What is the quickest way?

  1. What is (and can you detail it please) the quickest way to the beginning area of undead from Stormwind? klonidike - 12 years ago - report
  2. aww how about Tauren starting place? klonidike - 12 years ago - report
  3. Where's mulgore? klonidike - 12 years ago - report

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  1. To get from stormwind to tirisfal glades:
    Go to Ironforge via the deeprun tram.
    Leave Ironforge from the front gates, and follow the road east to loch modan.
    In Loch Modan, follow the road north to the border of the wetlands(it is called Dun Argol).
    Once you have gone through Dun Argol, follow the VERY LONG ROAD till it branches west and north. Follow the other VERY long road west to get the flight point at menethil. Now you need to swim. Yes, you're gonna swim all along the coast to get to southshore. It's a fairly long distance. Southshore is the town on the coast of Hillsbrad Foothills. Once you're at southshore, get the flightpoint, then proceed north, following the roads. You should see a ruined tower nearby, but if you don't it should be roughly northeast of Southshore. There is a road that heads north behind that tower, and leads to the horde camp of Tarren Mill. You don't wanna go in there, just run on by. You're going into alterac mountains where the mobs are level 30+ so be careful. You may die a few times but this is the shortest route possible. Follow the road past the ruined town, heading east, and then winding up. Till you get to Chillwind Camp. There is a flight point here, the closest one to Tirisfal for the alliance. From here, you're gonna need to swim and avoid level 50 beasts. Follow the road north, and when you get to a lake, swim it. You don't wanna go into the ruined city, there are lots of undead there. Cross the lake, avoid the beasts and spiders, and head west to the bulwark. Once you pass the bulwark you are safe, just avoid horde. Presto! You're in Tirisfal Glades.
    Amberion2dp - 12 years ago - report 3   0


  1. Trying to get to SM?

    From SW take the boat to Menithil harbor
    From the harbor walk north to Arathi Highlands.
    head west to Hillsbrad foothills
    South Shore in Hillsbrad is the closest FP to Tirisfal Glades (until level 50+ but then its not much closer)
    head west to Silverpine Forest then head north to the glades.

    All and All its a pain in the ass for alliance to get there.
    Megeas (Expert) - 12 years ago - report 2   1
  2. This also depends to ur lvl cause u need to be atleast 25 to do sm and i usually am just lazy and wait for someone to summon me cause at least 2 or 3 ppl in a group have been there before Breakdown614 - 12 years ago - report 1   0
  3. From mulgore walk east to camp turajio
    Walk north to crossroads
    East to durotar
    North to orgrimar but dont enter.
    Walk east from the entrence of orgrimar to find a zeplin.
    take the zeplin ( there is more then one ask the goblins for the right one) to Trisfal glades
    Megeas (Expert) - 12 years ago - report 0   0
  4. Mulgore is the Tauren starting place. also I think i may have miss understood you. i was thinking horde traveling from mulgore to trisfal glades.

    Alliance from SW need to go south to Booty Bay (very southern tip of the continent) and take a boat to ratchet and then head south west to mulgore.
    Megeas (Expert) - 12 years ago - report 0   0
  5. Lvl and get a mount dude :3 oli704 - 12 years ago - report 0   1
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