Problem with "Kill Lukash" quest?

  1. Skull gave me a mission to kill 3 snipers and Lukash from the Freedom faction. So I killed them all on my own, went back to Skull for my reward. But all he says to me when I interact with him is :"Keep along your way." And I can only respond with "Ok". So how do I deal with this. Can I kill everyone in the duty farmstead without any negative consequences? Or do I have to go to my older save so I can deal with this.

    User Info: SimplyNiko

    SimplyNiko - 3 years ago
  2. did you kill everyone or just the snipers and lukash because lukash is in the house and sometimes the snipers can go down the stairs on the towers.

    User Info: wexel64

    wexel64 - 1 year ago

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