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    FAQ/Walkthrough by timbob

    Version: Final | Updated: 10/20/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       ___ ___  .___ ___________   _____      _____    _______      ________
      /   |   \ |   |\__    ___/  /     \    /  _  \   \      \     \_____  \
     /    ~    \|   |  |    |    /  \ /  \  /  /_\  \  /   |   \     /  ____/
     \    Y    /|   |  |    |   /    Y    \/    |    \/    |    \   /       \
      \___|_  / |___|  |____|   \____|__  /\____|__  /\____|__  /   \_______ \
            \/                          \/         \/         \/            \/
           			      S  I  L  E  N  T     A  S  S  A  S  S  I  N
     		[AN IN DEPTH FAQ]
     		-Creation Date 	10.20.02
            	-Revision  	Final
     		-Author  	Timothy L. Harewood [timbob]
     		-Contact 	timbob_is_lame@ameritech.net
     	If you have anything to contribute, please feel free to email me,
     	it would be greatly appreciated, and you will be given proper credit
     	and recognition within this guide.
      A. Introduction
      B. Controls
      	B1.  Menu Controls
      	B2.  Actions
      	B3.  Weapons
      	B4.  Inventory
      	B5.  Camera
      C. Chapter Descriptions
      	C1.  Sicily
     	C2.  St. Petersburg
     	C3.  Japan
     	C4.  Malaysia
     	C5.  Nuristan
     	C6.  India
      D. Mission Elements
     	D1.  Laptop Computer
     	D2.  In-Game Display
     	D3.  Character Types
     	D4.  Completing a Mission
      E. Weapons And Equipment
     	E1.  Close Combat
     	E2.  Handguns
     	E3.  Sub-Machineguns
     	E4.  Rifles
     	E5.  Shotguns
     	E6.  Sniper Rifles
     	E7.  Gadgets
      F. Mission Walkthroughs
     	F1.  Anathema
     	F2.  St. Petersburg Stakeout
     	F3.  Kirov Park Meeting
     	F4.  Tubeway Torpedo
     	F5.  Invitation to a Party
     	F6.  Tracking Hayamoto
     	F7.  Hidden Valley
     	F8.  At The Gates
     	F9.  Shogun Showdown
     	F10. Basement Killing
     	F11. The Graveyard Shift
     	F12. The Jacuzzi Job
     	F13. Murder at the Bazaar
     	F14. The Motorcade Interception
     	F15. Tunnel Rat
     	F16. Temple City Ambush
     	F17. The Death of Hannelore
     	F18. Terminal Hospitality
     	F19. St. Petersburg Revisited
     	F20. Redemption at Gontranno
      G. FAQs
      H. Cheats/Secrets/Extras/Strange things
      I. Credits
        :I N T R O D U C T I O N:
      You're Back. Are you prepared? The past is about to catch up with you.
      You - the hired gun with a sense of loyalty, the assassin with a sense of justice.
      And faith? What of faith? Trust in your god, but carry a loaded gun.
      Bind yourself with mastery of weapons and thoroughness of groundwork.
      Know when to take your time, and know when to strike instantly.
      Track down those who forced you out of retirement.
      Seep through the deep fracture of the world.
      Flow through the quarters of sin, crime, greed and dishonor.
      Be certain, 47, in such places your enemies will hide.
      At first. Until the only safe place is behind you.
      Watch your back, 47.
      The enemy is closer than you think.
        :D E F U A L T  C O N T R O L S:
      B1. *Menu Controls*
      Digital Pad   : Select Menu Item
      (A) Button    : Accept Menu Selection
      (B) Button    : Cancel Selection/Return
      (Back) Button : Open Map/Briefing Menu
      (Start) Button: Open Pause Options Menu
      B2. *Action*
      Left Analog   : Move a short distance to walk; move further to run
      Digital Pad   : Lean left/right (double tap and hold to step out and lean) (left/right)
      [L] Trigger   : Tap once to sneak/Hold to crouch
      (A) Button    : Open door/Pick up item/Drag
      [R] Trigger	:  Use item
      (B) Button	: Drop item/Exit keyhole mode
      B3. *Weapons*
      Right Analog  : Move crosshair to aim
      Left Analog   : Precise aiming: click and hold to slow down aiming speed
      [R] Trigger   : Fire/Enter Snipe mode
      (*) Black     : Reload
      (X) Button    :  Holster Weapon
      (B) Button	:  Exit Sniper mode
      B4. *Inventory*
      (X) Button	: Quick Inventory (hold and use d-pad to select)
      (Y) Button	: Open/Close inventory
      Digital Pad	: Select Inventory Item
      (A) Button	: Equip Item
      (B) Button	: Drop Selected Item
      B5. *Camera*
      Right Analog : Move Camera (look around)
      ( ) White    : Toggle 1st or 3rd person view
      Digital Pad  : Zoom In/Out (up/down)
      		 In third person view, this zoom in and out on the character.
      		 In snipe mode, affects the scope's magnification levels.
        :C H A P T E R S:
      C1. *Sicily*
      Spring comes early to the Gulf of Castellammare. The citrus groves west of Palermo already in fruit
      by the end of February, and the Sicilian air is rich with the scents of lemon and orange.
      From the sea hillside villages are splashes of pastel jewelry on a brilliant carpet of green and gold.
      The dome of the Church of Carmine rises above the awnings of local market stalls, where even-handed
      traders toil and prosper. Yet above it all, the grasping shadow of the Cosa Nostra lengthens.
      C2. *St. Petersburg*
      Once called Leningrad, this old city has seen more than its share of bullets and betrayal.
      Expect guards, criminals and soldiers to be well equipped, experienced and highly suspicious.
      Old Communists vie with corrupt Capitalists for control of the wide-open boulevards,
      where few can hide -- least of all, foreigners.
      This is difficult terrain, even for a trained assassin. Proceed with caution.
      C3. *Japan*
      Mountains cover three-quarters of Japan, with the larger ranges running
      through the center of the Japanese archipelago like a spine.
      Towering above a beautiful lake and archaic temple-studded town emerges the
      sacred mountain of Kurokiyama -- an inaccessible site visited only by the occasional Shinto pilgrim.
      An ancient six-story castle with ceramic tiled hogyo roofing and massive stonewalls look
      down from its strategic position high on the neck of the mountain. A local shogun built
      it here during the Edo period -- it is a fitting setting fort a 20th century oyabun like
      Masahiro Hayamoto. From here he controls his yakuza maneuverings and international arms deals.
      C4. *Malaysia*
      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A City brimming with prosperity, luxury and incredible opportunity.
      Populated by a teeming chaos of cultures, it attracts the sharks of organized crime from all
      over the world. It's a feeding frenzy.
      At the same time, spears of sterile office buildings burst out over the new and ancient populace,
      reaching for the skies. And everyone is staking a claim for the future.
      C5. *Nuristan*
      In a remote valley, hidden in the Hindu Kush mountain range of Nuristan, lies a secluded citadel.
      Currently, it's ruled by a local Kahn, Abdul Bismillah Malik, known as Al-Khabir (The Big Guy),
      and his fierce tribe of warmongering mujahedin.
      A minaret doubles as a watchtower -- overlooking the steppes, hillsides and nearby river.
      Anyone open approaching the citadel can be seen for miles. This, and the solid brick walls
      surrounding the citadel, seem to signal security, but this stronghold has changed hands many
      times over the centuries. A professional always finds a way.
      C6. *India*
      A Sikh uprising in this remote region of Punjab, Northern India, in the mid 1980's was ruthlessly
      repressed by government troops. Many innocent locals were killed, and ever since, no outsider has
      dared venture into this territory for fear of reprisals.
      A maze of small shops and bangalas suggest some prosperity in the otherwise poverty-stricken
      province. Sure enough a magnificent, ancient gurdwara (Sikh temple) -- complete with marble inlays,
      glazed tiles, filigree partitions, priceless murals and gold domes -- it protected by the high walls
      of a qila (fort)... and fanatical believers.
        :M I S S I O N   E L E M E N T S:
      D1. *Laptop Computer*
      Hitman uses a laptop computer to communicate with the agency that assigns him missions. All information
      pertaining to the mission is stored on his laptop. It also serves as a pre-mission preparation area.
      Select the required item to access secret files and footage.
     	Mission Briefing:
     	A detailed list of objectives for the mission ahead. All objectives must be carried out successfully
     	to complete the mission.
     	Satellite Map:
     	A plan view of the target area. Note: Important items, targets and enemies are not displayed
     	on the map until you have entered the mission.
     	Target Information:
     	Information regarding the target and his or her appearance.
     	Surveillance Footage:
     	Top secret, recorded footage of key information supplied by Agency. Note: This footage is
     	only available before the mission starts.
      D2. *In-Game Display*
      | 1     3        4       6|
      | 2                       |
      |    9                    |
      |                        5|
      |            7            |
      |                         |
      |                         |
      | 8                       |
     	1. Health Bar:
        	Hitman's current health: as he sustains damage and injuries the bar begins to shrink.
    	If the bar drops below 25% capacity it turns red to alert you to hitman's predicament.
       	Note: Damage is location based, which means a shot to the head is almost certain to kill
        	you while a shot to the arm will not.
    	2. Threat Meter:
        	Displayed in the top left of the screen under the health bar, this meter indicates the
        	level of danger hitman is facing. The more the meter pulses red, watch out! Hitman is in
            big danger. The meter can be a useful tool, and if monitored, can alert you to potential
        	problems such as a failed disguise.
    	3. Available Actions:
        	This is a context sensitive list of choices: it depends on your location, the proximity of
        	objects such as doors, dead bodies, etc. and the currently selected item. If there is only
        	one choice on the list, press (A) to perform it. If there are two or more choices, hold down
        	(A), use the digital pad to highlight the action you want, then release (A) to perform it.
    	4. Current Weapon or Item of Equipment:
        	If the currently selected item is holstered (i.e. Hitman's hands are empty) then the display
            here is blank.
    	5. Ammo:
        	Remaining ammunition in the clip of the selected weapon.
    	6. Spare Ammo:
       	Backup ammunition available for the selected weapon.
    	7. Crosshairs:
        	Show exactly where Hitman is aiming. The size of the crosshair indicates the accuracy of any
        	shots fired -- the larger the crosshairs, the wider the grouping of any shots fired. When the
        	crosshairs turn red, any shots fired should hit the target successfully. Note: While certain
        	guns are inherently more accurate, other factors have a bearing on accuracy. Sustained bursts of
        	fire and shooting while moving both have an adverse effect; but standing still, or even better --
            crouching, and taking time to air and squeeze off a short burst will improve the ratio of shots
        	on target.
    	8. Information:
        	Useful information such as warnings appears here.
     	9. Compass:
        	Indicates the direction Hitman is facing.
      D3. *Character Types*
      A variety of character types live within the world of Hitman 2: SA. Some of these people pose no threat
      to Hitman's mission and can actually be allies. Choose your targets wisely!
     	Your intended victim. There is at least one per mission, who must be eliminated to complete
     	the mission.
     	Hostiles, usually armed bodyguards of some description, whose job is to protect the target.
     	Civilians are bystanders. They post no direct risk to you so try not to let them get caught
     	in the crossfire.
    	Members of the local law enforcement community. They will attack if they witness you so much as
     	carrying your weapon unconcealed.
     	These are the people you have been charged with protecting. A positive mission outcome
     	is contingent upon ensuring their survival.
