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Alliance Paladin Guide by jfreedan

Version: 1.0.2 | Updated: 08/03/07

Alliance Paladin Guide 
Version 1.0.2

Written by Jim Freedan
Copyright Jim Freedan 2007


Introduction: This Guide was created as a guide for new Paladin players
to help them level up. When I started leveling my Paladin up I noticed
there was no post-Burning Crusade walkthrough for Paladins who were
just starting out so I decided to write this guide as I progressed
along. Although it is not yet fully complete I hope some of this
information is enough to help educate new Paladins about the class.

While this guide is written from the point of view of an Alliance
Paladin, some of the information may be applicable to Horde Paladins
as well.

Table Of Contents

I. Version History
II. What Is a Paladin?
III. Attributes for Paladins
IV. What Race To Be
V. Learning Weapon and Armor Skills
VI. Leveling up Guide + Gearing Guide (Levels 1-50 so far)
VII. Paladin Quests
VIII. Partying Tips
IX. Useful Macros
X. Paladin Talents and Builds
XI. Protection Paladin Tanking
XII. Holy Paladin Healing
XIII. Retribution DPSing
XIV. Professions

I. =Version History=

8-3-2007: Vers.1.0.2

-Fixed some typos and added the following sections,
"Holy Paladin Healing" (under construction)
"Retribution DPSing" (under construction)

8-2-2007: Vers. 1.0.1 
-Fixed some typos with Draenei racial information

-Added a link to Iloveari's "Guide to Prot Spec Leveling and AoE
Hotspots!" to the Paladin Talents and Build Section

- Added "Protection Paladin Tanking" section.

-Added many new equipment upgrading quests for Level 50-60 range

7-22-2007: Ver.1.0 Complete. 
The Following Sections Were Created:

"What Is a Paladin?"
"Attributes for Paladins"
"What Race To Be"
"Learning Weapon and Armor Skills"
"Leveling Guide (1-50)
"Paladin Quests"
"Partying Tips"
"Useful Macros"

This information is up to date as of patch 2.1.0

II. =What Is A Paladin?=

--Class Description-------

From the World of WarCraft Game Manual,

"The Paladin is a virtuous defender of the weak and a tireless enemy
of the undead. Mixing elements of the warrior and the priest, the
paladin is a tough melee fighter with great health, excellent
protection, and very strong buffs. It also has useful mix of healing
and defensive spells. The tradition of holy knights is unique to
the Alliance. In many ways, the Paladin is the counterpart to the
Horde shaman, but geared towards physical battle more than spellcasting

(Note: As of the Burning Crusade expansion, Horde Blood Elves
can also become Paladins and some Alliance races can become Shaman,
so these two classes are no longer unique to either side. However,
the Alliance still has the most flexibility when it comes to
Paladin race choices; three Alliance races can become Paladins while only
one Horde race can become a Paladin.)

--Gameplay Expectations--

Paladin gameplay revolves around a system of auras, seals and buffs
that are unique to the class.

AURAS bestow beneficial effects to the Paladin and all party members
within a 30 yard range (this can be extended to 40 yard range by
purchasing the Holy Talent "Aura Mastery") of the Paladin. Only one
Aura can be activated by a Paladin at a single time, although if
multiple Paladins are in the same party, several different auras
can be used. 

SEALS provide beneficial effects to the Paladin himself, such as
increased weapon damage, adding a chance to stun enemies with each 
melee attack, or giving a chance to restore HP whenever a Paladin 
melees a target. 

Seals can also be transformed into an offensive attack/debuff by using
the JUDGEMENT skill while a Seal is active. This allows a Paladin to
either deliver a short-ranged damage strike, or inflict useful debuffs
to enemies such as preventing an NPC enemy from fleeing or increasing
the critical hit chance for all damage inflicted against that target 
(even damage from other party members!).

Finally, Paladins possess many BLESSINGS which typically have a 5 
minute duration but no cooldown. Blessings provide a variety of useful
buffs for both pve and pvp usage, and can do everything from 
increasing DPS (damage-per-second) potential of a player to decreasing 
the amount of "hate" from NPC enemies a fellow player generates with 
their attacks.

Paladins are one of the few classes that can Ressurect fallen party
members, and can use skills such as Divine Shield to make themselves
immune to all damage for several seconds of time. This makes them
valuable in the event of a "party wipe" (i.e. everyone else died) as 
the Paladin can often escape from combat and then return to bring back
fallen party members, saving them from a ghostly walk back to
their corpses.

--A Hybrid Class--

Paladins are considered a Hybrid Class. They have three Talent Trees
to choose from, and specialization in one of these trees significantly
changes the way that Paladin can be played.

The Holy Tree specializes in healing and supporting party members. 
Holy Paladins tend to be primary healers in raids because Holy Light
is the most mana-efficient healing spell in the game and can be
quickly spammed to keep a main tank alive.

The Protection Tree specializes in tanking large amounts of enemies. 
The Talents improve blocking rate and reduce the damage the Paladin
takes from both melee and spell attacks. The skill "Reckoning" lets 
the Paladin have a high chance to generate an extra attack whenever
they melee to improve the amount of procs they can get off from
their Seals. Since Paladin attacks generate more hate than any other 
class, even the high DPS Mage, they can keep aggro better than than a
Warrior and are prefered as tanks in 5 man parties.

The Retribution Tree specializes in delivering short bursts of high 
DPS. The talents improve the damage delivered with 2h weapons while
offering a variety of other skills that improve the pvp offensive 
potential of the Paladin. This is the prefered build for low level
Paladins, and the easiest one to level with until level 35-40.

--Bane of That Which Bumps in the Night--

Although Paladins use melee weapons, their Seals that improve damage 
allow them to deal primarily Holy spell damage (Seal of Righteousness 
and Seal of Command). All of the best attacks at the end of each
Talent tree will deliver Holy damage (Crusader Strike, Holy Shock 
and Avenging Shield).

Additionally, Paladins possess a Holy Area-of-Effect (AoE) attack 
(Consecration), an Aura that deals Holy damage when party
members are attacked (Retribution), can improve the damage a target
takes from holy attacks (Judgement of the Crusader) and a strong 
ranged attack that only works on Undead and Demons (Exorcism).

It is not unusual for a properly geared Paladin to be able to 
solo several undead/demons that are several levels higher than 
themselves, and some of their best leveling grounds are places that
possess undead/demons (example: Duskwood, Desolace, Scarlet Monastary
Graveyard, Western Plaguelands, etc).

Note: The Horde race "Forsaken" are considered a humanoid and not 
"Undead", therefore Paladins do not possess any unique advantage over 
this race. This is done for balanced gameplay mechanics.

III. =Attributes for Paladins=

Unlike most MMORPG games, the stat formulas for classes in WoW 
are usually different. These are the formulas for how attributes 
effect Paladin characters in WoW.

(Much of this information came from the following website
http://paladin-guide.blogspot.com/2005/12/stats.html )

<Strength>: affects the base damage a paladin can do with melee attacks 
and affects the amount of damage that can be blocked with a shield. 
The natural leveling of a paladin enhances strength faster than 
agility, intelligence, or spirit. Equipment that adds to strength
will increase the damage done with each melee attack by +2 attk 
power for every point of strength. Strength is only of importance
for Retribution paladins; Protection and Holy paladins get more
power out of +spell damage.

This is the attack power formula for the Paladin class:

(Character Level*3)+(Strength*2)-20

Considering that 14 attack power = 1 dps (damage per second) 
we see that every 7 point of strenght 1 dps is added to our 
damage output.

Strength also increases the amount of damage you can block
with a shield slightly-- every 20 strength allows you to block 1
more point of damage. (Since this is a meager return it is not useful
for paladins to stack Strength for defense purposes)

Note that Strength does not improve your chance to 
block, but rather the amount of damage blocked when you succeed. 
(Only attacks directed at the front of your character will be blocked,
so make sure you never expose your back to enemies.)

