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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 02/27/04 Estil 113K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 03/24/01 JLebowitz 74K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) (HTML) 03/14/13 KeyBlade999 Final 215K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 09/26/04 MetroidMoo 1.01 92K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 04/29/03 RedClyde 1.0 71K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 12/11/98 Spiff48194 1.1 40K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 08/25/02 TJackson 2.0 94K

In-Depth FAQs

Boss FAQ 01/03/10 FionordeQuester 1.0 26K
Enemy List (PS) 03/20/02 virgilkx 1.10 18K
Game Script 02/27/04 Estil 8.0 312K
Invention FAQ (PS) (HTML) 03/14/13 KeyBlade999 Final 27K
Item List (PS) 05/15/00 virgilkx 1.0 35K
Junk Shop FAQ (PS) 06/19/11 MagmaYoshi 1.02 22K
MM64/Legends Differences FAQ 11/20/06 Mega Man 5 3 5K
Mega Man Series Ending FAQ 06/18/05 ReyVGM 0.4 268K
Sidequest FAQ (PS) 09/15/09 KlownArt 2.1 20K
Weapon Enhancement Guide (PS) 08/09/02 NeoEvincar 11K

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