Streloks second visit to NPP - Reason?

  1. I'm trying to piece the story together, but I don't see the reason behind Streloks (and his groups) second visit to NPP.

    So, during they first visit, they reach the center, Fang realises that the Wish Granter is fake, and thus they discover the secret door. Which they need a decoder for.
    This visit also starts the "defense mechanism" of the zone, with the large emission at the beginning of Clear Sky. The one we see in the cutscene while Scar is leading the ecologists to an expedition.
    I assume this is also the time Fang says to Ghost to leave Strelok behind, but he doesn't and takes him back to Doc. After this visit, Fang begins assembling the decoder, process we more-or-less follow during Clear Sky gameplay.

    The second visit is when Scar dissables Streloks psy-protection. Thus he falls to the emissions and becomes a STALKER Agent for C-C with the mission to kill himself.

    Third visit ocurrs during the SoC gameplay, where we collect Fangs decoder and go into the NPP through the secret door and destroy the C-C.

    What confuses me is, why did they go to the center the second time, at the end of Clear Sky. They went before, found the secret door, realised they need the decoder to go through. Since Doc says in SoC that Fang assembled the decoder and stashed it in Hotel in Pripyat, they obviously didn't have it by their second visit. What was Strelok trying to accomplish? What was the point of going there, knowing they can't get through the secret door and then practically falling to Clear Sky and Scar?

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  1. I haven't read the original story source for the games, so I don't know what may or may not have been intended originally. This is ENTIRELY speculation.

    I think that Strelock's *intention* for the second trip (finale of Clear Sky) was what we do at the conclusion of SoC. Based on the storyline info in the game, it would appear that Fang was supposed to meet Strelock at CNPP but was delayed or stopped from getting through in time, stashed the decoder and bailed out. That logically feeds into the timeline.

    An interesting way to tie the stories together. Check the STALKER wiki - there might be official lore there.

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