
process takes 30 seconds, during which time several Monolith faction soldiers
teleport into the corridor behind you. Take cover and return fire until the
door opens, then go through the door and into the next stage. 

The Monolith's Secret
Navigate out of the starting corridor and take out the soldiers to the left,
right, and straight ahead. Use cover, and dodge in and out of the starting
corridor as needed until the area is clear. Then follow the corridor to the 
left, which circles around the area. Take cover behind the columns jutting
from the walls to either side and lean out and fire using "Q" and "E".
Continue fighting your way around the perimeter corridor until you reach the 
control room. Gun down all the Monolith soldiers in the control room. Soon,
another squad emerges from behind the door in the control room. Blast it and
make your way through the door.
You find yourself in a room with a central holographic image and six small
generators. Shoot the small generators until they explode. Although 
poltergeists appear in the room, continue shootin the generators until all of
them are destroyed.
A holographic image of a scientist appear. This representative of something
called "C-Consciousness project" answers all questions regarding the Zone, you,
and your mission to kill Strelok. In the end, you may choose to joing the C-
Consciousness project and view one of the two "true" endings, or you may 
decline to joing and continue playing.

If you refuse to join the C-Consciousness project, you find yourself outside.
Head forward and slightly to the right to find a white teleporter. Monolith
soldiers appear as you close in on the teleporter, but you may ignore them and
After teleporting, climb the ladder directly in front of you. Quickly make your
way to the next ladder on your right, then climb another ladder after that. 
Take out the Monolith soldiers on the upper level and cross to the other side.
Climb down two ladders and cross the rooftop, taking out Monolith soldiers 
hiding among the pipes and corners of the roof. Search along the forward edge
of the rooftop to find a ladder down, and descend to a walkway that leads out 
of a teleporter. Go through the teleporter.
After landing on another rooftop, fight your way across the roof diagonally to
find another teleporter. Go through the teleporter and ascend the stairs 
directly in front of you. Cross the rooftop to a ladder and climb up. The next
teleporter glows in the corner off to the right behind several structures.
After teleporting, move forward and climb the ladder. A snork mutant lies in
ambush at the top, so climb off the ladder quickly and shoot it. Go through the
next teleporter as soon as possible. 
Dash along the walkway and quickly kill the lone Monolith soldier sporting a
rocket launcher before he gets a chance to blow you to smithereens. Continue
onward to the next teleporter.
Take out two snork mutants on the next rooftop. Look for a break in the
railing. You must drop over the side of the building to go through the next
Same as before, dash along the walkway, and kill the soldier before he draws
his RPG-7u and fires. Continue through the next teleporter.
Snipers fire at your position from both sides. Quickly move forward and climb
onto the rusty brown pipe running to your right. Jump from the pipe to the
platform anchored to the wall. Jump across the platforms, then jump onto the
central suspended platform. Jump from the suspended platform onto the brown
rusty pipe of the next walkway. Run quickly along the walkway to the next
Kill the two Monolith soldiers on the rooftop and move to the next teleporter.
Kill several more soldiers as you make your way around the L-shaped corner of
the roof toward the next teleporter.
You find yourself on a rooftop where many crates are stacked. Several Monolith
soldiers wait in ambush on this roof, so take your corners carefully. Make your
way to the far side of the rooftop where the next teleporter is.
Move forward and to the left. Go under the catwalk and behind a small building.
Look to your left to spot a stairway going up to the catwalks connecting the
upper portion of this area. Make your way across the catwalks to the next
After teleporting, turn to your left and follow the edge of the roof. Find the
stairway to the upper-level catwalks. Cross the catwalks connecting the small
structures, then jump from one roof to the next. Climb the ladder set against
the wall to find the next teleporter. Dozens of Monolith soldiers suddenly
teleport into the area, so quickly dash through the teleporter. At long last,
you've reached the seventh and truest ending of the game! 