     	This is my little section where I give you a little more info on the different types of
     	enemies you will encounter throughout the game. Each variation seems to have its own set
     	of advantages/disadvantages. This info is here just as sort of a 'heads-up' so you'll know
     	what to expect. I've rated them basically on their level of aggression, fire-power, and their
     	willingness to become suspicious of you while in disguise (paranoia). [1-4 *'s]
     	Standard Bodyguard			Russian Soldier
     	Sunglasses, Black/Brown suits		Standard Hat, Light Blue Uniform
    	Paranoia	: **			Paranoia	: **
     	Fire Power	: *			Fire Power	: ***
     	Aggression	: **			Aggression	: **
     	Russian Officer				Cold-Weather Camouflage Ninja
     	Officers Hat, Light Blue Uniform	Night Vision, Winter Camouflage
     	Paranoia	: ***			Paranoia	: ****
     	Fire Power	: *			Fire Power	: ***
     	Aggression	: **			Aggression	: ***
      	Night-Ops Ninja				Arctic-Camouflage Ninja
     	Night Vision, Black Uniform		Night Vision, White Uniform
     	Paranoia	: ****			Paranoia	: ****
     	Fire Power	: ***			Fire Power	: **
     	Aggression	: ***			Aggression	: ***
     	Katana Ninja	 			Malaysian Police
     	Katana Sword, Black Uniform		Purple Hat, Tan Uniform
     	Paranoia	: ****			Paranoia	: **
     	Fire Power	: *			Fire Power	: *
     	Aggression	: ****			Aggression	: **
     	Malaysian Guard				Armed Hooker
     	Brown Hat, Tan Uniform			Skimpy Lingerie
     	Paranoia	: **			Paranoia	: *
     	Fire Power	: *			Fire Power	: **
     	Aggression	: **			Aggression	: ***
     	Nuristan Soldier			Cult Member
     	Tan Turban, Tan Uniform			Bald Heads, Orange Outfit
     	Paranoia	: *			Paranoia	: ***
     	Fire Power	: ***			Fire Power	: ***
     	Aggression	: *			Aggression	: ***
     	Indian Bodyguard
     	Red Turban, Sunglasses, Black Suit
     	Paranoia	: **
    	Fire Power	: ****
    	Aggression	: ****
      D4. *Completing a Mission*
      Once you make the hit, complete all other objectives and successfully escape the area, the mission
      is over. A ratings screen is displayed to show how you performed. Statistics are presented as a
      last mission score and an overall score.
     	The Categories:
     	* Shots Fired  		* Enemies Killed 		* Rating
    	* Close Encounters 	* Enemies Harmed 		* Mission Time
     	* Head Shots  		* Innocents Killed 		* Stealth Meter
     	* Alerts  		* Innocents Harmed 		* Aggression Meter
       	Known Ratings:
     	* Silent Assassin 	* Professional  		* Expert
     	* Executioner  		* Sociopath  			* Psychopath
     	* Cleaner  		* Button-Man  			* Natural
     	* Ninja Extraordinare	* Iceman  			* Ghost
     	* Shadow  		* Postal  			* Slayer
     	* Hired Gun  		* Sniper  			* Cut Throat
     	* Hitman  		* Butcher			* Mass Murderer
     	* Henchmen		* Hatchet Man
     	Silent Assassin Requirements:
     	* Shots Fired/Kill ratio must be no more than 2:1
     	* No one other than the intended target can be killed
     	  Note: Other enemies that are killed with a gun must be on 1:1 ratio
     	  otherwise must be taken out silently with fiber wire or a knife.
     	* Alerts confined to close encounters
     	  I tried my best for accuracy on these standards. I'm still trying out different
     	  scenarios. Thanks to everyone who keeps emailing me with more info on the SA
     	  ratings. :)
    	- thanks to Andreas J. Gjellesvik for contributing to the ratings section.
    	  'Ninja Extraordinare'
        :W E A P O N S   A N D   E Q U I P M E N T:
      When I listed where a weapon is found below, I put the first place I found the weapon.
      You will encounter almost all of them again at some point during the game.
      The rating given to the weapons was determined by how much damage it dishes out. They are
      rated by one, two, three or four stars. Weapons that can penetrate objects and multiple targets
      receive an extra star, denoted (*). Note: The ratings given to the weapons are not overall
      rankings, however, how they match up against the other weapons in the SAME category.
      (i.e., how the Deagle .50 stacks up against the 9mm Pistol, or the AK vs. the M60)
      	Weapon Statistics
      		Handguns	: 8	Assault Rifles	: 3
      		Melee Weapons	: 6	Shotguns	: 3
      		Sniper Rifles	: 6	Sub-Machine Guns: 3
      	Miscellaneous Items		Equipment Found/Used
      		Anaesthetic		Night Vision
    	  	Fiber Wire		Bomb Remote
    	  	Car Bomb		Cell Phone
    	  	Poison			Pager
    	  	Poisoned Fish		Transmitter
    	  	Bomb			Camera
    	  	Mini-Bomb		Hacking Device
    	  	Smoke Bomb
      E1. *Close Combat*
      Small, lightweight, and easily concealable, close combat weapons such as knives and the fiber wire
      allow near silent kills. They have their drawbacks though, so are only used by the real professionals.
      Note: When approaching an enemy from behind, make sure hitman is in sneak mode so as not to alter the
      intended target.
     	Fiber Wire
     	Description	: Strangulation cord. Can not be detected by metal detectors.
     	Range		: Close
     	Concealable	: Yes
     	Found  		: N/A
     	Description 	: Chloroform. Used to pacify, not harm enemies.
     	Range  		: Close
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: N/A
    	Note		: A Full dose (5 bottles on the ammo meter) will knock an enemy out
           			  for exactly 300 seconds (5 minutes).
     	Extra Details   : Methoxyflurane, a form of Ether, Available only in Australia
     			  Extremely Flammable
     	Kitchen Knife:
     	Description 	: Kitchen Knife. Standard multi-purpose slicing tool.
     	Range  		: Close
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: Anathema (villa borghesse/kitchen)
     	Combat Knife:
     	Description 	: Specialist's Combat Knife
     	Range  		: Close
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: General Mikhail Bardachenko, Interrogation room, 2nd Basement, Tubeway Torpedo
     	Surgeon's Scalpel:
     	Description 	: Operating Theatre Classic
     	Range  		: Close
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: Terminal Hospitality, Consultant/Anaesthesist's Office
     	Japanese Katana:
     	Description 	: Beautifully Crafted Ancient Instrument of War
     	Range  		: Close
     	Concealable 	: No
     	Found  		: At The Gates (everywhere)
     	Fireman's Axe:
     	Description 	: For breaking down doors and other obstacles (hehe)
     	Range  		: Close
     	Concealable 	: No
     	Found  		: Basement Killing
     	Golf Club:
     	Description 	: Titanium sporting instrument. Inertia Driven.
     	Range  		: Close
     	Concealable 	: No
     	Found  		: 2nd Floor Villa Borghesse, Anathema
      E2. *Hand Guns*
      Lightweight and easily concealable, the pistols and revolvers are perfect for close-up kills although
      they make a lot of noise unless silenced. In a tight situation, Hitman can always rely on the dual
      Silverballers for the extra firepower.
     	[name]   		[inventory desc]
     	Silverballers .45	Ballers
     	Description	: Semi-Automatic Hand Gun
     	Range  		: Close/Medium
     	Caliber  	: .45 ACP
     	Clip  		: 7
     	Length  	: 21.6cm
     	Weight  	: 1.070kg
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: N/A
     	Damage 		: ****(*)
     	Extra Details   : American AMT .45 Caliber HardBaller
     	Silverballers .45	SD Ballers SD
     	Description 	: Semi-Automatic Hand Gun with silencer
     	Range  		: Close/Medium
     	Caliber  	: .45 ACP
     	Clip  		: 7
     	Length  	: 41.6cm
     	Weight  	: 1.253kg
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: Awarded, 1st Silent Assassin Rating
     	Damage 		: *** (*)
     	Extra Details   : American AMT .45 Caliber HardBaller
     	9mm Pistol		9mm Pistol
     	Description 	: Semi-Automatic Hand Gun
     	Range	    	: Close/Medium
     	Caliber  	: 9mm
     	Clip  		: 15
     	Length  	: 21.7cm
     	Weight  	: 0.95kg
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: Everywhere
     	Damage 		: **
     	Extra Details   : Italian Pietro Berreta 9mm
     	9mm Pistol SD		9mm Pistol SD
     	Description 	: Semi-Automatic Hand Gun with removable silencer
     	Range  		: Close/Medium
     	Caliber  	: 9mm
     	Clip  		: 15
     	Length  	: 41.7cm
     	Weight  	: 1.26kg
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: Agency Drop, St. Petersburg Stakeout
     	Damage 		: *
     	Extra Details   : Italian Pietro Berreta 9mm
     	Revolver		Revolver
     	Description 	: Stub-Nosed .357 Revolver
     	Range  		: Close/Medium
     	Caliber  	: Magnum
     	Clip  		: 6
     	Length  	: 20cm
     	Weight  	: 1.06kg
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: The Don, Anathema
     	Damage 		: *** (*)
     	Deagle .50		Deagle
     	Description 	: Semi-Automatic Hand Gun
     	Range  		: Close/Medium+
     	Caliber  	: Magnum
     	Clip  		: 8
     	Length  	: 15.9cm
     	Weight  	: 1.892kg
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: Study, Anathema
     	Damage 		: *** (*)
     	5.45mm Pistol  		5.45mm
     	Description 	: Russian Service Pistol
     	Range  		: Close/Medium
     	Caliber  	: 5.45mm
     	Clip  		: 10
     	Length  	: 16cm
    	Weight  	: 0.46kg
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: Bodyguard, St. Petersburg Stakeout
     	Damage 		: *
     	.22 Silenced		.22 SD
     	Description 	: Pistol with Integral Silencer
     	Range  		: Close/Medium
     	Caliber  	: .22
     	Clip  		: 12
     	Length  	: 42.2cm
    	Weight  	: 1.12kg
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: Shogun Showdown, Museum
     	Damage 		: *
      E3. *Sub-Machineguns (SMG)*
      Only just concealable, the sub-machine guns are perfect for fierce fire fights. Be warned though, a high
      rate of fire can leave hitman with an empty clip and no more ammo.
     	Sub-Machinegun (SMG) 	SMG
     	Description 	: Delayed Blow-back Sub-Machine Gun
     	Range  		: Close/Medium
     	Caliber  	: 9mm Parabellum
     	Clip  		: 30
     	Length  	: 68cm
     	Weight  	: 2.55kg
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: Agency Drop, 1st Basement, Tubeway Torpedo
     	Damage 		: ***
     	Extra Details   : Heckler and Koch MP5
     	Silenced Sub-Machine Gun SMG-SD6
     	Description 	: Silenced SMG
     	Range  		: Close/Medium
     	Caliber  	: 9mm
     	Clip  		: 30
     	Length  	: 75.5cm
     	Weight  	: 3.05kg
     	Concealable 	: No
     	Found  		: Hidden Valley, Cold-Weather Camouflage Ninjas
     	Damage 		: **
      	Extra Details   : Heckler and Koch MP5
     	Description 	: Rugged Sub-Machine Gun
     	Range  		: Close/Medium
     	Caliber  	: 9mm Parabellum
     	Clip  		: 30
     	Length  	: 47cm
     	Weight  	: 3.7kg
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: Terminal Hospitality, Cult Members
     	Damage 		: ***
      E4. *Rifles*
      Large and precise, the rifles are best used over distance. Hitman is only capable of carrying one rifle
      at a time and cannot be concealed. Note: while carrying a rifle, you can equip a one-handed weapon such
      as a pistol or knife and still be holding the rifle.
     	AK 47 Assault Rifle 	AK
     	Description 	: Russian AK 47 Derivative
     	Range  		: Close/Medium/Long
     	Caliber  	: 7.62mm
     	Clip  		: 30
     	Length  	: 67.5cm
     	Weight  	: 3.1kg
     	Concealable 	: No
     	Found  		: Russian Soldiers, St. Petersburg Stakeout
     	Damage 		: ***  (*)
      	M4 Rifle
      	Description 	: Carbine Assault Rifle
      	Range  		: Close/Medium/Long
      	Caliber  	: 5.56mm
      	Clip  		: 30
      	Length  	: 84cm
      	Weight  	: 2.54kg
      	Concealable 	: No
      	Found  		: The Motorcade Interception, UN Soldier
     	Damage 		: *** (*)
      	M60 Light Machine Gun
      	Description 	: Light Machine Gun
      	Range  		: Close/Medium/Long
      	Caliber  	: 7.62mm
      	Clip  		: 100
      	Length  	: 110cm
      	Weight  	: 10.5kg
      	Concealable 	: No
      	Found  		: Tunnel Rat, Compound Soldier
     	Damage 		: ****(*)
      E5. *Shotguns*
      The shotgun can have a devastating effect at close range but accuracy and damage are severely reduced
      over longer distances.
