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An outstanding game, and a revolution in gaming 09/20/05 Axios
Addictive, Poorly Designed, Not For A Casual Player 08/13/08 BlackCat4545
The reason American gamers are getting Lazier... 07/26/06 Donny_Keyes
Addicting, not fun 12/25/07 NickyGee
My honest review on WoW 06/21/07 Perspicacity
More of a business model than good game. 09/24/12 bbears
Hits the Mark 01/11/05 Destination
Granted it's the only MMORPG I've played, but I can see why it's so popular. 03/15/10 Exodist
Addictively frustrating 02/14/05 FDelles
World or Borecraft 04/09/07 Joe Blow
12 million approved. 06/22/09 Killigraphy
There's a reason why 'World of Warcraft' made MMO's popular 11/14/12 Kimari
World of Warcraft is quite possibly the only game you'll need to play for a decade. 02/01/06 MrShotgun
A masterpiece, but I think most people just want items. 09/25/08 neonreaper
A Solid MMO 04/25/05 ocissordei
Terrific Neighborhood; Shame About The Neighbors! 09/11/06 Rottenwood
The Past, Present & Future of MMORPGs. 01/31/05 SilentXyreo
World of Rinse Wash Repeat 03/07/05 TheApd
As the World of Warcraft turns... 11/30/06 theEqualizer
Like fine wine, MMORPG reviews get better with time. And really, really long, too! 08/03/06 TheSpelunker
Somehow Blizzard does it YET AGAIN 02/11/05 Tyrael Odium
Very detailed review on a "Big" game. 07/22/10 Ultima1193
A game that starts out so good ends up disappointing due to problems Blizzard itself created. 06/01/06 XenoPersona
An Epic Classic 07/25/07 Yoh_of_Izumo

Full Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
An honest review from a four year WoW player 01/22/09 justinxjennyx14
A once great game, gone way, way downhill. 06/26/09 The_Great_Geno
World of Boringness 07/20/09 Calamity
Blizzard shoots for its first MMORPG, and scores! 11/27/04 Courier
A Thing of Beauty and a Joy Forever! 11/27/04 DaemonJosh
WoW is well named 12/09/04 Darkartist
This game loses its luster the longer you play it. 09/04/07 fatman555555
World of Warcraft solves all of the common problems of MMORPGs while introducing several new ones. 12/27/04 Gary_Ridgeway
Best MMORPG ever? No. Best RPG ever? No. Best game ever? uhhhh DUH! 03/14/06 Geelee
The king of the MMORPG genre! 02/13/06 herokorishi
A great game held back by Blizzard's lack of ambition. 09/11/06 InfernoBane
Best MMORPG to date. 11/27/04 Lord Alchemy
The Community and You 03/16/16 lunar44
Nothing short of a perfect achievement. 04/19/05 McGuyDie
A good enough game to die for? 08/02/06 Moonsummit
Promotes more monotony than fun. 03/25/09 Neo_the_Kid
A good game to jump into, and definitely worth the time 11/27/04 NeoWeird
Craft kills. 09/04/08 nightwolfx0
Addictive and fun for the first month, then it's restrictive and frustrating. 11/07/05 PyromaniacPichu
Not Wowed by WoW 04/04/11 Raphael_Solo
World of Warcraft in 2019 01/07/20 Rerack
A year and a half later, and still just as fun and addictive. 07/31/06 RickDias
World Of Warcraft, The One And Only 03/14/05 Rivius
Warcraft on a massive scale. 12/27/04 Spidee
Yep, Blizzard sold their souls to the devil in exchange for being able to make great games 08/05/05 Treiden
World of Warcraft blows away its main competition 01/31/05 typh0n
Good game, a game revolution 12/23/08 Uberphailure

Quick Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
If you don't like MMORPGs, you probably wont like this game. 11/24/04 primetonal
Best MMORPG I have had the pleasure of playing. 01/03/05 Azrael deFenris
One fairly good game 06/26/09 BulletBill22
WOW is WOW! 12/09/04 CaptainKO
World of Warcraft lacks all the things that make a good role-playing game, except for equipment and area size. 04/10/08 Evil_Random_Man
The Downfall of MMO Gaming 12/07/10 Exilious
More addictive than McDonald's fries? 06/19/05 EZfriedchicken
I didn't know that games of this quality even existed.... 07/22/05 FireMonkey31
One of the Best, Greatest, MMORPGS out there. 12/04/08 Flare_Dragon123
Blizzard has once again rasied the bar. 01/11/05 i love food
WoW, A different kind of MMORPG 11/29/04 Jedi Knightz
The Only MMORPG Out There Worth Playing! 08/30/05 JediKrys04
Great and Addicting MMORPG 09/02/08 Kelvin742
Put your life on hold, World of Warcraft has arrived. 03/24/05 lbiggy
World of Warcraft, World of Fun. 11/27/04 LightBlade
Excelent Money Drainer. 09/17/05 liquidSeks
An Un-biased True Review 01/18/05 m0rpheu2
Blizzard Delivers The "WoW" factor. Another Hit In the bag! 09/14/07 Paolosantos
This is it, this is WOW! 12/27/04 Poesghost
There are better ways to spend your time and money... 06/30/09 randomdudeftw
World of Warcraft a failure? I think not! 11/29/04 Raven22
Not As Good As It Is Said To Be 02/03/09 sheik__freak
I don't doubt that it's the greatest MMO of all time, I just don't think the basic MMO formula is a good one. 06/29/09 Spark0
Great Game 02/16/10 TheOnlyHeal
A great MMORPG for a more casual gamer 12/01/04 Vader47
Addicting and fun! 01/03/05 Wewt Wewt
WoW - Its a love hate thing 06/23/09 WhiteWingDevil
Best RPG!! 09/06/05 WWEKnight
Blizzard Uses Deception and Addictions to their Advantage 02/11/08 Zenitine9999
Its alright. 03/10/11 zero8691
Could this be it? The greatest MMORPG of all time? 12/06/04 Zydicore

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