10. Jobs [JOBSS]
This section will explain the various Jobs you can attempt throughout your 
journey in the Zone.

10.1 Cordon [CORDO]
Client: Nimble
Reward: Stone Flower artifact
Head east out of the bus depot where you rescued Nimble. The road dead-ends 
into a tunnel. Go inside the tunnel and kill the pseudodog. Scavenge the body
for a pseudodog tail. After that's done, head into the back corner of the 
tunnel and grab the Mail Jacket. Nimble moves into the rookie camp near
Sidorovich's tunnel and can usually be found sleeping inside one of the 
buildings. Head back there and turn the Mail Jacket over to Nimble for the

Client: Wolf
Reward: Wrenched artifact
Speak to Wolf at the rookie camp to obtain this job. Head east from the rookie
camp across the road and into the thicket. Kill the two or three boars you come
across using a shotgun. When the "come back for reward" message appears, head
back to Wolf and click the "I'm here for the job" option to obtain your reward.
Nothing to it!

Client: Wolf
Reward: Stone Blood artifact
Follow the road north in the Cordon area past the military checkpoint where the
bridge is falling. On the left side of the road is an old abandoned farmhouse.
Go inside and kill flesh mutants until the "come back for reward" message

Client: Sidorovich
Reward: Unknown
Sidorovich wants you to find a pseudodog tail and bring it back for a reward.
To accomplish this mission, kill pseudodogs and search their corpses until you
find a tail. You must bring back the pseudodog tail within one day to complete
this job.

Client: Sidorovich
Reward: Wrenched artifact, Tourist's Delight
Kill the lone stalker now circling outside the rookie camp near Sidorovich's
bunker. His location is marked on your PDA. He'll try to get away rather than 
fight, so just gun him down. Afterward, return to Sidorovich for the reward. 

Client: Sidorovich
Reward: 1,000 RU, 12x76 slug rounds
You have one day to destroy the camp of blind dogs hanging out behind the old
mill on the west side of the road north of Sidorovich's position. The camp 
location should be marked on you PDA map. When you get there, chase the dogs
down and shoot them. Repeat until the "come back for reward" sign appears. Then
return to Sidorovich quickly for your reward.

Client: Sidorovich
Reward: Stone Blood artifact
Sidorovich hires you for another assassination. This time, the target is 
walking around the area near the farm north of the falling bridge in the Cordon
area. Gun down the stalker and his comrade, then return to Sidorovich for the

Client: Sidorovich
Reward: 1,500 RU, Cossacks Vodka
Sidorovich gives you three days to bring back a Jellyfish artifact. These are
common items, and finding one shouldn't be difficult. Simply hand over the 
Jellyfish to Sidorovich for the reward.

Client: Sidorovich
Reward: 3,000 RU, Cossacks vodka
Sidorovich allows you three days to track down a Stone Flower artifact and 
bring it in. The ladies have to have their jewelry!

Client: Sidorovich
Reward: Gravi artifact
Find the rookie Fyodor Plodder in the rookie camp. If it's nighttime, chances
are he's asleep inside one of the houses in the rookie camp near Sidorovich's
bunker. Kill him with your knife and search his body; he typically carries a 
Viper 5 and a PB1s! Then return to Sidorovich for the reward.

Client: Sidorovich
Reward: 2,500 RU, 3 Army first aid kits
Simply hand over a Meat Chunk artifact to Sidorovich to obtain the rewards.
Avoid taking on this job until you have a Meat Chunk in possession to give him.

10.2 Bar [BARRR]
Client: Sergeant Kitsenko
Reward: Meat Chunk
Speak to Sergeant Kitsenko at the Duty checkpoint at the entrance to the Bar 
area to obtain this brief job. Simply exit the checkpoint and kill all the 
blind dogs and pseudodogs haunting the graveyard area. Then return to Sergeant
Kitsenko to obtain the reward. This job can be repeated every time dogs 
reappear outside the entrance to the Bar area.

Client: Dutyer (at the bar)
Reward: Slug artifact
Speak to Dutyer, the Duty member getting drunk inside the bar, and take on this
job before going to Dark Valley to obtain the lab key from Borov. Once inside
the bandits' base, navigate to the lower level just below Borov's position.
Kill the bandit named Friar standing in the corridor outside the weapons and
armor stash to obtain the Storming Obokan. At the next opportunity, return to
the bar and speak with Dutyer. Hand over the weapon to obtain the reward.

Client: Hunter (at the bar)
Reward: 4,000 RU
Speak to Hunter, who stands in the bar lamenting the loss of his family
heirloom rifle. Take on this job just before heading to Yantar to visit Lab 
X16. On your way through the Wild Territory, enter the tunnel near the location
where Professor Kruglov is met for the first time. Climb onto the wrecked cars
and other debris, and jump from one piece to another to avoid the Electro
anomalies in the tunnel. The rifle is inside an overturned crate on the back
wall of the tunnel. It's an ordinary sawn-off dbl-barrel shotgun, but when you
give it to Hunter you get a huge reward!