<Agility>: affects the melee chance to hit with a weapon, increases 
the critical hit chance, adds armor, and increases dodge. 

Paladins gain +2 armor for each point of agility, +1% critical hit 
chance for every 20 points of agility, and a 1% chance to dodge attacks
for every 20 points of agility.

Agility increases slowly for the paladin but both Retribution and
Protection paladins require large amounts of it. Protection Paladins
need Agility to improve their Dodge, Armor and To-Hit rating while 
Retribution paladins with the Vengeance skill can boost their 
damage significantly with extra Agility. 

<Stamina>: adds to the characters hit points (or health).
Each point of Stamina gives you an additional 10 HP. Paladins lack
the Health boost that Warriors receive so it is important for
Paladins to stack as much Stamina as possible, especially when

<Intelligence>: adds to the characters available mana pool.
Each point of intellect gives you 15 Mana points. All Paladins should
stack as much Intelligence as possible because the more mana you have
the longer you are capable of fighting. Usually a Paladin can stay
alive as long as they have Mana.

Unlike other spellcasters, Paladins have a base 3.33% chance to crit,
which is then increased by Intellect. 5 points of Intellect equal 
1% chance to crit with spells. 

Intelligence also increases the rate at which you learn weapon skills

<Spirit>: increases the regeneration rate of health and mana when not 
in combat. Spirit helps shorten downtime between fights, although 
drinking and eating is still neccessary for Retribution and
Protection paladins.

Spirit increases health regeneration when out of combat; No 
regeneration will occur while in combat. There is 1 tick of 
regeneration every 2 seconds equal to Spirit * 0.25

Spirit also increases mana regeneration. Mana will regenerate 
constantly whether in combat or not, except for a period of five 
seconds after a spell is cast. During this five seconds, 
no regeneration of mana will occur. Mana regenerates according 
to how much spirit a character has. There is 1 tick of regeneration 
every 2 seconds equal to (Spirit/4) + 8

Note that characters do not regain health or mana faster if they 
are sitting down unless they are drinking/eating.

<Armor>: Armor reduces physical damage done against the paladin.

The Paladin Armor Formula is 
2 * Agility + equipable item armor + Devotion Aura

When you are hit by physical damage armor grants a percentage 
reduction calculated as follows:

%Reduction = (Armor / (Armor + 400 + 85 * Enemy_Level)) * 100

Damage mitigation by armor is capped at 75%. 
This means 16500 armor vs a lvl 60 enemy. You can see your damage 
mitigation % from character sheet in game. Just go with mouse pointer 
over armor value.

Paladin armor value can be increased with the Protection tree Talents
Toughness and Improved Devotion Aura.

<Defense>: Each point of +Defense skill adds:
+ 0.04% to be missed
+ 0.04% to Parry
+ 0.04% to Dodge
+ 0.04% to Block
- 0.04 to be affected by a critical hit

Thus +25 Defense = +1% to Parry, Dodge and Block, -1% to be affected 
by a crit and +1% to be missed. Remember that miss and dodge chances
works against physical and magic attacks while dodge and block only on
physical ones.

More defense decreases the chance of being affected by a "crushing 
blow". Creatures (not players) that are higher 3 or more levels than
your character can land crushing blows that deal increased (150%) 
melee damage. Each point of defense will decrease the chance of being
affected by a Crushing Blow by 2%. 

However this percentage will be added only if your actual defense 
is under your level cap (level * 5 so 300 max at 60). The minimum 
percentage of crushing blow is 15%.

More information about armor as it relates to Protection Paladins
can be found in this forum thread


<+% to Hit>: Your +X% to hit is directly subtracted from your miss

<+ x% Spell Hit>: Increases chances that a spell will successfully hit
your target. When a spell is cast the server runs two checks:

The first check is on the level difference between you and your 

Same level target: 96% chance
1 lvl higher than you: 95%
2 lvls higher than you: 94%
3 lvls higher than you: 83% on mobs / 87% on players
4 lvls higher than you: 72% on mobs / 80% on players
etc, etc....

The second check done by the game is based on resistences. 

<Magic Resistances>:

After the first check based on opponents level there’s a roll based on
your resistance against that kind of spell damage. 
The schools of magic in WoW are


You can raise resistance with items, auras and racial abilities. 

Your resistances to all magic damage (except holy) can be seen in your
character sheet in game. Holy is not represented because every player 
has zero resistance to holy damage and there isn’t any item in game 
that can raise it. The only defence in the game against holy damage is
an alchemist potion that absorbs a fixed amount of it. Bear in mind 
that some NPC enemies do have holy resistance (especially bosses).

The paladin class spells deals holy damage so they are not influenced 
by resistences. However resistences counts when the enemy spell hits 
us so here’s the explanation:

Magic Resistance Formula:
%Resistance = (Target's Resistance / (Caster's Level * 5)) * 0.75

The cap to spell resistance is 75%. To reach the cap versus a level
60 caster spell requires 300 resist in that school. A paladin 
resistance aura (60 resist) grants 15% to avoid the spell vs a lvl 60

For spells that don't cause immediate damage, you'll either totally
take the hit or totally avoid the hit. The % resistance is the chance
you'll totally avoid the hit. Against direct-damage spells (spells 
that deliver their full damage upon impact, such as Fireball, Mind 
Blast, and Earth Shock), this resistance is the percentage of damage
you will resist on average.

When you are hit by a direct-damage spell, you have a chance to resist
100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, or 0% of the spell's damage, depending on your 
resistance score in relation to the level of the attacking caster.
Your average percentage of damage resisted is the weighted average of
your resistance percentages for each level of damage resistance (100%,
75%, 50%, 25%, and 0%).

<+ x%Crit and +x%Spell Crit>:

Base chances of a crit are as follows:

Spells = [5 + INT/X*]%

Melee = [5 + AGI/18]%

X* should be a number in the 27,5 - 29,5 range

So crit chances are directly related to intellect and agility stats. 
They can also be increased with items with +X% crit o +X% spell crit 
or also with talents (holy power for spells and conviction for melee).
Melee crits are 200% normal damage while spells crits are 150% normal 

Important: your weapon skill affect crit chances. If your weapon skill
is under your level cap (5 * level, 300 at level 60) subtracts 0.04% 
every point under the cap. Also if your weaponskill is higher than your
level cap (from items or racial abilities) your crit chance is raised
0.04% every point. So i.e. if you are a human paladin you’re guaranteed
+5 weaponskill in swords and maces that means a +0.2% to crit (if you
have your weaponskill capped).

You can see your melee %crit in game calling your spellbook (p key) 
and going with mouse over the attack icon. Critical hits can't be 
blocked, dodged or parried.

<+ healing and + spell damage>:

These items add a bonus to heals or damage spells. However the number
advertised on the item doesn’t represent reality. Only a fraction of 
the total bonus is added on the spell depending on factor like casting
time, etc.

From patch 1.10 we have this coefficients :

10% Seal of Righteousness with 1 handed weapon
12,5% Seal of Righteousness with 2 handed weapon
50% Judgement of Righteousness
20% Seal of Command
29% Seal of Command (only with +holy damage bonuses)
43% Judgement of Command
33% Consecration
43% Holy Shock
43% Hammer of Wrath
43% Exorcism
19% Holy Wrath
00% Blessing of Sanctuary 
20% Holy Shield
00% Retribution Aura
71% Holy Light
43% Flash of Light
100% Eye for an Eye

This means for example that if you have +100 healing from items your 
holy light spell will get an increase of 71 hitpoints healed.

--Attack Power or Spell Power?--

A detailed explanation of how DPS works for Paladins was posted by
Silvalor in the official forums. The post is located in this thread,


For those who dont wish to read it all, the short version is this:

Retribution and Protection Paladins get a lot more bang for their buck
from + spell damage and +spell crit than from attack power and attack 
crit. This is because our damage buffing Seals add Holy spell damage 
to our attacks (SoE, SoC), and every other damaging attack we possess 
is either entirely Holy (Exorcism, Consecration, Holy Shock, 
Judgement of Command, etc) or has a significant holy damage part to 
it (Avenger's Shield and Crusader Strike).