     	Double Barreled Shotgun
    	Description 	: 12 gauge Double Barreled Shotgun
     	Range  		: Close/Medium
     	Caliber  	: 12 gauge
     	Clip  		: 2
     	Length  	: 115.7cm
     	Weight  	: 13.2kg
     	Concealable 	: No
     	Found  		: Lawyer, Bodyguard on front steps, Anathema
     	Damage 		: ****
     	Sawn-Off Shotgun	Sawn-Off
     	Description 	: Sawn-Off 12 gauge Double Barreled Shotgun
     	Range  		: Close
     	Caliber  	: 12 gauge
     	Clip  		: 2
     	Length  	: 65.4cm
     	Weight  	: 2.8kg
     	Concealable 	: Yes
     	Found  		: Awarded, 2nd Silent Assassin Rating
     	Damage 		: ****
     	SP12 Shotgun (SPAS)	SP12
     	Description 	: Fully-Automatic Combat Shotgun
     	Range  		: Close/Medium
     	Caliber  	: 12 gauge
     	Clip  		: 8
     	Length  	: 93cm
     	Weight  	: 4.2kg
     	Concealable 	: No
     	Found  		: Temple City Ambush, Southeastern Agency Drop
     	Damage 		: ****
      E6. *Sniper Rifles*
      Highly accurate and extremely powerful, the sniper rifle is the definitive long-range weapon. When its
      used in the hands of a skilled professional, targets can be eliminated in a split second. Positioning,
      patience and a steady hand are pre-requisites for the sniper's role. Note: You can crouch to reduce the
      bob effect on the sniper scope. You can also press in and hold the left analog to activate Precise Aiming.
      This will increase your accuracy by slowing down your movement.
     	R93 Sniper
     	Description 	: Sniper Rifle
     	Range  		: Medium/Long
     	Caliber  	: .308 Winchester
     	Clip  		: 6
     	Length  	: 119cm
     	Weight  	: 4.8kg
     	Concealable 	: No
     	Found  		: Garage, Anathema
     	Damage 		: **  (*)
    	SVD Sniper
     	Description 	: Russian Sniper's Rifle
     	Range  		: Medium/Long
     	Caliber  	: 7.62mm
     	Clip  		: 10
     	Length  	: 125.5cm
     	Weight  	: 4.31kg
     	Concealable 	: No
     	Found  		: Agency Drop, St. Petersburg Stakeout
     	Damage 		: **  (*)
     	Hunting Crossbow
     	Description 	: Compound Hunting Crossbow
     	Range  		: Medium/Long
     	Caliber  	: Crossbow Bolts
     	Clip  		: 1
     	Length  	: 124.8cm
     	Weight  	: 2.9kg
     	Concealable 	: No
     	Found  		: Agency Drop, Hidden Valley
     	Damage 		: *
      	W2000 Custom Sniper
      	Description 	: Custom Version of the W2000 Sniper's Rifle. Few Exist.
      	Range  		: Medium/Long
      	Caliber  	: .300 WinMag
      	Clip  		: 10
      	Length  	: 90.9cm
      	Weight  	: 8.6kg
      	Concealable 	: No
      	Found  		: At The Gates, Snipers
     	Damage 		: *** (*)
      	Barret M195 Sniper
      	Description 	: Cal .50 Anti-Vehicle Rifle
      	Range  		: Medium/Long
      	Caliber  	: .50
      	Clip  		: 6
      	Length  	: 114.3cm
      	Weight  	: 10kg
      	Concealable 	: No
      	Found  		: The Motorcade Interception, Agency Contact
     	Damage 		: ****(*)
     	W2000 Sniper
     	Description 	: Collectors Sniper Rifle
     	Range  		: Medium/Long
     	Caliber  	: .300 WinMag
     	Clip  		: 1
     	Length  	: 90.5cm
     	Weight  	: 8.31kg
     	Concealable 	: No
     	Found  		: St. Petersburg Revisited, Agent 17
     	Damage 		: *** (*)
      E7. *Gadgets*
      These are not weapons necessarily, but are useful during the course of the game. Sometimes you will only
      have access to these on certain missions when Agency includes them in the arsenal they drop for you at a
      designated area during the mission.
     	An excellent tool for spotting targets and planning safe routes through the mission.
     	Night Vision:
     	The high-tech solution to darkness, although your field of view can be severely impaired.
     	Night Vision can be equipped while still holding or aiming your weapon, unlike binoculars
     	that hitman holds. This is because the goggles are strapped to his head.
     	Special Items:
     	Pieces of equipment included in this category include Car Bombs, cell phones, pagers, mini-bombs,
     	bomb remotes and detonators, poison, etc. These are mission specific and will be explained within
     	the mission walkthrough in which they pertain.
        :M I S S I O N   W A L K T H R O U G H S:
      Because of the way the game is designed to be played (what makes it so damn fun) is that you can
      tackle a mission in a variety of ways. Instead of being utterly long-winded and going through each
      mission step-by-step, I will give you a layout of your options during the mission, where key locations
      are, where weapons can be found, or people of special interest. It is truly often the case in this game
      that once you find a method of completing your objectives, its really up to you to decide how it is
      actually carried out. I believe you will find the information rather useful however, especially first
      time players, and players looking to strike down fools with great vengeance in new ways.
      Note: (!) Indicates "Point of interest", the same as stated in the legend for your satellite surveillance
      in game map. Look for the (!) on your map when the guide refers to an item with this symbol.
      Also, for the sections entitled "COMPLETION TIPS", well, don't take it for more than what it actually is.
      I didn't outline the grounds for silent assassin in these sections, unless it says "silent assassin
      walkthrough". In order to get the most important information about this game into a faq in a timely
      manner, I did not have the time to earn SA on every level. So unless the section specifically states
      that it is a silent assassin walkthrough, don't expect it to get you through the level without a couple
      minor bumps and bruises. I started playing the game again on the next difficulty setting (expert), and
      have been able to achieve silent assassin on every level so far (not an easy task on the harder settings
      either). So my advice (if anyone is actually reading this part), is to play through the game on Normal,
      and don't get frustrated if you can't complete a level and get SA on it. My first time through the game
      I wanted all of the weapons more than anything, and that didn't leave much room for SA's on every level.
      Once you've been through the game once and seen all the weapons, start over on a harder level, and then go
      for the glory of overall SA. You'll enjoy it a lot more, and by that time you won't need me to tell you
      how to earn SA on each level. I only say this because I get a lot of email from people saying "you forgot
      this" or, "this way works better". Yeah, of course. That's the beauty of the game. Its up to you how its
      carried out. But don't get me wrong, I take the time to read every email sent to me, and even more time
      to write back to all of them. So keep writing, your ideas for SA walkthroughs are more than welcome.
      F1. *Anathema*
      Father Vittorio has been kidnapped by a Mafia boss named Don Guilliani. Seeing how this is not an
      official agency sanctioned mission, you will not have access to photos, videos, or satellite
      surveillance previous to the mission.
      Target	  	: Don Guilliani
      Total Enemies   	: 20 [17 Bodyguards, 1 Lawyer, 1 Son, 1 Driver]
      Total Innocents 	: 4  [1 Maid, 1 Cook, 1 Postman, 1 Delivery Boy]
      Objective(s)    	: Eliminate 'The Don', rescue the padre, get the funk out.
      Best Disguise   	: Bodyguard
      Weapons Found   	: 9mm, Deagle, Revolver, R93 Sniper, DBSG, Golf Club, Kitchen Knife, Spoon?
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Bodyguards  		9mm Pistol
      The Son  		Deagle .50
      The Lawyer  		Double Barreled Shotgun
      The Driver  		Deagle .50/Car Keys
      Don Guilliani 	Revolver/Golf Club
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Postman   		Cannot carry weapons through front gate/Flowers
      Delivery Boy  	Cannot go upstairs/Groceries
      Bodyguard  		Other guards highly suspicious/9mm Pistol
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      The Don  		Front Left balcony, 2nd floor 'boss's office'
      Postman  		Front Gates
      Delivery Boy  	Back Door
      Lawyer  		Lawyers Office
      The Driver  		1st Floor Left wing
      Deagle .50  		In the study (1st floor), the driver/son.
      Golf Club  		Front Balcony, Boss's Bedroom
      Revolver  		2nd floor bedroom, The Don
      Kitchen Knife 	Kitchen, the cook
      R93 Sniper  		Garage
      Sniper Ammo  		Garage, Lawyers office
      SG Ammo  		Upper right wing, middle room
      Pistol Ammo  		Everywhere
      ***Completion Tips***
      If you're going to use the postman disguise, stash your guns in the groceries that the delivery boy
      carries in. this will allow you to access them easily by heading into the basement and going into
      the kitchen. And you wont get smacked in the face by the guys at the front gate who will frisk you.
      There are really only 2 ways (generally) to complete this mission. Long range or close combat.
      Use the sniper rifle and get the don on the balcony from the hill, or use the ladder in back to
      utilize the roof and get in tight for a close up takedown. If you can get the car keys from the driver,
      it will make your getaway tons easier.
      Remember, if you take him out with the sniper rifle, you still have to make your way back inside to get
      the basement key off of him, and then back outside to the exit.
      ***Silent Assassin Walkthrough***
      We're going to be moving fast on this one. Your par completion time is around 7 minutes. I did it in
      6min5sec on Expert, so this shouldn't give you too many problems. From the start, run straight down
      the hill and stand behind the tree on the right, or up against the wall next to the door. The infamous
      pissing guard will be out shortly, take him down with the chloroform, grab his gun. Grab his body and
      open the door. Drag him through the door, and leave him there. If you're playing on normal you won't
      need to do this because there isn't a patroling guard outside the gates. Anyway, run directly to the
      garage and grab the R93 Sniper. Exit the garage via the back door, and run to your left behind the
      garage so that you can see the don on the balcony and take him down. Immediately drop your sniper and
      run towards the basement steps until your threat meter pulses slightly, then slow to a walk. Head into
      the basement and back up into the kitchen. Make a right and head down the hall. Make sure you talk the
      path that doesn't run into the guard who stands just inside the front door, you don't want anyone to see
      you yet. Once you make it all the way across the hall, you should be at a set of stairs that lead to the
      2nd floor. The guard will have his back to you. Sneak up the stairs and use the chloroform on him. Grab
      his gun and drag his body into the bosses bedroom. Run outside onto the balcony and grab the key/revolver
      from the don. Now, drop off of the balcony on the side with the gate that leads to the backyard. Check
      your map and wait for anyone in the back near the pool to go inside. Then run like mad all the way around
      to the door on the opposite side that comes out near the kitchen. Walk once again into the basement, discover
      that the padre isnt there and you're ready to exit. If you were fast enough, the guard you knocked out at
      the start should still be sleeping, or just now waking up. If you want (I didn't bother), grab your R93 before
      you leave. Run through the door and straight back up the hill. Walk far enough and you'll trigger the exit
      sequence. SA Achieved. You should now be the proud owner of dual silenced silverballer .45's. Weeeeeee.
      "I drug the Don onto the roof in Anathema and pretended I was Rose from Titanic and that he was Jack,
      I grabbed him by the hand and positioned myself to where he was hanging off the roof and only staying
      up cause of my hand, then to myself I said "Ill never let go jack, Ill never let go" then I dropped
      him and pretended 47 started to cry and I ran off the other end of the roof, killing myself..."
      - Munkey, GameFAQs msgbrds. If that doesn't make you laugh, you don't love this game yet.
      "hey, on the first mission, it is possible to shoot the target off teh balcony with the sniper rifle.
       the key is to run quickly, to get it, (killing the guy on the way and getting his clothes, etc.) then
       shooting as he is practicing his swing on the farside wall of the building. you should barely be able
       to see his back around the corner, the momentum will slump him overand his fatness will hang off the
       building and fall down, (quite fun to watch actually). i emailed another walkthru guy to tell  him to
       include this in his walkthru, and he claimed it couldn't be done, but I"VE DONE IT EVERY TIME I"VE
       COMPLETED THE MISSION. it's never failed me, as long as i've been quick and hit him as he was practicing
       the swing. anyways. it makes gettin his shit pretty fuckin easy."
      - contributed by Luke MacDonald [negativeimpulse_@hotmail.com]
      F2. *St. Petersburg Stakeout*
      The agency has assembled a meeting of four generals for the sole purpose of giving you the chance to
      take one of them out, an Ex-KGB officer. You have a photo of the building where the meeting will take
      place, and some footage (not very good) of your target officer.
      Target   	  	: Ex-KGB Officer
      Total Enemies   	: 35 [32 Soldiers, 3 Bodyguards]
      Total Innocents 	: 3  [2 Civilians, 1 VIP]
      Objective(s)    	: kill kill kill, and split.