Client: Hunter (at the bar)
Reward: Battery artifact
Speak to Hunter after finding his family heirloom rifle to obtain another 
assignment. This job allows only one game day for you to proceed directly into
the Army Warehouses area and destroy the bloodsucker camp in the lost village
area. The bloodsuckers that need to be killed are located near the tall tower
at the northern edge of the village. When a message appears on-screen telling
you to come back for the reward, return to Hunter at the Bar area and speak to
him to obtain the rare and highly valued Battery artifact.

Client: Baldy (at the bar)
Reward: Night Star artifact
Baldy, who stands inside the 100 Rads Bar day and night, gives you one game day
to hunt down and kill a stalker camped amid some rubble and debris in the Army
Warehouses area. The stalker named Smartass allows you to walk right up and 
shoot him in the head, so this mission really is no problem. Return to Baldy 
for the reward.

Client: Barkeep
Reward: Slug artifact
Barkeep allows only one game day for you to track down a military soldier
located in the radioactive pond north of the Agroprom Research Institute. Check
your PDA to get an exact location. Wading through this radioactive area should
have you sipping quite a bit of vodka. In the center of the pond is an 
abandoned train car. Climb into the car to find the soldier sniveling and 
whining in the corner. Put him out of his misery, then report back to Barkeep
to claim your reward.

Client: Barkeep
Reward: 2,500 RU, F1 grenade, Gravi artifact
The Barkeep gives you one game day to head to the Agroprom Research Institute
area and take out a camp of bandits guarding the entrance to the Agroprom 
underground. There are roughly eight or nine bandits, so use the trees as cover
to circle them and gun them all down. Return and talk to Barkeep for the

Client: Barkeep
Reward: 500 RU, 3 cans of Tourist's Delight
Barkeep gives you only one game day to come up with a flesh's eye. Therefore,
take this job only when you have the item in hand. To obtain it, kill the 
flesh mutants that tend to roam the swamps in the southern portion of Dark
Valley. Each time you kill a flesh mutant, search its body to try to find an
eye. Then report back to Barkeep to claim the tiny and not very worthwhile

Client: Barkeep
Reward: 2,500 RU, 2 scientific first aid kits
Barkeep allows you one game day to come up with a Meat Chunk artifact, so it is
best not to take this job unless you already have one. To receive the reward,
speak to Barkeep again and tell him you are here for the job.

Client: Barkeep
Reward: Unknown
Barkeep gives you only one game day to come up with a Flash artifact. Don't 
take on this job unless you already have the artifact in hand.

Client: Barkeep
Reward: 2,500 RU, F1 grenade
Within one game day, you must head into the Wild Territory, navigate to the 
location where the bandit camp is marked on the PDA map, and massacre all the
bandits encountered there. Make your way to the train station, then follow the
track northeast to find the bandits. There are only four or five bandits at the
camp, making this an easy job to accomplish.

Client: Barkeep
Reward: Fireball artifact
Barkeep gives you one game day to travel to Dark Valley and kill the stalker
named Vampire at the old farm south of Lab X18. You must holster your weapon
to get past the guard at either door of the building. The stalker is seated at
the campfire with several other stalkers. Use your crosshairs to identify
Vampire, then stand behind him. Take out your gun and shoot him in the head.
The other stalkers immediately react to the shooting; however, you can flee the
small building without shooting too many of the other stalkers. Backtrack to 
the bar and speak to Barkeep to claim your minor reward.

Client: Barkeep
Reward: Soul artifact
Barkeep allows only one day for you to head to Red Forest and kill a stalker
named Lyonya Stone. As shown on the PDA, the stalker is camped very near the 
entrance of Red Forest. However, as soon as you enter the Red Forest area, the
stalker manages to sneak over to Yantar, where he camps out across from the 
entrance to Lab X16. Stone is typically asleep inside a bus, while a group of
stalkers is camped nearby. Assassinate Stone in his sleep, then quickly flee
from the area. The other stalkers become angry and chase you out of the area 
with gunfire. Head back to the Bar area and report to Barkeep to obtain your 
reward, a Soul artifact.