This said, Retribution Paladins need weapons with high damage numbers
to get the most out of their melee weapons. The idea is to have armor
with lots of spell power and a weapon with lots of raw attack power.
The only exception is unless the Paladin is fighting an enemy
with a lot of armor mitigation (such as a protection warrior), 
in which case a fast 1h weapon with spellpower will be more efficient.

Protection and Holy Paladins, on the other hand, perform much better
with a 1h weapon with +spellpower on it. This is because Holy paladins
will be using Holy Shock, Hammer of Wrath and Consecration for
damage while Protection Paladins need to generate tons of hate from
holy attacks in order to keep aggro focused on them while they tank.

IV. =What Race To Be=

In the Alliance, only three races can become Paladins.


Below is detailed information about the differences between the
three races.

[Starting Attributes]

Strength 22
Agility 20
Stamina 22
Intellect 20
Spirit 22

[Racial Talents]

<Perception>: Using this skill increases the stealth detection
radius of the character. Lasts for 20 seconds with a 3 minute cooldown.
This is a useful skill for detecting stealthed enemies in the 
battlegrounds, especially if you are a flag defender (which Paladins
often are).

<The Human Spirit>: A passive ability that increases spirit by 10%
This is not particularly useful because spirit only improves Health
and Mana regeneration when not in combat, in which case you will be
eating/drinking anyway.

<Diplomacy>: A passive ability that adds a 10% bonus to all faction 
points gained by the character.

This is very useful for quickly to getting those faction mounts/tabards
that many people desire, in addition to gaining the 10% price 
discount from NPCs of that faction.

<Sword and Mace Specialization>: A passive ability that adds +5 skill
level bonus to the maximium skill level for Swords, Two-Hand Swords, 
Maces and Two-Hand Maces. This effectively allows a human to swing
their weapon as if they were one level higher than they actually are.

This is very useful for a Ret/Protection Paladin because for each point
that your weapon skill exceeds your opponents defense, your chance to 
miss the target decreases while your chances to land critical hits 

Notes: Human paladins are probably the better Retribution Paladins
in the Alliance due to the skill level bonus with Swords and Maces.

[Starting Attributes]

Strength 24
Agility 16
Stamina 25 
Intellect 19
Spirit 20

[Racial Talents]

<Stoneform>: This skill adds a 10% armor bonus while making the
caster immune to poisons, diseases and bleeding. If any of these
effects are already on the caster, they will be cleansed of the
effects. It is instantly cast with an 8 second duration and a 3 minute

<Treasure Finding>: This skill detects treasure chests on the mini-map.
somewhat useful, but since only one tracking skill can be active 
at a time, you may rarely use this skill depending on your

<Frost Resistance>: A passive ability that gives +10 resistance to
Frost attacks. 

<Gun Specialization>: A passive ability that gives a +5
skill level bonus with the use of guns. This is meaningless to
a Paladin because we can't use guns.

Notes: Stoneform is very useful against Rogues, Druids, or any
class that has DoTs (damage over time) skills that deal 
poison, bleeding or disease damage. This is a good trait to have
if you are a Protection Paladin. Dwarf paladins are ideal for twink
pvp for this reason.

[Starting Attributes]

Strength 23
Agility 17
Stamina 21
Intellect 21
Spirit 23

[Racial Talents]

<Gift of the Naaru>: This skill heals your target for 35 + 15 per Level 
over 15 sec(At level 1 it heals 50 health, and 1085 at level 70). This 
skill does not cost mana, has a 40 yard range, a 1.5 second cast time,
and a 3 minute cooldown. It can be dispelled.

<Heroic Presence>: Increases chance to hit by 1% for you and all party 
members within 30 yards.

<Gemcutting>: 5 point skill bonus to Jewelcrafting (note, this also 
raises the cap by 5 at each level of jewelcrafting).

<Shadow Resistance>: Increase Shadow Resistance by 10.

Notes: Draenei Paladins make excellent Holy, Protection and Retribution
Paladins because of their racial talents, and possess a few Paladin 
related quests not available to other members of the Alliance. 

V. =Learning Weapon and Armor Skills=

Paladins start the game with the ability to use 1-hand and 2-handed
maces, along with punching enemies with their fist. They can learn to 
use swords, axes and polearms by going to the appropriate trainer NPC
and paying a fee. 

1H and 2H Swords: 
NPC Woo Ping 
located at cords 57,55 
Weller's Aresenal, Stormwind, Trade District
Cost 10 silver

Polearms (requires level 20)
NPC Woo Ping
located at cords 57,55 
Weller's Aresenal, Stormwind, Trade District
Cost 1 gold

1h and 2h Axes: 
NPC Buliwyf Stonehand 
located at cords 61, 89
Timberline Arms, Ironforge, Military Ward
Cost 10 silver

Paladins cannot use any type of ranged weapon, so both guns and bows
are useless to this class. Paladins cannot use daggers and staves 

Armor-wise, all Paladins start the game with the ability to wear cloth,
leather and mail. They can also wear shields. At level 40 they can
learn to wear Plate armor from a class trainer NPC.

VI. =Leveling up Guide=
Note: World of Warcraft has hundreds of quests in it and more
are constantly being added. I am only going to point out specific
quests that I feel would behoove a Paladin to perform. For lists of
other quests that you can do I would suggest checking out 
the following websites and using their quest search functions


Level 1-10

Wherever you start out at, just follow the quests you receive
from your trainer, and all other NPCs that have a yellow exclamation
point over their head. when you finish quests, NPCs will have a yellow
question mark over their heads. Some quest NPCs will also appear
on the mini-map to help you locate them, so be on the lookout for that.

As for gear, go for Mail. Try to find gear that has the following

"of the Bear" : Strength and Stamina
"of the Eagle" : Stamina and Intelligence
"of the Gorrilla" : Strength and Intelligence
" of the Monkey" : Strength and Agility 

Remember that spell-power plays a much larger factor in your DPS
because of your Seals (holy spell damage!). If you come across
anything that adds spell and healing power, especially a ring or
necklace, you should consider getting it. Spell power will improve
your damage (meaning less mana spent Judging and healing yourself)
while Healing power will increase the amount you heal (meaning less
mana spent healing yourself). 

Stick with 2h maces-- you really will not find any better DPS for 
your level range. 

Remember to keep an aura up at all times. Don't forget to turn it
back on after you die. Whenever you are meleeing, you should have
Seal of Rightousness active. Get used to Judging your Seal
for extra damage and then turning it back on-- this combination is the 
bread and butter of Paladin combat. 

Every time you reach an even number of levels (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc) 
your trainer will have spells you can learn. Always make sure you learn
every spell, especially any new Auras. You never know when you might
need to use one, and if you party with any other Paladins it is good
to offer an Aura that the other Paladin might not have. 

You will also receive Blessing of Might to improve attk power. Get used
to keeping this spell on yourself and other melee fighters in your
party. The mark of a good paladin is someone who refreshes his buffs
before they end. Cast it on yourself then other party
members, and when yours is going to soon expire, rebuff everyone.
Don't wait for it to expire, as the buffs may expire during combat which is 
never a good thing.

Do not buy weapons, bags or armor from NPCs! You can always get better
ones at a cheaper price from the Auction House (AH) inside a capital 
city. Additionally, anything you get that is Green or above quality, 
never sell it to an NPC! These items can fetch much higher prices on 
the AH (a sword that might sell for 20 copper to an NPC could sell for 
50 silver on the AH!). This is because enchanters often buy low lv
items to dis-enchant so they can gain enchanting materials/ increase
skill level. 