      Best Disguise   	: Russian Soldier
      Weapons Found   	: 9mm, AK 47, 5.45mm Pistol
      Agency Supplies 	: SVD Sniper, Sniper Ammo, 9mm Pistol SD, Night Vision, Pistol Ammo
      [Enemy Desc]  	[Weapon/Item]
      Russian Soldiers 	AK 47
      Bodyguards  		9mm Pistol
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Russian Solider  	Other guards highly suspicious
      Bodyguard  		Good for moving around the Pushkin, nice brown suits
      Civilian  		Pointless. No Civs allowed.
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      KGB Officer  		Pushkin Building, 3rd Floor
      Russian Soldiers 	Everywhere
      Civilians  		Metro station
      Agency Supplies 	Locker 137, Metro
      ***Completion Tips***
      Your best bet here is to get a uniform from one of the 2 Russian soldiers just outside of the metro
      in the first room at the top of the escalator. Go through the door in that room and follow the tunnel
      all the way through the sewers to a man hole that leads up to the streets, a short distance from the
      apartment building. Walk slowly. You wont come close enough to any soldiers to raise any suspicion.
      The best view of the meeting room is from the 4th floor, but be careful, as a soldier is lurking near
      by on that floor. Before you take the shot, pay close attention to the officers. Your target is bald,
      a non-smoker, right handed, and drinks a lot. He is usually sitting closest to the window. After you
      take the shot, walk back the way you came and its over. This is a terribly easy level.
      ***Silent Assassin Walkthrough***
      You can make it all the way up onto the streets without killing or knocking anyone out. Once up the stairs
      from the metro, just watch your map and be careful of timing and you can run past the guard in the room
      that leads into the sewers. Check your map once again, and exit the sewers from the manhole the opens up
      just southeast of the Pushkin building (its the one in between two buildings, and there is a guard standing
      directly west from the hole). Climb out of the hole and walk left between the buildings. There should be a
      guard standing around the corner with his back to you, knock him out with chloroform, and drag his body
      back near the manhole. Now make your way to the apt. building. Take out the general, go back to the man hole,
      evade theg guards again, exit. This one doesn't need anymore explanation.
      F3. *Kirov Park Meeting*
      General Marakov is meeting with a Russian connection, Igor Kubasko to possibly gain information about
      the St. Petersburg hit and to seek protection out of fear of impending assassination. The meeting takes
      place at 1400hours at Kirov Park. You are supplied with a video of the two in an earlier meeting, as
      well as pictures of each, so identifying targets should be no problem. They will be arriving at the
      park via armored limousine.
      Target   	  	: General Marakov, Igor Kubasko
      Total Enemies   	: 20 [13 Soldiers, 6 Bodyguards, 1 Officer]
      Total Innocents 	: 2  [2 Limo drivers]
      Objective(s)    	: Kill the general and his mafia connection and roll out.
      Best Disguise   	: Any, even your own hitman duds.
      Weapons Found   	: 9mm, AK 47
      Agency Supplies 	: 2 car bombs, 9mm Pistol SD, Pistol Ammo, SVD Sniper, Sniper Ammo
      [Enemy Desc]  	[Weapon/Item]
      Russian Soldiers 	AK 47
      Russian Officer	9mm Pistol
      Bodyguards  		9mm Pistol
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Russian Solider  	It will get the job done
      Russian Officer 	Soldiers less suspicious
      Bodyguard  		You're lucky if you can get one
      You   		Works great too
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      General Marakov 	Kirov Park, center street. Limo: can be tracked from start
      Igor Kubasko  	Kirov Park, center street. Limo: North of park
      Russian Soldiers 	Everywhere
      Limo Drivers  	Uhmmm...
      Bodyguards  		Next to limousines
      Agency Supplies 	Behind the dumpsters at start
      ***Completion Tips***
      This one is a breeze. Stealth is rather easy, and you have multiple options as to what you can do.
      Use the sewers and place a car bomb on the generals limo from underneath. Make your way to either
      the radio tower or mausoleum and a give the mafia geek a shot to the dome. this will send the general
      running in fear back to his limo -- kab00m. Be careful of the mausoleum tower. There is a whistling
      guard atop, and if you are spotted taking the shot, be prepared to have kill everyone in the level.
      ***Silent Assassin Walkthrough***
      "Run over to the crates at the start, and hide behind the two that touch. The loot is in the corner
      they form. Hit sneak here so the soldier and limo won't see you. Start picking up whatever gear you
      want (sniper is mandatory) and keep the camera pointed at the soldier. Once the limo has gone, slowly
      back away from him, keeping the dumpster between you, then sidestep to the left behind this second dumpster.
      The instant he turns his back, bolt for the sewers. There is an entrance between your equipment and the
      pier. Check the map: you will have to run to the sewer entrance near the radio tower base. Go there,
      climb up to the street and check the guard patrolling tower base. When he's going backwards to the wall,
      pick lock tower fence door and climb the ladder to the top. Now pick your sniper and point it to the park.
      Wait until your both targets walk to the nearest side of the park from the tower. There's a moment they
      will get very close to each other that they form a line (in your point of view from tower). Snipe them
      exactly when they are together and you can hit both down with a single shot! Immediately go down to the
      tower base before the guy patrolling there catch you. You must be very fast from the moment you hit the
      sniper trigger and climb down the ladder or he will see you and start shooting you. Once you are on the
      ground again, go to the sewers where you came from and run all the way back you came from the pier.
      Job done: Silent Assassin."
      - contributed by CoelhoMD [coelhomd@hotmail.com]
      My version of the SA walkthrough for this level differs slightly. All you need for for this one are
      the two car bombs. From the start, wait until the soldier isn't looking of course, walk to the dumpster
      and snag the car bombs. Immediately head into the sewers. RUN! Make your way to the manhole at the
      northwest side of the map that comes out behind a building near some dumbsters. The mafia boss parks his
      limo here, and if you were fast enough, by the time you are crawling out of the manhole, the driver should
      be coming by to take a piss. Knock him out with the chloroform and take his clothes. Walk around the corner
      of the building and plant the first car bomb. Walk away and go back behind the building. Grab your clothes
      and head back down into the sewers. Now you are heading to the manhole on the southwest side of the map. Its
      the one where the car is parked directly over the manhole. Run to it and plant the bomb. Now run back and to
      the manhole you entered from the agency weapons drop. Take about 20 steps towards the boat dock and pull out
      your binoculars and witness the glory. The mafia boss already tried to leave in his limo and it exploded, so
      the general is running like mad to get to his. Its a beautiful sight, watching the limo explode and kill
      everyone within like a 20 ft radius. Now what do you do? Walk casually back to your boat (a whole 10 ft away
      from where you are standing probably). Brilliant. This is one of the most satisfying hits you can pull off.
      And what do you get, a lovely sawn-off double barreled shotgun. Boom. Speed is of the essence.
      F4. *Tubeway Torpedo*
      Agency has word that the one of the generals is interrogating/torturing prisoners in the basement of
      the HQ in (some city). You're given a somewhat shoddy video of the general and a layout of the grounds
      as always. After the briefing, your mission and objectives should be very clear, so I need not be
      extensive in the details.
      Target   	  	: Mikhail Bardachenko
      Total Enemies   	: 35 [33 Soldiers, 1 Officer, 1 General]
      Total Innocents 	: 2  [2 VIPs]
      Objective(s)    	: Rescue the agent from 2nd basement, blow through the wall, escape.
      Best Disguise   	: Russian Officer
      Weapons Found   	: 9mm, AK 47, Deagle .50
      Agency Supplies 	: 9mm Pistol SD, Mini-bomb, Bomb remote, pager, cell phone, various ammo
      [Enemy Desc]  	[Weapon/Item]
      Russian Soldiers 	AK 47
      Russian Officer 	9mm Pistol
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Russian Solider  	It will get the job done
      Russian Officer 	Slightly different treatment in disguise
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      Mikhail Bardachenko 	Military Headquarters, 2nd basement, interrogation room
      Surveillance System	1st Basement, Control Room
      Russian Soldiers 	Everywhere
      Russian Officer 	2nd Basement, guards quarters
      Agency Supplies 	#1 Crates marked "FCK" at start, #2 1st basement
      Deagle .50  		Upstairs, first room, HQ
      Sub-machine gun 	1st Basement, Agency drop, HQ
      ***Completion Tips***
      This one shouldn't give you too many problems completing. You can very easily achieve the highest
      rating possible if you're careful like always. There is a soldier near the start to subdue and get
      you going quickly. pick up your supplies behind the crates and get into the truck. Once into the
      military headquarters, be careful of surveillance cameras. Running in the halls, and accosting anyone
      within view of the cameras will alert the guards. Do that and the agent dies. You can disable the
      security cameras by going into the server room and disabling the surveillance system. Don't access
      the server room by going through the control room. Being seen going into that room will alert the
      guards and they'll start shooting at you. Make your way down to the 2nd basement and rescue the agent
      from the general. Take him back up to the 1st basement and use the mini-bomb to blow through the wall...
      haul ass to the exit.
      "I found this out from the GAME FAQS board. Someone called IronMunkey provided me this tip. In the
      Tubeway Torpedo level, use the silenced gun to shoot the surveillance Server. Once you get to the
      second Basement, enter the Observation room, Drop the pager. Use the phone (it will call the pager)
      and the General, puzzled by the ringing, will walk right in!!! You can strangle him at this point and
      get out with the hostage."
      - Jose M. D. J. / IronMonkey GameFAQS message boards
      Thanks for the contribution guys (and everyone else who emailed me) -- i was totally baffled until now.
      ***Silent Assassin Walkthrough***
      Make your way out of the sewers and up the manhole that the agency has marked on your map. Use your
      fiber wire on the guard directly in front of you, take his clothes and his AK, and drag his body into
      the open door to your right. Collect your equipment from the drop and climb into the back of the truck.
      Be careful and walk slowly past the guards into the military head quarters. Take the elevator down into
      the 1st basement. From here walk through the hallways and into the control room. If you're playing on a
      difficulty other than normal, you'll need to use the south entrance into the control room, as a guard is
      blocking the door, and if you try to enter through there he will be alerted and bust a cap in your ass.
      Once into the control room, cut through the double doors and back out into the hallway, and make a right.
      The door now on your right is the entrance into the server room. Shoot the green panel on the server to
      kill the serveilance. Now you're heading to the elevator that takes you to the 2nd basement. This part is
      crucial. The guard sitting at the desk needs to be knocked out. If you don't, when you escape with the prisoner
      a guard from downstairs will alarm the guy at the desk that something is wrong while you're heading up in the
      elevator. Now remember, we're going for SA here, and you already killed one guard, so no more. The best way to
      take this guy down is to use the pager/cell phone. Walk behind the desk (wait until the guard that patrols this
      area is heading away from you before you do this), and drop the pager. Walk just out of his view and call the
      pager. He will get up out of his chair giving you your chance to make your move. Once he's knocked out, pick up
      your pager, and drag his body onto the elevator along with you and take him downstairs. Drop the pager in front
      of the interrogation room door, and once again call it. The general will come out to investigate and its up to
      you to take him down. You don't have to do it immediately because by him coming outside to check out what was
      up, the door is now unlocked permanently. Once he's dead, head back to the elevator and make your escape.
      All you to do is be patient and you can walk past all the guards and make it to the exit.
      F5. *Invitation to a Party*
      The last general is ready to take a scheisse in his pants (i love these Germans, they run around
      yelling scheisse, figure it out if you don't already know). You're suppose to infiltrate the party
      and take him out. Its up to you how you do it as always. Once the general is down, you are to secure
      the suitcase full of confidential info from the ambassador. There will be a spetznaz agent working the
      party too. He's either working against you, or for you. However you look at it I guess. I love this
      level simply for the fanatical behavior of the innocents if you go on a rampage.
      Target          	: General Zupikov, Ambassador(?)
      Total Enemies   	: 20 [19 Guards, 1 Spetznaz agent]
      Total Innocents 	: 20  [5 maids, 4 waiters, 10 guests, 1 VIP(?)]
      Objective(s)    	: Put the smack down on Zupikov, escape with the suitcase.