Client: Barkeep
Reward: 1,500 RU
Barkeep gives you one game day to come up with a boar's hoof, so do not take
this job unless the item is already in possession. Find a boar's hoof by 
killing board in the Cordon, Garbage, and Dark Valley regions. Then search 
their corpses in the hope of finding this item. The reward is not bad, 
considering the minimum of effort required to kill boars.

Client: Barkeep
Reward: Moonlight artifact
Barkeep requires you to go to Yantar and kill a stalker named Sparrow. Then you
must return to claim the reward within one game day. Sparrow is in the same
stalkers' camp across the entrance to Lab X16 where Lyonya Stone was located
in a previous job for Barkeep. Since your previous job probably turned all the
stalkers here into enemies, you'll have to blast quite a few bystanders to kill
your man. Then return to the Barkeep to obtain an extremely rare artifact,
the Moonlight.

Client: General Voronin
Reward: 2,000 RU, 20 9x38mm SP-6 rounds, VOG-25 grenade
Voronin assigns you to exterminate a pack of blind dogs camped near the south
exit of the Garbage area. The camp is just east of the south exit. Kill about
six or eight blind dogs, then report back to Duty HQ for your reward.

Client: General Voronin
Reward: Vintar BC, 20 9x38mm SP-5 rounds
Voronin gives you one game day to head to the northern most point of the Army
Warehouses area and take a unique weapon called the Sniper TRs 301 from the
Mercs located at the outpost at the end of the road. Kill the three or four 
Mercs at the outpost, then retrieve the Sniper TPs 301 from the small concrete
building on the left. Deliver this item to Voronin for your reward.

Client: General Voronin
Reward: 2,000 RU, 20 9x39,, SP-6 rounds, VOG-25 grenade
Voronin wants you to wipe out a herd of flesh mutants lingering around a large
hatch just west of the northern Duty checkpoint in the Garbage area. Check your
PDA for an approximate location of the herd. Kill the four flesh mutants and
report back to Voronin for your reward.

Client: General Voronin
Reward: 3,000 RU, 30 9x39mm SP-6 rounds, 2 VOG-25 grenades
Your assignment is to destroy the bandits lingering just west of the train 
station in the Garbage area, near the exit to Agroprom. Kill the bandits, 
roughly 8 or 10, until the "come back for the reward" message appears.

Client: General Voronin
Reward: 3,000 RU, 30 9x39mm SP-6 rounds, 2 VOG-25 grenades
Voronin assigns you to kill a group of bandits lingering in the Wild Territory.
Navigate to the train station, then follow the track northeast to find the 
bandits. There are only four or five bandits at the camp, making this an easy
job to accomplish.

Client: General Voronin
Reward: 3,000 RU, 30 9x39mm SP-6 rounds, 2 VOG-25 grenades
General Voronin tips you off regarding a camp of pseudodogs in the 
northernmost part of the Army Warehouses area. The camp is just north of an
abandoned farm. Kill all the blind dogs and pseudodogs, roughly four in number,
and head back to Voronin when the "come back for reward" message appears on-

Client: General Voronin
Reward: 3,000 RU, 30 9x39mm SP-6 rounds, 2 VOG-25 grenades
Voronin orders you to take out the encampment of Mercs at the checkpoint at the
farthest north end of the Army warehouses area. Take out the three or four
Mercs manning the post, then report back to Voronin for your reward.

Client: General Voronin
Reward: 3,000 RU, 30 9x39mm SP-6 rounds, 2 VOG-25 grenades
Voronin orders you off to the Agroprom Research Institute to take out a 
settlement of loners. The group of three or four stalkers hangs out in one of
the buildings near where Mole was held hostage by the military. Kill all of the
stalkers and then report back to Voronin to accept your reward.

Client: General Voronin
Reward: 3,000 RU, 30 9x39mm SP-6 rounds, 2 VOG-25 grenades
Voronin assigns you to take out the encampment of snipers holding the central
building in the Wild Territory area. There are three snipers in the building,
accompanied by six or so other Mercs. Kill them all and let God sort them out.
Then report to Voronin for your reward and next assignment.