If you receive any items that are blue, you are likely better of using
the trade channel inside a major city and trying to sell it to players
directly, because they can be worth a substantial amount of gold to 
"twink" characters (higher lv players that have created low level 
characters for playing the lower battleground pvp divisions. They seek
the low lv blue quality items to give them a big edge in pvp. It is 
always better to sell any "bind on equip" blue item for a bunch of 
gold than to use it yourself, as the gold can get you better bags, 
which means more loot you can carry, which means more money you can 

Any equipable items of gray or white quality, you can just sell to an
NPC because it is NPC trash / fodder. However, some white
items like meats, cloth, ore, stones and jewels are valuable crafting 
items for professions, and can fetch higher prices on the AH than 
through an NPC. You may also wish to save them for yourself, 
depending on your professions. (See the "Professions" section for
more details on this)

When you get Lay on Hands, you should keep it free to use on yourself
as a last resort should you run out of mana to heal yourself. It has
a half hour cooldown, so use it wisely. 

Level 10-20

**Loot to Watch for


Lv.16: Rockslicer - Rhank'Zor (Deadmines)
Lv.18: Taskmaster Axe - Sneed (Deadmines)
Lv.18: Smite's Mighty Hammer - Mr. Smite (Deadmines)
Lv.19: Cruel Barb - Edwin VanCleef (Deadmines)

Lv.20: Cape of the Brotherhood - Edwin VanCleef (Deadmines)

**Quests to perform

Lv.12: "The Tome of Divinity"
Reason: Redemption (Ressurection spell)

Lv.14: "The Defias Brotherhood"
Reason: Chausses of Westfall

You will now be able to purchase Talent points. I would recommend going
down the Retribution tree until your mid-30s because Retribution is
the easiest to solo with, and you can still get away with healing
parties as a Ret paladin at this early level. Max out
Improved Blessing of Might; killing enemies faster will help you and
your party members more at this early level than Benediction will.

You should head to Westfall and start doing quest chains here to
lead you into the Deadmines instance, which is your first 5 man
instance. You will need a party and people will expect you to be able
to heal, purify and buff everyone. The most offensive thing you do
may be to slap a Hammer of Justice onto a difficult enemy or
taunt mobs off of casters. This can be frustrating if you want to
melee, but you need Deadmines to get through this level range in the
best time, and to complete the Westfall quest chains that
lead you to other quest chains. Bear with it for the moment.

Make sure you roll NEED on things you really do need. Keep an eye
out for Smite's Mighty Hammer (dropped by Mr. smite), 
Cookie's Tenderizer (dropped by Cookie). Also watch for Cape of the 
Brotherhood and the Cruel Barb (both dropped by Edwin VanCleef, the
final boss). If anyone else complains, remind them that you are
primarily a melee fighter who solos often, and that it is your heals
that has allowed the party to survive the boss battles. You have
every right to items that you can put to use.

Once you receive Retribution Aura, you will probably want to keep it
on when you are soloing and switch to Devotion when partying. In a
party, Retribution Aura will generate hate for you and is not
recommended when others are supposed to be tanking (having your
spells interupted constantly while enemies wail on you is a sure way
for your party to get wiped).

Learn Seal of Command and use that for your 2h weapon. SoC is the best
for 2h weapons while Crusader/righteousness is better for 1h weapons.
Remember to first Judge an enemy with Crusader and then switch to
Seal of Command to pound the enemy into dust. 

At level 12 be sure to perform your quest to learn Redemption, the
Paladin ressurection spell. This quest can be started from different
NPCs depending on your race; Humans will need to meet Duthorian
Rall in the Cathedral in Stormwind; Dwarves will need to meet Tiza 
Battleforge upstairs in the Hall of Mysteries, Ironforge; Draenei must
meet with Jol in the Vault of Lights, Exodar.

Level 20-30

**Loot to Watch for
Lv.22: Reef Axe - Gelihast (Blackfathom Deeps)
Lv.26: Strike of the Hydra - Aku'mai (Blackfathom Deeps)
Lv.29: Manual Crowd Pummeler - Crowd Pummeler 9-60 (Gnomeregan)
Lv.29: Corpsemaker - Overlord Ramtusk (Razorfen Kraul)


Lv.20: Phantom Armor- Deathsworn Captain (Shadowfang Keep)
Lv.20: Tortoise Armor - Ghamoo-ra (Blackfathom Deeps)
Lv.21: Jimmied Handcuffs - Bruegal Ironknuckle (Stormwind Stockades)
Lv.23: Algae Fists - Gelihast (Blackfathom Deeps)
Lv.25: Pugilist Bracers - (Razorfen Kraul)
Lv.26: Avenger's Armor - (Razorfen Kraul)
Lv.28: Tusken Helm- Overlord Ramtusk (Razorfen Kraul)
Lv.29: Grubbis Paws - Grubbis (Gnomeregan)

**Quests to perform
The Tome of Valor / The Test of Righteousness (Stormwind)
Reason: , Sense Undead, Bastion of Stormwind, Verigan's Fist

Do your paladin quests for the level 20 range (see below). You
will get a good 2h mace that may last you for several levels if
you are unable to get a better 2h weapon. 

Head to Duskwood and do the quest chains there. A large number of
the enemies here are weak to holy, so this should be solo Paladin
heaven for you. You can also go to the Ridgemore mountains and
the Wetlands if you want. You might also want to run the Blackfathom
Bottoms and Shadowfang instances.

You can also try the Gnomeregan instance, but be forewarned, the
enemies there are quite challenging for your level. You will
undoubtedly be a healer of people a few levels above you, but if
you are an Engineer it is vital to go here to get some schematics.
If the Manual Crowd Pummeler 2h mace drops, roll need for it because
it is better than a Verigan's Fist and has a use function to increase
your haste rating by 500 for 30 seconds..you'll need to be lv29
to equip it though.

From your Talent tree, learn Conviction and Vindication. Learn Eye for
an Eye if you intend to do any pvping; otherwise learn Deflection. 
Skip Pursuit of Justice unless you want to be a twink character. 
Learn Two-Hand weapon specialization and Crusade instead.

At lv39, if you plan to stick with Retribution you will want to
get the Corpsemaker 2h axe that drops from Overlord Ramtusk in
Razorfen Kraul (this instance is located in The Barrens).

Level 30-40

**Loot to Watch for

Lv.32: Charged Gear - Mekgineer Thermaplugg (Gnomeregan)
Lv.35: Silky Spider Cape - Tuten'kash (Razorfen Downs)
Lv.35: Revelosh's Armguards - Revelosh (Uldaman)
Lv.37: Ironaya's Bracers - Ironaya (Uldaman)
Lv.37: Herod's Shoulder - Herod (Scarlet Monastary)
Lv.38: Scarlet Leggings - Scarlet Commander Mograine (Scarlet
Lv.39: Triune Amulet - High Inquisitor Whitemane (Scarlet Monastary)

Lv.36: Tidal Charm - Prince Nazjak (Arathi Highlands)

<Retribution specific>
Lv.32: Thermaplugg's Left Arm- Mekgineer Thermaplugg (Gnomeregan)
Lv.35: X'caliboar - Ragglesnout (Razorfen Downs)
Lv.37: Ravager - Herod (Scarlet Monastary)
Lv.39: Mograine's Might - Scarlet Commander Mograine (Scarlet

Lv.39: Gauntlets of Divinity - Scarlet Commander Mograine (Scarlet
Lv.37: Raging Berserker's Helm - Herod (Scarlet Monastary)

<Protection specific>
Lv.39: Hand of Righteousness - High Inquisitor Whitemane 
(Scarlet Monastary)

Lv.39: Aegis of the Scarlet Commander - Scarlet Commander Mograine 
(Scarlet Monastary)

**Quests to perform
Lv.34: Brother Anton / Down the Scarlet Path /In the Name of the Light
Reason: Sword of Serenity (Protection) / Bonebiter (Retribution)

Somewhere around lv30-35 you may want to consider respecing into the
Protection tree. Retribution is great for pvp but not quite as good
as Protection for soloing and partying. This is because Protection can
use Seal of Light that allows you to have a high chance to gain Health
every time you land a blow. The 2h weapons Ret is built around dont
swing fast enough for SoL to proc enough to endure battles that way.

