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  1. skiphs: Looking up how to edit the behavior of the Pseudodog mutant so I can have one as a pet.
    skiphs: That won't get shot at.
    skiphs: Just one.
    skiphs: That's invincible.
    skiphs: And able to follow me through the zones.
    skiphs: Or be in my inventory.
    skiphs: Weightless.
    skiphs: Maybe make it a seperate thing from the Pseudodog LTX file.
    skiphs: Maybe... Pseudopet.ltx
    skiphs: Have it follow me, attack for me, but be god damn invincible.
    pressedinabook: sounds great n_n
    skiphs: If I figure it out, I'll send you one.
    pressedinabook: thank you <3
    skiphs: I'll also send you a pet Bloodsucker, they're c*nts.
    pressedinabook: xD damn
    skiphs: But yeah.
    skiphs: There's gotta be a true/false or 0/1 for friendly or enemy, I reckon.
    pressedinabook: hopefully
    skiphs: So, make a copy of that, work set it to follow, f*** with the immunities, etc.
    skiphs: Maybe even switch the Pseudodog in the spawner with the Pseudopet.
    skiphs: :l
    skiphs: Brb, putting a question out to GameFAQ's.

    OTHER NOTES: Perhaps code some scripting/make interface for commanding a pet to sit, stay, lay, follow, attack, fetch (Using fetch to get my pet to bring back anything my cursor's on at the time I've issued the command would make collecting ammunition when behind cover a breeze, and attacking a Controller when I'm really not in the mood to deal with their sh*t.), follow others, find.

    Would also like the to give the files the ability to hold something up to the pet from the inventory so it hunts for it, or a frisbee so you can play fetch. Maybe a squeaky ball.

    Either way. most of this is out of my current knowledge and ability. So I'm looking to gain the help of those who are more in-depth with modding and/or making interfaces.

    User Info: Skiphs

    Skiphs - 3 years ago

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