How do I get Pet's (Hunter)?

  1. How do I get pets for my hunter, can I get more than one pet, and if no to the last question can I get rid of a pet for a different can of pet, and lastly do pet's level up the same time as the person controlling them?

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    klonidike - 11 years ago
  2. ok for number 2 is it gold or just money (Bronze/Silver) and what about number 4?

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    klonidike - 11 years ago
  3. Okay how much animals can a stable hold?

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    klonidike - 11 years ago
  4. thx If I have an empty stable and tame a pet will it go to the stable? Also what level do/can I get the call stabled pet ability?

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    klonidike - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hunters are first able to obtain pets at level 10, after completing a quest from your trainer that has you tame several local animals

    Hunter's use the ability "Tame pet" to get a beast to join them, only certain beasts can be tamed, and additional creatures can be tamed if you get the talent "Beast Master" at the bottom of the Beast Mastery talent tree (at level 60 or higher)

    Once tamed a pet must be fed to keep them happy and effective (and alive). Pets will leave temporaily if you get on a mount or if you get to far from them. You cna always use "call pet" to get them back. You can also use "dismiss pet" inorder to get them to temporaily leave.

    Pets also have there own bar of abilities (called a pet bar). All pets have an attack ability, growl to get enemies angrier at them (generate "threat"), cower which makes enemies less likely to attack them (remove "threat") and a special ability based on the type of animal they are

    Like a turtle has "shell shield" that halves damage taken or a spider's "web" which holds an enemy in place or a cat's "Rake" that causes bleeding damage over time

    Hunter's can have one pet with them at a time and can keep several in a "stable" which can be accessed from a "stable master" npc found at most towns, inns and camps through the world of warcraft. Stable slots can be purcased allowing you to store up to 4 additional pets.
    The cost per slot (as Megeas said) is 5 silver, 5 gold, 50 gold, and finally 150 gold.

    As of the new Uldaur patch (3.1) you have the ability to exchange you pet for one in your stable once every 30 minutes via the "Call stabled pet" ability

    Pets can be abandoned inorder to make room for a new pet, once abandoned the pet is totally lost and a new one must be tamed and trained

    Pets level up to within 5 levels of you if they are lower than when first tamed, otherwise they stay at there orginal level. They gain experience with their own experience bar and do so seperatley from you.

    They also have one of 3 talent tree's based on the type of animal they are. Pets get up to 16 talent points by level 80 and can have an additional 4 (total of 20) if you get the "beast master" talent. There are three pet types "Cunning", Feroicity", and "Tenacity" based the nature of the animal (special abilities, damage causing or defesive)

    for a massive amount of pet related information check out Petopia at
    (or just google petopia)

    Enjoy... ^_^

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Top Voted Answer

  1. Also, with the new patch Rare type pets aren't going to have any added bonuses, they're there mainly for the way they look. Which is enough for me to want to go catch some.

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Other Answers

  1. 1. Hunters get a quest at level 10 to gain the spells/abilities to get a pet. (make sure you do the follow up quests after you get the basic skills so you get the more advanced skills to)

    2. Hunters may only have one pet with them at a time.

    3. Hunters may go to any capatal and visit the Stable master there to place there pet into the stable. It costs gold for each stable slot that you want but this is a one time fee for each slot. the stable slots allow you to swap your active pet for inactive pets. If you decide that you no longer wish to use a pet ever again then you may right click the pet portrait on the UI and click dismiss.

    User Info: Megeas

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  2. The cost per stable slot is 5 silver for the first, 5gold for the second, 50 gold for the third and 150gold for the fourth slot.

    Hunter pets have there own EXP bar which can be viewed on the pet tab. Pets need a lot less EXP then your hunter will to level up. They can not level higher then your level and any pet that is more then 5 levels below you will auto level to 5 levels lower then you.

    User Info: Megeas

    Megeas (Expert) - 11 years ago 0   1

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