Additionally, Protection Paladins have Reckoning which gives a chance
to earn an extra attack with every melee attack the Paladin makes. This
means you can quickly generate the Health regain proc many, many times.

Protection Paladins also have access to the Redoubt. This trait causes
damaging melee and ranged attacks to have a 10% chance to increase 
your chance to block by 30% for 10 seconds or 5 blocks. This is
important to remember because there is an accessory for shields called
a 'shield spike'. They can be created and installed onto shields by
blacksmiths. What shield spikes do is damage your enemy whenever you
block! The cheapest version, the Iron Shield Spike, will deliver
8-12 points of damage to an enemy every time you block. That may
not seem like much but when you factor in Retribution Aura, 
Consecration and Blessing of Sanctuary in addition to your melee 
strikes, the amount of damage you can deliver to several targets adds
up. It is a very effective strategy for Protection Paladins to grind on
mobs of enemies, whereas a Ret Paladin is most effectively in a 1 on 1

The basic strategy for soloing as a Protection Paladin is with
Retribution Aura up, to cast Blessing of Sanctuary on yourself to 
reduce damage you receive while delivering some holy damage back to 
enemies. Then Judge an enemy with either Justice (to prevent them
from fleeing) or Crusader (to boost holy damage) and swing at them
with Seal of Light/Wisdom active to regenerate your Health/Mana. The
Paladin will also drop down Consecrations to deliver additional damage.

Following this strategy a Protection Paladin can solo several mobs at
once and tank in parties. When in a party as the main tank, make sure 
to cast Blessing of Salvation on everyone else (especially the DPS
classes) to make sure they do not steal aggro from you.

You would do well to travel to Desolace and perform the quests here,
especially the Scarlet Monastary ones to gain a Sword of Serenity. 
Desolace has a lot of undead and demons, and is therefore an
ideal soloing spot for Paladins. To reach Desolate you will need to
travel through the Barrens (bubble through the Horde outposts), then
through the Stone Talon Mountains (go through the Charred Vale). 

Once in Desolace travel toward the NE corner of the map to reach
Nijel's Point. A Crimson Crusade Emmissary NPC will offer a quest
for you to kill some undead skeletons in the Valley of Bones-- this 
area is located in SE corner of Desolace (watch out for the lv39 
warlocks that summon additional undead to defend themselves!)

This quest chain will lead you to another that requires you to go deep
into Horde territory and defeat the Scarlet Crusade bosses. You will
need a good party to complete the quest but the reward is a good 1h
sword called Sword of Serenity. It is one of the best you
will obtain in your level range. Also try to pickup some of
the Crimson armor as the set bonus' are rather nice for Paladins.

You can also perform the "Bring the Light" quest that requires the
slaying of the Razorfen Downs boss Amnennar the Coldbringer. 
The reward is a strong 1h sword that deals more damage than the 
Sword of Serenity, but lacks the Stamina bonus.

If you are a Retribution paladin, you will want to pickup the 
Raging Beserker Helm and Gauntlets of Divinity, as they will
help increase your DPS. Both Protection and Retribution
paladins will want to get the Scarlet Leggings, as they are better than
any plate leggings you will find for several levels. The 2h sword
X'caliboar dropped by Ragglesnout should also be on your
list of things to get. 

There is a good cape, the Silky Spider Cape, that drops from the spider
boss Tuten'kash in Razorfen Downs.

Once you reach lv39, I would highly recommend that you take advantage
of your level and run the Arathi Basin battleground until you have 
enough honor points to buy the Highlander's Plate Greaves for when
you hit 40. They are better than any other footwear you will find 
for that level division. It would also behoove you to get Insignia
of the Alliance trinket to dispell cc effects/fear (very important
for main tanking from this point on), with enough spare honor
for getting a Sergeant's Cape for lv45 (96 armor, +14 stamina; put
a +120 armor enchant on it for around 10g).

Levels 40-50

**Loot to Watch for

Highlander's Plate Greaves - PVP (Arathi Basin)
Sergeant's Cape - PVP (Stormwind Hall of Heroes)
Lv.42: Archaedic Stone - Archaedas (Uldaman)
Lv.43: Lifeblood Amulet - Antu'sul (Zul'Farrak)
Lv.43: Vice Grips - Antu'sul (Zul'Farrak)
Lv.46: Noxxion's Shackles - Noxxion (Maraudon)
Lv.49: Gemshard Heart - Princess Theradras (Maraudon)
Lv.49: Elemental Rockridge Leggings - Princess Theradras (Maraudon)
Lv.44: Truesilver Breastplate- Forged by Blacksmith (Skill lv 245)

Lv.47: Uther's Strength: World Drop (Auction House).

(Retribution specific)
Lv.42: Grimlok's Charge - Grimlok (Uldaman)
Lv.44: Diabolic Skiver -Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz (Zul'Farrak)
Lv.44: Stoneslayer - Archaedas (Uldaman)
Lv.44: The Rockpounder - Archaedas (Uldaman)
Lv.48: Gatorbite Axe- Rotgrip (Maraudon)
Lv.49: Princess Theradras' Scepter - Princess Theradras (Maraudon)

Lv.49: Blackstone Ring - Princess Theradras (Maraudon)

(Protection specific)
Lv.43: The Hand of Antu'sul - Antu'sul (Zul'Farrak)
Lv.44: Sang'thraze the Deflector - Antu'sul (Zul'Farrak)
Lv.45: Jang'thraze the Protector - Chief Ukorz Sandscalp (Zul'Farrak)
Lv.48: Fist of Stone - Landslide (Maraudon)

Lv.40: Icemetal Barbute - Amnennar the Coldbringer (Razorfen Downs)
Lv.48: Helm of the Mountain - Landslide (Maraudon)
Lv.48: Gizlock's Hypertech Buckler - Tinkerer Gizlock (Maraudon)
Lv.49: Aegis of Stormwind - World Drop (Auction House)

**Quests to perform

Lv.39: "Bring the Light"
Reason: Vanquisher's Sword

Lv.47: "It's Dangerous to Go Alone"
Reason: Linken's Boomerang


At level40, go immediantly to a Paladin trainer and learn your
Summon Warhouse spell. Congrats, you have a mount!

Hopefully you have spent a good deal of time in the Arathi Basin
Battleground division and now have Highlander's Plate Greaves, the
trinket, and enough leftover to nab the Sergeant's Cape for when
you hit lv45. I recommend putting a +agi enchant on the Highlander
Plate Greaves for additional dodge.

If you are a Protection paladin, you will also want to get the 
Icemetal Barbute helm from Amnennar the Coldbringer, the final boss 
of Razorfen Downs. This helmet will last you for at least 7 levels,
at which point you may wish to purchase a Mugthol's Helm if
you can find one cheaply enough (usually worth about 30g). Before
going there, you should get the "Bring the Light" quest from SW
Cathedral so you can get a Vanquisher's Sword reward. 
This weapon is very good for soloing until you get something better.

There is a blue chest armor dropped in Razorfen Downs called Carapace
of Tuten'kash. It is useful for the Agi bonus at lv40, but it is
not really that good. Any of the green plate pieces at lv40-41
is better due to the armor bonus. At lv44 I recommend getting a 
Truesilver Breasplate because of the armor, stamina and the 3% chance 
to get healed for around 100 hp when you are hit by enemies. Since
you typically have many enemies striking you as a MT, this is a really
fantastic piece of chest armor that will last you for many levels.
If you cannot find a Truesilver Breastplate in the AH I recommend
gathering the items and finding a blacksmith who will forge one for

Continue doing various quests to lv up, especially in Tenaris. 
You will want to run Zul'Farrak to obtain a good piece of plate, 
and if you are lucky, one of the many good tanking weapons. 

