Review by Da_muffen_man

Reviewed: 08/09/05

A great game

Ok lets get straight down to business. This review is written to provide as little spoilers as possible.

Sound (8):
To say the least, I found the sound (poetry) slightly lacking. A compacted set of musical pieces which, though great, were each well overplayed. Especially in a particular glitch, involving the game playing 'Hail Britannia' in places that were.... well not Britain. The Avatar's voice acting can be particularly annoying, though i find the rest is quite well done.

Graphics (7):
Put simply: good graphics for the time, but nothing next to the big new games like Gothic II or Morrowind. Nothing gets to you more than the Avatar going to scratch his head every conversation and watching his arm disappear through his head.

Story (9):
(slight, obvious spoilers.)
Well, to grasp a full understanding of the storyline of this game you must play the previous games, however it is still enjoyable without playing them. You start the game as the Avatar, saviour of Britain several times over, in a modern day world. However, you are called away to the past Britain where The Guardian has decided to attempt to put the world into a state of civil war. Alas, you arrive just in time to save Britain, taking down the giant columns which are corrupting the world, and restoring the Shrines of Virtue at the same time.

Gameplay (10):

This is where the game truly shined. This game would have been, back in the 90's, revolutionary, it took the RPG past the basic hack 'n slash. Get used to carrying several weapons, knowing each enemy's weakness and casting the right spells at the right time! Extremely realistic gameplay too, in the sense that you can't nock arrows at the speed of light, nor can you run fast or swim well while wearing heavy plate armour. Not only this but you will find yourself constantly dying, for me difficulty is an important factor.

Replay (8):
Play. Win. Play again. Lather, rinse and repeat. This game will take a while to get old, and you should be able to play through several times.

Overall this is a great game. Pick it up on Ebay and you'll get many an hour of exciting gameplay from it. If you don't mind the slightly outdated graphics, and enjoy a good RPG you'll love this game. Older computers (think Windows 98 with bad graphics cards) may have trouble with getting this game to run at an acceptable speed, but for the rest a must have.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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