      Best Disguise   	: Party Guest
      Weapons Found   	: 9mm, 5.45mm Pistol, SMG
      Agency Supplies 	: 9mm Pistol SD, Pistol Ammo, Poison
      [Enemy Desc]  	[Weapon/Item]
      Bodyguards  		9mm Pistol, SMG
      Ambassador  		Safe Combination
      Spetznaz Agent 	5.45mm Pistol
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Bodyguard   		You know the drill
      Waiter  		Can get you just about everywhere, except upstairs/Chocolate
      Party Guest  		The best. Run around like a fool/Invitation
      Chef   		Great mass murderer outfit
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      General Zupikov 	Ballroom, left wing (room with maid)
      Spetznaz Agent 	Ballroom, upstairs with the ambassador
      Ambassador  		2nd Floor Offices
      Bodyguards  		Outside, Inside, Near the limo in the garage
      Waiter  		Ballroom, kitchen, at start with back door key
      Chef   		Downstairs in the kitchen
      SMG   		Bottom floor, 2nd room
      5.45mm Pistol  	Spetznaz Agent
      Waiter Uniform 	Bottom floor, 1st room
      Agency Supplies 	Look at your map, you know the drill sucka.
      Champagne Glasses 	Kitchen counter
      ***Completion Tips***
      Lets see... this one is rather fun because there are so many ways of completing it. If you subdue the
      waiter at the beginning and take his door key, you'll be off to an easy start. You can use the poison
      with the champagne glasses and give it the general. There is a party guest that comes along to the front
      gate from the far left. Guests are great and if you're lucky, you'll just have to flash your invitation
      and won't get frisked. Then you can follow the general into the left wing and wrap him up in fiber wire
      when he enters the room with the maid. If you go the bodyguard route, walk around outside until he comes
      out with the case and blast on him. If anyone finds the body of the ambassador, they will be alerted and
      you'll have a chance to make it to the garage and take him down before he leaves. Basically all you really
      need to do is get inside and take out the general. What else is there to explain? Its up to you. Be the man.
      Rock some socks and leave a nasty mess.
      ***Silent Assassin Walkthrough***
      "Ok, first off you can run straight down the middle of the road while heading towards the party as fast
      as you can. You're more than welcome to pick up the poison along the way, but this method doesn't involve
      the use of it. Keep going all the way west until you're past the building. You come across a party guest
      in a tuxedo. This part is a bit tricky, but possible. Walk past him and immediately turn around and chloroform him.
      Grab his suit, the invitation, and then pull his body around the corner. You can either go in the front entrance
      or pick the lock on the west side to get into the estate. Once you're in the gates, make sure you have the invitation
      in hand at all times just for precaution and looks. As you enter the front door, take an immediate left and go down
      the hallway and north. Your main target will either be in the room with a maid, or in the ballroom. Wait for him in
      the room next to maid's room and when he walks past, open the door and cap him in the head with the Silenced 9mm.
      Drag his body into that room. Put your gun away and have invitation in hand and head towards the ballroom. The VIP
      will be in there or on his way towards the safe.  Follow him (but not too close, he's a suspicious little man)
      and when he gets in the safe room chloroform him, grab the combination, open the safe, and get the briefcase.
      With the briefcase in hand walk straight out the front door and out the gates (sometimes the guard will ask for the
      invitation on the way out, make sure you drop the briefcase and show it to him). Once a bit away from the gates,
      just run towards the exit and thats it!"
      - contributed by Matt Douglas, known to us irc hax0rs as ice-man [matt@e-lite.org]
        the ice-man cometh? or something. I wish my nick was ice-man, it would make being a hitman 100x cooler.
      F6. *Tracking Hayamoto*
      Agency has sent you after Masahiro Hayamoto Jr. You are to kill him, and place a transmitter on him
      so that Agency can track his father, Hayamoto Sr., via the corpse. Hayamoto Jr. is having a meeting
      with a yakuza member at his house, and it's up to you to infiltrate and carry out the mission.
      Target          	: Masahiro Hayamoto Jr.
      Total Enemies   	: 18 [12 Guards, 6 Yoyimbos]
      Total Innocents 	: 1  [1 Female House Member]
      Objective(s)    	: Knock Jr's lights out, bug him, peel.
      Best Disguise   	: Bodyguard/None
      Weapons Found   	: 9mm Pistol, SMG
      Agency Supplies 	: Nada
      [Enemy Desc]  	[Weapon/Item]
      Bodyguards  		9mm Pistol
      Yoyimbos  		SMG
      Servant/Cook 		9mm Pistol
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Bodyguard   		You know the drill
      Yoyimbo		You don't have the 'tats or skin tone for this one
      Servant/Cook		Jr will spot the fake a mile away
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      Hayamoto Jr. 		Master Bedroom
      Servant/Cook		Kitchen/North Entrance
      Poisoned Fugu Fish	Point of Interest/East Entrance
      SMG			Point of Interest/Back Entrance
      Car (Car Horn)	Garage
      ***Completion Tips***
      Lets see. Be stealthy. You don't even need a disguise if you move around well enough in this place.
      If you need a quick disguise, run into the garage and honk the horn in the car. The nearby guard will
      come in and face his back to you, allowing you to make a move (chloroform always works for me, kill
      as a last resort in this one). If you want to get Hayamoto safely, place the transmitter and fugu fish
      in the sushi platter in the kitchen and let the servant deliver the death. You can be well on your way
      out by that time. Like I said earlier, avoid killing on this level as much as possible. I got my first
      SA ranking on Anathema, and my second SA ranking on this one. So if you're in need of a nice sidearm,
      and as of yet do not have the sawn-off, do your best here and pick it up. There isn't much else to mention.
      There might be a servant's robe laying around in one of the rooms, but it isn't much use to you.
      F7. *Hidden Valley*
      With your fine work on the previous mission, Agency has been able to track Hayamoto Jr's corpse and pin-
      point a location on Hayamoto Sr. He's hiding out in some old-school castle type shiznit with all kinds
      of security. You'll have find a secret passage (an underground tunnel) to the gates leading up to the
      castle. And yes, security is tighter than a... well its pretty populated. hehe.
      Target          	: None
      Total Enemies   	: 68 [8 Snipers, 60 Guards]
      Total Innocents 	: 0  [Too Bad]
      Objective(s)    	: Find the secret passage
      Best Disguise   	: Night-Ops Ninja
      Weapons Found   	: SMG-SD6
      Agency Supplies 	: Crossbow, Crossbow Bolts, Night Vision
      [Enemy Desc]  	[Weapon/Item]
      CWC Ninja  		SMG-SD6
      CWC Sniper		W2000 Custom Sniper
      Night-Ops Ninja	SMG-SD6
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      CWC Ninja   		Night-Ops Ninja's will be suspicious of you being in the tunnel
      Night-Ops Ninja	Will get you pretty far on foot through the tunnel
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      SMG-SD6		Everywhere
      Night-Ops Uniform	Point of Interest, Mid-Tunnel
      ***Completion Tips***
      Use your binoculars to scope out the sniper at start. Weave in and out of the trees to avoid him
      acquiring a target lock on you. Climb into the back of moving trucks to advance you into the
      tunnel. But be warned, the trucks will stop and be inspected by the Night-Ops Ninja's and will not
      continue moving until the guards are no longer suspicious of the cargo being carried. If you are having
      problems, hop out of the truck before it gets to the guards, and when it starts up again, hop back in
      and you're already past the guards. This mission is easier than your girlfriend. KEEP YOUR CROSSBOW!
      It will help you out a lot next mission.
      F8. *At The Gates*
      Ok, you've made it through the tunnel, and now its time to head into the castle. You have to make it
      past several snipers and guards, without alerting anyone, or Hayamoto will split leaving you with a
      failed mission. Once you make it close enough to the castle, you will get a briefing from Agency about
      the Alarm Power Grid. You must disable 3 Generators before entry.
      Target          	: None
      Total Enemies   	: 40 [30 Guards, 6 "Real Ninja's", 4 Snipers]
      Total Innocents 	: 0  [Just Say No]
      Objective(s)    	: Make it to the castle undetected, disable the alarm
      Best Disguise   	: Cold-Weather Camouflage Ninja
      Weapons Found   	: Katana, 9mm Pistol, SMG, W2000 Custom Sniper, SMG-SD6
      Agency Supplies 	: Jack
      [Enemy Desc]  	[Weapon/Item]
      CWC Ninja  		SMG-SD6
      CWC Sniper		W2000 Custom Sniper
      "Real" Ninja		Japanese Katana
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      CWC Ninja   		Just like butter
      "Real" Ninja		All the other "real" ninjas will slice you up, not a good idea
      Arctic Camo Ninja	This one seems to be a little off too, maybe thats why there is only one
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      Grid Generator #3	The other two are marked on your map, after you disable the second generator
      			from inside the castle walls, turn directly around and go up the ramp. Walk
      			down the hall and it will be at the end up against the wall, you can't miss it.
      SMG-SD6		W.O.C. of the CWC and Arctic Camo spooks
      Japanese Katana	Beat up a "real" Ninja and take one
      W2000 Custom Sniper	Get one of the snipers in the towers to start shooting at you first, and then
      			shoot them in the head. If you do it right, they will toss the wonderful weapon
      			out the window as they meet their doom.
      ***Completion Tips***
      As long as you kept your crossbow, and you don't have any problems killing like say, 15 people, this
      should be yet another flawless mission. Take out snipers when needed, and if you're lucky you can get
      a W2000 and make your sniping experience tons easier. Once again, you'll know what to do when the time
      comes. Oh yeah, don't try to climb up the rocks that lead into the 2nd level of the castle, you'll get
      shot in the face most likely. Hold off on taking a Katana or SMG-SD6 with you. The W2000 is a treasure,
      and you'll have plenty of opportunities in shogun showdown (the next level) to get you one.
      F9. *Shogun Showdown*
      This is it. You're inside the castle and its time to go after Hayamoto Sr, the man himself :\ Its not
      going to be easy. Lots of ninjas hiding in the rafters, plenty of SMG-SD6 fire going through paper
      walls, and oh yeah, you have to steal a missile guidance system while you're at it. Kill 'moto, snag
      the loot, and make like a tree. Have fun with this one, an excellent mission.
      Target	  	: Masahiro Hayamoto Sr.
      Total Enemies   	: ? [? Night-Ops Ninja, ? CWC Ninja, ? NINJA]
      Total Innocents 	: 1  [Female Occupant]
      Objective(s)    	: Shank Hayamoto, steal his toys, run home to mama.
      Best Disguise   	: Night-Ops Ninja
      Weapons Found   	: .22 SD, Katana, Deagle .50, SMG-SD6, Bomb, Bomb Remote
      Agency Supplies 	: Nothing
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Hayamoto Sr.		Japanese Katana
      Night-Ops Ninja  	SMG-SD6
      Sleeping Night-Ops	Deagle .50
      NINJA's		Japanese Katana
      CWC Ninja		SMG-SD6
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Night-Ops Ninja  	Thats the ticket.
      NINJA's		Are you kidding me?
      CWC Ninja		Not exactly the stealthiest look to go with color scheme inside
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      SMG-SD6		Ninja's, Wings Level (point of interest, bottom middle of the map)
      Bomb			Wings Level (!), where all the SD6's are lined up)
      Bomb Remote		Found with the bomb
      Deagle .50		On the 4th level, where the security room is. The sleeping ninjas
      			in that room are all carrying Deagle's
      2nd Level Key Card	Wings, Top right hand corner (!)
      Hayamoto Sr.		6th Floor
      Familiar Woman	5th Floor, she has the keycard to the 6th floor
      Guidance System	Museum, Top-Middle
      .22 Silenced		Museum, Top-Right
      Japanese Katana	Stop it, right now.
      ***Completion Tips***
      Whoa. This level exceeds any of the previous levels I would say in number of options. Lets see...
      I don't want to be too extensive on this, because it's one of the funnest levels to play, so lets
      get started: Get the bomb from the Wings and plant it on the helicopter, or use the helicopter as
      an escape. It makes a nice boom, and a great distraction. You probably still have that nice old
      custom sniper rile. There are a few good spots outside Hayamoto's 6th room window for excellent
      sniper shots. Want the real shogun showdown? Beat up one of the NINJA's and snag his katana. If you
      make it to Hayamoto completely undetected, he won't flee, yet challenge you to a duel. Of course his
      NINJA friends are going to help him along. He's kind of girly like that. Oh yeah, before I forget...
      Don't find out the hard way that the wooden floor in the first room makes a lot of noise. Besides the
      hit itself, I guess I should tell you how to get there. Make it to the wings and snag the keycard to
      the 2nd level. Go back in to the first room you should have gone into at the start (the one with the
      squeaky floors. Check the levels, keep heading up. Get the keycard for the 6th floor. Kill the target.
