How to avoid Dutyers in Dark Valley?

  1. Hello, I'm replaying this and got an issue.

    While retrieving documents from Borov in Dark Valley I stumbled upon a couple dutyers and killed them, thinking they were bandits. When I went back to bar, all the dutyers in the checkpoint started firing me, so I had to load different save in order to find when exactly when I killed them.

    Now I'm seeing one of them and my crosshair is yellow, while next to him there are bandits and crosshair is red (obviously)... How do I fire bandits while avoiding the dutyer? Can I kill him if he first engages in fire?


    User Info: roughnecks

    roughnecks - 1 year ago


  1. That dutyer is a prisoner being escorted by bandits. You are supposed to rescue him as a side quest .

    User Info: 7etoAtreides

    7etoAtreides - 10 months ago 0   0

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