Battle System ProgrammerNobuo Yamukai
Chief EnginerPaul Andris
ComposerNoriyuki Iwadare
Executive ProducerYoichi Miyaji
Lead ProgrammerKazuhiro Irie
ProducerFrank Hom
ProducerTakeshi Miyaji
ProducerTats Myojo
ProducerToshiyuki Uchida
Sound DirectorTakahiro Nishi
Voice of CarpaccioPaul Eiding
Voice of ElmoBJ Ward
Voice of Father CariusCam Clarke
Voice of GattaPeter Lurie
Voice of GonzolaRichard Doyle
Voice of MaregPeter Lurie
Voice of MelficeJohn Cygan
Voice of MilleniaJodi Benson
Voice of OroPaul Eiding
Voice of PaellaJennifer Hale
Voice of ReenaJodi Benson
Voice of RisottoCam Clarke
Voice of RyudoCam Clarke
Voice of SkyePaul Eiding
Voice of TioKim Mai Guest
Voice of Village ChiefRichard Doyle
Voice of ZeraRichard Doyle
Voice OfseleneKim Mai Guest
Voiceo F RoanBJ Ward


Data and credits for this game contributed by tom_3_21, odino, oliist, JF7X, Ragnawind, and Blk_Mage_Ctype.

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