      Take his card. Go back to the very start of the level. Go back into the squeaky room and head downstairs
      instead of up this time. The museum contains the guidance system and a brand spankin' new weapon,
      the .22 SD pistola, sexy. Now, get out of my house. If you didn't blow up the chopper, go grab the girl
      and take her for a ride in it. Mission complete.
      F10. *Basement Killing*
      Oh yeah, what fun. We're off to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Your target is some comp-u-geek that has stolen
      some important security software. His name is Charlie Sidjan, and for his no-good-deeds, he deserves the
      axe (literally if you wish). The video of your target a little dated, and other info is also a bit sketchy
      but you are to disarm the security system for the elevator in the 1st basement before leaving.
      Target	  	: Charlie Sidjan
      Total Enemies   	: 22 [Security Guards]
      Total Innocents 	: 30 [2 Pizza guys, 6 Firemen, 22 Office Workers]
      Objective(s)    	: Kill Charlie in the final basement, disable security on elevator
      Best Disguise   	: Fireman
      Weapons Found   	: 9mm Pistol SD, Deagle .50, Fireman's Axe, Smoke Bomb
      Agency Supplies 	: Smoke Bomb, 9mm Pistol SD, Pistol Ammo
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Security Guard	9mm Pistol
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Security Guard	Surprisingly, it will work
      Pizza Guy		Now were talking/Pizza
      Fireman		Oh yeah!/Fireman's Axe
      You			Its an office, only the black gloves are a little odd (wont get you downstairs)
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      Charlie Sidjan	Lower Basement
      Surveillance Computer Basement, Next to the 'Direct Elevator' (before lower basement stairs)
      Deagle .50		Found in the room directly across from the Agency drop
      Smoke Bomb		Agency Drop
      9mm Pistol SD		Agency Drop
      Pistol Ammo		Agency Drop
      Laundry Chute		Upper Right Wing (!)
      Fireman's Suit	Upper Left Wing (!)
      Pizza Delivery Boy	Lower Left Wing (!)
      Fireman's Axe		Same as Fireman's suit
      9mm Pistol		Lock box -- near direct elevator, 1st basement
      ***Completion Tips***
      Are we ready to have some fun? Basically three different routes to choose from. I want to be a little
      less extensive on this one, as its not terribly difficult. Getting your guns past security: you can either
      subdue the guard who is lingering near the weapons drop and take his clothes. This will allow you to pass
      through the metal detectors with your guns, or, drop the smoke bomb into the laundry chute, and snag a
      fireman's suit and an axe and run, yes run, down the FIRE STAIRS (no elevators during a fire). Its an
      emergency, and yes the fireman run. Follow them down into the basement. Head directly for the office
      with the surveillance system and elevator. Shoot the computer and disable the cameras. Head immediately
      down into the basement and take out Sidjan. If you are fast enough from the time you drop the smoke bomb,
      get downstairs and kill him, you can run right into the elevator for the escape. Another easy Silent Assassin
      rating. Another option is to subdue the pizza delivery boy and wait for Sidjan to order a pizza. Drop your guns
      down the laundry chute and then carry the pizza through the metal detectors. And pick up your guns once downstairs.
      They don't like you hanging around much though down there, so you gotta move fast. And before I forget, be
      careful when sneaking up on Sidjan, if you step on the boxes or potato chips scattered all over the floor, you
      will make noise and alert Sidjan.
      F11. *The Graveyard Shift*
      They're up late, probably coding, probably playing games or looking at porn. You've entered the scene
      to place a hacking device on the main server cpu, so that an ally can gain access to secure information.
      Are you beginning to feel like an errand boy? Well, if you're paying any attention to the story line, you
      might be catching up on a few things. Some familiar faces are appearing, but why? Hmmm... anyway, its simple
      gain access to the room that contains the server, plant the device, and leave undetected (or leave behind a
      trail of dead, whatever suits your style)
      Target	  	: None
      Total Enemies   	: 12 [Security Guards]
      Total Innocents 	: 5 [4 Office Workers, 1 System Administrator]
      Objective(s)    	: Plant the hacking device, find an escape
      Best Disguise   	: Security Guard
      Weapons Found   	: 9mm Pistol SD, 9mm Pistol
      Agency Supplies 	: Nothing
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Security Guard	9mm Pistol
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Security Guard	Dimly lit hallways, stupid guards, thats your ticket
      System Administrator	Just one of the guys
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      System Administrator	Sys. Admin office
      Coffee Surveillance	Kitchen (aka, the webcam)
      Pistol Ammo		Sys. Admin office
      Server Room Keycard	Sys. Admin office
      Night Vision		Northern lock-box in hall (locked)
      Pistol Ammo		Both north side/south side lock boxes
      9mm Pistol SD		Southern lock-box (unlocked)
      Server Room		Marked on map, easy find
      ***Completion Tips***
      Are your sneaking skills sharp enough yet? There isn't much of a trick to this one. Head straight into
      the kitchen and shoot the camera facing the coffee pot. This will grab the curiosity of the paranoid
      system admin (he likes his folgers urine free), and force him to leave his office. You can either take
      your chances and try to make it past the guards on your own, or wait for him there in the kitchen, hiding
      to the right of the door and subdue him on his way in. Take his clothes and make way for his office. Snag
      the keycard and go to the server room. Plant the device, wait for a debriefing, and then its off to the sky
      bridge. That's all there is to it. If you get into a shootout, use the cubicle dividers to your advantage.
      Not only can you hide behind them, but you can blast the guards through them as well. Just make sure you
      have a gun equipped that will penetrate walls/doors. If you're not sure, the weapons list shows all weapons
      that can penetrate objects, they are listed with an asterisk inside of parenthesis (*). Just a little FYI,
      because I know some of you don't like to read everything and you go straight to the walkthrough section
      and miss a lot of info :P
      F12. *The Jacuzzi Job*
      Finally, you've made it to the top of the Carniwarez towers (yeah, thats the name of the place you've
      been terrorizing the past 2 levels. Its time to take out the other Sidjan, Charlies twin. Except this twin
      is no geek, well, he is, except it appears that he may get a little more action than his aesthetically
      equal dead brother. Soon, they both will be dead. They want it to look like a robbery gone sour, so you're
      after money and a 16th Century statue as well as blood. Dig in.
      Target	  	: The Sidjan Twin
      Total Enemies   	: 6 [4 Armed Hookers, 2 Security Guards]
      Total Innocents 	: 2 [1 Office worker, 1 Repair technician]
      Objective(s)    	: Kill the twin, steal the money/statue/exit stage left
      Best Disguise   	: Not even a cloaking device would help you here, you're on your own
      Weapons Found   	: Revolver, 9mm Pistol
      Agency Supplies 	: Nothing
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Angry Prostitute	Revolver
      Security Guard	9mm Pistol
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Security Guard	Not useful unless you set off the alarm
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      The Twin		He's on your map!@#$
      Money			Behind painting, N. Eastern room (!) [the office]
      Statue		In hallway, hard to miss (!)
      Fuse Box		Room directly across from the office
      Night Vision		On the living room table
      Revolver		In the room where the fuse box is
      ***Completion Tips***
      If you got the night vision last level, get ready to have some killer fun, if not, you'll be ok. Anyhow,
      Make your way around the outside of the house and get to the room with the fuse box in it. Kill the power
      and the lights. If you don't do this, when you try to steal the money or statue, the guards will be alerted
      and call for additional security aside from the 2 present guards. But beware of the technician that comes
      to fix the power outage. With the lights out, snag the loot. Watch out for the girls, they're packing
      magnum revolvers and will shoot at you on sight. The money is behind the painting in the office, and the
      statue is in the hall, both marked on your map. Its up to you to carry out the hit. You've been playing
      long enough now, by this level, you should already have that fiery desire to make each hit something beautiful
      and painful. Watch as he tries to hold his breath underwater to escape his d00m.
      F13. *Murder at the Bazaar*
      Lieutenant Ahmed Zahir has stolen and hidden some cargo as Agency likes to call it, but they're dealing
      with nuclear warheads, and our client wants them back. Somewhere in all this, Colonel Mohammad Amin got
      himself mixed in with the wrong crowd, so he has to die also. Zahir is carrying a map with coordinates to
      locate the warheads, and the Colonel, a key. Take out the two targets, retrieve the loot, and escape.
      Target	  	: Lieutenant Ahmed Zahir, Colonel Mohammad Amin
      Total Enemies   	: 13 [Soldiers]
      Total Innocents 	: 7 [Civilians]
      Objective(s)    	: Eliminate the two targets, recover the map/key
      Best Disguise   	: Soldier
      Weapons Found   	: 9mm Pistol, SVD Sniper, Revolver
      Agency Supplies 	: Nothing
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Soldier		AK 47
      Ahmed Zahir		9mm Pistol/Coordinates
      Mohammad Amin		Revolver/Key
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Soldiers		These guys are stupid, truly
      The Colonel		I don't see why not
      The Lieutenant	Better than nothing
      Civilian		Better off dead
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      SVD Sniper		Guards Quarters (!)
      Sniper Ammo		Guards Quarters
      Coordinates/9mm 	The Lieutenant, His quarters
      Key/Revolver		The Colonel, at The Bazaar
      ***Completion Tips***
      If you have problems with this one, go call the French Army, I believe they are steadily looking for
      giant weenies to recruit. Agency tells you that the lieutenant is weak and goes for prayer each after
      noon, and thats a good time to strike, actually, anytime is a good time to strike. Get yourself some
      soldier gear and head into the bazaar. Nothing tricky here. Next is the lieutenant, he's in his quarters
      with 4 guards out front. Head up to the guards quarters and grab the SVD sniper. You should have no
      problems finding a spot for an easy shot. I'm not sure if you can snipe the colonel, as I took him out
      too fast to see if he ever left the bazaar. Anyhow, this one is cake, not even terribly entertaining either
      except for maybe the fact that Zahir looks like Bin Laden. He's not a very smart enemy either, I snuck up
      on him and gave him some golf club action.
      F14. *The Motorcade Interception*
      Hmmm. The last two dead guards were hiding the warheads, now this tough guy is selling them, Bismallah
      Malik, the local Kahn. You are to rendezvous with an Agency contact with the town to collect your weapons,
      intercept the Kahn inside of his armored vehicle, avoid killing any UN troops, and escape.
      Target	  	: Bismallah Malik
      Total Enemies   	: 26 [20 Soldiers, 6 UN Troops]
      Total Innocents 	: 2 [Civilians]
      Objective(s)    	: Get weapons, intercept the motorcade
      Best Disguise   	: Soldier
      Weapons Found   	: Barret M195, M4 Carbine, AK 47
      Agency Supplies 	: Barret M195, Pistol Ammo, .50 Cal Ammo
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Soldier		AK 47
      UN Troops		M4 Carbine
      UN LMG Trooper	M60
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Soldiers		We're off to see the wizard
      UN Troop		Up there with the best of 'em
      Civilian		Armed Civs are for the birds
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      Bismallah Malik	Motorcade, black limo, in the back seat on the right (comes from the east)
      Barret M195 Sniper	Agency Contact
      .50 Cal Ammo		Agency Contact
      Pistol Ammo		Agency Contact
      M4 Carbine		UN Troops
      ***Completion Tips***
      Once you've met up with your contact, now would be a good time to find a disguise. Try out one of the
      local soldiers. I think they enjoy being dead and naked in the sand. The best position to take the shot
      from is the building closest to the angency drop (just a little to the east). Its the only one close by with
      a ladder, and you have to go up some steps first before getting on the roof. This is a great spot because
      you're practically going to have a straight shot at him through the windshield as the motorcade approaches
      the gates. Kill. Leave. And you've got a nifty M195 to hang in your shed. But don' continue with the next mission
      yet. Click on the missions icon and go back into this level (don't load a game, just go back). This time, once you
      take down the Kahn, hide out until all the Locals are dead (the M60 should rock them all with LMG fire).
      Pick out a UN geek that you can take your fiber wire to without anyone seeing, steal his clothes and gun.
      Make your way to the exit. Now you have 2 new sexy weapons to hang up in the old shed.