Client: General Voronin
Reward: Sniper VLA (unique weapon), 30 9x39mm SP-5 rounds
Voronin kicks it up a notch by asking you to get directly involved in the war
between Duty and Freedom. He wants you to take out the Freedom faction members
encamped at the Lost Village. Note that this includes Murk, who offers you a 
job of his own, and that completing this assignment alienates you from all 
Freedom members at the Army Warehouses area. The reward is the Sniper VLA, 
which is a VLA that allows you to attach a PSO-1 scope.

Client: General Voronin
Reward: 3,000 RU, 30 9x39mm SP-6 rounds, 2 VOG-25 grenades
Voronin allows you one game day to take out the Mercs encamped in the ruins of
the tall building under construction in the heart of the Wild Territory. Take
out the five or six Mercs holding the building, then report back to Voronin.

10.3 Yantar [YANAR]
Client: Sakharov
Reard: 2,500 RU, scientific first aid kit
A snork foot should be fairly easy to obtain by shooting one of the plentiful
snorks haunting the swamp just west of the mobile lab in Yantar. When you have
one of these items in hand, return to the mobile lab and take this job from

Client: Sakharov
Reward: 5,000 RU, scientific first aid kit
Sakharov allows you one game day to find a Gravi artifact. Therefore, it is
best to have this item in possession before taking this job. When you have a 
Gravi in possession, simply speak to Sakharov about this job to onbtain the

Client: Sakharov
Reward: 2,500 RU, scientific first aid kit
Sakharov allows you one full game day to find and bring back a Jellyfish
artifact. Don't take on this job unless you have the item. Then speak to 
Sakharov and hand it over to obtain this easy reward. The reward is almost
triple what a Jellyfish is normally worth!

Client: Sakharov
Reward: Pellicle artifact
When you have a Fireball artifact in possession, take on this job and 
immediately hand over the item to obtain the extremely rare Pellicle artifact!

Client: Sakharov
Reward: 10,000 RU, 3 scientific first aid kits
Take this job from Sakharov when you already have a Moonlight artifact. One of
the surest ways to obtain a Moonlight artifact is to complete the job "Kill the
Stalker Called Sparrow" for Barkeep. Sakharov pays double what the item is

10.4 Army Warehouses [ARMWA]
Client: Lukash
Reward: 1,000 RU, Cossacks vodka
When you have a boar's hoof in possession, speak to Lukash and take on this 
assignment. He allows you only one game day to find a boar's hoof and return
with it, so don't take on this assignment without already having one.

Client: Lukash
Reward: 3,500 RU, 30 5.56x45mm AP rounds, 2 M209 grenades
Kill the herd of mostly boars just outside of Freedom's base. There is a large
minefield in the area, so pay close attention to the signs that delineate the
field to avoid blowing yourself up. The herd is just northh of the minefield
and is not hard to take down. Be sure to search each dead boar to obtain a 
boar's hoof in order to complete another of Lukash's jobs.

Client: Lukash
Reward: Guardian of Freedom Suit
To complete this assignment you must head to Yantar and return to the zombie-
infested factory near the entrance to Lab X16. Go through the gates and fight
your way up the street to find the body of a dead Spetsnaz soldier. Search his
body to find the Healing Beril suit. Return the item to Lukash for your reward,
the Guardian of Freedom suit. Now you can look like you belong to Freedom!

Client: Lukash
Reward: 3,500 RU, 30 5.56x45mm AP rounds, 2 M209 grenades
Lukash wants you to take out the merc outpost at the northernmost end of the
road running through the Army Warehouses area. Simply kill all four mercs
stationed here then report back to Lukash for your reward.

Client: Lukash
Reward: 3,500 RU, 30 5.56x45mm AP rounds, 2 M209 grenades
Lukash sends you to the north end of the Garbage area to take out the Duty
outpost located there. As you may recall, there are many Duty faction members
at said outpost, and shooting at them won't go over lightly. Take out the men
seated near the fire and the three guarding the gateway to the Bar area. Note
that this action turns every Duty member in the Bar and Army Warehouses area
against you, and they now shoot on sight.

Client: Lukash
Reward: 3,500 RU, 30 5.56x45mm AP rounds, 2 M209 grenades
Freedom's leader tasks you with destroying an encampment of military soldiers
at the Agroprom Research Institute. Check you PDA to learn the exact location
of the camp. Return to the Agroprom area and wipe out the soldiers. Since it is
uncertain which soldiers must be killed in order to wipe out the camp, just 
keep fragging the soldiers until the "come back for reward" message appears.
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