For armor, be on the lookout for Vice Grips from Antu'Sul 
(ideally with "of the Bear" or "of the Monkey" suffix). I do not 
recommend the Big Bad Pauldrons-- Wormslayer Spaulders can be 
purchased from the AH for around 20g-40g, and are much better due 
to same sta/str, more armor and a +8 Agi bonus. It would also
be nice if you could get the Lifeblood Amulet necklace that Antu'sul
also drops.

Weapons from ZF include The Hand of Antu'sul, Sang'Thraze the
Deflector and Jang'thraze the Protector. Any one of these
will help you tank more efficiently.

When you are about 44 or so, you will want to start running
the Maraudon instance in Desolace. Properly geared, you can main tank
it at lv46, just watch out for the green slimes as they deal
elemental damage and can quickly annhilate you, especially
if you stay near them when they die. 

There is very good shield you want to obtain from Mara, Gizlock's 
Hypertech Buckler (restores 4 mana per 5 sec). This item is dropped
by Tinkerer Gizlock, a lv49-50 elite miniboss near the end.

There is a helm dropped by Landslide with +10 Nature Res. Get it, but
do not wear it for now as it lacks stat bonuses (unless you enchant
 it). Also get the other pieces of plate in this instance
(Noxxion's Shackles, Elemental Rockride Leggings) for the same reason.


You will need Nature res to tank some instances when you are
higher lv.

Gizlok also drops Inventor's Focal Sword (35.2 DPS, +14 spell crit)
which you might want to consider, although there is several
other 1h options available such as Fist of Stone, a 1h mace 
(35.3 DPS, +11 stamina) that has a low chance to restore 50 mana 
to you when you hit enemies. This item is dropped by Landslide,
one of the bosses near Tinkerer Gizlock.

Retribution paladins should look for Princess Theradas' Scepter or
Gatorbite Axe that is dropped by the Rotgrip mini-boss.You
might also want to get her Gemshard Heart necklace item.

If you have the cash, for about 60g you can buy Uther's Strength,
a trinket that has a 2% chance to put a damage absorbing shield around
you for a few seconds. The shield absorbs about 600-900 damage each
time, and is very useful for tanking. I highly recommend it.

AT lv48 I recommend traveling to Un'Gore to complete the Linken quest 
chain that awards an invaluable trinket called Linken's Boomerang. 
This trinket allows you to have a range attack once every 3 minutes,
which is useful for pulling mobs while soloing.

I would recommend soloing many of the Un'Gore crater quests as
they primarily involve running around the map and are easy, if not
time consuming, to perform. 

Level 50-60

**Loot to Watch for

Lv.46: Atal'alarion's Tusk Ring- Atal'alarion (Sunken Temple)
Lv.47: Spritecaster Cape - Houndmaster Grebmar (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.47: Earthslag Shoulders - Lord Roccor (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.49: Warrior's Embrace - Avatar of Hakkar (Sunken Temple)
Lv.49: Drakeclaw Band - Hazzas, Morphaz, Weaver, Dreamscythe 
(Sunken Temple)
Lv.49: Spiderfang Carapace - Hedrum the Creeper (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.49: Cyclopean Band - Ok'thor the Breaker (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.50: Foreman's Head Protector - Fineous Darkvire (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.50: Carapace of Anub'shiah - Anub'shiah (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.50: Entrenching Boots - Grizzle (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.50: Stonewall Girdle - Grizzle (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.52: Emberplate Armguards - Lord Incendius (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.53: Lavacrest Leggings - Bael'Gar (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.55: Emperor's Seal -Emperor Dagran Thaurissan (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.55: Plate of the Shaman King - Highlord Omac (Blackrock Spire)

Lv.53: Burst of Knowledge - Ambassador Flamelash (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.54: Second Wind - Golem Lord Argelmach (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.55: Force of Will- General Angerforge, Emperor Dagran Thaurissan
(Blackrock Depths)

Lv.52: Libram of Truth - Magmus (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.60: Libram of Divinity -Lord Alexei Barov, The Ravenian, Lady
Illucia Barov, Instructor Malicia, Lorekeeper Polkelt (Scholomance)

(Retribution specific)
Lv.46: Headspike - Atal'alarion (Sunken Temple)
Lv.49: Smoldering Claw - Hazzas, Morphaz, Weaver, Dreamscythe 
(Sunken Temple)
Lv.48: Drakefang Butcher- Hazzas, Morphaz, Weaver, Dreamscythe 
(Sunken Temple)
Lv.51: Force of Magma - Bael'Gar (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.51: Flame Wrath - Ambassador Flamelash (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.51: Angerforge's Battle Axe - General Angerforge (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.53: Lavastone Hammer - Magmus (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.54: Dreadforge Retaliator -Emperor Dagran Thaurissan 
(Blackrock Depths)

Lv.55: Imperial Jewel -Emperor Dagran Thaurissan (Blackrock Depths)
-Lightforge Armor Set
Lv.52: Lightforge Bracers - Stratholme static drop (Auction House)
Lv.53: Lightforge Belt - Stratholme static drop (Auction House)
Lv.54: Lightforge Boots - Balnazzar / Grand Crusader Dathrohan
Lv.54: Lightforge Gauntlets - Timmy the Cruel / Emperor Dagran
Thaurissan (Stratholme / Blackrock Spire)
Lv.55: Lightforge Spaulders - The Beast (Blackrock Spire)
Lv.56: Lightforge Legplates - Baron Rivendare (Stratholme)
Lv.57: Lightforge Helm - Darkmaster Gandling (Scholomance)
Lv.58: Lightforge Breastplate - General Drakkisath (Blackrock Spire)

(Protection specific)
Lv.48: Firebreather- Hazzas, Morphaz, Weaver, Dreamscythe 
(Sunken Temple)
Lv.48: Arbiter's Blade - Warder Stilgiss (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.49: Might of Hakkar - Avatar of Hakkar (Sunken Temple)
Lv.50: Grizzle's Skinner - Gizzle (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.51: Rubidium Hammer - Bael'Gar (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.52: Dragon's Call - Shade of Eranikus (Sunken Temple)
Lv.52: Serenity - Forged by a Hammersmith Blacksmith (Skill level 285)
Lv.54: Ironfoe -Emperor Dagran Thaurissan (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.57: Silent Fang- Darkmaster Gandling (Scholomance)
Lv.59 Sageblade - Forged by a Swordsmith Blacksmith (Skill lv 300)

Lv.51: Crest of Supremacy - Shade of Eranikus (Sunken Temple)
Lv.53: Rock Golem Bulwark - Panzor the Invincible (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.54: Nagelring - Golem Lord Argelmach (Blackrock Depths)
Lv.54: Skullflame Shield - (Blackrock Spire)
Lv.57: Barrier Shield - Drop from the Gorbok Tribe (Dire Maul)
Lv.58: Draconian Deflector - General Drakkisath (Upper Blackrock Spire)

**Quests to perform

Lv.41: "Into the Temple of Atal'Hakkar"
Reason: Guardian Talisman

Lv.47: "The God Hakkar"
Reason: Avenguard Helm

Lv.48: "The Dragonkin Menace" (Onyxia Attunement Chain)

Lv.50: "Forging the Mightstone"
Reason: Sanctified Orb

Lv.51: "The Battle of Alterac"
Reason: Cold Forged Hammer

Lv.58 "Fel Orc Scavengers"
Reason: Landslide Buckler or Adamantine Kite Shield

Lv.58 "Mission: The Abyssal Shelf"
Reason: Skyfire Greaves (Holy)

Lv.58 "Waste Not, Want Not"
Reason: Magistrate's Greaves (Protection / Retribution)

Lv.58 "In Case of Emergency..."
Reason: Flintlocke's Piloting Pants (Protection)

Lv.58 "Leader of the Darkcrest"
Reason: Expedition Mantle

Lv.58 "A Damp, Dark Place"
Reason: Refuge Armor

Lv.58 "Drill the Drillmaster"
Reason: Battlemaster's Breastplate

Lv.58 "Disrupt Their Reinforcements"
Reason: Fire Scarred Breastplate

Lv.58 "Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz Gateways"
Reason: Protectorate Breastplate or Helm of Infinite Visions

Lv.58 "Zeth'Gor Must Burn!"
Reason: Gilded Crimson Chestplate

Lv.58 "Beneath Thrallmar"
Reason: Underworld Helm (Ret / Protection

Lv.59 "Weaken the Ramparts"
Reason: Jade Warrior Pauldrons 

Lv.59 "The Blood is Life"
Reason: Breastplate of Retribution


Head to Stormwind and speak with the Paladin trainer NPC 
Brandur Ironhammer. He will send you to speak with Commander Ashlam 
Valorfist in Chillwind Camp, Western Plaguelands to start the
"Forging the Mightstone" quest chain. You will find that Western
Plaguelands is an ideal place to level up and that there is many
quests available here for you to perform.

