Review by MrRogersGhetto

Reviewed: 05/16/05

Relive epic battles from the Middle Ages in Medieval: Total War!


Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to be a soldier on the front lines of a battle in the 14th century? Or maybe you want to know how it was like to be one of the great Teutonic Knights during the German Crusades? Maybe you want to find out what it felt like to be one of Egypt's soldiers during the campaigns of the great Saladin? Well, now you can, in the 3D, action strategy game Medieval: Total War. This game brings you back to the Middle Ages, spanning from 1087 - 1453. Take control of a country, make alliances, declare war, complete glorious achievements, crush rebellions, trade, and conquer the world! This review will be based on this game, stating the pros and cons, and telling you enough info so you can decide whether to buy this game or not.


Let me start out my game play topic by talking about the campaign game. In this game mode you take control of a kingdom, and fight your way to European dominance. You move army pieces and strategic agents around on a campaign map and try to conquer enemy provinces. Building your empire is pretty simple, but the campaign itself isn't the best part of the game. What is the best, you ask? The 3D Total War battles. You create army units, with each unit containing many soldiers. When you are ready, you go to war with other kingdoms and your armies and your enemies armies clash. These battles can feature up to a ridiculous 10,000 troops! There are over 100 units to choose from, and each faction can have its own unique units. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses, but no unit is unbeatable. Overall, the battles are superb, and if battles were all I was reviewing, I would give this game a 10/10 for sure. The battles are played in exactly the same way, whether you are playing Quick Battle, Historical Battle, Campaign, or Historical Campaign.


This section will deal with graphics during Medieval: Total War battles. The game is 3D and has decent graphics. Each soldier looks pretty realistic, aside from the fact that they have no faces! The game does lag from time to time, usually if there are too many troops on the battlefield at the same time.


The sound of this game is very good, without a doubt. The sounds of men shouting, war horns blowing, catapults hurling rocks, arrows flying, and even boiling oil pouring on soldiers is very realistic, and it gives you a feeling as if you are one of the troops on the battlefield, fighting for your king and defending your country.



- Superb sound
- Excellent Battles
- Smooth running campaign
- Controls easy to get used to


- Only decent graphics
- Game lags at times

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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