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  1. So, I was wondering if there were any ways to make fast roubles in the Cordon. I've emptied out Sidvorich and Wolfs' jobs, but i'm not seeing anything else. Maybe there's a few good stashes near or something?

    User Info: Parcheesey

    Parcheesey - 9 years ago

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  1. If you want money early on you will have to collect and sell just about everything you find. There is some decent early armour in the rooftop of a house in the first village you are in, but weapon-wise you just need to adapt to what you find.

    Sidorovich is the only trader you will have for a few maps, so you will be visiting him a few times. The next main seller is in the Bar, two maps north from the start, but you will need to advance the main plot to reach that - you can't just walk straight there.

    Also reduce the rubbish you carry around with you. As long as I kept my main weapon in decent condition, or swapped it over with better ones it rarely jammed and I hardly ever used my sidearm. If you aren't using that second pistol, sell it - saving both money and weight from all the ammo.

    Keep your basic equipment weight down and you will be able to sprint for longer.

    User Info: Avenger1324

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  1. to the south of the encampment there is an army base (NOT north railroad blockade) and there are always 3 guys patrolling the road. Just get close enough and shoot one - they will start to hunt you, go to the stalker encampment and with their help shoot down the soldiers. If you're lucky, the whole base will come to you. This is the way to get easy AK's and ammo (not to mention grenades, medicine, food and PDA's, which can contain some good stash coordinates around the Zone). I made 30k this way. ;)

    User Info: kebubaslt

    kebubaslt - 8 years ago 0   0
  2. Pick up everything you can.

    Sell everything but your primpary weapon, it's ammo, your suit, and some vodka and health kits. Everything else you sell. Pick up everything except guns under 40% health, you don't get crap back in terms of rubles.

    Anti-rad packs and ammo are worth the most money. When you pick up guns, right-click on them in the inventory and unload them for the ammo.

    Or just do what I do and mod your carry weight. 40 kg is insanely dumb for pack rats like me. 100 is better. And don't cry about realism, lol


    User Info: cahemdue

    cahemdue - 8 years ago 0   0

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