At level 54 you should be able to tank Blackrock Depths. 

If you go into Blackrock Depths, the Arbiter's Blade dropped by
Warder Stilgiss is a good tanking sword. You will be able to generate
more threat with the additional spelldamage. 

If you are lucky, you should get the Ironfoe 1h mace (43.5 DPS) 
because it has a chance to add 2 extra attacks on each swing. 
This mace is very rarely dropped by Emperor Dagran Thaurissan. 

Crest of Supremacy from Sunken Temple is a good solo shield, and
keep your Gizlock for partying.

A good tanking trinket, the Guardian Talisman, is attainable by
completing sunken temple quest "Into the Temple of Atal'Hakkar". This 
quest is gained from Brohann Caskbelly in Stormwind City. 
This trinket gives you a 2% chance to gain 350 armor for 15 seconds
when you are attacked by enemies, so it is very useful.

You can get a good blue helm, Avenguard Helm, by completing "The God
Hakkar" quest chain for Sunken Temple. It is started from 
Yeh'kinya in Tanaris. 

At level 58 you can enter Outland if you have the Burning Crusade
expansion. I would really recommend that you do this because one
of the early quest chains offers you the choice of one of
two good shields-- either Adamantine Kite Shield for Protection or
Landslide Buckler for Holy builds. 

When you start doing your Scholomance runs, you might want to consider
aquiring the Silent Fang 1h sword dropped by Darkmaster Gandling 
in Scholomance. This is normally a rogue or fury warrior weapon, but
if none of them are in your party you can take it and use it in PVP
as Holy/Protection to silence casters for a few seconds. This is very
effective against other Paladins to force them to bubble pre-maturely.

Level 60-70

**Loot to Watch for

(Retribution specific)
Lv.60: Corrupted Ashbringer - Cache of the Four Horsemen (Naxxramas)


(Protection specific)

Lv.60: Azuresong Mageblade - Golemagg the Incinerator (Molten Core)

Deathbone Chestplate - Scholomance
Deathbone Gauntlets - Scholomance
Deathbone Girdle - Scholomance
Deathbone Legguards - Scholomance
Deathbone Sabatons - Scholomance

**Quests to perform

Lv.60: "Emphasis on Sacrifice"
Reason: Summon Charger (faster mount)

Lv.60 "Marking the Path"
Reason: Lightbearer's Gauntlets (Holy)

Lv.60 "The Rock Flayer Matriarch"
Reason: Defender's Gauntlets (Protection / Retribution)

Lv.60 "Makuru's Vengeance"
Reason: Sedai's Blade (Holy / Protection)


VII. =Paladin Quests=

Paladins possess a couple unique quests that are only available
to them. These quests cannot be shared with anyone else. The reward for
completing them is either a spell, a weapon/armor, or a mount.

Level 12 : Redemption (rez spell)

Your trainer will instruct to to travel to your nearest capital city
and speak the the trainer there. Humans will need to meet Duthorian
Rall in the Cathedral in Stormwind; Dwarves will need to meet Tiza 
Battleforge upstairs in the Hall of Mysteries, Ironforge; Draenei must
meet with Jol in the Vault of Lights, Exodar.

The quest involves gathering ten linen cloth and delivering it to an
NPC somewhere in your city. 

The next quest will involve taking a Symbol of Life and ressurecting
a fallen NPC. The location of the NPC will differ depending on
your race.

After this part is complete, you will be given another quest to kill
nearby NPC enemies and retrieve a quest item. This item will only
drop if you are on this part of the quest. Once you have gained the
quest item and return it to the NPC quest giver, you will receive
Redemption, your ressurection spell.

Level 20: Sense Undead (spell) 
Bastion of Stormwind (shield)
Verigan's Fist ( best 2h mace weapon for the level!)

This quest involves going to your capital city and receiving a
Tome of Valor. After reading the tome you will start another quest.
This quest will take you to Westfall's Longshore, on the far
southwestern coast. 

You will be directed to speak with Daphne Stilwell. This NPC can be
difficult to find, but here are some directions. She is located on
the mountain south of Moonbrook, on the western tip. The easiest way 
to get there is to go as if you are heading into the Dead mines, but 
instead of going into the house that leads to the mine, keep going south into 
the mountains. (If you have ever cleared the Deadmines instance before,
her house is literally right outside of the Dead mines exit). The
cords are 42,88.

Speak to Daphne Stilwell and she will request you to defend her from
a bunch of Defias NPC enemies. This quest can be challenging solo, but
is possible. Make sure you have mana potions. The best strategy
is to lay down Consecration and divine protection/blessing of
protection yourself then heal if you get into trouble. You may
want to use Retribution aura so you damage enemies
even when not striking them. 

There will be three waves of enemies. Do not use divine protection
on the first two waves, because you will need it for the third.
It is recommended that you drink up to restore your mana after every
wave, because they will come quickly.

If you should somehow fail the quest, just speak with her again. 
She should be respawned by the time you get back to your corpse.

After the quest is finished you will receive the Bastion of Stormwind
shield and Sense Undead spell. 

The next part of the quest will be to gain the strongest 2h hand weapon
you can get for your level, the Verigan's Fist. This quest can be
challenging, and you may need to ask for help from
people higher level than you in order to complete it.

The quest NPC will direct you to speak with Jordan Stilwell outside
the gates of Ironforge. Jordan will then give you a note
that says where to locate four items you need to get for him to
forge the hammer,

Whitestone Oak Lumber- Go to the Deadmines instance in Westfall. 
In the room with the Shredder boss, one of the Goblin Woodcarves will
drop it but only after you speak with .

Purified Kor Gem- go to Thundris Windweaver in Auberdine, Darkshore.
You will receive the quest "Seeking the Kor Gem". You will
need to kill some of the Blackfathom naga (Shaman or Priests) outside
of the instance to receive a corrupted gem. Bring it back to Thundris
to get it purified. You may need a party for this, as some of the
enemies are stealthed outside the instance and can easily gang up on
you, while the nagas are all range spell-casters.

Jordan's Smithing Hammer: In shadowfang Keep in Silverpine Forest,
west of Southshore. Go to the horse stables on the far end of the 
courtyard. Inside, on top of a crate, is a box that has the hammer 
inside of it. You will likely need a party for this.

Jordan's Refined Ore Shipment: First talk to Bailor Stonehand in 
Thelsmar, Loch Modan. You will receive a quest called Bailor's Ore
Shipment. The crate containing the ore is outside one of the caves in
the Mo'grosh Stronghold of NE Loch Modan. The crate is nearby some
trees outside a cave, and not actually inside any of the caves.

Once you have all four of these materials, bring it back to
Jordan Stilwell and he will forge your badass 2h mace for you. With
a Firey Weapon enchant, this will likely be your best weapon until 
your mid-30s (note: Firey Weapon enchant can cost anywhere from 
20-40g, depending on your server, so it will take a lot of work
for a newbie to get it, but is do-able if you understand the Auction

VIII. =Partying Tips=

- When the loot option is set to "group loot", don't roll "NEED" unless
you really do need the item! If a good item drops that you know
another party member is going to need, you can click the "x" icon
at the upper-right hand corner of the roll popup to "Pass" on the item
being rolled for. Doing this improves group morale, because nothing is
more frustrating than being in a party where all the gear you need
is rolled on by people who do not need it. If you are fair and
good to your party members, they will choose to party with you over
people who constantly roll need on everything....even if that greedy 
person is a class who is better at tanking/healing/dps than you are.

