1. Nobuo Yamukai Battle System Programmer
  2. Paul Andris Chief Enginer
  3. Noriyuki Iwadare Composer
  4. Yoichi Miyaji Executive Producer
  5. Kazuhiro Irie Lead Programmer
  6. Frank Hom Producer
  7. Takeshi Miyaji Producer
  8. Tats Myojo Producer
  9. Toshiyuki Uchida Producer
  10. Takahiro Nishi Sound Director
  11. Paul Eiding Voice of Carpaccio
  12. BJ Ward Voice of Elmo
  13. Cam Clarke Voice of Father Carius
  14. Peter Lurie Voice of Gatta
  15. Richard Doyle Voice of Gonzola
  16. Peter Lurie Voice of Mareg
  17. John Cygan Voice of Melfice
  18. Jodi Benson Voice of Millenia
  19. Paul Eiding Voice of Oro
  20. Jennifer Hale Voice of Paella
  21. Jodi Benson Voice of Reena
  22. Cam Clarke Voice of Risotto
  23. Cam Clarke Voice of Ryudo
  24. Paul Eiding Voice of Skye
  25. Kim Mai Guest Voice of Tio
  26. Richard Doyle Voice of Village Chief
  27. Richard Doyle Voice of Zera
  28. Kim Mai Guest Voice Ofselene
  29. BJ Ward Voiceo F Roan


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, JF7X, odino, oliist, Ragnawind, and tom_3_21.

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