      F15. *Tunnel Rat*
      You've made it to the base where the cargo is. Now its time to actually grab the gold. You're on a
      mission to infiltrate the base, kill the residing officer. The unfortunate victim this time is
      Lieutenant Tuseff Hussein. Once his lights are out, you are to safely transport the cargo to the
      Target	  	: Lieutenant Yuseff Hussein
      Total Enemies   	: 20 [20 Soldiers]
      Total Innocents 	: 1 [Pisoner]
      Objective(s)    	: Access the base, kill Hussein, escort the cargo
      Best Disguise   	: Soldier
      Weapons Found   	: AK 47, M60
      Agency Supplies 	: Nothing
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Soldier		AK 47
      LMG Soldier		M60
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Soldier		Clever one, aren't you?
      Yuseff Hussein	I suppose you could do that too
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      Yuseff Hussein	Circular room
      LMG Soldier		Look around
      Power Generator	Near night vision (!)
      Night Vision		Opposite cargo (!)
      Cargo			A no brainer (!)
      Prisoner		Northern entrance
      Chloroform		Next to Hussein, on the table
      ***Completion Tips***
      Entry to the compound is rather simple. Six guards are on patrol on the surface level. There are two
      entrances, one is locked and needs to be picked, the other is a little further north next to the heli-
      pad. Use this one, as you can rescue the prisoner a little easier from this entrance. If you free the
      prisoner, he will tell you the location of your target. You can make your way to the generator and cut
      the power, but make sure to grab the night vision. Its best to take out Hussein first, because you can
      grab three more bottles of chloroform, and make your dancing in the dark a little more... sedating. If
      you turned off the power generator, you'll need to turn it back on before heading up to the surface with
      the cargo. No power, no lights, no exit. Have fun with this one folks, and don't leave without picking up
      the M60 LMG. 100 round clip. That's all I'm saying.
      F16. *Temple City Ambush*
      Hey, gimmie back my nuclear warheads or I'm telling! Crazy cultists. You don't know much, but you've
      seen the video feeds. Someone has jacked the cargo, and you're to meet with an allied agent for more
      information on their operations and the cult leader. Good luck.
      Target	  	: None
      Total Enemies   	: 14 [10 Cult Members, 4 Contract Killers]
      Total Innocents 	: 22 [Civilians]
      Objective(s)    	: Meet with your agency contact
      Best Disguise   	: Cult Member
      Weapons Found   	: R93 Sniper, Revolver, Deagle .50, SMG-SD6, SMG, SP12
      Agency Supplies 	: SP12, Deagle .50
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Cult Member		Revolver
      Assassin		SMG/Deagle/R93 Sniper
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Cult Member		Only carry concealed weapons
      Civilian		Not truly the most effective
      You			Worked for the last guy
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      Agency Contacts	Look at your map (!)
      SMG-SD6		A Cult Member is carrying one
      SP12			Southeastern Agency contact
      Deagle .50		Main Agency Contact/Assassin
      R93 Sniper		The 2 Sniper assassins
      SMG			An assassin is carrying one
      SMG Ammo		Check in shops
      7.62mm Ammo		Check in shops
      Revolver		Those zany cultists
      ***Completion Tips***
      Once you've met up with your contact you should have a little better idea of what's going on. He gives
      you word of the assassin's and he wants you to kill them and photograph the bodies. There are 2 at first,
      one can be found wandering the grounds in the market, the other in a window somewhere nearby (he moves
      around). Kill them and snap some photo's and then head back to your contact. He tells you where the entrance
      to the cult HQ is. By this time there are 2 more assassins in town. One with an SMG another with an R93.
      They can be seen on your map to the west (they're yellow enemies like the other guys, gotta love the NYY
      hats too). There is a ladder on the side of the building that will allow you up onto the second story where
      you can assimilate these dorks from a short distance. Don't forget to pick up the SP12, a great shotgun,
      before heading to the exit. Next please.
      F17. *The Death of Hannelore*
      Full of nutcases, and sickly people, the hospital island is the setting for your next two ventures.
      You're sent out to kill the cult leader's personal physician, Dr. Von Kamprad, hide her body in a
      designated hiding place, and escape. It looks like this doctor has no tolerance for flowers and
      chocolates when it comes to her most important patients (whatever that's supposed to mean. watch the
      video... 'NO CANDY FOR JOO')... Oh yeah, you can't kill any of the patients either, or you fail the
      Target	  	: Dr. Von Kamprad
      Total Enemies   	: 18 [Bodyguards]
      Total Innocents 	: 10 [Hospital Patients]
      Objective(s)    	: Kill the Dr., hide her body, escape.
      Best Disguise   	: "Privileged" Patient (white gown)
      Weapons Found   	: AK 47, 9mm Pistol SD, 9mm Pistol
      Agency Supplies 	: AK 47, 9mm Pistol SD, Poison
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Bodyguard		9mm Pistol
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Sick Cult Member	Good, but won't get you upstairs
      Bodyguard		Won't get you up there either
      Patient		Your all access pass [white gown]
      			47 looks super cool walking around
      			like this with his. This is not the
      			face of sanity.
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      Poison		Agency Drop, also, NE of right stairwell in the circular waiting room
      AK 47			Agency Drop
      9mm Pistol SD		Agency Drop
      Dr. Von Kamprand	2nd Floor, her office
      Hiding Place Key	Agency Drop, on the wall
      Cult Member Gown	2nd, 3rd room on left with (!)
      Patient Gown		Top right hand (NE) room, (!)
      ***Completion Tips***
      This should be no problem getting the rank of silent assassin on. Here's how I did it. Subdue the
      first guard you come across in the front yard, and do your usual deed (steal his clothes and hide
      the body). Walk up and to the left to where the two bodyguards stand. Enter the door, and head for
      the room on your left with the (!), it contains the white gown worn by Von Kamprad's more 'wealthier'
      patients. This will allow you to get upstairs to see the doc, but not yet. Check your map for the
      location of the agency supply drop. You'll find an AK 47, 9mm Pistol SD, poison, and the key to the
      hiding spot where you need to stash the body. Getting into the weapons drop is a matter of waiting
      for the single guard to walk into the bath room. When he's in there, fiber wire him or use your chloroform.
      Make sure you hide the body, because the guy next door wanders around a lot and will probably see. The
      guns are useless, so snag the poison and the key and make your way towards the circular waiting room
      that has the two sets of stairs leading to the 2nd floor. Walk up casually and enter the Doctors office.
      After she greets you as being some other poor schmuck, she will turn her back to you. When she does walk
      slowly over to her glass and drop some poison in. Listen to her mindless blabber for a few seconds longer,
      and she will then take a drink of her water (the timing is perfect too, you would have been exposed as being
      a fake if she continued any further). Once she's dead, you're almost into the clear. A patient will come
      wandering upstairs. Give him a chloroform face mask or make use of the handy-dandy fiber wire and shut
      his lights out as he enters the room. Stash the body and be gone. You're off to the exit.
      F18. *Terminal Hospitality*
      The cult leader is set to undergo heart surgery (I guess he needs a pacemaker after stealing all those
      nuclear warheads). Guess what? Yeah, its up to you to make the doc's take a seat and let your surgical
      abilities get the job done, hitman style. The hospital is actually a Shiva Temple for the cult members
      as you will learn within your briefing. There is an important package for you in Dr. Chakran's office,
      so make a stop on the 2nd floor before heading down into the basement.  This level is huge, and its a
      lot of fun, my favorite in fact. Down with Deewanna Ji.
      Target	  	: Deewanna Ji
      Total Enemies   	: 33 [Bodyguards, Cult Members]
      Total Innocents 	: 13 [Nurses, Patients]
      Objective(s)    	: Collect the package, kill DJ, escape
      Best Disguise   	: Doctor's clothing
      Weapons Found   	: Deagle .50, Uzi, Scalpel, 9mm Pistol, SMG, R93 Sniper
      Agency Supplies 	: Night Vision, 9mm Pistol SD, Anaesthetic, Doctor's clothing
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Bodyguard		9mm Pistol/Deagle .50
      Cult Member		Uzi/SMG
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Cult Member		Orange isn't that bad of a color. They're bald too!
      Bodyguard		Pale skin and a turban, what a winner!
      Patient		Some limitations to where you can travel
      Doctor		Dr. Death (HAR) is in the house, this is your ticket
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      5.45mm Ammo		One of the cult members in the basement is carrying it
      			and he doesn't even have a rus. service pistol on him. ?
      Uzi			Found on most Cult Members
      SMG			A bodyguards have them
      Deagle .50		The bodyguards all pack the heat
      R93 Sniper		In the temple on the hill (!)
      AK 47 (x2)		Same as above (!)
      Cult Member (clothes)	Outside of the temple on the hill (!)
      Night Vision		Agency Drop
      Door Key		Agency Drop, to get into the "next room" heh
      Doctor's Clothing	Agency Drop, the next room
      Anaesthetic		Agency Drop, the next room
      Scalpel		Basement, consult's office, and anesthetist's office
      ***Completion Tips***
      I'll say it again, this level is huge. Maybe even more abundant than the rooms and guards populating
      this area, are the numerous ways to carry out your mission. I'll quickly outline what's in store for you.
      Be patient at the start, the guard at the top of the steps will move around and eventually turn his back
      to you. Take the opportunity to take him out and get a disguise, or make your way past him. The temple
      on the hill contains a couple of AK 47's, an R93 Sniper, and a Cult Members outfit. The window (marked
      with a (!) on your map) on the SouthWest side of the building is open, and will give you easy access into
      the hospital. Make your way up onto the 2nd floor, and on to the agency supply drop. You'll need to go
      outside and drop down into a hole to enter the room undetected. Inside the supply box is a set of Night
      Vision goggles, and a key that opens the door to the next room, where you will find some doctor's clothing
      and some anaesthetic. Now its off to the basement. The basement contains a few items you might find interest
      in. If you like killing/creeping/'whatever it is you like to do' in the dark, there is a power generator
      located in the most southern room of the basement, its marked on your map. Kill the power and equip your goggles.
      This is really useful if you don't go the doctor route and need some cover to move around without being detected.
      There are scalpels located in two rooms down here, the consultants office and the anesthetist's office. The
      room where Deewanna Ji will be having his surgery on is the NE surgery room in the basement. Have fun with
      this one. There is access to the ventillation shafts from the basement in various areas, all marked with (!)
      on your map. When it's time to escape the vents and the roof will be extremely beneficial. There are more guards
      lurking around than it seems. Now for the biggest surprise. When you make it to the dock's, you'll be greeting
      by a man who looks uncannily like Mr. 47. Actually is Agent 17. He'll pop off a few rounds at you, and then take
      off running. Don't follow him unless you like blowing yourself up. You'll get to have more fun with him
      in the next level. Don't leave without an Uzi and a scalpel. Your weapon's collection should almost be
      complete by now.
      F19. *St. Petersburg Revisited*
      Hmmm. Who stole what? Nuclear warheads? It turns out Sergei is the bad guy after all. And you've got
      to take him down. Agency says its now common to perform a hit on a former customer, but assure you
      that pressure is coming from all the right places so its ok. Just like before. Make your way to the
      Apt. Building. Take out Sergei in the office this time, and escape. Crazy Russians.
      Target	  	: Sergei Zavarotko
      Total Enemies   	: 20 [Bodyguards]
      Total Innocents 	: 12 [4 Red Jump suits, 8 Regular Russian Civilians]
      Objective(s)    	: Kill Sergei Zavarotko
      Best Disguise   	: Any
      Weapons Found   	: Deagle .50, SP12, W2000 Sniper (collectors verison)
      Agency Supplies 	: SVD Sniper, Sniper Ammo (blanks)
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Bodyguard		Deagle .50, SP12
      Agent 17		W2000 Sniper/Deagle .50
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Civilian		Nice Hat
      Red Jump-Suit		Nice day for a jog
      Bodyguard		Nice Sunglasses
      Yourself		Nice Bald Head
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      W2000 Sniper		Agent 17 , Pushkin Building, 2nd Floor
      Deagle .50		Bodyguards, Agent 17
      Agency Drop		Locker #137, Secondary Drop: Next to Apt. Building
      Agent 17		2nd Floor Pushkin building, the room opposite the meeting room
      			If you enter the Apt. building he will be in the meeting room
      ***Completion Tips***
      Ok, if you trust me, and want to get through this level without pulling your hair out, listen up.
      Throw everything you have heard from agency about this mission out the window. Its a set up. Not
      only is the sniper ammo supplied to you 'blanks', but the target you are sent to shoot at is a
      cardboard cut-out! Even better, when you go to take the shot from the apt. building just like before,
      Agent 17 is waiting in the window (to the far right if you're in the apt. building) with his Collectors
      edition W2000 Sniper ready to pop you in the head. Are you angry yet? I hope so. So here's the deal.