-Be sure to add the people you party with to your friend list by
targeting them, typing "o" to bring the Friend List up, and then
clicking the button "Add Friend". It is very useful to have a list
of people to ask if they would like to party when you
are trying to form a group for an instance. Pick-Up Groups ("PUGs")
normally do not pan out so well, so it is important to keep track of
the people who you can work well with.

-If you are tanking as a Protection Paladin, crowd control is not
usually neccessary. Protection Paladins can hold aggro from many
enemies at once very, very well so long as they are allowed to
build up hate before DPS classes begin attacking. When you go to
pull aggro, run toward your enemies and cast Holy Shield, then
lay down a Consecration. After you have blocked a few blows you
should be able to hold the aggro. Once you reach lv50 and have
learned Avenger's Shield it should be very difficult for DPS to
pull aggro off of you if they have Blessing of Salvation
cast on them.

IX. =Useful Macros= 

Heal Macros

<Flash of Light> 
(allows you to cast Flash of Light on yourself
by holding ALT key, and cast on others normally otherwise. This
macro can be adjusted for Holy Light as well)

#showtooltip Flash of Light
/cast [modifier:alt,target=player] Flash of Light; 
[target=target,help] Flash of Light; 
[target=targettarget,help] Flash of Light; [target=player] 
Flash of Light

<Lay on Hands> 
(this macro will always cast Lay on Hands on
yourself! Very important for those crucial moments)

#showtooltip Lay on Hands
/cast [target=player]Lay on Hands
/say "Lay on Hands!!

Other Macros

<Dual Blessings >

(This macro binds two blessings to one key; you can
cast one Blessing by hitting the button normally and cast a different
one by holding the ALT key)

/cast [nomodifier] Blessing of Kings; [modifier:alt] 
Blessing of Salvation

(This macro will only cast Redemption on targets that are

#showtooltip Redemption
/cast Redemption
/stopmacro [nohelp,nodead]

Tanking Macros


(this macro makes Righteous Defense work more like a traditional
Taunt; you can cast it on a person being attacked and it will pull
the aggro off of them. There is also a /say command so that your
party knows you are taunting)

#showtooltip Righteous Defense
/cast [help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget] Righteous Defense 
/say "Come get me you bastards!"


(for immunity to fear while keeping aggro):

/cancelaura Blessing of Protection
/cancelaura Divine Shield
/cast Judgement
/cast Exorcism

(for breaking fear and holding aggro)

/use Medallion of the Horde
/cast Judgement
/cast Exorcism

PvP Macros

(allows you to cast Lv1 Consecration by holding ALT key;
this is very useful to conserve mana when fighting Rogues)

#showtooltip Consecration
/cast [nomodifier] Consecration; [modifier:alt] Consecration(Rank 1)

X. =Paladin Talents and Builds= 

Until I write a detailed description of all the Paladin talents
and what possible Builds there are, I will direct you to Geld's Revised
Guide to the Paladin Class for now


-What Spec should I be?-

To level the most effectively this is what I recommend,

Lv1-35 : Retribution tree (DPS)
Lv35-60: Protection tree (Tank)
Lv60+: Holy Tree (Healer)

Personal preferences aside, this is the most effective way to level up.
However, some players prefer to be Retribution even though it is
harder to level up / get invited to parties after lv35. 

Despite what Blizzard devs may think, at lv35 and up to level 60 
Protection paladins are superior at leveling to Retribution paladins.
Protection Paladins can AoE grind meaning they can fight 3-20
enemies at the same time and win, and tanks are in high demand before
lv60 because almost all warriors spec Fury / Arms because that is
their leveling / pvp trees. While it is also easy to get parties
specced Holy for your heal utility, it is very hard to solo as Holy
so I really do not recommend it unless you have friends to consistently
party with.

For a guide to AoE grinding as a Paladin, check out this thread

Some players also prefer to tank at lv60+ rather than heal because,
quite frankly, healing as a Paladin is very boring, not very 
enjoyable, and does not really fit with the "Paladin" roleplay concept
many people expect of the class. The thing is, Healers are
in very high demand at lv60 and Warriors who spec Prot
make better raid tanks. 

As the game is currently, this is what you can expect from your

XI. Protection Paladin Tanking=========

To be able to tank at lv60+ you will need to reach 

1. 490 defense

2. 102.4% avoidance through Holyshield, Block, Parry, and Dodge ratings 

3. 250 spell damage

4. 10-12k HP unbuffed 

However you obtain these stats is not important-- what is important
is that you reach them. Use whatever gear/enchants that you can get.

A guide to pre-raid tanking gear was posted by Dreamcrusher on
the official forums. I suggest those looking for information on
gearing to read the thread.


Generally speaking, the +40 spell damage enchant on your spelldamage
weapon is ideal because it allows you to generate more hate from
your attacks. The more hate you build, the more DPS firepower can be
unleashed by other party members because they have to hold back less
when attacking mobs. Most people get a threat meter and will purposely
try to make sure they stay below your threat so they dont pull
aggro. So the more threat you generate, the more damage your party
members can unleash.

XII. Holy Paladin Healing=============

Under Construction

XIII. Retribution DPSing=============

Under Construction

XIV. Professions====================

You should probably invest into Mining and either Blacksmithing or 
Blacksmiths can create weapons/ armor that you can use. Early on, these
items are bind on equip so you can sell them to others but later on
some of them are bind on create meaning you must make it yourself
if you wish to use some of the higher-end Blacksmith goods. If you
plan to be a Retribution Paladin, I would recommend going Blacksmith
route eventually because itemization is very important for that build
and finding a raid spot can be difficult for Ret Paladins currently so
you won't have easy access to melee DPS raid equipment.

Engineers can create bombs that allow you to have more offensive 

With bombs you can have range attack to pull aggro when soloing, or 
nifty gadgets like the Gnomish Deathray to deliver tons of damage 
(up to 5,000!) early on while you "bubble" (are immune to all damage 
via Divine Shield). Engineering will also let you wear some trinkets
at levels where nobody else will have a trinket, and in the end-game 
there is two major Stamina bonus trinkets that only Engineers can 
wear-- Goblin Rocket Launcher and Gnomish Poultryizer. They both add 
+45 Stamina, which is a significant Health point bonus.

The primary drawback to Engineering is that the majority of the items
can ONLY be used by Engineers, as most all of them require you to
have reached a certain skill point level in Engineering to equip or
use them. Among the items that can be used by non-Engineers are scopes
(add-ons that improve the damage of ranged weapons like Bows and Guns)
and bullets not available from NPC vendors. This said, it is generally
more expensive to make bullets and scopes than they sell for in the 
Auction House, so Engineering is a "money-sink" profession-- you cannot
make a profit with this one. 

If you are planning to make a twink Paladin for the lower Battleground
brackets, Engineering is very a useful profession to have.

If you take Engineering or Blacksmith, always
take Mining because you need metals and stones for both professions.

Remember to buy a pick and blacksmith hammer, and keep "Find Minerals"
on at all times. Remember to turn it back on if you die.

<First Aid>

You should also learn First Aid and keep it up. You can use bandages 
to conserve mana, and later on this tactic will be very important. 
Even if you don't use bandages often, you can sell them to NPCs for
more cash than cloth, or give them to other players to improve group 

<Fishing and Cooking>

You may also wish to take up Fishing and Cooking too (Fishing
compliments Cooking). Items that are cooked will sell for more cash
to NPCs than uncooked, and many cooking items offer a
"well fed" bonus that will improve your stats slightly for
5 minutes. Some will even allow you to regenerate mana every x number
of seconds, or have a chance to deal extra damage to foes!

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