      You don't get to take anything with you except for binoculars, anaesthetic, and fiber wire. Walk out
      of the metro, don't grab the sniper. Make your way to the Pushkin building. When you reach the stairs
      inside, start sneaking. Open up the double doors that lead into the room opposite of the meeting room
      Continue sneaking and pull out your fiber wire. Head into the room on the right, and as  soon as the door
      is open, make a move on Agent 17, he will be standing looking out one of the windows. Strangle his cloned
      unoriginal dirty ass and pick up his sniper [cut scene]. Now its time to leave. If you alerted any guards,
      be ready to start spraying lead (in this case, make sure to pick up the Deagle .50 from 17 before leaving).
      Armed bodyguards will be all over you from here, all the way up until you enter the train. Shame on them.
      If you did this without any alerts. Stash 17's body in a safe place, take his clothes, and walk calmly
      to the exit. Yet another victim falls prey to yet another Silent Assassin.
      F20. *Redemption at Gontranno*
      Sergei has the padre. What a loser. Him and all of his thugs are at the sanctuary, and there are plenty
      of them. 20 Total, not counting Sergei himself. This is your turf, its not going to be easy, but you have
      to show them how it's done.
      Target	  	: Sergei Zavarotko
      Total Enemies   	: 21 [Bodyguards]
      Total Innocents 	: 1 [Father Vittorio]
      Objective(s)    	: Kill Sergei Zavarotko, rescue The Padre
      Best Disguise   	: Bodyguard
      Weapons Found   	: 9mm Pistol, SMG, SP12, SVD Sniper, W2000 Custom Sniper
      Agency Supplies 	: Nothing, but you have access to your weapons shed
      [Enemy Desc] 		[Weapon/Item]
      Bodyguard		SVD Sniper (x6), 9mm Pistol (x5), SMG (x6), W2000 Custom Sniper (x4)
      Sergei Zavarotko	SP12 Shotgun
      [Disguises]  		[Note/Item]
      Bodyguard		Last call for a suit and cool sunglasses
      Target/Objective/Weapon/Ammo Locations:
      [What]  		[Where]
      Sergei Zavarotko	Church, confessional booth
      The Padre		Church, confessional booth
      Church Key		Basement, 2nd room
      ***Completion Tips***
      Ok, here it is. You have two choices. Run like mad to your shed and grab a choice weapon very quickly.
      (SP12, M4, M60, these are ideal if you have them). Kill the 5 guards outside. Make your way to the church
      and take out the remaining 16 guards. Once all the guards are dead The Padre will give you a hint dealing
      with something like "The Heart". It varies each time, but the hint is the same, aim for the heart in the
      confessional booth where Sergei is holding Vittorio hostage. It's wise to grab up one of the sniper rifles,
      and find some decent cover where you can still take the shot from. After you shoot Sergei through the spot in
      the booth, he will come storming out mad with a SPAS-12; you'll die if he sees you. If he doesn't see you,
      he'll be waiting up on the balcony above the confessional booth. Head shot. Game over... But... do this
      level trying to be stealthy, its a task, but can be done. If you go the stealth route, the church key down
      in the basement might be of some help. All the cut scenes in this level are awesome. If you've played the game
      in the same manner as I have, you should feel very satisfied right now. What a great game. But now its time
      to start in on getting Silent Assassin on every level! Maybe then we can find out what the crucifix is
      all about.
        :F A Q S:
      Q: How do I get more weapons in my shed?
      A: You have to collect weapons during a mission and finish that mission with them in your
         inventory. In the case of a rifle/shotgun of some sort that you can not conceal, you
         must have it in your hands as you hit the exit. Then they will be in your shed for good.
      Q: Can I go back to collect weapons in a previous level after I have progressed so far and still
         use them in my current game.
      A: Yes! Here's how to do it. Load up your most recent saved game. Make sure its a save that
         shows the hitman logo and not an in game save. At the briefing screen, go to the missions
         button and choose the mission that contains the weapon you wish to retrieve. Play the
         mission, collect the weapon and make sure you complete all objectives and end the mission
         with the weapon you wish to keep in your inventory (if its a rifle, you have to be holding
         it). Now that the mission is complete, continue your game in the shed and go back the mission
         briefing screen. Go to the mission button on your screen once again, and go back to the last
         mission you had progressed to. Your new weapon should now be available and will stay in your
         shed for the rest of the game.
      Q: How do I get the 'Silent Assassin' rating?
      A: Complete all objectives and eliminate all targets without being seen or alerting guards.
         No one other than the intended target may be killed, which means you're going to have to
         make use of chloroform and knocking people out with handguns. This formula remains solid
         throughout all levels, there are no special requirements for any of the levels to do this.
      *  However, people have informed me that a single shot to the head, knife, or fiber wire on
         a single enemy will not prevent you from getting the SA rating.
      Q: How do I get the Silverballers .45 SD?
      A: They are awarded to you when you receive your first 'Silent Assassin' rating.
         Despite popular belief, you don't have to achieve the SA rating on any specific
         level to receive a weapon award. You get the ballers SD for the 1st time, the Sawn-Off SG
         for your 2nd SA rating, and the M4 Assault rifle for your 5th SA rating.
      Q: How do I get the Custom Rifle Sniper early in the game?
      A: 'At the gates'. Shoot the sniper in the first tower with your crossbow (if you kept it along
         from 'Hidden Valley') in the head and he will cough it up out the window. Make sure that the
         sniper sees you before you kill him, otherwise he won't drop the rifle. Snatch it up and
      Q: How do I use the fiber wire effectively?
      A: Fiber wire? Well, equip it and hold in your right trigger. In some cases you will need to sneak
         up on them slowly without being heard. this is only the case when they have their backs to you
         for an extended time. In other cases you need to be at a full sprint. In either case, as soon as
         you are close enough, release the trigger and BEWM. Game over.
      Q: How do I knock someone out without killing them?
      A: Chloroform. Make sure you hold it over their mouth until all 5 bottles of your ammo are gone.
         A full dose will keep an enemy unconscious for exactly 300 seconds. You can also smack someone
         on the head with a pistol and get the same effect.
      Q: How do I use the mini-bomb to blow the wall on 'Tubeway Torpedo'?
      A: You have to equip the bomb first, then press your [R] Trigger to arm it. Then you simply
         press (B) Button to drop it near the wall and then equip the remote to detonate. The weak
         part of the wall is back up on the 1st basement, lower left hand corner of the headquarters.
      Q: How do I use the poison in 'Invitation to a Party'?
      A: Make your way down to the kitchen disguised as a bus boy and pickup the champagne glasses
         that sit on the counter top. Equip a glass and then equip the poison. He will pour it into
         the glass. Now just equip the glass and walk up to the general, and he's toast. :\
      Q: How do I steady the aiming during the sniper zoom?
      A: Crouch and click in and hold your left analog. If you've ever played Dead to Rights, then
         you should know that you adjust according to his heartbeat and breathing. Its a rhythm. up, up,
         down, down; repeat. The more shots you take at the same target, the more erratic the bounce
         becomes. Patience is key.
      Q: Do I get to kill Osama Bin Laden in this game?
      A: No.
      Q: Are you sure?
      A: You can pretend, the lieutenant in 'Murder at the Bazaar' looks suspiciously like him,
         and all the soldiers in Nuristan are huge idiots. Easy pickin' if you know what I mean.
         But thats just an opinion. It could be Bin Laden if you so wished it to be, heh.
      Q: What types of ammo will penetrate doors?
      A: .45 ACP, 7.62mm, .357 (Magnum), .50, and all sniper rounds, excluding the crossbow bolts.
         The SMG-SD6 has slight penetration capabilities, mostly only useful on shogun showdown on
         tracking hayamoto.
      Q: What goes on the hooks above the fiber wire in the shed?
      A: A rosary. That's all the info I have as of yet.
      Q: How do I get the M4 Carbine Assault Rifle?
      A: On the level, 'The Motorcade Interception', wait until after you have shot the Kahn and let the
         UN troops come after you. Wait until one of them is in an area where you can kill him with fiber
         wire and not be seen. This will not cause your mission to fail and you can walk away with a nice
         new, and sexy, M4 Carbine. Rooled.
        :C H E A T S  A N D  S E C R E T S:
      God Mode 	- R,L,Up,Down,A,R,L,Black, White
      All Weapons 	- R,L,Up,Down,A,Up,X,A
      Slomotion 	- R,L,Up,Down,A,Up,L
      Full Heal 	- R,L,Up,Down,A,Up,Down
      Punch Mode 	- R,L,Up,Down,A,Up,Up
      Gravity 	- R,L,Up,Down,A,L,L
      Lethal Charge - R,L,Up,Down,A,Black,Black
      Bomb Mode 	- R,L,Up,Down,A,Up,White
      Megaforce 	- R,L,Up,Down,A,R,R
      Nailgun Mode  - R,L,Up,Down,A,White, White
      I'm not into cheats so you're on your own as to what some of these do exactly.
       -Contributed By: Jack Merridew, Source: Self [http://www.gamefaqs.com/]
      *Secrets !/Extras */Strange things ?*
      ! Achieve Silent Assassin Rating (1st time): Reward, Silverballers .45 SD
      ! Achieve Silent Assassin Rating (2nd time): Reward, Sawn-Off 12g DB SG
      ! Achieve Silent Assassin Rating (5th time): Reward, M4 Carbine Assualt Rifle
      ? If you use the binoculars in the first level to look at the pissing guard, you can see his... dingy :(
      ? The second twin in basement killing is naked. Pull him out of the tub and take a look. Nasty.
      ? You can kill a UN Soldier with fiber wire to snag an M4 Carbine and not fail the mission
      ? The pizza boxes lying around in Basement killing has a Danish text in
        red on it saying "Ægte pizza med lort på" which means "Real pizza with shit on it"
        	- contributed by Frederik Grahndin
      ? There is a second VIP in the Tubeway Torpedo mission, can't get to him though. See for yourself.
      * The custom rifle (sniper) can be attained early by taking out the first sniper you come across in
        'shogun showdown'. Give him a headshot with a crossbow and he'll cough it up 9/10 and drop it out
        the window. Must have had sweaty palms.
      * You can pick locks with great speed. All you have to do is begin to pick a lock and then look at your
        map. Exit, and go back to your game and the lock is picked. This also works when "arming" the Anaesthetic.
        If you need to pick a lock or ready your chloroform in a pinch, the works wonders.
        :C R E D I T S:
      Portions of this FAQ, (Introduction, Default Controls, Mission Elements) taken from the official
      'Hitman 2: Silent Assassin' instruction manual. (C) 2001-2002 IO Interactive, Eidos Interactive U.K.
      For the XBOX Game Console (C) 2001-2002 Microsoft Corp.
      All other works contained herein are original ideas by Timothy [timbob] Harewood.
      (C) 2002 Timothy L. Harewood -- Back up off my shiz.
      This guide is available at the following authorized locations:
      	http://www.e-lite.org/~timbob/hitman2.txt	my personal spot
      	http://www.gamefaqs.com 			we all love gamefaqs
      	http://www.cheatcc.com				kab00m.
      	http://www.cheathappens.com			we know it does
      	http://www.pregaming.com			ready for war
      	http://faqs.ign.com				brandon justice forever
      	http://www.a2zcheats.com			and then some
      	http://www.neoseeker.com			something like the bomb
      	http://www.cheatplanet.com			a world of cheating
      Special Thanks:
    	Everyone who writes me to contribute/and or ask questions. It makes writing this a whole lot
    	more than just a guide to a bunch of anonymous gamers. I humbly appreciate every moment.
    	CoelhoMD 		Kirov Park - Silent Assassin Walkthrough
      	IronMonkey 		Tubeway Torpedo - Cell phone/pager Usage
      	ice-man			Invitation to a Party - Silent Assassin Walkthrough
      	My Friends:
      	Ashley Rhude		Two words... NAKED ROBBER. One of the coolest mofo's on the planet.
      				I can't count the times, or the hours we've spent playing video
      				games and laughing uncontrollably. Priceless.
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      	i gotz much luv for muh homeez, or something like that. My ebonics is a little rusty. Huh?
      	And once again, thanks to you guys for reading my stuff. What really posses a person to write
      	a 50 page guide for no reason? You're the reason.
      Contact: timbob_is_lame@ameritech.net

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